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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - toll-free trial - cave in to public pressure. Cross City Tunnel bosses accused of horrendous mistreatment Transit officers of Sydney train passengers. Fighting on - to lodge another appeal Schapelle Corby

after having her sentence reduced. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson denials from one of the Bali Nine. Also, becomes a whole lot smarter. And Apple's smash hit An iPod for your eyes. a win at last for motorists. But first this evening, the owners of the Cross City Tunnel After weeks of confusion in the CBD, from drivers have caved in to pressure a toll-free period. and will introduce is carrying so few vehicles The Cross City Tunnel its private operators a free ride, have been forced to offer motorists will be toll-free for three weeks announcing the tunnel beginning on Monday, October 24. after a public outcry The desperation measure coming over the expensive $3.56 toll and street closures on surface roads parts of the city. that have gridlocked anyone in Sydney During that period anyone,

can come and try Cross City Tunnel what great value it really is. and find out for themselves

for toll tags and toll passes On top of that, controversial fees for the next six years. have been dumped from motorists But, despite a backlash from the Government, and intense pressure to reduce the expensive toll. the tunnel's operators are refusing Motorists says they were given some relief. it's about time It's about time they did something, nobody going through it. because there's and how efficient it is, People don't realise how good alright, it costs a little bit. the toll to be cut back The Government still wants to a more reasonable level.

is refusing to negotiate The Cross City consortium and road changes in the city. over lane reductions is launching his own investigation. But the Auditor-General they were genuinely done To see whether the local communities in order to improve and get cars off the street or whether they were done into the tunnel to funnel additional cars to benefit the operators. the group will say only As for any further changes, with the Government. that it's prepared to co-operate the controversial transit officers Damning findings against patrolling our trains. An independent report has found system that is seriously deficent. abuses of power and a complaint

on the standard of transit officers A scathing assessment patrolling our trains, of abuse of power. the ombudsman finding several cases 15 minutes while he was handcuffed One person was made to squat for until police arrived with anything, and ultimately he wasn't charged he had a valid ticket. correctly with most complaints. And the complete failure to deal in large part That low figure explained many people who made complaints. by RailCorp refusing to interview

We don't know if there's a small

minority of officers abusing their We don't know if there's a small

power or if we have a goon squad. I minority of officers abusing their

was disturbed early in the year power or if we have a goon squad. I

about some of the reports coming

through to me, which is why I

started the review in March. a lack of background checks The Ombudsman highlighted and pointed to the transit officer service for inappropriate conduct. who was sacked from the police

The report also featured strong

criticism of the Department of The report also featured strong Community Services, in particular

its failure to protect the unborn

children of drug users and victims

of domestic violence.

has threatened to take her own life Schapelle Corby in a Bali jail. to avoid spending the next 15 years While her sentence has been slashed, to the Supreme Court her lawyers will appeal in a last-ditch bid for freedom. five fewer years behind bars A pile of papers that represent for 28-year-old Schapelle Corby. is claiming no victory. Her lawyer, however, 12 months as a prisoner in Bali, And Schapelle, who has spent has taken the decision hard, until she's middle aged the grim reality of living in squalor overwhelming her. She is crying, crying and crying. was a bid for freedom. The appeal to the High Court But her lawyer believes is the equivalent of death. even a 15-year sentence if she gets 15 years. Maybe she will kill herself Schapelle's sister thinks otherwise. she's too strong for that. She won't take her own life, will not serve her full term. But she's adamant her sister for 15 years. She's not going to be in here in the case - There is some fight left an appeal to the Supreme Court will take up immediately. an option her lawyers It's also expected against the reduction in jail time the prosecution will appeal and push for a life sentence.

is a transfer treaty Schapelle's other hope to serve her jail in Australia. which would allow her is still being negotiated. But that treaty Alexander Downer has been meeting Australia's Foreign Minister and Justice Minister in Jakarta with the Indonesian Law

to discuss the issue, before the treaty is finalised. but it could be many months Australian Government must do more. Her family insists the Our Government should help her.

They say that they can't interfere if she had fair trial. but they'll watch She didn't have a fair trial. for an Australian citizen, And they won't interfere in every other countries' business. but they interfere In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. one of the Bali Nine says The lawyer representing are ridiculous. the charges against his client was not trafficking drugs He says Scott Rush

when he was arrested. because he hadn't left Bali leads an apprehensive Scott Rush The alleged king pin Andrew Chan to a nearby prison van.

an anxious father waits for his son. At the court, The 19-year-old the first to emerge.

Michael Czugaj offers support. The mother of co-accused

Her son faced the same just two days ago. The court heard Rush was caught with 1.7 kilos of heroin strapped to his body. His parents offering water as he was led out. We are fairly responsible and caring parents. Rush's lawyers argue he shouldn't face conspiracy to export charges as he hadn't left Bali at the time of his arrest, rather a lesser charge of possession which carries a 10-year jail term. According to our expertise they left Indonesian's territory. Across the compound, Andrew Chan heard his charges read. He allegedly met with a Thai woman who handed him a case filled with heroin. The court was also told Chan helped fellow mastermind Nyuran Sukamaran strap heroin packs to the four drug mules. And although he had no heroin on him at the time of his arrest, police found a tiny amount in a suitcase at the hotel where he was staying. Both cases have been adjourned to next week. Renae Lawrence, the last of the Bali Nine, due to appear tomorrow. In Bali, Leonne Mellor, Ten News. Post-bomb fury has erupted in Bali with more than 1,000 protesters storming Kerobokan jail. The angry demonstrators demanding the immediate execution of 2002 Bali bombers, Amrozi, Mukhlas and Imam Samudra. Protesters outnumbered helpless guards who were unable to stop them from entering the prison compound. But the bombers weren't inside - they'd been transferred to a more secure prison in Java the day before.

Controversy tonight as the State Government moves to stop gang rapist Bilal Skaf having his jail term slashed. The Attorney-General overruling two senior legal figures to make the eleventh hour appeal. David is the father of Miss C, one of the victims. Today's 11th hour decision to appeal is a welcome relief.

I'm feeling great. I think it's a

I'm feeling great. I think it's a

I'm feeling great. I think it's a great decision. I think it's a case

of the Attorney-General not having

of the Attorney-General not having much of a choice. It was a crime that shocked the nation five years ago. A series of gang rapes in western Sydney. The alleged ringleader, Bilal Skaf,

originally sentenced to an unprecedented 55 years in jail. The Court of Appeal last month slashed the term to 28 years with a minimum of just 22 years. That new sentence now the subject of a State Government High Court appeal. It is for the victims. It is about pursuing every avenue, leaving no stone unturned. Both the DPP and the Solicitor-General recommended against an appeal. But the Government accepted

the minority opposing view of the Crown Advocate, even though there's a possibility the High Court could hand down a lesser sentence. But one cannot rule out that possibility.

It's another of the considerations that we have had to take into account. The Opposition says the Government has been forced into the appeal by the weight of public opinion. I think this decision's only been taken in the last hour. That's not the way to run criminal appeals. The Government claims this last legal challenge is in recognition of the resolve and bravery of the victims and their families. Whatever the reason,

the victims and their families are grateful for the outcome.

She'd be rapt, ecstatic about it. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport and deja vu for the Socceroos. Yes, the last hurdle for a World Cup spot is Uruguay again. The Uruguayans today beat Argentina, who'd already qualified directly for next year's finals, 1-nil. In sport - reaction from the Socceroos out of their London base. Also a little later, our new post Ashes batting line-up. And have Sydney fans gone cold on the Tri-Nations league Test ? Still to come - the blunder that's cost taxpayers thousands. Plus, computers affecting eyesight - Still to come - the blunder that's cost taxpayers thousands. Plus, computers affecting eyesight - some expert advice on avoiding the problems. And the return of an Australian legend - the new FJ Holden cruising at the Sydney Motor Show. With WorkChoices, it will be against the law for an employer to sack an employee for refusing to negotiate an Australian Workplace Agreement. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet.

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This program is captioned live. Another blunder by the Federal Government in its campaign to sell new work laws.

60,000 taxpayer funded booklets have been pulped after being given the thumbs down by voters. The latest cost estimate of the Government's blitz to sell its new work laws is now close to $11 million. $500,000 is going to a market research company who tested the reaction to a 16-page colour brochure. Isn't it the case that in addition to the cost to the taxpayers of this propaganda that 60,000 copies of this booklet were pulped? The original brochure spoke of a simpler national workplace system. That didn't convince voters, so the new brochure added the word 'fairer'. Instead of putting fairness to the system, it puts fairness into its slogan. The attack drew this spray from Mr Howard. He does not, Mr Speaker, have the ticker to articulate an alternative policy to the Australian people. Mr Howard has a bigger problem. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce still hasn't said he will support the work revolution. The blowtorch is being applied. Well, I can't tell you what he will do,

I don't handcuff myself to him but we had a discussion and it was a good discussion. Adding to the Government's unease, Mr Howard's workers' market lost 42,000 jobs last month, Unemployment rising to 5.1%. The Government has bowed to pressure and now will allow the Senate to hold an inquiry into the new work laws when they come into the Parliament at the end of the month. But it will be tightly focused and tight for time - it will have at the most two weeks to report. It's not exactly one day like Telstra but it might as well be if we don't get the legislation very quickly. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. An emergency today on the M7 construction site today as fumes from a bitumen adhesive set off a massive explosion. A 43-year-old man working nearby suffered severe burns to his body and was airlifted to Concord Hospital in a serious condition. Witnesses say the explosion shook houses hundreds of metres away. Smoke everywhere, thick black smoke everywhere. I thought a bomb had gone off or something like that. It's unclear what ignited the fumes. Workcover is investigating. A Sydney carpenter has pleaded not guilty to stealing 1,000 litres of fuel from his local service station. Police allege he syphoned the diesel from an underground tank

into a specially-modified van.

Accused of an audacious but ingenious crime

amid a public outcry over soaring petrol prices. 36-year-old Robert Farmer has been charged with stealing 1,000 litres of diesel from this Northmead service station, pumping the fuel from an unlocked underground tank into a specifically modified HiAce van. Police allege the van was spotted by security guards hired by Shell after the gradual disappearance of another 45,000 litres of fuel

from the petrol station over previous weeks. Officers allegedly traced the van to the home unit of Farmer's mother, just 200m down the road. It's alleged that when they searched the white van parked on the street outside, police discovered a 1,000 litre plastic fuel tank squeezed into the back, held into place by a metal frame and occy straps. A series of hoses and wires running to a small pump. That's the tubing there that goes through to the back of it which is connected to the battery. A search warrant was executed on Farmer's home and a number of items seized. Today he pleaded not guilty to one charge of larceny. The recovered fuel valued at over $1,300, or $1.33 a litre. Farmer today applied to have his bail conditions varied. Through his lawyer, he said he's a self-employed carpenter working on a job at Terrigal and he's struggling to report to police daily. The police prosecutor objected, revealing warrants have been issued against Farmer in the past for failing to appear in court. The court registrar ordered him to report to police five times a week noting he has a history of property offences. The search for the missing 45,000 litres continues. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A fifth man has today been charged over the murder of a service station attendant in Sydney's south. The 20-year-old was arrested during a police raid on a unit in Roselands. The shocking killing, just before Christmas two years ago, was captured on security camera. 43-year-old Jeffrey Jin was stabbed to death during an armed hold-up. The father of one was working part-time at the Peakhurst service station while he was studying. The HSC exams begin in just three days and thousands of stressed out Year 12 students are gearing up for their final tests. Identical, fraternal, mixed gender, even triplets. When it comes to multiple births, it seems Cherrybrook Technical High's final year has it all. The Education Department has never heard of so many combinations

in one year at one school. But it's the largest Government school in the State, 1,800 students. And these HSC candidates admit there are advantages. We always, like, rely on her to give us the notes. Normally I copy his notes later. He likes the reading while listening to music or watching TV. It doesn't really work. As unlikely as this is, there used to be more. We've actually got six sets of twins, one set of triplets and during the course of this group's stay at the school, we actually had nine sets of twins. And it's not just this school, but right across the State's 66,000 HSC candidates. No-one can explain why, but there's an extraordinary number of multiple births sitting this year's HSC - three sets of quads, seven lots of triplets and 108 sets of twins. They say that's somewhat of a record. Some students have their own theory. In 1987 people switched to boxers.

Yep, that would be the year.

Time to check the weather. When I

congratulate waited kindergarten, I

didn't cut myself shaving like you

did. A little bit of everything

did. A little bit of everything today. The weatherman got it right.

If he said showers, blue patches,

If he said showers, blue patches, If he said showers, blue patches, overcast, we got it today. Tonight,

maybe some rain late and then early

tomorrow morning and then a fine

and sunny day, temperatures 23

degrees. Saturday, 22, Sunday, 21

and by Monday, 20 degrees. Showers

and by Monday, 20 degrees. Showers across the weekend, although it

should be the best day of the

weekend on Saturday. Skywatch -

this is the job they fight over at

this is the job they fight over at the Ten camera unit. They get up

the top and point it at the sky and

do nothing else all day long.

Pollution levels are all low.

Later on, I've got a choir, average

age 87 years. Chemistry, heart,

age 87 years. Chemistry, heart, spirit, all of that when I see you

spirit, all of that when I see you again in round about 10. Next, soccer madness -

fans on the rampage fearing they'd miss their game. And your chance to buy one of the prehistoric Wollomi pines. With WorkChoices, Australia's new national workplace system, for full-time employees,

your right to at least 4 weeks annual leave

Your right to at least:

Your right to at least 52 weeks unpaid parental leave and the right to a maximum ordinary 38 hour week all protected by law.

And for people working under awards, your wages and specified existing conditions like penalty rates and long service leave will be protected by law. To find out the facts, call the WorkChoices hotline on 1800 025 239 for your free WorkChoices booklet, or visit the WorkChoices website. MAN: AAMI have lowered the cost of their comprehensive car insurance. To find out how much you could save, call 13 22 44. (Sighs) Right. That's a lot to read, isn't it? WOMAN: Not for me. I just finished a speed-reading course. Graduated top of my class. Really? Yeah. Watch how fast I can read it. OK. Time me. Alright. Finished. No way. (Laughs) Let me have a go. OK. On your marks... Mm-hm. OK. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is captioned live.

Let's check on the traffic with Vic

Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. A couple of things

around tonight. Tell us about this

around tonight. Tell us about this

around tonight. Tell us about this one. It's a bad accident 30 minutes

ago, resulted in loss of life in

ago, resulted in loss of life in ago, resulted in loss of life in the River Road. Police have blocked

traffic. They're working the point.

traffic. They're working the point. Traffic in all directions has been

affected heading to Lane Cove, and

affected heading to Lane Cove, and from Naremburn. It's best to stay

from Naremburn. It's best to stay from Naremburn. It's best to stay can Epping Road and up to the

motorway. More later. Australia's newest domestic airline has taken a major step forward today, securing an agreement to operate at Sydney airport. A similar deal with Melbourne airport done several weeks ago means the airline should be up and running between the two capitals next month. The planes have only business class seating, sold at economy prices, and will allow passengers to carry on three items of luggage to avoid the carousels. Ozjet will fly out of Sydney's Terminal 2 alongside Virgin and Jetstar. Accusations tonight Australian neglect led to damaging roadworks at Gallipoli. A Senate report into the road project has found officials here knew that bone fragments had been found at Anzac Cove but failed to investigate. The Committee members say a full audit of the area is now essential. The fact of the matter is that the Government, on this particular issue, the interests of Anzac Cove and has failed to look after the interests of Australia's heritage. The Government denies there's been a cover-up,

accusing the Committee of relying on rumours and media reports about the site's condition. Strong aftershocks have again rocked Pakistan following Saturday's earthquake As aid pours in from around the world, rescue workers are barely coping in remote areas. As if they haven't suffered enough, those who survived the earthquake are being subjected to tremor after tremor. The latest strong aftershock jolting the resolve of many,

still numb after the horror that's claimed at least 23,000 lives in Pakistan alone. Thousands are still buried under the rubble. Families keep digging, desperately hoping to find loved ones still alive. But authorities paint a grim picture, insisting they can do nothing more than spray around decomposing bodies to slow the spread of disease.

It just seems like there is no end to the casualties they have up there for us. Incredibly, some are being found, like this 5-year-old girl in Kashmir.

But sadly, the number of miracles is diminishing fast. Up to 2.5 million people are homeless,

their scramble for help intensifying by the minute. Slowly but surely aid is reaching the worst-hit areas. With the roads gone, the only way in is by air. Many are leaving behind their destroyed towns, walking for days in search of food and water. So desperate is their plight, they take chances on unstable cliffs

and try to cross broken bridges. In a televised address President Musharraf has apologised for the slow response, thanking those who've provided financial help, including India. I can assure you that this relief fund will be utilised in the most transparent manner

The US promising continuing support. We are here in whatever numbers and for whatever time we are needed. And that is sure to be many months. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Scores of people have been injured after thousands of soccer fanatics stormed a stadium in Brazil. People were over run as fans tried to force their way into the packed arena to see a World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Venezuela. A number of children were among the victims taken to hospital. The stadium was full when thousands of locked out fans tried to force their way in. Australian parents are being warned of a short-sightedness epidemic facing our children. A leading expert has warned too much screen watching is causing serious eye problems. On World Sight Day even the Federal Health Minister went for an eye test. But a World Health Organisation report has warned 1 million Australians will suffer blindness within 20 years. An ageing population is one reason, but most worrying is children, a generation who has made staring at screens a daily phenomenon, An ageing population is one reason, but most worrying is children, a generation who has made staring at screens a daily phenomenon. Whether it's computers, mobile phones, televisions or computer games, Experts warn it's a recipe for a short-sightedness epidemic. If you spend a lot of time focusing up close, then it stimulates the eye to grow and become short-sighted. The incidence in young people world-wide has jumped as much as 60%. In Asia, it's epidemic proportions. 93% of girls in Taiwan aged 18 are short-sighted. Undiagnosed, experts warn it can affect a child's learning. It also doubles the risk of serious eye diseases. Some experts want mandatory eye tests for school students to detect problems early. The Government can't control the amount of time children spend looking at screens. All we can do is try to encourage parents to encourage their kids to have a healthy balanced life. Vision impairment costs Australia about $10 billion a year -

more than the cost of diabetes and asthma combined. 75% of problems can be prevented or treated. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. If you'd like to turn your backyard into 'Jurassic Park' then start with a living fossil. Wollemi pines were around when dinasaurs walked the Earth and they're about to go up for auction for the first time. The rare trees were believed to be extinct until a ranger discovered a small grove in the Blue Mountains

11 years ago. The location is still a secret to keep the trees safe but you can check them out at a special exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens, opening tomorrow. Sotheby's will auction almost 300 trees next Sunday with bidding expected to reach $1,500 each.

Ahead - tough times ahead for Qantas despite a record profit. Also, the return of an Australian legend, the new FJ Holden cruising at the Sydney Motor Show. And Apple's smash hit becomes a whole lot smarter -

it's the iPod for your eyes. The Australian Government is moving towards: It'll replace the six different systems we have now. Employees together with employers will have more opportunities to agree to the workplace arrangements that best suit them, whether that be under: Together they can make the choice. They can even choose to do nothing and keep their existing arrangements. In fact, wages and specified existing award conditions like penalty rates will be protected by law. It's just one way WorkChoices can help improve our living standards and quality of life. To find out the facts, call the hotline for your free WorkChoices booklet or visit the WorkChoices website. MAN: AAMI have lowered the cost of their comprehensive car insurance. To find out how much you could save, call 13 22 44. (Sighs) Right. That's a lot to read, isn't it? WOMAN: Not for me. I just finished a speed-reading course. Graduated top of my class. Really? Yeah. Watch how fast I can read it. OK. Time me. Alright. Go. Finished. No way. OK. On your marks... Mm-hm. OK. Get set...

'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS has reached yet another high in Australian motoring - winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year. Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing.

Time for a check of the weather.

Time for a check of the weather. You're with a very experience choir

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sing you a song, and if this

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retirement homes, hostels, average

age, 87 years of age. Weather - few

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showers tonight and tomorrow, nothing for the catchment. Showers

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What did you think of that? They

are going number one. See you at 5:55 with more. Top stories this news hour - a High Court appeal to be lodged against the decision to reduce the jail sentence of gang rapist Bilal Skaf. Attorney-General Bob Debus decided to press ahead, in spite of conflicting legal advice. An independent report find abuses of power by some transit officers, including the case of a suspected fare evader handcuffed for 15 minutes, even though he had a valid ticket. And operators of the controversial Cross City Tunnel finally cave in to public opinion. They've agreed to a 3-week toll-free period and will drop some of the project's most hated fees and charges. Australian model Michelle Leslie is on the move in Bali.

The 24-year-old has been held in police cells in Denpasar

for over a month after being allegedly caught with two tablets of ecstasy. The authorities have finished the investigation into the case, and Michelle was today transferred to Kerobokan Prison to wait for her trial. Until now, she has gone to great lengths to cover her face in public, but today just donned a simple Muslim headscarf. Tough times ahead for Qantas despite announcing a record profit of over $1 billion. The flying kangaroo's annual general meeting today heard high oil prices and new international low cost carriers would force Qantas to make some tough changes in the way it does business. And once again Qantas has no choice but to be at the forefront of change because if we don't change ourselves change will surely leave us in the dust

along with the other failed airlines. The after-tax profit figure was up 18% on last year. To finance news, and investors remain jittery, dragging the Australian share market down again. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. It's not all bad news in today's job figures?

No. Employment did fall in the

month, down by 42,000, but it was

month, down by 42,000, but it was

month, down by 42,000, but it was only the first fall in 13 month.

only the first fall in 13 month. While unemployment edged up to

5.1%, that was off 29-year lows.

The other good news is businesses

The other good news is businesses are still looking for new staff.

are still looking for new staff. Job ad figures are record highs.

Figures for Harvey Norman not bad?

Yes. We're cutting back on spending

Yes. We're cutting back on spending because of petrol prices, but we

want household gadgets, I pods and

digital cameras. They're up double

the average for the other retailers.

the average for the other retailers. A key reason why we're buying more

of those, they're getting cheaper. From $8 million to $14,990 drive away. Cars of every price, size and shape imaginable revving up for the Australian Motor Show. The weird, the wild and the wonderful. If you can't find the car of your dreams at the Motor Show, you're not looking hard enough. Today was industry day - where manufacturers go to great lengths to outdo each other with their unveilings. Sports stars like their cars and there were plenty hovering in and around the Audis, Sarah O'Hare wishing they came in pink.

Even their budgets unlikely to stretch enough to buy this little number, the Maybach Exelero, a one-off worth $8 million.

The car offers you more than 700

horse power, 515, the talk is about

1002 Newton metre like a train.

Which means it goes 351km/h. From

Which means it goes 351km/h. From $8 million worth to priceless, this

car is based on the 1953FJ Holden.

car is based on the 1953FJ Holden. Unfortunately for the many fans it

Unfortunately for the many fans it will never be going in production.

will never be going in production. I don't know whether the colour

will work well at Bathurst. Small cars are big news, rising fuel prices pushing sales higher. In fact, motor vehicle sales in Australia are set to pass the one million mark for the first time this year - the equivalent of 1 in every 20 Aussies scoring a new set of wheels. And the set of wheels with the biggest job to do? The Mitsubishi 380 - the brand new Australian-built car needs to sell 32,000 models in the next 12 months to guarantee the company's Adelaide plant keeps going.

We've been under pressure over the

last few years. It's very good to

get to the stage now where we have

this car. People have done a

fantastic job and it will give us

an opportunity to move on from here.

This is about to revolutionise the

way we watch television. This has a

colour screen allowing user to

download and watch videos and

favourite TV shows. The new white

iPod and yes it does video. Some of

the biggest sitcoms will be on line

the biggest sitcoms will be on line for $2 the day after they air. Tim Webster is back with sport and a new look Aussie batting order. from the Ashes defeat shortly, Yes, the latest fallout from the Ashes defeat shortly, including the sacrifice made by one World XI player to prove he's not here on a holiday.

Also, the team that stands between Australia and the World Cup finals. And Joey's scheming already, we'll tell you one tactic the Kiwis will cop. With WorkChoices, you cannot be sacked due to family responsibilities, like caring for a child who's fallen ill. Your rights will be protected by law. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet. Are you ready for a new dimension in flavour?

Domino's Meatmaster - a star in its own right. Features big, juicy meatballs, blockbusting bacon strips, peperoni and beef. Try Domino's new dimension of flavour now. MAN: Domino's.

24-hour timer twin pack, just $8.98. 7-pattern pistol nozzle, just $3.98. 500g Grocote fertiliser, only $2.98. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. The Socceroos will again face Uruguay in their World Cup finals showdown after Australia's old foe beat Argentina 1-nil. Australia will play the Uruguayans in Montevideo on November 12 before playing the second leg at Telstra Stadium four days later. Once again the Socceroos' road to the World Cup finals

will go through Uruguay, a solitary goal from Alvaro Recoba enough to advance our old foes. In a tension-packed day of games across South America, any one of three teams could have won through to meet the Socceroos.

It was Colombia who had the early edge when they led Paraguay 1-0 at half-time. But when the final whistle blew at Montevideo, it was the team which broke Australia's hearts four years ago that were celebrating. CHEERING

The hostile environment in Uruguay is familiar to many of the current Socceroo squad, who saw their hopes of a World Cup berth in Japan and Korea disappear

when they lost 3-0 in 2001. COMMENTATOR: That's it! But, unlike four years ago, the Socceroos will have the advantage of playing the second leg at home in Sydney. First of all, it's important to try and get also result over there and not just leaning back and thinking that we can manage in the second game. The team also going into the match with the confidence of Sunday's 5-0 demolition of Jamaica and a solid 10-day training program

under Dutch master coach Guus Hiddink. I really think that we're all getting mentally prepared for it. Neil Cordy, Ten News. As we revealed in Ten News last night Mal Meninga is the new coach of the Queensland Maroons. Meninga was officially appointed today to replace Michael Hagan. Meantime, the Kangaroos are poised to launch an aerial attack on a couple of Kiwi rookies in Saturday night's Tri-Nations opener against New Zealand

at Telstra Stadium. He's back in the green and gold for the first time in two years. Andrew Johns relishes another chance to help guide the Kangaroos. The number seven planning on making it a tough night for debutante Kiwi wingers, Manu Vatuvei and Jake Webster. We've got some tall wingers. Matt King can leap and Timana can jump, so if we get down there, we'll definitely be putting the high ball up and testing them. Johns reunited with his old Knights team-mate, Ben Kennedy. The veteran Manly lock close to giving rep football away after winning this year's State of Origin series with NSW. I was going to have a look at it at the end of the year, I felt I was playing good enough to play here and it wasn't going to affect my form next year. Ticket sales have been slow with the ARL hoping for a crowd of between 25,000 and 30,000. Last year's Tri-Nations tournament

gave international rugby league credibility. But the Sydney public are yet to be convinced. The last three Tests held in Sydney have produced lop-sided wins to the Kangaroos by 52-0, 64-10 and 48-6 against New Zealand and Great Britain. Meanwhile, Trend Barrett has vowed to fight back from his Test omission. He'll play in the curtain-raiser for a Kangaroos invitational side. We'd be silly if we don't take it seriously. Because it is an opportunity for us to play as well and hopefully give them something to think about. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The ICC World XI gets its first look at Australia's new-look batting line-up in tomorrow's Super Test at the SCG. All-rounder Shane Watson comes into the side and youngster Michael Clarke shoulders a little more pressure.

It's with a touch of irony Michael Clarke moves into his best mate's vacant batting position. Damien Martyn's axing leading to a reshuffle down the order. First emergency Lachlan River will run in Saturday's Caulfield Cup, following the scratching of leading international contender Fight Your Corner. The Godolphin star was found to be suffering a tendon injury

at Sandown this morning. But the stallion's scratching came as music to the ears of Lachlan River's trainer John Morrisey and he's put the controversy of the four-year-old's initial omission behind him. You hate to see horses break down, you feel sorry for them. In-form jockey Steven King will now take the ride on the Queensland Derby winner. It's with a touch of irony Michael Clarke moves into his best mate's vacant batting position. Damien Martyn's axing leading to a reshuffle down the order. Clarke now at four, followed by Simon Katich. Shane Watson plays his second Test, batting ahead of Adam Gilchrist at six. The 24-year-old paceman, who also boasts nine first-class centuries, hoping to end Australia's desperate search for an all-rounder. I think he's a tremendous young player that's almost ready to make his mark on the international game. With six days of cricket and rain forecast ahead, both sides will play two spinners on a lively Sydney pitch. The World XI is yet to finalise their line-up, but Pakistani quick Shoaib Akhtar has been sent packing, the best of the rest taking up the quest for credibility. I haven't come all this way to play one Test match and lose. Hopefully this Test match can save a little bit of face for the World team and we can go and put in a good performance. Few could question the commitment of Indian batting legend Rahul Dravid, who missed the birth of his first child to play in the Test. Well, I thought I'd timed it very well. The due date was November 1, so I guess the baby decided to come a little bit early. Dravid could have some added responsibility ahead,

in line to replace Sourav Ganguly as Indian captain in the wake of his dispute with new national coach Greg Chappell. Is it an ambition of yours to captain India full-time? Well, anyone who plays for his country and establishes himself at some stage would like to captain the country. I have captained the country before, so it's not like I've never done it before.

Tania Armstrong, Ten News. That's the day in sport.

Time for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso. Problems in

with Vic Lorusso. Problems in

with Vic Lorusso. Problems in Menai? Yes. A bad accident.

Outbound traffic barely moving.

The second accident closed the River Road. Tim Bailey and the Mixed Nuts with the weather next.

I've just got that feeling tonight

there'll be trouble on the weather

with Tim Bailey. He's got a bunch

with Tim Bailey. He's got a bunch of teenagers playing up. I have a

band called the Mixed Nuts. Average

age is 87. Ladies and gentlemen, I

say Mixed Nuts to you, what is the

reaction? Clearing clearing We come

reaction? Clearing clearing We come across more of the fans. If you're

scratching your head across NSW,

the Mixed Nuts have more chemistry,

the Mixed Nuts have more chemistry, more spirit and inspiration than

the average band. The average age

is 87 and they travel around rieplt

villages, hosels giving flesh.

is 87 and they travel around rieplt villages, hosels giving flesh. They

sing. Is says here that the

sing. Is says here that the Kellyville Lions club donated those shirts to

those shirts to you. You'd still be

those shirts to you. You'd still be birty on them for that, wopt you?

Big round of applause for Raylene.

She's responsible for the love song,

'Let me call your sweetheart.'

(Sings) # Let me call you

sweetheart. I'm in love with you.

Let me hear you whisper that you

are love me too.

Let me call you sweetheart I'm in

love with you . # The Mixed Nuts!

Look at the crowd

love with you . # The Mixed Nuts! Look at the crowd down here for them.

them. From castle Hill. If you need

them, they'll play anywhere. Give

yourselves a big round of applause.

A little bit of weather for you.

Tomorrow a shower and blue sky.

Showery weekend. Saturday, 21

degrees. Likewise Sunday and Monday,

20 degrees.

Satellite - cloud is building over

Satellite - cloud is building over the east near a trough causing

rain and potentially severe storms

in Queensland and inland NSW. The

in Queensland and inland NSW. The map tomorrow a ridge of high

pressure will ease winds and clear

pressure will ease winds and clear showers. The business of the brolly,

showers clearing in. Saturday, a

broad trough will tap into high

moisture levels. Running out of

time. One last big hooray for the

best band I've had on the weather.

On your television, the Mixed Nuts!

87 years of anal and making

Michalis Jagger look silly. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. We'll have the Late News at 10:55, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.