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(generated from captions) No, Taylor, you're not! You claim to be healthy and stable. Well, I'm not buying it. it is sick and inappropriate And what you're doing with my son, and dripping with revenge. to acknowledge that, Until you're able this little baby. you're not ready to take care of You are a woman in crisis. You are not taking Jack anywhere. long enough. You have stood in my way between me and the baby. You are not going to stand Now, get out of my way. That's a very dangerous place to be. Nick, tell her to move. This is wrong. (YELLS) Tell her to move! I mean it. Please, I need to be with my son. I am begging you. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - strike breakthrough - next week's week rail system shutdown to be called off.

the travelling public of Sydney. I'm very relieved on behalf of denies covering up Catholic Archbishop George Pell a case of sex abuse in the church. for Nicole and Keith - And a baby girl welcomes Sunday Rose. the celebrity couple I think that's great news. an incredible mother. I think she's going to be Ten News with Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Good evening. for people on low wages. Also tonight, a pay rise co-stars charm Sydney. And Meryl Streep and her 'Mamma Mia!'

have averted transport chaos But heading Ten News - crisis talks during World Youth Day celebrations

called off. with a threatened rail strike joins us now from Macquarie Street, Ten's political reporter Kevin Wilde and Kevin, who caved in?

The Government, and clearly. While

there is no final decision on the

extent of the pay rise it will be

4% or a little more over four years.

The sticking-point was 417 job cuts

proposed by management. The unions

have won that battle and that has

been taken off the table.

been taken off the table.

Confirmation of the deal is minutes

away. Delegations have been spoken

to around the State by the unions. Threatening a rail meltdown, the Industrial Relations Commission union leaders arrived at knowing they held the upper hand. through sensible negotiations. This matter can be resolved RailCorp called the urgent hearing would be on Sydney" claiming the "eyes of the world during the Pope's visit. to rail workers Even the Prime Minister appealed of pilgrims and workers. not to strand hundreds of thousands

for Australians, all Australians, I think it's very important including this trade union, of His Holiness the Pope to treat the visit with appropriate respect. And as crisis talks steamed ahead, into Sydney were keeping the faith. the first of those pilgrims to pour you will see. I think it will not be any problem, it is not going to happen, I really have a great hope millions of other people so I pray with that this will not take place here. RailCorp Three hours of talks by unions, John Watkins, and the Transport Minister, provided the circuit-breaker. over the next few days, While negotiations continue the Government has already agreed off the table. to take the threat of 417 job cuts of the travelling public of Sydney - I'm very relieved on behalf this is a win for them to our great city. and for the visitors But unions are angry of using industrial terror tactics. the Premier accused them his inflammatory comments himself, The Premier can answer for

a situation that is quite explosive. but they do nothing to resolve

They are clearly still fighting in

the Government. It is not just this

issue but the wider power privatisation.

privatisation. There are still

fight the fight and we haven't seen fight the fight and we haven't seen

the last of the unions taking it to the last of the unions taking it to

the Government at a time when the

polls for the Government a pretty bad. Days out from the Pope's arrival, Church Cardinal George Pell head of the Australian Catholic

of a sex abuse scandal. is at the centre an assault investigation He's denied covering up are demanding he stand down. but victims groups Cardinal Pell wanted to do It would have to be the last thing

in Sydney - just days before the Pope arrives a sexual assault investigation. answering claims he mishandled

There was no cover-up. against Father Goodall, The accusations

they were investigated. Tony Jones says as a 29-year-old by a priest in 1982. he was sexually assaulted twice was in a swimming pool. The first time and he put his hands around my chest Father Goodall came from behind me down inside my Speedos. and his other hand later that night by the same priest. He was sexually assaulted again this was happening to me, I couldn't believe

that a priest was doing this. I didn't know what to do. I was shocked, I was overwhelmed. during the investigation, Cover-up claims surfaced after Cardinal Pell wrote to Tony Jones in 2003

of Father Goodall. saying there were no other victims But Dr Pell knew there was.

that letter was wrong. He has since admitted It was badly worded and a mistake.

I was attempting to inform him there was no other allegation of rape.

has now been settled privately. The Church says the matter it involved no money. The cardinal says The priest has been stood down. If Cardinal Pell was hoping victims groups, his response today would satisfy he will be disappointed. protest action in the weeks ahead They're already planning to overshadow World Youth Day. this is the end of the matter. The cardinal is hoping before the World Youth Day. Please God we'll be over this Evan Batten, Ten News. Business is unhappy have won a pay rise of $21 a week. Australia's lowest-paid workers But that's next to nothing senior federal public servants - when compared with

of more than $1,400 a week. they're getting a wage increase

worst-paid workers Some of the country's

in their pockets. welcome the few extra dollars

Excited. We were only expecting a few dollars. it will do little to ease the burden. But others say

It is not enough fuss with the

increases in all the other goods.

The Fair Pay Commission decision will take the minimum wage in Australia from $522 to $543 a week but falls short of the $26 the unions wanted. It is a small step but it's nothing more than that. Employers say the pay increase, to be introduced in October, is excessive given recent federal tax cuts. It carries the risks of additional price increases and a flow-on to prices. In particular, retail, hospitality, small manufacturing But the Fair Pay Commission says it's got the balance right.

We have to look to the living

standards of Australians, which we have done. The timing of the wage decision couldn't have been worse for the Federal Government. It came as it was revealed top public servants pay packets

will boosted by almost 19%, or $1,400 a week. They're asking ordinary wage-earners to show some restraint, while people at the top of the pile are getting significant increases.

We gave a pre- election commitment

it so it is a one-off adjustment to

get rid of performance pay. Police have recovered the body of a man who'd been missing in the Tweed River for five days. The search for Sean Staunton began on Thursday, after his 5-year-old son's unconscious body was found floating in the water. A local resident spotted the 35-year-old's body

on a mud flat this morning. The pair had been fishing, and police are still trying to determine what went wrong. His son has been released from hospital. The man charged over a weekend shooting at Manly is the son of a respected Sydney barrister. Raphael Van Aalst faced court today, charged with shooting a man in the arm at a unit on The Corso on Saturday. He was arrested yesterday outside the Martin Place chambers of his barrister father Julian van Aalst. The 27-year-old suspect, from Roseville, is also charged with assaulting a woman at his home a week before the shooting. He didn't apply for bail. It's a girl for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The Aussie couple welcomed their first child, Sunday Rose,

into the world in Nashville this morning. Ten reporter Emma Dallimore is there. There's plenty of security tonight around Nashville's Baptist Hospital and, as you'd expect, a few lingering paparazzi determined to get the first shot of Nicole and Keith's baby girl. She arrived in the early hours of this morning and reports are Mum and daughter are doing fine. Locals call it Nashville's baby hospital and tonight there's just one baby anyone here is talking about. I'm so proud for them and I think it's gonna make their whole life just come together and be wonderful. After a glowing pregnancy, 41-year-old Kidman delivered a healthy 3kg baby girl

early this morning with a doting Keith at her side, and a choice of name in celebrity style - Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. It's no reference to time - she was born on a Monday here, a Tuesday back home, but Keith's brother has given some clues into the unusual choice. Sunday came from Nicole's dad.

I don't know the origins of it yet. I know people have been talking about getting married on a Sunday and so on.

What I can confirm is that rose his mind than a. A proud new dad announced the news on his website, saying, "Thank you to all the fans who've kept us in their prayers. "We're very blessed and grateful "we can share this joy with all of you today." Joy he can't contain, reportedly buying Nicole a $73,000 Cartier ring to celebrate. Two years after their fairytale marriage, parenthood is a dream come true for the couple, their first child and a sister for Isabella and Connor, Kidman's two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise. It's not known how long the new mum will stay in hospital before heading back to their home, just outside Nashville. Until they do, security will be tight with the first image of Sunday Rose worth millions. Well, there's already plenty of speculation back home about that choice of name, Sunday Rose. Many in Australia say it sounds too much like the Aussie "Sunday roast", but Nicole and Keith are keen to bring their daughter back home.

They say she'll be baptised in the Sydney church where her mum and dad were married. Back to you. A look at sport with Brad McEwan and Barry Hall still has a future at the Swans. Yes, the Swans say they don't want his career ending in disgrace, the club now describing their treatment of Hall as a case of "tough love" to get him sorted out. Another incredible comeback victory for the Rabbitohs, this time against the Bulldogs, but don't mention the word 'finals' around this group. Also - despite being the victim of racism, posts a very public apology

Penrith skipper Petero Civoniceva to Eels fans.

Australia's most notorious con woman pleads guilty after a lavish shopping spree. Details next. Plus, 'Biggest Loser' host Ajay Rochester

enters her plea for welfare fraud. And the push for children as young as two to be checked for obesity-related illness.

This program is captioned live. Con woman Jodie Harris has been back in court, admitting she stole the identities of another 15 women. Harris, already serving time in NSW, has pleaded guilty to 96 charges.

During the Victorian leg of her cross-country crime spree

Jody Harris shopped at the top end of town. These days, Louis Vuitton and Carla Zampatti have been replaced by a bottle-green, prison-issue tracksuit. Dubbed 'the catch-me-if-you-can con woman'

for her ability to elude police for six months, Harris will be easy to find for some time. Tapping her nails like a bored teenager, the 30-year-old replied, 'Yep' to the magistrate when asked if she was pleading guilty to 96 charges of theft. She stole the identities of 15 Victorian women, fleecing just under $160,000 to shop for clothes, airline tickets, jewellery and birth control. Engaged to a policeman at the time of her arrest, she admitted to using drugs. And while she couldn't remember all of the offences, told authorities: Harris told one victim, who slipped and hurt her head, she was a doctor and took her to hospital, before stealing her bag. Another, who had her licence and $10,000 stolen, claims: Harris is already serving a 4-year jail term

for similar offences in NSW. She'll be sentenced in the County Court for her crimes in Victoria later this year. Kate McGrath, Ten News. TV host Ajay Rochester has pleaded not guilty to 23 charges of welfare fraud. The 39-year-old presenter of 'The Biggest Loser' faced a Sydney court today, charged with illegally receiving Centrelink's single parent payment between 2001 and 2005. The case will return to court in September. Rochester, who began hosting the Channel Ten show two years ago, has written several weight-loss books after dropping 60kg. There's a disturbing health trend in America, with children as young as two being screened for high cholesterol. And we're being warned the same could happen here if we don't curb Australia's childhood obesity. They may only be toddlers, but already they could be at risk of heart disease, according to doctors in the United States. I think the sheer number of children that are overweight, are less active and have significant elevations of cholesterol has grown exponentially since I started practising 13 years ago. The American Academy of Paediatrics has issued bold new recommendations

to tackle childhood obesity.

The reason - America's 30% childhood obesity rate. And Australia isn't far behind, at around 20%. But the Australian Medical Association says there's no reason to change our own guidelines. I don't think Australian doctors - unless there is very strong evidence - will be following that American trend. And it argues there's not enough evidence to prove cholesterol-lowering drugs are safe for children. We're much better to approach the issue from a diet and exercise point of view rather than suggesting medication.

In another first, US doctors are also recommending parents feed low-fat milk to toddlers as young as one, contradicting local nutritional advice. I think that's terrible. I think kids need full-fat milk and yoghurt and cheese just to get their system started. Well, I give my kids full-cream milk, provided they do enough exercise, I think. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. Men who are putting off having children until later in life have been warned their biological clocks are ticking. A new study has found women's pregnancy rates drop and miscarriages increase when the baby's father is over 40. One of the things that we've done, and I'm afraid the medical profession is also guilty of this, is blaming - inverted commas - the woman for the infertility, and we're increasingly finding out that, in fact, male infertility is a major part of the problem. Researchers found a man's fertility starts to decline in his mid-30s and is significantly lower in his 40s.

A check of the weather now and all

that snow down and Victoria might

be an indication of what is going

to happen here tomorrow - how cold

is it going to be? For the next 24

hours I am the guru of goose bumps.

We are going to be cold, in the

vernacular, around about 13 degrees.

Eight tropical 14 degrees the

coastal areas and it will be a cold

stretch of about 16 degrees for

about two or three days. The

westerly winds will have a real

bite about them - only nine km/h

but carrying a good dose of the

shivers. Both fine weekend of about

17 degrees but a whole 13 degrees

for the western suburbs of Sydney tomorrow. Next, notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson under police guard, as yet another community tries to kick him out. He is not staying here, I guarantee you. in the Pamplona madness. And an Aussie comes off second best

how we can make their banking more convenient. Karen Lee from Tamworth suggested an in-branch beautician. (STEAM HISSES) Oh... Hmm.

Can I help you, sir? Interesting idea, Karen. preferred longer opening hours. How can we make your banking more convenient? Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. After all, it's your ANZ. WOMAN: Now. This program is captioned live.

Times to check on the traffic. Vic

Lorusso - a never ending stream of

red tail-lights? Bad news - a four-

car accident in the M2 tunnel. The car accident in the M2 tunnel. The

vehicles are being moved out but

you can see the flashing lights.

Look how far the traffic delays go.

This season into the M2 tunnel from

the he's bound directions are you

can see how far the traffic goes can see how far the traffic goes

back, pretty much as far back as

Epping Road and the Lane Cove

Tunnel. A considerable amount of

traffic heading in there and we

will have a look to see if Epping

Road has improved for me, it later. Notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson

is digging in at his new Queensland hide-out. He's been under police guard after neighbours staged a late-night protest. Dennis Ferguson left his Carbrook hide-out early this morning to the local shop to buy a paper. for a trip

Although driven by his police escort, the convicted paedophile shopped alone. I recognised him straight away, his hair's changed, so I wasn't sure but then when you look at the eyes and mouth, you know it's him. He'd cut his long hair and dyed it brown. He looked at the front page and seen the stuff written about him and he just went 'pffff'. Workmen swarmed over his house today installing sensor lights.

A new TV antenna also fitted. Standard 4-bedroom home, nothing special. It's quite small, cold in winter, hot in summer. It's a 30-year-old house, bad plumbing. Mr Ferguson appears to be calm. He has appropriate levels of support. He wants to get on with his life. But the locals are angry and want Ferguson out. I live 10 houses up there. He deserves to be hung. I've got a 5-year-old less than 10 minutes walk through that bush. He is not staying here, I guarantee you. Last night's protesters include fathers with five kids, with children now frightened to sleep on their own and worried mothers with 10-week-old babies. I'm not willing to even risk my kids with someone like that. My little brother gets off the bus just there, man.

The boss of the child abuse unit was shouted down. I've arrested more paedophiles than you people have had hot meals. The Police Minister dismissed the protesters as thugs. A significant number of people who were protesting were more like young thugs. While community anger grows in Carbrook to Dennis Ferguson living here, it would appear he'll stay here at least until the Chief Justice hands down his decision on the appeal of his case. The Government now admits at the moment they have no other option to rehouse him. No, frankly we haven't got a plan B. I'm happy to hear suggestions. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. Kevin Rudd is flying to Japan for the G8 summit after hosing down expectations of a breakthrough on climate change. However, the world's most powerful leaders are still working on a deal to halve emissions by 2050. Kevin Rudd flew out this morning, the first Australian Prime Minister to be invited

to join the world's most powerful nations at their annual meeting. I doubt this meeting will achieve major breakthrough but it is important to use this meeting to help fashion a consensus on the need for us all to act together on climate change. But in Japan signs of progress - the eight leaders seemed prepared to do more for greenhouse gas abatement than just plant ceremonial trees. There is now talk of a shared vision to halve dangerous pollution by 2050. Back home, the Opposition has had another rethink on its policy, now recommitting to a trading scheme to cut carbon emissions within four years after Dr Nelson ditched it yesterday. Peter Shergold said that an emissions trading scheme was difficult but do-able by 2012. We remain committed to that policy. But Julie Bishop warns against Australia

getting too far out in front of the rest of the world. The Government's climate change guru says there's no chance of that - 27 other countries. Stopping us being a drag on the developed countries' efforts will be an initial achievement. And while the Opposition is wanting to delay Australia's response, it may not get the support of a key Independent in the Senate. South Australia's Nick Xenophon wants to see the detail but he's convinced of the urgency. We need to have an emissions trading scheme. We need to do everything we can to reduce greenhouse gases. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A cargo plane has crashed into a house in Colombia, killing two people on the ground.

The US-registered plane burst into flames after ploughing into the home shortly after takeoff.

The aircraft's eight crew were seriously injured. The plane was heading to Miami.

It was the second cargo plane crash in just 24 hours. An American pilot was killed when his plane crashed as it was about to land just south of the US-Mexico border. An Australian has been injured in the world's most famous bull-running festival. Thousands scrambled and the adrenaline pumped

as the bulls charged through the streets of Pamplona. 13 people have been hurt so far. An Irish tourist died when he fell from a 30m-high wall overlooking the bull run. Our soldiers and federal police have a new job.

They're working as croc hunters in the Solomon Islands, and it's not for the faint-hearted. Australian troops and federal police are in the Solomon Islands as protectors,

ensuring law and order on the streets of Honiara. But they found themselves facing an unexpected threat - stalking the villagers, their livestock and children. At the moment there is a crocodile just down there on the beach.

They are not often coming here, sometimes only. Just last week, a monster measuring nearly five metres was shot by officers with the Regional Assistance Mission. The croc had been stalking the village children as they played and had killed one of their pigs. In a controlled program unthinkable in Australia, a dozen crocodiles so far this year. officers have destroyed more than We have run a pretty good program to help Solomon Islanders remove them but we only remove them when the village chiefs ask us to do it.

Crocodile culling is a last resort but they can be a dangerous menace. In just the past six months, three people have been killed. But both federal police and army stress they are not great white hunters and only move in after written request from the village chiefs. We have had a lot of reports from locals requesting assistance to help with a crocodile problem. It is another added little thing that the Australian Defence Force assists with. Some locals say the attacks have increased since the intervention force began disarming them. Before that, they would shoot the reptiles themselves. But since the guns were mostly handed in five years ago, life for them has been safer - except for the odd crocodile. In the Solomon Islands, Max Futcher, Ten News. We'll update you shortly on the rail strike breakthrough.

Also - wild weather extremes. Towns that rarely see snow freeze over. And Meryl Streep and her 'Mamma Mia!' co-stars charm Sydney. G'day! In Italy, every region has a different cuisine, and Nonna has been busy gathering recipes from every province to create a new range of Bertolli Provincial Pasta Sauces.

In Rome, it's cream with bacon and parmesan. (OPERATIC MUSIC PLAYS) At Bertolli, we've taken provincial recipes and the finest ingredients and created a new range of mouth-watering Provincial Pasta Sauces, in new foil fresh pouches. Bertolli - la crema della provincia. how we can make their banking more convenient. Karen Lee from Tamworth suggested an in-branch beautician. (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Oh... Hmm. Interesting idea, Karen. Unfortunately, more people in your branch preferred longer opening hours. How can we make your banking more convenient? Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. After all, it's your ANZ. WOMAN: Now. This program is captioned live. She's one of the world's favourite pin-ups and now she's heading down under. Pamela Anderson is coming to the Gold Coast and a starring role on 'Big Brother'. Her life, her loves and her advice for those who'd follow in her footsteps. Get the whole story only on Ten News tomorrow. This program is captioned live. Tonight's headlines - Nicole Kidman is resting up in an American hospital after giving birth to a baby giirl. after giving birth to a baby girl. She and husband Keith Urban have named their daughter Sunday Rose. The baptism is expected to take place in Sydney. The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, has rejected claims

he tried to cover up allegations of sexual abuse involving a priest. A victim claims Cardinal Pell misled him about the investigation into misconduct against him. And a breakthrough in the industrial dispute threatening to cripple rail services during World Youth Day celebrations. The Government has caved in, approving a pay rise and shelving plans to slash jobs. Our State political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us again from Parliament House.

Kevin, are union bosses finally happy?

They are. The Government has

claimed 10 and a for a cup by

delegates this afternoon confirms

that the deal has been done - the

strike is off. The details are yet

to be confirmed in terms of the pay

rise but there will be no job cuts

for CityRail stuff members so that

has been the difference this time

around. Let's hear from John

Robertson, the head of unions New South Wales. And they are expected to stay and sit until the negotiations are completed tomorrow. There are only a few outstanding issues, and with the goodwill that was shown today those matters can be resolved.

There was a rally today by teachers

and a firefighters and police are

also keen to get more than 4%.

There were talks of pay rises in

the public said to have been

limited to 2.5 % but in the private sector you can get much more.

Teachers are very upset that they

do not have a minister at the

moment so there are still plenty of

fights by public sector unions try

and get pay rises over the next few months. To the BankWest finance report and another bad day on the Australian share market. The All Ords, dragged down by the poorly performing finance sector, lost nearly 70 points.

The average price of unleaded petrol around Sydney is $1.58 a litre. We've seen it as high as $1.70 and as low as $1.53 in McGraths Hill. She's the world's greatest actress and he's Jane Austen's hottest heart-throb, and together they're making beautiful music together. Meryl Streep and Colin Firth star in the new movie 'Mamma Mia!', and they're having an 'ABBA-solutely' fantastic time. On her last visit to Australia, Meryl Streep played a role that involved a dingo and... We're talking about my baby. 26 years on and she can still nail the accent. G'day! Now she's tackling some of the best-loved pop songs in the world in the movie version of the hit stage show 'Mamma Mia!'. I'm not a great singer. I'm not a great dancer. But I thought I sing and dance well enough to run a hotel

which is what Donna does. but I suddenly lose control #

# I don't know how, # There's fire within my soul... # A bevy of beautiful men take on supporting roles, including newcomer Dominic Cooper and the one and only Mr Darcy, Colin Firth. I became an actor probably, if I had to sort of nail why, it wouldn't have been to be Mr Darcy, which was far more with putting on purple spandex. once before, Colin nearly got to wear spandex almost cast in the Aussie movie 'Priscilla', and even though he had to wait 15 years to do it, at least he still got to sing ABBA songs. # Our last summer memories that remain... # Of course Meryl Streep is known and loved for her meaty, dramatic roles, but ironically like this all-singing, all-dancing number could nab her her 15th Oscar nomination and possibly her first win in a quarter of a century. The 59-year-old actress deserves the award for this move alone.

The star was also chuffed

to hear the good news about her 'Hours' co-star Nicole Kidman. She's had a baby - Sunday Rose. Isn't that lovely? Yeah, so happy for her. The stars will walk the red carpet in Melbourne tomorrow night. 'Mamma Mia!' opens Thursday. # Digging the dancing queen. # An icy blast has delivered snow to townships near the Victorian goldfields. Just 100km west of Melbourne, communities awoke to their towns blanketed in white. Even as the sun rose, the snow continued to fall. Wonderful. It's beautiful. We love it. It's so nice. It's quiet. Snowballs were sent flying

as children and adults alike celebrated the cold snap. Other locals simply weathered the storm as best they could. Another white-out has been predicted later in the week, including possible snow on Melbourne's doorstep.

And that cold weather is coming our

way. Hopefully not cold enough to

bring snow? 17 degrees was on

maximum to day - that was 1-degree

above average in Sydney. Be

prepared to wave goodbye to at

least four of those degrees

tomorrow. In the West it will be 13 tomorrow. In the West it will be 13

degrees - that is Judy! 14 on the

coast. The good news is that that's coast. The good news is that that's

no - a lot of that came across the

resorts in Victoria and musical.

They had a bout of centimetres and

it is still smiling.

These temperatures are positively

tropical compared to what we will have tomorrow.

They are expecting temperatures in

the mountains to plummet to-9

degrees in the next few days -

perfect for us know. Sport now with Brad, and developments over that Brisbane arrest of Origin star Greg Bird. Yes, footage has now been released of the controversial arrest. Plus, Petero Civoniceva apologises to Parramatta fans,

despite being the victim of racism. Are the Rabbitohs set for an end-of-season charge to the finals? And an eventful day in the Tour de France.

When you have your period, you can't sleep the way you want. But now there's Stayfree All Nights - the only one with 18 anti-leak channels and a wider area at the back, designed to maximise protection. Sleep tight with Stayfree All Nights. We've got broadband plans to suit everybody, Table seven to go! a wide range of wireless options And best of all, our handy online Solution Finder will make it easy to find a broadband plan that's just right for you. In Italy, every region has a different cuisine. And in Rome, it's cream with bacon and parmesan. Bertolli has taken regional recipes and created a range of mouth-watering Provincial Pasta Sauces in foil fresh pouches. This program is captioned live. The State of Origin row

between Queensland police and NSW player Greg Bird has resurfaced with the release of new security camera pictures. This is believed to be Bird talking with police on the steps of Brisbane nightclub before he's arrested after the second Origin match. Queensland police said he was taken into custody because he was drunk and belligerent and standing in the middle of the road.

His club, Cronulla, has consistently stood by Bird's version of events

that he'd done nothing wrong. South Sydney is playing down its finals chances after a fourth straight win last night. The Rabbitohs came back from an 18-point deficit to score a thrilling golden point win over the Bulldogs. A mid-season resurgence and Rabbitohs fans are talking the 'F' word. The players, though, are minding their tongues. Um, no, we're not talking about the finals. We actually haven't spoken about it at all. Five more wins could be enough to do it. Craig Wing's long-awaited return from injury a major spark for the Rabbitohs, so too his combination with rookie halfback Chris Sandow.

The guys are in a good head space at the moment,

but we're under no illusions as to where we're at. The fact that we leak so many points before we actually start playing footy is a bit of a concern for us. Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva has written a letter of apology to Parramatta fans after knocking over the beers of spectators who'd racially abused him. And some good news for Civoniceva's former club. Darren Lockyer is planning to make his comeback against the Bulldogs on Sunday,

with a message for those who predicted his knee injury would end his career. I've still got plenty of footy left in me. wanting to be part of this and that I guess I just got too impatient and in the end it probably cost me some time on the footy field. Leanne West, Ten News. The Swans are insisting Barry Hall's career in Sydney is far from over. Paul Roos says the decision to suspend Hall indefinitely was the only one he and the club could make. Yesterday Paul Roos was on the warpath. Today he was in a much more conciliatory mood. Look, I love Barry Hall. I think he's a fantastic guy. But from Hall's perspective it's definitely tough love - the Swans coming down harder on him than the AFL Tribunal,

who suspended him for a week for attempting to strike Collingwood's Shane Wakelin during Saturday night's loss to the Magpies. He's a great person, he's done a lot for this football club, and certainly I owe him at least to be able to put him in a position where he's able to cope. As a coach I can't do that at the moment with any sort of confidence. The one-week suspension comes just three matches after his return from a 7-week holiday courtesy of his knock-out punch on the Eagles' Brent Staker. Roos has genuine concerns on how he may exit the game. He's suspended this week. My concern would be him playing the next week and perhaps his career ending on a really, really bad note. We don't want that to happen. Hall's problems, combined with Brendan Fevola's contract negotiations, have increased speculation of a trade between Carlton and the Swans for their key forwards. I haven't approached Brendan. I haven't spoken to Brendan. We haven't made an offer to Brendan. At the moment nothing has changed in that regard either. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Wallabies forward Dan Vickerman insists Australia won't be caught out by the brutal physical intensity of their Tri-Nations rivals, New Zealand and South Africa. Vickerman, who makes his return from an ankle injury in this weekend's club rugby, to the rugged nature of their rivals.

says the Wallabies can adjust Not about standing up to them or not getting embarrassed, whatever you want to call it, I think the guys have been doing a good job and the more effective you can get the better off you are. A total of nine Wallabies have been released to play Sydney rugby this weekend, before the squad reassembles in Perth for the opening Test against the Springboks. Australia's Cadel Evans has slipped four places to ninth in the Tour de France standings with the chasing pack. after finishing last night's stage Spain's Angel Gomez was forced to withdraw after crashing into a median strip. rather seriously injured here, COMMENTATOR: Angel Gomez is looking as he clipped the centre of that reservation. A big shock. A roadside protest about the spiralling cost of fuel threatened to stall the race leaders, before they moved aside and Frenchman Samuel Dumoulin won the stage. Compatriot Romain Feillu finished third, claiming the overall lead in the process. Netball, and the NSW Swifts will play Waikato Magic in Sunday's major semifinal of the Trans-Tasman championship. their final regular season game The Swifts started their final regular season g against the Fever with the chance of being minor premiers if they could beat the west coast side by 29 goals or more, but stiff opposition from the Fever ended those hopes, the Swifts settling for a 63-54 victory. Catherine Cox finished with 34 goals. The Adelaide Thunderbirds and Melbourne Vixens will play off in the minor semi.

Later in Sports Tonight - the naming of the Olympic tennis team and one of our boxers who'll battle for Beijing gold.

You won't be joining us tomorrow

night? I am heading up to the Gold

Coaster head - interview Pamela

Anderson. That will be interesting

- we will have some tomorrow night,

and extended into the in the

evening and then more the following

day. I'm sure you we do your breast

- best! An accident to tell us

about? Old Windsor Road heading

towards the north-west - there has

been an accident just pass this

junction but as you can see the

junction but as you can see the

traffic trying to head north it is

a sea of headlights all the way a sea of headlights all the way

back towards James Ruse Drive and

through to Rosehill Racecourse. The

earlier accident at the M2 tunnel

still has peak hour traffic back

into North Ryde and another bad

accident has been reported in

Wentworthville. It is a busy Tuesday night.

There's a chill in the air. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. Wouldn't you know it?

We spend months planning our winter escape only to discover I've gone and brought the cold with me.

Still, at least one decision's a no-brainer - how to deal with it.

That's why I trust new Panadol Flu Strength Day & Night. It fights the aches and pains and helps take care of the coughs and congestion. So while it works, I get to play. New Panadol Flu Strength: how we can make their banking more convenient. Karen Lee from Tamworth suggested an in-branch beautician.

(STEAM HISSES) (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Can I help you, sir? Interesting idea, Karen. Unfortunately, more people in your branch preferred longer opening hours. How can we make your banking more convenient? at any participating branch or go online.

After all, it's your ANZ.

This program is captioned live. Time

This program is captioned live.

Time all the weather details. Tim

Bailey is limbering up publicity to

surf - at least he is with some people

people who are. That is rich coming

from you! I don't think you have

thought about the city to surf in

the last 25 years but we know it is

the most famous fund run in the

world. We are raising money for

some very good causes, cause is

like - the Starlight Children's

Foundation. The Spastics centre.

What about Mission Australia?

Lifeline! The charity meeting is

running. We are at about $306,000

and a mission is - if you choose to

except it and I know you do because

you have a big heart and umpteen

pairs of sand shoes - 1.12 $5

million. If you want and to the million. If you want and to the

details are at the the son Harold details are at the the son Harold

website. It is all about the

charity angle. That is the charity

angle looked after? This is a

weather report! Now I want you to

give the people that and an excuse

- exclusive whether part of what

tomorrow is going to break. C-c-c-

c-cold you are right. 13 degrees in

the greater West, 14 degrees near

Bondi. I am the guru of goose bumps

the the next 24 hours. Not a lot of

warmth in this first week of school

holidays. It looks like Thursday

and Friday will be 16 degrees and

windy. The weekend will be fine and

San'a if only 17 degrees.

A cloud band over Queensland in a

trough brings light rain which is

clearing off the coast. In NSW

closed in the cold westerly - do we

know about them - is bringing

scattered showers and storms on the

slopes and ranges. Cloud, strong

westerly winds between France will

maintain showers in the land use

their bras. Snow showers will

retreat to the peaks as the air

warms a little. Still expecting 5cm

to 10cm across the resorts. The business

business of the brolly, predicted business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops

across rooftops and crops - showers

on the news that bars western

slopes and ranges, mainly in the

south. Snow in the Alps slopes and ranges, mainly in the south. Snow in the Alps and peering

from the central table lands.

August 10th is a very important day

for the fitness of this town and

the fitness of by charities. August

tent is the son Harold city to surf. Please

Please be involved and how about

the mob like the Starlight

Foundation, the spastic Centre,

Mission Australia and lifeline. It

really is a good cause and we love really is a good cause and we love it.

It is a bit chilly for the

pineapple growers in Brisbane! The

whole country has got the shivers!

3 degrees in Orange! It is official

- you can wear boots where you live tomorrow.

August 10th is the city to surf.

Get involved and I will see you tomorrow. Finally tonight - 20 Australian seamstresses are playing a crucial role in the launch of the highly anticipated Batman film 'The Dark Knight'.

Movie World's wardrobe department on the Gold Coast is working around the clock to create the world's nine official Batman suits. They'll be worn at the film's global premiers and at $20,000 each they had to be made to last. They're very expensive. A lot of work goes in, largely in the moulding process. If you'll notice, the suit has so many small parts. Each one of those parts is a separate mould. 'The Dark Knight', which stars Heath Ledger, opens here in Australian next Wednesday. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. I'll be back with the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia. It's getting close - who will win Big Brother 2008? With less than two weeks to go there's another eviction this Wednesday. Will it be Brigitte - the ditsy blonde or smarter than you think?

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