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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - through the streets of Perth. a man's wild police chase in storm-ravaged Fiji Australians unaccounted for threatens Queensland. as Cyclone Ului from hearings China blocks consular officials of an Australian businessman. at the trial at her first Australian show. And fans go gaga for the lady with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. over three car-jackings A man will be questioned today through Perth. during a 60km police chase

over a series of armed robberies The 22-year-old was wanted only ended and his desperate escape bid when he crashed into police. the man's race to freedom was over In handcuffs, through Perth's southern suburbs. after a 2-hour police chase of armed robberies and car-jackings, Wanted over a string but he refused to surrender. the man and a woman were cornered He's grabbed a person out of a car, HELICOPTER TWO-WAY RADIO: he's car-jacked the car, a police officer. he's tried to run over out of his car, The suspect forced a driver allegedly at knife-point. An officer points his gun swerves around him, as the stolen car

onto the wrong side of the road, of oncoming traffic. weaving dangerously in and out at the moment. He's driving fairly erratically ordered the pursuit be aborted Senior officers tracking the man from the sky. but police eyes kept

another car was allegedly stolen. The Commodore crashed, getting stabbed or cut or anything. I didn't know whether I was It crashed too - into police

and this time there was no escape. under observation The 22-year-old has spent the night

in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and will be questioned this morning. was also arrested. A 21-year-old woman are unaccounted for in Fiji A dozen Australians

slammed the Pacific islands after Cyclone Tomas earlier this week. is having difficulty making contact The Australian High Commission

in the northern part of the country. with communications sketchy now assessing the damage. The Fijian Government's these assessments, While carrying out including food and water, emergency supplies, to the affected regions. shall be delivered Here in Australia, along Queensland's central coast preparations are stepping up for Cyclone Ului. have evacuated their guests. Heron and Lady Elliott islands It was our honeymoon for a week so we were meant to be away and we got three nights out of it. Authorities should know today will make landfall this weekend. whether the Category 4 cyclone

are battling a blaze Victorian firefighters west of Ballarat. started by hazard reduction burns jumped containment lines The controlled burn late yesterday. near the Mount Buangor State Park

came dangerously close to homes. At one point, the flames last night The fire was still out of control 450 hectares of bush. and has burnt through more than have been closed Several nearby roads to stay away from the area. and tourists are being told Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu It's claimed Australian won't get a fair trial to a Chinese court on Monday. when his case goes Our diplomats have been told to some of the hearings, they'll be refused access the most serious charges. particularly those dealing with has the latest. Political reporter Jodie Speers was told last night Natalie, the Federal Government about Mr Hu's trial date. He was arrested in July last year, of Rio Tinto along with three Chinese employees

iron-ore price talks. during contentious receiving bribes Now, he's charged with and infringing commercial secrets and the court's decided that that second charge will be closed the sessions dealing with won't be allowed access. so Australian consular officials about how fair this trial will be. That's led to serious concerns who's in control, It won't be the judge in control of the judge. it'll be the Communist Party have asked China Now, Australian authorities to reconsider closing the court the case is now moving to trial. but they say they are pleased that Natalie. have been hurt in Afghanistan Five Australian soldiers was hit by a roadside bomb. when their vehicle have serious wounds. Three of the soldiers and have spoken to their families. All five are conscious a routine patrol The soldiers were on

in Oruzgan province. in the Chora Valley for rehabilitation. Some will come back to Australia has reportedly recommended A major review of the tax system welfare payments tapering off parents' reach school age. once their children Family Tax Benefit, Under the current up to 13 years old those with children get $157 a fortnight, for young teenagers. increasing to $204 News Limited reports wants to 'front-load' parents the Henry review before infants start school to encourage them back to work. before cutting payments tax incentives It's also reportedly recommended to keep older people working longer. the Henry review. The Government is yet to release The search will resume this morning off Victoria's east coast. for a boat reported missing yesterday afternoon, Police received a mayday call three adults and two children describing a boat carrying which was sinking fast. around Loch Sport near Sale An extensive search of a missing vessel. failed to find any trace treating the call as genuine. Police say they're still has fronted an Adelaide court Michelle Chantelois' son on assault charges. of attacking a man last December. Anton Phillips-Chantelois is accused His father was there to support him began having troubles and says his son with the South Australian Premier. after his mother's alleged affair And while he's watched the destruction of our family, he's watched the Premier strut around. The 18-year-old is due back in court next month. Campaigning for the looming State Election, Mike Rann refused to comment on the case. Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is refusing to say if he'll release a $25 million report into the Government's plan for a national broadband network. The Coalition and minor parties won't vote on national broadband legislation in the Senate until the report is made public. The minister won't set a date. The Government is simply taking a couple of weeks to look at a 500-page document and then the cabinet will make a considered decision about how it wants to proceed forward. It's claimed the taxpayer-funded assessment of the Government's $43 billion broadband network used research from Wikipedia. Michael Clarke says he's prepared for a bit of sledging when he takes the field for the first Test in New Zealand tomorrow.

The Aussie vice-captain broke his silence yesterday over his break-up with Lara Bingle. He says he needed time out from cricket to deal with his personal life. Obviously, something that I thought was very important

and needed to be done and I did that and like I say, my team-mates were fantastic and very supportive. Clarke's revealed he also turned to Shane Warne for advice.

He says he accepts the media interest in his private life as part of being a professional athlete. Sydney has gone gaga for pop music's new queen of shock at the first of Lady Gaga's Australian concerts last night. Fans crowded the Entertainment Centre, decked out in some of their idol's more elaborate costumes as they headed into the singer's Monster Ball. (SINGS) # I want your loving, I want your revenge # You and me have got a bad romance. # Oh, amazing, I can't wait! Last night's concert has won rave reviews. Gaga plays another Sydney show tonight before her 13-concert tour heads to Newcastle tomorrow. Now for your first look at Thursday's weather. A possible shower in Melbourne. A late shower is possible for Adelaide. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -

Mel and Kochie find help for a homeless single mother-of-three. But next on Seven Early News, the Pope breaks his silence on a sex abuse scandal rocking Ireland's Catholic Church. And the search to find Australia's oldest film star.

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The Pope has tried to calm a major child abuse scandal

in Ireland's Catholic Church, writing a letter promising healing and renewal. Three investigations have uncovered the widespread cover-up of child abuse claims involving more than 15,000 children from the 1930s to the 1990s. I ask all of you to read it for yourselves with an open heart and in a spirit of faith. My hope is that it will help in the process of repentance, healing and renewal. The letter is the first-ever Papal document devoted exclusively to paedophilia.

A man has turned himself in to German police after a brazen armed raid on a poker tournament. The event was being broadcast live on TV when four masked men stormed into a Berlin hotel earlier this month, armed with a revolver and machete. They got away with the $360,000 jackpot. A 21-year-old man has turned himself in, his accomplices remain on the run. The man won't say where the money is. A British man has had the ultimate revenge on his ex-wife, winning the lotto a day after their divorce was finalised. Bus driver Kevin Halstead is now $3.8 million richer. I says, "We've done the jackpot, Mum. "Do you want a bungalow?" Kevin plans to have a holiday before going back to work. Speaking of money, let's check your first finance this Early News.

The search is on to find Australia's oldest film star. He's probably long gone but a mystery man on rollerskates was the main attraction in a video released by the national archives believed to be Australia's oldest surviving film. This rollerskating, cigar-smoking gentleman from the 19th Century

is the star of Australia's oldest known film. The film, believed to have been shot near the site of the Melbourne Cricket Ground was taken a few days before the 1896 Melbourne Cup. Until now, that was the oldest Aussie film. Both were filmed by French pioneer Marius Sestier a year after moving pictures were invented.

Australia was right there in the forefront of the development of cinema. The film's title, 'Patineur Grotesque', was French slang for 'pimp'. That and the appearance of a bottom with a white hand shocked our early censors.

We're surmising that he showed it at a private screening and they said "No, you can't show it in Australia." Marius Sestier's diary notes prove he shot his first Australian film in Sydney. He showed it here in Pitt Street. What happened to the film of passengers alighting from a ship in Manly is a mystery. So is the identity of that rollerskater. We have no idea who he is and we would love to find out. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -

Harry Connick Jr performs live with an 18-piece band. But next on Seven Early News, success for Wests Tigers winger Beau Ryan at the NRL Judiciary, And a 14-year-old schoolgirl wins a place on Australia's Commonwealth Games team.

The stories we're following on the Early News - a man will be questioned today over three car-jackings during a 60km police chase through Perth. A dozen Australians are unaccounted for in Fiji after Cyclone Tomas slammed the Pacific Islands earlier this week. And it's claimed Australian Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu won't get a fair trial in China. Wests Tigers Beau Ryan will miss just one game after a successful appearance at the NRL judiciary last night. The winger faced a 3-match ban for a crusher tackle on Manly's Michael Robertson but was able to have the charge downgraded. The fallout from Monday's loss has hit the Sea Eagles hard with fullback Brett Stewart to miss 20 weeks with another knee injury. As you can understand, he's a bit shattered but he went through it last year. Some better news at Parramatta with veteran winger Luke Burt extending his contract

until the end of 2012. St Kilda coach Ross Lyon is confident his side is ready to raise the bar in season 2010. The Saints reeled off a remarkable 19 straight wins in the regular season before losing narrowly to Geelong in the Grand Final. Everyone at the club is prepared to do whatever it takes to go one better this season.

There is no guarantees that

There is no guarantees that there willee a streak but if you don't do

the hard work, one thing is for

sure, you can't be successful so the

focus is on the hard work. Defender Sam Fisher is the Saints' only injury worry. He's out for 4-6 weeks with an ankle problem. Australian swimming has a new wonderkid following Brisbane schoolgirl Yolane Kukla's stunning performance at the Commonwealth Games trials overnight. The 14-year-old earned her ticket to Delhi by defeating world champion Marieke Guehrer in the final of the 50m butterfly. COMMENTATOR: She's going to upstage the world champ here and announce herself to the world.

My God! I didn't even think I'd go

there. Sorry, just a bit overwhelmed. Kukla is the youngest person to make the national team since Ian Thorpe in 1997. It was business as usual for Leisel Jones who collected her 20th national title in the 50m breaststroke. Victoria will be looking to build on its day 1 fight-back when the Sheffield Shield final resumes later this morning. The Bushrangers crashed to 6/75 but recovered to finish the day at a respectable 9/286. Queensland got off to a dream start at the MCG as Chris Swan and Luke Feldman tore through Victoria's top order. But a dashing 96 from wicketkeeper Matthew Wade rescued the Bushrangers. Mark Webber is confident he can battle for a podium position

at next week's Australian Formula One Grand Prix. The Red Bull star reacquainted himself with the Albert Park layout with a jog yesterday morning. Webber believes Ferrari is the team to beat in Melbourne following their 1-2 finish in Bahrain. Ferrari have a phenomenal record here in Melbourne, as well. They've always had good cars here and hopefully, you know, we can give them a hard time. Webber finished eighth in Bahrain. David Beckham has left a clinic in Finland with the aid of a police escort following surgery on his torn Achilles tendon.

The injury will sideline the midfielder for at least six months, ruling him out of the World Cup. Meanwhile, sacked England captain John Terry is in the headlines again following yesterday's Champions League loss to Inter Milan. The Chelsea skipper was questioned by police after knocking down a member of the club's security staff in his car and failing to stop. The man has a broken leg. Next on Seven Early News - we'll take a final look at the national weather forecast. And Irish eyes smile on the Sydney Opera House. VOICEOVER: We've had such a great response from Australian drivers, we've extended our Better Deals on even better Holdens campaign,

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Get an even better Captiva 7 from just $36,490 driveaway. See your Holden dealer today for better deals on even better Holdens. Extended for a limited time. Go better. 'Sunrise' is coming up. It's over to Kochie and Mel for a look at what's ahead. Nat, this week we got an email we could hardly believe. It was from a single mum-of-three who said she was homeless. We met up with her and found that society has basically abandoned them. How is that possible in 2010? This morning we'll look for some help and answers. Also coming up, the story behind this video. It's a couple of divers mixing with sharks during a feeding frenzy on a whale carcass. The man-eaters didn't seem too interested in them but was it a foolish move? Plus, our special studio guest is Harry Connick Jr. He'll be performing live, along with an 18-piece band. In fact, it's the biggest band we've hosted on the show! And the new product which lets you have a cup of coffee... ..without the cup!

It is called your hands, more on

that later. Interesting. Now for final look at how the weather's shaping up around the capitals. A possible shower in Melbourne. A late shower is possible for Adelaide. The Sydney Opera House turned a shade of green last night, marking 200 years of St Patrick's Day celebrations in Australia. St Patrick's Day was first marked in Sydney in 1810 when the Governor provided entertainment for Irish convict workers. The green hue provided an unusual view for harbourside diners. And that's Seven Early News for this Thursday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'.