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(generated from captions) This morning - makes a legal bid for freedom. Australian Julian Assange all but signed. The Malaysia asylum seeker deal over Aussie Harry Potter fans. And midnight screenings cast a spell with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. Julian Assange Australian WikiLeaks founder overnight has appeared in a London court to Sweden to be dropped. to make a plea for his extradition is in London with more. Seven's Nick Marshall McCormack Good morning, Natalie. Lawyers for Julian Assange argued made several key errors that a District Court judge an extradition warrant when he approved WikiLeaks founder that would see the Australian-born questions over rape allegations. extradited to Sweden to face Assange's legal team argued Specifically, two women in Stockholm in 2010, that sexual encounters with in Sweden, which are considered criminal criminal offences under British law. would not be considered At the core of that argument is a fair and accurate description that the charges do not represent of what actually happened. consent from the women Specifically, that there was with Assange. to have sexual encounters of Swedish rape law Interestingly, consent is not part legal team is arguing so, in essence, what Assange's encounters are heard encounters occurred in London, is that if the same sexual for example, with consent, contravention to British law. then it would not be in strict bail conditions Now, Assange has been under an electronic bracelet and is required to wear and check in with police daily. Australian WikiLeaks founder Support was strong for the outside court today, the High Court, with many waiting outside and cheering support for his name holding up banners as he walked out afterwards. central to Assange's case Of course, that if extradited to Sweden is his personal fear to the United States he could then be extradited Washington officials after he infuriated were leaked on his website. when over 250 diplomatic cables continues tomorrow And the case for the appeal forward their arguments with the prosecution to bring remain in place. as to why the extradition should from the carbon tax Companies caught profiteering crack down on businesses The competition watchdog will to price gouge that use the carbon tax to sell the tax to sceptical voters. as Julia Gillard continues People are anxious, when you have a big change they're always anxious talking it through so we'll just keep on less pollution in our atmosphere but most people want to see and that's where we'll get to. be similar to the team of inspectors The carbon price investigators will rorting consumers who targeted businesses after the GST was introduced. has reportedly finalised The federal government with Malaysia. its controversial asylum seeker swap have struck an agreement It's believed the two countries by the end of the month. and will sign it Under the deal, asylum seekers who arrive by boat Australia will swap 800 already processed refugees. for 4,000 of Malaysia's Chris Bowen has confirmed A spokesman for Immigration Minister its final stages. the agreement is in Christmas Island boat tragedy The inquest into the will today hear evidence ignored warnings immigration officials was coming. an Indonesian asylum seeker boat is on the island with more. Seven's Grant Taylor of public hearings in Perth Natalie, after weeks to Christmas Island WA State Coroner has come here the accounts of local residents, to hear first-hand deeply traumatised many of whom are still back in September. by what happened here so far isn't good - And the picture that's been painted and frustration on that day really, one of confusion when 50 lives were lost. 6:00am The alarm was first raised about help arrived but it was more than an hour before based here on the island. from navy and customs vessels yesterday One witness told the coroner some seven months on, that, even now, the island still lacks disaster-management plan. a comprehensive by emergency services, As well as the response exactly how the 'SIEV 221' managed the coroner, who's also examining our border-protection net, to slip through virtually undetected. arriving here on Christmas Island evidence from two asylum seekers The coroner will today hear the boat was coming who claim authorities were warned but the warning was ignored. here on the island The witnesses were in detention when the disaster happened with someone on the boat and were in telephone contact before it sailed from Indonesia. The Melbourne father off the West Gate Bridge who threw his young daughter has been injured in a prison attack. been the target of ongoing taunts It's believed Arthur Freeman has by other prisoners. He cracked yesterday, inside Barwon Prison, near Geelong. and a brawl erupted minor injuries Officials say Freeman suffered from his antagonisers. and has now been separated a life sentence. The 37-year-old is serving in a Gold Coast court today A man will appear on manslaughter charges following a bungled home invasion. in a home in Gilston A 34-year-old man was shot dead early yesterday morning. at the house has told police The 29-year-old man who lives by four masked men he was confronted when the gun went off. and wrestled with one of them and police are now in possession The firearm has been recovered was discharged of the weapon they believe the origins of the weapon. but we don't know yet Police are investigating claims in the home invasion. that drugs were involved Three people have spent the night recovering after their motor cruiser exploded off the Gold Coast. The $500,000 boat burst into flames yesterday. The two men and a woman onboard had to hold on to a jet ski for more than an hour before they were rescued. I was in the water for 10 minutes and I couldn't see anybody, nobody there, the boat's on fire and drifting away, so a bit scared. Police are investigating the cause of the explosion. A sexual predator who raped two women at Perth train stations and tried to attack another has been sentenced to 9.5 years jail. 23-year-old Nicholas McDonald targeted the three women in a 24-hour period last November. One of his victims told the court her life has been shattered. McDonald's lawyer told the court his client had a violent childhood McDonald will be eligible for parole after serving 7.5 half years. It's been confirmed, a horse that died in Far North Queensland on Monday is the latest victim of the hendra virus 37 other horses at a trail-riding property west of Cairns are now being monitored. The horse was depressed, wobbly and showed neurological symptoms. in Queensland and New South Wales since June. Investors will nervously be watching the share market when it opens today Entertainer Bert Newtown will return to his role in the stage show 'Wicked' tomorrow night after making a full recovery from his health scare. The 72-year-old showbiz legend has arrived in Perth for the production after being hospitalised in Melbourne with viral pneumonia. I couldn't be happier. Four weeks ago I doubted very much whether I was going to be able to get back to the show. Bert's troubled son Matthew Newton is expected to travel to Perth to see his dad perform. Lady Gaga fans have been told to stay at home if they don't have tickets for her Sydney show tonight. The pop star will perform a private concert to invited guests at Town Hall after sending her Little Monsters wild with two surprise nightclub shows on Monday night. Police have warned diehard fans the star won't be making any more surprise public appearances before tonight's event. The final 'Harry Potter' movie has cast a spell over Australian audiences as it premiered across the country overnight. Fans in Sydney, dressed as witches and wizards, packed cinemas to watch the midnight screening of 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2' and to say goodbye to the characters they've grown up with. It was an amazing end to 11 years of our life. I cried, I cried so many times. Fans on the Gold Coast also got into the spirit last night. The 8-part franchise has already made nearly $6 billion at the box office. Now for your first look at Wednesday weather - Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - we're on Lady Gaga-watch in Sydney. But next on Seven Early News, secrets of the CIA plot to nab Osama bin Laden. And, violence takes over the streets of Belfast. has accused one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers of using criminals to illegally access private information The media mogul will face questioning by Britain's Parliament in the wake of the scandal. It was certainly a shocking story Yesterday the 'Guardian' published a shocking report saying that the 'Sun' newspaper had illegally obtained the medical records of Gordon Brown's son, Fraser. The article said the newspaper's then-editor Rebekah Brooks had phoned Mr Brown to say they intended to print details of the boy's illness. This morning he recorded his reaction. In tears, you're son is now going to be broadcast across the media. You - Sarah and I - are incredibly upset by it his long-term future, we're thinking about our family but there's nothing you can do about it, you're in public life. However, there was something a little odd about the 'Guardian's story, which appeared without any apparent corroboration. Sources at the 'Sun' say Mr and Mrs Brown had gone on to become close friends of Rebekah Brooks and even attended her wedding and that Mr Brown was simply bitter about the moment the 'Sun' dumped him before the last election. 22 police officers have been injured in clashes with hundreds of rioting Protestants in Belfast. Authorities were forced to take cover as angry crowds hurled petrol bombs, stones and bricks. Community leaders are appealing for calm as the annual marching season inflames tensions between Catholics and Protestants. I think the statement is, you know, anti-social behaviour doesn't do it justice. Police are on heightened alert in Belfast for any more trouble. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the murder of Afghan President Hamid Karzai's half-brother. The terror group is calling the assassination one of its biggest achievements in a decade. Ahmed Wali Karzai was shot in his home by his bodyguard. He was a key figure in the Afghan government. The CIA has admitted to organising a fake vaccination program in order to track down Osama bin Laden. US agents set up the scheme in Abbottobad, targetting bin Laden's family. Hoping to collect DNA samples, they hired a local doctor to front the operation. He's since been arrested by Pakistani authorities over his involvement in the plot. If you have a dog, chances are you're a wagging tale of good health. New research shows pet-owners are healthier, happier and more self-confident. Scientists at Miami University studied more than 200 people and found those with pets had greater self-esteem, were more fit and less lonely. Doctors say animals help bring out people's nurturing nature which is good for our mental health. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the $248 million lottery draw. But next on Seven Early News, NRL officials issue Mal Meninga an ultimatum. And a new spin on practise ahead of the British Open golf championship. Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appeared in a London court overnight to fight his extradition to Sweden. The asylum seeker swap with Malaysia is reportedly a done deal. And 'Harry Potter' fans packed cinemas across the country at midnight last night to watch the final instalment in the mega movie franchise. Now it's over to Simon Reeve with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. The Demons are hoping the prospect of lucrative third-party deals will be enough to hold on to budding superstar Tom Scully. Greater Western Sydney has offered the 20-year-old a 5-year deal worth around $1 million a season but Melbourne isn't about to concede defeat. will remain a A-club player. Melbourne is convinced Tom Scully will remain a 1-club player. I'm sure he'll be a 13-year player for us, Tommy, I'm sure he'll be wearing the red-and-blue for a long, long time to come. You'd expect the Dees to say that but the difference between staying and going to the Giants will be up to $2 million. That gap could be narrowed by third-party deals similar to the ones that got Chris Judd's Carlton deal over the line. And then there's the prospect of Melbourne's emerging list. Money is enticing but I think a promising future with a team that can push into the finals more so in the next few years, I think that's a pretty big carrot. The Demons tackle Port Adelaide in Darwin this weekend, the Power looking to get a jump on their rivals by training in specially designed heat chambers. You know, it helps us acclimatise to the conditions obviously it's a lot warmer and a lot more humid so, it definitely does help when we get up there. North Melbourne skipper Brent Harvey doesn't need surgery on his broken thumb but remains in serious doubt for the encounter with the in-form Bulldogs. And the environmentally friendly Lions will be decked out in green for their game against Geelong as part of the Gabba Goes Green promotion. The Cats welcome back Joel Selwood from suspension. Although Geelong have lost their last two in a row we're not looking into that much. They're gonna be nice and refreshed I heard they're having a bit of a hole down the golf course so, should be exciting. Maroons coach Mal Meninga has been given 48 hours to retract his "rats and filth" attack or NRL officials will launch defamation action. The Match Review Committee is fuming after Meninga questioned their consistency over judiciary charges involving Johnathan Thurston, Dave Taylor and Akuila Uate. They're seeking a full apology from Meninga and the publisher of his newspaper column, Queensland's 'The Sunday Mail'. Meninga and retiring legend Darren Lockyer are scheduled to attend a charity function today. The Wests Tigers are set to finally announce the signing of Kiwi international Adam Blair today on a lucrative 4-year deal. They're also expected to confirm the release of utility Tim Moltzen who has agreed to join the Dragons next year. St George-Illawarra welcomes back a host of rep stars for Monday night's clash with the in-form Sharks. We've got no excuses this week. We are back to close to full strength. So, yes, we will be looking to get that winning way back. In Brisbane, Broncos coach Anthony Griffin has warned his players against complacency heading into Friday night's local derby against the bottom-placed Titans. will be named later this morning ahead of Sunday's Test against Samoa. At 35-year-old Radike Samo is on the verge of a remarkable comeback to the Test arena, having not played for Australia since 2004. Mark Gerrard's time in the international wilderness He's likely to be named at full-back to give Kurtley Beale time to recover from a nagging knee problem. Several Queensland Reds stars are also likely to be rested following their win in the Super Rugby decider. Australia's Cadel Evans remains in third overall after stage 10 of the Tour de France overnight. One of the few remaining sprint stages in the race developed into a stirring battle between the 'Manx Missile' Mark Cavendish and former team-mate Andre Greipel. COMMENTATOR: Greipel this time has got the better of Mark Cavendish And that was a terrific sprint, the two arch rivls. Frenchman Thomas Voeckler retained the leader's yellow jersey and is 2 minutes and 26 seconds ahead of Evans. Golf legend Tom Watson rates Aussie youngster Jason Day as a serious challenger for the British Open crown at Royal St George's this week. Spain's Sergio Garcia has enjoyed an interesting build-up to the Open, combining golf with one of England's favourite pastimes - darts. The game is getting good, so hopefully we can bring it on the course. Garcia says the memory of departed legend Seve Ballesteros has provided him with additional inspiration this week. It will, indeed, be sad and not the same without Seve. More sport in Sunrise. Next on Seven Early News, a closer look at the weather right around Australia.

A large cloud band is heading into New South Wales and Queensland bringing chilly weather and patchy rain. Western Australia will begin to see much of its cloud and rain leave the state. And moist, south-westerly winds will bring isolated showers to Victoria and Tasmania.

And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr, stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -