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(generated from captions) What, you'll throw me off a balcony? I belong here, Stephen, with my husband. because I founded this company been there for my children Unlike you, I have always and tomorrow they'll be here for me. Oh, they'll be here, but you won't.

whatever the hell I wanna do. I'm gonna do Not anymore, Stephanie. far too long. You've gotten away with it you've caused them pain, You've belittled my children, so now I'm warning you - don't come to this showing Donna's moment tomorrow, and don't try and disrupt because if you try, I will stop you. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. terror trial begins - Tonight - the State's biggest as the suspects front court. tight security The death of Ashley Cooper - a promising young driver. motorsport mourns for an Aussie doco-maker And Academy Award glory but no Oscars for our Cate. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. of animal cruelty - Also tonight, a shocking case

in a vicious attack. farm animals mauled that saves on fuel and emissions. And the car of tomorrow Good evening. the country's biggest terror trials Tight security ahead of one of in Sydney.

and Corrective Services officers, Escorted by heavily armed police in a convoy from Silverwater Jail the nine defendants travelled complex at Parramatta. to the new high-security court

in case of trouble. The police riot squad on patrol are accused of conspiracy The nine men in Sydney. to stage a terrorist attack

from the court by security glass. They sat in a dock separated

of Middle Eastern descent, All Muslims a small group of family members they waved and gestured to

and supporters when the judge entered court. who later defiantly refused to stand lining up 27 barristers and 20 solicitors to prosecute and defend the case. and cost millions of dollars, It will take two years all of it funded by legal aid. about overcrowding. Lawyers complaining to the judge

them forced to sit in the jury box. The courtroom so full, a dozen of take it easy I think we've just got to, you know,

and see how things pan out, for 15 months - but I'd hate to stand up

I'm a bit old for that, I think. had teething problems The judge conceded the new building and discomfort. and apologised for the crowding to a larger courtroom. and want the trial moved One of the accused men of not having enough leg room. also complaining the State's largest terror trial But what promises to be is off to a slow start. by months of pre-trial argument It will be dominated before a jury is empanelled has an opportunity and prosecutor Wendy Abrahams to outline the Crown's case. John Hill, Ten News. rocked by more claims of corruption. Wollongong Council continues to be Confessions today were not only having sex that local developers

with a female council worker, her male counterparts. they were also wining and dining

John Gilbert insists he never knew having sex with a local developer. his town planner Beth Morgan was planning boss was forced to admit But today the Wollongong by the big businessman. he too had been wined and dined

Under intense grilling Against Corruption, at the Independent Commission with developer Frank Vellar he confessed to having eight lunches and receiving a gift of wine. He and Morgan had just ticked off Quattro development on Vellar's multimillion-dollar of another of his projects. and were considering approval Do you think it was inappropriate?

for me to comment. It's inappropriate had already been rung But the alarm bells by his former boss, David Broyd,

there was a conflict of interest who claimed with Beth Morgan overseeing Quattro. from her lover Frank Vellar, saying: ICAC today shown an email to Morgan in disgust Broyd quit Wollongong Council Quattro was controversially approved. just six weeks before of stunning revelations here at ICAC, Despite a week

First, Rod Oxley - oversaw Wollongong Council the man who, up until last year, His evidence to be followed in this inquiry, Joe Scimone. by the central figure will be heavily questioned The Labor power broker to Government ministers, about his connections over his party. which have already cast a dark pall Ali Donaldson, Ten News. from NSW Maritime The suspension of Joe Scimone

has prompted a request to the Premier departmental investigation. for a more widespread says Former senior manager Ivan Patrick could go much deeper. he fears the problems for a similar situation to arise Potential in Wollongong. as is now taking place Mr Patrick says to a high-paying job in the agency Joe Scimone's appointment has alarmed the largely female staff.

has dismissed the claims, The Ports Minister, Joe Tripodi, refusing to launch another inquiry. has died in hospital, V8 supercar driver Ashley Cooper two days after a high-speed crash in Adelaide.

first fatality in 21 years. The 27-year-old father is the event's the scene of a string of crashes The high-speed bend has been over the years but drivers have always walked away. suffered severe head injuries Ashley Cooper and never regained consciousness. with his family at his bedside. He was taken off life support Ashley will be greatly missed by all

Veteran Dick Johnson says is too demanding the tight Adelaide circuit inexperienced drivers, for some of the younger, in the Fujitsu Support Series. including those such as Cooper To run a development series there, for V8 Supercars, these are the learning drivers it's the wrong type of circuit. I think Ford's Mark Winterbottom believes to the safety of Fujitsu cars, improvements are needed not the circuit. They are a lot older than ours the crash structures that ours have. and they don't have

were also taken to hospital Three V8 ute drivers after another high-speed crash. Organisers defend the track. We build exactly what we are told to build by the relevant sporting authorities. Also, the track is checked by the V8 Car Driver Safety Committee as well. Police and motorsport officials will conduct separate investigations into the fatal crash.

If those inquiries come up with any recommendations for improvements in safety anywhere on the track, not just turn eight,

we will act on those recommendations. Ric Teague, Ten News. There's been a sickening case of animal cruelty at a Sydney school. A pack of dogs has been let loose in an animal enclosure, mauling to death chickens and pregnant sheep. The intruders cut open a fence to let the dogs in.

And a warning - images in this story may distress some viewers.

The aftermath of a savage attack. At least two dogs were involved in the slaughter at Chifley College, within the school's agricultural grounds early yesterday.

By the time they were finished,

seven chickens and three sheep were dead. It's certainly a tragic loss. The kids and staff are pretty upset about animals that they'd worked with. Two of the sheep were pregnant. The RSPCA says the ewes would have been too exhausted to defend themselves. grab their throat and biting into their leg, I couldn't imagine, and it was very sad to see them in that way. The dogs were let into the grounds by intruders, who had cut a hole in the barbed wire fence before breaking the padlock to the sheep's paddock. As the pets carried out their killings, the intruders took off with school machinery, including chainsaws.

It's horrible. I don't get the entertainment value that these people seem to get out of this. Thankfully, not all the school's animals were harmed in the attacks. Within these paddocks is a newborn calf which is still small enough to have been easy prey for the dogs. It's believed the calf's black coat may have given it camouflage in the darkness. Police still have no suspects. James Boyce, Ten News. A blow for one of our top actresses at the Oscars - Cate Blanchett walking away empty-handed. But an Australian producer is taking home an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Among the biggest names of the silver screen

on Hollywood's biggest night, to take home a coveted gold statue. an Aussie producer in the running Eva Orner nominated in the Best Documentary Feature Category for 'Taxi to the Dark Side'. I hope I have little gold man to go home and sleep with. And she will be - the film about an Afghan taxi driver beaten to death while in US military custody taking out the top prize. Let's hope we can move away - we can move away from the dark side and back to the light As the only Australian actor up for an Oscar,

Cate Blanchett had two chances. It wasn't her night. English actress Tilda Swinton, who played a ruthless lawyer in the legal thriller 'Michael Clayton', won the Supporting Actress award. Happy birthday, man. I have an American agent who is the spitting image of this. In the Lead Actress category, Marion Cotillard won for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in 'La Vie en Rose'.

But the Australians weren't forgotten, inspiring host Jon Stewart's jokes. Jessica Alba, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman, And in a sombre moment in the ceremony the Academy paid tribute to Heath Ledger. These were the awards that almost didn't happen - a deal in the writers strike less than two weeks ago saved the red carpet. Daniel Day-Lewis was the favourite for Best Actor and the tipsters were right, winning his second Oscar for 'There Will be Blood'. The big winners of the night brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, with a hat-trick including the top two awards, Best Director, Best Picture, for 'No Country for Old Men'. At the Academy Awards, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

The Oscars are as much about fashion as they are about awards. We'll take a closer look at who wore what later this news hour. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, the Bulldogs in more turmoil. Yes, now the chief executive has quit. Malcolm Noad opted to resign ahead of tonight's first meeting of the new board. We'll hear from Noad, who has certainly overseen a turblent era at the club. And the Mad Monday that followed a mad Sunday for Mariners goalkeeper Danny Vukovic, who's facing the prospect of a life ban for grabbing the referee. Also, how the A-League champions partied, and yet more controversy in the cricket between Australia and India. Next, the shock new findings on teenage binge-drinking. Also, confiscated - the suspected street race that's seen two men lose their cars. And under water - the town flooded for a second time in a month. GENTLE MUSIC MAN: It's my pain too. That's why I trust Children's Panadol. Nothing works faster or is more effective to relieve pain. Children's Panadol - it's my choice. WOMAN 1: Six hours without the boys - that's a plus. WOMAN 2: Dinner sorted - that's a plus. MAN: Oh! Oh! Oh... (Chuckles) BOTH: That's a minus! VOICEOVER: New Uncle Toby's Plus Antioxidant Lift has sweet blueberries and tangy cranberries. Mmm. Berries. Plus the powerful nutrition of extra antioxidants. Antioxidants - now, that's a real plus. Put a real plus in your morning with new Plus Antioxidant Lift.

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This program is captioned live. A new report into teenage binge drinking has uncovered some alarming statistics. 1 in 10 high-schoolers drank to excess in the last week alone and, for some, the drinking pattern started at home. The report confirmed what these families have known for years - Australians are facing an addiction crisis. Nobody has any idea

how challenging, how exhausting, how costly and how heartbreaking it can be. Liz Wells arrived alone. Her drug-addicted son returned to the streets on Friday. But plenty there shared her pain. The reality of powerlessness ... I'm crying. of today's high-schoolers: None were surprised by the profile

Their home life is just as disturbing. Close to 500,000 live with a binge drinker. But for too long, carers say, society has lived in denial of the growing problem, The report highlights the need

for agencies to involve families in their treatment of addiction. That's a major change from the attitudes of the past, one for the addict alone to address. when the problem was seen as Our son went to about a dozen rehab centres, but, at the end of the day, it wasn't only his recovery,

it was our recovery as well. marketing companies Others hope the figures will force The way we are targeting alcohol at young people is detrimental, and I think we're going to pay a huge price. All agree it's time for a serious talk. Amber Muir, Ten News. A man is under police guard in a Sydney hospital tonight after the discovery of a woman's body. Detectives went to the victim's North Parramatta unit early this morning, where they also found her 4-year-old daughter asleep in another bedroom. Police then rushed to the Gap at Watsons Bay,

where they found a 37-year-old man. He's been taken to St Vincent's Hospital, where he remains under guard. Police have not laid any charges. Two men have been charged over a suspected street race at Mascot. Police claim the pair reached speeds of up to 170km/h in the airport tunnel before being arrested. The 22-year-old from Ashcroft and 28-year-old from Lugarno will face court next month, charged with speeding, street racing and dangerous driving. Their cars have been impounded and their licences suspended on the spot. Precious water is being stolen from the Murray-Darling system by a 2,000-kilometre maze of irrigation works. A new report has found many upstream irrigators are getting free supply, while the environment goes to waste. An acclaimed wetland, carved up for irrigation - a new study revealing earthworks ripping through a Murray-Darling flood plain. Almost a quarter are unauthorised. I was astounded that we found more than 2,000km of earthworks. These are channels, levee banks and off-river storages. Researchers from the University of New South Wales spent two years examining marshland along the Macquarie River, which feeds into the Darling. Their aerial photographs show water ruthlessly siphoned off for irrigation. As this satellite image illustrates, what in the '70s was untouched marshland is now a maze of man-made channels. It's phenomenal, it's phenomenal - just being out there and seeing, not one levee bank, but so many levee banks out there, and across this massive flood plain, it's just really, really saddening. The interruption of the natural flooding pattern 9% of the area's river red gums. has already killed The NSW and Federal governments are conducting an audit of the area and have promised to prosecute anyone found illegally diverting water. But Professor Kingsford is concerned what his report has found in the Macquarie marshes could be happening across the basin. Macquarie irrigators insist they've been calling on the Government to do something for years. who takes water illegally. The report comes as Water Minister Penny Wong meets with the Victorian Government over the $10 billion national water plan. Emily Rice, Ten News. Residents of the central Queensland town of Rockhampton

are mopping up after yet another flash flood. Almost 200mm of rain fell in just a couple of hours, blocking drains and sending torrents of water through homes. Lost a lot of electrical stuff, me motorbike, all that was under, All me clothes and all the furniture. 150 homes were isolated by flooding from the Fitzroy River last month.

Aware there's much better. We

welcomed and said goodbye with two

very gracious queens of the sea

last night. Our Price and warmest

weekend in 12 months. Our visitors

saw the city and its very best. The

central west and south-west were a

bit chilly last night. Orange was

down to six degrees. We'll have a

late thunderstorm and an early

shower. It start it off with a

Monday I to us and it's the best

part of the day right now.

Next, Jersey's dark secrets - a child abuse investigation turns deadly. And green speed - the new hybrid vehicle giving petrol heads guilt-free thrills.

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The check the traffic. Apparently

nothing goes wrong and, northern

beaches are but new-found a traffic

jam. There's a be delayed because

of you is absolutely stunning.

of you is absolutely stunning. Wouldn't you like to be travelling

home to that every afternoon. Just

towards the left that's at Brooke

file Oval. It's a mode of I'll road.

Traffics movie without too much of

an incident but it's a bit sluggish.

With a feel like that to go home to

I don't think a traffic delay would be

be too much of a problem whatsoever. And it's claimed a lack of parking at major train stations is forcing commuters off public transport. Strathfield tops the list of stations where it's hard to park, with under 30 all-day spots for over 10,000 commuters. The NRMA says there's also a lack of parking

at Hornsby, Parramatta, Bankstown and Kogarah stations. If people had the opportunity to actually drive their car to the local train station, park it securely, they would catch the train. Currently more than 80% of commuters choose their car over public transport. Our struggling hospitals could be in for big cutbacks. Canberra's razor gang is looking at health funding as it tries to find ways to curb government spending. Australia's big business lobby is calling for a 3-year freeze in federal spending and that includes health. The Prime Minister says

he's determined to cut outlays in the Budget. We're dead-set serious about our proposed Budget surplus target of 1.5% of GDP. The razor gang's at work.

Flanked by the chief of his new Health Reform Commission, Dr Christine Bennett, the Prime Minister says he's looking for cost-effective ways to end the blame game. But Dr Bennett's first report will be mid-year, after the Budget. The Government is under pressure to wield the axe well before then

to contain inflation. Labor has already promised an extra billion dollars to the States for their hospitals. The time is right now to review the spending and make sure it's being used as effectively as it can with the economy at full stretch. The Business Council, long seen as an ally of the Howard Government, is scathing in its criticism of the Liberals' spending.

The Business Council, like the Coalition, recognises that Australians decided to change their government late last year. The Labor Government welcomes the Business Council's change of heart but it won't be used as an excuse to break election promises. Kevin Rudd, for example, says the private health insurance rebate stays. The fascinating question will be what goes? The Deputy Prime Minister today assuring an international business audience what has to be done. the Government knows There's a need right across the community to help fight inflation. Government is leading the way by showing restraint on the Federal Budget. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

A child's remains have been found buried under concrete and police fear more bodies will be discovered as they investigate a former orphanage. A major search is now under way on the remote island of Jersey,

in the English Channel. All day, beyond the imposing facade, police have been excavating the former orphanage to discover whether it has more secrets to reveal. A police sniffer dog has identified sites in the building which require further investigation. The use of the dog then pointed us in the direction of a specific area, and I have to say, at this stage, that the dog has made further indications inside and outside the premises which are going to require examination in some detail later. This is the inside of the building, filmed eight years ago. It is now used as a youth hostel, but what went on here while it was a care home has for four months been the focus of a police investigation. Last November, police started an investigation dating back to the 1960s. into allegations of child abuse here They set up a confidential phone line, but the information that emerged was very disturbing - up to 140 potential witnesses or victims, and as many as 40 potential suspects. A child's remains, and perhaps more - discoveries that have been concealed not only by walls and floors, but people. How and why was this information withheld? The first jet powered by biofuel has taken to the skies. Virgin is heralding it as a new era in green aviation, but not everyone is convinced it's as environmentally friendly as it seems. The world's first commercial flight powered, in part, by nature. In the tanks, a biofuel blend including coconut oil and nuts picked from Amazon rainforests. What we are trying to prove is something which most people have said is impossible. People have said it's impossible for biofuel to be used in current-day jet engines at 30,000ft, that it will freeze. But the British billionaire bragged this passengerless Boeing 747 could make it from London's Heathrow Airport to Amsterdam. Virgin's 20% biofuel mix passed the take-off test and, a trouble-free hour later, the plane touched down smoothly in the Netherlands. But many green groups remain unconvinced, saying plant-powered planes are just a gimmick because the only green way to fly is not to fly at all. They're urging airlines to find the cleanest biofuels, not just the cheapest. The fact that something is called biofuel doesn't mean it's green. The fact that it is an alternative fuel doesn't mean it's a green fuel. There is new research that shows that biofuels actually only reduce emissions very little. For this experiment, though, that's still up in the air. Today's emission data will take weeks to analyse. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Petrolheads could soon get their kicks guilt-free. An environmentally friendly concept sports car uses batteries to generate heavy-duty horsepower. It's an idea which could help steer the automotive industry out of the environmental dark ages. generates its power Toyota's hybrid sports car

from a petrol/electric engine, producing more than 300kw. It doesn't look like anything else. Yes, it's a two-seat sports car but really it's a unique design that points to the future. While it's only a prototype, the green machine represents the next step in cutting emissions and fuel consumption, with targets of up to 50%. We're able to move consumers into a more environmentally friendly area of the marketplace where a vehicle is consuming less fuel, making a smaller footprint on the face of the earth. Makers are saying no longer are electric cars relegated to life in the slow lane. This high-performance hybrid can reach 100km/h in just four seconds. That's about as fast as a Porsche 911. That means petrolheads can still achieve peak performance without the pollution another four years, but not for at least

with no immediate plans to put the car into production. I feel confident when it gets to that point it's going to be a spectacular launch but for now it's something we need to dream about and watch. The concept car will be on display at the Melbourne International Motor Show Claims chronic diseases are as much a global threat as terrorism - details next.

Also tonight, bon voyage - Sydney's fond farewell to a royal ocean liner. And Hollywood head-turners - find out who was red-hot on the Oscars red carpet. This program is captioned live.

Top stories this news hour - success for Australian producer Eva Orner at the Oscars. She's taken out Best Documentary Feature for 'Taxi to the Dark Side'. Cate Blanchett has missed out, overlooked for two gongs at the 80th Academy Awards. V8 Supercar driver Ashley Cooper has died in hospital, two days after a high-speed crash in Adelaide. The 27-year-old father is the event's first fatality in 21 years. And tight security is in force for one of the country's biggest terror trials, in Sydney. escorted nine men into the new security courtroom, built especially for the trial. But the judge has conceded

conditions at the facility are crowded and uncomfortable. Three Bali bombers on death row will today make their last attempt to avoid execution. Amrozi, his brother Mukhlas and Iman Samudra The appeal will focus on Indonesia's terrorism laws and the decision of the judges to reject an initial case review. Obesity and chronic disease are being blamed for more than half of the world's deaths. international health summit in Sydney A visiting US expert has told an the illnesses pose a greater threat than terrorism. Fighting fat and other chronic diseases is now a global battle - that's the message from leading international health experts. This is the largest health-care problem in the world these days. So much so, this plea to governments from a senior adviser to the US President. They should be putting much greater resources into prevention of chronic diseases than terrorism. And that's coming from someone

who's also helped draft America's bioterrorism laws. Also raised at the Oxford Health Alliance summit, chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, account for 60% of deaths. The cost to the world economy - greatly undervalued. Obesity alone accounts for something like 4 million work days lost per year in this country. We have gradually gotten ourselves into a lifestyle that's not really promoting health for us. To reverse that, the alliance, set up by private and public funding, is creating a blueprint for governments to help combat chronic diseases. The summit claims it's not just another talkfest. It's developing practical ways to get people exercising, such as stopping people by ensuring essential services and shops are within walking or cycling distance from people's home.

Other suggestions - encourage exercise within workplaces. Also, provide affordable healthy food for low-income earners

and reduce fat, sugar and salt in all manufactured foods.

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report, and the share market has finished the day in positive territory on the back of a Wall Street rebound.

The average price of petrol around Sydney tonight is $1.35 a litre but we've found it as low as $1.29 in Liverpool. when it came to the fashions, it seems most of the stars at the Academy Awards were winners. A colourful parade of gowns lit up the red carpet, more than a few of them covering celebrity baby bumps. Beautiful people, strutting their stuff. Oscars 2008 all about big shapes, bold colours and plenty of bling.

Beautiful people, strutting their stuff. Oscars 2008 all about big shapes, bold colours and plenty of bling. I am wearing Marchesa and this year I just decided early on that I wanted to ask them to design a dress for me. I put this on and to me it was dramatic and grand. Strapless styles and one-shoulder numbers proving popular. The fabrics were fantastic, a kaleidoscope of colours on a carpet often dominated by black. You try on a lot of different dresses and and whatever touches you or hits you, that's what you choose. The wonderful Collette Dinnigan has been incredibly supportive and I am thrilled to be wearing this beautiful dress. Hairstyles were all about being natural - simply stylish for the men, soft and seductive for the ladies. The hair took the longest 'cause it's all kinda tied back. A handsome man was the must-have accessory, complete with tux and tie. Guys have it easy. It's not fair. Slap on a a tux and walk away. How often do you get to wear a tux and go see movie stars? It's pretty exciting. Also popular - baby bumps. Cate Blanchette Cate Blanchett ever the glamour goddess. Fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman barely showing she's expecting. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

The luxurious 'QE2' cruise liner leaves Sydney tonight for the last time, 24 hours after crossing paths with her younger sister, the 'Queen Victoria'. The royal rendezvous, at Fort Denison, captivated thousands of onlookers. SHIPS' HORNS BLARE The 2-month-old 'Queen Victoria' has since set sail for Brisbane. Tonight, the 'QE2' departs for Dubai to begin a new life as a floating 5-star hotel.

And haven't we just put And haven't we just put on a show.

Then we were shown off the famous blue

blue sky. Tomorrow and will be

thunderstorms and it on Wednesday. Strong

Strong winds and hail expected.

Rely on next weekend it'll be fine

and sunny on Saturday and some showers on Sunday. Sport now with Tim Webster, from the Bulldogs. and yet another departure Yes, this time it's the CEO. You'll hear why he says it should help the club. And India protests there's nothing illegal about the size of the gloves used by their star wicketkeeper. Also, party time in Newcastle as the new A-League champions celebrate. REPORTER: It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. See you after work, hon. The arterial inbound is also chaotic. Larry. In a hurry, mate? Wise move. At APIA, we believe the less you drive, the less you ought to pay. So if you're over 50 and not working full-time, call 13 50 50 for a quote on your comprehensive car insurance.

This program is captioned live. Outgoing Bulldogs chief executive Malcolm Noad says his departure had to happen if the strife-torn club is ever be a united force again. Noad says the resignation is his contribtuion to the healing process. Malcolm Noad knew his time was up a week ago when Bulldogs members voted in a new-look board. Clearly the campaign was on the basis that, uh, probably, you know, I wasn't going to be part of the future of the club. Noad rejecting the option to serve the final year of his contract. There's been a lot written and said about my position in the last few months, and I think the club deserves to only read about the football side of things rather than whether a CEO is staying or going. The Bulldogs' next move toward bringing harmony back to Belmore - a mediation session next week. It will be facilitated by the Honourable John Fahey, and I'm hoping that we can put a lot of this infighting behind us. Noad admitting that task would have been a lot tougher with him still around.

The search for a new chief executive will start straightaway. Peponis says the new boss doesn't have to be a former Bulldog, but already the name of Graeme Hughes is featuring prominently. Firstly, he'll have to fix his broken friendship with former team-mate Peponis. I think that's something that's probably way out there at this stage, so I'm not even going to consider that option at this stage. Noad will remain CEO for the next few weeks to oversee the Bulldogs' relocation to Sydney Olympic Park. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Mariners goalkeeper Danny Vukovic faces a nervous wait

as the match review committee considers its penalty for lashing out at referee Mark Shield in the A-League grand final. The charge of violent conduct carries a recommended sanction of one year to a lifetime ban. Corey the serial party pest Danny Vukovic looked more like at the team's Mad Monday gathering, but the pain of losing the grand final could soon pale, depending on the Football Australia penalty for his moment of madness when he struck referee Mark Shield. COMMENTATOR: There's gonna be a card issued to Danny Vukovic. In fact, he's been sent off. We want passionate players and hungry players and it's just disappointing. What sparked Vukovic's reaction was a claim for a penalty for handball in the last seconds of the match. The Mariners are furious, and they've perhaps got a right to be. I think the hundreds of thousands of people who watched the game will make up their own minds. We don't need to say nothing about it, because youse all saw it. There was little sympathy from the Jets, a stunning strike from Mark Bridge. Bridge! Oh, brilliant! Advantage Jets in the grand final! The goal-scorer the centre of attention

when he and his team-mates returned to Newcastle last night. Fans and fellow players called for the club to find a way to keep him at the Jets, amid rumours of a move to Sydney FC. We need Bridgy! The biggest cheers reserved

for coach Gary van Egmond and skipper Jade North, who were delighted to bring home the trophy to a region with a rich footballing heritage. You support us. I love you to death. You have made us what we are today. There'll be a victory parade in Newcastle on Thursday. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Indian paceman Ishant Sharma has been fined 15% of his match fee after a clash with Andrew Symonds in last night's one-dayer. The Aussies were also fined for a slow over rate in the high-scoring win over India, a match that featured more controversy. Ishant Sharma had nothing to say today, but plenty last night. Another SCG slanging match - once again Andrew Symonds in the thick of things. Maybe there's something in the water here. Sharma copped a warning from the umpires for his colourful send-off.

COMMENTATOR: Celebrates in a non-humble way. Shades of the dramatic Sydney Test, to let the matter rest. but the Australians happy There was a minor altercation today. We shouldn't be making too much of what happened out there today. But the gloves came off for Indian keeper M.S. Dhoni - the white pair used for his spectacular dismissal of Adam Gilchrist confiscated by the match referee, with concerns they were more like baseball mitts than regulation cricket gear. I've been using it for quite some time. It's an exact replica of the one I was using in the Test series also, so that's how far I knew about it. A century from Gambhir propelling the Indians to the highest-ever run chase at the SCG - 299 - but they still fell 18 runs short. Brett Lee cleaned up a stubborn tail. And there it is. Lee with five wickets. Ricky Ponting a much-needed man of the match performance with the bat. Yeah, it's been a while.

It's been a long time coming, I guess, even a double-figure score. But too late for last week's IPL auction, where Ponting commanded a fraction of much less accomplished players. I was a little bit disappointed, yeah, when you see some of the other money that's been thrown around for other players. Who knows, I might just end up being the bargain buy of the whole tournament if I can get some runs. Leanne West, Ten News.

Their foothold in Sydney's west may be under threat, but the Swans are targeting new markets. They're investing in the NSW Swifts netball side for the new trans-Tasman competition. The girls on board with a familiar new colour scheme, but don't expect the guys to take to the court any time soon. Years ago we had a bit of a promo and we had Barry Hall out shooting a few goals with us. Not bad, but if you had to put a skirt on him I think I'd change my mind. The Swans are now principal partners in the Swifts, formalising a long working relationship between the teams. Tiger Woods has continued his dominance of world golf, romping home in the final at the Match Play Championship in Tucson. Taking on fellow American Stewart Cink, the world number one displayed his intentions early with a birdie on the second. CHEERING COMMENTATOR: Tiger Woods grabs the early momentum. The 8 and 7 win took Tiger past Arnold Palmer's 62 wins on the US PGA, a record he was happy to acknowledge. I can't wait to see Arnie. What, are you going to give him a little rib there? Oh, you think? Woods is now closing in on Ben Hogan's record 64 victories. And in Sports Tonight, game one of the NBL finals series - the Perth Wildcats and the Sydney Kings.

The year per roads now. Talk about

a headache. This is just past a headache. This is just past banks

town or airport. There has been

asked several accidents asked several accidents around Henry Lawson a drive.

Henry Lawson a drive. It's a bit of

a sluggish journey tonight. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's back with the latest on the weather next. There's no place in the world like Sydney, and no show like 'Billy Elliot the Musical'. Book your hotel and show package from just: Call:

The let's take a look at all when

the details now. You're down on the

harbour sure with your little harbour sure with your little

flagon. She's due on that

dancefloor called Sydney Harbour in

roundabout half an hour. Bradley's

Head is a great spot so if you

wanna pack a picnic basket and come

on down at us plenty of room. There

was surprise and warmest weekend in

12 months. Tomorrow thunderstorms

showers I'll and thunderstorms

forecast for the next two or forecast for the next two or three afternoons in Sydney.

The clash across the northern

tropics and an active monsoon is causing

causing heavy showers and storms. A

cloud band across southern

Queensland and northern New South

Wales in an upper trough is generating patchy rain. If there's

showers in the Victorian coastline

of what were the onshore winds. The

be showers and storms in a steamy South

South Wales. A high will keep the

South try and maintain a hot

easterly winds in the Southern easterly winds in the Southern

Western Australia. Predicted rain - showers

showers and storms over New South

Wales coast and ranges and the

north-west. Rainstorms across

Queensland. Heavy monsoon will

storms across the that tropics.

Showers in Tasmania. A sticky Showers in Tasmania. A sticky day

it - partly could Hanny and an

early shower. A thunderstorm in the

late afternoon and evening. The

same on Wednesday. Showers forecast

right through to the weekend but we

think there will be blue skies on the weekend. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:45, and tune in for our Early News from 6:00 tomorrow morning. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. 18 dancers remain in the competition. If you don't want to lose your favourites, then vote. Here are the numbers: