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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Brave Sophie Delezio leaves hospital her second fight for life. after winning Six hours stuck in a trench - to save a trapped worker. the frantic rescue mission And it's game-on for the Socceroos - before the World Cup. blitzing their final friendly Ten News with Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. Rescue workers say

in a trench for almost six hours it's lucky a Brisbane man trapped

wasn't crushed to death. is recovering in hospital Mick Phillips

which took over six hours. after a delicate rescue operation emerged a short time ago, The Brisbane father their efforts throughout the ordeal. emergency crews praised for

southside around 1:30 this morning. The accident happened on Brisbane's had been preparing to lay cables Telstra worker Mick Phillips when the ground gave way beneath him. in a 2m-deep trench it but just took him with it He went to jump across and he went down. collapsed on the 32-year-old, About two tonnes of soil trapping his leg beneath a pipe.

Fellow workers were quick to act, as they tried to calm their mate. calling emergency services They responded really We made a phone call everyone was here. and within 20 minutes for the delicate rescue operation. Around 30 firefighters were called in the safest way out. Bare hands, tools and buckets were also brought in Bobcats and backhoes to prevent another collapse. as crews shored up the dirt

for ambulance officers A tough job too as best they could, who monitored their patient for the extreme pain in his leg. administering medication took over six hours. The rescue operation around 8:00 this morning. Mick Phillips was finally freed as his emerged on a stretcher. The pain from his leg injury evident Darren, how are you Mick? MOANING for treatment. He's been taken to hospital Kate Donnison, Ten News. Queensland police have arrested a man at a Gold Coast high-rise. over the murder of a woman 32-year-old So Ra Moon's body yesterday morning was found by firefighters after a blaze broke out in her unit. with murder and arson. A 47-year-old man has been charged in a Gold Coast hospital He's currently for an existing medical condition. being treated

will take place later today. A bedside hearing will emerge today It's hoped more answers of Maria and Joe Korp, over the deaths notorious body-in-the-car-boot case. the couple at the centre of the

begin in Melbourne. Separate coronial inquests last February Maria Korp was attacked at her home and died in hospital last August. before being dumped in a car boot was charged with attempted murder. Joe Korp jailed for murder. His lover Tania Herman Joe Korp took his own life It's believed a week after Maria died. to be finalised by tomorrow. The inquests are expected Steve Vizard has denied reports Disgraced former funny man over evidence he gave in court. he's facing perjury charges Mr Vizard denied involvement and shady share trading in 2003. in false accounting was interviewed by police yesterday. He's refused to confirm whether he All I can say is to the best of my knowledge no new charges, there's no new matters, no new investigation, no. was banned The millionaire businessman for 10 years. from serving as a company director The PM's push for nuclear energy from an unlikey quarter. has received a boost The founder of Greenpeace says terms of addressing climate change. nuclear energy is a "no-brainer" in joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno are bound to stir up a storm Paul, Patrick Moore's comments in environmental circles.

They are although it is not its Sally

news that he holds these views. Other news that he holds these views. Other

environmentalists also say that it is

dangerous and that we haven't solved dangerous and that we haven't

the problem of nuclear waste. Another

environmentalist not back it an

invitation from the Prime Minister

did to join the task force because he

said the inquiries about the

economics of the nuclear industry and

not greenhouse gases. The Prime

Minister himself and the chairman

have said the conflict of interest

doesn't really matter. The order of

organisation believes in nuclear

energy. Yesterday at his news

conference he said there was nothing

wrong with it. Last night he changed wrong with it. Last night he

his mind. I'm going to step aside his mind. I'm going to

from the board and I have done so

now. I would not be party to any

submissions that it makes to the

committee over the next six months.

The inquiry will run at six one's The inquiry will run at six one's

soap this story has a fair way to run as well.

an unconvincing performance The Socceroos have put in before the World Cup finals begin. in their final friendly match against lowly Liechtenstein A couple of late goals

saving the Aussies from an embarrassing result. Ten's Frank Coletta was there. rolled into Ulm. The green and gold army

(All) Australiaaaa! in fine voice. Thousands of Socceroo supporters

their game face There were those putting on to smooth the waters with fans. as FFA officials continued the locals on their home turf Aussie tourists dared to take on but they didn't go too well. Ulm - birthplace of Albert Einstein in the world - and home to the tallest church spire awash with green and gold. and with tight security, Even at 20 Euros ticket sales were strong. The local cuisine went down well too. All the icons were out in force. as the team bus arrived. Adulation going into overdrive

CROWD CHEERS Loud but a lovable lot. They are good. They make lots of noise. Lots but it is normal here. their savings getting here... And from those who spent win back from German bookmakers. All the money we spent we'll

were as boisterous as ever, Once inside the Aussie faithful lowly-ranked Liechtenstein. as the Socceroos battled to overcome on the field Not the best performance were in sparking form. off it, though, the Australians

There is the big one next. Australia versus Japan.

Brave burns survivor Sophie Delezio has just left hospital. We'll cross live to the Sydney Children's Hospital when the Morning News returns. And Brangelina talk for the first time about the birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Introducing Domino's new Cheese & Bacon Burst. We've put cheese and bacon between two crusts so you get an explosion of flavour with every bite. Try Domino's new Cheese & Bacon Burst now. Domino's! Brave burns survivor Sophie Delezio has just been released from hospital after winning her second life-threatening battle. Ten's Ebbeny Faranda is at the Sydney Children's Hospital. Ebbeny, how was little Sophie looking?

She looked at absolutely amazing considering a career girl considering a career girl who has

been so much already. She left with

her father. The bandages are due to a

recent skin graft that she has had.

She's been recovering after She's been recovering after being

struck down a pedestrian crossing.

Doctors say she has recovered

remarkably well and made so many

friends in hospital. Her father Ron

thanks Australia for its support. I'd

like to think that we are probably

the luckiest parents alive today with

having Sophie survive a second

accident. Sophie first touch our

hearts after suffering horrific burns

injuries backing 2003. The families of the two Australians killed in a freak snowmobile accident in Canada

will shortly arrive in the resort town of Whistler. Joining us with the details is Ten's US bureau chief Leisa Goddard-Roles.

Leisa, when are the families due to arrive?

We are told they will arrive today. We are told they will arrive today.

They want land in Vancouver or They want land in Vancouver or then they will have a two-hour drive they will have a two-hour drive to

the ski resort where resort staff are

waiting to greet them. Here are

photographs of the two men who died

in the crash. His brother and sister

are coming from the UK for the task

of retrieving the body. Staff say

they will wait for family members to

arrive and then taught for them a

that a memorial service. They will

see what the families feelings are.

On a lighter note Brad end On a lighter note Brad end Angelina

have spoken for the first time about

their baby. The star couple held their baby. The star couple held a

media conference in the African town.

They wanted to thank people They wanted to thank people for the

peace and calm they have enjoyed. peace and calm they have enjoyed. A

photograph has come ads of the baby.

A US magazine has paid $4.1 million.

The photo has now appeared on the

internet. They say they will sue if

the photo isn't taken down. A security scare has had Britain's Houses of Parliament in lockdown. The Palace of Westminster was briefly shut down after a man sprayed a white powdery substance in the building's central lobby. Police immediately shut the doors, fearing it could have been anthrax. One man has been detained. Parliament security has been stepped up in recent years because of a series of breaches. Evacuation efforts have been stepped up in Indonesia as Mount Merapi shows more signs of life. About 2,000 villagers have been moved from the mountain to nearby shelters. The volcano has been belching toxic gases and lava for weeks but there's been increased activity in the past 24 hours. Experts say an eruption is imminent. Australian pop queen Kylie Minogue has been honoured for her inspirational fight against breast cancer. The 37-year-old last night named Woman of the Year by a UK magazine. She couldn't attend the glitzy showbiz ceremony but sent a special message to fans.

The last year has been my least public but in many ways my most. Your support has been an enormous help and I hope to be back with you in person very soon. Also spinning around at the awards Model Naomi Campbell and actress Nicolette Sheridan who nabbed contribution gongs. You know you've made it as a model if you crack a cover in the Big Apple. So it's little wonder Aussie Gemma Ward is celebrating. She's taking pride of place in the first edition of a new US fashion magazine.

Further proof, the 18-year-old says, that Australian designers are gaining international respect. I think they are getting success in their own right because they have such an individual style and it's so prominent their viewpoint. The new weekly magazine will focus on behind-the-scenes fashion news. Ahead, Essendon told fire up and salvage their AFL season,

that's when Ten's morning news returns. Also, the Socceroos' final hit-out

that didn't entirely please their coach.

We've put cheese and bacon between two crusts so you get an explosion of flavour with every bite. Try Domino's new Cheese & Bacon Burst now. Domino's!

The family of murdered Sydney woman, Kerry Whelan,

has offered a reward, as they continue their search for her body. Former family friend Bruce Burrell was found guilty on Wednesday of kidnapping and killing Mrs Whelan in May 1997. Now her husband has offered $50,000 for information that leads to the location of her body. It's important to my children and myself

to finally lay her to rest. It took a jury nine days to find Burrell guilty. In finance news - the Australian share market is trading in negative territory.

As we told you earlier, the Socceroos have completed their World Cup preparations with a 3-1 win over the lowly-ranked Liechtenstein. In a game they were expected to win comfortably, coach Guus Hiddink says there's still room for improvement before their World Cup opener against Japan in four days' time.

The Socceroos's ever-growing band of supporters could well have been asking

just which team was going to the World Cup when Lucas Neill found the back of his own net in the opening minutes. COMMENTATOR: And it's gone in. Would you believe Liechtenstein have scored. The Australians lucky not to be two down after another defensive mix-up. Before John Aloisi went close to putting the Socceroos on the board. The equaliser eventually coming from the boot of Mile Sterjovski. You can almost hear the sighs of relief around the stadium. Tim Cahill showed there are no such thing as friendlies any more when he was yellow-carded just before the break. Harry Kewell took a rest after another solid 60-minute hit-out. The man who replaced him, debutant, Josh Kennedy soaring to give Australia the lead. A towering header and a first international goal. John Alosis extending it minutes from the end. Coach Guus Hiddink had a number of concerns about his team's performance about the match here in Ulm. Amongst them a lack of concentration and discipline. It's not good. That's why I was angry in the first 20 minutes. It's a lack of concentration. It's a lack of tension in the game. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Meanwhile, good news for England fans

with doctors giving injured striker Wayne Rooney the green light. The 20-year-old made a whirlwind trip by private jet from Germany to the UK to have scans done on his broken foot. Doctors 20 minutes later passing him fit to play. Widely regarded as key to England's star player Rooney isn't expected to take part until the knockout rounds. In rugby league - Parramatta officials will hold an emergency meeting today after yet another embarrassing alcohol-related incident. The move comes after the Eels fined winger Jarryd Hayne $1,000

for a biting incident at a hotel on Saturday night. Meanwhile, at the NRL judiciary, New Zealand Warriors veteran Reuben Wiki

escaped an 8-match suspension for kneeing. But no such luck for Melbourne's Billy Slater. Just back from a 7-week suspension for kicking, he copped a 2-match ban for a dangerous throw. At the French Open - Rafael Nadal has continued his incredible unbeaten streak on clay. The Spaniard proving too powerful for Novak Jockovitch

running him around the court with some fierce forehands before the Serbian retired with a back injury. Nadal now with 58 consecutive wins on the surface. His next opponent Ivan Ljubici, whose defeat of local hope Julien Benneteau ensured that all of the top four seeds are in the semi-finals for the first time in more than 20 years. Bottom-placed Essendon is stepping up the heat on its struggling players. Coach Kevin Sheedy is demanding his men fight for a game as they try and salvage something from a disastrous season. After nine straight losses, the last by 23 goals,

the coach has finally turned the torch on his Dons. Kevin Sheedy making his players fight for a game against Geelong. I have now 22 guys who deserve selection, so the ball's right out there to be played now by every player on this list. Sheedy has warned of a post-season raid on rival teams stars. I'll be looking at all the clubs and all the teams. Monday I'll go along and watch Melbourne and Collingwood play. I hope they are all signed up.

After two premierships, a Brownlow Medal and 300 games, Gavan Wanganeen has called an end to his brilliant AFL career.

A knee injury that refused to mend was the final straw for the 32-year-old. He leaves content, confident there was nothing left in the tank. Probably one of the toughest days of my life was, yeah, fronting up to the boys this morning before they trained and just letting them know that this is it, and I couldn't even look them in the eye, it was that sad. Don't be mixing greatest indigenous - just one of the greatest football teams of all time, that's for sure. The Western Bulldogs have been fined $7,500 for briefly having a 19th player on the field during the last quarter of Saturday's match against Hawthorn.

Rob Waters, Ten News. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.