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(generated from captions) bill passed its final hurdle in the

Senate. Julia Gillard says she's

always believed in putting a price

on carbon and rejects claims she has deceived Australians.

has deceived Australians. Speaking

with Ten's National Affairs Editor

Paul Bongiorno, the Prime Minister

says the new tax is here to stay.

This is about our nation's future,

it is about making sure we cut

carbon pollution and have a better

environment. Throughputing a price

on carbon we will cut

on carbon we will cut carbon

pollution by taking the equivalent

of 45 million cars off the road by

2020. This package means we will

see clean energy jobs here in

Australia and we are able to

provide tax cuts. So, for example,

someone earning less than $80,000 a

year will see a tax cut, many of

them tax cuts of at least $300. A

carbon price is now law. It is a broken promise.

broken promise. Your opponents say

you have deceived the Australian

people. How do you answer that? I

have always believed we should put

a price on carbon because it is the

carbon most efficient way we can cut

carbon pollution. Overwhelmingly Australians believe what the

scientists are telling us - that

climate change will mean more

extreme drought, worse floods and

more extreme weather events. Do

and I Australians not believe that now

and I am basing that on the polls

suggesting there is a move away on

the need to price carbon? Yes, we

have had a long debate and I want

to make sure that as we move into

carbon pricing coming into effect

on 1 July Australians get all the

information they need. They will be

able to judge it by living it,

including seeing the tax cuts in

tax-free threshold their pocket, including seeing the

tax-free threshold triple, so 1

million Australians will not pay

any tax, and pension increases and

family payment increases. Just

finally, is this here to stay or if

the Coalition wins the next

election it will go? I believe Mr

Abbott who has said in the past

that he supports a price on carbon

will ultimately move away from

these overdramatic promises that we

are seeing at the moment. Indeed, I

think one of the

so think one of the reasons they are

so over dramatic is Mr Abbott knows in

in his heart that they are not true.