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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - for Prime Minister Rudd a standing ovation at the 2020 summit. any other country in the world Could you think of

where this would easily happen? had fun, Cate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman were happy. but not all the delegates attack on his rescue chopper. A pilot's fear after a fourth laser NRL celebrates Heritage Round. And a walk down memory lane as the with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good Evening. has delivered a list of 40 demands The 2020 Summit to the Prime Minister. Australia becoming a republic, They include an overhaul of the tax system to fund preventative health care. and a new levy on junk food joins me from Canberra. Seven's Mark Riley

smooth sailing today, was it? And Mark, it wasn't all

when you have a meeting of minds Sam,

you're going to have some head clashes

and there were a few of those today. tonight But the delegates leave Canberra for the nation's future. satisfied they've laid down a plan it was time for the ideas to rise, After two days of hot air caused confrontation. but the pressure to deliver MAN: Would you mind just leaving the stage for a bit?

WOMAN: Go and sit down. Good on you, I appreciate it. there was some creative tension. In the creative stream OK, So the topic... to maintain focus. Please, I know it's difficult

this room and I see nothing on this. There's a whole lot of artists in and it's bland. It's in the category of motherhood everyone's attention - Can I just have in a very short space of time. we're trying to do a lot And in communities... Take a seat! Do it now! wanted his ideas heard. interloper from the rural group I'm going over here. No, no I'm sorry - part of this process. No no, I'm sorry, you haven't been But the big ideas did flow. children's health and development- It's an integrated services of yes Kevin, you should smile, we did recognise your contribution. We seek formal legal recognition. a comprehensive tax review To conduct to simplify taxes. to consider measures By 2020 green and sustainable economy. we want to be the world's leading

And a preventative health agency. alcohol, cigarettes and junk food. This would be funded by taxes on a bill of rights They also recommended the summiteers backed Labor policy, and on the republic to the word. to decide whether to sever ties, Firstly, a plebiscite

a referendum to decide on the model. and secondly,

for the PM to ponder. 38 pages of ideas, in all, CHEERING AND APPLAUSE in the year 2020 I don't want to wake up one morning when I had the chance. with the regret of not acting Mr Rudd needs to get back to work Tomorrow

really concerning Australians. and focus on the things that are And the summiteers - they climbed the ideas mountain. well, they believed A lot of tangible ideas over the next 12 months. and you'll see 'em happen big ideas. They've got some really creative, for everyone to live in. I am imagining a better world

So from here will wade through these 38 pages Kevin Rudd and his government will truly fly, Sam. and determine which of the big ideas who contributed to the summit The ordinary Australians the weekend was a success. have differing ideas on whether Many expressed frustration 'bread and butter' views across. as they struggled to get their for the ordinary Aussies here - The magic moment Wendy Alford meets the PM. Melbourne cancer survivor WENDY: Hi, Lachlan. Lachlan Murdoch. He introduces her to about her big idea - Wendy bashed Mr Rudd's ears ending hospital waiting lists. off the street, literally, right Here I was, just a normal person talking with the Prime Minister sitting down, putting across an issue. frustrating health forum for Wendy - A victory after an at times battling academics and bureaucrats. representing long-term patients I squirmed in my seat quite a few times

for heaven's sakes going "C'mon guys,

what are you talking?" head spinning. At summit's end Deb Bain emerged, being in a whirlwind - It's a bit like

where you end up. you don't know quite from Western Victoria A sheep farmer between the country and city. Deb's big idea was to bridge the gap after the final session. But Deb had an empty feeling It is a mixed response got put up simply because some very good ideas to the bigger picture. but couldn't get put through

The ordinary Aussies here say now rests with the government the ultimate success of this summit and there is some scepticism. to take it and to run with it It's now up to the government and it's government - under the bureaucracy. let's hope it doesn't get buried have declared the summit a success, The high-profile delegates a brighter future for Australia. with hopes it will lead to

away from the meetings Cate Blanchett spent every minute with her newborn son, headed out for a night on the town. but a solo Hugh Jackman

Brainstorming proved thirsty work. in Parliament's Great Hall. The night began And then various nightclubs, you know how these things go - we'll all go a little crazy -

wherever it's happy hour, you know. didn't impose a curfew. The Prime Minister vibrating as we speak, No, although I feel my phone so my wife has worked that out. It is her, yes!

Next stop at the National Gallery... a celebrity cocktail function G'day mate, how are you? Good, how are you doing? more ideas ..actors and dancers sharing with business heavyweights. Not surprisingly, super mum Cate Blanchett had a night in

this morning. before returning with baby Iggy for the rich and famous. Back to work Ok, I love you very much, bye bye. The summit's favourite star received special thanks... I think it's an extraordinary thing for a child in year 10 to do but also extraordinarily generous. Thank you! ..busy creating history for her baby's future. Sorry, I'm in the middle of feeding. Hugh Jackman went missing in action today. Hugh, I don't know where Hugh is. He slipped back into Sydney at lunch-time. The celebrities say the summit was worth while and they want to see more stars born. They're challenging the Government to help double the country's creative output by 2020. I'm now near death but it was worth it. Troubled swimmer Nick D'Arcy will appeal his axing from the Beijing Olympic team. AOC boss John Coates sacked D'Arcy on Friday after deciding his alleged assault on Simon Cowley had brought the sport into disrepute. The appeal will be heard in the Court of Arbitration For Sport. The 20-year-old butterfly swimmer is due to face a Sydney court tomorrow on the assault charge.

A rescue helicopter which had just flown a dying patient to hospital has been attacked with a laser in Sydney's south overnight. The pilot says it's not the first time

his life-saving work has been put in jeopardy by stupid criminals. Ambulance helicopter rescue pilot Darryl Humphreys says dangerous pranks are getting out of hand.

Four times in the past year his aircraft has been targeted by laser vandals. Obviously I'm not impressed by it any pilot would be. The latest attack on Darryl and his crew came last night. They'd just transported a seriously ill patient to St George Hospital. On the flight back a high-powered laser light came through the aircraft's cabin - fortunately not into Darryl's eyes. It's a single-pilot chopper. If somebody's eyesight was diminished or impaired by one of the laser lights, then who is going to fly that aircraft? The crew pin-pointed the laser as coming from the Sylvania area. Police went to the scene but found nothing. Just like the regular targeting of passenger planes... These are really life-and-death missions. Our community depends on them and it's just intolerable someone could be so dumb to endanger a mission in this way. To help protect aircraft

the Federal Government is moving to ban the importing of high-powered lasers, leaving the challenge for police how to deal with the misuse of lasers still out there before a pilot is blinded. We don't get out there and fly around for the fun of it. Normally we've got somebody on board who's in a critical state. Anything that's going to slow down where they've got to get to is not in the interests of the community. A woman has been killed in a head-on crash south-west of Sydney this afternoon. The accident happened near Wilton, in wet conditions. The woman's station wagon ended up on its side. Three children and a man had to be cut free from the wreckage, before the man was airlifted to Liverpool Hospital with serious spinal injuries. Two people in the second car were also trapped for a short time

and are being treated in hospital. A 13-year-old girl has died and her father and young brother have been critically injured after their family van collided with a fire truck

north-east of Melbourne. The van was ripped apart by the impact. The fire truck ended up on its side. The two people on board escaped injury.

It's believed the family was returning home from holidays. Hundreds of teachers are trying to change schools before a controversial transfer policy comes into effect later this month. More than 600 teachers have applied for a transfer in the past six weeks, an increase of more than 1,000% for the same time last year. There's one school in Western Sydney where the Director-General went to speak to staff about the transfer system and 13 teachers applied to transfer as soon as he'd finished his speech. The Government says the system is being modified but remote schools won't be left without teachers.

A young Australian cancer sufferer has been blessed by the Pope, during a meeting in the US. Nine-year-old Dylan Hartung was among hundreds of devoted fans who gave the head of the Catholic Church

a rock-star welcome in New York. It is not every day you see priests and nuns this excited. In Yonkers, New York, Pope Benedict XVI sparked near-hysteria... APPLAUSE Happy snaps took precedence over reverence, but his visit was a serious one - to bless 50 seriously ill children. Among them a nervous little Aussie - on the left. you can just see Dylan Hartung

Four years ago Dylan was given just months to live. Experimental treatments have helped keep him alive. He is hoping this one touch will do more. I feel great. I mean, I was just blessed by the Pope, you know. You know how special that is. Dylan is a seasoned veteran of celebrity meetings but this one, says the religious youngster, was the coolest. It's a big honour even just to look at the Pope, you know? It wasn't easy - he could only take one parent, they were escorted by armed police and had to arrive three hours early for security sweeps. His mum says it was all worth it for the moment she captured on camera. Melissa Hartung is praying the holy meeting will bring a blessed future. I never put a miracle out of the question. Still to come - a passenger injured in a glass attack on a Sydney bus. Also, police injured in a Western Sydney train station brawl. And a Seven News special honouring our war heroes before Anzac Day. I never felt that he deserted us. any of the houses that I lived in. And if I was alone and I thought there was a prowler, I'd just bark... (Imitates dog) Or, er, put on a voice or something. Um... (Deep voice) Er, Fritz, I think we got a prowler. (German accent) OK, I vill get my veapon. But now I'm wise enough to protect my home properly. VOICEOVER: APIA believes these days you deserve extra home insurance cover at no extra cost. Winter's coming. You might want to prepare your garden for winter.

So a great time to prune your roses right back hard. They respond to a good prune. Also a good time to spray for pest and disease. Roses, only $11.98. Ryobi impact drill driver, $159. Mistral fan heater, $15.98. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Rose maintenance is a must during the winter months. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. Two police officers have been injured during a brawl at St Mary's train station involving up to 50 youths last night. Police were called by CityRail staff, who were worried the group was armed with weapons. A female transit officer's baton was stolen and she was hit in the leg. YELLING Most of the group then fled.

Police used capsicum spray to subdue the rest of the crowd. A 23-year-old man was charged with resisting arrest. A CityRail bus was the target of a missile attack in Sydney's south last night. A glass bottle was thrown at the bus at Sans Souci, smashing a window and showering passengers with glass. One female passenger had to be taken to hospital with glass fragments in her eye. Tonight we begin a series of stories honouring our war heroes in the lead-up to Anzac Day. Seven News has tracked down the baby daughter of a Gallipoli soldier who didn't get to see his little girl grow up. In years and distance it is a long way from the shores of Anzac Cove to Caulfield in Melbourne. But there is a link, an extraordinary link. Look at this photo - the determined face of a soldier and husband bound for war, a look of sad resignation on his young wife, and baby's bewilderment. Little Joan was three months old when her father left for Gallipoli. She is now 93, a living link with our Anzac past. I never felt that he deserted us. I felt he was a hero, you know. Like so many Australian men, Joan's dad, George Beamish Swanton, answered the call.

He had a great sense of duty. George survived Gallipoli before being sent to fight in France. On his way he learned his two brothers were on leave from the front, visiting relatives in Ireland. He was to go too, but he never got any leave, and he was killed, but they were killed as well when they got back. In 1916 in the mud and mayhem of Pozieres George Swanton died during a German bombardment. Among his belongings was a postcard with a picture of his baby girl. On the back, it reads "From little Joan with love to her daddy."

Photos and memories may fade but the legacy never dies.

They were ordinary men who etched Anzac into our history and our hearts. But what a cost - wives who lost their husbands, kids who grew up never knowing their fathers. Once, at school, a visiting teacher and former soldier asked to see Joan. And he came out and looked at me and he started to cry and walked away. Isn't that funny? Do you think he knew your dad? Yes. In just this street, the street where Joan has lived her entire life, the toll of husbands, brothers and sons killed during the war was staggering. Miss Lowreys, three of them. The Miss Docksetts over the road,

Miss Richardsons, three of them. There was us. No men? No, no. There were only women left. Her dad would have been so proud of the woman his little girl became. Who's that dish with the legs? That's me. Is that you? Yeah. Wow. But war never lift Joan. Her husband served in World War II, her son in Vietnam. And always in the background, the memory of her dad, the letter to her mum telling of his death, and his diaries - his diaries of war. I didn't like to read them. Why not? Hurt me. So when you ended up reading his diaries, how did you feel? I felt for him. Time for sport with Ben Damon, and the Knights shock the Roosters. A great come-from-behind win. Action from that game next. Also tonight, the battling Bunnies are mauled by the Tigers. in the Indian Premier League. And Mr Cricket's starring role

on the rampage. COMMENTATOR: Mike Hussey is Variable Cylinder Management, Thanks to its can change between six cylinders... the all-new Honda Accord ..four cylinders...

..and even three cylinders. grow new teeth as they need them - Did you know some sharks 20,000 new teeth in a lifetime. certain species growing up to your teeth on the surface. Don't just protect # Are your Macleans showing? # (Sings off-key) Hi, Mum. Yes, I got the package. when friends come round. The tea set's great and chatter indistinctly) (Kids play The scones...are really popular. The pink cardie? Fits perfectly. Oh, the Country Ladle? I'm eating it right now. Love the soup. A trip down memory lane to a first win of the season, has failed to inspire South Sydney run down by the Tigers at the SCG. to beat the Roosters The Knights also came from behind but couldn't tame the Tigers. while the Bunnies led at half-time The Tigers led the march the Sydney Cricket Ground as rugby league went home to some form early. where South Sydney finally found COMMENTATOR: Face ball for Sutton. to lead 10-0 The Rabbitohs turned back the clock before

an all too familiar collapse. the current crop came up with

in the second half Souths had nothing four straight tries as the Tigers ran in to inflict their sixth straight loss.

Some of the best have had longer

than this . They come back up, we than this . They come back up, we

will too . I want to run out on the field and kick some

field and kick some goals with those

kids if we won but it didn't kids if we won but it didn't happen

. to a cow paddock in Gosford From the cricket ground in the Toyota Cup. as Rooster Luke Towers found trouble That's one hell of a hole. of sand to fill it. It took two wheelbarrows Surely that'll be enough. It was OK for the main game Roosters against Newcastle. where it was bombs away for the

It comes back to Fitzgibbon. Newcastle trailed 20-12 at the break was put on report and while skipper Danny Buderus

for a stray elbow on Sam Perrett

Sia Soliola's shot was legal. Has nailed MacDougall. a series of chances The Knights failure to nail upset coach Brian Smith but they did come good. of the ruck and straight through. Bailey back to middle with four straight tries, The Knights stealing the match from big prop Danny Wicks. none better than this 65m effort the best try of his career. And Danny Wicks is gonna score of speed under those big guts. Yeah, he's got plenty

ruined Lance Thompson's farewell Penrith half-back Jarrod Sammut last night, kicking a golden point field goal over the Sharks. in the Panthers' upset win Matt Bowen returned with a hat-trick thrashed the Warriors. as the Cowboys

against the Bulldogs, The Dragons suffered another defeat was spoiled by Penrith. while Thompson's retirement party

still had his lap of honour. Lance Thompson for one of league's tough men. It was a bitter-sweet farewell

It's sad, a very strong career. but also the end to in the first half. It was all going to script He finishes his career with a try. COMMENTATOR: Back to Lance Thompson. Greg Bird scored his second try. The Sharks looked home when Bird doesn't have to pass it. Numbers here for Cronulla,

half-back Jarrod Sammut But two Panthers tries gave to send it to golden point. the chance from the sideline. He nailed the kick The Sharkies fans gave me a bit

when they give it to me and I love it it's more sweeter. 'cause when I get it over

Brett Kimmorley's field goal Cronulla celebrated of the post... but it shaved the wrong side Missed by that much - OK, yeah. Thompson's send-off. Sammut the chance to spoil is a credit to the guy. What he's earnt in the game to send him out a winner. Would've been nice Sonny Bill Williams was at his best

the Dragons 30-18. as the Bulldogs beat he'll score for the Bulldogs. Danny Williams backing up, Confidence is a wonderful thing. If they sold it by the schooner to go out tonight and buy it. you'd get 'em all

It's a great thing to have. In Townsville shrugged off the flu Johnathan Thurston of the Warriors. to lead the Cowboys' thrashing with a hat-trick. Matty Bowen came back from injury injured a hip muscle But Luke O'Donnell

for the Centenary Test. and is in doubt and he doesn't come off easily. It's sore on the Super 14 ladder The Waratahs can steal second spot at the SFS on Saturday night. with a win over the Sharks it's not mission impossible, South African side by 6, downing the previously unbeaten the Lions 26-3. while New South Wales outplayed forced Waratahs fans to wait Wet slippery conditions through 46 minutes gave the scoreboard attendant before Phil Waugh something to do. COMMENTATOR: There it is! Oh, it's taken an eternity! set up the next for Dean Mumm. A quick tap from Luke Burgess and Dean Mumm scores! Mumm, Mumm Wallabies selectors Burgess is giving the vacant half-ack position,

a really good option to fill the vacant half-back position, with a chargedown following up his kick of Tatafu Polota-Nau. that fell right into the hands for the Waratahs. A gift five points Oh, Luke Burgess - this Waratah team this year so far. the best thing that happened to for the forwards. Adam Freier made it four from four for the Waratahs. Four-try bonus point We held them tryless. we've held tryless It's the third team this year against everyone and they've scored points so it was a pretty good effort. 7 wins from 9 games - the Tahs sit third on the ladder.

the second-placed Sharks. On Saturday they play Big week next week

and then two really tough games in Africa so we need to make the most out of next week. In round 5 of the AFL today, Carlon beat Melbourne by 33 points while Richmond and the Western Bulldogs drew at the Telstra Dome. Last night Hawthorn maintained their unbeaten record

with a 12-point win over Brisbane by 7 at the MCG. while the Kangaroos beat Collingwood

Holden's Garth Tander has completed a clean sweep of victories in round 3 of the V8 Supercar Championship in Hamilton. The tight street circuit again caused problems for the drivers

while Ford's Will Davison somehow managed to steer back to the pits despite a lack of vision. But nothing could stop the reigning champion claiming all three races. from Clipsal, Great fightback by our guys

street race environment where we didn't have a good weekend. To come back and win three from three was absolutely fantastic. The next round is in Perth in three weeks' time. Former team-mates Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne have faced off in the new Indian Premier League. And it was McGrath who came away with the bragging rights, taking 1/21

as his Delhi Daredevils thrashed Warne's Rajasthan Royals by nine wickets. And in Mohali Mike Hussey smashed 116 from just 54 balls for the Chennai Super Kings, including a six off countryman Brett Lee. COMMENTATOR: (Grunts) Oh, wow. That's gone straight out of the hands of Yuvraj Singh.

James Hopes top-scored with 71 for the Punjab Kings XI in their reply but the Super Kings won it by 33 runs.

teams called the Great names. Very confusing. Two teams called the King's. We've almost forgotten what the sun looks like in Sydney. I'll tell you if the clouds will clear for back-to-work Monday next in Seven News. MAN: Shh! Something's coming. What? Listen and learn. Sports car. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # Mazda CX-7. it's all-wow drive. # Zoom, zoom, zoom. # BOY: Zoom-zoom. It was perfect weather for a Sunday sleep-in, as we suffered through another cold and gloomy day. It was a similar story in the western suburbs. Parramatta made it to 20 degrees, but it was just 18 at Campbelltown and Cronulla. Plenty of rain around today. Fairfield received the highest falls with 14mm.

Most suburbs recorded between 3 and 10mm. Around the country tomorrow: The showers will increase to rain tonight with some locally heavy falls. The rain will ease by tomorrow afternoon but the heavy cloud will keep temperatures down again. 20 in the city, up to 21 in Liverpool. Those showers will continue right through the working week. We'll finally see some sunshine on Friday and through next weekend. And that's Seven News to now but I'll have updates through the night. I'm Samantha Armytage, thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia