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Tonight - charged with five counts

of murder, the worker accused of starting Sydney's deadly nursing home fire.

piece this together. It is going to take some time to

Julia Gillard takes time out in Bali

Bali to honour our bombing victims. Bali to honour our bombing victims.

Trouble in paradise - the violent starts

Gold Coast. starts with Schoolies Week on the

And royalty arrives - Princess Mary

brings her twins to Australia.

Good evening. I'm Natarsha Belling.

And I'm Matt Doran. Also tonight -

Hollywood's most police re-open the case into one of

Hollywood's most puzzling deaths.

And she's back - Kylie Minogue

dazzles down under. But first

tonight, the suspect in the deadly

Sydney nursing home blaze is a

nurse from the facility who helped

rescue people from the flames.

Another patient died from their

to injuries today, taking the toll now

to five. Ten's Mazoe Ford is at the

scene at Quakers Hill and she joins

us -- joins us. We understand a us -- joins us. We understand a

little more about the victims of

yesterday's tragedy.

Yes. This afternoon police released

the names and photos of a few of

the victims, and I can tell you

some of those now. We know there

was Alma Smith, 73, she died at the

nursing home. Lola Bennett, 86 and

decide at hospital. There was Ella

Wood who was 97 and she died this

to morning at hospital. Police are yet

to identify the last two victims.

As for the accused, his name is

Roger Dean and he's 35 and lives

nearby to this nursing home. Police

have confirmed that he's only

worked here for a short amount of

time but he was a registered nurse.

One trusted with the care of so

many people here. In the courtroom

he appeared via video link and showed

showed absolutely no emotion as his

matter was dealt with. It was over

quickly. No facts were read and he

was formally refused bail. It was

back to the cells for him. We have

no further information as to why or

how police believe he committed

this terrible crime.

Elderly residents were on the

services safety of the footpaths. Emergency

services staff were making sure

everyone was accounted for. Many

people gave interviews. One of them

was Roger -- this man.

Hi. I'm Roger, one of the nurses

and there was a fire.

A registered nurse at the home,

Dean helped rescue many of its

overwhelming. residents. The smoke is

Police too many statements from

people at the scene but last people at the scene but last night

man. spent several hours questioning the

at Detectives were speaking to the man

at the police station where they

formed to opinion they had

sufficient evidence to place him

under arrest and did so.

He was charged with four counts of

murder. A fifth was added before

court this morning when it was

confirmed another resident had died

in hofplt police may have laid

Place charges but this re-- hospital.

Place may have laid charges but Place may have laid charges but

this is a challenging investigation.

Much of the scene was destroyed by

enter. fire and some isn't safe enough to

piece it together. It is going to take some time to

While they do, the community is in disbelief. Absolutely shocking. Breaking -- Absolutely

broke my heart. Is

Is it? Someone who worked here?

Yes. Staff couldn't believe a man

was arrested as he came back to the

home for his mother's dentures. home for his mother's dentures.

When they're -- they've released

what they can, you can get stuff.

Staff said, "We are deeply shocked and

and saddened by the news this

morning that an individual has been

on Thursday. charged." He will reappear in court

The Prime Minister has offered her

condoleences to the primary --

victimless and their families. Ten

elderly patients are still fighting

you for their lives in intensive care

you nilts. Covered -- units.

Covered in soot and exhausted, this

75-year-old person was rescued from

the burning building. To her heart

broken family she's always been a

on. fighter but now she's just holding

They gave us the worst scenario,

but there's a slim hofplt we're

clinging on to that. -- slim hope.

We're clinging on to that. We're clinging on to that.

Her son is grateful for those who

rescued her and gave her a chance. Mum,

Mum, if she was up, she'll thank

them as well.

It's hard for this couple to fathom

could have caused this

intentionally. Their mother Verna has serious burns.

carried They got mum out and this brave man

carried her to safety.

There are some glimpses of hope. There are some glimpses of hope.

She was talking to us when we went

in and wanted to know where her glasses were.

Families and strangers are praying for miracles.

If something laps in your community

it's the least you can do.

The pain won't go away quickly.

It's feared the death toll will

rise with so many victims in

hospital in such a vulnerable state

to bego. -- begin with. The Prime

Minister reached out.

My condoleences to the family who My condoleences to the family who

is have lost loved ones in this

dreadful fire in a nursing home.

The NSW Government is helping.

We've offered assistance in terms

of 20 home care staff, two

with transportation. psychologists and also assistance


For now, the most important thing

is time with loved ones. She's in God's hand. She's

Julia Gillard has taken time out from the East from the East Asia Summit to lay a

wreath at the site of the first Bali

Bali bombing. The Prime Minister

insists the region is making

progress. -- progress against

dangerous extremists. Australians

are advised to reconsider the need

to travel to Bali. Those who come

don't have the security provided

for a Prime Minister. Streets were

blocked in a half kilometre radius

consequences of around the monument marking the

atrocity. consequences of an unbelievable

That was the Sari Club.

The Bali governor, hero of the

investigation, former police chief

Made Pastika, was there to welcome

her, the wreath laid in our names

placed alongside a personal tribute,

remembering a victim's birthday.

To see their names on the board in

was a moving experience. front of you as I laid the wreath

She mingled with Australian She mingled with Australian holiday

makers, mostly regulars.

I'd come back any day of the week.

I love it here.

The Prime Minister recalled she and

her sister's family came awfully

close to the tragedy. We

We were here until the Friday

before the bombing. We returned to Australia on the Friday.

Same as us, too.

Right, yeah.

So sad for people.

Even those hooked on the holiday

experience admit to the odd fear of attack.

When I go

When I go to a lot of rest --

restaurants, look, if you have to get

get out, where do you get

stkpwhroufplt the monument is a

remind --

The monument is a reminder of the

threat of extremism. Enhanceed

cooperation at every level is seen

as the answer. The Prime Minister

is confident progress has been made

over the past nine years.

You've got to be eternally vigilant. You

You can never rule a line and say

the job is done. And the job of

helping each other out in time of natural natural disasters will be

streamlined with a new quick response plan.

Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast is

off to a troubling start. Simon

Hooper joins us now from Surfers Paradise

Paradise S as usual it's not the

school leave -- leavers who are causing causing the problem.

No, that's right. It was the so-

called Toolies playing up again

last night. 29 were arrested on a

range of offences but police say the

the few schoolies who made it to

the precinct last night were on

their best behaviour. Today

thousands more checked into their

hotels for the official start of

schoolies celebrations tonight. Now

all their parents and authorities can

can do is pray that they are just as as well behaved.

as well behaved.

Unwanted, unwelcome and out of control. Get over!

It was the adults who spoild it

again last night -- spoiled it

again, turning Surfers Paradise

into an alcohol-fuelled fight club.

Police always a heart beat away,

the violence never lasted long. Entire

Entire precinct has been saturated

with hundreds of officer force the week to protect

week to protect the revellers.

Earlier in the evening the first to

arrive were finding their voice.

One hopeful had made a stamp out of his phone number.

Going for action. The alcohol ban on

on the precinct had been lost on

some school leavers but not the attitude.

It's a free Australia. I was born

here. I can do what I want. It

It was the theme that prevailed this morning this morning as thousands checked

into their hotel force a week of

partying all stocked up for the

days ahead. Despite the object

abundance of alcohol, they were

keen to assure worried parents

they'd be well behaved.

Drink lots of water, mum.

Lots of water. All

All food, I promise you.

The parents, however, weren't fooled.

I hope they have safe sex. Oh, mum! Oh, mum! Oh, my God!

I think they'll have a fabulous

time. Tonight is expected to be the

busiest night of the week. Occupy

protesters in Melbourne claim they're being deliberately

intimidated by police after several

arrests overnight T group's food

and cooking equipment was forcibly

removed during the midnight raid.

Upbltdz the cover Upbltdz the cover of darkness, protest --

Under the cover of darkness

protesters said they were

surrounded by police including members

members of the riot squad.

Protesters were served yet another

formal warning, ordered -- ordered

to take down tarps and signs.

Melbourne city council arrived back

at midnight on the dot when police started congregating around the area.

Eight people were arrested. I think it

I think it was a frightening show of military like force.

No shock to us to have police in

such excessive force and numbers

coming here, but every time it's

just as terrifying. This morning

City of Melbourne compliance

officers returned to document what

items remained in defiance of the

order. This protester says it's a

campaign of intimidation.

For the past three

For the past three days we had 120

police come for seven people that

were protecting an Aboriginal embassy.

Up to 100 police took over the

Treasury Gardens site last week

after the council ordered the group

to leave the CBD.

Princess Mary has landed in Sydney

bringing twins Josephine and

Vincent to Australia for the first time.

time. We're joined live with the

details. Exactly what will the

royal couple be up to while they're

here in Australia?

I'm at the slip inn where it began

during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Tasmanian born Mary meeting her

Danish prince. Fast forward 11

years, they have four young

children. The latest chapter in this romance, the couple this romance, the couple have

touched down in Sydney this morning.

They are here for around a week. We

expect them to do a few things

around Sydney over the coming days,

Xed to attend sculptures by the sea in

in Bondi, do cooking lessons,

attend an Australian barbecue and meet meet the Governor-General. It's

action packed for Princess Mary but

no doubt she'll have plenty of

helping hands. She brought an

entourage with her. entourage with her.

We understand a pop Princess is here as well. That's

That's right. Australia's

unofficial Princess Kylie Minogue

is also in town. She arrived at the

airport around the same time as Princess

Princess Mary. She's here for some

television appearances next week.

Next year marks 25 years since her

recording career officially began.

To mark the occasion she'll be

releasing an

releasing an album containing awe

cue stick and -- contraining some

of her greatest hits.

Thank you. Still to come tonight -

a Sunshine Coast boating trip turns

fatal. Also - houses smashed as

wild weather hits Melbourne's suburbs.

suburbs. And - more than child's

play, how Lego is teaching children science.

Before it was an entitlement for most Australian workers, only 32% had super. But now it's over...

Super - saving for the future.

Welcome back. You're with Ten News.

A 41-year-old fisherman has died

after a boat splashed into a bridge pylon pylon on Queensland's Sunshine

Coast. Police say the accident is a timely reminder timely reminder to take care on the

water over the holiday season. A

fishing trip gone horribly wrong -

a tinnie carrying three men slammed

at high speed into the pylon of a low-lying bridge on the Maroochy

River late last night.

When we arrived one gentleman was

still on the water's edge and the

other people were out of the water.

The stkpwhrrb --

His injuries were so severe he could

could wasn't revived.

There was immediate resuscitation

methods done and then it was

determined that he was not alive.

Two other local men on board were

taken to hospital, one suffering a

gash to his head. Police are

speaking to witnesses, and will

investigate whether the boat was

properly equipped for the late

night trip.

It's very tragic. The circumstances

I can tell you, is unknown at the

moment. We're unsure if they had

proper lighting. We're in the

infancy of the investigation.

They're warning boaties to check

their equipment ahead of the holiday season.

It's probably a good warning for

everybody to have a good look at

their vessels to make sure that

they are suitable for night fishing.

Another horror night on Victorian

roads with four people killed roads with four people killed in

three crashs including a

motorcyclist and his passenger who

died when their bike clipped a

parked car and crashed into a pole near Geelong.

It is very hard when all the road

safety partners put so much effort

and work so hard on road safety and

reducing road trauma when we see this happen.

One driver's efforts to avoid a

booze bus end with a bang when he

hit a tram in Melbourne's CBD.

Police say he's -- he'd been

weaving through city streets. Wild

weather tore through Melbourne's

eastern suburbs overnight. Homes in

Camberwell were worst hit.

Residents in one street likened the

storm to a tornado.

It hit fast and loud. Like a freight train.

Strong winds brought down trees and

one house was struck by one house was struck by lightning.

The State Emergency Service

received almost 300 calls for help.

More than 800 hospital beds could

remain closed in Victoria as nurses

defy orders to stop industrial

action. Fair Work Australia had

order an end to work bans but union bosses believe the ruling applies

only to them, not individual nurses

who are likely to continue their campaign.

Our members are taking protecting -

- protected action currently. They

understand that.

Negotiations between the State

Government and the Nursing

Federation continued this afternoon.

Nurses will meet again on Monday to

decide their next step. Let's look

at the Sports Tonight -- sports

tonight headlines with Rob Canning.

America is still in control of The

Presidents Cup golf.

Yes. The weather was bleak and so

is the International's outlook at the moment. We the moment. We will cross to Ian

Cohen who is at the course. We'll

go there live. The Americans led

overnight, and they extended that

lead in the morning in the wet and

windy Royal Melbourne conditions.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, my! Baby! What a shot!

Beautiful shot. We'll bring you up-

to-date a little later. After a

great start by Australia great start by Australia on day 2

of the second Test against South

Africa in Johannesburg, the

visitors crumbled losing 10 wickets

for just 1 22 runs. Captain Michael

Clarke feeling the pain on and off

the pitch. COMMENTATOR: Some would

dare to say bullseye.

We will tell you who mief saved

their test career 'Who Wants To Be

A Millionaire' -- who may have saved their test

saved their test -- who may have

saved their career 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' may have played

their last. We check on the Four

Nations and our man Brett Mason is

over it. That and more later on.

Thank you. See you shortly.

Joining us for an update on the

weather details now. How did your

capital cities shape up today?

An amazing day right around the

country. We have seen fog along

some beaches, massive temperature drops.

drops. Straight into it. Brisbane

reaching a high of 29 today. It was day

day 19 of no rain. As of 9am this

morning, the city has equalled it

1914 record for the driest start to

November. Also warmed drbgdrbg warm

to hot across -- also warm to hot

across Sydney. If anyone went to

the beaches they would have greeted

by sea fog. It forms when you get

humid air over a colder body of

water. It condenses the air. We see

this as water drop lets and it

forms cloud and fog. This doesn't

happen often because we don't have the

the water cold enough to condense

the air above it but this time the

water was cold enough. We have this

very cold long of -- tongue of

water on the shore line. It was a

very interesting day for Sydney

siders. Canberra, no fog but very

hot, 33. Winds getting over 50km/hr.

Melbourne only 22 degrees day. Millimetres

Millimetres nor The Presidents Cup

and the rain is still going.

Adelaide, 14 degrees colder than

yesterday with 23. We saw some

isolated showers around. The rest of the nation,

of the nation, Hobart saw a top of

21 today. Perth, 25 was the maximum

and in Darwin a maximum of 32.

Overall, some very interesting

conditions across the country. The

rain across areas of Victoria will

move into a north-easterly

direction towards NSW. Sydney

siders in for a cool change. I'll

have the details on that shortly. have the details on that shortly.

Thank you. Hundreds of school

children have battled it out at the

Queensland round of an international Lego tournament and

they impressed, creating working

robots. -- robots out of 'The Block's.

Three, two, one! In

In the time the Lego robots grabbed

the Lego car, 880 more blocks were

made. The company produces made. The company produces 19

billion every year and they're not

what they used to be.

The technology is amazing and we're

seeing a small part of that today.

Now they can come with a power

source and soft wear, and teach

problem solving, team work and

patience even when the robots don't

collect all the objects.

Don't do exactly as we planned it

but I'm not completely devastated

and we can try again. 300 students and we can try again. 300 students

worked the robots over three rounds

organised by a group called First

encouraging children into science.

The organisers call this an event

rather than a competition but

there's a fair bit of rivalry and

angst about it.

We'll try and figure something out

before ke can think of something

like a team would. The Chinese did

their home work earlier with fancy

attachments helping them.

We have seen a lot of good things

and we use it in our robots.

The better teams will compete in a

weeks. national event in Sydney in two

Very Very competitive.

Possibly. A time to add to your collection.

Next in Ten News - the world

downplaying racism. downplaying football boss apologises for

Also - investigators re-excel a

Hollywood mystery t death of

actress Natalie Wood.

And - 'putin' in the nets, the

skills. Russian PM shows off his hockey

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Julia Gillard says good-bye greens,

hello marines. Has the Prime

Minister lurched to the right?

10am Sunday on ten.

30 years after 30 years after she drowned,

homicide detectives have re-opened

an investigation into the death of

Hollywood actress Natalie Wood. The

boat's captain now says he lied to

police and Wood's husband, Robert

Wagner, is responsible. She was Hollywood royalty.

pretty. (Sings) # I feel pretty, oh, so

drowning, an accident. Whose death was ruled a tragic

drowning, an accident. Three

decades on there's a twist.

I did lie on a report years ago.

What did you lie about then? It

It was just a - I made a - I made

truth. mistakes by not telling the honest

Dennis Davern captained the boat

the day Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner

and friend Christopher Walken went

sailing. They dined and drapg and

drank. What he didn't tell police

fought then, he says, is Wood and Wagner

fought before she disappeared.

Well, you know, let's turn on the

search light to see if we can see

her, and he said, "No, we don't

want to do that right now."

He says the actor waits hours

before calling for help. They told

police she fell overboard.

If all the stories are the same,

there's really not too much to

investigate. Davern's latest

account has twiged other source's -

- sources' memory fluff, say

homicide detectives, to reopen the

No. case. Is Robert Wagner a suspect?

Robert Wagner says she supports

this latest investigation but

implied the captain cares less

about his conscience and more about

cashing in on the 30th anniversary

of this tragedy. Police will of this tragedy. Police will begin

give reinterviewing witnesses hoping to

give her family the truth.

I just wanna know once and for all.

rest. And lay this Hollywood mystery to

Hundreds have gathered to mark the

one year anniversary of the Pike

River mine disaster in New Zealand.

including two Australians. 29 miners died in the blast,


They came in their thousands, a

tight nit community united by grief and memories.

Losing a loved one is a terrible

burden to bear. A part of you is

gone and cannot be replaced. It is

a slow and lonely road to recovery,

personal and sometimes timeless.

At the front one table adorned At the front one table adorned with

objects held dear, a reminder of 29

souls forever lost to these distant hills.

Whatever happens here, we're gonna

McReight till the end till we get

the guys out. We need the

today. community's help and I ask for it

It is quite unbelievable that after

12 months very little effort has

gone into recovering the 29 men.

While a comparatively huge amount

of resource has gone into looking

after the interests of those with a financial

financial stake in the mine. The

day started early with the families

away from the media glare, a

private trip to the mine following by

by a family gathering to open this

plaque and garden on a site gifted

to the families by a local farmer

within view of the ranges and the

Pike River mine.

Do something, Lord God, and use

your powerful arm to help those in

need. (Sings) # God of nations.

supported. It was a show of solidarity all

A day like this where we can show

our support is very important.

And as if a reminder were needed

this is a community where mining

the flows through its vein -- veins,

the symbolic transfer of coal to a

truck, signifying the release of

pain and strength to move forward.

Tens of thousands of people have

again taken to Cairo's Tahrir

Square nine months after President

Mubarak was overthrown. They're

demanding an end to military rule. They're

They're calling on the general to

honour their promise and hand over

power to a care -- over to power to a care -- over to a

caretaker civilian government after

elections later this month. FIFA

president has -- the FIFA president

has apologised but won't resign

after his comments ant football.

David Beckham has describe --

described the comments as Apple.

I'm sorry and I -- "appalling".

I'm sorry and I re-- and I my I'm sorry and I re-- and I my

comments earlier this week resulted

in an unfortunate situation. He's

sorry, but his remarks that racism

could be settled with a handshake

caused outrage throughout football.

I think the comments were appalling.

I think a lot of people have said

that. I don't think the comments

were very, you know, very good for

this game.

While the FIFA president is sorry, he

he isn't going anywhere.

I cannot resign. Why should I

resign? When you are faced with a

problem you have to solve the

problem and to go out and to leave

the organisation, this would be unfair.

But many want Blatter out. The CPR

manager is calling for a more

radical approach.

I'd like to say who's going to sack

this guy? I don't see anybody doing that. I think the

that. I think the only way we could

get him out of the situation he's

this is if every black player in

the country, not just our country,

every country, refused to play in

the next international game.

Tonight another reminder of race

frp in football, a fine after abuse

from fans. Sepp Blatter may not

have gone, but racism remains in the the game.

the game. Russia's -- Russia's

thrill-seeking Prime Minister has

shown off his ice hockey skills.

Vladimir Putin invited the cameras

to catch his athleticism. He was on

the ice for about 40 minutes. His

team mates set up a few scoring

opportunities. He shows no signs of slowing

slowing down. He plans to run for President next year. He loves He loves the publicity.

He absolutely does.

Still to come - how the Gold Coast

is preparing for the Commonwealth Games.

And - dressed for success, helping

unemployed women back into the workforce.

Forgot the handbrake. Aarggh! SONG: # Baby, come back # You can blame it all on me # I was wrong... # Yeah! # And I just can't live without you... # (ENGINE STARTS)


Tonight's headlines on Ten News - a

35-year-old male nurse is in

custody on five counts of murder,

accused of starting a nursing home blaze

blaze in Sydney east -- Sydney --

Sydney's north-west yes.

The Prime Minister has visited to

site of the 2002 bombings and --

bombings and laid a wreath to

member its victims. And the so-

called Toolies have made life tough for

for police on the Gold Coast. There

have been 29 arrests, none of them school school leavers.

Finding a job takes more than just

a good CV. Suitable clothes for a good CV. Suitable clothes for

interviews can make the process too

expensive for some, so one

organisation has stepped up to help

women get dressed for success.

Reentering the workforce after

having two children was a big step

for this woman. When the 47-year-

old lost her job courtesy of the

global financial crisis, it hit hard.

I felt that I was old. I felt that

I didn't have I didn't have enough skills. I felt

- I started to feel unemployable.

While completing a self-employment

course, she saw a flyer forfeited

for work a not for profit organisation which helps

disadvantaged women find a job

including single mums, refugees and former prisoners.

For those women getting a job is

their path way of exiting

homelessness or poverty. 75% of the women who

women who go through this service,

within three months get work. The

women are given a personally fitted interview outfit.

Soft, feminine but still taylored and sharp for business.

They're provided with work

experience and job seeking tips

Absolute change in their deenee --

demeanour and self-confidence.

For this woman it's done the trick.

Since starting with them two years

ago, she's earned a business

administration certificate and is

running her own soft wear company. Bit

Bit of a turning point. She said,

"You look fantastic. You have to

look confident and you'll stphrie."

We had a -- you'll fly." I cried.

They refly -- rehype on donations

and proceeds in its boutique. Preparations

Preparations are in full swing on

the Gold Coast to make the tourist

strip Games-ready for 2018. In

seven years, the city of just half

a million people will swell past

capacity for the biggest international

international event in its history.

Sarah Best has gone on assignment

to see how they're preparing.

The Gold Coast, blue skies, pristine

pristine beaches and now. The

The host for the 2018 Commonwealth

games will be the Gold Coast.


Over the next seven years, the

Queensland Government will spend

half a billion dollars on new

infrastructure in the hope of a $2

billion return. But.

When do you decide there isen

economic impact? Many of economic impact? Many of the

economic impact studies are done

pre-the games and so there's a

question about what is the actual

long-term -- long-term benefit. In

1928 it worked for Brisbane.

No-one knew much about Brisbane but

we put on such a great show that

after that we could put on Expo 88

t bid for the 1992 Olympics.

But that was 29 years ago, when the Commonwealth Commonwealth was still Commonwealth was still widely considered relevant.

I think sometimes because it's not

the absolute best competition in the

the world and some of the the

sports, people tend to downgrade it.

The games association is now

considering introducing new sports

like BMX and beach volleyball to

attract more young people.

There is an acceptance the qel

games needs to keep up with the games.

-- rpblgts -- that the -- rpblgts -- that the Commonwealth

heedz to keep up --

That the Commonwealth Games need to

keep up with the games.

There's worries about sponsors and their

their ratings. Host networks for

the deli games attracted half their

expected audience. The security was

so intense there was no fun.

Experts believe the Gold Coast will

turn that around. The Commonwealth

Games is a wonderful opportunity

for emerging athletes, for small

nations, for Commonwealth sports

like lawn bowls or netball or rugby

sevens to strut their stuff on the world stage.

And reap the benefits long-term.

Stay with us, weather and sport in

just a moment on ten new, and still

to come - the top-shelf thief, a

burglar with a taste for fine wine

targets an Adelaide home.

The latest details now from Rose.

How are we looking for the rest of

the week?

It will get wet across areas of

country particularly for Brisbane

or Sydney. For Brisbane this will

be a big deal because so many days

-- because there have been a lot of

days straight with no rain. Firstly,

how the capital cities shaped up.

Brisbane saw as top of 29 degrees

19 days in a row of no rain. Sydney,

very warm. But our waters are a lot

colder than normal. It forced the

air to condense and form into sea

fog. I think Sydney siders would

have been surprised to see that.

Across the south, a few showers

across Melbourne. They're still

going. Also, much colder than

yesterday and Adelaide 14 degrees coaler than yesterday, coaler than yesterday, today only

reach a -- reaching a high of 223 -

- 23. Satellite, a big band of

cloud. Here we're seeing a trough

and a cold front deliver rain and

thunderstorms as well as a cooler

change and clusters of clouds in

the tropics delivering showers and

thunderstorms. That trough and

front are moving in an north-

easterly direction that. Will

spread a cool change across NSW.

The capital cities tomorrow:

It will be the driest start to November on record.

It's not going to be a beautiful

day. The morning, cloudy and muggy.

The late morning and early

afternoon we'll see showers and

storms developing with a gradual

cool change. Canberra, down to 23,

with scattered showers and storms

until the afternoon. Melbourne, 22

and mostly dry, maybe the ot spit

for the eastern suburbs but most

places won't see anything. For you on Monday:

Perth's temperatures starting to

get very warm. Darwin, afternoon

shower or storm with a maximum of

32. We're going to see wide-spread

showers across Sydney, particularly

Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe more

than 30 millimetres and Brisbane's big

big days will be Wednesday and

Thursday. Guys, I'll have all the

details on that in a comprehensive forecast later.Ment

Look forward to it. Thank you.

Talking about the weather, it's

been causing some problems, Canning,

for The Presidents Cup.

Yes. We could -- Rob Canning, for The Presidents Cup.

Yes. It was wet and windy in

Melbourne. We'll cross there next.

Different conditions but a similar

scene to yesterday with the

Americans still in control. Hunter

Mahan providing one of the shots of

the day. Highlights are coming

right up. If you think golf's tough in

in heavy rain, try drive -- driving

a V. That's next. -- driving

is no doctor but this Aussie bloke

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An Meet the Press, more US military

in Australia, why are we doing it? We

We take on the defence Ministry.

This is the century of the Asia Pacific.

I'm Rob Canning. This is sports

tonight. We are set to a tense

battle on the final day of The

Presidents Cup. Ian Cohen joins us

from Royal Melbourne. I wish I

could be there with you. It looks

so good at the moment.

I'm sure you do. I'm sure you do.

It's -- conditions one day here,

and the next day it is raining cats

and dogs. There has been some hardy

souls on the golf course and the crowd

crowd numbers have been down but

there have been brave punters who

have had the wet weather on. Having a

a look at some of the scores,

because we've had a bit of a fight

back from the International and the South

South Africans got the job done.

They finished first T Koreans have done

done very well but they're having a

fight back from a tough position

because they trailed 11 -- 11 and

six after the morning session six after the morning session S you

can see some progresses -- progress

score there is in action. We've had

two lots of five groupings, some of

which are on the course. Let's see

how the day unfolded.

From temperatures to persistent

rain, the cool change brought

another cold exchanges between Tiger

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams, and

again Woods struggled on the greens.

COMMENTATOR: Shouldn't miss, and does.

But Hunter Mahan had no trouble

producing this eeing m and the

first highlight -- eagle and the first

first highlight of the day.

Oh, my.

Robert Allenby was given a tough

task. Dustin Johnson increasing the

degree of difficulty for Woods.

We know Tiger Woods is the great

improviser of shots but has he

played one from there?

Ryo Ishikawa got the point for the

International while Tiger broke

through, scoring for the first time

in this tournament. A brilliant

putt by Phil Mickelson giving the

Americans an 11-6 lead to close the morning session.

Hello. Oh, my goodness.

That shot set the tone of the

afternoon, the players putting on a

clinic, enjoying a break in the

rain. Their long-range putts

dropping where they hadn't for the past two days.

Left to right at the hole. Please!

KJ Choi marked -- got the crowd's attention.

Oh yes. Steely eyes.

And Tiger made peace with his

putter for a much-needed birdie on the 10th.

He finally made one. But Johnson

But Johnson lost his way, firing

off a wayward tee shot and picking

out one unlucky dwrb -- - unlucky gallery gallery member.

The American charge beginning to

waiveer as the Internationals

launched a promising fight back.

Yes, great putt.

With the weather quickly turning, Schwartzel

Schwartzel tried to hitch a ride on

a golf cart.

Might be in the back. Just keep

driving -- driving.

Closing in on points, the

International were teased by the Greens. Oh, yes, please.

They got there eventually, handing

Watson and Simpson their first loss of

of the week. You can

You can see the South Africans had

a tough job and they managed to do

it, thank you. As for Goosen and Schwartzel, they were completely

over the moon with getting one back

for the Internationals.

Played solid in the first few holes

and got up early on and got spooked,

or I got spooked in the last few

holes, but luckily finished it off.

It's close and we needed a point.

Every point at this stage is very important.

Tomorrow we'll go back to singles

plays. We'll have 12 different

pairings in about an hour's time

inside the Royal Melbourne the two

team captain also decide on the

pairings and it will go down to the

wire. Who know sort of conditions

we could have tomorrow. It could be

a typhoon, you never know.

You need to get a hammer and wood

and build yourself an arbg. You may need need it. --

I could find a couple of animals,


Thanks for that. Cricket, after 154

test matches Ricky Ponting's career could

could be days away from ending with

the former Australian skipper

failing again with the bat in the

second Test in Johannesburg. The

36-year-old has scored just one

century in his last 42 test innings.

Ricky Ponting made another duck as

the Australian middle order wilted

yet again. A dominant opening stand

was wasted. Watson shock off

hamstring complaint to muscle in on

the Proteas.

COMMENTATOR: Pulled away very well.

Hughes cashed in as well. And

despite the odd concern, and one

sharp chance that went begging.

Oh, dear! It was in and out.

The Australian Openers dominated

the morning session, a century

stags and personal milestones --

stand and personal milestones.

That's a beautiful sort of block.

The partnership, 169 when they walked

walked off for lunch. Then it all went wrong.

Edged and terrific stuff.

Hughes fell for 88, Watson went on

the same school.

There's a man out there. What a

catch! What a fantastic -- fantastic catch.

Ricky Ponting's lean trot continued.

Oh, that looks out. Yes! He's done it.

Out in familiar fashion,

Out in familiar fashion, a third

ball duck, again Dale Steyn got his

man. He pinned Clarke as well.

The umm -- umpire Bowden and

teammates laughing at the skipper's

expense. This didn't help his Hugh

moufrplt no captain's rescue act --

Hughes -- that didn't help his

humour. No captain's rescue act.

Out. Dale Steyn. He's pumped.

Another failure from Haddin and a

double strike from ha -- Tahir. That's him.

Johnson's hard hitting unbeaten 38

got Australia to a first innings

lead but it's only slim. The hosts are are right back in the contest.

Ryan Harris is concerned he may

never wear the baggy green again.

The 32-year-old left the Australian

team in South Africa because of a -

- because of a mystery hip

complaint after a solid performance

in the first test. He's worried

sitting out the second Test may

mean he'll never play another.

I'm aiming to be playing in

Brisbane if picked again. It will

be hard to get back in the side now.

I've obviously - Cummins has played

and done pretty well. He should be

well. Harris is likely to have more

scans in Melbourne tomorrow.

Australia is one win away from

reclaiming the Four Nations rugby

league Crown. They face England

tomorrow morning and a -- and are

taking a relaxed approach into the

decider. A final Kangaroos training session session more

session more like a walk in the

park. Touchy about their turf,

green keepers have banned running on the lawn.

I know the curator is a bit touchy

about his grass. It's in pretty

good nick so I can't blame him.

Australia hoping to raise the

intensity and repeat their last

Four Nations win at the same

stadium against the same opponents

two years ago.

We know what to expect. It's who

executes it best. The Australians

weakened by Billy Slater and

weighed down by expectations of a

big win to send off their captain

and the most successful player in

Four Nations history.

Everyone's looking forward to

having a beer with aim after the

game. But it's not about Darren,

it's about winning it for the team.

Not talked about it once. For them

- it will be a big game but we're

not cans trait -- concentrating on that.

This man several current and former

NRL stars -- stars named in the

side, the kiwi out for revenge

after being dropped from West

Tigers by their coach.

I think he's helped out their side

out. He's very sharp, has a lot of

speed and is quite smart with the

football. The Kangaroos football. The Kangaroos are

expecting a rowdy reception when

they run out here in a few hours

time. They'll play in front of a

record crowd of more than 34,000

fans. The skippers' parents among

the small but devoted green and gold army.

Robbie Deans expects his Wallabies

to put on a show in their 2-game

tour of the United Kingdom. That would

would be nice. The team face would be nice. The team face ta

Barbarians in Wale -- and Wales

over the next three weeks and plan

on returning undefeated. A quick

snack before heading out for the

tour. Only this -- on this trip

only one result will be tolerated.

We're looking for two wins. With

the World Cup finishing a month ago,

the timing and necessity of the

tour has been brought into question.

The coach insists his boys... The coach insists his boys... Are

ready to go. ready to go.

There has been a lot of talk about

the length of the year and do we

need these fixtures but I think if

you put that question to the

players they'd prefer to play a

couple of games and train for a

couple of weeks. The wall Louise

have been forced to rearrange

things with Berrick Barnes and

James O'Connor to cover Quade

Cooper and McCabe. Carved up in his last

last start against Wales in the World

World Cup play off, the Welsh want


They'll be pumped up with the way

their side went in the World Cup

and Shane Williams is playing his

last match. They play the

Barbarians next weekend and Wales in Cardiff later.

Expect to put on a good show. Motor

Motor sport, Rick Kelly has taken

out an action-packed race one at at

-- at a wet Sandown but Lowndes

with an incredible drive starting

from the last row of the grid to

finish sixth. No surprise, Rick

Kelly started from poll. What was a

sur -- pole. What was a surprise,

Craig Lowndes taking off from 27th

and a terrible start for his teammate.

Whincup, he didn't go anywhere.

But it

But it didn't take the championship

leader long to regain the ground.

Kelly seemed to be doing it easy

with a 3-second lead but then he got sloppy.

Oh, man. How much mud went in the

strong of the thing?

And how much over the track as

there was a lucky escape. The

weather was wreaking havoc. One

driver took a short cut. driver took a short cut.

Found the beach and grass and came

back. And almost left the black

stuff as he struggled with the conditions. He's gone!

While dumb brel was putting his own

spin on Sandown, Lowndes was moving

up 20 places: Greg Murphy wasn't

faring so well as his day came to

an end.

Came over the top. Sorry buys.

After the safety car, Lowndes continued his

continued his amazing race. He was

doing well to avoid cars running

off in front of him twice in the

space of three laps.

Lowndes again faces a -- cops a face

face full of mud.

Nothing was going to stop Kelly.

He's mastered it today.

Very nerve wrackk with all the safety cars. James Courtney was

James Courtney was second with Todd

Kelly -- Kelly third. Joining us is

James Courtney from the Holden

racing team. Second today in those

conditions, that is a great result from yourself.

Yeah. It's fantastic. It's been a

tough year, a long time since we

were on the podiums, in February.

It's a long time coming.

Unfortunately these two cars were

pret -- pretty quick and Rick

finished in front of us.

You said it's been a tough year,

what's gone wrong and why are you

now getting it together?

Everything that could go wrong --

has gone wrong. It's been tough but

since Bathurst had good car speed

and had little things go wrong,

with the safety cars and stacks.

Today was pretty clean race for us.

We got through, but Rick had a

little too much at the end. We'll

We'll -- have you -- we'll let you

look at tomorrow and more

importantly the weather you may encounter.

Tomorrow's not supposed to be as

bad. It's going to be interesting.

It's probably going to be a little

dryer so the situation's going to

be quite different. The car set ups

will be different. Everyone's going

to be watching the radars a lot

tomorrow and we'll see what happens.

You're obviously sporting a

Movember moustache. Who has the worst

worst one in the grid?

I think I probably do. My wife is

so angry with me, but it's a --

it's for a great cause and only

have a couple of weeks to go. I

think by 30 November it will be

pretty bad. We can't argue with you.

You look like goose from top gun.

Thanks for your time. Good luck

tomorrow and speak to you soon. Thanks. The Thanks. The A-league. Wellington Pheonix

and Adelaide united played out a

one all draw at the home of kiwi

rugby this afternoon. United's

player making the most of one of

the few surges forward just before

half time. The Reds looked to be

cruising to victory, control --

controlling most of the second half

possession before the 20,000 home

plus crowd was brought to life. With With a With a little help from Adelaide.

The goal on 83 minutes ensured the

home side got a draw but Adelaide

remains above them on the table.

Basketball, the Melbourne Tigers

produced a stunning come back to

beat Perth 87-82. This was a crazy

game T wild cats had a 21-point

lead in the second quarter and were lead in the second quarter and were

on target to win but 23 points from

im port Ayinde Ubaka, got their way

back into st contest before Ronald

Dorsey broke the game open in a thrilling final series.

They're hot at the moment, it's the

Tigers' 6th win in eight games

keeping them on top of the ladder. Three

Three former college teammates will rejoin

rejoin on the court tonight. The

only thing is they won't be playing

on the same team -- team. The

Tigers played a laid and while it

is the top against the bottom, --

bragging rights are on the line.

The NBL is celebrating its heritage

this weekend. Tonight will be a

blast from the past for Adelaide

import Diamon Simpson. He's facing

a former college team

a former college team mate now

Melbourne Tigers Mills.

He went to the draft when I

graduated college. Those two years were fun.

Mills played two seasons at St

Marys before drafted to the flfplt

BL. He'll be gailed by Lucas Walken,

both looking forward to the reunion. It's

It's going to be fun, bringing back the

the memories. Looking forward to it. Mills

Mills was a second round draft pick

for Portland Trailblazers. Simpson

played his senior year at St Marys.

Got a lot of good memories, been

through a lot of wars together.

Simpson has been tough on the

forwards for the 36ers, averaging

the fourth most rebound -- rebounds

and he wants to continue to make

his presence felt.

There has been some chater I'm

hearing, not allowed to say from, who

who clatter about Patty coming in

and killing us but I'm going to get

him really har. You can tell him

I'd -- hard. You can tell him I

said that.

He's aware of that.

He says its all the time.

They'll honour a previous winning

team. That is the sports news for

today. The scenes in the V8 race,

chaotic and not too dissimilar from

Tarsh leaving the building. You know it.

That's a bit harsh. Iestkpwhrrb

I'm on a thin line but don't they

call you eBay because and because

you've taken so many hits.

Possibly. Today's headlines when

Ten News returns, plus - Accused

Accused con man Peter Foster to

spend another four days in jail.

And - the Adelaide thief with a taste for fine wine. There are plenty of nasties out there that are bad for your teeth.

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Tonight's top stories on Ten News -

is five counts of murder, a male nurse

the is in custody accused of starting

the deadly nursing home blaze in Sydney's north-west.

Julia Gillard has taken time out

from the East Asia Summit to lay a

wreath at the memorial honouring

bombing. the victims of the 2002 Bali

And - trouble in paradise, police

are already making arrests at the

schoolies on the Gold Coast, but as

usual the majority of them are --

aren't school leavers.

Gold Coast business men Peter

Foster will spend the next four

days in prison awaiting a hearing

in the Federal Court. Detectives

arrested Foster at his mother's hospital

hospital bed side yesterday morning

on contempt of court warrants. The

consumer watchdog launched legal

action in July against SensaSlim,

which Foster was involved with,

over false claims made in its --

its advertisements. Foster will be

held in custody until Tuesday. A

senior barrister will be flown to

the Gold Coast to appear for the

prosecution. Thieves with a taste

for an expensive drop have robbed

an Adelaide woman of her prized

Penfold Grange wines. The three

cases have an estimated value of

$50,000 and could be destined for

the Chinese black mark. -- market.

A house in Adelaide's eastern

suburbs hid a $350,000 secret. 36

bottles -- $50,000. Thieves emptied

out the cellar, -- cellar while the

owner was at work. She was too

distraught to speak to Ten News.

Neighbours were surprised the wines were targeted. were targeted.

That would be some sort of

Detectives speciality.

Detectives searched the property

for clues and spoke to nearby residents.

happen. Dreadful. A terrible thing to

Some suggesting it could be the

same people responsible for a

recent crime spree in the usually quiet suburb.

I've been spoken -- broken into

four times and lost over $30,000

worth of gear. Where the wines will

end up next is anyone's guest. Some end up next is anyone's guest. Some

wine makers suspect they'll be

black market. easily disposed of on the Chinese

I don't think that every box of

wine would be opened that entered

China. I'm sure there's ways they

can manipulate the system. Kevin

Rudd's daughter has launch --

launched her second book imTateing

political life. One of the key

characters of her first book helped

an opposition

an opposition to power. Now the

character juggles her private life

the know. while helping a Prime Minister on

Government's hard. Of course it's

hard. It should be hard. You're

running the country. It was

launched to help Kate Jones with

her campaign against Liberal

National Party leader Campbell

national Newman. Australia has a new

national champion for prawn wonton

eating. American Tim Janus upstaged

the current world champion to claim

the title by scoffing 310 wontons

in just eight minutes. He revealed

his secret weapon is a dash of

stomach. lemon cordial to help settle the


Refreshs you, you know, I always

love to have it with me. The winner

has eyes for the world championship

in Thailand next year.

in Thailand next year.

I find that a bit hard to swallow.

Ore e daerbgs. Coming up next, we look --

Oh, dear.

Coming up next, we look at the

health of a nation.

Including a revolution in the

treatment of heart disease.

VOICEOVER: Romeo wants Juliet. Juliet wants Romeo. It's an old story with a twist. and a Same Day Personal Loan Enter Commonwealth bankers sooner than imagined. that brings them together Happiness.

A breakthrough in heart disease

health treatment headlines our look at the

health of the nation. Here's

details. Here's Sheryl Taylor with the

Blocked heart arteries a leading killer in our community but

Australian doctors are trialling

what they call one of to most

a exciting treatments ever made. It's

a revolutionary stent that

dissolves once it's done its job.

Everyday in Australian hospitals

thousands of deadly heart

attackingss -- attacks are

prevented by inserting stepblts

into blocked heart art -- stents

into blocked heart -- heart The arteries.