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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Israel's bloodiest day - a barrage of deadly attacks. Hezbollah rockets unleashing

after emergency brain surgery. Steve Waugh's wife fights for life

And signs of an early election unveils a new-look line-up. as the Beattie Government Ten News with Kathryn Robinson.

along with at least three civilians 12 Israeli soldiers have died in Hezbollah's deadliest attack yet. from Hezbollah. The north of Israel cannot escape right in the heart of Haifa. Tonight, the militia's rockets landed Israeli strikes against Hezbollah. This, despite 26 straight days of near the border Earlier, on a hill-top

a single Hezbollah rocket than ever before. killed more Israelis in one strike outsider their make-shift base The rocket hit a group of soldiers in this small village. what happened today, It makes us more determined,

from the border. that Hezbollah must be removed It was a very bad misfortune for us of this war. but it didn't change the target

it has to keep fighting. Tonight this country will feel on Lebanon, Israel has continued its attacks in fresh rocket strikes. killing at least 19 civilians Beirut's southern suburbs The military pounded and the port city of Tyre. reject a draft UN peace plan It come as senior Lebanese officials an immediate cease-fire. because it doesn't call for in Lebanon since the conflict began. More than 750 people have been killed The United States says

towards stopping the violence. the UN resolution is the first step the Israeli action Meantime, protests against are spreading around the globe, in the Indonesian capital. with more than 2,000 people rallying American Embassy carrying banners The protesters marched on the calling for an end to the fighting into withdrawing from Lebanon. and for America to pressure Israel the embassy during the rally Hundreds of police surrounded

daily event in Jakarta. which has become an almost is fighting for his life An Australian security contractor beside him north-east of Baghdad after a roadside bomb exploded last Thursday, killing two Iraqis. was evacuated to Germany The 34-year-old Victorian man with burns to 90% of his body. to be by his side. His partner has rushed Steve Waugh is recovering in hospital The wife of former cricket captain brain surgery. after undergoing emergency Prince of Wales Hospital. Ten's Evan Batten is outside Sydney's

For if I am told the secretary For if I am told the secretary went

very well end she is recovering very

well. She has progressed up very

well. She underwent brain surgery to well. She underwent brain surgery

have the blood clot removed from her

brain. Not much is coming brain. Not much his card information

is coming Ford. There is a simple

statement been released that she is

expected to make a full recovery.

That is the great news I can share

with you at the moment. The Canberra for a brainstorming session Coalition MPs are gathering in the Federal Government. on problems facing the soaring cost of petrol. Top of the list -

As Coalition MPs returned to Canberra was troubling the voters. they had no doubt that petrol at the moment. It's the number one barbecue-stopper Fuel has been a big issue out there. we come up with solutions. We have to make sure too much for petrol, And if you think you're paying living in the Torres Strait. spare a thought for Australians We have people up there paying well in excess of $3 a litre for fuel already. any immediate cut in excise John Howard has ruled out and he's predicted

$1.20 a litre eventually. fuel prices could drop back to around anything about petrol John Howard says he can't do

his own tank yet, I'm sure if he had to fill

to do something about it. he'd be moving very quickly thinking on the future cost of oil. Labor also accuses the PM of wishful when it comes to petrol prices. You can't trust John Howard his fingers and hope for the best. His policy is simply to cross

A special party room meeting this afternoon a free-for-all opportunity is aimed at giving Coalition MPs to give the Government new direction. more focus on alternative fuels, The petrol pinch is producing including ethanol, and more powers for the ACCC and Trade Practices Act. at the petrol pump any time soon - But don't expect relief can be summarised simply. Labor thinks voters' concerns

wages and penalty rates down. Interest rates up, petrol prices up, That's what they are saying. While one Coalition frontbencher, Malcolm Turnbull, former merchant banker has been overhyped. thinks the interest rate issue has been over-dramatised. I think the interest rate hike Greg Turnbull, Ten News. in Queensland Parliament Dramatic developments with Premier Beattie announcing

the Water Ministry. he'll formally take over There will be a minor reshuffle at the next election. with more ministers set to quit Cathy Border joins us. Ten's State political reporter Cathy, why is the Premier personally taking over the water issue?

her least half a oath both were of

this is a key tactic he has used

before. Oath that he would therefore

be more changes again another tactic

the Premier used before the last

election. The current Speaker is

going, the sports minister it is

going end the former health going end the former health minister

it is under investigation under -

over a controversial health deal. I

asked the premier after his visit to

Government House if he will be

there tomorrow. Government House if he will be back

No, it will not and it makes sense that, a water crisis bearing in mind we have and the worst drought on record, that as Premier I will take responsibility for it

which is what I will do. there tomorrow. Enter oath here he

what is happening with the emergency

declaration with water? They are

discussing it right now. It is

unusual that is will be used for

water this time around. They would water this time around. They

discuss a time frame for when that

water infrastructure chemise to be water infrastructure chemise

built by. That will mean more of a built by. That will mean more

row with the crap Queen saying Nears.

They have been at loggerheads

already. With a Queensland goes to

remains to be the polls sooner rather than later it the polls sooner rather than later

Patton have arrived in Norfolk Island The parents of Sydney woman Janelle accused of murdering their daughter. for the committal hearing of the man The case capturing the attention of the entire community -

the first murder on the island in 150 years. Ten's Amber Muir is there.

remains to be seen. Enter a the

family has waited for years for this day. day. An opportunity to front the

meant that merited their daughter.

The place 29 year-old had begun to

call her home. Clinic near was

arrested in New Zealand this arrested in New Zealand this year. A

DNA test place amid the crime scheme

- crime scene. He claims it was an

accident to run her over and not

murder. He may plead guilty to manslaughter. manslaughter. The worst day of wins

to her chest. The brutality of the

killing at odds with there laid-back

lifestyle of the island. The pattern

family told the media they felt

Fourth with apprehension and a sense

of duty to their daughter. We have

mixed emotions coming back to Norfolk

Island. They have been some happy

times here but it is where our

daughter died. The case is expected

to wrung all week. His is going to be

here at great cost for their island.

It could tally up to three-quarters

of a million dollars if it goes to trial. A Melbourne teenager missing for nearly two weeks has been found safe and well. A relieved John and Linda Birtwhistle arrived at hospital

after being reunited with their son Glenn. He was found in bushland, in the city's south-east late yesterday after vanishing 12 days ago. He was using his school bag to catch water to drink. That's how he survived the last three or four days. It may have been unlikely that he would've survived the night had he been left there. It's still unclear why he wandered off. He's now recovering from hypothermia. An Aussie sporting hero in hot water over an alleged bar-room brawl.

That story when the morning news returns. And a rare glimpse of history - uncovering mummies from the pharoah era. My world vision is that no child should have to go hungry. Every child should have a chance at happiness.

there are many children living in desperate poverty. to help 10,000 children in urgent need. couldn't have been easier. including country, age, whether I wanted a boy or a girl.

and then did it by credit card over the telephone. We decided to sponsor a child through World Vision but the community, and that was important to us. The price you pay is nothing compared to what you feel inside. When we opened the package from World Vision and saw the little boy that we were sponsoring, it just made us feel great. If you've ever thought about sponsoring a child, Sponsor online at This program is captioned live. A man has been stabbed to death and two others are in hospital after a brawl in Sydney's south-west.

Concerned residents called police to this address in Airds just before 7:00 last night claiming a fight had broken out between three men. When officers arrived, all were suffering serious injuries. They were rushed to nearby hospitals. One of the men died on arrival. And a 32-year-old man has been charged over the stabbing murder of an Israeli man in Sydney.

Police say the suspect, who's also Israeli, turned himself in to police last night. The 36-year-old died after he was stabbed outside this shop in Bondi. Passers-by tried to help the man who lay bleeding on the foot path. He later died in hospital. The suspect will face court later today. 5-time world motorcycle champion Mick Doohan has been charged over a brawl in Darwin. The Gold Coaster allegedly attacked a bouncer as he was leaving the Northern Territory nightclub at the weekend. Police have charged Doohan over the head-butt. He'll face court next week. More than 200 people have been killed and up to 10,000 forced to flee by flash floods in Ethiopia's second largest city.

Heavy rains in and around the city sent swollen rivers over their banks and into the town, sweeping away houses, vehicles and livestock. Roads were washed out leaving residents stranded. Officials say the toll was high because the sudden flood came during the night. A man caught up in the ill-fated Elephant Man drug tests says he'd rather be dead after learning now he has cancer. David Oakley is in the preliminary stages of lymph cancer but has been warned by doctors he faces other diseases, including arthritis. The news comes just five months after the 35-year-old and others were left fighting for their lives after a botched German drug company test in London. He'd taken part in the TeGenero trial to raise money for his wedding. After years of effort, mummies of some ancient pharoahs have gone on display in Cairo. A new, $350 million antiquities hall has been added to the Egyptian Museum to house a unique collection from the warrior pharoahs.

The extra space means many more of the museum's collection of some hundred thousand artefacts will go on display. Ahead - the race for the finals in the NRL and AFL. That's when Ten's Morning news returns. Also a wet and wild Hungarian Grand Prix. It's never been simpler to get started with broadband. That's because Optus is now offering $0 installation, which will save you up to $148. Plans start from just $19.95 per month when combined with an Optus home phone or eligible mobile. Plus, our 30-day trial period means there's no cancellation fee if you decide that broadband is not for you. So, what are you waiting for? Call Optus now on 1800 555 558. CHIMP: Yeah!

This program is captioned live.

In finance news - the Australian share market is stronger. To sport - and Fremantle's premiership odds have been slashed

on the back of last night's impressive 53-point win over Hawthorn. The Dockers equalled the club's greatest winning streak,

with their fifth victory in a row. It's a little slice of Docker history - a fifth straight win. Now finals are not only a reality but this team has set some lofty September expectations.

Slipping over, bounces back. Oh, don't tell me! What a goal that is! We set out from the start of the season that we're looking to make the finals and win a final.

Once again, the serial wrestling Freo boys will be up for some more melee fines.

In other results, Geelong's slim finals hopes remain alive. to Steve Johnson, On the back of four goals

the Cats won for the first time ever at the Gabba. To win six out of eight games at this end of the season is a pretty good achievement, so we go on and play St Kilda and, as the gentlemen said here before, that's another cutthroat game we need to win. If we don't win we probably won't make it. But for the second week in a row Jimmy Bartel is under scrutiny for a crude bump. And bound for the NFL, Sav Rocca booted four majors in the Roos' 19-point win over Port Adelaide. Tim Hodges, Ten News. In rugby league - Brisbane is still third on the ladder despite a worrying fourth consecutive loss. But the Broncos still won't admit they're in a slump.

Four straight defeats, six losses from their last eight matches - not pretty stats. But the Broncos still won't hear anything of that 'S' word. Your definition of a slump and mine are different. So I'm not going to add any more to it. The Broncos concede they're lacking confidence but they're not making any other excuses. We haven't got a big injury toll and I know the players aren't - I don't think they're tired anyway, I think they're pretty fresh. The Raiders putting on six tries against Brisbane to move into the top eight and they're planning to stay there. I've had a gutful of the ficklety and these guys deserve more support. Andrew Johns inspired Newcastle to a 32-18 win over the Roosters and fourth place on the ladder. We're building momentum and that's what we want to do.

And South Sydney's becoming a late-season nuisance, putting a big dent in Penrith's finals hopes. Winger Nathan Merritt scoring a hat-trick for the Bunnies

and going four clear of the at the top of the season try-scoring list. We didn't play with a good amount of enthusiasm and drive and whatever that you should be showing at this time of the year if you want to be in the hunt. Leanne West, Ten News. The top two contenders for the Formula 1 crown failed to finish

on a wet and wild day at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso unable to extend his lead in the driver's championship, while Michael Schumacher collected a solitary point. Once again, Australian Mark Webber failed to finish. Mark Webber's horror year continues. The tyres on his Williams unable to handle the slippery conditions forcing 9th early exit in 13 starts. He wasn't alone though, team-mate Nico Rosberg let down by an electrical fault. COMMENTATOR: Yet another double retirement for the Williams team. The rain causing all sorts of problems out on the track.

No let-up when the weather cleared either. Kimi Raikonnen making a spectacular exit. He just runs smash into the back of Antonio Liuzzi. The debris quickly cleared, before Fernando Alonso's Renault began shedding shrapnel. The world champion out and in danger of losing vital championship points to a surging Michael Schumacher. Realising his opportunity, the German began an aggressive charge for a fourth straight victory. He doesn't make it easy. I'm not sure about that at all. Trying to coax his Ferrari home without changing tyres let Schumacher down with just three laps remaining. That left Jenson Button a clear ride to his breakthrough victory, generating hysteria in the all-British commentary booth. He's done it! Get in there! Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. Australia's Troy Bayliss has stretched his lead in the Superbikes World Championship with yet another victory overnight, this time at the European GP. Bayliss with the maximum points in the first race of the day, leading home Britain's James Toseland with Japanese rider Noriyuki Haga third. The Aussie locked in a gripping battle with Haga in race two, he finished second with another Aussie, Andrew Pitt, third. Another chapter in the amazing career of Tiger Woods - the world's top golfer dominated the field at the Buick Open, becoming the youngest player to reach 50 victories on the US Tour. Former US Open champ Jim Furyk with a late charge, 8 under par for the final round to finish three shots off the pace. Woods, though, unflappable on his victory march in front of a boisterous crowd. COMMENTATOR: That was rather untimely. The world number one home in a stunning 24 under par. A lucky underwater escape for a driver and colleague in the Powerboats British Grand Prix. The 'King of Shaves 50' boat was running second in the race when it rolled at high speed, leaving its passengers to make a hasty escape from the cockpit. Chris Parsonage and James Sheppard managed to free themselves from the wreckage and find fresh air. After a short delay, the race continued without these two rather soggy competitors. And a fiery end to a hydroplane race in Seattle - the driver throwing open the cockpit hatch and escaping as flames engulfed the machine. After seemingly not knowing what to do, he eventually swam away from the burning wreck. He told rescue crews the hydroplane blew a turbine engine as he was heading into the final turn during a qualifying heat. Incredibly, once ashore, he walked away with just a slight limp. I'll be back shortly with a look at the weather around the nation. Our scientific institutes around the world have discovered the power of new Head & Shoulders. Head & Shoulders removes in just one.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Kathryn Robinson. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.