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Australians injured in deadly terrorist attacks in India. Two people killed in a light plane crash south of Perth. Parents fight for child care with hundreds of ABC Learning Centres earmarked for closure. And a woman facing jail over a deadly online bullying rampage.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News with Samantha Armytage. Good afternoon. 87 people have been killed and at least 2 Australians injured as terrorists struck the heart of India's business district. They launched a coordinated wave of bombings and shootings across Mumbai this morning.

Australians locked themselves in their hotels,

fearing for their lives.

The number of people killed is still rising. The still of the night was shattered as terrorists armed with rifles and grenades stormed a restaurant, hospital, train station and 5-star hotels. We heard bomb blasts, we heard gun shots, we heard firing. Australian Steve Smith was enjoying a quiet beer. Two gunmen coming downstairs and threw two grenades into the restaurant

and then opened fire for about 10 minutes with AK-47s. He hid in a storage cupboard. Another explosion's just gone off. Panic gripped the streets. Even the police were rattled - their anti-terror chief and two senior officers were shot dead at the Metro cinema.

Reinforcements arrived as India's Home Minister appealed for calm. Commandos stormed the luxury Taj Hotel using cranes and fire ladders to rescue guests. Then fire engulfed the hotel's upper floors. I've had enough of you guys - move! Britons and Americans were taken hostage or shot on the spot. Others were released. I was just worried. I was just thinking whether I would be able to see my daughter. Australian Phil Sweeney was there with a New South Wales trade delegation. Too scared to use a phone, he sent a text message to Seven News, saying: 87 people have been killed, at least 200 injured, including two Australians. Three suspects were gunned down, nine were arrested. The Deccan Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the attacks, the like of which India has never witnessed before. We've had a series of bombings but these are people who've been armed not only with bombs but with rifles, just sort of going in there and shooting sporadically. The entire Subcontinent was placed on high alert. Australians told to go home if they can and stay away. Whichever group has perpetrated this attack, they are cowards, absolute cowards and murderers.

And if you're concerned about family or friends in Mumbai, you can contact the Department of Foreign Affairs on their emergency hotline: Details are also on the Yahoo!7 website. Thousands of tourists, including Australians are still trapped in Thailand after anti-government protesters forced the closure of Bangkok's second airport.

But most of those stranded in the international terminal did manage to evacuate as the protests turned deadly. Seven's Lisa Gilbert was caught in the chaos and joins me on the phone. Good afternoon, Lisa. Where are you now?

I am in the middle of a 12 hour drive from Bangkok and hopefully I

will fly back overnight. Tourists

are heading to other major centres

to get time. It could take several

days for the airport to reopen. One

political activist was killed

overnight, are you worried about

your safety? Protesters frustrations

are growing and the second airport

is closed. Things can I only get

worse and the further away a and the

better. Anti-government protesters

have called this the final showdown.

Overnight, the Thailand civil court

ordered the protesters be evicted

from the airport. The army will

from the airport. The army will make

that happen. Protesters will not

that happen. Protesters will not

leave without a fight, from what I leave without a fight, from what I hear. And there's a separate number to call if you're concerned about family or friends in Bangkok. You can contact the Department of Foreign Affairs on their emergency hotline:

Details are also on the Yahoo!7 website. Two people have been killed after their plane crashed in a field south of Perth. The light plane clipped trees and crashed, landing on its roof at the Serpentine airstrip near Baldivis. A witness says the single-engine aircraft disintegrated on impact. It's believed to be a homemade plane owned by a local sports club. Eight people have survived an arson attack that gutted their Adelaide home. A teenage boy was taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation after the house went up in flames early this morning. I woke up to my girlfriend's mum screaming and I walked down to the hallway and there was big flames coming down the hallway. Police believe Molotov cocktails sparked the blaze. They're searching for a dark sedan seen speeding away from the scene. A man involved in a violent home invasion in Adelaide has been found dead by police. Officers were called to a Salisbury East home

early this morning after three armed men smashed their way inside. A short time later officers found one of the attackers dead on a nearby footpath. It's not known how he died. Police are still searching for two other men. The owner of the home is recovering in hospital. As many as 30,000 Australian families could be scrambling to find child care into the new year. Nearly 400 ABC Learning Centres face closure because they're no longer financially viable. Seven News reporter Kylie Hodge has been following the story. Sam, parents at the 356 childcare centres - here's what some of them had to say.

Many parents are already looking for

vacancies at some of the other

centres in the area. There is

another centre up the road but it is

another centre up the road but it is

full. We are hearing similar stories full. We are hearing similar stories

are from other people around Australia. I really haven't considered. I'll have to stop working and rearrange things. I don't know how, what we'd do.

The Greens have today called for immediate action from the government to keep the threatened centres running. I'm calling on the minister today to come forward of these parents, to relieve the anxiety of workers in these centres and to offer some solutions. But ABC's receivers are reminding parents there's no certainty those centres will close. The review is still ongoing for ABC parents. I am confident

I am confident the centres will

remain open and we will be looking

for places for all the parents. The for places for all the parents. The

future of 656 656 centres has been

guaranteed so there is some

certainty heading into Christmas. The Rudd Government's flagged major spending in health ahead of this weekend's COAG meeting with State leaders in Canberra. The federal package is expected to be worth more than $10 billion. That looks at investing in all sorts of areas - hospitals, prevention, Indigenous health, improving health outcomes

in areas where we know we have to do better.

Treasurer Wayne Swan will discuss the deal with his State counterparts tomorrow. But the Government's refused to say if the Budget will be forced into deficit. Three teenagers have faced court on the Gold Coast,

charged with bashing and robbing a fellow school leaver. They were among 15 schoolies arrested last night as 3,000 revellers braved the rain to party in Surfers Paradise. Meanwhile, an 18-year-old girl remains in a critical condition

after contracting meningococcal disease during schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast. 13 of her friends have been treated with antibiotics. A woman in the US could be the first in the world to be jailed for cyber-bullying. Lori Drew has been found guilty for her role in an online hoax which led to the suicide of a teenage girl. 13-year-old Megan Meier of St Louis thought she had a budding relationship with a cute teenage boy named Josh Evans through the social networking website MySpace. But their flirtatious exchanges soon turned torturous, with Evans eventually telling Meier the world would be better off without her. Meier, who was being treated for depression, hanged herself in 2006 after receiving the message. In reality, Evans was an imaginary character

made up by 49-year-old Lori Drew of Missouri whose daughter used to be friends with Meier. Federal prosecutors say Drew posed as the boy to find out whether Meier was spreading rumours about her daughter. Today Drew was convicted of three misdemeanour counts of illegally accessing computers by a federal jury in Los Angeles where MySpace is based. She faces up to three years in prison and a $300,000 fine. I think that we made good decisions and what we couldn't make a decision on, you know, we didn't. The 6-man, 6-woman jury could not reach a unanimous verdict on a fourth, more serious count of conspiracy. The US Attorney's Office called Drew's trial the first of its kind in the nation. A fire sprinkler has rained on Kevin Rudd's parade as the Prime Minister opened a military Centre of Excellence in Canberra. Mr Rudd didn't seem worried as the room began to flood but staff insisted the building be evacuated as a precaution. Oh, dear. Excuse me, Prime Minister.

We actually need to evacuate the building. The ceremony went ahead outside. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the Australian War Memorial the Australian War Memorial honours our heroic airmen. The fruit giving pain relief to arthritis sufferers.

And 'QE2' drops anchor at her final destination. Relief for the families of two ANU graduates who escaped major injury .. after deadly attacks in Mumbai. Two men have fronted court after police busted a suspected heroin ring at two houses at Charnwood and Melba.

A court's been told the hearing on a stabbing murder at Charnwood in July .. could take up to four weeks. And the Venue at Erindale's been fined 10 thousand dollars for

you'd have to head down to Tassie for your smoked salmon then all the way north for the best prawns. But that's what we did this year. So the only place you have to go is your local Coles supermarket.

Welcome back. You're watching Seven's 4:30 News. In breaking news, a train has crashed between Cairns and Townsville.

Emergency crews are rushing to the scene. It's feared the train driver is dead, and as many as 80 passengers injured.

as they come to hand. A 24-year-old man has been extradited from Queensland to face charges over a deadly boat crash on Sydney Harbour in May. Percy Small was arrested on the Sunshine Coast yesterday. He's accused of being drunk at the helm of an overloaded runabout that slammed into a fishing trawler, killing six people. It's our hope and prayer that the full truth of whatever has taken place comes to the call. Small's been refused bail and will face a Sydney court tomorrow. A spectacular new light and sound exhibition has been unveiled at the Australian War Memorial. 'Over the Front' tells the story of the young men in the Australian Flying Corps during the First World War. It features five restored fighter planes and a dramatic short film bringing the aircraft back to life.

After watching this aerial combat that Peter Jackson's done for us, I'm pleased I served on the ground, ya just take ya hats off to the courage of those pilots, the men that flew in these aircraft. The exhibition commemorates the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War. There may be another reason

to celebrate cherries coming into season. While most of us just enjoy the taste, a new study's found

the delicious fruit can also bring pain relief for arthritis sufferers. How long is the stiffness in the morning? Kim Adair fights a daily battle with the aches and pains of arthritis. With 10 being the worst, I would say it is about 7 or 8. But she recently found relief in a study at Baylor on the pain-relieving properties of cherries. They have a lot of the same properties

that come in anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen or naproxen will have. Kim took gel caps containing cherry extract. I think about maybe three months, I did not notice any pain at all. Overall, about 5 out of 6 patients did very well in the study. There is another possible benefit to treating pain with cherries.

Many patients like the fact that they are natural and might keep them off prescription painkillers

which can have side-effects. Stomach upsets and stomach ulcers. As soon as the study ended and Kim stopped taking the gel caps, her aches and pains returned. So, these are the ones that are hurting? I would get ready to get out of the car and my husband would say, "Get out of the car." She started eating cherries and drinking cherry juice. There has been a big difference. A larger study is now under way, but Kim is already convinced.

When I am stress-free and pain-free, I am very happy. Cherries, might, at least, control the pain. The ocean liner which began sea trials exactly 40 years ago has reached the end of its last voyage.

'QE2' has docked in Dubai where she'll see out her days as a floating luxury hotel.

It was a final voyage fit for a

queen. The final act for this ship

from the high seas which now takes

its place in history a long way from

home. Her retirement hobby in Dubai

home. Her retirement hobby in Dubai

a harbour. She has many oceans to

cross. It is the end of an era. Simon

Simon was a passenger on the boat.

Surrounded by memorabilia from 35

years of Chris's he says stepping on

years of Chris's he says stepping on

the QE2 is like stepping back in

time. There are other ships, other

time. There are other ships, other

liners around but there would be

never anything like this whatsoever.

never anything like this whatsoever.

Du Ica Tear in your eye? Bode definitely.

definitely. I name this ship Queen

Elizabeth the second. Onboard,

Elizabeth the second. Onboard, glamour and luxury were her

glamour and luxury were her hallmarks. Their wares at he

hallmarks. Their wares at he dancing

and tea-drinking. This odd lady of

the sea has put down her anchor in

Stael, overtaken by time and change.

She has a new client tell to

appreciate her style and luxury but

she is retiring a long way from

those who knew her and loved her in her prime.

Time to check the financial markets with Westpac Global Head of Economics, Bill Evans. Good afternoon. How did the local market finish up today?

The US market was up 2.9% , the

fourth consecutive a rise in the US.

We had not seen a rise since May.

Our market was also up. There was a

Our market was also up. There was a

3.5% jump in energy stocks. The BHP

annual general meeting was today and

the chair Man indicated that if they

had made the merger there would have

been a net debtor has $70 million.

Markets do not like a lot of debt

and BHP have been awarded for

backing away from the

backing away from the transaction. -

rewarded. Woodside benefited from a

rewarded. Woodside benefited from a

7 % jump in crude oil. The

Australian data was surprisingly

good today. A survey of business

investment intentions indicated

investment intentions indicated a

24% jump in business investment. The

24% jump in business investment. The market will be closed at tonight and

we will be spared a night of

catharsis due to the fact

thanksgiving will close the US markets. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll check tomorrow's weather

and see what's making headlines around the country.

It's time for a look at the national weather now, and we're joined by our weatherman David Brown. David. Severe thunderstorms see -

threatened parts of Australia this

afternoon. The storm season has well

and truly arrived. Looking at the

radar, you will notice some big it

radar, you will notice some big it storms. Some severe thunderstorms

storms. Some severe thunderstorms drifting across Melbourne's artery drifting across Melbourne's artery

eastern suburbs. There is also a

storm closing in on Canberra. It

should break in one hour or so. This

is all because of the active trough

which is driving the storms. There

is a big storm in the north-east

corner of South Australia. They

recorded wind gusts of 130

recorded wind gusts of 130 km/h. The

pattern will persist over the next

24 24 or even 48 hours. That's the latest weather, more at 6:00, Sam. Thanks, David. Seven News is coming up in your capital city at 6:00

and these are some of the stories making headlines. Two schools in Brisbane's north-west have been locked down and dozens of students treated by paramedics following a gas leak. Three students and a teacher were taken to hospital suffering breathing difficulties. In Sydney, Australians tell of running for their lives. Seven News talks to the mother of a Sydney woman shot in the leg in the Mumbai terrorist attack. Law student Katie Anstee is undergoing surgery. Her boyfriend was also injured. In Melbourne, the man who's accused Mick Gatto of assault has taken out a restraining order against the underworld figure. But Gatto has told his side of the story, saying the man constantly harasses his ex-wife. In Adelaide, a man's on an ambitious mission to find the missing crew members of HMAS 'Sydney'. He's convinced they're secretly buried on a West Australian beach.

In Perth at 6:00, more on the plane crash that killed two people south of the city. Seven News speaks with a witness who was in another aircraft

when he saw the doomed plane fall from the sky. We'll have those stories and more in State editions of Seven News at 6:00. But that's all from the 4:30 News team for Thursday. We'll leave you now with pictures

of Sydney's wonderful Christmas lights display. Five of the city's buildings have been transformed into a festive centrepiece. I'm Samantha Armytage. Enjoy your evening. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

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