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approaches its destination The Olympic flame after a controversial global journey. The world's biggest ecstasy bust - four tonnes of the illicit drug seized in Australia.

And a win for the Bulldogs in the courts. as they take on Sonny Bill Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. Also tonight, an interest rate cut from one of the banks.

the 08/08/'08 sets a new record. And they're rushing down the aisle -

the Olympic flame is on its final run But heading Ten News, of Beijing, through the crowded streets ahead of the opening ceremony. five hours to cheer it on. Thousands have turned out on the famous Bird's Nest Many more are descending the world has been waiting for. for the event

is in Beijing. Ten reporter Max Futcher

We are ready for the big show. How

is the visibility? It has improved

slowly across the day. It is not

great. It is probably just over one

kilometre visibility in each

direction. If you look down towards

the main stadium, you can the main stadium, you can see an

army of volunteers ready to go into

the Bird's Nest ADM and take up

their positions for the opening

ceremony. Spectators will be

allowed in in about an hour or so.

Volunteers are waiting in heat, and

humidity and smog. They have spent

billions trying to stop the

pollution, but sadly we have this

on the day of the opening ceremony.

the IOC The real sport starts tomorrow, and

danger to athletes. the IOC says the smog is not a

to the Bird's Nest open It's an hour before the gates and already the crowds are swarming, and excitement. filled with nervous energy will have a very good time tonight. I think everyone here But the heavy smog can't be ignored - and all but blocks out the sun. it obscures the scenery

what more they can do. But I don't know This may well be permanent damage. there will be a shower probably, According to the weather forecast,

I think, is good, and outside the air quality, a little bit misty. although it looks

by its appearance. And you cannot judge the air quality We have to trust the scientists. So far, no health problems, tomorrow will be the first test. but the men's cycling road race and keep our fingers crossed We just have to wait

all of the right medical support and make sure we've got along the road. pollution factors and haze factors, If you have a combination of difficult to deal with. it's always going to be of our athletes The wellbeing and health importance. is of first and fundamental athletes to the atmosphere Tonight's ceremony will expose for about six hours. For several reasons, some haven't decided if they'll march.

to be walking around for six hours It's not the smartest thing for me at 7ft and 120 kilos. too excited to worry. The Aussie fans seem I've been saving for four years. I had so much fun in Athens, because I wanted to come to Beijing, I saved my money for four years

and Beijing's better. of down-under came to the Orient. Last night a little piece (ALL SING 'WHAT ABOUT ME?') Fresh-faced Olympic debutants prime ministers past and present, rubbed shoulders with

lifted national pride to new levels. and a pop princess (SINGS 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR') the leader of the Aussie pack, But only one could be anointed the choice was 'oarsome'. and for team-mates Our flag-bearer is James Tomkins. (ALL CHEER) to carry the Australian flag Just incredible pride on behalf of the team, of the athletes, and not just on behalf but on behalf of all Australians. in the capital. Nationalism is nearing boiling point with Chinese from the early hours. This morning, Tiananmen Square filled

for the flag-raising, They came from far-flung provinces

the start of their arrival as a modern power.

is weaving through Beijing The Olympic torch and cheering Chinese, flanked by flags to the giant steel Bird's Nest en route where history awaits.

In that vision of the ceremony last

night, we saw many dignitaries,

including Princes Mary. The

Olympics hold special meaning for

hurricane, because that is where

she met her prince in 2000 at that

night. Sydney pub. We spoke to Mary last

to be part of it all tonight. Describe to us what it's like I must say. It's a very warm feeling, It's quite overwhelming, and are so excited to meet us, all these people are coming up relaxed atmosphere and it's a lovely,

some of the Australian athletes to take a moment to chat with and hear about their expectations

the city and facilities and how they see forward to the competition. and how much they are looking they are excited to see you. You mentioned how Are you excited to see some of them? Absolutely. that I know, I haven't seen any of the athletes obviously, watching their careers, I must say, through television, and that's the way it is. but there are a lot of new faces you really want to meet? Who's the one athlete I'm happy to meet as many as I can. Oh, there's not a particular one.

Security must now be at its

tightest in Beijing, especially

after this new terrorist threat.

That is right. His new video

emerged overnight. It was made by a emerged overnight. It was made by a

Muslim extremist group in China. It

is six minutes long and shows the Olympic

Olympic rings on fire and a graphic

of explosions over a stadium. It of explosions over a stadium. It

also contains a warning from also contains a warning from

Muslims not to take their children

to the games or in transported in

Chinese government. Beijing. That is worrying for the

Chinese government. We saw the

pictures of the prime minister with

the athletes at the flag ceremony.

He took in some of the sides of He took in some of the sides of

Beijing today. The he was on the

streets of Beijing. He went into a

bookshop in Beijing and pours

himself a copy of his own biography

translated into Mandarin. In

mentoring the book is cold Kevin

Rudd, the Australian prime minister Rudd, the Australian prime minister

who speaks Mandarin. He has also

officially met the Chinese

leadership here, as well as a range

of other world leaders who have of other world leaders who have

arrived for the opening ceremony,

among them George W. Bush, Nicolas

Sarkozy from France and Vladimir Sarkozy from France and Vladimir p

to and from Russia. They are all

here for the opening ceremony. It

is just a couple of hours now.

The world's biggest-ever ecstasy bust has happened right here in Australia. Authorities have seized more than four tonnes of the illicit drug and arrested some suspected 'Mr Bigs' of the underworld. What Customs and the AFP found inside this shipment of tomato tins from Italy to Australia last June was until now their best-kept secret - 4.4 tonnes of ecstasy hidden in 3,000 tins - a global drug ring busted. This was a very sophisticated concealment, even to the extent of adding stones to some of the containers so that it was to give them the same weight. Police swooped on the homes of some of the alleged Mr Bigs of the drug world.

Accused organised crime boss Pasquale Barbaro was one of the first scalps. Rob Karam, another accused drug ring leader, was arrested at his home. Raids were carried out on the Griffith properties allegedly linked to the Calabrian Mafia as well as homes across Melbourne, South Australia and Tasmania.

This is part of a global international syndicate. This is a major disruption to transnational organised crime both in this country and abroad. Warrants have been executed in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. It's alleged 150kg of cocaine were seized

from another shipment of coffee beans in the past two weeks. The investigation also smashed a money-laundering operation. International intelligence played a big part in stopping the drugs from leaving these docks. The AFP says the joint operation saved Australia $2 billion of harm. Some of those arrested have already fronted court, with more appearances likely in the coming days. Federal Police say it will take at least six months to prepare their case, with more than 10,000 hours of surveillance and 185,000 telephone intercepts. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Interest rates may finally be moving in the right direction with the ANZ cutting its fixed mortgage interest rates by up to 0.5% The cut came in spite of the bank today telling a parliamentary inquiry on official interest rate cuts, on official interest rate cu

it can't promise to pass on official interest rate cuts, because profits have been hurt badly by the fallout from the US lending crisis.

And the decline in interest income that has resulted over time from competition has not been offset by the rise in mortgage fee income. Most economists expect the Reserve Bank to cut official interest rates next months. A win for the Bulldogs in their pursuit of Sonny Bill Williams, with the Supreme Court banning him from playing for French rugby side Toulon. But, in a surprise twist, the Dogs have revealed their runaway star. they're still paying Sonny Bill Williams was cool, calm and collected as he continued to train with his Toulon team-mates. But back home in Australia, a Supreme Court saga was unfolding. NRL and Bulldogs lawyers successfully sought an order

preventing him from playing football for anybody but the Dogs. It is a victory for the sanctity of the contract. We expect him to comply with the orders of the court. The football superstar was unrepresented in court. The judge was told Williams was training with his new team in France when court papers demanding he return to Australia were thrown over a fence to him. If he fails to return, Williams's Australian assets could be seized. Football players are like ordinary citizens. They are not above the law. Sonny Bill says he had good reason to flee.

It is just a business. They do not

care about me and treat us like cattle. Despite the legal lengths the Bulldogs have gone to, they are still paying the renegade player. Forgiveness is always an option but it will take some time. Meantime, his former team-mates packed their bags for Brisbane. Tomorrow they take on the last-placed Cowboys in a desperate bid to avoid the wooden spoon. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport and a stinging response from the Bulldogs coach to Sonny's Bill's claims. As this saga gets messier, Folkes dropped a bombshell - he says Sonny Bill had a part to play in Willie Mason's controversial exit. Also, Parramatta's coach is in hospital - we'll let you know why if we can. And in a disturbing story, Victorian Police have confirmed racially motivated death threats to a group of AFL players, including Swan Adam Goodes.

The threats were made before the all-star game at the MCG in May this year. Police took the letters seriously and provided protection for Goodes.

The Swans have declined to comment on the incident, but the Adelaide Crows confirmed their player Andrew McLeod received a letter threatening his life. They passed it on to police. And Aussie golfer Adam Scott has trouble with those short putts again at the final major of the year, the US PGA Championship, But we'll show you some long-range beauties. Also, highlights of the Olyroos very good start to their Olympic campaign. A Sydney priest accused of placing a parishioner in a headlock, details after the break. Plus, the fuel-efficient truck that could be music to your ears. And Nicole and Keith catch up with friends and family in Sydney.

RADIO: Coming up to 7:30am... (ALL SPEAK AT ONCE) Have you tried the new McAmerica Bagel? With a lightly toasted bagel, rasher bacon and spicy ketchup, it's a great way to start the day.

This program is captioned live. A Sydney priest has pleaded guilty to assaulting an elderly member of his parish committee by grabbing him around the throat and holding a glass to his neck. The victim told Burwood Local Court that he thought the Greek Orthodox priest was going to kill him. Greek Orthodox priest Father John Grillis has always denied assaulting had always denied assaulting a member of his church committee during a stormy meeting attended by several witnesses in early 2006.

But today his accuser, 70-year-old John Mihalopoulos, demonstrated to the court how Father Grillis attacked him, and holding a glass to his neck. grabbing him in a headlock The meeting, held in the hall behind St Nektarios Church in Burwood,

broke up, with the victim traumatised and unable to sleep for months.

Mr Mihalopoulos said he was still working as a volunteer caretaker at the church

but was afraid of Father Grillis and relived the attack every time he saw him. Police had charged the priest

with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, claiming the victim had been hurt psychologically and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. The priest persisted with his defence despite several members of the church committee attending court to give evidence against him. But this afternoon Father John Grillis changed his plea to guilty to the lesser charge of common assault.

The magistrate found the assault was proven but discharged Father Grillis without conviction, stating the matter was a minor one and the priest was a man of good character. He still faces a second charge of assault after allegedly kicking the caretaker in a dispute over church keys. John Hill, Ten News. A wild brawl on a junior football field has ended in arrests and two teams being booted from the competition. A 17-year-old man was among four people charged by police over the weekend fight involving 80 rugby league players and spectators. Guildford's under-14 and under-15s teams have been suspended for the season. There was some history between two of the players, one from each of the teams that played in the under-15s match on Saturday afternoon.

The teenager was also charged over a spate of robberies around the Guilford train station, which locals describe as a no-go zone at night. Police allege one of the attacks involved 20 gang members. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News: Drivers in Sydney's west are being slugged extra from today, with a 55-cent increase for a trip along the M4. link in the city's toll road system is on the brink of financial ruin. Many motorists agree, the Lane Cove Tunnel is a great road. Problem is, they don't use it. At $2.65 it's one of the cheapest but it's also one link in Sydney's costly motorway network which can be easily avoided.

Definitely too many tollways. Oh, there's too many tolls, yeah. There are calls for all tolls to be capped at a uniform, affordable rate. Others have another fix. The tolls should be abolished. It should be picked up in road tax instead. I think it's wonderful and I don't know why more people don't use it.

Maybe this is why. and it's $4.56 for part of the M7. Head into the city from Doonside

$4.40 for the M2. Lane Cove tunnel That takes you to the $2.65 and finally $3 for the Bridge. It really is time of the whole tolling system. to have an examination using the Lane Cove Tunnel The number of cars has fallen for the past three months but Connector Motorways say put in place for World Youth Day that road closures for the poor July figures. are to blame is half of the original estimate. Daily traffic of 55,000 cars of the Lane Cove Tunnel next week. A foreign backer was to take control has won a reprieve. Connector Motorways

to find a rescue package. It now has until mid-September no blame for the financial mess. The Government, though, takes

own independent traffic modelling The private sector did its when it tendered for this project. and undertook its own due diligence The Minister denies infrastructure failure another privately funded as a bad place for business. would paint NSW

Frank Coletta, Ten News. is getting a green refit, The trucking industry and energy-efficient rigs with the latest hybrid on show in Sydney. The environment isn't the only winner

cheaper fuel bills. with truckies steering towards

on the road It looks like any other truck equivalent of the hybrid Prius car. but the Hino is the 6-tonne diesel engine to power the truck, The electric motor assists the

saving up to 30% in fuel. a month no fuel or diesel. Certain companies are saving $1,000

a new generation of green machines The Hino is leading on display at the Sydney Truck Show. With diesel at $1.80 a litre, is accelerating. interest in efficiency than they were 10 years ago They are 10 times more efficient more efficient in five years time and will be five times than they are today. can get a eco touch-up. Even old trucks has developed an electric motor An Australian company to a standard semi, that can be retrofitted turning it into a hybrid, while Izuzu trucks use a diffuser from exhaust emissions. that cleans the dirty particles If I just grab this white shirt the exhaust system, and hold it up against a few seconds of holding it here, on any other truck after

on the white shirt you would have a black ring for about 10 seconds - but as you can see we've been here

not a mark on it. are eco-friendly. But not all the big rigs here

around a litre of diesel every 2km. This 30-tonne tow truck uses Rolls Royce of trucks in America It's known as the at a cool $1 million. and is priced thinking about buying this truck I don't think anyone who is about the cost of fuel. is going to be too worried Emily Rice, Ten News. have continued their daily vigil Nicole Kidman's family of visiting baby Sunday Rose. inside the Kidman compound today, The one-month-old was kept safely and their mother drove in as Nicole's sister, Antonia, for a lunchtime visit. the house in his heavily tinted car. Keith Urban was the only one to leave

Nicole Kidman was determined Last night from the paparazzi to shield her daughter North Shore house, as she left her sister's a quiet family dinner. where they'd enjoyed

Tim Bailey, it was a nice afternoon.

The power of positive thinking,

everyone. I have been doing it all

week and it is now Friday afternoon.

Some beautiful pictures. This is as

Orange - have a look at this.

Orange - have a look at this.

Orange yesterday and today was only

five degrees. A little bit of rain

- about 5 mm across the catchments

in the last day. Dam levels have

fallen to 66%. Tomorrow - a frosty morning,

morning, it zero at Richmond, tops

of 17 degrees, fine and sunny. Next, Dennis Ferguson to stand trial. a court clears the way for paedophile on a tight budget. And designer labels dollars without breaking the bank. We'll show you how to look a million

This program is captioned live.

Time to check the traffic.

Time to check the traffic. The Lane

Cove tunnel is struggling for cars,

but I think you have found them.

Those travelling on Epping Road - A

frustrating journey. This is people

trying to avoid the tunnel. As you

can see, in both directions it is

shocking. Nothing shocking. Nothing but red lights on shocking. Nothing but red lights on

de left. Those going into the city

via Epping Road and B Lane Cove

Tunnel are in trouble as well. has ruled The Queensland Court of Appeal on a child sex charge. Dennis Ferguson can get a fair trial A judge threw out the case last month negative pre-trial publicity. because of to hand himself in by Tuesday, 60-year-old Ferguson has been ordered or he'll be arrested by police.

a bail application, His lawyers are already drafting late next week. which is expected to be heard for Ferguson's trial. A date is yet to be set stepping down as CEO of the company. Aussie Home Loans boss John Symond is the Aussie stable He plans to build up by acquiring small non-bank lenders since the credit crisis hit. that have struggled to fund loans

He's also taken aim of the home loan market. at the major banks' growing share Aussie Home Loans has $23 billon- worth of loans on its books. Aussie Home Loans has $23 billon here's Cindy Pismiris from BankWest. With the latest finance news left rates unchanged. This week the Reserve Bank

and employment was slightly stronger. Housing finance fell on the slowing of the economy Financial markets are now focusing

of three RBA rate cuts by rear end. and are pricing in the possibility hinted This comes after the Reserve Bank that its next move maybe in easing. that its next move may be an easing. some industry sectors like mining But let's not forget are still showing strength are still showing strength.

for households on Struggle Street All of this should be welcome news in mortgage rates by year end. with a prospect of a cut To today's market:

Next week, some light on its intentions the Reserve Bank should shed of the monetary policy statement. with the release See you then. is set to get a whole lot easier. Looking hot on a budget

to borrow designer labels Soon women will be able

for a fraction of their retail cost. Designer threads - they're the height of fashion but with just one catch. Whoa! But you will wear forever. Yeah, I'd have to.

Does it also somehow open into a small studio apartment? In these tight economic times, having a designer wardrobe on a shoestring budget is nearly impossible. That is, until now. I just thought if I don't do it someone else is going to and I think it's such a great idea. Self-confessed fashionista 25-year-old Serena Ross has designed herself a potential winner with - where women can borrow designer labels for a fraction of their retail cost. And they're all yours for as little as $49 each, delivered straight to your door. It's basically better to spend only $100 on a dress rather than $1,000 on something that you may never wear again and probably can't afford. And straight from the pages of a magazine, Serena's luxury library in Sydney's west carries the cream of Australian designers, from gorgeous evening gowns to sexy cocktail numbers.

I work full-time and I go to TAFE at night but I more spend my money on petrol, living, insurance, everything like that. And I don't get a lot of time to go shopping and buy dresses. So, you may ask, what's in it for the designers

who could be robbed of some immediate sales? Well, they've embraced the concept as a PR vehicle

that can expose their brands to a whole new demographic. Hopefully what's great for us is that eventually they'll be able to afford to buy our product. And with the launch next week, Serena hopes it'll be a runaway - or should that be runway? - success. Belinda Heggen, Ten News. Next, a coroner's finding on the eerie disappearance of three yachties. Also, they're rushing down the aisle - the eighth of the eighth '08 sets a new record. And the Olympics give Aussies their best chance to win the City2Surf in more than a decade. With droughts tipped to get worse and more frequent, ACTEW wants to cover all options.

Having a design for a demonstration water purification plant ready to go is like an insurance policy. It's another way we're securing water for life.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a sign at last that interest rates are heading down. The ANZ has cut its fixed mortgage rates by up to 0.5% However, the decision won't benefit existing borrowers. Australian authorities score the world's biggest ever ecstasy bust. They have seized more than four tonnes of the illicit drugs and arrested some suspected Mr Bigs of the underworld. A Sydney man is among the accused. is on its final run And the Olympic flame of Beijing, through the crowded streets ahead of the opening ceremony. 4.5 hours Thousands have been cheering it on around the world. after its controversial journey to enter the famous Bird's Nest Many more are waiting for tonight's spectacular event.

of the Beijing Olympics, While today marks the start for other reasons. the date is considered significant

as the luckiest day on the calendar The 08/08/'08 is billed for the Chinese community. and not just this is the day to tie the knot. For the superstitious You may now kiss the bride. luck and prosperity - The Chinese believe eight symbolises

the words sounds similar. because in Cantonese,

It's a very special day for us and happiness in the future. that would bring us fortune

So it's no surprise the 8th of the 8th, 2008, of weddings at registries. has prompted a record number eight marriage officers today. We have We started at 8:00 this morning is at 8:00 this evening. and our last marriage

heavyweight compared to other digits. Numerologists agree 8 is a of power and authority. In the West it is the number

creating abundance in life. It does relate to money,

This newlywed couple believe for different reasons. today will bring them luck August 8, Today is our fifth anniversary, that's infinity three times, and we figured three 8s,

so that's some pretty good luck.

to piano players' ears. The number 8 is also music and play a tune, So warm up your fingers touch each key, all 88 of them. but just to be safe, make sure you

Having a blessed start to their life born at 8:00 this morning. is this little bub, was actually the 5th of the 8th. The due date

When Tamara told me she was pregnant on the 8th of the 8th '08." I said, "I reckon the baby will come so a little extra bit of luck. And did say it would be a boy -

A lucky day with the weather. Will

we be lucky on the weekend also? It

will be a frosty morning and then a will be a frosty morning and then a

sunny skies with tops of 17 degrees.

the way. A very good at looking weekend on

will have all-Australian winners. Hopes are high this year's City2Surf The Tanzanian and Kenyan runners who have dominated in recent years aren't competing, but a record crowd is. They're the Aussie superstars past and present of the City2Surf, and they'll be among a record 70,000 racing to Bondi on Sunday. I'm delighted that it looks like - I don't want to tempt fate - but it looks like we'll have an Australian male winner. The first in 11 years, thanks to the Olympics drawing international stars away. The local hot favourites insist the 14km course is easy.

It's really only got the one hill and it's only about 1km long. But it's not called Heartbreak Hill for nothing. 4-time winner Andrew Lloyd is this year looking forward to just running with the masses. Most of them, when they go past me, say, "Oh, I've beaten Lloydy!" They'll all be part of the world's biggest microchipped road race. 70,000 people wearing timing chips and they're going to get a completely accurate time.

But only 40 can call themselves race legends, like Ted and Alan. in all 38 City2Surfs They've competed in all 37 City2Surfs and can't wait to hit the road. My grandkids call it the "Ted Thompson Shuffle" - "Poppy's having a shuffle." And I'll have just as good a time now as they day I started. I'm always trying to run a fair time and beat the other legends in. You don't have to be the fastest to win - the best fancy dress collects $5,000.

But that too attracts stiff competition. Channel Ten broadcasts the race from 8:30am Sunday. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Sport now with Tim, and some of our athletes are doing it tough in Beijing's traffic. Yes, there's more than the smog causing concern,

the transport problems shortly.

Also, the Olyroos take a major step in their Games campaign. And firing back -

Bulldogs Coach Steve Folkes takes aim Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes takes aim at Sonny Bill's gripes with a stunning revelation about Willie Mason's exit.

This program is captioned live. Australia's Olympic officials are furious

over ongoing bus delays and issues affecting athletes' preparations -

in particular, our rowers, who are forced into an hour-long journey without airconditioning in stifling 34-degree heat and stifling humidity. Ian Cohen has more from Beijing. from another smoggy day in Beijing. Yes, thanks, and good afternoon But it seems that smog is not the only problem our team is dealing with. We are not happy with the quality of the buses that have been provided for the drive which is 50 minutes - that's the rowing course and the canoing and the slalom. and the canoeing and the slalom. It's pretty tough on those big blokes. There's not much padding and it's not airconditioned. No transport issues for our female road cyclists - Sara Carrigan defending gold medallist wanting to go back to back. It's always special when you turn up to an event a year later, or in thise case four years later as defending champion,

with number one saddlecloth on your back.

The Olyroos kicked off the green and gold campaign last night with a 1-1 draw with Serbia in Shanghai, Ruben Zadkovich was the scorer. It was equalised nine minutes later.

We play Argentina next. The USA Dream Team

starred in an all-American circus this afternoon. They're not staying in the media village -

instead in a 5-star hotel - but our mighty Boomers are on their radar, but only just. Can I just ask you what you thought of the Aussies and how they'll fare in the competition? The Australians. Who? They are very good. Their team is well-coached and very physical. The good news continues for Angie Darby. After winning her appeal in Switzerland she has landed in Beijing to debut in the pentathlon.

I have been waiting in airports and I have been waiting in airports and

it is just good to get you. Australia will be the third-last team in.

And this year they will be led by James Tomkins, but behind him they are doing it in layered effect, with 5-time Olympians Russell Mark, Michael Diamond, Shane Kelly, Stuart O'Grady and Clint Robinson, then the 4-timers, like Natalie Cook and Jane Saville, and so on down to the debutants. Parramatta coach Michael Hagan is in hospital tonight

after suffering dizzy spells at his home. It's believed he's suffering vertigo. As you may have seen earlier, As you may have seen earlie

the NRL and the Bulldogs have won a NSW Supreme Court injunction to prevent Sonny Bill Williams from playing rugby union. Meanwhile, Dogs coach Steve Folkes today hit back at Williams's claims he's to blame for the walkout. He was labelled a tyrant by Sonny Bill Williams, but Steve Folkes says he's a leader who likes to include his players,

and that goes for last year's decision to release Willie Mason. Sonny had input - significant input - into Mason's departure from the club. Sonny knows what I mean. Mason may not, but I can assure you he was part of that process. The Dogs cut Mason loose with two years to run on his contract. Williams says he was expecting a pay rise. a little bit of money to spend,

they might show me a little bit of loyalty back. Williams also unloaded on Folkes for criticising his friend, boxer Anthony Mundine. I just said be careful of what advice you take from Anthony Mundine. Now, I don't think I owe him an apology for that. Before flying out to Brisbane Before flying out to Brisba

for tomorrow night's wooden-spoon showdown with the Cowboys, Folkes added he believes his reputation's been damaged, so he didn't hold back on his former golden boy. We all need to bear in mind he's trying to defend the indefensible here. I think people would have a lot more respect for him if he just came out and said, "Look, I'm doing it for the money." In years to come he'll look back and know he's made the wrong decision. And he especially liked this one. They don't care about me. They treat us like cattle. Cattle get paid $500,000 a year? As expected, New Zealand have named Williams in their World Cup squad, but it could be short-term. If he plays rugby union in breach of his contract, in the World Cup. then he won't be playing Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Swans coach Paul Roos has warned of the danger playing a team with nothing to lose.

The Swans took an icy dip at Coogee this morning ahead of tomorrow night's match against 13th-placed Fremantle at the SCG. Adam Goodes returns from injury along with fullback Leo Barry.

On the weekend, what we learned is having a fitter team gives you a better chance to win, despite the second quarter. The Swans have lost four of their last five matches and really need a win to maintain their hold on a top four spot. And you can see the Swans versus Fremantle

here on Ten from 7:30 tomorrow night. A reasonable start for the Aussies at the year's final Major, the US PGA.

There is an international flavour at the top of the leaderboard with Swede Robert Karlsson, India's Jeev Milka Singh

and Argentine Andres Romero all at 2 under. Rod Pampling is leading a good Aussie charge. He's a further two shots back. Players were forced to mark their spots

as the dark clouds rolled in at Oakland Hills, to first-round frustrations

on the green. Swede Robert Karlsson had a better grip on things,

firing a 2-under-par 68.

He's out in front with Jeev Milkha Singh, the Indian also on target from long range. COMMENTATOR: Gotta get it to the hole, and he does - perfect. American Billy Mayfair is among a large group of players at 1 under. Tries to knock it in, and he nearly does. Rod Pampling is the best of the Australian contingent at even par, while Aaron Baddeley is among four Aussies just three shots off the pace at 1 over. Stuart Appleby is still smiling after last week's tie for second at the World Golf Championship. He settled for a 76, while Adam Scott got off to another bad start - five bogies and a double bogey has him at 7 over. No shortage of stunning shots - Heath Slocum got involved with his approach to the 13th hole. Slocum spins it back and in!

Last week's winner, Vijay Singh, is also in the thick of it. Good spin. Beautiful. How beautiful. The Fijian is still struggling on the green, though. He and Slocum are well off the pace at 4 over. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for tomorrow's San Domenico Stakes Day at Rosehill Gardens.

That's it. All the footy highlights in Sports Tonight. Storm and Sea Eagles the stand-out. The biggie between the

Time to check the traffic. Problems

on the M4? Absolutely, talk about a

frustrating journey time. This is

the M7 interchange. All of those

lives are going home is all the

traffic returning to the west of

Sydney tonight. The M4 is very slow

to end the week. Stay with us - Tim Bailey tells us what we're in for weather wise, next.

MAN: Pass the ball to each other. MAN: Don't stand still. Let's go. (PEOPLE CHATTER AND SHOUT) (CHEERFUL MUSIC) MAN: Through the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Community Grants, we received $2,000 to buy new sets of goals. Ohh!

They'll be here next week, thankfully. To help kids be active and healthy, Woolworths awards funding to local community groups across Australia. VOICEOVER: It's Holden's 60th Anniversary

This program is captioned live. The Coroner has ruled a tangled fishing line was behind the mysterious disappearance of three men

from a yacht found drifting off the Whitsundays. Des Batten and brothers Peter and John Tunstead had planned to sail from Queensland to Perth in April last year. Today Coroner Michael Barnes found two of the men fell overboard trying to untangle a fishing line from the propellor

and the third man lost balance trying to rescue them. The families of the men say they're satisfied with the findings and can now get on with their lives.

Isn't it funny how his time on

Friday everybody gets excited? The

mood is decidedly better with the

promise of a good weekend. We are

on the doorstep of the weekend.

Friday is finally here and the promise Friday is finally here and the

promise of the weekend is it will

be a good one. A frosty morning tomorrow,

tomorrow, reaching 17 degrees. A

bit windy on Sunday and some cloud

coming into the picture, but still

a good weekend.

The satellite - cloud is spreading

over some frustrated, Victoria and

Tasmania as a cold front passes,

bringing showers. Low-class pushers

on to the south coast of Western

Australia in cold south-westerly winds, bringing winds, bringing showers. Clear

skies over the interior and the

North. A cold front generates light

showers and Alpine snow across

southern New South Wales, Victoria southern New South Wales, Victoria

and Tasmania. 15 centimetres of

snow across the resorts this snow across the resorts this

weekend. A second front will bring weekend. A second front will bring

it widespread showers to South it widespread showers to South Australia. Winds in a Western

Australia will cause coastal showers.

showers. Showers across southern showers. Showers across southern New South Wales, South Australia,

Victoria and Tasmania. Alpine snow

falls and a chance of isolated

showers along the falls and a chance of isolated

showers along the North Queensland

coast. Dam levels dropped to 66%.

We had five

We had five mm across the catchment

yesterday. Abbey are happy birthday

on Sunday to one of my aunties. on Sunday to one of my aunties. Happy birthday!

It will be fine and sunny tomorrow.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and we'll see you again on Monday. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.