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Tonight, a suspect charged with the

murder of a city mayors Michelle

Beets. It is very overwhelming for

him. Blind rage, at

him. Blind rage, at the people

losing their rice that while on

surgery waiting lists. My children

are suffering. Protesters flee

Bangkok. And the parking money but

that left one motorist very red

faced. Good evening. The call for

gay athletes to stay in the closet

and how parents can beat the and how parents can beat the

skyrocketing costs of children's

parties. They are more

parties. They are more extravagant

every single year. But first

tonight, a man has just face court

charged with murdering see been

less Michelle Beets. Detectives say

they have any information. It was a

very quick court appearance,

apparently? It certainly was. It

has been almost

has been almost one months since has been almost one months since

Michelle Beets was stabbed to death

at her home in Chatswood. The court

appearance lasted just 60 seconds

or so. Police have secured two new

witnesses and that is what's but

the rest last night. He was the

prime suspect for three weeks but

last night, Walter Ciaran Marsh it

was in handcuffs and charged with

the murder of popular of nurse

manager Michelle Beets.

manager Michelle Beets. There was manager Michelle Beets. There was

some information obtained last

night there was significant to the

investigation. Publicly, the

American this has proclaimed his

innocence. Did you kill Michelle

Beets? No. He retired having any

beef with the woman who refused to

resign his contract.

resign his contract. She's the

woman who signed by Visa so I can

experience the first happiness I

have ever had in my life. He was

silent in the dock today. He is

holding up as best we can. He is

concerned, we -- he wants us to

talk to his wife in America. He

refused to talk to police but

allowed them to take DNA samples. The

The development was welcomed by the

family. They may have found

something. They are doing their job

to the best of their ability

endeavours all we can ask. It is

also an important step to

detectives. Long hours and

difficult work from a number of

people in the squad. He will remain

behind bars until the faces court again next week.

again next week. Sydney's alleged

Facebook killer has appeared in

court and may airplay -- apply for

bail. The family of Nona Belomesoff bail. The family of Nona Belomesoff

was in court. The police have asked was in court. The police have asked

for time to look at computer

records. She was found in a creek

bed after the two had to arrange to

meet. A mother going blind waiting

for eye surgery fears that caring

for her children may become

impossible. The State Government is

refusing to help, saying she will

have to wait in line. 13 9-year-old

Sharon is a single mother of four.

Her youngest is six-month-old Alex

but her eyesight is so blurred that but her eyesight is so blurred that

she depends on how old as children.

It is like being in a haze, it is

all blurry and I cannot make out a

lot of things. She is waiting for

cataract surgery but doctors have

told her that she will be deeply

planned before the operation

because there is a 12-month waiting

list. My children are suffering

from this. If something happens to

them I can't drive them to a doctor

Tory hospital. For she is in the

Blue Mountains with them to

transport options, just like Mark

Hodson. He will lose his driver's

licence later this year. He will be

legally blind as well. My whole

life will change entities already.

I am very concerned. Both patients

can't afford the $4,000 that the

operation would cost in a private

hospital. The longer the wait, the

more complications that the surgery

could involve. The opposition pins

the problem on the premiere. This

is a no-brainer. The Government

should provide the resources so

that these patients can be treated

now. Kristina Keneally will not

make any resources available. The

hospitals will get to these

patients as needed. 20,000 people worldwide are bracing for the

surgery. I'm just horrified that it

could get that bad. H&E accelerator

is being blamed for a spectacular

crash. The car plunged down a

shopping centre walkway, putting

the 83-year-old driver and his 70-

year-old passenger in hospital. He

had clipped another car before

plunging through a window. Shoppers

were not using the walkway at the time. Police are investigating

claims he was a mechanical failure.

People was superannuation have been

reassured that the new mining tax

were not harmed their investments.

Their claims that misinformation

has been circulated about the

damage it will do. Alan Wright is

more than happy to play in the

fickle Government's Mining tax for

the declining value of his two-

shares. It represents about seven

desert of my total portfolio and

that's just in the past two or

three weeks. It is a story echoed

in the latest ads by the minerals

Council. The strain Electoral

Commission sees them as political.

It is not that the mining sector is

siding with the Coalition but the

mining sector is taking a stand for

Australia. There will be sections

of the industry there will run fear

campaigns there will defend their

interests. According to a sip and

it works Co, -- are the chief

executive officer: Andrew Forest is

not deterred. He says that

thousands of jobs are at risk.

Treasurer, you get the Australian

economy on this. Prime Minister,

you are betting the Government on

this. He says he does not want to

change the Government and he

admires Kevin Rudd but the

friendship seems to be souring. The

only people he is speaking to our

members of media. I cannot get him

to return my calls. The Government

insists that it will make generous

transitional arrangements to the

new tax. So far they are not

convinced. Rio Tinto is the latest

to lock horns with the Treasury.

Security forces in Thailand are

still trying to get the upper hand

after violence and vandalism

yesterday. Protesters left the

capital in a rage, torching

everything in their path. What is

the feeling then now? You would

have to say that the curfew made a

difference. There imposing another

one tonight and, not just here in

the capital but in other parts of

Thailand. As mopping up begins, one

of Asia's largest shopping centres

threatens to collapse after being

set on fire yesterday. A large

group of protesters sought shelter

yesterday. They were allowed to

leave today but there were several

bodies found inside, all of them

had pull it went. The military

denies any involvement but says it

will investigate. It was supposed

to be a safe zone for surrendering

protesters but the discovery of

nine bodies in this temple has

lifted the death toll dramatically.

This man that says someone nurses

that helped people shot in a gun

battle. Bangkok burned late yesterday

yesterday as militant protesters

driven out of their camp set fire

to dozens of buildings around the

city, including Asia's biggest

shopping centre. Soldiers had

shoot-to-kill orders on suspected

arsonists as a night time curfew

was imposed. The Prime Minister he

assured his country that he had

restored order. The red shirt

protests sewing is now a wasteland

where some people come with morbid

curiosity. The situation remains

tense but even though the

protesters have largely surrounded

come out there is a splinter group

of extremists. Tie firefighters

cannot save the shopping-centre and

employees can only watch in horror.

They don't know what they're doing.

The Stock Exchange was attacked.

Riot police arrived to guard the

area. 100 people were rescued from

this TV station as it was set on

fire. The issues that sparked the

some rest may be more difficult to

deal with. High-profile gay

sportsmen have slammed a AFL

Players' Jason Akermanis for

suggesting they should stay in the

course it. And new study says that

homophobia is still rife in

sporting circles. The Bulldogs

coast -- bulldogs coach was hailed

as a champion of equal rights. All

we want to say that in player -- a

level playing field. He was quick

to distance the club from his

player's comments. I think he has

made the comments on the basis of

his thoughts, it is not perspective

of what we think as a club. He has

sparked off average by saying they

should not come out. I'm not sure

that other players would be ready

for it and I think there's been a

little bit of gay hunting where we

are trying to get people to come

out. Other football identity Tees

have joined the condemnation. Be

that have been written in 1943 that

could be forgiven but to hear that

into this and 10 there is bizarre.

I think there are different

characters in different football

clubs. His comments came on the

same day as a launch of a survey

into homophobia in sporting

institutions. There's a great deal

of willingness and enthusiasm for

sport. People want to participate but cannot.

Daniel publicly came out only weeks

ago. He said it was a difficult but

rewarding decision to make. It

disappoints me that I never had the

courage to come out when I was an

elite athlete. Next, charges laid

over an elite Judd -- drug ring.

Plus, proof that a local council

has imposed counters. And we meet

in injures who sent three bandits packing.

This program is captioned live.

A police have broken up an alleged

drug network through a series of

dramatic raids. Armed detectives

swooped on this house in the

western Sydney suburb of Willmott.

They arrested a 40-year-old woman.

A 51-year-old, a high-ranking

Outlaws member was also arrested.

Buyers have been charged with drug

offences. They will face Mount

Druitt Local Court later this month.

A Sydney council has been caught

out fixing a parking fine quota.

Every parking officer must issue

$200,000 in tickets. Next year, the

council will be reaping even more.

An anonymous whistle-blower has

revealed Ku-ring-gai Council's four

parking rangers are each being

asked to issue $200,000 worth of

fines per year. The quota system is

evident in their lead to work plans

which show they are expected to

write $50,000 worth of fines per

quarter. It is a cynical revenue-

raising exercise.

An extra parking ranger is due to

be hired in 2011. It is unfair.

There are after money and this is

an easy target. The mayor says it

is wrong to do -- to define deep

fine at revenue as a quota. I do

not believe we are pushing ranges

to go and an appropriately fine

people. The whistle-blower claims

the council uses zero tolerance

tactics to force ranges to me to

exceed their quota of parking

tickets. It is definitely a quota.

I do not know what the mayor said

about it. Of course it is a quota.

While commuter car parks in other

areas are free, the council charges

$5 per day at Killara station and

expects to reap $100,000 per year in fines.

Three seedy men picked the wrong

place to rob a foreign a medical

student. They attacked him outside

a ninja warrior school and learnt they were no match.

Highly skilled and trained to kill.

On Tuesday, this is what confronted

three men who tried to march a

foreign student, not realising they

were right outside a ninja warrior

school. You would be scared, you

would not know what to do, I have

got these three -5 blokes coming

towards me, dressed in black. The

thugs followed the student from the

station. When he turned into the

street they punched into the ground

and kicked him in the head. Only

metres away a student was watching

and immediately caught his teacher.

Kaylan Soto and four of his

students raced out in their black

ninja robes. They disappeared, they

were running for their lives. We

were not there to hurt them or to

break their bones, we just wanted

to protect the other guy from

getting harm. These three attackers

were caught on CCTV. Two men have

been arrested. Police are looking

for the third.

for the third.

We go to sport. Fighting of a

different kind, involving the Origin teams?

One NSW player appears to be the

target. Also, a boost for the Blues today.

Was Australia's stunning win over

Pakistan at the SCG last summer

tainted by match-fixing. The

Pakistan coach and manager are

suspicious. To have someone come

out and say it was not right, that

would be damaging for the game and also to Pakistan.

Now you see them, now you don't,

find out with his big wave spot is located.

Harry Kewell updates us on his injury.

This wants to field another rocky.-

these ones to field another rookie.

Three days of the wet stuff. It was

miserable, it was grey, but guess

what? It did not drop west of lead

come and Academicals tonight are 56.

Five, down. 0.3. The rain fell

where we do not need it.

There was a fog over Sydney today.

Bathurst at 11am, the visibility

was 400m. At Goulburn, it did not

clear until 11am. 0 shower or two

tomorrow. There will be the same across the weekend.

Up next - of the collapse of an electrical retailer leaves customers out of pocket.

customers out of pocket.

An adventurous toddler survives a

close call in the middle of the road.

A young illegal immigrant gives the game away.

at McDonald's. of 'The Daily Telegraph'

Watching Ten News at This program

is captioned live.. It is a bad

start for the markets in Flemington.

There is a four-car accident. Tow

trucks are moving in to remove the

vehicles. The flashing lights is an

RTA car that has arrived on seen.

Unfortunately, with that lane

closed, take a look at what is has

done to the peak hour traffic.

These are significant delays all

the way past the tennis centre at

home Bush and up through Lane Cove

Road. If you have family or friends

heading to the south or south-west

there'll be some pretty big delays.

Customers say they have been left

in limbo after the collapse of a

retail giant. Receivers have moved

in but some people say they cannot

get goods that they have ordered.

Daryl White is furious. He played -

- pay the balance on his 2,500

dollar TV just last night only to

be turned away when he were to be

give up this morning. They just

said sorry, everything is on hold

and you're not getting your TV

either. Imagine his it anger as he

watched this shopper wheel out a

brand-new TV and VCR. He had no

problems? I just paid for it

straight away. People who paid from

last night can't take this home?

His mother is equally angry. I

think it is atrocious that the door

is open and they are selling. She

has vowed to can outsmart, turning

away potential customers. They are

not alone. About $10,000 worth. We

paid cash up front and it looks

like we have done now money. He is

a $2,000 fridge. The National

Australia Bank appointed receivers

after they collapsed under debt.

They say it is business as usual

but for the 1,200 staff across

Dawson Australia, for future is

uncertain. Business has been

anything but easy at to Clive

Peters. It posted a $4.5 million

loss. In April, sales slipped even

further. The books were harder to

balance after an employee last year

still $20 million to buy 40 properties.

properties. Pan pharmaceuticals

founder Jim has died after a stroke

and a long battle with leukaemia.

He was one of the country's

wealthiest men until his company

collapsed after the therapeutic

goods administration issued

warnings about his sickness pills.

They suspended its licence and

withdrew 200 of its products. He

later won $50 million in damages

from the Federal Government.

Now for the finance report. This

trillion dollar has given up even

more ground? I wish I had some

better news but after hitting down

to 84, it has fallen further today.

Global investors have gone cold

honour currency in favour of less

risky assets as the debt crisis

moves on. The dollar weighed down

the share market and it is set to

fall further until global jitters

calm down. A stockbroker described

the session as a demoralising

bloodbath and he is not wrong.

That's it from us. I hope to bring That's it from us. I hope to bring you something more cheerful

tomorrow but I would not bet on it.

An abandoned baby has survived a

chilling brush with death. Just

after midnight, a truck driver

screeched to I hope to avoid an

object in the middle of the road.

He was gunned -- stunned to

discover it was a half-naked girl.

The child's father appeared from a

new kind house and scooped her up new kind house and scooped her up

without a word. The parents say

that they had no idea she had

wandered off. She is now in

protective care. For a little girl

has confessed to America's first

lady that her family is in the

country illegally. She was visiting year to students.

Thorpe's! The family's future

remains unclear. Six astronauts are

preparing for life on Mars. The men

from Russia, Europe and China will

spend 520 days locked away, at the

same time it would

same time it would spend-take to

flight to Mars. They will live and

work in cramped conditions to test

how they will be like in the tough

environment. They will not be let

out until November. Next, the most

over-used cliches an Australian

media and the skyrocketing cost of

children's parties. Parents under

pressure to be the host with the

most. And we meet the mascot for

London's 2012 games.

Tonight's headlines, high-profile gay sportsmen have condemned

comments by Jason Akermanis that

suggests they should stay in the

closet. He wrote in a newspaper:

But coming out was a necessary for

a lot of reasons. And 83-year-old

driver and his 70-year-old

passenger Aaron hospital after a

crash. Their car plunged down a walkway after clipping another

vehicle. No-one was using the

vehicle at the time. A man has been

charged with the murder of Michelle

Beets. Walter Ciaran Marsh has been

accused of stabbing her on the

doorstep of her house. Pressured

parents are spending thousands of

dollars hosting extravagant

children's parties. Psychologists

warned that lavish celebrations can

do children more harm than good.

For generations, a home-made

birthday cake, chocolate crackles

and some fairy prayed spilled a

stellar celebration. But today's

parents are under increasing

pressure to has bigger and better

birthday bashes. This is one run by

Peter chefs where they create their

own mini masterpieces. Parents are

spending more and more every year

to out to reach other. Mothers keen

to be the host with the most a

taking classes in cake decorating.

It is cheaper if you can make you

run. We're in the midst of planning

our first birthday party, his will

be quite expensive. Paris says that

there is no limited to the cakes

she has been commissioned to create.

$8 foray cupcake and then you

moving off into thousands of

dollars. Psychologists warned that

the pressure to put on the perfect

party can place unnecessary stress

on both parent and child. Life is

pretty complicated than pretty it

is about making them feel special.

Tips for a palace party is --

: At the end of the day, a simple

cupcake were always cut it. London

2012 organisers have unveiled their

Olympic and Paralympic Ascot. These

strange creatures are made out of

leftover steal from the Olympic

Stadium and named after two small

English towns. It is hoped that

they will be a hit with the kids.

They were not looking for cuddly

toys, they were looking for

something they could interact with.

Children can follow their journey

on the internet. A new report out

today shows the most use cliches in

Australian media. We aim to avoid

cliches like the plague. In a major

breakthrough via phone down the

gauntlet to Angela Bishop who left

no stone unturned and took up the

challenge with all guns blazing. I

took it up 100%. He crunched the

numbers in a labour of love have to

compile the cliche report. From

February to May this year, the top

rating cliche was at the end of the

day with 21,200 mentions. Other

favourites were or outpouring

support and concerned residents.

Firemen donned breathing apparatus

before daybreak revealed the true

extent of the devastation, in

entertainment news, we will take

you to a sneak peek behind the

scenes with all the glitz and

glamour on the red carpet at the

night of nights when all the rain

failed to dampen the enthusiasm of

fans. Their dream turned into a

nightmare when they realise they

arise a football match where was a

game of two halves with a player

under an injury cloud when the

head-to-head clash went down to the

wire. Experts were that rolled out

the possibility that journalists

trying to write without using

cliches, they may feel like they

had a terrifying brush with death

but at the end of the day they

could feel like it could be done.

Apparently she squeezed in 24

cliches in that! And are safe to

say this? Brad is back with sport

and good news for the Blues? They

are not going to take it one week

at a time! It looks like they will

have a full player list after their

winger got through a fitness test.

Will also tell you who the Maroons

Mac will target. And Harry Kewell

continues to stare down his World

Cup spot. And big waves in South

America where surfers appears to be

between a rock and a hard place.

VOICEOVER: At Holden, Go better.

This program is captioned live.

He Timana Tahu has completed a

fitness test on his completed ankle.

Origin one. He is set to play in an State of

It is the punch that still-that

still rings, from: getter to Cape York. still rings, from: getter to Cape

Pressing his claims as the Maroons

enforcer, he will not be ducking enforcer, he will not be ducking

for cover from the Blues big man.

It will be a good battle in the

middle. I am sure the boys are

still dirty about the way game

three ended last year, there will

be a lot of emotions going into

this game. Everyone is tossing up

brawls, we cannot worry about what

we cannot control. If it does

happen, there are a few of us they

can accommodate it. The approach

was echoed by Darren Lockyer. Every

time I play against Ben, he is

going to run at me, I know that. I

will be on the wing, the forwards

will be the ones getting amongst

the fiery stuff. Two Timana Tahu

asked to be given until today to

prove he was alright to take the

field. High fives imply everything

is a OK. Importantly, the team

doctor agrees. It is a big game for

him, I am sure he wants to play and

I think he will play.

Harry Kewell has declared himself a

certain starter for next month's

World Cup in South Africa. He says

he is training well after

overcoming an injury that has

plagued him in recent months. He

will not be fit to face New Zealand

on Monday. Everything is going well.

They have got a plan and they are

confident everything will be fine.

The clash against the Kiwis -- the

Kiwis is these Socceroos last game

before they fly out on Wednesday.

Paul Roos is not expecting the

Fremantle Dockers to be put off

their game by the suspension of

Michael Johnson who has been

charged with drug -- drug charged with drug -- drug

possession. Enough has been said.

Kenya still be in Sydney?

Absolutely, yes. Once they get on

the plane, it is a blessing in

disguise in that they are playing

away instead a bad time.

Pakistani cricketers has become

embroiled in another match-fixing

scandal. This time it involves scandal. This time it involves

Australia. Pakistani officials

claim for Australia's miracle when

in this year's Sydney Test was

tainted by bookmakers.

Home from the Caribbean and facing

questions about a Test victory over

Pakistan at the SCG five months ago.

It was a wonderful Test match and a

huge win for us but I had no

suspicions. But Pakistani officials

do. Again pointing the finger at

Cameron-clarke Mile. Questioning

how and even why he dropped four

catches in Australia's second

innings in the match, plus a Mr

run-out chance. You do have

concerns about anything that comes

a bin cricket that is unusual. Then,

seemingly in control and their run-

chase, they lost nine wickets for

89 runs to lose the Test. I would

be devastated, like all sports fans,

if there was an element of match-

fixing to what. What happened here

is now being replayed in a

courtroom in Pakistan. There is

also video from a previous hearing

in March being shown in-on

Pakistani television. It shows two

coaches, Intikhab Alam and Aaqib

Javed saying they believe Cameron

Akmal guilty of match-fixing.

The journal says that no matter how

clean the current generation is,

once singed, always burned. You can

throw the match fixing grenade, but

you need to look more closely at

what the real problems are. Unless

you have hard evidence, you are

closed. better off keeping your mouth

Sydney's iconic City to Surf turns

40 this year. 75,000 set off for

one day last year. Some were

serious, many just putting fun into

the run. Steve Waugh will be

running again. Grant Hackett will

be running for the first time. I

will probably run anywhere between

five-10 kilometres and then my

shins gets off. I am a fish out of

water, to say the least. A young

Rob de Castella are among those

being first to the beach, a few years ago now.

This same bolt put on his trademark

prix racer shower in the 100m and

he lived up to the hype. He clocked

his fastest time this year. His

9.86 was just 0.2 ways seconds off

his world are best.

his world are best. Bold believes

he can break more records in South

Championships. Korea at next year's World

Christian Merello has taken out the

quicksilver ceremonial big wave

contest at his home break in Chile.

24 of the world's best tackle the

seven metre waves in front of the

huge rock column at Punta de Lobos

with mixed results. Some came

unstuck in the quest for glory.

There was no stopping Christian

Merello. He upstaged Gabriel

Villaran -- Gavriel there-Gabriel

vote the Larraine.

vote the Larraine.

He there are big names on Thursday

Night Live tonight. Ian Roberts

will talk about the jazz and

Ackermanis comments. Pim Verbeek

and Mark Webber were also being

interviewed. Jessica Watson will

for her. wrap up what has been a big week

Flemington? We still have problems at

Yes, a four-car accident. A lot of

people will be home late tonight.

We had just at the Olympics centre.

They accuse out to the Ryder Bridge.

Stay with us - breaking news from

State Parliament. A key minister

has resigned. Also, Kim Bailey is

flying a kite for charity.

of a major bank, over $35,000 on your home loan.

with alloy wheels

To breaking news from State

Parliament. The State Transport

Minister David Campbell has just

announced his resignation.

We have only had this is for 15

minutes. An email was sent out

advising the press gallery that

David Campbell would resign for

personal reasons. A statement has

been issued. He has said it is in

no way connected to the F3 debacle. no way connected to the F3 debacle.

The infamous nine are traffic jam

on the S three. -9 hour. He has

resigned for reasons not relating

to ministerial duties. He has

apologised to his wife, colleagues,

family and staff for letting them

down. We understand this might be

something to do was conduct in his

personal life, but we are still to

find out those details.

Tim, the red and white behind the red kite.

Yes, Saturday at the SCG. We are

supporting two great Kuyt -- to

great charities. The oncology

department and red kite. It is not

just the individuals, it is

everybody when people are touched

by cancer. We lose the ability of

time to do normal things. Over here,

Blair and Julia. And here his Lola,

she is in remission. Red kite has

she is in remission. Red kite has

been there right from the start.

There are one of the first

charities that a produce. You are

thrown into hospital, you do not

even have time to go home. We are

18 months into Lola's treatment,

and they are still there. Another

round of applause for Lola. You

must be proud to be an ambassador

for red kite. The red and white,

these Swans and red kite. I great

combination. They do great work. We

are looking forward to celebrating

that, along with hopefully when

that this weekend. The Swans are

playing Fremantle on the weekend.

Their charity his red card as well.

The oncology Children's Foundation,

you are the ambassadors for them,

these Swans are out in the

community doing the best for people

who need it. We are in a fortunate

position and we can help out. We

are lucky was what we having now

lives and we can give something

back. We love to do it. We

appreciate it, don't we. Off For

the ride across most of Sydney two days.

Visibility down to 400m. Eight

Goulburn and Bath as it did not

clear to 11am. A shower or two

tomorrow, same over the weekend.

This is where we go, her race for

the Sydney Swans. Make sure you are

here to be part of the action.

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you for your company. We will have

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