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(generated from captions) This program is not subtitled cats are cute, they're pretty, NARRATOR: Cats are handsome, they're real, they're so natural, they're not like people. they don't fake things out - And I think that's one of the reasons are so strong, relationships between cats and people for who and what they are, is because cats accept people much more so than other people. WOMAN: Sweet, isn't he?

APPLAUSE tubular body. MAN: The cat has a nice, long, he is. WOMAN: Right, what a macho boy gorgeous bone. A head - oh, he's got a big chest, of this cat, MAN: If it weren't for the colour male parts on her you'd go looking for because she's so incredibly built. so beguiling, so sweet... MAN: So joyful, so innocent,

look at that picture! WOMAN: Oh my God, a little elfin look WOMAN: Great big eyes, and look how sweet she is. a little powder puff of innocence. MAN: It's absolutely (Laughs) WOMAN: Look at this little butt! this one has! My goodness, what a little rump this, they know what it's all about. MAN: When you have a great cat like

APPLAUSE AND CHEERING are very colourful WALTER HUTZLER: Cat people of people. and a very interesting group

as people said, "You have cats?" When I started with cats, "How many cats do you have at home?"

I wouldn't even tell them, I had more than three, because if I told them as if I was rather peculiar. they looked at me But when you go to a cat show, people who love cats you're with all these any different than they are. and you're no longer The cats have gotten a bad rap have gotten a bad rap too. and cat people it's changing - But I think that'll change, popular household companions. the cat has become one of the most (Cat meows) CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS OK, good, good, good... when I leave this planet, I just hope, then, in some way bit more for the cats, you know, I'll have done something a little the ultimate household companion. to be that total expression of

Hi, I'm Teresa, come on in. are just a few of my kitties here. Welcome to the house - these he's a special little guy. Um, this one's Buddy, when he was little. He got a head injury he's extra attention and everything, So, he's real special, so his face is a little messy. He just got through eating

he's my little pal. But I love my Buddy, and this is his mom here... And that's his sister something to do with my spare time When I was in high school, I wanted to keep me out of trouble.. of the other little kitties. These are a few and I kind of decided to do cats, And I've always loved all animals because I was allergic to dogs. lots of fun with each other. They have lots of toys and have

(Laughs) Some don't have any sense. Whoa, watch out! COMPUTER BEEPS In '74 I had a cat that died. if I wanted to get a cat, And I figured was to a cat show. the best place to go that was it. From there I was hooked -

beautiful cats there together It was just the fact that all those and you get little ribbons and they were all competing and that was fun. is Burmese. The main cat that we have right now she's known as European Burmese. In the USA Her name's Nicole - Nicole Kidman. with the pale skin, You always see her in lilacy,

Nicole is that sort of colouring, as Nicole Kidman. the same sort of colouring Plus, she's Aussie... is named Russell Crowe. ..and her brother, I may add, we can start from there If we go over to the refrigerator, what we normally do with our cats. and I'll show you consumption meat to start off with, We buy a high-quality human

which is in a bulk pack,

into smaller pieces then we cut that up into small packets what we need. and we put in the freezer 72 hours or longer, We freeze that for approximately same packets for at least 24 hours. we thaw it out in the meat tray the on a large plate From there, we put it the microwave oven and we put it into as a last resort. and we warm it up in there MICROWAVE DINGS (Cat meows) (Growls) Oriental Shorthairs I breed Ebony Silver

they're a beautiful breed and I just think to see the beauty of the cat and what fun it is

of the cat, and to see the musculature the sheen of the coat, the beauty of the colour, the brightness of the eye -

just...the impishness in the face it just speaks to you. and then they have that voice - What more could you want? Mufasa was my first oriental. He means the world to me.

than I know myself. He knows me better He's just a part of my soul. I had surgery. Like I say, he was my nurse -

nursed me back to health. He was the one who really he was my companion. He came and stayed with me, And he is - they're true companions. and this is Darlin' This is Sugar

different ways and we practise being held

will hold 'em because judges in the ring in different ways and want to look at 'em have to get used to being held. so when they're little they people look like their pets They do say things that are similar and I think we all gravitate towards and familiar to us, things that are the same. it's human nature to wanna be around I like her head, it's very round, What I like about her is

low-set ears at a very young age. she has very tiny, little that have their hair colour I've seen ladies you know, the exact same colour as their cat, to look more like their animals. and so it's the people that change is just phenomenal, very round. The underlying skull structure a really broad chest, She has like, no neck, her boning's very good, short, short, cobby body, she's got a little tail... she's balanced, cute and fuzzy and cuddly...(Laughs) My cats reflect me in that we're

Look at those cheeks... ..and lovable... You just wanna eat it with a spoon, squeeze these little cheeks 'cause she's so cute. (Kittens mew)

GAIL BERCHER: My cats, basically, are my kids. My last children. And that's just the way they're raised - they're raised like my kids and loved like my kids. (Whispers) Good baby. Like I said, I have four babies that I'm feeding. (Sighs) Now you got me too emotional. Oh...I lost her mother. Kitten four. And to say they're just breeding cats - no, that's my kid. It's like losing a child. (Mews)

Do you need another shot? KITTENS MEW To keep a cat in my breeding program, it has to be one that has certain qualities - it may not be a perfect cat, but it's got attributes that I personally like to see in my females or my males.

We built the house for them. We call it a three cattery, two bedroom house. We have three rooms for the cats... Hi ladies. ..and then we get what's left over. 'Course, they join us in most of them. Hey Barbie. And this is Ladybug. There's Bonnie. And this room is my honeymoon suite. SULTRY SAXOPHONE MUSIC PLAYS

When I have a girl that's here to be bred, she goes here and I bring the male to see her. There is a young lady in here now, but I think she may be hiding from us. (Growls and hisses) We've had at least two national winners, with the hope of a third, several regional winners,

so there've been some happy cats come from this room and some happy times. It's a very happy room. Nice things happened here, I guess. (Laughs) CAT MEOWS The whole male cat can be a little more maintenance involved and they can't help it, it's the way God made them, you know, they wanna let the girls know that they're there,

ready, willing and available. And the way they do this is they wee-wee on things. The purpose of the stud pants is to allow the male to have a little more freedom and run around the house and to be with the family. So the first thing you do is you take out your stud pants, put the pad on - the absorbent pad - and you attach that to here, just in case he decides to have a little accident while he's out runnin' around... OK..and then you get the kitty - Come here, Buddy, come here. If they're the type that spray or mark a whole lot, they usually don't have the freedom of the entire house because people don't want stud pee on their couch, all over everything. You gotta run the tail through the hole... (Buddy growls) ..Run this through here...

Once you get that on - helps when their tails have been shaved down. (Meows) TELEVISION: He's out of the pits now, I think it just needed a bit of air pressure... And here comes Jake Dusty... They really like to watch race cars.

They'll sit there and watch the cars racing - just any cars going fast. They like to watch, um, 'The Bachelor' and they also like, um, 'The Apprentice'. Those are two of their favourite shows. (Laughs) And they like it when someone gets fired, for some reason, I don't know, they just...their ears perk up. DONALD TRUMP:'re fired. GAIL BERCHER: To take a cat that you've bred yourself and to take it out and campaign with it is very gratifying. a lot of effort, It's a lot of time, but it's very worth it. "I'm on the right track." You feel like, "I've done something right."

I compare the International

in Madison Square Garden. with the Westminster Dog Show the best of the best come. This is where It's a Belgian cat. judging six rings each. We have 12 judges WOMAN: To get into a national level, the number of cats you defeat. it's based on ribbon, the higher the placement. Always remember that the darker the certain points allocated JANELLE LAWRENCE: We have for ears, head, nose, body... compete by breed first. CHRIS WILLINGHAM: The cats three shorthair cats And the highest scoring scoring three longhair cats... will be pitted against the highest a 'specialty show' - This is what's called well, let me back up. the longhairs um,... You may have the Best of Breed,

gonna make it into the top 15. that doesn't guarantee you're within your breed But there may be other divisions that have to be considered. Yeah, feel the face... that are decided by ballot And then three judges will then pick Best of the Best. everybody is there for. And that's what I think it's very confusing. when we...we must simplify. I think the day has come of blue ribbons WOMAN: We hang an awful lot very confusing. and I know this becomes because that's Best of Color. Watch for the black ribbon, we'll have the Olympic approach And I hope that one day

can be 1, 2, 3 - bingo so that the whole thing or gold, silver or bronze. to be as perfect as I know how. When I show a cat, I want them If they're gonna lose, because I didn't do my part. I don't want them to lose

for Best in Show All the cats are competing is a very strong competition. so that competition for the best cat little things about a cat - You get down to the smallest that's competition. even a little booger in the eye I always tell people that is a form of competition which cat is gonna be first and may make you decide over three equal cats, everything counts. so you are counting everything - to have a natural eye, I really do. KITTY ANGELL: I think you have It's like playing the piano. My mother was an opera singer. I grew up my whole life and people would say, "Can you sing like your mother?" Well, no, I can't. I sing like my father, I guess, 'cause I can't carry a tune. But I do have an eye for cats and I think it is a God-given talent. Also, we're looking for very, very small ears on a Persian, very rounded, set very low to the side... My sons were both tennis players and when two people go on a court, one person comes off a winner and one comes off a loser. But when you have a sport like the Cat Fancy, you have another dimension and it's the eye of the judge. It's, "What does that judge see?" And to me, that's an aesthetic abstract right there. You put that cat into the ring and that's a reflection of yourself.

It's been born in your home, you have made it live, you bathed it, you fed it, you've conditioned it - it's almost you in the ring.

And so you're waiting for that magic moment that they hang that ribbon, that means, "OK, I have a chance, that's my first ribbon," "am I going to get the black ribbon?"

"But then am I going to get the breed ribbon?" "And if I get the breed, are they gonna call me back for the final?" "And if they call me back to the final, "am I gonna be 10th or Best?" (Cheers) And everybody ready? (Laughs) OK, my third best solid colour kitten will be Number 67, the cream. APPLAUSE My second best with be the copper-eyed white, Number 60. APPLAUSE My very best solid colour kitten - the six-month-old black, Number 63. APPLAUSE

I'm doing exactly what I expected to do, so I'm not disappointed. (Laughs) This is their first show, so I got a chance to get my kittens experience,

so...when kittens are four months old it's really hard to compete,

because they're competing with kittens that are mature,

that have more maturity on them, more weight, more size. So, you know, they're cute, but cute doesn't always win. (Laughs) MAN: Ma'am, which kitten is for sale? Ah, the little girl that's sitting right here and she's four months old and she's $400 and she's really sweet. Would you to hold her? RICHARD KATRIS: Basically, the Cat Fancy is a group of people who get together for social events and they use the cats as an excuse to gather because all have that as a common interest. Hi, baby... Honey, she smells good. And I realise that they're spending $700-$800 every weekend going to these cat shows, on a lark as a mini-vacation, spending up 'beaucoup' bucks. WOMAN: The vendors are fabulous. They're worth going to the cat show for even if you don't have a cat. MAN: That's Colin Powell. And he would have been Condoleezza Rice if he was a girl,

but he's Colin Powell.

MAN: Cat cloning this year costs $50,000. We produce what amounts to the genetic twin of a specific cat. Some cat hair and dog hair... WOMAN: These are $27.50... WOMAN: $27.50. Coffee, sugars... Hi, I'm here to look for some Maine Coon toys.

So I'd like to know which are the best ones, how you make 'em... Well, the Maine Coon, you want something that's gonna hold up. Yeah, definitely. What about this little pom-pom with the bell?

That's a mink, and that's an old mink coat. (Laughs) You're always disappointed when you don't take all the ribbons home. But we have - we have good weekends and we have bad weekends. Ah...this one was supposed to be fun.

Pixie's Best Oriental in Championship, Sprinkles is Third Best Oriental in Championship. Tiger will probably be about Fourth Oriental Kitten,

but I'm pleased with that - it's a beautiful class. Cavalier's done very well. He was placed four times and he's ended up being the Best of the Best Oriental Kitten. (Growls) JANELLE LAWRENCE: Nicole's been in one final

which means she's of the top 15 shorthair cats. Right at this moment we're waiting to see if Nicole gets into another final. We won't know until they make an announcement, probably in the next 2-3 minutes. ANNOUNCER: Ring 9 is ready to finish their shorthair kitten final. We'd like to see the following cats: 226, 234, 246, 247... I don't know that the pressure's on the cats, I think it's on the owners. (Laughs) Just getting the cat to the ring, making sure the grooming's right - the eyes are clean, nose clean, back-end clean and that we get to the right ring in the right time. And the people are just so competitive - they're just completely oblivious - they've got like, blinkers on. Oh, they'll just run right over you, push you aside and run right over you to get to a ring.

Nicole is the ultimate show cat. She loves being shown, she sits and watches the judges when she's waiting for her turn. The old adrenaline will start pumping now while we wait. She really enjoys it, she's like, a total extrovert. (Nicole meows)

Who knows what goes into the cats' brains?

Sometimes a cat just freaks. (Hisses) (Growls and caterwauls) WOMAN: Oh my God! I've seen judges bitten, absolutely badly bitten. JUDGE: I don't have finger food for you, OK?.. You know, let's face it - the judge doesn't go to a show to be bitten. (Caterwauls) KEN LAWRENCE: This is five out of five finals. We've got one more final to go and we achieve the ultimate - six out of six finals. (Meows) How we do it, I don't know and how we stand it, I won't know and I think I need a solid drink tonight before I go far. I haven't eaten all weekend - I can't even eat. The nerves get to me. I can't stand still. ANNOUNCER: 5, 19, 21... ..26, 43, 46... ..63, 73... ANNOUNCER: Ring 9 is ready to finish their shorthair kitten final.

We'd like to see the following cats: 226, 234, 246, 247... ..357, 364.. ..491, 492, 575...

..593.. ..502.. YES! YES! (Sings) # We are the champions... # We're in the final for the Best of the Best. So we're also in the final for the Best Shorthair Cat in Show. DRAMATIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC The rush for me is when judges on the Sunday do the Best of the Best - the supreme exhibit. Because the judges are dressed up in dinner suits and the female judges in evening dresses and it's very glitzy and glamoury and to see the cats all part of that is great - I love it. APPLAUSE ANNOUNCER: Our best European Burmese is Keeza Nicole Kidman of Korindah.. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE ..A lilac tortie European Burmese female owned by Janelle and Ken Lawrence. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

(Screeches and hisses) CROWD GASPS ANNOUNCER: Careful, don't grab! If you see the cat coming by you, please don't grab for him - what we need is someone who knows him.

CROWD GASPS Raise your hand if you see him coming. (Caterwauls) Have we got him? The cat has been caught, thank you. APPLAUSE

LAUGHTER ANNOUNCER: Our Best Cat in Show... WILD CHEERING is grand champion Budmar's Beyonce of InTheWind... (Shrieks) ..A Dilute Calico bred by Maurice Ruble Junior and owned by Maurice Ruble Junior and Linda Fisher. Oh, you've won! Congratulations. WOMAN: Best of the Best. Sure, getting best of our own breed's great, getting Best in Show would be excellent.

But the judges considered one of the other breeds was better than what we had. WOMAN: We don't always get what we want. That, you find out sometimes is really who you are, how you accept not getting what you want - it's life. It's absolutely life. You know, it's real easy to be a winner. To be a loser and be gracious sometimes takes a lot of spirit. So... (Clicks tongue)

KEN LAWRENCE: The only disappointment we have is that the show has FINISHED! Other than that, it's been an excellent show all round and we'll have another try next year and if we do any better than that it's a bonus, if we don't do any better, we'll still be here no matter what. WOMAN: Now, also there is a toy that looks like a fishing lure... MAN: Oh, right here...

Oh, these things are great! We have many to choose from. These are great. What's another one of your originals here? Oh, there's so many. (Laughs) What about this one?

This one looks cool with the bells. Yeah. Well, actually that's made from a key chain. Oh! I have a friend that has a black-and-white cat, it's a sedentary cat, so what kind of toy would you recommend to get this cat maybe movin' a little bit? Well, what I always ask, "What does the cat watch outside?" If they watch the birdies, you know to go with feathers. If they like to play with your shoestrings as you're tying, then you know to go with something with laces like that. Closed Captions provided by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd.