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(generated from captions) will come around mid-morning. The

south-south-westers, 40km/h and the

odd shower through the afternoon.

Same again on Sunday. The odd

shower. Won't be much in it, just

an isolated one. Big

an isolated one. Big blue breaks

and a mainly dry Sunday and Monday.

Let's have a look at NSW tomorrow.

Dancing in the sunshine in Easter.

Plenty of blue sky. Happy Easter,

everybody. Enjoy every bit of your

days off. Thank you, Tim.

This program is captioned live.

. This is The Project.

Good evening. And Good Friday. This

is The Project. I am Hugh Riminton.

With me tonight is Ten 'Breakfast's

Magdalena Roze, as well as Meshel

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Laurie. And, of course, Lehmo.


And a happy Good Friday to everyone.

Magdalena, you have been giddy

about the weather change coming in?

I have. There's a cool change fast

approaching. I have been checking

it out on my phone. I actually

predicted it to arrive at 7pm. It's

6:00 and it's still not here. Let's

see what happens later in the show.

I will be very proud if it happens

out today on time. Ronald McDonald took time

out today to visit the kids at the

Royal Children's Hospital. But

sometimes even clowns have a bad

day at the office. Do you have any

KFC for me? Do I have any KFC? Oh,

you should have asked earlier. That

was a joke. That was a joke! Don't

tell me this is gonna end up on

YouTube! No, it will end up on The

Project. Here we decide what

Project. Here we decide what gets

cut. You have been busted. Making

news today - Friday 6 April. It's

Good Friday and thousands of

Christians have attended services

across the country. Sydney's

religious leaders have reminded us

Easter is about more than just the

Easter Bunny, while in Melbourne,

the message was a bit more

political. You have significant

profits being made. It's important

that those benefits are shared broadly. There's another sex scandal

scandal engulfing Defence. A 23-

year-old Defence member is accused

of raping a 21-year-old female

civilian at Canberra's roilt

Military College, Duntroon. The

mab's -- Royal Military College,

Duntroon. The man's facing two

counts of intercourse without

consent and faces court tomorrow.

Matt, what do we know at this

stage? Well, Hugh, we know that the

female civilian contacted police

around 2:00 yesterday morning to

report a sexual assault had taken

place in the grounds of Duntroon,

which is the Royal Military College.

She was 21, a civilian, not a

Defence member. She claimed that a

man that she knew, a 23-year-old

Defence member, entered her house

and then sexually assaulted her

before fleeing. We don't know his

rank and we do not know what unit

he is from. They definitely didn't

muck around in making an arrest

this time. Why do you think that

is? Well, the military and police

want to act as quickly as they can.

There's been a long list of sexual allegations against the Defence

Force. They need to show they can

act fast. I suppose it also demonstrates that they have learnt

from the past and they are keen to

act on allegations. So this is

quickly, something they wanted to act

quickly, they did. The guy was

found at 5:00. He was charged at

2:00 and will appear in court

tomorrow. Matt, thanks for your

time tonight. Thanks. A man is dead

and a teenager's missing after a

boat capsized off South Australia's

west coast. Three men were in the

boat when it hit choppy water and

overturned near the entrance to

rescued but Venus Bay. A 22-year-old man was

rescued but later died. Another man

managed to swim to shore.

There could be a legal fight over

Ned Kelly's remains. Despite a

gentle push by the vish Government,

they still haven't been --

Victorian Government, they still

haven't been handed over by

Pentridge Prison. And Bob Carr's

ruled out making a play for the

country's top job. It wasn't all

that long ago he became our Foreign

Minister and already the former NSW

premier is fending off leadership

questions. Senator Carr insists

he's not going anywhere. Hugh, he's

ruled it out, so that definitely

means it's on? Rule it out three

times, it's happening. The curious

thing is it may not happen. If it

did happen, he's not actually in

the Senate, he has not been elected.

Technically, it's not constitutionally possible, we could

have a prime minister not elected

by a single voter. Would it be the

first time? First time in Australia.

Threw go. Now to a current -- there

you go. Now to a current Premier.

Ted Baillieu was on 3AW today. He

treated listeners to Elvis. One

listener didn't think it was a (SINGS) # Love (SING. treat.

(SINGS) # Love me tender... #

WOMAN: Oh, get him off! OK. I heard

she was a nurse! It's not 'Young

Talent Time'. We've all heard

horror stories about virus us

wreaking havoc on our computer. But

some experts warn it's an ocean of

nasty software. In the time it

takes you to listen to this

sentence, nine new pieces of

sentence, nine new pieces of nasty

software have been released on to

the internet. That's more than one

day. every two seconds, or 55,000 every

Software, or malware, describes any

kind of software, including viruses,

designed to infiltrate your

computer without your knowledge.

Some log your key strokes or spy on

your activities. It gives the

your activities. It gives the bad

guys complete control of your PC.

Each year, $15 billion is paid out

to anti-virus software companies

worldwide. The anti-virus vendors

all keep making new software to

overcome what's out there now. The

guys that make it say, "Hang on,

they caught up with what we did

last month." They are always

feeling smug playing catch-up. You might be

feeling smug right now because you

own a Mac. But it's been discovered

that up to 600,000 Macs around the

world may have a virus that opens a

back door to hackers stealing

valuable information. With our

wormed becoming increasingly

connected and more and more gadgets

exposed to the online world, are we

facing a future where our privacy is constantly

is constantly under assault? And is

it a fight we can ever win?

Now, the man who can help us answer

that question is this internet

pioneer, Mark. I pay an annual

subscription to a anti-piracy

company. Is this a waste? It isn't.

Every time you download a brand-new

piece of software, you're opening

yourself up to what they call zero

yourself up to what they call zero

day. If the programmer made

mistakes, hackers can get in and

try to steal information on your

computer. Anti-virus is good, but

it's not enough by itself. So,

where do these viruses come from?

Well, you could kind of think of

the internet as a great, big

singles bar. So all these viruses

are out there and the hackers are

out there, sampling these viruses,

opening them up, taking a look

one and around, grabbing a little from this

one and that one, mixing them

together and putting them back out

there goifpblt they are kind of

breeding each other -- again. They

are kind of breeding each other

again. I often look at it like a

singles bar. Because of the sites

you look at! Were all the viruses

put out there to destroy, or in

some instances, just hackers seeing

how far they can go? There's gonna

be a few cases, particularly in the

early days of this, where people

were just trying to test the

boundaries. But mostly because

there's a lot of money involved

here, people are trying to steal

your personal information so they

can do identity fraud, hack into

your bank accounts and so on. How

much of this hysteria is drummed up

by companies selling us anti-virus

material? Listen, it really is true

that the internet is a dangerous

place. If you attach a computer to

the internet without protection, it

will get infected pretty quickly.

So it's not really just hysteria.

Maybe they are drumming it up

because they will get more sales,

but an unprotected computer on the

internet is not safe. Mark, I

absolutely had issues with my old

PC to the point where I could

barely use it anymore. I ended up

buying a Mac. Is that at risk as

well? There was a virus just

well? There was a virus just

announced yesterday called Flash

Back. There are a lot more Mac

intoshes out there in the world

than there used to be. It's

becoming more of a target, because

it's more and more alluring to the

hacker. There's so many gadgets now

you can get that have connection to

the internet, like TVs and fridges. Does this

Does this mean my fridge could get

a virus? It does, and maybe it

could melt all your ice-cream. (LAUGHTER)

Thanks, Mark. Thank you.

My husband's computer has got a

virus at the moment, actually. I

don't know if he knows about it. I

was look at his email, and he has

that many emails from that many emails from A member

shrnings or something? (LAUGHTER) (LAUGHTER)

Coming up - the organisation making

sure no-one's left out these

holidays. Being able to provide

them with a meal and with a space

to be able to connect with others

it really important. You're watching The Project.

Vodafone Prepaid gives you a massive $450 Flexible Credit

on the new Prepaid $30 Cap so you can play more this summer without blowing your budget.

This is The Project. Welcome back.

Now, guys, a new careers website

was launched in the UK today. And

record producer Pete Waterman gave the details

the details of his own career. My

head master said to me, as I left

school, at 14, you're likely to get

hung for murdering somebody. I

certainly didn't get hung. Did

murder someone, though. Did not

happen! I made that up for the joke.

Our legal team just collapsed. That

did not happen. And he didn't get

hung! Let's see what's making news hung! Let's see what's making news

around the world. In another

hacking headache for Rupert Murdoch,

Britain's Skye News channel has

admitted twice authorising commuter

hacking. Reporters broke into

emails of a man who notoriously

faked his own death. A new photo

has been released of Charles Manson.

Last seen in 2009, this is the cult

leader at aged 77, as leader at aged 77, as he prepares

for his 12th parole hearing next

week. A British woman, Samantha

Brick, has spoken out, claiming

women hate her because she's

beautiful. Now she's defending

herself. You definitely believe

you're very good-looking. It's not

that I believe it. You do. And be

warned - if you delve into your

family tree, be careful what you uncover. The TV

uncover. The TV show 'Finding Your

Roots' find Kevin Bacon and his

wife are distant cousins. Fitting,

for the man in 'Six Degrees of

Kevin Bacon'. That's so not a big

deal where I come from - Toowoomba,

in Queensland. Whatever! I think we

lost Toowoomba as an audience there.

They know it. They are all married to their

to their cousins. They know. In

Toowoomba, it's a shock if they are

not related. You have more than one

set of grandparents, you're up yourself! (LAUGHTf! (LAUGHTER)

Speaking of people who might be a

little too close to get married,

the Queen was in Yorkshire today

and for a change, she got a whole

bunch of flowers, as she does. She

gave every single flower the utmost respect. Have a look.

respect. Have a look. Careful! Hand

to her. Quickly hand them to

someone else. "Yep, I'll take them.

Thank you." Along comes Prince

Philip. Not a single rose. No-one

wants to give flowers to Prince

Philip, because there's something

wrong about him! (LAUGHTER)

Entering a weird zone if you give

Prince Philip flowers. How many

people can we defame in a show?

We're doing pretty well. Let's head We're doing pretty well. Let's head

to Easter now. For most of us,

chocolate eggs are given at Easter,

but for many Aussies it's a luxury

they can't afford. That's where

Foodbank comes in. It's hard to

believe in a country like ourks, 2

million Aussies will struggle to

put food on the table this Easter.

The sad thing is at the moment

Foodbank is not meeting demand. We

have to have limits on most products. products. Foodbank collects

products that can't be sold and

packages them up for 2,500

charities across the country. It's

stock donated by farmers,

manufacturers, retailers and the

public. Each warehouse essentially

acts as a massive pantry that feeds

the welfare agencies that feed

Aussies in need. It's picked and

packed, then will go home and be

provided to people in food hampers or even in kitchens where or even in kitchens where they

provide meals. The organisation

sends out 21 million kilos of food

each year, which equated to about

75,000 meals a day. And demand from

charities is growing, with an 11%

increase in the last 12 months. At

Easter, they need not only the

normal nutrition we provide, but

special treats, like Easter eggs.

special treats, like Easter eggs.

This week, 1.5 million Easter eggs

have rolled out of Foodbank and to

welfare groups. They are put into

orders and feed thousands who would

otherwise go hungry. Robin Evans

relies on Foodbank to help feed

hundreds of hungy Sydney siders

every week. A number of people need help because their circumstances

are unable to help them sustain the life

life that they need to live. And

that could be because of medical

costs, because of rising housing

costs, particularly around

electricity and the increasing of

fuel. Something I never, never

found easy. No matter what it is,

whether it be, like, with

accommodation or whether it be,

stuff, like, being in a position

where I find myself needing to ask

anyone for help. Dwayne anyone for help. Dwayne Pit

struggles to make ends meet. He

eats at the centre most days, as

he's done for the past three years.

Easter and Christmas is hard

because I don't see my family and

that kind of thing. So it's good to

have folk like the Salvos and

street level, where people can go.

Easter can highlight for people

what they don't have. And so being

able to provide them with a meal and with a space to and with a space to be able to

connect with others it really

important. For some people, it will

be the only Easter egg they get.

And so being able to give out

Easter eggs at Easter is just a

part of bringing joy to people's

lives. Stuff like Easter eggs is a

novelty, but it's nice. It shows someone someone cares. (APPLAUSE)

Great idea. And it's true. People Great idea. And it's true. People

need bread, but need a little

chocolate every so often. And to

feel included. You know? To feel

like you're the only person in the

world who has no-one to give you an

Easter egg, as silly as that sounds,

it must be awful. And so much must

go to waste. So good they can

utilise it all and give it to

people that need it. I love it. A

feelfood story. Stick around.

Coming up - can 'Kony 2012 - Part II - Beyond II - Beyond Famous' live up to the

hype of its predecessor? Denise

Scott drops by. And what is the

real meaning of Easter? Having fun,

eating the chocolate. This is the

prolgt. Paragraph -- this is The Project.

Ready? Might just change my dress. I might just fix that wall.

MAN: New Selleys No More Gaps Fast Dry. Ready to paint in 20 minutes. I can't find my earrings. Oh. Might paint the wall. No More Gaps Fast Dry. If it's Selleys, it works.


Welcome back. This is The Project.

We have feedback? I do. Liese on

Twitter says, "In regards to Kevin

Bacon finding out him and his wife

are cousins. That's the dangers of playing 'Six Degrees of Kevin

Bacon'. Should have checked first."

Yes, you should Yes, you should have. Bad news.

Human remains that have washed up

on a beach south of Perth are

believed to be those of diver Peter

Kurmann. The father of two was

feattlely mauled by a shark last

week. Police have contacted his

family. In Queensland, a woman is

recovering in hospital after being

bitten twice by a snake. The

incident happened at a property

north of Kingaroy.

And we all know our sense of taste and smell

and smell are linked. Now add sound.

An experiment found high-pitched

music made lollies taste sweeter

compared to low-pitched music, even

though they were exactly the same

sweets. I can concur. Beer and

bourbon taste better when listening

to Cold Chisel. I can only assume

we have found a cure we have found a cure to cancer!

Well, it is Good Friday. Father Bob

is about to join us to talk Easter,

so it's probably a good idea to

prush up on Easter 101, when --

brush up on Easter 101. For some of

us, it's a chocolate weekend, and

maybe show bags. It's all about

celebrating chocolate and all about

rabbits giving you chocolates. But

for millions of for millions of Christians

worldwide, it's the most sacred day

of the year. We have Easter because

it's Jesus' birthday and Jesus died

on wood, what was that, an X, and

he got stapled to it. For

Christians, the eggs, the rabbits

and the manned snacking are a

sideshow, symbols picked

sideshow, symbols picked up from

sideshows to help the church spread

its word. Jesus is in space and

looks down on people. While the

secular world still stops at Easter,

the sideshow has begun to eclipse

the spiritual meaning of the day.

It seems the more people celebrate

Easter, the fewer know what it is.

Tell me about Jesus. Well, I don't really know about him. Now,

Now, one man who knows a fair bit

about Jesus is Father Bob Maguire. Welcome. (CHEEme.


You're retired now. I we

still call you 'Father' Bob?

Grandfather Bob? Mother. (LAUGHTER)

I am not a perish priest anymore.

That was PP. I can

That was PP. I can now be pop-up

priest, which is PUP. That will do,

gotta be something. What do you

think Easter means these days?

Bushfires, struck me, burnt-out,

everybody's unhappy. There's black

everywhere. How are we gonna get

back to...? All of a sudden, you go

to the next day almost. And there's

green. Just pops up, where do they

come from? Nothing dies.

come from? Nothing dies. I caught

myself saying that and believing it.

Which is hard, when you're a

clergyman, you don't know what you

believe when you keep saying it for

long enough. I buried a bloke from

Chocolate Starfish. You might know

him. Only 46, died. I caught myself

saying something at the graveside,

which was, "Nothing dies." To me, that's

that's what Easter's all b see.

Nothing dies. That's what it's all

about, the bunny. The bunny and the egg. What's the significance?

Because a lot of people say, "How

is that to do with Jesus dying and

resurrecting?" What has Jesus got

to do with the bunny and the egg?

They were there before. From the

beginning, in the beginning, you

see what I mean? What is the whole

idea of Easter - has it died a idea of Easter - has it died a

little? We have been polling people

about what Easter means to them.

Somewhat predictably, bringing up

the results. What does Easter mean

for you was the

for you was the question? Here are

the answers. That's nice. And then,

44% - 4-day weekend. (LAUGHTER)

That's true. That's the Aussie

spirit wallet, you see. That middle spirit wallet, you see. That middle

one there, about her family and

reflection, you see, that's

one there, about her family and reflection, you see, that's nice.

But one of the things about Easter

that we don't talk much about is

there's more trauma over Easter

with people suffering emotional

distress than the rest of -

Christmas too - the rest of the

year because of that business -

"I'm lost. I don't belong." But

that's what you lot do. See, that's what you lot do. See, I keep

banging on about the media's role

in building community. I think

there's extra stress because people

catch up with their family. They

don't want to see these people.

That's the point. We ought to get

back to welcoming the stranger. Oft

times, the strangest people are in

your family! Yes, true! (LAUGHTER)

You don't have to like them, you

see? You have to love them. See? Very true. I have got Very true. I have got a curly one

for you, speaking of loving

everyone, Father Bob. I don't know

if you know, but Anglican

Archbishop Peter Jensen loves

atheists. He does. Here he is

talking on Skye News today. The

atheists, God bless them, are

coming and talking about God all

the time, which gives us the chance

the time, which gives us the chance

to talk about God, which most

people believe in, actually. I love the atheists, I think the atheists, I think they are

great for us. The more, the better. (LAUGHTER)

Do you think the more, the better?

I me, that's the kiss of death. As

soon as he says, "I love atheists,"

you know the opposite is true. No,

I mean, the atheist convention is

coming up. I am still waiting for

me invitation. Would you go? Of

course I would go. The Christians,

early days, were labelled atheists by the

by the Roman government. So, we

were called atheists for about 400

years. We were never respectable

until Constantine said, "Sign this

agreement with me." Do you think

atheism is like a new religion? I

mean, the early Christians also

claimed - and Paul, one of the earliest marketers

earliest marketers d did in fact

say, "I am a worshipper of the

unknown God." Because he didn't

want to get in a fight with the

Greeks. He said, "What's that empty

pedestal? They said, "That's for

the unknown God." He said, "I'm

here for him." What about the women

who are here for him? What about

the Pope? Not nice. I know. But

priests, what about the idea of female

priests, women priests? Yeah, but

he says, "I'm gonna smack any

clergyman around the world who are

in favour, or talk about women

priests," see? That's going a step

further. They have done it a bit

more in Australia, you get smacked,

you see, by raising the questions.

You have been smacked for a lot of

things. You were telling us off

camera that you're camera that you're broken-hearted

that you no longer have a parish.

You, sir, will continue to do what

you do until you have no breath

left in your body, which is helping

the poor. We're trying to get into

a nice mobile home, a nice man from

Geelong. We're supposed to travel

all over the place and pop up. You

know? Now, Father borks just on

what Easter means to people, David

tweeted us this afternoon and said,

tweeted us this afternoon and said,

"2.20pm and still in my PJs."

That's what Easter means for him.

Well, Australia is the only country

in the world you would get away

with that. Most of the countries,

people are trying to evade

detection or being shot or

something. The Aussies are blessed.

What's he running around in? PJ?!

Bob, we hope you have a blessed Easter. Thanks for having Easter. Thanks for having me. You

(LAUGHTER)apists! psychotherapists! have been a great... You are


Thanks, Father Bob.

To more news now - and the Good

Friday Easter message for commuters

is take care on the roads. In less

than 24 hours, NSW Police have

handed out more than 2,000 speeding

fines to drivers rushing away for

the long weekend. Earlier the the long weekend. Earlier the Fish

Market was the place to be ahead of

tonight's seafood feast. Embattled company EnergyWatch may

have more problems than its former

boss's racist and sexist rants on

Facebook. Unions say it's call

centre employees are owed more than

half a million dollars in unpaid

entitlements. Gold Coast Police are

forced to defend what turned out to

be a massive overreaction. Six of be a massive overreaction. Six of

the seven people they arrested

yesterday have been released

without charge. Police launched a

full-scale response to reports of

gunshots for what turned out to be

a crack of the stockwhip. Yeah, so

a little bit embarrassing. Police

actually ended up surrounding this

poor guy's house. This is how he

found out his house was surrounded.

Until they rang me.

They rang me on the They rang me on the phone. They

(LAUGHTER) surrounded." were like, "We have the place

He walked out the front and saw the

police surround his house.

Apparently the real estate agent

wants them out of there. I can't

understand why! We hear about

spider bites and dog bites, but not

so much cows. Paramedics have come

up with a list of bites they

treated over summer. 145 came

treated over summer. 145 came from

dogs, 83 from spiders and five

people were treated for a cow bite.

Yeah, and one person was treated

for a grass hopper bite. That is

seriously not a bite you would take

to a hospital. What would you have

to do to make a cow angry?

Seriously? We have been biting them

for millions of years! Good on

them! Well, it's hard to believe

that it's only a month since we first saw the first saw the 'Kony 2012' video.

Since then it's racked up 100

million hits on YouTube and got

everyone talking about it. Today

the sequel has been released, so

hype? can it possibly live up to the

Just four weeks ago, Ugandan war

lord Joseph Kony was far from a

household name. Then, this short

film, the most successful viral

video in history, changed all that.

abducted We can't sleep. We have been

abducted by the rebels.

What do you think we could do about

it? We should stop them. It drew

global attention to the flight of

soldiers, but it also attracted a

barrel load of criticism. Jason's

charity only spent a third of their

budget in Africa. There hasn't been

fighting in Northern Uganda for six

bandwagon. years. White Westerners on a

bandwagon. Today's follow-up video

attempts to hit back at the critics

by giving a more in-depth

explanation of what's required to

stop Joseph Kony. Everyone across

the board will agree it requires a

multipronged approach. It also

highlights what's been achieved so

far. Every two minutes, 200 calls,

from supporters trying to

from supporters trying to be

involved. Noticeably absent from

this film is Jason Russell, the

star of the first video, who

remains in hospital after a

psychotic episode blamed on the

first video's success. 'Kony 2012'

has been one of the biggest

internet sensations of our time and

some real objectives have been

achieved. A look at Google trends

brightly show it's a star that burned

brightly before burning out. So,

will it ignite another global

phenomenon or have we become wary

of all the hype.

This advertising executive is all

across 'Kony 2012 - Part II -

Beyond Famous'. The big question -

does the sequel live up to the

original? I think in terms of the

sequel we're starting to get into

'Police Academy' territory. It's

gone on too long, it's too

gone on too long, it's too self-

rempential. Dan, I am looking

forward to 'Cony 7-Mission to

Moscow'. (LAUGHS) I think the

second one is about answering the

criticisms that came up in the

first one? I think that's what they

have tried to do. I am not sure

they really needed to do that. A lot of

lot of criticism was it was too

simple, too much of an easy

solution. But I kind of subscribe

to ionstein's theory that, if you

don't understand it well enough to

explain it simply, you don't

understand it well at all. A lot of

that criticism didn't need to be dealt with. Jason Russell broke

an effect did that down, we all saw it. What sort of

an effect did that have on the

campaign? You're absolutely right.

That had more effect on the

campaign than the initial criticism.

Everything's gonna be criticised.

His breakdown had people wonder

just how much can we trust the rest

of what he's doing, if his mental

state isn't quite where it should

be. I think that's actually raised

a lot more questions for people

than, say, the original film did.

on Yeah. Definitely seeing him naked

on a street corner, banging his

hands on the ground, raised a few

questions for me. How many people

do you think will turn out now, on

20 April, which is the big public

night that we're all supposed to

get out there and put the posters

up? That was the whole point of the

initial xaifpblt has that been

damaged now? Will people still do

it? It will be interesting to watch

and see. This campaign's about doing

doing things overnight and hoping

for a big reveal in the morning.

You're not gonna have those images

of thousands of people gathering

together to create change. It's

going to be interesting to see how

this works. It's not really like a

public support campaign that we've

seen before. I am gonna swim

against the tide a little bit. This

organisation, Invisible Children,

whatever its sins might be, they

are nothing compared to the sins of

been in Joseph Kony. As a reporter, I have

been in Northern Uganda and have

met teenagers who have killed and

raped and been raped on the orders

of this character, Kony. Do you

think everyone will be a little bit

more respectful of this

organisation if they achieve their

main aim, which is to get him

captured before the end of this

year? I think, certainly. Where

they deserve credit is they have

made this issue front and centre.

The last time a Ugandan despot made headlines was

headlines was in the 1970s. They

have taken an invisible issue and

made it visible to the whole world.

All credit to them. It will be

interesting to see what happens

taip 20, Dan. Thanks for your time

-- April 20, Dan. Thanks for your

time tonight. Thank you. This is

The Project. Back in a moment.

Coming up - looking for something

to do this Easter weekend? We might be able to

Hello again. This is The Project.

Now, in breaking news, I have been

watching my phone pretty much owl

morning and basically a cool change

-- all morning and basically a cool

change has pushed through Avalon.

Dropping nine degrees. This is a

special one for Melbourne views. We

will get the cool change at 7pm. will get the cool change at 7pm.

She has been watching this all

afternoon and evening. She actually

loves weather! Slightly obsessed!

In Melbourne, a young Victorian boy

has promised never ever to put his

arm into a vending machine again.

The 4-year-old was trying to reach

for a toy when he got into trouble,

wedging his arm in a chute.

Firefighters had to dismantle the toy dispenser

toy dispenser to free him. Oh! Ever

had a child stuck in a vending

machine, Meshel? No. As hard as I

have tried, but not yet. Get in

there! "Mummy want as Coke!"


Training them, OK. The overnight

news crew that covered that last

night, they must be facing some

budget cuts, because things have

gotten so bad, gotten so bad, they have had to

recruit the little boy's sister to

help out. Thank you. Thank you,

little journalist. Say bye. You did

a really good job. Well done. Good

on her! She gave something back there.

There's a radical new plan to fight

climate change, thanks to

philosophers from Oxford and New

York universities. They suggest by

altering humans to make

altering humans to make them

smaller, eat less meat and have

less children, our ecological

footprint will be reduced frplt We

will all be Oompa Loompas!

And it's with great delight we

welcome back an old fave. Well,

she's not old, she's just back!

Since appearing on a Since appearing on a rival network,

we haven't seen much of Denise

Scott, which is a shame, because we

really miss her. She's really funny.

Someone older than me on the desk

for the first time! Good thing is for the first time! Good thing is

she's decided to come back and

visit, promoting a new comedy show

she's calling 'Regrets'. Surely you

have none of those, Scotty! Ladies

and gentlemen, welcome Denise Scott. and gentlemen, welcome Denise Scott. Thank Thank you. (APPLAUSE)

It's another thing to see yourself

dancing! Is that possibly one of

your regrets? Wearing a leotard? No,

I always have one in my handbag. I

am doing a show, 'Regrets'.Ly just

talk and you sit there? (LAUGHTER)

Happy Easter. What happens in the

Scott household on Easter? Is it a

special occasion? Well, no, special occasion? Well, no, it

isn't, actually. Today, because I

am not in any way religious,

haven't got kids at home or

anything. Today, I spent five hours

at a yoga intensive, but in

religious mode, I suppose, there is

a yoga posture called the Resting

Rabbit. Very Christian. I can... Do

you want...? Oh! I mean, I haven't

got my pants got my pants on. (APPLAUSE)

But I really worked (APPLAUSE)

But I really worked today. Do we

need to get your leotard out of

your bag? I think it's better if your bag? I think it's better if

there's no leotard involved. It's

just this. This is the Resting

Rabbit. I don't know where you want

the cameras. The first time on

network television. That's it!


You can lie on your back... Oh, no,

I can't do that. Oh, no. (LAUGHTER)

I will just get back to the desk.

That's nothing to do with my show,

by the way. So the one on the back,

is that still

by the way. So the one on the back,

is that still Resting -- The people,

parents, they are called. My kids

have been gone that long, I didn't

remember what we were called. But

they - they are worried about

obesity in children. Did you read this? They are this? They are requesting that the

Easter Bunny not bring eggs. Oh,

no! They are saying, can they bring

an ineddible gift, like, "A musical

instrument." For God's sake. The

poor little bunnies, last year,

running around with a Lindt ball.

This year they have to bring in a

grand piano! After you have found

the fourth guitar in the garden, it

starts to wear off a little bit. You're not You're not the kind of person

that's gonna swear off meat for

Easter, Good Friday? Actually, you

know, ex-Catholic. Once a Catholic,

always a little bit screwed up. (LAUGHTER)

You know what I mean, you can't let

go of those rituals. So, no, I

wouldn't do meat. Really?! No. Are

you gonna be tucking into salmon

tonight? A nice bit of salmon. I really don't know, Hugh. really don't know, Hugh. I haven't

thought of my dinner plan. You're a

complicated woman. You spend all

the day in that heathen yoga

session... And now, tomorrow, I

will be doing my show, 'Regrets',

at 5:15. What a weird time. I

thought, "Who the hell would come

to a show then?" You know who does?

People who love a good car park. People who love a good car park.

They flocked there last Saturday.

Hundreds of people poured in, they

didn't have a clue who I was. They

were going, "We got a car park!" We

will take whatever's on! We're used

to boozy crowds. What's going on at

5:15, are they sipping tea and

water? Ework them up into a frenzy.

The show is based on one regret

that I can't really talk about, because

because it involves me being on all

fours by a roadside. (LAUGHTER) (LAUGHTER)

I can't really talk about that. Is

that the Rabbit that you were

doing? If only it was. It's

something a lot more humiliating.

You are also writing a book, a

second book? I just got the first

draft in the other day, which was a

huge relief. I think it's awful -

the book - but, you just know, the book - but, you just know,

because I have been trying to write

this book for three years and it's

about self-doubt and self-loathing.

And if anything gets all your self-

doubt and self-loathing going, it's

writing a book about it. That's a

writer's block moment, right there.

But the first draft is in. It's

about regrets too. I can't think

about anything but retros. They can

get your first book, which is get your first book, which is

called...? 'All that Happened scat

Number 26'. Excellent! Do you rerlt

writing that book? No. I don't. It

was all about having the affair.

That was chapter 12. My kids didn't

know. They all know now. We're

still happy and friends. Excellent.

Thanks for being on the show.

Tickets are available for her show.

Details on our website for dates Details on our website for dates

and times. Please thank Denise

Scott. Time for another break.

We'll be back right after this.

Welcome back to The Project. Well,

it's been a huge hit so far at the

box office and Andrew Gunsburg

caught up with the stars of 'Wrath

of the Titans'. He was a star of

the Australian silver screen before

James Cameron came knocking and

cast Sam Worthington as the star of

the biggest box office money-maker

in history. 'Avatar' ended up

making an

making an unheard-of $2.7 billion

worldwide. When 'Clash of the

Titans' followed, it made Sam a

household name and presumably

studios very, very happy. So while

we wait for the 'Avatar' sequel,

his new hit is 'Wrath of the

Titans'. It also stars Liam Neeson

and Ralph Fiennes. Sam's back in his

his famous sexy leather skirt. You

all have the skirts on, I mean, the

wardrobe on. Say it. Manly skirts.

Is there a moment where you just

kind of have a bit of a giggle? Of

course. You have to giggle. You

know, you're standing there... Toby

was wearing nothing but a hessian

potato sack. And that beard was

real. Toby's beard was real. So he real. Toby's beard was real. So he

had to go home with that every

night. We, at least, could take it

off. He, you know, that guy didn't

get lucky for months! (LAUGHS)

MOVIE REEL: Forget the past. So,

you and Mr Neeson go back quite a

long way? Yeah. What was it like?

We had great fun on this one. This

one, they gave us more to do. one, they gave us more to do. We

enjoyed it. We're very close

friends. Stick on a beard together

and go out and be gods with your

mates. It's great, continuity it?

When you're in all the gear, when

you have the wig on and all of that,

it's like, "Cut, everyone back in

10." I stand corrected! The first

thing I do is get the false

moustache off, so I can drink my

tea, eat my lunch. tea, eat my lunch. Otherwise you're

eating and swallowing false hair

and stuff like that. It's basics.

You will learn some day that being

half-human makes you stronger than

a god. Is this the kind of film

that you would take the kids to? Is

it too frightening or OK? No, I

don't have kids myself. You by my

nieces and nephews would love this.

I could see my younger self

enjoying it. It's pretty good. Yeah.

They do it so well now. Compared,

with much respect to the first one,

now the way they can do the special

effects, with the detail they put

into them, it's fantastic.

MOVIE REEL: What are you waiting

for?! How about our Sam? How did he

go? He's terrific. People recognise

an everyday kind of hero. I think

Sam has an honesty and

screen. Sam has an honesty and integrity on

human. MOVIE REEL: You're sweating like a


'Wrath of the Titans' is out now.

For more of Andrew's interviews,

you can catch the 'The Hot Hits

Live from LA' live from LA each

Sunday across the Southern Cross

Austereo network. Time to see

what's happening around the country over the long weekend with Metro Whip Around. over the long weekend with our


First up, in Melbourne, we have Tim

Blackwell. Are you there, Tim? I am,

Hugh. No, I know what you're

thinking. No, this is not Elton

John's celebration for Easter. We

are in South Gate and we're getting

prepared for the Mad Hatter's Tea

Party. It's on tomorrow. It is mad

family and it's free. Bring the whole

family down, rain, hail or shine.

See the website for all the details.

It's brilliant. There's cake. From

tomorrow. Happy Easter. Thank you.

Now to Brisbane, where Adam dox is

waiting. Hello. G'day, mate.

Tonight we're at Suncorp Stadium

for a big game. We have a Reds fan, a Brumbies fan.

a Brumbies fan. The first to eat

the eggs win. Go, go, go! Eat them

fast. Get into it, guys. Get into

it. Come on! You need more eggs

(APPLAUSE) over there. Way too fast.

Thanks, Adam. To Adelaide now, with

Maz Compton. Has the wind blown you

away yet, Maz? I know! This wind is

it's not great for my hair at all, but

it's perfect for the Kite Festival

this weekend. Just take a couple -

you can make one out of newspaper.

I am doing an investigation down

here at Adelaide, at a caravan park.

I am glamping - camping with

amazing high heels on. Now to Perth,

where Ross is waiting. G'day, guys. The The Fremantle Street Art Festival

is happening here in Perth. We have

the face of it! Wow! You're a good-

looking man. So, what world record

do you hold, sir? 78 rubber bands

on my face at one time - the most

rubber bands on someone's face.

That looks painful. It is. Also -

we have the pink guys. Leave the

camera alean. It's happening all

weekend -- alone. It's happening weekend -- alone. It's happening

all weekend. Get out of it! Thanks.

Finally to Sydney, with Sam. What

are you up to? Guys, the Hoopla

Festival is on in Dash. The street

performers, the circus acts. Amelia,

her stage name Amelia also. And the

strong man who can rip a phone book

in half. Well, he tells us he can. strong man who can rip a phone book in half. Well, he tells us he

in half. Well, he tells us he can.

He's a liar! This guy can breathe He's a liar! This guy can breathe

fire. Kids, if you're watching,

make sure you try this at home,

when your parents aren't home. Have

a good weekend. Thanks to all our a good weekend. Thanks to all our

Whippers. We will

Welcome back to The Project. It's

time now for the top five. The news

is so nice, we're playing it twice.

A 23-year-old Defence Force member

at the Royal Military College at the Royal Military College in

Duntroon has been arrested and

charged over the alleged sexual

assault of a civilian woman. The

man will appear in court tomorrow.

Anti-virus software is struggling

to keep up. Even Macs are under threat.

It's Good Friday and the good

Father Bob dropped by to say hello.

If you have been a good little boy

or girl, then Father Bob might visit you too,

visit you too, to hide chocolate bunnies.

The 'Kony 2012' video was such a

huge hit, it's already swauned a

sequel -- spawned a sequel.

And it turns out Kevin Bacon and

his wife are related, and not just

by marriagement the discovery has

turned maths on its head. It now turned maths on its head. It now

means Kevin Bacon is now -6 degrees

away from himself. That's all for

tonight. A big thank you to

Magdalena Roze and Meshel. And, of

course, myself for standing in

tonight for Charlie, as well as all

our guests. 'Young Talent Time' is

up next. Have a great Easter.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

(SINGS) # Rollin', rollin' # Rollin' down the river... # Oh! (CHUCKLES) Mate, maybe leave the singing to the kids and the team. Yep. We have a sensational First Semifinal for you tonight. You're a judge. Judge. Dicko's got judging on his mind and the team has one thing on theirs... ALL: (SING) # I got Friday on my mind... ..Sean surprises our guest, Taio Cruz... Amazing. You sing my song better than I do. (SINGS) # We're gonna light it up like it's dynamite... # ..Anthony Callea takes to the stage with the team... (SINGS) # I'm gonna be the last # To go # Go # For just one night... # with a high-flying contestant, Our semifinal kicks off who fills the stage... a tiny performer # The spell is cast... # ..and a scene-stealing vocalist. # Somebody, oh, oh... # Tina whips Dicko into shape. (LAUGHTER) It's one YTT you can't beat. # Can't you hear the horses? #

SONG: # Young Talent Time... # (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Young Talent Time. Hello, and welcome to It is the first of our semifinals. to show us what they're made of. We have three great contestants back There he is, down there. Dicko is back to judge them. Looking nice and dapper. and Anthony Callea performs. Taio Cruz is on the show Let's get a very big show started.

your Young Talent Team, Please welcome of all time - fact - performing the best Australian song the Easybeats, 'Friday on My Mind'. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

(BAND PLAYS 'FRIDAY ON MY MIND') # Monday mornin' feels so bad... # (SCREAMING) # Everybody seems to nag me # Comin' Tuesday, I feel better... # (SCREAMING) # Even my old man looks good # Wednesday just won't go

# Thursday goes too slow # 'Cause I got Friday on my mind # I'm gonna have fun in the city # Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na # Be with my girl, she's so pretty # Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na # She looks fine tonight # He is outta sight to me # I'll spend my bread # I'll lose my head # Tonight # I've gotta get tonigh-igh-ight # Tonight

# Monday, I got Friday on my mind # Do the five-day drag once more

# No-one, nothin' else that bugs me # More than working for the rich man that scene one day # Hey, I'll change # Today I might be mad # Tomorrow I'll be glad # 'Cause I got Friday on my mind

# Gonna have fun in the city # Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na # Be with my girl, she's so pretty # Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na # She looks fine tonight # He is outta sight to me # I'll paint my friend # Tonight