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The Pakistani Taliban claims

an attack on Washington is

imminent. President Obama heads

decent in London ahead of the

G-20 Summit. The US concedes

North Korea's missile may be a

satellite and the Khmer Rouge's

chief torturer asks for

forgiveness. Good morning, Beverley

O'Connor with ABC News.For

Australia Network. The

Pakistani Taliban has claimed

responsibility for the deadly 8

hour gun battle at Lahore's

police academy and the group's

leader Baitullah Mehsud is

warning of an imminent attack

on the United States. Still

more thanning the victims of

the police academy assault and

now there is a threat of more

violence. TRANSLATION: Soon we

will launch an attack in

Washington that will amaze the

world. We won't take revenge

against the Americans in

Pakistan, we will take revenge

in Washington and the White

House. American security

officials have already offered

a $5 million US reward for any

information leading to his

capture but he says all that

will do is make a martyr of

him. The Pakistani Taliban is

demanding an end to air-raids

by US drones around claims the

attack on the police academy

was an act of retaliation.

responsibility for the previous TRANSLATION: We accept

suicide attack on the police

station wholeheartedly. Also

the take in Bannu as also at

the police training centre in

Lahore. Four suspects are

being interrogated in

connection with the police

academy attack. The Taliban

says the attacks will continue

until the Pakistani government

stops supporting the Americans.

Islamabad is calling on

Pakistan's people to unite

against terrorism.

President Barack Obama has

arrived in London to attend the

G-20 meeting. But already the

US leader's hopes for a unite

response to the global

financial crisis have been

dealt a blow. France's

threatening to walk away from

the talks if the US and Britain

fail to meet its demands for

stricter financial regulation.

Europe correspondent Emma

Alberici reports. A global

new deal is looking a little

ambitious. After the French

President threatened to leave

the G-20 summit if his idea for

tougher banking regulation

doesn't get the nod. The

Germans say they are not

opposed to spending, as long as

it's on the right thing. Like

climate change. 50% of their

stimulus package was spent on

green initiatives. The world

has seen a big drop in demand

and $2 trillion is the kind of

boost it needs in demand over

the next year or 18 months.

It's the kind of sums that

people have committed to. If

you add them all up but what we

need is those things to come

through quickly. $400 billion

is a figure where it is a rough

estimate of the kinds of

opportunities that could be

there for green elements in

that recovery. Environmental

groups intend to cause some

disruption in London over the

next two days. Blocking the

traffic in the centre of town,

where they in tind to pitch

hundreds of tents in the middle

of the roads. What we are

protesting about is carbon

trading and cap and trade which

is the policy measure most G-20

countries includes Australia

are using to address the

problem of climate change. It

hasn't worked in Europe and

will not work in Australia. We

need real solutions. It is a

very significant event for us,

clearly on some of the other

events we may have a

demonstration on one day. What

significant amount of events we have got here now is a

happening. As far as

challenging police operations

goes it doesn't get bigger than

this. Barack Obama arrived in

London today for his first

presidential visit to Europe.

He came with an entourage of

500 people. Including a chef,

a medical unit, and a military

officer carrying America's

nuclear missile launch codes. Later tonight President Obama

will join the rest of the G-20

at a reception hosted by the

Queen. The Prince of Wales has

convined his own meeting with

the leaders in a last minute

attempt to have stopping

deforestation included in any

tackle climate change. international agreement to

A US defence official says a

rocket on the launch pad in

North Korea does appear to be

carrying a satellite and not a

war head. The unofficial

report supports what Pyongyang

has said all along about the planned launch and

contradicting earlier counter

claims by the US and Japan.

It has already threatened

Japan if it attempts to shoot

down the rocket and now North

Korea has sent strong warnings

of attack if South Korea joined

a US-lead initiative. If they

participate in the

proliferation security

initiative we will consider it

as a declaration of war and

promptly take a resolute

counter measure against it. A

Seoul based analyst has told

the AFP news agency

intelligence reports indicate

North Korea have bilt nuclear

war head which is could reach

Japan. We have said repeatedly

that their missile launch

violates UN Security Council

resolution 1718 and there will

be consequences, certainly in

the UN Security Council, if

they proceed with the launch.

Six party nuclear disarmament

talks with the north have

stauld and Pyongyang say it is

will walk away from the

negotiations if there are any

rep riceals after its rocket

launch. Washington is using

Swedish diplomatic channels in

Pyongyang to secure the release

of two journalists. They have

been charged with hostile acts

and entering North Korea

illegally. They say a Swedish

embassy representative has met

the two women but gave no details of their health or

progress in the case. The

first defendant in cam #k578's

long away - Cambodia's

long-awaited series of war

crime trials has apologised and

asked for forgive ness in the

Cambodian people. Comrade Duch

was the head of a prison where

it was estimate ed,000 people -

14 people were killed in the

1970s. Heed to the court he

takes responsibility for what

happened but says he was follow

oing orders from above. The notorious Tuol Sleng prison or

S 21 was the largest of the

Khmer Rouge torture centres,

around 14,000 men, women and

children are known to have died

there. Kang Guek Eav,

otherwise known as Duch was the

prison boss during the brutal

days from the regime. He asked

for release from his own prison

of guilt and remorse.

TRANSLATION: I know for sure

that my crimes committed

against the people, including

women and children in

particular, are serious crimes

that cannot be tolerated. So I

plea for you to leave an open

window for me to seek

forgiveness. The horror can

barely be imagined. Those held

there were destined to be

killed or smashed in the Khmer

Rouge jargon of the time. In

policies that aim for a

communist Utopia and accepted

no dissenters. As described by

one of the guards the victims

that were brought to pits dug

beforehand. There they were

killed by a blow to the base of

the neck. Using steel clubs.

Only 7 people are known to

have survived the prison. Film

shot in 1979 was shown to the

court, revealing some of the

dreadful evidence of what had

happened there. Bu Meng is only

one of three survivors still

living but his wife didn't make

it out. TRANSLATION: The film

horrified me. It reminded me

about my wife who they murdered

at the killing ground, It is

believed 1.7 million people

died in Cambodia between 1975

and 1979. Prosecutors

described Duch as an integral

part of the Khmer Rouge

machine. But while he admits

he ordered torture and murder,

he says he was ordered to do


permitted to apologise to the

survives of the regime and

families of the victims who

died. Comrade Duch like many

mid level Khmer Rouge leaders

argues he had no choice but to

follow orders to keep himself

and his family safe. It is on

that basis he asks for

forgiveness from the Cambodia

an people but the confession

and apology won't stop the

trial. They will be merely

added to the Ed against him.

You are watching ABC News for

Australia network. Coming up British troops start their

final withdrawal from Iraq and

in the midst of the missile

crisis north and South Korea

face off in the World Cup.

The Afghan interior ministry

says the police have killed 30

insurge epts including a

Taliban commander in Southern

Oruzgan Province. The news came

as people gathered in the world

in the Netherlands. The summit

by the United States is

pursuing a new stabilisation

strategy. With the US-lead

invasion of Afghanistan now in

its 8th year the new American

strategy to bring peace faces its first international

scrutiny in the Hague. This

time in particular our

commitment going forward in

Afghanistan has great

consequences for all of our

people. All free people, all

people who share the values

that the Dutch and Americans

share. More than 70 nations

have gathered to envig rate

international efforts to

stabilise Afghanistan and

Pakistan's lawless western

border region. Pakistan and

the region cannot be made safe

by military force alone.

Diplomacy and development are

equally important. The one day

conference was opened by the

Afghan President and the UN

Solicitor General Ban Ki-Moon.

This is a critical year for

Afghanistan. A country that 7

years ago was isolated, op

ressed by a ter an call regime

and violated by international

terrorists from far flung

corners of the world is a

full-fledged member of the

international community and is

taking steady steps towards

democracy and the rule of law.

But he warned this would come

undone if those intent on destroying Afghanistan were

given free reign. As well as

fighting any terrorist on the

Afghan soil we must no longer

tolerate any sanctuaries, networks and support bases.

The mood was different outside

the conference. Protesters

marched through the city,

demonstrating against the US

decision to send more troops.

Saying it will further

destabilise the regime.

Britain has begun withdrawing

its remaining forces from Iraq.

Apart from a small contingent

that will stay in a training

capacity there will be no other

British troops in Iraq after

the end of May. The military

band was on hand to mark the

occasion. The flag of the

British regiment based in baz

raras lowered as the first

group of its last 4,000 troops

departed. It's an occasion

particular significance to the

UK and to the British military.

It signifies the end of a

particular phase of our

engagement in this great

endeavour in this great

country. Britain joined the US

as its biggest ally to invade

Iraq sending 45,000 troops to

topple Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Its forces originally

controlled the entire oil rich

province of Basra. We have

seen some ups and downs but I

think we will look back on the

six years on the end of this

operation with pride. About

400 British troop will remain

in Basra to help train Iraqi

security personnel. The

withdrawal is due to be

completed by 31 May. The Iraqi

locals are keen to see British

forces go. TRANSLATION: I

think the time has come to pull

out British troops from Basra

since they have not akol

published any positive goal -

accomplish ed any positive

goals in the city. They are

inattentive and their

performance was bad. On the

same day US forces handed over

control of one of its largest

bases in Baghdad to Iraqi

security forces. It was part

of the agreement which requires

the US to withdraw from Iraq

completely by the end of 2011.

The lawyer appointed to

represent the lone surviving

gunman from the Mumbai siege

has withdrawn from the case.

Anjali Waghmar as home was

targeted by protesters. A

crowd of people mainly members

of the Hindu Nationalist Party,

Shiv Sena, gathered outside the

lawyer's house. One day! One

day! Protesters say the lawyer

realised the error of her ways

after taking on the case.

TRANSLATION: She realised her

mistake and gave us a paper inscribing her withdrawal from

the case. Anjali Waghmar as

appointed by the government to

defend the lone surviving

gunman from the Mumbai attacks.

But the lawyer wasn't prepared

for the backlash. This mob

went to her house, did not

attack the house. Let me be

very clear on this. But they

insisted she should not fight

the case against Kasab and

under pressure she succumbed to

the pressure and has given

something in writing. Ms

Waghmar is reportedly the second lawyer to withdraw from

the case after acts of

intimidation. It has now left

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab without legal representation

since his arrest in November.

The 21-year-old Pakistani

national is facing a number of

charge, including wages war on

India, and he is accused of

being part of a group of

Islamist extremists that killed

165 people and injured more

than 300 during the 60 hour

siege. His trial is due to

begin in April in a high

security prison in Mumbai and

if found guilty he could face

the death penalty. Pakistan

Supreme Court has lifted a ban on Opposition Leader Nawaz

Sharif and his brother from

holding office. The ruling

restores the provincial

government of the country's main Opposition Leader, easing

political turmoil. The announcement prompted immediate

celebrations. The decision by

the Supreme Court to suspend

the band was welcomed. Sharif

Shahbaz Sharif and his brother

Nawaz. TRANSLATION: Through

the result of the court

decision God almighty has

honoured the PMLN, God has

decided that Shahbaz Sharif who

on account of the without

jurisdiction was pass by the

biased judges that has got

value, although it is yet to be

formally set aside but the

judges have thought, they consider that the order was

wrong. Locals say the

suspension is a return to

democracy. TRANSLATION:

Following the restoration of

the judiciary they have given a

very good verdict for Shahbaz

Sharif. The people expected

this decision and now the

independent judiciary stands

restored and the dictatorship

ended. If February a three

member bench disqualify ed

Nawaz and shar shar nar from

holding office. On account of

past convictions dating back to

the former President Pervez

Musharaf. The Sharif brothers

accuse President Asif Ali

Zardari of engineering the

original court ruling. Saying

their removal in Punjab was a

pure power grab. President

Zardari has denied the allegations.

The Israeli parliament has

approved the new Coalition

government of Benjamin

Netanyahu. He has been sworn

in as PM and told Palestinian

leaders that peace is possible.

But the Palestinian authority

is disappointed his address

made no specific mention of a

Palestinian state. After six

tortuous weeks of negotiations

finally Benjamin Netanyahu was

being sworn in before the

Israeli parliament. His

enormous ministry reflecting

the back room deals done to

form this unlikely Coalition of

left and right. But even

before the ceremony more evidence, although none was needed, of the challenges

ahead. Israeli defence forces

killed two men in Gaza and

injured others, they were

accused of attempting to plant

a bomb near the border, more

rockets were fired from Gaza

into southern Israel. Trance

Hamas spokesman Mushir Al-Masri said this government is the

most extremist and terrorist so

far. While he won't support

the US-backed two state

solution the new PM is still talking peace. Palestinians

should understand that they

have in our government a

partner for peace, for

security, and for rapid

economic development of the

Palestinian economy. But

Palestinians are specially wary

of the new foreign Avigdor

Leiberman. Who has demanded

Israeli Palestinians face a

loyality test. In his

government there are parties

that are racist and fascist and

that's danger not only for

Palestinians but Israeli as

well. Benjamin Netanyahu also

inherited famed talks to -

failed talks to rescue Glad

Shalit held in Gaza for nearly three years but the new government has made it clear

the biggest threat comes from a nuclear-armed Iran. TRANSLATION: They will never

get nuclear weapons. Despite

US President's Barack Obama

diplomatic overtures to

Teheran, the Israeli government

is clearly keeping the military

option open.If there was to be

a pre-emptive strike it is

likely aircraft like this will

be involved. The PM has said he

is demmerded Iran - determined

Iran will not end be nuclear

armed. There are challenging

times ahead for Israel and its

neighbours. China's

commitment to greening its

economy is under question in

light of the shelving of a high

profile eco project. Tom

Iggulden reports. This is what the Dongtan Eco-City Project is

spout supposed to look like. A

carbon neutral community

consuming organise - organic

food grown on nearby farms and

allowing only electric cars on

its streets. But when we

visited the proposed city on

Chongming Island just off

Shanghai there was no sign of

progress. This being China is

not hard to imagine these

fields will one day be home to

half a million people but none look as though they will be

move anything next year as originally planned and no-one seems to know when the project

is going to get back on track. Environmental economist Dai

Xingyi says the project stalled

because it was too expensive.

TRANSLATION: If we used all

the energy saving technique s

we have available in China for

the construction the cost per

swear another will increase by

1500 yuan. That is a saving of

3 yuan a year. So we can see

it will take about 500 years to

get a return on the investment

in the technologies. Worth

this man says more effort needs

to be made. The projects to

some extent has been pushed

back or being challenged on

their technical merits, what I

hope will come out of this is a

better definition of what is an

ecological city and this is

something China can't wait for.

With 20 million rural Chinese

moves into higher energy city

lifestyles per year a new model

needs to be found quickly. ,

And you are watching ABC News

for Australia Network. Our top

story - the leader of the

Pakistani Taliban is warning of

an imminent attack on the

United States. Let's check financial

markets now. In the United

States investors snapped up

bank and technology shares.

March was Wall Street's best

month since October 2002. And

after sharp slide bargain

hunters emerged across Europe

to record gains. Around the

region -

Tuesday marked the end of the Japanese fiscal year. The

Nikkei has fallen about 35%

over the last 12 months. Auto

and construction stocks lead

the rise in South Korea.

Australia was still lower but

it still posted its first

monthly rise since August and

investors went bargain hunt

anything China and India. The

currencies -

In sport - Australia could

become the first team to

qualify for the World Cup in

South Africa next year. If

they beat Uzbekistan in Sydney

tonight and other results go

their way. Meanwhile north and

South Korea are set to put

aside their deep divisions when

they immediate in Seoul with

both teams well placed to make

it to the finals as well. South and North Korea have

been like politics and sport

recently. Rarely mixing and

only producing undesirable

result when is they do.

Pyongyang's impending satellite

launch which the south says is

being used as a cover to test a

long range missile is one of

the issues causing division.

But on Wednesday night the two

nations will meet each other on

the football pitch, to fight

for a chance to qualify for the

2010 football World Cup. TRANSLATION: Even though we

are divided we are the same

race. I think it is a big

source of pride and honour for

each of us to enter the World

Cup. South, north together as

one race. TRANSLATION: I

also think it is great. The

April Fools Day encounter is no

joke for both teams. North

Korea sits a top group B

following its 2-nil win over

the united Arab Emirates over

the weekend. It will see them

well placed to make their first

World Cup appearance in 43

years. Rchs TRANSLATION: The

players and I are fully aware

how important the three points

are to get through the

qualifying round. All the

players are ready to play with

all their strength for those vabl yubl three points.

Australia can inch closer to its second finals tournament in

a row with a positive result

against Uzbekistan but local

critics have called for an

entertaining display when the

two teams meet in Sydney. My

plan is to put six strikers on

the field. Don't care about

defending at all. Verbeek says

he would like to win with style

but the victory is all that

counts. Let's see how the

weather is going to be shaping

up for this Wednesday Torrential rain has

been falling over parts of NSW

in eastern Australia as a deep pressure trough offshore

pushing heavy downpours on to

the coast and ranges. Heavy

rain for Sydney at times, the

chance of showers in Brisbane

and Canberra as well. A dry

day elsewhere.

You have been watching

ABC News. Before we go let's

take a quick look at our top

story - the Pakistani Taliban

says it attacked the police

academy in Lahore. And warns

of an imminent attack on

Washington. And that's the

bulletin for now. If you would

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I am connen con - Beverley

O'Connor join us again soon.

Bye now. Closed Captions by CSI