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This program is captioned live.

Tonight, facing justice, the man

accused of the Mosman bomb hoax to

be extradited to Australia. Mr

Peters wanted to get back to

Australia as quickly as he could in

order to deal with these charges.

Stun gun rampage, two teenagers

arrested after a robbery spree.

Claims foreign workers are stealing

Aussie dock-side jobs. Good evening,

I'm Deborah Knight. I'm Bill Woods.

Also, a year after her death the

family of little Kyesha gets the

chance to say goodbye. And dream

draw - Lleyton Hewitt set for a

Davis Cup showdown. Explosive

claims against the police

commissioner is our breaking news.

Josh, there are calls for a

parliamentary inquiry here. What is

the commissioner accused of doing?

This dates back to 2006 when he was

deputy police commissioner and he

is accused back then of putting

politics before public safety. The

allegation is that a former

superintendent Adam Purcell wanted

to issue a press release about a

serial predator operating in a park

in Sydney's Regents Park but he is

accused of intervening to stop the

issue of the press release because

by doing so it may have reflected

badly on the work done by police in

the past. These allegations have

been aired by a Greens MP under

parliamentary privilege in the

upper house. I'm calling in this

motion for an urgent parliamentary

inquiry to review the actions of

the police commissioner in giving the police commissioner in giving

aned or not to release publicly

information about a serial predator

in a Sydney park because it's

alleged it would reflect poorly on

the police. This is a most serious

matter where a former assistant

police commissioner Mark good win

said on oath in May this year that

he put politics before safety in

not telling the public there was a

possible serial predator in a

Sydney park. So some serious

allegation there is in the upper

house this afternoon. We're yet to

hear a response from the police hear a response from the police

commissioner's office. But this

afternoon the Premier Barrie

O'Farrell has backed in behind his

commissioner saying it's a gutless

attack on one of the state's finest

police officers that has the

support of the community. The man

accused of strapping a fake collar

bomb on to schoolgirl Madeleine

Pulver will soon be on his way to Pulver will soon be on his way to

Australia. Dan was at the hearing

in Kentucky. This is the place he

has called home for the past month.

The jail is not a place he has

enjoyed staying so today he gave

authorities the green light to send

him back to Australia without a

formal extradition hearing,

although he won't be going anywhere

until at least next week. He will

leave behind the black and white

jail stripes but he will be far

from a Freeman, voluntarily

returning to Australia to face

allegations he chained a fake bomb

to the throat of Sydney schoolgirl

Madeleine Pulver. Jee wants to get

things moving. In court today he

signed an affidavit formally waiving

waiving the right to an extradition

hearing. How do you feel? Yeah,

good. New South Wales police will

collect him as soon as Sunday and

on home soil he will be chargeed

over the attack that left Sydney over the attack that left Sydney

holding its breath. We're happy to

will be over sooner rather than

later. Peters was unhappy with

conditions inside his jail with

minimal exercise and cramped cells.

There is no natural light. It's all

artificial light. It's not a pleasant

pleasant environment. His ex-wife

waved and smiled at Peters in court.

You're not going to get any comment

from me. Now juggling three

daughters with a planned dash Down

Under. This case is still

surrounded in mystery. It remains

what links if any he has to the

Pulver family. Sources hearsay

police themselves are still filling

in the blanks. His US lawyer says

an Australian legal team has

already been hired. Do you think he

will form some defence to this? I'm

sure he will come up with something.

Unions have stormed a cargo ship

documented in Sydney claiming -

docked in Sydney. Foreign workers

are paid a pittance and they are

taking local jobs. The dor advice a

bulk carrier operating under a

Maltese flag unroading a cargo of

gypsum from South Australia. That

work was halted when officials from

to the Australian unions went on board

to question the owners. It's owned

reason by a Russian based company. The

reason they flag out to Malta is to

getaway from taxation regime and

any regime that enforces regulation

on board. The ship has been operating

operating in the eastern Australian

states for five months. The union

says the crew of 19 are Russians says the crew of 19 are Russians

who face being put off the ship if

they complain. Paying $250 a week

in wages to your sea men? That's

not Australian conditions.

Understood, but I live in Russia.

Unions are demanding the company

pay international minimum wages of

$400 a week. I'm sorry but it's

better for our country and us. They

are competing against road and rail

and legitimate operators that pay

tax, fringe benefits tax - that

meet all of the requirements. It

was the deregulation of shipping

under the Howard government that

allows vesseling like this to

operate around the Australian coast

line employing foreign crews under

Third World wages and conditions.

This is an outrageous position.

That's why the parliament needs to

pass the maritime labour convention. John

John Hill, Ten News. The jury in

the Michelle Beets murder trial has

been told of the nurse's final

moments. They have been told that

should two key witnesses in the trial

should not be believed. This is the

couple that discovered Michelle's

bloodied body on her doorstep last

year. Carmel and Bevan say they

were walking down the street when

they heard a woman scream. She saw

a man pull a grey hood over his

head. Mr Bev van said when he felt

for her pulse he saw the gash in for her pulse he saw the gash in

her neck and that after they made

icon tact she died. The couple are

two of 07 witnesses expected to be

called in the trial of Walter Marsh,

who has pleaded not guilty to

murdering his boss. The two key murdering his boss. The two key

witnesses in the trial are Marsh's

Vietnamese wife and brother. The

jury heard that three weeks after

the incident he confessed and that

he practised knife techniques on

them in the weeks leading up to her

death. But it's claimed the pair

delayed talking to police because

they were making things up. The

court was told they had reasons to

lie. After cooperating with police

they received protection from

prosecution for concealing a

serious offence. He received a visa

to stay in Australia and money.

Police claim he was captured on

CCTV at Chatswood shopping centre

about an hour after the murder. His

lawyer claimed the figure may not lawyer claimed the figure may not

be his client adding the place is

well lit. The trial is expected to

run for eight weeks. Two teenagers

accused of using stun guns during a

terrifying overnight crime spree

have been arrested. Police are

still hunting for other members of

the gang suspected of holding up

shop keepers pedestrians and taxi

drivers. Readily available and easily

easily concealable stun guns like

these were the weapon of choice of

a gang up of to 7 that terrorised

victims across the city last night.

At 9.10 a stun gun was used on a

shop assistant and a customer. At

9.14 the gang steals petrol.

Minutes later a taxi driver is

struck in the neck with a stun gun

and robbed. Next stop Wooli Creek.

A taxi driver is stunned and makes

his escape in the taxi. 1.35am, a

woman is chased by three offenders

in Ashfield. She is robbed of her

cash, cards and possessions. Two

more robberies then follow in Hyde

Park. Today a breakthrough,

witnesses watch as police make two

arrests. Two men jumped out of a

taxi with a police car behind it.

One ran towards George street. The other

other one ran down an alleyway. The

other trip and fell when an officer grabbed

grabbed him. Just a young kid, 16

or 17. Task force Muller is still

searching for five others, males

and females aged 15 to 25. It was

random and worrying. We haven't

seen a spate like this using a stun

gun before. Task force investigators

investigators have placed police

across the city on high alert going

into tonight. They are concerned

the gang could again strike using

stun guns under the cover of

darkness to terror rise innocent

people. Star City Casino is hoping to

to turnaround its luck with the

most expensive redevelopment in

Sydney's history. It's gambling on a

a new name and new attractions to

draw the crowds. Over 4 years

Sydney Seiders seemed to turn their

back on Star City not least because

it always had its back to the harbour

harbour city. We have embraced the

city. Parts of the casino and

restaurant and bars, everything

gets a bit of the harbour. It's

been three years and a billion

dollars in the making but finally

the star is born - developers

invite everyone back to celebrate.

Inside staff sport uniforms

designed by Peter more see. You

will be served at a raft of new and

exciting restaurants. Even the

macaroon master Adrian Zumbo is

unveiling a cafe. They are urging

Sydney-Seiders to return. You take

a collection of talent, give it a

beautiful building and marble

walkways - it's a different level

of elegance and sophistication.

Sophistication that's been

southerly missing and caused Sydney

to miss out on the $60 billion VIP market,

market, most of which flows into

the crown casino in Melbourne.

There is great tourism coming into

Sydney - from Victoria, Asia and

elsewhere. We want this to be the

place they want to be at. The

cocktail bar opens tomorrow. The

five star hotel, next month. And

the international nightclub next

year. Organisers are hoping the

real touch of LA comes with the

opening of the 4,000 seat

entertainment centre that they say

will play host to resident global

superstars. The VIPs will begin

arriving shortly for the official

opening. You couldn't open the star

without a galaxy of stars? That's

right. My heart goes out to them right

right now. Because they are

currently on yachts from the

harbour on a beautiful Sydney

evening sipping vintage Dom as they

head here for the official opening.

When they get here there will be a

magnificent light and sound show.

When the flick is - switch is

flicked all will be revealed. They

will dine in two of the classyest

restaurants before heading up to

Cheerry nightclub for the after

party where Olivia Newton-John will

be the star performer. Quite a

night in store. We will all be able

to enter the star from the right

side, the harbour side, from

tonight. Everyone is welcome from

tonight. We will check in with you

later Still to come, the father of Kayeesha

Kayeesha visits her bush grave for

the first time. Also, 4,000 Qantas

workers prepare to go on strike as

a new pay deal stalls. This is Meatloaf on Ten

One year after her death the family

of Kiesha will finally be able to lie

lie her to rest - planning a

funeral after the state Coroner

released the little girl's remains.

The shrine to his dead daughter was

a site he had been avoiding but for

the first time he has visited the

place where her bones were found.

Her biological father made the trip

after learning the state Coroner

had released the six-year-old's

remains. At least she can be put to

rest and go on her journey. It's

been a long wait to say goodbye for

those who loved her, reported

missing last August and not found

until aifplt her mother and

stepfather were arrested, aed of

murdering the girl, piling her body

into a suitcase and burying her in

a shallow grave. For five months

tests have been carried out on her

remains to determine how she died.

Her grandmother says now they just

want justice. The support of the

community is still clear here where

her bones were found. Her family

wants all of those touched by her

death to have the chance to say

goodbye. A lot of tears. More to be

shed yet again. The family had

already been planning her funeral

and are now making final arrangements

arrangements for her burial at Pine

Grove cemetery. Her mother and

stepfather will face court next

week Z Qantas passengers are facing

lengthy delays next Tuesday. Nearly

4,000 employees will strike for

four hours over a stalled pay deal.

Delayed flights and empty baggage

carousels will greet Qantas

passengers on Tuesday. They decided

nine months ago too have a

confrontation with their Australian

work force, deciding to outsource

their jobs. Workers want 5 per cent

wage increases across the life of

the agreement plus an extra 1 per

cent super but most of all, that job

job security be written in.

Unfortunately the claims are not

reasonable. The union gripes

consist of 1,000 workers losing

their jobs already, a 70 per cent

pay rise for the Qantas chief, and

relocation of key business areas to

Asia. Qantas is not exactly losing

money. Seems to be the flavour of

money. Seems to be the flavour of

the month at the moment. Everyone

is walking out. Maybe we should get

on with it. The dispute seems set to

to escalate, Qantas firing back

claiming the unions are trying to

give virgin an unfair advantage.

Qapt is saying to me that we should

have one industry race - right

across the industry, they have my

whole hearted support. Unions say

if overseas strike breakers are

brought in anger on the tarmac will

match the waterfront dispute of the

nineties. It's clear Qantas started

training scabs nine months ago in

LA Rolling disruptions have not LA Rolling disruptions have not

been ruled out. The Malaysia

been ruled out. The Malaysia

solution may be gone for good with

Tony Abbott giving his strongest

signal yet he will not help the

government save its plan. As each

day passes Tony Abbott's reluctance

to help out the government on

asylum seekers is hardening, at

least one minister sure his public

service set in concrete. He should

be condemned out right. Mr Abbott

says Malaysia is bad policy and

that Nauru is his answer. If she

wants us to support policy, she

better get her policy to resemble

what we think is in the national

interest. He says the PM should

look to Greens leader Bob Browne -

a silly suggestion she says.

Senator Brown is oppose to the

offshore processing of asylum

seekers. But the opposition claims

to be in favour of it. They are the

ones who will be embarrassed if ones who will be embarrassed if

they vote it down. Will he and Bob Browne

Browne be voting together? The

Prime Minister assured opposition

members they will not be asked to

vote for the Malaysian deal but to

give the government power to choose

any third country for refugee any third country for refugee

processing. Tony Abbott hasn't completely

completely shut the door. Will he

receive briefings tomorrow and is looking

looking for the Prime Minister to

invite him around for a cup of tea

and discussion after that. When if

comes to the carbon tax, forget it.

The opposition attacking the plan

to allow companies to buy offshore

carbon credits. Under the Prime

Minister's proposals Australia's

emissions don't go down by 5 per

cent by 20 20, they go up.

Atmosphere knows no national

boundary. He says the coalition's

alternative will double the cost to

taxpayers. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Weather

Weather time. It's hard to believe

it will be even better over the

coming days. For every silver

lining there is a cloud - you have

a warning? Yes, surf lifesaving

Australia has put itself on high

alert this weekend with increased

temperatures of up to 30 degrees,

expected to bring a high volume of

people to the beach. The message is

the official season won't start

until Saturday week, September 24.

We have another week where only the

likes of Manly and a few other

beaches like Bondi patrolled by council

council lifeguards. SLSA brought

out its Coastal report,

illustrating just how dangerous the

surf can be. We lost 61 Australians,

22 in New South Wales. That figure

was down from 31 last year, but

someone too many. Swim between the

flags. Don't be tempted to swim at unpatrolled beaches. A southerly

change last night, around about 60

kilometres an hour. Increased

humidity from 29 to 80 per cent.

Just a big blue sky for the next

few days though. Coming up - Myer

forecasts a big fall in profits.

Details in the Commsec finance

report up next. The mother of

murdered Australian girl Zara baker

rushes to the US for a crucial

court hearing. The campaign

targeting kids who let it all hang out.

George, you've got a bit of myth

busting on 6.30 tonight? That's

right. On two totally different

fronts. First how we could in

reality be paying way over the odds reality be paying way over the odds

for what we think are free range eggs

eggs that might not be free range

at all. There is a bit of doubt

about what "free range" Actually

means. We will try to, pardon the

expression, unscramble that one.

Tom Hanks a real favourite with

movie-goersers a few furphys about

his squeaky clean image Z a

breaking story now - a major crime

seen has been set up in Western

Sydney after two officers were

attacked. Police were trying to

stop a car in Auburn when a man

allegedly got out of the car and

attacked the officers. A police officer

officer has a cut to the face and a

female officer has had her shoulder

dislocated. Three people have been dislocated. Three people have been

arrested. More on this story from

Auburn? We're live over Auburn at

the moment - the road to occurred

on. It has been completely closed

to all traffic this afternoon. There

There are diversions in place. You

can see a public order riot squad

has been set up here. A lot of

people are at the crime scene at

the moment. No traffic is getting through

through here. We have a police

presence surrounding the whole Auburn

Auburn area. Chisolm Road and

Cumberland Road have been closed

off. Australia's highest paid

public servant could have his

salary halfed under changes imposed

by Treasurer Wayne Swan. Mr Swan

tripped the RBA of its powers to

set salaries after it doubled the

pay of Governor Glenn Stephens to

$1 million. I have put in place a

set of arrangements that mean

future decisions taken about those

salaries will will be in the

context of other salaries paid to

comparable people in the public

sector. Mr Stevens is Australia's

highest paid public servant,

earning three times that of the

Prime Minister. Myer hopes revamped

online shopping and more floor

staff will help lure back customers

spending their dollars overseas.

Chief executive Bernie Brooks has

told investors there will be a 10

per cent drop in profit this year. The

The very competitive retail market

has led to a 575 per cent drop in

sales. The opportunity for us to

own that online space significant.

We have a big plan in that area.

The poor outlook follows a net

profit of $160 million last

financial year. More than double

the previous year. There was more

jawboneing from European political

leaders last night. The impact on

investor psychology is questionable

but US and European markets saw

solid gains last night which meant

we got off to a solid start locally.

We spent most of the day giving up

the gains. Financials had a good

day with the big four banks

recovering the ground they lost yet,

up 2 per cent. Industrial stocks also saw solid support.

Myer reported a $162 million profit

in line with expectations. The

shares finished up 2 per cent.

Quarterly labour force numbers

painted a less than robust picture

of the employment market, including

numbers which showed people in

unemployment for more than a year

rose by more than 15 per cent to a

an 8-year high which could take

pressure off interest rates and the

Aussie dollar. The biological

mother of Zahra Baker has flown to the

the US to find out if the 10-year-

old's accused murderer has reached

a plea deal. Her stepmother is due

to appear in court overnight. The

hearing was pushed back a day to

ensure her mother could make the

trip from rural New South Wales to

North Carolina. Baker has been

chargeed with second degree murder

and faces up to 30 years jail but a

plea deal could see a reduced

sentence. The 10-year-old's

dismembered body was found in

bushland near her home a month

after being reported policing by

her Australian father. Authorities

have reportedly found the body of

an Australian man who went missing

in rough seas in the Gulf of Mexico

a week ago. He was among 10 workers

to flee an oil rig as a tropical

storm approached. It's believed the

man, originally from Brisbane, left

the liferaft and tried to swim back

to the rig when he was overcome by

large waves. Three co-workers died and

and six others remain in hospital.

New pictures of a collision between

a bus and two trains in Argentina.

The bus driver was trying to

outpace a train but only made it

halfway through the crossing before

being hit. The collision derailed

the first carriage of the train and

sent it hurtling into another train

coming in the opposite direction.

11 people died. Hundreds more are

recovering in hospital. Young men

are being told to pull up their

pants in a campaign too stop the

latest trend of underwear becoming

more like outer wear. Fed up with

advisable underpants on the streets

of New York one man is fighting

back, creating signs sending his

message to youths who threat all

hang out. Kids are walking around

with their pants around their knees.

They can't even walk. His etiquette

campaign has been slammed by

underwear flasher who is say the strend

strend about expressing their

personality. Next, we'll get the

latest on tonight's breaking news -

the damning allegations against the police

police commissioner. Also,

Australia's A-listers gather to

fight a silent killer. And later -

underwater wonder, a new species

revealed in Australia. We're very

excited that we have this new

species of dolphin that's been living ('THE SMURFS' THEME MUSIC) (SMURFS WHISTLE THEME MUSIC) Ugh! VOICEOVER: From the new movie 'The Smurfs' comes the Smurfiest Happy Meal ever. You can get a Smurf of your very own in your McDonald's Happy Meal. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (FRENETIC MUSIC) WOMAN: For simple credit solutions, online or instore:

Tonight's headlines - the man

accused of the Mosman collar bomb

mox has given authorities in the US

the green light to send him back to

Australia to face charges. Unions

have stormed a cargo ship docked in

Sydney claiming its crew is being

exploited and taking local jobs.

Andersen saysal claims against the

police commissioner. Green's MP

David Shoe-bridge has used

parliamentary privilege to claim

that the police commissioner

stopped the public finding out

about a serial predator because it

would reflect badly on the police.

What has the commissioner had to

say, Josh? His recollection of

events is different. He claims in a statement there were sound

operational reasons for him to hold

back on details of the case. That

was to allow investigators the best

opportunity to make an arrest. He

goes on to say such decisions are

routine. But that anyone who wishes

to make a complaint about any case should

should go through the right

channels. And that the - that is

the Police Integrity Commission. He hasn't said whether he intends to

do that. Josh with morathon

breaking stpror state parliament.

Already this week we have caught up

Already this week we have caught up

with legendry rockers Susie Qauttro

and Brian Adams. But we caught up

with one of the biggest in the

world, Meatlof. This visit he is

not his usual happy self. The world

has gone to hell in a hand basket. has gone to hell in a hand basket.

If that sounds like the title of an

album from the man whose Bat out of

Hell album was the third biggest

seller of all time, would you be

right. There is a huge drought in right. There is a huge drought in

Africa and people are being killed

left, right and centre. He has put

his grievances into an album which

includes a cover of a 1960s hit.

(SINGS) # All the leaves are brown

and the sky is grey. They are

snapping their fingers and it's one of

of the most depressing songs in the

world. It's about not following one's

one's dreams. But it's not all doom

and gloom. He is fired up about

performing at the AFL grand final. I

I said I would do it if I don't

have to wear those little shorts

and shirt. I would probably get arrested!

(SINGS) # Paradise by the dashboard (SINGS) # Paradise by the dashboard

light. His guilty pleasure tour

then heads off around the country.

I have never had an audience ever

that at the end of my show is not

on their feet going crazy. I know I

have some people sitting there and

saying, "I won't do it"; no you're

not, or I will come and get ya. And

Ang is trying for a record on how

many rockers she can speak to in

one week. And the home service that

doctors say could free up beds,

reduce waiting lists and save

millions. But Brad with sport now.

A big winger keen to make up for

some recent blunders against the

Tigers. We tell you who next. At

kangaroos training Tiger Tim

directs all the talk about the

green and gold, to the black and

gold despite the finals. No sign of

a pirate flag. And how the Aussies

are aiming to ensure that Federer doesn't

Coming up.tonight, the horrible

reality about so-called free range

eggs - you may not be always eggs - you may not be always

getting what you pay for. Tom Hanks,

Forest Gump to millions of movie-

goers. And a few Hollywood home

truths. Good evening, Marnu Vatevi

will attempt to prove he is still

the world's most destructive winger.

He was off song last week and he

knows the only way to silence the

critics is to crush the Tigers. For

sure. I like to prove people wrong

and stuff. But I can't take away

last week or - all I can do is

improve and hopefully do well. The

coach backing him to erase the

Bronco blunders. Over his career he

hasn't had too many bad games.

Looking forward to him being on our

team tomorrow night. Blanket media

bans have made the finals a hard

sell, Sydney clubs going to great

lengths to stay low profile. A

four-time premiership winning coach,

Tim Sheens happy to promote next

week's exhibition game in, just not

tomorrow night's Tigers warriors

semifinal. Is there any reason you

don't want to talk about the

Tigers? I'm here in the Australian

gear talking about the Australian

side. After 14 years of first grade,

Preston Campbell with his first

taste of green and gold. He likes

the Broncos for the title. They

just don't have any fear. It's like

they have been around for years the

way they have been playing. Despite

saying last week he was pulling out

of rep footy, Eels skipper Nathan

Hindmarsh today performing a

backflip. If I get selected, sure,

a lot of quality back rowers are

going around and some of them are still

still playing. Joining us as always

is Steve Blocker Roach. How will

the Tigers approach the warriors

tomorrow night? The great thing

about the tigers is the way they

can switch into different modes of

playing. Last week Benji Marshall

went into swap at halfback and it was

was a great success. The biggest

worry for the Tigers is the bounce

back factor. We will certainly find

out. Block Block, do you think it

will be Darren Lockyer's last game

Saturday night? No. The young

Broncos - I don't think they have a

worry in the world at the moment.

They love to throw around the footy.

Young Gillette has to be their X

factor. Geelong still haven't hit

good form over the last few weeks.

A bit of a one-trick pony. Who is

on the show tonight? Josh Hoffman

from the Broncos. My great man Paul

Sirronen. Have a great show. Thanks.

As Block mentioned, a terrific

line-up. The promoters got their

dream draw when Lleyton Hewitt and

Roger Federer were picked to face

each other on day 1 of the Davis

Cup. Both teams went on a short

cruise inside Sydney harbour this

morning, an exercise that involved

10 Navy boats. Bernard Tomic will

open, before Hewitt and Federer

renew their longstanding rivalry.

Hopefully Berney can get us off to

a good start. Last night a proud

occasion for our Davis Cup greats,

honoured with numbered gold jackets.

Also coming up, the Wallabies team

to play Ireland and the Swans Buddy

bad news. Franklin is playing. Could

Could be. The weather is next.

Later - Anzac outrage, diggers up

in arms after millions of dollars

are spent on sending bureaucrats to Gallipoli

Gallipoli for Anzac Day while former

former service men have to pay

their own way. I hope you are

planning to enjoy the great outdoor

this is weekend because Tim Bailey

is going to deliver. I have been

excited. I first have the long

range forecasts for Friday,

Saturday and Sunday. I thought this

is too good to be true. But I am

going to deliver, starting tomorrow. 24

24 to 27 degrees. Would you like a

day like that at your place

tomorrow? You've got it. Would you

like a weekend like that on

Saturday and Sunday? You've got it,

except temperatures 26 to 30. It

will be something special in in

spring time. Trust me I'm a weather

man. Let's look at the state of New

South Wales today. It was a good-

looking day in Lismore at 28. 27 in

Coffs Harbour. 19 in Sydney.

Highest recorded temperature 30 at

it. Ibbuburra. Sydney, 17 right now.

The wind an east north easter at 22

kilometres an hour. Relative

humidity is 66 per cent. Tomorrow,

across New South Wales, how does

one word sound: sunny.

It is going to be a sensational

Friday and an even bigger and blewer

blewer weekend. More on that at 25

past 6. Get ready for it. It's

going to be big. Next, claims in

court that Carl Williams organised

a hit for an exdrug squad detective.

Also, the home hospital treatment

it's claimed will relieve our be

leagueed health service. And two

baby sea gulls that stowed away on

board a yacht. The Biddles are finding their perfect home sooner. They used the Property Guide app for iPhone and other Commonwealth Bank tools to make better decisions...

..and save money.

It might not be conventional water

cooler conversations but today

depression and suicide are being

talked about more openly than

before. More than 3 million

Australians taking the time out to

ask: are you OK? Mark knows the

heartbreak of losing a loved one to

sue side. Three years ago his 17-

year-old daughter Hanna took her

own life. We knew there was

something not quite right. Didn't

know quite what it was.

Unfortunately at the time we didn't

know much about depression or the

consequences of it untreated. Hanna

more than - one of the 2,000

Australians who take their own

lives. Grab a coffee or tea and say,

are you OK? Now in its third year

athletes, television presenters and

politicians offered their support.

Talking to those around us, those

we know and love is an essential

part of helping them find a way to

seek help. In Melbourne's CBD

onlookers were entertained by a

flash mob. People need to know they

can talk about it and not be

ashamed T But just as important as

listening is knowing how to direct

those going through a tough time to

the right place. The organisation

has also launched 1800 are you OK

day, a free phone service that

connects callers to a help line

best suited to their needs. We're encouraging

encouraging people to get the

number or give it to someone they

think might need it. Tonight on

Sydney's soapbox we are asking are

you OK. Let us know what you think

via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Researchers are flipping out over

an exciting discovery in the bay.

It's an entirely new species of

dolphin that calls Australia home.

They may look just like any other

dolphin but these ones are special.

They are a new species that's unique

unique to Australian waters.

Researcher Kate Charlton spent over

a decade studying them before

making a historic breakthrough.

Incredibly exciting. One of a

handful of occasions it has

happened. After being mistakeen for

bottle nose dolphins the study

revealed they were something else.

We could see they were different

from either of the other two

species. Within Victoria there are

two populations of the dolphin -

approximately 100 in port flip bay

and 50 in the Gippsland lakes. The

only other sightings have been off

South Australia and Tasmania. The

common name is actually after

Aboriginal narrative from the

dialects in this region. The

discovery made by comparing skulls

and DNA from century old museum

specimens as well as the physical

comparisons which Kate says are

easy to spot. The colour racial is

different. It extends over the eye.

They have a really little nose. She

is now working on getting our

friendly neighbours on the

endangers species list. Hundreds of

millions of dollars are being

wasted on unnecessary - supporters

say the service could free up beds

and reduce waiting lists. Nurse

Jacqui is taking typical hospital-

type treatment to parents in their

own homes. For people such as Ian

horgs needs a daily infusion of an

at this biotics for a spinal

infection it's a huech relief not

to be stuck in a busy ward. They

said I could do home care. A report

on the hospital home service

reports it's cheaper than in

hospital treatment. Less nursing

staff are required for each patient,

it's more efficient, just as safe

and not surprisingly patients

prefer it. My wife is here. People

don't have to come and visit me at the

the hospital. I don't feel sick.

It's much more cost-effective and

frees up beds. To treat more people

outside hospital, though, requires

government action, to tweak Medicare

Medicare benefits and remove

barriers currently preventing more

doctors working in the home. It

could save the melt system millions.

At the moment about 50,000 patients

a year being treated. There is

potential to double that and in the

long term go to 10 times that. It's

fantastic. Because it's so

professional. Everything they do is professional. Everything they do is under sterile conditions. That takes

takes a lot of worry off me. After

four days of is a lairbs evidence

the court case brought by one of the court case brought by one of

Richard Pratt's mistresses has wrapped

wrapped up. Madison Ashton is

waiting to find out whether she is

entitled to a share of the late billionnaire's

billionnaire's estate. Flanked by

her solicitor she walked the

gauntlet of the waiting media on

the final day of her Supreme Court the final day of her Supreme Court

hearing. The escort is suing

Richard Pratt's estate for millions,

telling the court in 2003 the Visy

billionnaire asked another give up

a career as a prostitute in return

for a $5 million trust fund for her

two children and a $500,000 a year

allowance, a $100,000 a year merz

December, 36,000 for rent and

travel expenses. All up, more than

$5.6 million. In summing up her

case her lawyers told the court

that even though Mr Pratt is dead

his estate should be forced to keep

his promise. How confident are you?

Very. Her lawyers described her as

a consort to one of the richest men

in the country and that she had

every right to expect more than the every right to expect more than the

$400,000 she was paid during her

time as his mistress. Lawyers for

the Pratt estate have spent the time

time arguing her evidence is

inconsistent and unbelievable. I

want to move forward with my life.

Her affidavit reveals is a lairbs

details about her relationship with

Pratt, alleging he once tried to

persuade her to have a three some

with him and his other mistress with him and his other mistress

when both were pregnant. She

refused. The judge has reserved his

decision. A court has been told

that underworld murderer Carl

Williams was hired by an Williams was hired by an

expoliceman to kill an inform. He

had agreed to testify but was

murdered along with his wife before

taking the stand. It's the evidence taking the stand. It's the evidence

that ultimately killed Carl

Williams - three statements the Williams - three statements the

underworld figure made to police

implicating former police squad

inspector Doug Dale. In one

statement Williams alleged Dow

asked him to have the informant

killed, passing along an address

and photo. The information Williams

provided to the killer, later

telling police: the job meant

nothing to me personally. It didn't

matter to me whether it got done or

not. Later $150,000 in cash was

placed in a wheelie bin outside of

Mrs Williams' home. I didn't keep

any of the money because I was

travelling well at the time.

Williams claimed to have given it all

all to the killer. Qik, hey? What

happened with the shiela? That's

not for to you worry about. In a

statement years earlier he claimed

to have paid him for - up to

$40,000 in bribes for information

on police investigations, the two

meeting at shopping centres and

swimming pools. The gangland killer

told police he had knocked back an

offer by Dowell and another

detective to have Jason Moran

killed for $400,000. The jury in

Matthew Johnson's trial has heard

that Dowell was chargeed with the

murder of Hodgson and Williams was

to be a witness against him. A

Victoria Cross win fler is leading

angry complaints against the money

spent on sending bureaucrats to go.

Alipoli for Anzac Day. More than 80

public servants and politicians

were sent to this year's service.

Anzac Day in Gallipoli is one of

our most significant days in our

national calendar - it costs more

than $3 million to stage and run

the event and part of the cost

covers sending politicians and

public servant to the battlefield.

I can't see the justification for

spending $3.3 million on this. spending $3.3 million on this.

Gallipoli stirs strong emotions.

Today news of the taxpayer funded Turkish

Turkish travellers left a sour

taste. What is the Anzac Gallipoli

ceremony about? Not about

politicians and public servants and

hangers on. It's about ex-service

men who gave their lives for that

place. 47 public servants went

along plus another 40 defence along plus another 40 defence

personnel. Then there were the

politicians, who travelled first-

class. The logistics are important.

We needed those people to do the organisation We needed those people to do the

organisation and I'm very happy

with the outcome. Not all the ex-

service men think it's the

entourage is over the top. The RSL

thinks it's money well spent because such an important event

must be done properly. There are a

lot of bureaucrats present on the

day that have a role to under take.

But Keith Payne remains unconvinced.

Please justify your - the

expenditure given to you for this

trip to Gallipoli. The stars are

coming out for the grand opening of

the new-look Star Casino. What is

in store for the VIPs? The first

boatload just arrived, sailing from

across the harbour. They have been

brought here. In just over 15 brought here. In just over 15

minutes time there will be a

spectacular sound and light show,

marking the opening of the new Star

Casino. Doing the honours, flicking

the switch behind me will be Olivia

Newton-John and special guest

Russell Crow who will then join

other VIPs going inside to look at

the billion dollar refurbishment.

They will be dining at two of the most exclusive restaurants before

heading up to the Cherry nightclub will

will Olivia Newton-John will

perform. The idea is that this is a

brand-new Facelift that will

attract a brand-new group of people

- maybe locals who have never been

here and as well importantly those

crucial high rollers from overseas

to help boost the covers of the

casino and the economy in New South

Wales. - coffers. A Sydney couple

has had to call for help after

discovering a pair of stow aways

aboard their boat. A couple of baby

sea gulls and the protective

parents weren't letting it sail

anywhere. Allan barely noticed the anywhere. Allan barely noticed the

flightless free loaders curled in

the corner but their parents were

hard to miss. They had planned a

day on the water but shipping out

was another story. Once we got on

board the bird kept circling the

boat all night. They were going

around the boat all night. The

chicks had hatched in the bow of

the boat. Only a few weeks old but

Masters of messing up their

$100,000 home, the stow aways had

to go. Been looking after them for

a while. They are not tiny chicks.

They are a bit upset to get taken

away. Sea gulls are protected in

Australia and disturbing their

nests carries a fine and breaks up

a family. I feel very bad about it

actually. They were so cute. Boatys

beware - the breeding season is

about to hit full swing. There are

a lot of other boats around here;

they could use them. Let's take a

look at the drive home. Some

problems around Punch Bowl? A

serious collision, unfortunately

due to the runways we are just due to the runways we are just

pushed out a bit. There are the

flashing lights on King Gorges road.

The delays all the way back through Wiley

Wiley Park. Significant delays for

motor wrists. Problems for the

inner west. Vic Lorusso from the

Car City chopper. Next, our soapbox

and suicide and depression are

being spoken about openly in the

workplace so we're asking: are you

OK? Also, AFL players in an alleged bustup with Bedwetting can be embarrassing for kids and low self-esteem can often result. Thankfully, DryNites are designed to look and feel just like underwear... help discreetly manage

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This program is captioned live.

Taking another look at the finance

figures and the Australian market

has rebounded, the All Ords rising

1.5% with nearly all sectors recovering

recovering lost ground. Finance and

energy companies led the way with

AMP gaining nearly 3%.

Tonight on 'Sydney Soapbox', for R

U OK?Day, we are asking: in a

moment we will hear what writer

Jane Caro has to say but first here

is the view from the city. I'm

feeling pretty good today. T think

we talking up about mental health? Probably

Probably not. I think he needs to

be talked about a lot more so that

people are more aware of ways to

help themselves. Yes, I'm good. Yes,

I am OK. I am fine. Have you spoken

to your friends at all about it?

Yes, family as well. I have been

aware of depression or my life

through family members and I think

it is important that it is made

more public aware and there is less

of a stigma. Are you OK today? Yes,

I'm good today. I have been asked

to concentrate all day if I am OK

and I will be doing the same. Let's

talk now to writer Jane Caro. It is

a very simple but potential a live

sending campaign - are you OK?

Thank you for asking. I am a bit tired

tired but otherwise I am OK. I

think it is a great question and a

great campaign. I think it is fantastic

fantastic though we're talking

about the fact that a lot of this,

in fact probably all of us, let's

be honest, at some point in our

lives struggle with their emotional lives struggle with their emotional

states that we cannot cope with all

understand. Who hasn't felt

inexplicably anxious? Who hasn't

gone through a period in a life and

I fill the press? They think it is

part of being prevented -- humans

has sometimes feel overwhelmed.

They should not be shame attached

to the feelings of not always being on

on top of everything, or shame

attached to having a diagnosable

illness which you cannot do anything

anything about. You do not have to

be ashamed if you're diabetic, why

should you be ashamed if you're

schizophrenic? While it is safer

than title we shouldn't be flippant

about it - one of the symptoms of

depression is often that they are in

in denial, so maybe you need to

push further than that question? I

think that is right. The tendency when

when you are asked, R U OK, is to

push our way. They may even be

defensive, thinking people are implying

implying they are not. If you can

stay with that person and say, I am

glad you are OK, sometimes I don't

feel OK or I am not OK today, I

sometimes think that if we all

share our weaknesses rather than

boast about our strengths, we will make

make this world much easier, not

just for people who are actually

stripling but for ourselves as well. None

None of us are perfect, none of

this cove all the time, we all get

tired and overwhelmed, let's say so.

Thank you very much, Jane Caro.

Brad is back with sport and it is

good that the weather is nice

because it is a great weekend for

the football teams and for tennis

to of course. Lleyton Hewitt and

Roger Federer have been trading

tennis blows since their junior

days in the 1990s. Now the

battleground has shifted to Sydney

for Australia's Davis Cup clash

with Switzerland. Bernard Tomic

will open the tie tomorrow against

Stanislas Wawrinka or four Hewitt takes

takes on Federer to relive one of

the game's great rivalries. Morning

cruises on Sydney Harbour with a

difference - 10 Navy boats

escorting both teams on the eve of

their showdown, the landlocked

Europeans looking to their legend

to lead them out of the Davis Cup

World a nurse, and organisers got

the dream draw when Lleyton Hewitt

and his long-time foe were thrown

together. One of the greatest rivalries

rivalries in tennis is going to be

relived here tomorrow. The 30-year-

olds traded shots through juniors

and progressed to fight out some

epic battles, including the Davis

Cup semifinal eight years ago in

Melbourne, where Federer lost after

leading by two sets. I should have

won so bad and today - I am not 22

years old any more, I am 30 and I

take losses much easier but back then

then it was a very tough loss for

me. After that he destroyed me

quite a few times which was fun.

The winner of 16 Grand Slam titles

holds a 17-8 record over issue its

but he won the latest match, 15

months ago on grass. It increases

his belief that he can beat me

birds with my record I believe I

can beat anyone on any given day. Their

Their injuries have seen Hewitt set

down the rankings but he has bled

green and rolled to become Australia's Australia's greatest Davis Cup

performer. You never know how many

ties you will the buzz of Davis

Cups will continue to live on will

the presentation last night of numbered

numbered gold jackets honouring our

greats and reminding history-

conscious Federer of Australia's

proud record. The current crop are

keen to uphold the past. They will not only been representing

Australia but also upholding the

legacy that these guys have left

behind. Wallaby James O'Connor has

been recalled to the starting line-

up for Saturday's clash with

Ireland, replacing the injured

Digby Ione D. An impressive showing

against Italy and O'Connor his wing

spot once again, after being stood

down for disciplinary reasons. I think

think he is less likely to take

that jersey for granted in future.

Drew Mitchell is set to play his first Test this year, completing

his return from injury. Master

coach Wayne Bennett must and his --

end his Suncorp Stadium hoodoo if

St George Illawarra are to stay in contention for back-to-back

premierships. In his time as the coach

coach of Broncos and Dragons he has

lost seven from seven finals games

at Suncorp. You can't imagine he

prepares any of the sides any differently

differently from any other game -

she is strong in his preparation,

consistent, so I think you can

guarantee that the Dragons will be

well and truly up for this despite

their poor record in the past. Then

Broncos Coast he thought he was a

winner in 2008, only for the Storm

to snatch a late victory. Off-form

star Lance Buddy Franklin looks

likely to play in tomorrow night's

cutthroat semifinal against the

Swans at the MCG. He has many

dramatic recovery from what seemed

a season-ending injury. It is

enough to make Swans fans say

"Buddy hell" - the sight of Lance

Franklin strolling on to the MCG

causing Red and White hearts to sink

sink and Hawks to soar. It has been

amazing for a stock we thought it

was a really serious injury and

then had the scans on Saturday

morning and a place to see there

was not significant image and his

progress over the course of the progress over the course of the

week has been unbelievable. Coach

Alastair Clarkson and Hawthorn have

been - just buoyed by his imminent

return. Our form suggests that we

will get back on a bike this week

and play some good footy and and play some good footy and

respond and the right way. We look

to them with and without Buddy but

most import many for us we look at

what we do and what they do without

other players and structures and

systems. The Swans enjoyed their

chance for a run on the famous MCG

turf. It has been anything but a

happy hunting ground since their

Premiership in 2005. They have won

just one of their last 13 matches

there. MCG hoodoo or not? I guess

it has been the last few years - we

haven't won there for a while but

if you want to get into the grand

final we have to win it. We just

haven't played well here and I

think that is what has happened. We

had the same story when they went

down to Geelong a few weeks ago,

the same at Etihad Stadium as well.

The players have rejected the AFL's

pay offer which would have seen the

average wage rise to $300,000 per

annum by 2016. The Gold Coast Suns

will investigate an alleged

incident in Thailand involving

vice-captain Campbell Brown. It is

believed Brown and Maverick Weller

were detained by authorities after

a scuffle with an off-duty

policeman. We're taking this fairly

seriously but the extent to which

we respond and how we have respond

is judged purely on the fact, and I

am not here to speculate. Until I

have the facts in my possession.

It's the players are expected to

return to Australia this weekend.

Australia has dropped Usman Khawaja

to retain second Test century-maker

Shaun Marsh while Peter Siddle

replaces paceman Ryan Harris

tomorrow. Tucked -- Simon Katich is

not convinced that changes to the not convinced that changes to the

selection panel will help him with

regain his place. Most of the selectors

selectors including Andrew Hilditch,

have stepped down and day-in

restructured panel has been restructured panel has been

recommended. My focus at this point

in time his NSW. Who is in charge I

don't think will make too much difference to my situation.

Tomorrow he will lead the Blues to

India for the Champions League

Twenty20 tournament. For the latest

sport I will be back with 'Sports

Tonight' later on. I remember

saying it was a big weekend last

weekend - it is again this time.

Stay with us - we will be back with

the weather later. Complete with a boxed

boxed set of the beautiful skies of

spring. I will be back after this

commercial break. Very soon on six

their tea - giant retailer up Maya

has announced a giant profit, and

still manages to find somethi