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one of Australia's best-loved divas - On Talking Heads this week let's meet Kate Ceberano. THEME MUSIC Thanks very much. Kate, it's great to have you here. It's a pleasure to be here. and clubs at a pretty early age? Now, you got to see inside pubs many pubs and clubs. I did. I saw many, at that age in this country. I think that's what you kind of do But you were 14. I was a different age. (Laughs) I know. I did lie and tell them Any possible excuse to get working. where I figured that, you know, It was one of those things if they wanted me to be there.

my grandfather to chaperone me Somehow I'd be there either getting or my eldest brother or... to take responsibility I said, Whoever would be the one 'Cause I want to get onstage. "Just do it. "I want to be working right now.." to get into the environment. More than anything I wanted I watched an ad for that today See, even 'Mary Poppins', and I thought, "Oh, man!" I used to lust over the environments through television and film. that were created clubs I think what I was looking at So, I think when I was in pubs and to the reality of the situation. was very different the sticky floors You know, I didn't notice or the drunk that been sitting there in the same place. for the last 15 years through rose-coloured glasses. And I sort of looked at it And created it as an environment and entertain. through which to perform

at your own early environment. Well, let's have a look OK. BY KATE CEBERANO PLAYS 'EVERYTHING'S ALRIGHT' St George's Hospital in Melbourne. I was born in Kew at the with two elder brothers. Well, I grew up My mother had another son earlier until much later. but we didn't actually meet him Everything's alright, yes # (Sings) # Don't you know as a performer but I was a dreamer. As a child I think I was not so much playing out a role in a film Everything I did was as if I was or being a 1920s jazz singer. Is lifting me higher # (Sings) # Oh, your love I even remember at that age being aware of how I wanted to dress with all the lads. to go and hang out (Sings) # So, keep it up # The concept of an extended family in the family group was always inherent

Kay and her three children because we had my mother's sister, actually, in the end. who lived next door to us Grandparents lived with us. for her to be different. CHERIE CEBERANO: It was really safe Higher and higher # (Sings) # Lifting me It came with our grandparents

bohemian Melbourne intelligentsia. who were like part of the They were beatniks. They were before beatniks. They were. to have discovered and have read My grandparents were the first of L.Ron Hubbard - and understood a lot of the works and that being Scientology. JUST CARES FOR ME' PLAYS INTRO TO 'MY BABY that we were different... So, I think the fact

..isolated us. of Scientology saved us And I think the fact and knowledge and philosophy and made us have some wisdom of how to deal with that. And survive it, anyway. For me # (Sings) # My baby just cares a wonderful joy to have in the class As a student, what I was, was because I was very social. relations with my teachers. And I always established great academics, I was absolutely useless. But as a student, when it came to early in the piece that... It was obvious and music and the arts ..the stage and performing that she was gonna go. was the only way I'm Talking! (Cheers) PRESENTER: And the winner is... I'm Talking emerged GAVIN WOOD: Last year, to perform live on 'Rock Arena'. from the Melbourne club venues

They secured a recording deal with their debut single 'Trust Me'. and had a major hit With your love tonight # (Sings) # Trust me The album itself was ill-fated. and perform and tour this thing. Because we then went on to go and we toured and toured. And we went over to England and we weren't being paid very much. And it was really tiring travelling together. And there was so many of us here's I'm Talking! GAVIN WOOD: Live on 'Countdown' and have something solo. And I wanted to break away that I could call my own. I wanted something "I did this." Something that I could state, (Sings) # Changing today for you # So, that's what I did. I was probably most instrumental And I guess maybe in breaking up the band. I'm changing (Sings) # Changing # (Scats) # Changing maybe that's my...# was a big anchor of the family. It looks like your grandmother as the matriarch over all of us. She was. She held the position Including my father and my mother. the older kids in the family. She was...they were like My Dad was going out every day. business as a martial artist. He had a very busy and flourishing Correct! In karate? outside of Japan of his style. And he is the highest-ranked

He is a Master. in terms of family heritage? So where did the music come from came to Australia first Well, when my father he was in the Drum and Bugle Corps. He is. And he's Filipino?

and raised in Hawaii. But he was born he feels very...very Filipino So, ethnically speaking the Hawaiian thing. but at the same time culturally incredible music. And Hawaii has the most

musics from bluegrass from America, It's a melange of all different came through. a lot of the Irish sailors of the folk reels. And they had a lot the Hawaiian music (Sings melody) And often you'll hear and goes back in and around and... It's like a story that just starts at home? And you listened to all of this We would listen to Dad play it. your mum and dad meeting Tell us about because that in itself's interesting, too. at a dance. Well my mother met my father with the Drum and Bugle Corps He was in Adelaide for the United States Marine Corps. And he was a very fine bugler. And of course he was very beautiful in his demonstration uniform. And they'd go through and do all these parades, you know. And my mum just went, "Ga, ga, ga!" Met him. And he said to her, (Suave voice) "Do you cha-cha?" And she was like, (Pants) "Yeah." And obviously then some because she fell pregnant. And he came back and retrieved her, took her back to Hawaii where they had my eldest brother Paul, and Phil. And then along you came. What was it like to be a star when you were a kid? Look, to be a star as a kid is unreal because, you know, you're a little bit like an idiot savante, you know. You've got all the courage and you've got this wonderful sort of sense of, "Hey, you know what? Who cares! Let's just do it!" And you get out there and you go out, and you go out and make these huge big sweeping gestures. And actually it' know, you only have like about a 10 year grace period. Kylie Minogue and I had very parallel careers at one point, actually. Because we both worked with Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Different circumstances... Different person, too. I mean, what was the proposition to you about how you could be moulded and you could be made a star?

Like, we were in London at the time when they offered it. And I wanted to go to Paris and do a jazz record. Because I'd always dreamt of going to Paris. And they were like, you know, "No." Like, "If you were contracted this would be what you'd do. "We'd get you to a singing coach. You'd go and lose 10 pounds. "We'd handle your skin." And they were offering what seemed like great things at the time. But for me, not having the freedom to be able to make up my mind when and where I'd like to go and at what time and with whom I would play with,

it just seemed a little bit too claustrophobic. It sounds like it takes a lot of maturity to kind of weigh that up and let it go? Yeah and, you know, there were times when I'd oscillate between having been very confident that I'd made the right choice

and then other times when I was deeply, you know, like, "What have I done?" So, let's talk about how you met your husband, Lee. The month I met him was the month that he'd decided to pack up everything and move to LA. He wanted to become Steven Spielberg Junior. And I was moving to New York and I was gonna become Billie Holiday the second.

so, we had it all sorted. But we met and fell in love and it was this... know, "Oh, my God! What are we gonna do?!"

So, anyway we decided,

"That's it. We're not going to compromise our careers. "We've decided we're gonna leave. "Let's just, you know, write this one off "and say, 'This was a great thing. "Let's hook up some time in 10 years time and see where we're at.'" And he went and moved to Los Angeles.

Lived with Deborra-Lee Furness, actually, Hugh Jackman's wife. And he started his career and started working. He had an agent. And I moved to New York. And I fell in amongst a great sort of art scene in the Village. And I started doing jazz shows ..working and meeting amazing artists and actors from that area. And...just we couldn't live without each other. We just kept going back and forth from New York to LA.

But quite literally I thought it was a bit unfair. He did put dibs on me for about four years

before he committed to marrying me.

(Laughs) And I was like, "That's not right!" Well, let's follow the yellow brick road and go to your time together in LA in 1999. OK. 'PASH' BY KATE CEBERANO PLAYS LEE: So, Kate and I went to LA in late '99. At that time the intention was to record an album over there. (Sings) # I really like to just hang around # We basically liked it there so much we ended up staying there for about four years. You know, Kate did a lot of different things. She recorded three albums. She wrote three albums.

She trained and performed improv theatre groups in LA. with one of the hottest and taught flamenco dancing. She studied flamenco A stack of different things. about tomorrow and past sorrow # SONG: # Should we have to think

Well, it was very tough financially.

we went from two big incomes. Because, you know, pretty well

we definitely went through So, you know,

from Australia. a lot of our reserves

Ain't going away (Sings) # This girl in the mind

Heart still divided # # She's still undecided The reason we came back was because I'd really had a good crack at it. And I was enjoying what I was doing there. But it would have seemed to me that if we'd stayed there and pursued this touring thing it was like starting a career all over again. (Sings) # Whatever she thought This life should have been # She's learning to hear Simple truths from within # But basically, you know, it came to a point where she said, "You know, if I don't have a baby now

"it's probably never gonna happen. than anything else." "And that's more important to me (Sings) # At last

# My love has come along # Gypsy was born last year in January. And she is a little Capricorn baby. And she's very independent already. And she's very wilful. (Sings) # Oh, at last # to some serious business, Getting down

ready to have children I don't reckon he was really for a very long time. do you? You don't mind me saying that, Well, we were travelling so much. it all is, actually. Just to tell them how meaningful it's the best thing ever. Yeah. Oh, look No doubt about it.

Everything we've ever dreamt about has been, I think, consolidated by the fact we've had a kid. She makes me feel ..what I've always dreamt it should feel like to be happy and...complete (Gypsy coos) ..honest. (Sings) # When you just give love # And never get love # In May of 2004, myself and my new family packed ourselves up to go to New York to record with Billy Davis,

producer-songwriter who is the renowned resident for Chess Records. Do it melodically like that, but with a positive attitude... (Sings) # You make me feel # Like a natural woman # With Billy, he said, is that you sound like a woman. "The only thing I'm concerned about

sounding like a singer. "I'm not interested in you "I want you to sound like a person." When you were breastfeeding Gypsy, this CD '19 Days in New York'. you were off to New York to make Yeah. who we saw there. And you worked with Billy Davis, Yep. by you saying He... I mean, I was very struck he wanted you to sing as a woman. Yep. What's the difference? It's the difference between having someone sing really well and to sound note-perfect. And then another woman sings the same song but sing it as a storyteller. As a person who's experiencing that and trying to give you a concept of that experience. I think that's what he was meaning. I'm often in studios with people, I've only just met them

and it's quite literally like lying down in bed next to them. with the relationship. You're that intimate and it's $2,000 a day. You suddenly have to do this brothel on the planet. I mean, it's really the highest paid and you're under this pressure! And you're having to perform he was dying, for a start. And he was a gentleman that knew by communicating to me So, he had nothing to lose with great wisdom and care. And I offered myself to him. with him, I said, I said on the first meeting as a student in this project." "I really...I see myself "Well, that's wonderful. And he said, "Because I have a lot to teach.

was a young lady named Diana Ross." "And the last student I had Well, as it turned out, he died very shortly after you finished working with him. Yeah. He did. Does that give you some sense of responsibility about carrying on a legacy? Because he gave you a gift, obviously. Yes, he did. And, you know, it's something in my mentorship programs that I hope to do, you know. And exchanging with other artists

that valuable information that he gave to me. OK. OK. Gypsy. you're going to have a baby. The notion that quite late in life, really. I mean, a decision you made Yeah, I think I might have been... for my husband, actually. I held that back a bit That you wanted to have a baby? I think so. It was a tricky one. stayed with it, I mean, Naomi Watts Yes, because, I mean, if you'd your friendship group... was a person that's in Yeah. at the same time, wasn't she? And she was struggling away Oh, yes. that you have to weigh up, The quest is, I suppose, actually reached dimensions if you'd stayed with it you may have that you might not have done of Australia. if you'd stayed in the smaller pond to do well in America. Absolutely. I did want And I have. And I did want to create effects. And I will continue to go back that I worked with during that time. and work with the people But I have a baby now! And what's motherhood done to you?'s completely transformed me. Completely. I mean, I can't describe to a woman who hasn't had a child what this... Describe it for a bloke! (Laughs) OK! I'll give it a go! at a level of evolution within me... In order for me to feel I've arrived ..she had to come. of the coin? What about the other side the images, it's supposed to be... Because motherhood, you know, sacred and precious and so forth. Motherhood is supposed to be That it's hard bloody work! But the grim reality is... that goes with it There's a lot of stuff not to dwell on necessarily. that you prefer How have you coped with that? Yes. Well, I think that, you know,

of people around you who know you. you have to create a network

Before motherhood! Forgive you. After motherhood! (Laughs) It's like a disclaimer, you know. It's like, "Just in case I should become completely obscene, "can you handle me after that?" You know, and sure enough, you know, when you have your mother and family, people who know and love you and understand what's happening to you, it helps. And if you've got trusted friends or people... I don't...I would never recommend to a new mother to be on their own. Let's look at how things are going today. OK. (Laughter) This is our extended family. Welcome to our mad kitchen. but my stepfather, my husband, My brother doesn't live with us, in the same house my child, my mother we all live to make it go right. and somehow we manage (Gypsy laughs, all laugh back) 10-15 years ago when I met Kate LEE: You know, had you told me that I'd be living with her mother in a house in Melbourne. and her stepfather you know, I would've run that fast. You know, being a Sydney guy,

it's fantastic. (Laughs) But as it turns out She never does any cooking! How about when they do it on the... That's so not true. Oh, it is so! And she made hamburgers last night. No! Yeah.

I mean, she is such a liar! I'm a great cook! Didn't I make some great food? You made some terrific food. Gypsy actually completes a trinity that for me was a little lost when my grandmother passed away. Because always had been in the house three women. Yay! (Claps and dances) There have been many, many different intervals in my life wonderful, wonderful highs and lows. when my career was having these

actually. It's a very volatile career, as good as it feels now - But nothing has ever felt

to be in a home, with a child surrounded by people I love on this future with the attention focussed and everything that I do and all of my work toward improving her future. on a timeline as well. See, I need to have these and return them. Because I need to listen to those

They're from Ralph. for Kate Ceberano This is like the engine room and our productions. And I'm returning to all of the emails which I always do personally. write back to people Because I like to

to write to me. if they've made the effort

OK. Now, the first verse goes twice as long.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, so take it from that. That's cool. Yeah. OK. We'll follow the drummer. In the back of my house I have a rehearsal space which is, uh, heaven sent. from the home, really, It's a way that I can go away as an artist. and just get back on my hat

I have flamenco classes. I get to perform music there. and we listen to music and dance Private classes with girlfriends little haven for me. and, yeah it's a really great when you love me (Sings) # I'm on fire # Kiss me passionately # to make a series of postcards My goals for music are

from '19 Days in New York'. that follow through I want to do '19 Days in Paris', '19 Days in London', do all the songs of the great British artists. And Cuba. Anywhere. I just want like a series of postcard albums. And you can buy them as a great compilation. (Singing continues in background) This is Kate Ceberano's toolkit tonight. I threw everything in in less than five minutes. It's not ordinarily like that. But a spray of my perfume will make everything seem like...special. So, tonight I'm an hosting an event whereby I'm raising money to put together a new building for my church and the accompanying social betterment groups that we house. Which are to do with...literacy and for CrimAnon and drug addiction. And, you know, we cover all areas that we're trying to improve and help. So, we're creating this brand-new beautiful facility for that. As my father-in-law would say, (Deep voice) "Short of havin' a broomstick up your arse "and sweeping the floor, you've got your hands busy young Kate." (Laughs) And that's what it's like for Aaron and I now. (Inaudible question) I will do in a minute. I'm gonna get my makeup on. 'Cause you're a very lucky man, mister, filming without any war paint on. I'm just so grateful that I've been able to have this long and colourful and meaningful career in music. (Sings) # There's no-one more important to me, baby...# I guess happiness, this is like the highlight of my career right now. (Sings) # We're alone now # And I'm singin' this song For you # What have you taken from Scientology? Well, I have taken from Scientology the things that I have observed to be useful and practical in my life. OK, so what's an example of that? Like, for instance you're sitting on a plane. This is my life. And...a famous film star is sitting next to you. And all your life you've been watching this guy's movies and you're like, "Oh, my God! I'm so in love with this guy!" Right? And he invites you out for dinner. And then, when the plane arrives, you go and have a drink with them and you think, "Oh, this is like all of my dreams piled into one." But you kiss him. I'm just giving you an example, OK? Did this happen to you? It has happened to me, actually. And I'm gonna be honest. So that people out there understand that this isn't just me being twee. This is the real deal on how one thing like this can happen. Both of you agree, "Oh, so sorry! I shouldn't have done that." "That was really...nope." Now, you have two choices, don't you? You can withhold the story from your partner. Or you can work out a way to be able to be frank with one another. So, it's honesty in relationships, really, what you're talking about... Yes, but it's... Having the courage to be honest. And having the courage to not be judgemental if you're on the other side. Exactly, now, Scientology, I know for a fact that we would not have made it 14 years without it. Talking of your husband, you've acted in his films. Yes. And you've acted with him. I have. 'Dust Off the Wings', for example. I mean, what's that experience been like? Well, it's how I always dreamt I'd end up, with a partner who is in film and a director. I always imagined I'd marry... I thought he might be Italian. Not a muso? Nup. No. No, no. Because to live with me, I mean, I'm like literally Fellini's wife.

It's just like every day is cause for celebration. Aaagh! But my husband...I don't think I was originally being cast for his film. But he did say to me, "I'd love to feature you in a way "that is not how necessarily the Australian public think of you." I'm just going to remind you of a few things you told me at the start of this whole fiasco. And I'm going to remind you 'cause it's the only reason why I've remained supportive throughout this whole thing. You know, you said to me that marriage was a decision to evolve together as a couple. For as long as the two of you decide to do that. It's not like some obligatory mortgage, house, car,

all that kind of crap, it's not. It's like you said so you could relax with another person. And have a future with them. So, don't blow it, Lee. Has he been able to pursue his art in the way he's wanted?

Or has he needed to do quite a lot of compromising? Because... because he does live with you? Well, I don't know, um, if he's ever had to compromise.

Because I think, having lived with me, we keep it artistic. You know, 'home is where the art is'. That's my motto. (Laughs) And it is home for us. I mean, in our house, even if he's been working with me. We did think for a minute there, especially when we were in LA,

we could combine our interests so we could both afford to do what we want to do. I mean, for instance, like my wedding ring. We were paid for...the wedding was paid to be photographed by a tabloid. And I would have been quite happy with a simple band of gold. But, you know, they offered it and I said, "Well, take half of it and make your movie from it "and buy me a really great ring." And that's how we live our lives, sort of shuffling monies in and around to do the things we want to do. So, what's the big message? Oh... I dunno... I...I'm not sure if it's a word or words. Or it's just a feeling... as the message.

So, what's the feeling?

The feeling is that for me, I think, through music has always been an escape for people. It has to be a refuge. It has to be some for a person to go and dream. And that doesn't necessarily mean it always has to be positive. Or it always has to be a love song. But it has to be a place that's so complete that when they're listening to it, it's the soundtrack of their life for that time. And you've got the voice and the gift for it, haven't you? I certainly hope so. Kate, it's been lovely talking to you. And you too. Thank you very much. Thanks. Great. Next week on Talking Heads, Tommy Tycho. TOMMY: It's in my psyche that I'm a musician. And it had to be. I feel that music is the only thing that can satisfy my soul. JUDY TIERNEY: Tomorrow night on Second Opinion... BRAKES SCREECH, CRASH An accident victim finds help. Also, therapy for a prostate problem. And exploring auras. Closed Captions provided by Captioning and Subtitling International Pty Ltd

This program is not subtitled This program is captioned live. Tonight - An Australian model faces 10 years jail over drug charges in Bali. Businessman Brad Cooper on trial for his part in the HIH saga. Prayers answered - the Catholic World Youth Day coming to Australia. And the controversial new railway to the roof of the world. Good evening. Virginia Haussegger with ABC news. An australian model is spending her second night in a Bali prison after she was arrested during a drug raid at a party. Michelle Leslie has not yet been charged, but authorities are again warning Australians of Indonesia's strict drug laws. Her face may be her fortune, but this morning, Michelle Leslie was hiding it from view. The 24-year-old model was in Bali on her way back from an assignment in Singapore when she was arrested during a raid at a party.