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in central Sydney Tonight - security lockdown as protestors vow to target Dick Cheney.

The new drug warning - linked to a poisonous amphetamine. Sydney's dance party death And the desperate search for a hit-run driver fighting for her life. who left a woman She's tough as nails. Yeah, she's a fighter. Good evening. Also tonight - of Diane Brimble. compensation for the family of the bulge - And a new reason to fight the battle obesity-related liver transplants. Sydney in security lockdown First this evening, of US Vice-President Dick Cheney. to prepare for the arrival He'll touch down late tonight, to escort him through the city. with hundreds of police on stand-by to cause major traffic headaches Road closures and protesters expected for the 3-day visit. in Japan as he heads for Australia US Vice-President Dick Cheney to talk up the war in Iraq. on a mission to do the job, We will make every change necessary

and I want you to know support a policy of retreat. that the American people will not But, even before his arrival, is creating controversy. the Vice-President Airspace over Sydney will be closed late tonight, as his aircraft flies in breaking the airport's 11pm curfew. already tightening Security arrangements around Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel, operation is being mounted. where a major counter-terrorism a special regulation The State Government passing to carry firearms here. to allow US Secret Service agents He's a guest of the Prime Minister to ensure his security. and we have to take measures

Streets around the Rocks and across the weekend. will be closed throughout Friday limousine has already arrived. The Vice-President's official bullet- and bomb-proof, An armoured car, it will be given green lights around Sydney. to Mr Cheney's engagements Traffic will be disrupted to Victoria Barracks at Paddington when the motorcade travels in the city. and to the Prime Minister's office still negotiating with police Anti-war protesters were this afternoon over a threatened march to the US Consulate from the Town Hall that police had declared illegal to disrupt traffic. because of its potential No to the war in Iraq for David Hicks. and immediate freedom he's an architect of that war Cheney is representing, outspoken figures and he's been one of the most in the Bush Administration supporting torture.

his visit has important aims. But foreign policy experts say for their contribution in Iraq. It's to thank Australian troops The second is to make the case that America is planning that the surge of troops in Baghdad. is going to improve things first official engagement Vice-President Dick Cheney's leadership breakfast is an Australian-American

here at the Shangri-La Hotel, a major foreign policy speech. followed by on Sunday. Mr Cheney flies out of Australia John Hill, Ten News. John, as you mentioned in that story, in talks with police late today anti-war protesters were locked through the city. about whether to march Is that action going ahead? It was due to kick off at 5:30.

Very few people here at the moment,

Deborah, but I think it'll increase.

It's half-an-hour before it's due

to begin. The rain is falling, that

may keep people away. Plus the

threats to keep people away to

arrest anyone who matters. They

were told they could have a passive

demonstration here at town hall and

in Marson place that anyone who

matches and disrupt traffic will be

arrested. The organisers say

they're hoping for greater numbers

in protests are planned for is shrinking in Iraq The coalition of the willing its troop numbers with Britain scaling down and two other countries quitting all together. But Prime Minister Howard denies it is the beginning of the end for Britain's commitment. in Britain has been further eroded Always an unpopular war, its support by a mounting death toll. killed in action was buried, And as the 151st of its soldiers of his troops were to be withdrawn. Tony Blair announced 1,600 Basra is how we want it to be What all this means is not that the next chapter in Basra's history but it does mean that can be written by the Iraqis. the targets of armed militia attacks With his troops increasingly by the people of Basra and their hostile rejection an almost daily event, for more to quit. there's a conditional timetable further, possibly to below 5,000, We will be able to draw down has been transferred to the Iraqis once the Basra palace site in late summer. is not ratting on the cause. John Howard insists his staunch ally

role at Tallil in Dhi Qar province. I welcome the continuing Australian with our allies We are keeping in close touch as the transition proceeds. to withdraw from southern Iraq. Well, the UK has not set a timetable see it differently. The American media is now 139,000 and growing. US troop strength in Iraq and shrinking. The others are just over 14,000 Denmark and Lithuania have announced their 420 troops mid-year. they are not replacing

Why is it not OK

to be brought home to Australia for 520 Australian troops some time next year? While Tony Blair told parliament was the key to Iraq's future, securing Baghdad neither he nor John Howard redeploying forces there. are talking about

sending more troops to Afghanistan. They are talking about assessing requirements Australia has a survey team ahead of a Taliban spring offensive. I don't rule out some increase there has not, made any decision. but I have not, and the Government commitment it can support. Labor says that's a military Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. about a dangerous drug A warning tonight back on the streets of Sydney. The amphetamine called PMA the weekend death is believed to have caused of 20-year-old Annabel Catt. leaves little to the imagination. The name Red Death

All the rage at dance parties again, the rare amphetamine PMA is more potent than ecstasy, hypothermia among the potentially deadly effects. People may be adding this as a contaminant to ecstasy to give a better bang for your buck and therefore maybe get more money from the sale of this product. 20-year-old Annabel Catt died after the weekend Good Vibrations dance festival, tests finding the highly toxic substance in her system. PMA or any other type of amphetamine-type substance can come in capsule form or tablet form. Senior police agree they'll rethink how they handle large-scale events

amid fears a big batch of PMA may be on the market. Symptoms of use include:

One of Annabel Catt's friends telling his father drugs were readily available at Saturday's festival. He said it was just like a candy shop with the people there trying to sell drugs. They were hallucinating, they were walking funny - he described it as if they were walking on the moon.

Promoter Justin Hemmes refused to comment on camera today about the allegations. The event here at Centennial Park attracted thousands and led to several drug-related arrests.

A 20-year-old Mona Vale woman charged on two counts of supplying a prohibited drug and bailed to reappear in court next month. Annabel Catt's funeral will be held tomorrow at Pittwater Uniting Church.

Frank Coletta, Ten News. 160 taxis are being scientifically examined as police hunt the hit-run driver who's left a woman fighting for life in hospital. Surgeons saying her injuries are the worst they've ever seen. Jenny Franco's dream of heading overseas to work in the UK has been cut short - the 23-year-old is now barely clinging to life. The social worker was run down and dragged 150m, her head caught under a car. Doctors warn her leg may have to be amputated.

She's already lost one eye. Surgeons have described it as the worst case they've seen in their career and compared it to a gunshot wound at close range. Jenny almost made it home on Tuesday morning, catching a taxi with a friend. They argued with the driver over the fare before paying and crossing the road. A short time later, a second car came around the corner and hit Jenny. My sister had to go through that. And she's a fighter and she's surviving... Jenny's sister today made an emotional appeal for witnesses to reveal what they saw. We are begging the driver of the vehicle to come forward and to give his account of what happened. Taxi companies are cooperating with police. Forensic officers examining 160 cabs that were working that night. They're looking for any damage or traces of blood or hair. Police aren't sure if that vehicle that hit her is definitely a taxi, it may just be another private vehicle. But they have been able to use GPS technology to track a second taxi working in the area that night. We are aware that they was probably taxi drivers out there that night - whether they were working or not working - that may not have logged on. And we'd like them to come forward as well. Evan Batten, Ten News. A Sydney man clocked doing 150km/h with four times the blood alcohol limit has been ordered to undergo a psychological report. Police allege Christian Ainsworth was driving "recklessly drunk" in his luxury four-wheel drive when he was pulled over. He's accused of going more than 90km/h over the speed limit on the Spit Road then being breath-tested at 0.21. Ainsworth has not entered a plea, and will appear back in court next month. Tim Webster with sport, and more World Cup cricket controversy? Reportedly, no-one wanted to go on the tour of New Zealand in the first place. Cricket Australia will rest three of its Cup squad from the domestic one-day final. The last-minute cotton wool treatment has infuriated Queensland, who play the Vics. They've been told they can't play for fear they may get injured. I hope they didn't cook last night - they might have burnt themselves. He didn't stop there. More in sport. And the tale of the tatts - the names that provide Brett Kimmorely's on- and off-field inspiration. Also later - John Kosmina quits his A-League coaching job after a one drama too many. Compensation for the family of cruise death victim Dianne Brimble. That's next. Plus, brazen bandits raid an inner Sydney department store. And they're the Aussie chart toppers - the home-grown artists who've tasted number one success. HUBBUB (Groans) Big deep breaths. As nurses, we're trained to look after patients, not negotiate individual contracts. How can I stay without fair working conditions? ENGINE ROARS EXCITING ROCK MUSIC The new Ford Falcon is available with dynamic stability control This program is captioned live.

Water remains centre stage of the State election campaign, with the Premier stepping up his support for the Prime Minister's national plan for the Murray-Darling system. Paul Mullins joins us now live from Parliament House. Paul, they're from opposing parties, but Morris Iemma and John Howard are as one on this issue?

That's correct. It's not every day

these two men agreed. It still may

not be enough to save this plan.

There's strong objection to it from

the premieres of Queensland and

Victoria and to a lesser degree

from the premier of suppers to her.

But Morris Iemma says if necessary

in this of Rousell go it alone.

Here's what the premier had to say

today. A very constructive

discussion yesterday. I'm

increasingly confident that we can

make real progress on Friday

towards an agreement. Paul, Peter

Debnam has been about taste testing

his recycled water? That's great.

Peter Debnam was in manly today

with two water samples. One came

from the taps and what the other

one came from recycled sewage from

the Hawkesbury River in the north

Richmond area. As I understand it,

he did this taste test with

something like 22 people, and it

Peter Debnam it was very happy with

the response. Of all the people

that we've tested this morning, and

the one has actually been able to

say there's a difference. The

others have said there's no

difference. The final Test rest of

with the voters on 24th March. Back

to you. I see that you were not tasting at it. An apology and a cash offer for Dianne Brimble's family, five years after the Brisbane mother's controversial death on a P&O cruise ship.

The company now accepting it contributed to the family's grief. It's been almost five years since Mark Brimble and David Mitchell had any good news for the children of Dianne Brimble, so an offer of compensation is a welcome change. It was the first opportunity that we as a family have been able to bring good news to them that we believe will help in the process they still have to go though. It comes more than a year after the inquest began into the circumstances of Dianne's drug death. In that time, P&O has been repeatedly criticised

for its handling of her death. Everyone in the company wishes they'd done things differently over the last four years. The cruise company denies

it's trying to pre-empt civil action by the Brimble family.

Mrs Brimble's death and the scrutiny of the inquest

have changed us forever. We are doing all we can to ensure we have learned from that. Those changes include introducing new security measures on board ships and staff training for handling crime scenes

and the responsible serving of alcohol. P&O could not have timed their announcement better, following the arrival of the royal fleet and revived interest in cruise travel. They've also jumped in before the coroner makes her formal recommendations at the end of the inquest. The Brimble family will keep any financial settlement private. It has been such an open, public inquest and process that we've had to undergo and that's one factor they'd like to remain confidential and private. The inquest resumes in July.

Amber Muir, Ten News. A brazen robbery overnight at a city department store - five men smashed the glass security doors of David Jones in Market Street, heading upstairs to the menswear section,

where they helped themselves to a large quantity of designer clothing. The thieves then fled the scene in two vehicles, one colliding with a taxi a suburb away. The driver fled on foot, the others escaping in the second vehicle. Police are investigating whether the robbery is linked to the ram-raids of other luxury shops.

I check of the weather. You've the

umbrella up tonight. How is the

news on the rain. In the last week

began levels had only moved 0.1 %,

but it's a positive. We've some

but it's a positive. We've some storms across the catchment area

and moving north-east across

Richmond. The good news is that

they've been widespread across NSW.

Karen had 42 mm. That's a 50 mark

high for them. 14 or 15 mm at

Orange. The good news that there's

that they'll have a storm for the

last seven days and could rival

with that. Deniliquin has picked up

some rain in their last and four

house. As you can see, it's raining

in the City right now. Whether

there's much in it I'm not sure.

Bigger things is that the storms Bigger things is that the storms

are increasing over the catchment

area at, and look like falling

again tomorrow. There's a shower or

two in the forecast for the next

five days. Let us get into your

back out, no sky watch. Let's have

a look at the day that really had

to Ms. The first and a bit blue and

Sunni and brilliant. Climbed 10

which has climbed to about 27 which has climbed to about 27

degrees. And then the storms rolled

over the top of the Blue Mountains

and covered the entire basin in

grey cloud and showers and that's

happening right now. Currently 26

degrees.Tomorrow at your place a

blue and shiny one for Friday. 28

to 32 degrees with some late An Australian teenager accused of trying to kill a nursing home patient in California. Details next.

And one more reason to fight the battle of the bulge. We're seeing kids with cirrhosis. Often they're in their early teens.

You're watching the news that five.

Time to check with the weather. A

greasy run home to nine, and we

also have the and protests of

that's best to be starting jolly in

the city. A few issues try to get

out of town tonight. We've been

over the CBD and have a look.

George Street is clear. There's no

bother on Park Street or the

Western Distributor. I wish I could

say the same for the Sydney Harbour

Bridge. Look at the traffic tried

to get out of the bridge this

evening. There are a big accidents

or breakdowns. This is caused by

the light drizzle falling in the

City. Lot of rain falling on the M4

which has caused traffic issues

from Parramatta. We'll bring you an

update later. Thank you. An Australian teenager accused of trying to kill a 91-year-old man in a random nursing home attack has faced court in California. The 18-year-old allegedly confessed to nurses that "Jesus told him to do it". Until now, Joshua Drougas's only crimes were traffic offences on his pushbike.

Now the 18-year-old is facing life in a US prison accused of sneaking into a California nursing home and trying to smother a 91-year-old stranger. WOMAN: Would you like a lawyer to help you with your case? Drougas - who was locked behind steel mesh for his brief court appearance - smiled and later waved to family and friends as his victim's wife watched in shock. He looked so little back there in the cage. He is a young kid. Before his arrest on Monday night, Drougas had been living with his step-mum and Australian dad near the nursing home where 91-year-old Ted Mastos was recovering from pneumonia. He couldn't breathe, and he realised it was a pillow over his head and someone was leaning into him with a body and trying to suffocate him. The elderly patient fought him off and hit the panic button, alerting nurses. Ted pushed him away and the kid went like this, like, "Be quiet." Never said one word to Ted. Ted pushed him away and the kid went Never said one word to Ted. But staff claim he did make one confession. I heard that he did a little rambling and was talking about Jesus and that this is what he was supposed to do. It appears it is a bizarre act and right now our detectives are trying to determine exactly what the motive is in this case. He'll re-appear here in an Orange County court next month. By then, authorities should have the results of a drug test and his psychiatric evaluation. In California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. The tug of war over Anna Nicole Smith's body has taken another bizarre turn, with a push to dig up her son's remains. Anna Nicole's mother, and her partner, Howard K Stern, were visibly shaken after viewing her decomposing body in a Florida morgue. But the bitterness continued in court. Howard was there when he died

and Howard was there when my daughter died and he has my granddaughter now, it's not his child and I'm afraid for her life as well. Virgie Arthur wants to exhume her grandson's body in the Bahamas and bring it back to Texas, where she wants to bury Anna Nicole. Britney Spears has checked out of rehab less than a day after checking in. It's the second time in a week the 25-year-old has entered and left a rehab centre within 24 hours. It's believed a screaming match with her ex Kevin Federline could have sparked the bizarre behaviour that experts are calling a breakdown. Kevin reportedly threatened to have her hair tested for drugs to help in his custody battle for their two children, so she shaved it off. Australia could be heading for a liver disease epidemic. Specialists say the obesity crisis has sparked a surge in fatty liver disease. Many now need transplants, some as young as 12. As our nation visibly bulges, there's a new epidemic hiding inside called fatty liver disease. If you actually look down the microscope, what you see is that the normal parts of the cell are all jammed around the outside and the inside of the cell is stuffed full of fat. It can be caused by alcohol but now the most common strain is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease - a lifestyle problem, and the patients are getting younger.

Young teenagers and perhaps children younger than that are presenting with serious liver disease from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, so we're seeing kids with cirrhosis. Often they're in their early teens - 12-14. Fatty liver can lead to fatal problems, moving to fibrosis, then cirrhosis,

where the only solution is a transplant. We are seeing more people being referred for liver transplantation with serious liver disease. Dennis Young's fatty liver turned into cancer after a lifetime of bad habits. I was over 140kg, about 145kg. I was certainly on a very limited timeline.

He was one of the lucky ones. He shed an incredible 65kg and found a donor to save his life. Sadly, many die waiting. Overweight men are most at risk. But it's where you carry the weight. They say an apple shape is worse than a pear. Being apple-shaped - having fat inside the belly and around the belly -

is more serious. Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

Security concerns over the British withdrawal from Iraq, that's next. Also, computer spammers find sinister new ways to rip us all off. And they're our number one musos - Aussie artists celebrate their chart-topping success.

Yes. I suppose, if you like good value. This program is captioned live.

Tonight's major stories - 160 taxis are being scientifically examined

as police hunt the hit-run driver who's left a woman fighting for life in hospital. 23-year-old Jenny Franco is now barely clinging to life. A drug warning after traces of the highly toxic amphetamine PMA were found in the woman who died

after Saturday's Good Vibrations Festival. Ecstasy tablets are sometimes laced with PMA to increase their potency. And a security lockdown in parts on the inner city ahead of Dick Cheney's arrival. The US Vice-President touches down tonight, with protesters determined to voice their opposition to the war in Iraq. The British withdrawal from Iraq is being seen as a turning point in the war. But there are still concerns about security around the city of Basra, where the British forces are based. GUNFIRE The south of Iraq has turned into a battleground for rival Shiite militias, who dominate here despite the presence of British troops. Well-armed militiamen, like these fighters from the powerful Mahdi army, compete for control of this oil-rich land, seen here when they briefly seized the southern city of Amara last October in a brazen display of military muscle.

It is these militias, and no longer British troops,

that are the law here. When the British started, they were very much a part of the community, and by the end they had conceded great spaces to local militias and they were more into regular routines and not the reassuring presence they had started with. The soldiers that began their mission here with a friendly posture and soft hats hoped to build on the welcome invading forces received

in much of the south. But they were forced to swap their berets for helmets and pull back into their bases as their troops repeatedly came under attack. By September 2005, when these dramatic images were seen around the world, it was clear British forces in Basra had worn out their welcome.

Crowds of locals vented their anger against them with petrol bombs and stones. I believe that the British now see that they are more part of the problem than of the solution,

and, as such, they should get out. The withdrawal comes as no surprise to US commanders here, one of whom told me the British haven't been in control of the south for some time. However, there is concern that this will give neighbouring Iran free rein to continue its support of these powerful militias. A new record for the Australian share market on the back of more company reporting. The All Ordinaries surging almost 58 points. Multiplex found 11 cents after posting a profit close to $300 million.

AWB fell four, forecasting a drop of up to 40% in earnings for the year.

Santos lost three cents, profits falling by 16%. The Australian dollar is stronger against the greenback at 79.12 US cents, 40 pence, almost 96 yen and 60 euro cents. Gold is up $18 to US$677 an ounce. Crude oil up a dollar to US$59.40 a barrel.

unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight, that's up six cents on yesterday. Seen as low as $1.10 at Fairfield. A warning tonight that spam emails are on the rise and getting more dangerous. Australian IT experts are now battling the Internet scourge by updating software every 10 minutes.

In the fight against spam, this is one of the world's war rooms, and on this screen, a battle as it happens. You're actually watching experts update their spam-trapping software every 10 minutes, because that's how long it takes spammers to modify their malicious emails. I think the spammer is incredibly dangerous now. It's hard-core money which is the major driver now and I think people should be very concerned about ensuring they're protected. Critical, given the huge volume of spam now bombarding our email inboxes every day. I estimate it to be around about 85% of the world's email is actually spam.

Most try to get you to part with your money by offering fake drugs or non-existent prize money, or they send bogus bank pages trying to discover your passwords. Don't try, don't buy and don't reply. As soon as there's not money involved, there won't be the same volume of spam. In about two hours work, a spammer can send as many as 20 million emails. Now, from that, they'd expect around 20,000 people to actually buy their products. That can give them profits of hundreds of thousands of dollars after each and every spam blitz. But it gets worse, with organised crime using computer whiz kids to design new, more dangerous spam to steal personal information. Unfortunately, you either have no email address, or you just have to make sure that you have the latest Internet security software and spam filters and you use them. If you don't know what it is, If you don't know who it's from, delete it. A simple warning for an ever more sinister threat. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. New Zealand fishermen have caught what's thought to be the largest squid ever seen. The 450kg monster is 10m long. It was hauled to the surface munching on a Patagonian toothfish, hooked to a long line in Antarctic waters. If it was turned into calamari, the rings would be the size of tractor tyres.

There's a stake another look at the

weather with him Bailey. We love to

see be rain falling across Sydney,

but the storms had been giving us

some nice pictures are in other

cities as well? He's the old theory

- you can't see the stone-clad if

you're sitting in the studio. So as

I come in the wind and rain all the

time. I had so despise in Canberra.

Have a look at thiskms what seems

in the Nations Cup capital. What I

like is the end bit where I don't

think politicians or they carry on

you to doesn't go unnoticed by a

bigger powers up a bar. Do crash

bang! Stayed on to the flagpole of

Parliament House. Not just a

reminder not to carry on too much.

At a good storm in the nation's

capital. Some reins and storm

across knees-up rows as I speak.

Giving us a bit of a bashing at

Waverton. The best storm was that

Deniliquin. 20 mm - that's a 15 and

the cry. Storms at Orange over the

last five days have dropped 14 mm a

day. Let us get to the map of his eyebrows at Ford day. Let us get to the map of his eyebrows at Ford

day. Let us get to the map of his eyebrows at Ford team's top Thames.

The storms proof you shouldn't fit,. Sport is next, and a war of words on the availability of our World Cup cricketers for domestic games. Ahead - Aussie coach John Buchanan cops a spray, accused of double standards. Also - Noddy ink - the special family tattoos that spur on the Sharks skipper. And Tiger on target at the World Golf Championship Matchplay. COMMENTATOR: Look out, look out! hand-sliced it, to create tuna slices with a difference. One more level and I'm there. Entice 'em to the table with KFC's Wicked Mix Pack - all your family's favourites, plus 10 irresistible Wicked Wings, for a wicked night in. KFC's Wicked Mix Pack. # Can't beat that taste. # This program is captioned live. A political bunfight has erupted between Cricket Australia and the States over availability. World Cup players Shane Watson, Mitchell Johnson and Brad Hodge have been ordered to sit out this week's domestic one-day final between Queensland and Victoria so they can rest. Relaxed and rested, Ricky Ponting helped launch a murder mystery game today. But the big mystery for cricket fans is what's gone wrong with the Aussie one-day side. The skipper somewhat bemused at being written off.

It was only a month ago that everybody was saying we're odds-on favourites to win the World Cup, and all of a sudden now we can't win it. Ponting missed the New Zealand debacle to recover from a back strain. Now Cricket Australia is ordering Watson, Johnson and Hodge to put their feet up this weekend, leaving their States in the lurch. It just does not make any sense whatsoever. Shane Watson and Mitchell Johnson have played hardly any cricket in the last six months. They've been told they can't play for fear they may get injured. I hope they didn't cook last night - they might have burnt themselves. Ponting backing Cricket Australia's edict to cotton-wool Watson. He's played - what's he played? - five games in probably 10 or 11 days now, and to put another one on top of that before the World Cup I don't think would have been ideal preparation. Maher accusing Australian coach John Buchanan of double standards. When he was the coach of Queensland he wanted Australian players to play as much as possible for their States wherever possible. With just three weeks until their first World Cup clash, Ponting reckons a week off all round is best. It's a good opportunity now for some of our guys to just get away from cricket and not even think about the game for a few days and then head to the West Indies nice and fresh and ready to go. If you don't bat in the top four against Scotland and the Netherlands - no disrespect - you probably won't get a bat in that game either. So, you know, I just can't believe it, it is just a disgrace. Meanwhile, Brett Lee and Matt Hayden will be given until the last minute

to prove their fitness. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. John Kosmina has stepped down as Adelaide United coach after being embroiled in an indignant wave of controversy

following the Reds' 6-0 thumping in the Grand Final.

Speculation had been mounting Kosmina would be sacked but he beat them to it. As you would all realise, these past few weeks have been harrowing for a lot of people. After a lot of thought and soul-searching, I am resigning my position as head coach of Adelaide Untied.

It's a decision I've made in the best interests of my family

and, as importantly, the team. It doesn't get any better for United. Michael Valkanis is currently before the league's tribunal officials in the Grand Final. fighting a 6-match ban for abusing Despite his off-field dramas, Penrith have reinstalled Craig Gower as skipper in a co-captain's role. He'll share the duties with Tony Puletua and Luke Priddis. And St George Illawarra have also adopted the joint approach to leadership - Mark Gasnier, Ben Hornby and Jason Ryles will take on the captaincy. Alan Tongue will lead out the Raiders. Cronulla captain Brett Kimmorley has turned to a tattoo artist to help prepare for the new league season. The doting dad will carry a special motivational message on his body. This year Brett Kimmorley has all the inspiration he needs close at hand. In fact, it's his right bicep - not because of extra work in the gym, but for the three names he's just had etched into his skin - those of daughters Maddi, Mia and Ava. Ah, they're awesome. They're very, very good kids. You're just so happy, I think, when you spend time with them,

and then when you're not around them you're always thinking about them. That's probably why the tattoo was a good reason.

Obviously then they're always with me. 4-month-old Ava the youngest, providing a much-needed boost after the Sharks finished last year with 10 straight losses. This week Ava joined sisters Maddi and Mia

as their dad enjoyed his first day as an 'Adopt-a-Shark' at Maddi's primary school - Kimmorley spending the day boosting his fan club. What number do I play - anyone know? (Kids call out) Seven! Seven. So when number seven gets the ball, you've got to make lots of noise, so at least I've got 300 fans. Like any good father, Kimmorley being honest and up-front, even about his own form. I've had a pretty bad... well, unhappy two years, anyway. The standards been low, so, hopefully, it can get a bit higher. While Kimmorley couldn't answer every question from his young admirers, there's no doubt the Sharks skipper finished up a popular man. And, ever the family man, he could prove just as popular with tattoo artists. There's a little bit of room, so I suppose it means there's probably another one coming somewhere on the way. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Defending champ Aussie Geoff Ogilvy has cruised through to the second round of the World Match Play Championship in Arizona. But it was a mixed day for his compatriots Nick O'Hern, Rod Pampling and Aaron Baddeley. Ogilvy was in control to down Amercian Steve Stricker four and three. Ogilvy now faces Jose Maria Olazabal in the next round. Baddeley finished in stunning fashion to take his match against Japan's Shingo Katayama. World number one Tiger Woods in a class of his own as he bids for an eighth straight PGA title. COMMENTATOR: He took that really high in the air and right at it. Look out. Look out! Woods beat countryman J.J. Henry three and two.

Liverpool has upset defending champions Barcelona 2-1 in the European Champions League. Down a goal after just 14 minutes, Liverpool edged their way back into the contest. Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise, who'd had a bust-up midweek, put their differences aside, scoring a goal each to secure the victory. COMMENTATOR: What a ball from Steven Gerrard. And a chance for Liverpool, who've scored. It's 2-1! And John Arne Riise! In other games, Chelsea salvaged a 1-1 draw against Porto, while a super free kick from David Villa saw Valencia draw 2-2 against Inter Milan in their opening leg of the knockout round. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight, the results of Eddie Jones's Super 14 disciplinary hearing, and the Sydney Kings' must-win game against Brisbane in the NBL semifinals.

And but I dare say, you sometimes

had just a little bit too much of

fun with those pronunciations.

Thank you Temple's dog bit Clarissa

with their look at the traffic, and

some troubles in Carlingford? Yes

be delays. You can see the extent

of the traffic goes well and truly

towards done does rally. It's

rarely cripple the run-through Eastwood going towards Pennant

Hills Road. Could one to avoid it

heading towards Carlingford this evening. Tim Bailey's back after the break with all the weather details. There was a young married couple that came into the store and then I saw her pregnant. I've watched her daughter grow up. Storage tub, $11.97. fell in love, and it was like that. And it's wonderful.

and enjoy that as well. or just changing suburbs,

Now we know it's kind of a grey

afternoon in Sydney but we're going

to do all our Blues Brothers

impersonation. Did Tim Bailey. It's

all for a good cause despite that

damp weather. Sunnies For Sight

tomorrow. You can roll up tomorrow

and looking called by where your

sunglasses. Notice I said looking

call not just putting aside his own

which Ron tried and didn't work.

What we can do is raise money for

people to buy them glasses. Five

dollar donations to the

international care - - what's it, I

can't read. It's the International

Centre for i k e education. All the

details are a Sunnies For Sight

.org. Get on air, donate $5 and

that will give people who can't

read a pair of glasses so they can

improve their lives. Sunnies For

Sight Day tomorrow. I thought I was

at bit of a squib earlier folks.

Hiding from his reign by using an

umbrella. But the umbrella is

hiding under the bridge, look at

that shot. An unusual view of two

of our icons. Be good news - down

levels up 0.1 %. I know it's not

much, but good news coming up given

what's falling from the sky. I'll

be up for a low key for this report

come March. We got 20 mm at come March. We got 20 mm at

Deniliquin. Orange has had out of

the last seven days, five days full

of storms. Bath has got 14 mm. Caro

had 42 mm in the past 24 hours.

That's another 12 month high. Some

good news for him from the sky.

Tomorrow - 28 to 30 degrees at your

place. You've got to trust me. I'm

a wet and bedraggled little whether

man doing it live from work

Waverton. There's a look at the backyard.

The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops

So while we've storms across NSW

and some good rainfall in the past

24 hours, if they're the good news

is that we've showers in the

forecast for the next five out of

six days. Tomorrow at your place,

28-32 degrees. A storm in the West.

The weekend - and little bit dodgy,

a sour possible. Interstate we go.

That was me at my most ordinary.

Thank you very much for the Sun

last thing, I couldn't see, I

couldn't think, and I bodged it. A bunch of Australia's top recording artists have been honoured for storming to the top of the charts. The annual ARIA Number One Awards a big cause for celebration. Proof Oz music rocked over the last 12 months. 15 Australian artists made it to number one on the singles, album and DVD charts and today they each got a trophy for the mantel. 'Australian Idol' winner Damien Leith scored two gongs with 'Night of my Life' and his album 'The Winner's Journey' both hitting the top spot. And Human Nature had two number one albums, a huge feat. Their motown successes now set to take them to Las Vegas.

There's some definite interest over there, which is really exciting. 12th Man Billy Birmingham's album 'Boned' hit the spot, his seventh number one album on the trot. Only cricket coaches complaining. While they're trying to get serious about teaching these boys to bat, bowl and field, it's just, "Got him, yes! Stick it up your arse!" LAUGHTER (Impersonates Tony Greig) Blow that out your arse! (Impersonates Richie Benaud) Welcome back. What a catch. Also number ones - the Living End, the Hilltop Hoods, Kate DeAraugo, Kasey Chambers and Eskimo Joe, who took the opportunity to announce a mid-year tour. I'm talking Spinal Tap. Many bands crediting a growth in the number of live venues for their success. It's just tonnes more venues, tonnes more publicans giving bands a shot. While today is primarily about celebrating, many have spared a thought for a couple of members of Australia's music family doing it a bit tough - Grinspoon lead singer Phil Jamieson is currently in rehab and rocker Jimmy Barnes, who today underwent heart surgery. He's in intensive care. The operation went extremely well. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening and tune in for our early news at 6am tomorrow. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.