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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - quiz five more foreign doctors Anti-terror police including one in Sydney. Everything is under control. We don't have any increased threat. but no promises A Government apology

transport meltdown. over Sydney's latest over his wife's cliff fall death. A man likely to face charges against global warming. And Sydney ready to rock # We shower over every one # with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. A Sydney doctor has been questioned spreads as the UK terror plot investigation across three Australian States. headquarters in the city Chris Reason is at Federal Police about the local doctor? and, Chris, what do we know to name the Sydney doctor. Authorities are refusing

He was born in India in the United Kingdom. and most recently worked

in Western Australia But police have also conducted raids foreign doctors across the country and now a total of seven in this investigation. have been caught up in three more hospitals Five more doctors across two more States.

what connections, if any, The police racing time to establish with the UK terror cell. what the linkages are We're trying to establish

there are any criminal aspects and whether to those linkages. another four in West Australia. One doctor is based in Sydney, Their nationality is Indian. All of them? Yes, that's correct. and Kalgoorlie Hospitals The Royal Perth were searched today, and released. the four doctors questioned a massive 31,000 documents But police have seized in the investigation so far, plus... Computers, mobile phones, PDAs

to analysis. and they will be subject comes after revelations The WA connection in the UK terror cell - that two of the doctors Sabeel and Kafeel Ahmed - to move there. had applied - and failed - now under investigation The four WA doctors in April. first arrived from the UK no suggestion of wrongdoing so far. Nothing sinister been found so far, Mohamed Haneed The detained Gold Coast doctor in Brisbane is still being interrogated by Federal Police counter-terror officer. and a senior UK Last night to Monday night. the courts extended his holding time On both sides of the globe an enormous amount of material we're trying to get through in a very short period of time. remains at medium. The national threat level are still feasible, While terrorist attacks in Australia we have no specific information raising a terror alert. that would warrant

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock. He

said there would be more information

on the doctor at later time. It

we speak. investigation is still continuing as

to interrupt his holidays Premier Morris Iemma has refused will stop Sydney's rail system to explain how his Government descending into chaos again. His Deputy has apologised were stranded by a breakdown after tens of thousands of people last night. they're demanding action. But commuters don't want excuses - thousands of angry passengers One broken-down train, it's sorry. and a Government insisting for the disruption I apologise unreservedly faced last evening. that the commuters of Sydney for Premier Morris Iemma But not sorry enough to explain last night's chaos. to return from holidays The Premier's been fully informed. I'm the Acting Premier. He is on leave, needs to improve maintenance but... He admits RailCorp We can never give a promise will not occur on a rail system. that a mechanical breakdown didn't do much better. The Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell's diary to empathise with passengers. was too full for him

took up the fight. So his shadow minister Another day in Sydney for rail commuters. and another day of disaster the RailCorp boss' resignation She didn't demand or Mr Iemma's apology

she spoke on behalf of commuters but insisted who are clearly angry. listening - If the Transport Minister's and we'd like to kill you. this is your fault Their service is crap. to get a service like this? Why should we have to pay more money that any way you look at it John Watkins admits is a problem for RailCorp. a roof hatch blowing off a train in maintenance systems It's either another failure that have already been criticised or a design flaw strong winds. that it couldn't withstand You can't blame the wind failed. as to why information systems It's expected to be 10 years takes pressure before a new rail tunnel off the Harbour Bridge line.

and most complex engineering project It's probably the biggest

that this city will face. Meanwhile, expect more of this. There was frustration this afternoon in Sydney's south-west. for drivers on the M5 traffic jam on the Hume Highway Dare we call it a 'Hume-ungous' in the city-bound lanes. stretching kilometres closing the road at Ingleburn The delays were caused by police of a cyclist hit by a truck. to investigate the death made dangerous U-turns Impatient drivers into fast-moving traffic. sensibly took a break. Those with more time was also disrupted at Ryde. This afternoon's peak traffic to choke on Church Street. Smoke from a factory fire caused for nearby roads. There were flow-on effects

for some time Fire crews will be there if you can avoid the area. murder charges Prosecutors will consider in a mysterious cliff fall against a man whose wife died

while they were camping in the Royal National Park. the Coroner investigating her death Today, declaring called off the inquest, to go to trial. there is enough evidence REPORTER: Any comment, Mr Campbell? Des Campbell had nothing to say inside or outside the Coroners Court.

REPORTER: Did you do something to your wife? His third wife, 49-year-old Janet Campbell died after falling from a cliff in the Royal National Park in March 2005 while on a camping trip with her husband. A week after her death Des went on a 5-star holiday to a resort in Townsville. Are you a killer, Des? He refused to give evidence at her inquest but the coroner ruled there was already enough of it to pass on to prosecutors. Relieved, very relieved. Been pretty stressful for us getting a bit niggly with each others' pocket - very relieved it's over. Janet Campbell's family had waited almost 2.5 years for this inquest. of Public Prosecution to decide Now they must wait for the Director

whether Des Campbell will now be charged with killing his wife. His brother, Neil Campbell, remembered Des claiming he was being stalked by an unnamed filthy-rich woman. It just doesn't seem right. He just picked from the word "go". She had money. Her family says

they wanted to stop them getting together. We tried, but she was smitten by love and we couldn't do anything about it. We tried. It could take the DPP months to decide on any charges. In an odd coincidence another man whose girlfriend was killed falling from a Sydney cliff was today committed to stand trial for her murder. Model Caroline Byrne died at the Gap more than a decade ago. Only now will her family finally learn whether she jumped or was pushed. 12 years after Caroline Byrne was found dead at the foot of the Gap at Watson's Bay her lover is ordered to stand trial for murder. I accept that I've been committed to trial but since I'm innocent, I know I'll be vindicated at trial. The Byrne family says today brings them a step closer to justice. My family and I are very pleased with the court's decision

and I'd like to thank the NSW police service. The former chauffeur to Rene Rivkin declined to give evidence telling the judge:

Wood's lawyer described the case as "fanciful". The prosecution maintains Wood's behaviour was suspicious from the start. Prosecutor Ken McKay told the court:

Magistrate Jane Mottley ruled there was enough evidence

to send Wood to trial. Gordon Wood will remain a free man until his murder trial later in the year. After years of grief and a relentless police investigation it's now up to a jury. Federal prosecutors are demanding the immediate jailing

of John Farnham's manager Glenn Wheatley for tax fraud. He pleaded guilty to three charges, saying he was deeply ashamed for dodging more than $300,000 tax. Some of the money was earned from Farnham's 'Talk of the Town' tour. Wheatley has been freed on bail until sentencing. Sydney will be watched by two billion people tomorrow when our city kicks off a global rock concert against climate change. The Al Gore initiative

starts here in the morning at Aussie Stadium and finishes 24 hours later in New Jersey. Poverty... ..history. A busy time for good causes. At the Opera House, a concert against poverty. Missy Higgins... # We will only need each other. # ..The John Butler Trio... # I can be a loud man I can be silent. # And on 'Sunrise' this morning, the return of Crowded House. # No, don't stop now. # They'll all be at Aussie Stadium tomorrow for the start of Live Earth - 24 hours of concerts around the world to get us to do something about climate change. For us to turn up and play at an event like this is kind of a privilege. About two billion people will be watching. It's now an action campaign and people are actually getting up and standing up and doing something. Madonna, The Police... ..Bon Jovi.. ..more than 150 performers. In Rio, they were so worried about how many will come a judge cancelled their concert, then thought better of it. And there'll even be a band of scientists playing in Antarctica. But Sydney goes first. # Dust from a distant sun we shower over everyone. # Ahead in Seven News - The verdict on whether women talk more than men. Also - The Australian drug trial giving hope to people with illnesses like Parkinson's.

And the gutsy grandfather who socked it to a thief 45 years his junior. I thought I hit him a couple of times but on the video it shows I hit him more than that.

PSP is a condition that gets worse over time. It tends to start in the early or mid 60s. The Alfred Hospital has joined forces with neurologists in the UK, to trial a new drug that was originally designed as anti-flu medication. It's hoped it could help improve patients' balance and stability.

If the drugs going to work it's going to work in the first 3-months. Not only is PSP difficult to treat, it's also difficult for GPs to diagnose.

Of the 1,200 people in Australia estimated to be suffering from the condition only 300 people would even be aware that they have it.

There is no blood tests, there is no radiology or X-ray test to diagnose the condition. Ross is one of the 80 patients in the trial, hoping it will improve his balance and quality of life. An American man has survived almost being sucked out of a plane window 7km above the earth. Medivac nurse Chris Fogg was on a routine air ambulance flight when the window shattered. And then there was just this huge, loud boom - kind of like an explosion, a real loud pop. sucked out the window to my right. The 41-year-old needed 13 stitches to his head. An American grandfather, who is no spring chicken,

has proved senior citizens are not sitting ducks. When a thief tried to pick Bill Barnes' pocket, he got more than a fist full of cash.

The 72-year-old former marine and boxer turned on the 27-year-old and taught him a lesson he'll never forget. I thought I hit him a couple of times but on that video it shows I hit him more than that. Mr Barnes and a store manager held the would-be thief until police arrived. New research may have shattered the myth that women talk more than men. After recording hundreds of university students over six years American scientists found both genders average around 16,000 words a day. But it's what the sexes talk about that's different. Whereas women might be talking about their friends and other people, men are talking about tools and carburettors. The chattiest person in the study was a man who spoke 47,000 words a day.

The the person is Matthew White. The Panthers have told another two big names they're not wanted next year. More shortly. Also tonight -

Matt Giteau proves he's good to go for the Wallabies. And the match that Lleyton Hewitt thought he had won at Wimbledon.

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Just hours before their crucial match against the Wests Tigers the Panthers have confirmed co-captains Luke Priddis and Tony Puletua will be dumped next season. Priddis is furious and fears it's too late to find a new club. They've already let Craig Gower go now the Panthers are happy to release their entire leadership group - Gower's co-captains Luke Priddis and Tony Puletua. Priddis feels betrayed. Panthers fans can't believe it. I suppose if they're shattered myself, my wife and my family are more shattered than them.. The 2003 Clive Churchill Medallist has a year to run on his contract doubts he can find a new club and doesn't want to leave Penrith anyway. Got a young autistic boy that I've just got into a special class this year - he's just started school. Puletua is having his best season for several years and is contracted for another two seasons. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is Tony Puletua. It is also believed fullback Rhys Wesser's job isn't safe. Blues halfback Brett Kimmorley should have been celebrating this week. I finally get to leave Suncorp with a smile - it might be the last time I leave Suncorp with a smile. But he will miss the next eight weeks with the knee injury caused by Steve Price. Kimmorley called it a cheap shot. Price put his team-mate Tony Caine out for the season

the same way last year. But another Shark has defended Price. Even when he hurt Tony last year, he wrote him a letter and was ringing him every month or so - obviously, he cared about the young fella. Cronulla's other problem this week - how to stop Sonny Bill. Ah, with a baseball bat, probably. The Wallabies are confident there was nothing sinister behind Matt giteau's mystery collapse at a Sydney nightclub. The Australians believe it may have been caused by stress and they're happy to let Giteau take on the Springboks tomorrow night. Being Rugby's $6 million man Matt Giteau doesn't have much reason to stress. But the Wallabies believe it could be the reason the star centre suddenly collapsed at the bar of this King's Cross nightclub on Sunday night. These players get under a lot of stress. I mean, the night before he got back to the hotel at midnight doesn't get to bed until 2 or 3 o'clock, winds down - you're travelling the next day. The team doctor has ruled out drink-spiking, drugs or him being drunk. Giteau is still waiting for the results of blood tests. Mate, he's fine. He's like Timmy Horan - he's a football player, mate. They turn up to play, they do it week in week out. So while Matt Giteau has been cleared to play the Springboks here at Homebush tomorrow night there still remains a concern over the fitness of other members in the squad who have been battling a virus. Matt Dunning is struggling the most. The prop has taken it easy all week to fight off the infection. The captain is hoping the team can put the distractions aside and prepare for a Springboks assault. This one in particular and most confronting forward pack is the biggest we've faced.

5-year grand slam drought continues Lleyton Hewitt's in Round 4 at Wimbledon. after he was knocked out Hewitt had no luck by fourth seed Novak Djokovic. beaten three times in tie-breakers The Serbian won the first two sets trademark comeback before Hewitt started another and breaking serve in the fourth. winning the third And look at the dejected look COMMENTATOR: of young Novak Djokovic. on the face Djokovic won the set and the match. It didn't last long - in the quarterfinals. He plays Marcos Baghdatis

anything like Wimbledon will never have heard

anything like it. Don't forget

tomorrow night join us for the

Wallabies at 79.30. Wallabies at 79.

Checking finance now - the week in negative territory and the share market ended in the big banks. after the Wesfarmers takeover offer. Coles continued to slide

after the break, Sara has the weekend weather details ready for some school holiday fun. SHEEP BLEATS (Continue bleating) BEEPING LandCruiser 70 Series. It's newer, not softer. CAR CHUGS by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. This weather report brought to you We'll keep you running. CAR REVS Good evening. School holidays are well under way. for some entertainment If you're looking of fun activities you'll find a range here at Sydney Olympic Park. trapeze lessons, There's acting classes, including this - and a heap of sporting activities skating workshops in the southern hemisphere. on the biggest skate park Taking a look a the weather winter's day. and it was a gorgeous sunny Quite warm once again above average. with temperatures 2-3 degrees were cooler westwards - Overnight temperatures On the charts - burst of air another front and cold corner generating showers. is sweeping through the south-east It'll arrive into Sydney on Sunday pushes up icy southerlies. as a complex region of low pressure

will be mainly coastal Associated showers on the ranges tomorrow. with snow developing If you're heading interstate -

Clear skies mean chilly overnight lows across the board will continue tomorrow. but the lovely sunny weather with maxima of 16 degrees, A touch cooler 17 along the coast. a late shower, The mountains could see as snow about the higher peaks. possibly falling Looking to Sunday - some showers, mainly coastal, will develop

with a colder top of 15 degrees. Showers continuing into early next week and becoming isolated

from Wednesday onwards. These skating clinics Sydney Olympic Park are one of many things to do at during the school holidays. details are on our website. If you'd like to know more, Finally, if you're snow bound the weekend expect more snow throughout with strong winds easing tomorrow

but still remaining fairly breezy until early next week. Have a great weekend! And that's Seven News to now. for Seven News over the weekend. I'm Chris Bath, hope you can join me Goodnight. Thanks for your company.

How could anyone do this to a home? Every wall destroyed

is left to tear it down. and now the owner Hello, I'm Anna Coren. Tonight - A woman with a petition to stop discriminating to force the Government of very sick children. against parents Buying up Australia. travelling the country Why is an eccentric Englishman buying land wherever he goes? JK Rowling Publishing's biggest ever phenomenon

reveals more about her troubled past Harry Potter empire and her billion-dollar Here's the scenario - you own a house the tenant has skipped and discover leaving four months unpaid rent. Then you find out and wrecked by squatters. your house has been trashed So, who is to blame?

The tenant who got out? The squatters who did the damage? David Richardson reports. every single wall This is all gone, all destroyed, This was like brand new, now it's just disgusting. lucky the didn't burn the house. They're using fire in here still - I'd be horrified - you'd be horrified. if you're the owner, When landlord Kadri Abduraman yesterday visited his investment property to fix a broken screen door to see if his tenants need help that greeted him. this is the horrifying sight brick veneer house The once-beautiful