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Easter: A World Of Difference -

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(generated from captions) Good afternoon. A Sydney driver has escaped unharmed

after his car was pushed 100 metres by a semi-trailer. The truckie didn't realise he'd hit the car until police caught up with him. Prisoners and their accomplices are using babies to smuggle drugs.

Prison authorities have banned 150 visitors this year to try to control the problem. Two 18-year-olds, charged with the stabbing murder of a Korean student in the city, have been refused bail. There have been large turnouts for Good Friday services in Sydney. Church leaders have praised the Government's apology to the stolen generations, urging personal reconciliation and forgiveness. And Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony have shown off their month-old twins - in a $6 million magazine deal. Our next bulletin is at 4:30 then join Chris Bath for Sydney's Seven News tonight at 6:00.

EVOCATIVE MUSIC One of the great things about country NSW is the huge diversity it offers, from down south in the Murray to up north on the Queensland border. When I jump in the car and I'm heading out of town, out of the city, it's just like the weight on my shoulders... The colours start to change from the grey of the city to the colours of the countryside. and the dry ground, he e itGs really nice and green then there comes the lush spots where it's really nice and green and they've had a drop of rain, and the colours just amaze me. I have trouble keeping my eyes on the road 'cause I'm always looking elsewhere to see, "Wow, look at... There's Singleton, or up at Tenterfield

"or out Mudgee."

So I'm always trying to catch as much as I can of what's around me. Yeah, get off the beaten track, take one of those dirt roads and you'll just find one of those little hidden places, those towns, those sleepy towns that are just amazing. Then you might hit one of the bigger towns like Tamworth, Mudgee or Wagga, and they've just got absolutely everything there. I love it when I'm hitting a town and it's just on sundown. I'm just really getting that whole relaxed, lazy vibe and settling back for the night, a nice quiet one, and so then the lights just start to sparkle and I feel like I'm coming alive. There's so much to see, discovering new places, meeting the locals - it's just an amazing time. Look, there's a real authenticity about going out into the country. The people are real, and that's what's so special. People that come out and visit just end up having the best time. Murray River north to the border, the heart of country NSW. There's no place like it. For your free holiday planner, call: Or go to:

These days, it seems you can claim almost anything. But there's one thing that's independently tested. It can't just be bought - it must be earned. The Heart Foundation Tick.

Hello. A twenty-one year-old man will front court tomorrow...on burglary, theft and drugs charges. Police say he broke into a Mackellar home last Friday and stole over twenty-one thousand dollars worth of jewellery,i-pods, lap tops, and cash. He was arrested when office found him

hiding in the storeroom of a Watson business. They seized a stolen seventy thousand dollar Mazda RX8 along with other suspected stolen goods and cannabis. A reminder to go easy on the chocolate this Easter. Figuresshow our waistlines ar growing...and costs billions in healt services. The ACT Government's just launched a new campaign... to get us half an hour each day. And world champion race horse , Takeover Target will strut the track at Thoroughbred Park tomorrow. He's training in Canberra for races in Singapore, England and the Sydney Autumn Carnival. Back later.

GENTLE MUSIC # The dimple on your chin # The gorgeous way you sigh

# Such a lovely thing

# The little sounds you make... #