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Tonight, the State Government

accused of cashing in on the rise

in the pension. This is all about

making sure that this very hard

fought for increase, fought for by

pensioners, is going to go to

pensioners, is going to go to then.

Your puppy or your life - the dog

at the centre of a bizarre robbery

attempt. He is a star now! And Die

Hard Eels fans queued to be the first with finals tickets. Hard Eels fans queued to be the

Good evening. Also, why this stimulus will.

stimulus will. Interest rates.

And the return of the King - Cullen

Jones back on air, as feisty as

ever. It would be nice if he told

people he was sacked! -- Alan Jones.

First, the great pensioner cash

grab. The State Government is about

to ramp up public housing rents to

take a quarter of last week's

pension increase. Senior's groups

pension increase. Senior's groups

say the move is immoral, and now

Canberra has stepped in.

Australian pensioners waited a long

time for their numbers to come up.

And, after 10 years, the $30 bonus

will foremost just cover the basics.

But what the Federal Government has

planning given State Governments are

planning to take away with a public

housing rent rise. Within days of

the first flow of this increase, we

now have housing ministers and

state treasury officials rubbing

their hands with glee at the

prospect of stealing 25% of the

pension increase. That money will

be put towards building housing for

single pensioners who are

But the struggling in the private market.

But the excuse doesn't wash with

Mike Rann, who isn't following suit.

This government decided to support This government decided to support

the Rudd Government because we

thought that pensioners were

getting a tough job. This has

happened every time. The difference

is this year we are giving a

topknot holiday. That freeze on

rents could get a lot longer if the

acting government has its way. The premiere has asked

premiere has asked them to reassess

is their decision. I believe the goal

is clear. We want to make sure

pensioners benefit. This is all

about making sure that this very

hard fought for increase, hard

fought for by pensioners, is going fought for by pensioners, is going

to go to them. They are left hoping

that eventually they are dealt the right hand.

Borrowers have

Borrowers have been warned an

interest rate increase is on the

way. The boss of the Reserve Bank

says the global economic crisis was

a mild downturn for Australia and

we can't afford to keep rates too low.

The opposition jumped in with the

Greens to grill the Reserve Bank

governor over stimulus spending,

but the tactic backfired. He had

nothing but praise for it. This has

been a good episode

been a good episode for Australia.

We are in recovery now. A stimulus,

he says, saved us from recession.

The spending has peaked, leaving us

with less debt and lower

unemployment than anyone thought

possible. It left the opposition

grasping at straws. He did agree

the link between excessive stimulus

and the pressure on interest rates. and the pressure on interest rates. Not quite -

Not quite - Governor Stevens says

he has no problem with the spending,

though interest rates, he says,

will rise from their record lows.

We have some work to head back

towards normal before we get a

build-up of problems we would get

if we keep them low for too long.

The translation... People need to

holding factor in increases. One factor

holding back a rate rise is the

strength of the Australian dollar.

Commodity exports foreign US

currency. We are set to lose a lot

if it stays at its current level.

Once interest rate hikes do start

to come through, the Australian

dollar will strengthen even further.

The meanwhile the Rudd Government

has other reasons to smile - a new

polls suggest Labor would win

around 20 extra seats if an

election was held today. The father

of a baby girl who died from

chronic eczema has been jailed for

six years for failing to arrange

adequate medical treatment. His

four years behind bars. wife was also sentenced to at least

four years behind bars.

This was the truly shocking crime.

Nine-month-old Gloria died of

infection and malnutrition after

her parents repeatedly ignored

medical experts and treated her

severe eczema with homeopathic

remedies. Today her father, a

qualified homeopath, was sentenced

to six years behind bars without

parole. The

parole. The mother cried as she was

sentenced to four years behind bars.

The judge found the baby died

because her parents made a prolonged, sustained and deliberate

decision not to seek conventional

medicine.! Hold over her little

body, which became cracked, weeping body, which became cracked, wee

body, which became cracked, weeping

and infected. She was malnourished

and suffered develop mental delays.

Worst of all, the judge found her

condition was treatable, meaning

she need not have died. The couple she need not have died. The couple

of this evening behind bars but

this isn't the end of the legal this isn't the end of the legal

process. He will face court again

over the coming weeks. He is

accused of threatening the judge

and his former legal team during

these proceedings, so certainly

more to come in this story.

In a bizarre crime,

In a bizarre crime, a woman with a

gun has allegedly tried to kidnap a

tiny signature while our. She was

grabbed and wrestled to the ground,

not realising who owned the dock. -

- signature while.

He is just eight weeks old but

Diego has already been through a lifetime for a chihuahua. A

owner's home prospective buyer came to visit his

owner's home in Sydney's north-west,

claiming to be a dog miner from

Zimbabwe. The 26-year-old woman

allegedly produced a gun and

demanded they hand over the dock.

It was bizarre. You really are

frightened because, if someone

pulls a weapon out, you imagine

they will use it. The wilder

breeders did not realise it was a

replica pistol, the would-be thief

couldn't have known who she was up

against. I'm also licensed security

guard. Police have been told they

managed to wrestle the pistol from

the woman. She has been charged and

bailed to appear in court next

month. If it wasn't so serious, it

would be laughable. They say they

have learnt a valuable lesson and

police are hoping others will, too.

When it comes to trading through

the internet or classified, it is

not a good idea to invite buyers or

sellers into your home. Diego is

the only one left from a litter of

hero. four. We feel like he is a little

The Olympic champion Ian Thorpe has

dropped legal action against the

French newspaper which claimed he

used a performance-enhancing drug.

He was suing the sports newspaper He was suing the sports newspaper

L'Equipe and its journalists over

the article in March 2007 but,

after defence lawyers filed to

shows several times, the legal team

decided to withdraw the defamation

proceedings. The sport's governing

body had cleared him of any wrong

doing two years ago.

Brett Stewart does

Brett Stewart does have a legal

case to answer, his lawyer has

conceded today. The 24-year-old has

pleaded not guilty to two sexual

assault charges stemming from an

alleged incident after the club's

sees the launch. His lawyers said

he would deny the allegations when

his case goes to the committal

hearing next year.

In sport, Bulldogs firms are still

recovering. Are you coping? Meantime,

Meantime, the blue and gold army is

mobilising for grand final week. It

was fans' night out this evening.

You will be loving this! What is

the mood like? It is deafening. I

have seen smaller crowds for home

games. There must be at least

three-4,000. Everyone has come to

embrace the Eels. The noise is

deafening. It has been a long time deafening. It has been a long time for these people, and they are

making the most of it at the

training session. They are going

berserk. It is not just here.

Everyone is getting behind the Eels.

It is on the streets as well.

The Parramatta war-cry was the only

way Eels fans kept warm last night.

The diehards break the chill to be

first in line for tickets. Frank

Vella was number one in the queue.

A 15-hour wait and $245 later, he

had two seats behind the goalposts.

I feel sorry for those trying to

get tickets tomorrow. Snatching the

remaining tickets is worth a celebration but thousands will have

to settle for watching again on the

big screens at Parramatta Stadium. big screens at Parramatta Stadium.

A week from the Crown Final and

Krisnan Inu is still recruiting

fans. Parramatta players have been

eating at Lina Loricco's cafe for

years. If they keep filling up on

my food, the Eels will win! This

man is a regular. I'm still

recovering from the last game. On

the streets, Eels jersey sales are

set to break records. It is

unbelievable see the fans getting

behind them for this weekend. Being

a long-term Panthers fan, I don't

know if I can bring myself to

support the Eels. I thought I would

give it a go and see how I felt being an Melbourne Storm supporter... For a week. They

They certainly breed them tough

around Parramatta. My brave attempt

to support the southern penny

didn't even last a minute. -- servant any.

He is not brave enough to be out

here in that jazzy! Plenty more

coming up. The Eels are about to

begin this training session. Only

5,000 tickets held back for both

teams. We will have more in the

sport. Are you Parramatta's biggest

fan? We would like to hear from you:

The most impressive will feature on

Ten News this week as the big day draws closer.

Also ahead, an international

triumph - Cadel Evans has become

the first Australian to win the

World Road Cycling Championship. He

powered away from the field in Switzerland.

Also, a man's car driver rolls his

cart eight times, and Tiger Woods'

multi-million-dollar pay-day. Not

that he needs the cash!

Next, a drunk driver jailed for

ploughing into a crowd of people on a footpath.

Also, Morris Iemma in a rare public

appearance talks about his battle

with illness. It was excruciating

pain. It has been long and

frustrating, the recovery, but

everything is fine. And calls to

abolish shark nets because of the damage they cause.

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This program is captioned live.

A drunk driver who deliberately

ploughed into a group of people on

the Central Coast has been the Central Coast has been

sentenced to 2 years jail. 36-year-

old Simon Hunter was found guilty old Simon Hunter was found guilty

of assault charges, after driving

into 7 people outside a Terrigal

bakery in March last year. The

sentencing judge today said it was

a tragically misplaced act of

revenge, fuelled by alcohol. Hunter

was given a reduced sentence for

showing remorse. He'll be eligible

for release in mid-2011.

for release in mid-2011.

The Diane Brimble manslaughter jury

has been told one of the witnesses

might have downplayed his role to

avoid jail time. Leo Silvestri

today gave evidence against his

friend Mark Wilhelm, who is

standing trial charged over Ms

Brimble's cruise-ship death in 2002.

Silvestri shared a cabin with the

accused on the Pacific Sky where

the mother of three died from drugs

and alcohol, but told the court he and alcohol, but told the court he

can't remember many details.

Silvestri has been convicted of

concealing a serious offence over

Ms Brimble's death but was spared

prison because he agreed to testify against his friend.

Former Premier Morris Iemma has

made his first public appearance

since battling a deadly illness.

He's helped open a facility to give

new hope to the mentally ill.

After weeks in hospital recovering from meningoencephalitis, and

walking with a crutch, Morris Iemma

is lucky to be alive. I felt the

headache, obviously it was more

than a headache and then in the

hospital, there was a period of

uncertainty and at times,

frightening. Mr Iemma was

supporting a new youth mental health facility at Sydney

University, a cause he backed and

funded as Premier. The $16 million

Brain and Mind Research Institute

combines research with treatment

and support for young people

suffering mental illness. Applying

it to giving people hope, hope of

prevention, hope of a cure, hope of

reversal of the disorders. It's

already helping young bipolar

patients. I get instances of very

high mood, debilitating high mood,

involving my inability to sleep,

and depression. When I'm very

depressed it's a very, very, very

good gateway into a world where

they can provide excellent support

and quality care. The institute

aimsto assist people under 25.

That's the period where the brain's

developing, that's the period where

the frontal parts of the brain are

coming on line. That's when mental

health problems start, that would

be when we can make a real

difference. They're seeking a cure

for mental illness among the research projects, investigating

zebra fish and the genes that promote brain development.

There's a new push to ban shark

nets after a major struggle to save

an entangled whale. Experts say

huge numbers of marine creatures

die in the nets each year, while

the public remains at risk of attack.


Many divers believe shark nets are

the real killers of the deep. In

place to protect swimmers from

aggressive shark species, other sea

creatures also get caught. A

humpback entangled off the Gold

Coast yesterday was the latest

victim. After a dangerous 3-hour

rescue effort, the mammal was freed

but marine experts say it is time

to cut the shark nets which are in

place across various beaches in New South Wales and Queensland. They

die a slow, painful death and it's

horrible to watch. Not only do the

nets snag docile species, such as

angel sharks, many others slip

through. Up to 40% of sharks are

caught on the other side of the net

which means we are swimming with

them everyday. Another criticism is

that the nets give swimmers a false

sense of security. At least two

shark attacks last summer occurred

in netted beaches. The technology

we use with shark nets is 75-years

old. You don't drive a 75-year-old

car, and you are not going home to

cook on a 75-year-old stove. But

both the New South Wales and

Queensland Governments say the nets

are saving lives - before the

program began there was a fatal

attack every year. The government

will not be reviewing the program,

it's in place, it's been successful

over the last 72 years. But nets

will be checked more frequently

this summer, to ensure certain

marine creatures are kept safe and

others kept out.

The king of talkback radio has

returned to the airwaves. A healthy

looking Alan Jones hosted his top-

rating breakfast program for the

first time in three months. He's

been recovering from three major

operations over the past year and

couldn't resist one last dig at

long-time rival Mike Carlton. It'd

be nice if he told people he was

sacked, wouldn't it? Yes. However,

some people can get away with

obfuscating the truth. The 66 year-

old says keeping healthy is his new

priority, as well as winning this year's Melbourne Cup.

year's Melbourne Cup.

A blast of winter are over the

weekend. How fees were those winds?

80 K an hour. We had our colder

stayed in six weeks. Cameron said

to top that. -- km run. A cold

blast which brought snow to 700

metres. The snow resort has got 45

centimetres of us know in 24 hours.

Orange had eyes ballads. There was

a shiver up Sydney's trouser leg.

Right now, you're winning whether

photograph. The sun rise, a brilliant tangerine.

21 to 25 degrees tomorrow, up to 33

degrees by the end of the week.

After the break, a playboy who

dated a princess now facing

criminal charges on the Gold Coast.

Also, children hospitalised after a

school bus fills with fumes on the


And director Roman Polanski vows to

fight his extradition to the US on

child sex charges. He's a brilliant

guy and he made a little mistake 32

years ago. Who put this in with the whites? Hey guys, I've just been... (GULPS) 'W'? No. No, mine's definitely an 'M'. (GASPS) Mine's a 'W'. Aha! See? (CACKLES)

(GENTLE MUSIC) Here you go. Yes. (GIGGLES) No worries. Have a good day. See you tomorrow. See ya.

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a family car that's the envy of all others? and fuel efficiency, is our best yet.

This program is captioned live.

We got the taste earlier in the

bulletin of the excitement at

Parramatta Stadium. Vic Lorusso is

overhead. A lot of people are

gathering to see the contenders

today. It is all about Parramatta

and the traffic this afternoon.

Thousands of people, making their

way. Look and the Eels training in

the middle. You have all the firms

making their way through the

stadium, lapping it up, hoping for

a blue and gold victory on Sunday.

The surrounding roads are busy. No

doubt we will hear some more in the

sport at 5:50pm to. 10 school

students were taken to a hospital

when they became violently ill

during a bus trip on the F3. It is

thought a fault in the engine

caused poisonous smoke and fumes to

waft through the cabin. While

traffic slowed to a crawl, none of

the students was seriously injured.

The ING Direct finance report now.

There is good news for motorists.

There is, with predictions that a

price of fuel is set to fall in the

next fortnight and will be close to

$1 per litre. It is being driven by

a 10% drop in the Singapore

unleaded price over the last week.

That marks the sharpest weekly

decline since February. The oil

price and a strong Australian

dollar means the cheaper prices are

set to continue.

That is the finance news for today.

The US markets are pointing to a

weaker start when Wall Street resumes.


The first love of Princess Beatrice

has landed himself behind bars on

the Gold Coast. American playboy

Paolo Liuzzo was arrested yesterday

and charged with a string of

offences. Police allege she crushed

offences. Police allege she crushed

his $80,000 hire-car, failed to pay

his $80,000 hire-car, failed to pay

food, drink and accommodation bills

food, drink and accommodation bills

at a casino and was carrying

cocaine. He will spend another

night in custody before fronting

court tomorrow.

Lawyers for Roman Polanski say they

will fight his extradition to the

United States on child sex charges

dating back three decades. The 76- dating back three decades. The 76-

year-old is in a Swiss jail after

being arrested on his way to a film festival.

He might be an Oscar-winning

director but, as far as the United

States justice system is concerned,

Roman Polanski is a fugitive. The

76-year-old was arrested as he

arrived to be honoured at a film

festival. He is a brilliant guy and

he made a little mistake 32 years

ago. That little mistake was giving

a 13-year-old girl sedatives and

having unlawful sex with her at

Jack Nicholson's home. He pleaded

guilty but skipped bail and fled

the US before sentencing. He has

been on the run ever since, even

missing his 2003 Oscar for The

Pianist. His life has been marred

by tragedy. Just after he received

an Oscar nomination for Rosemary's

Baby, his wife was murdered by

Susan Atkins, who died yesterday. Susan Atkins, who died yesterday.

But eight years later he hit the

headlines, charged with

headlines, charged with drugging

and socialising a teenager. The

worst part was no-one believed me.

Everyone thought I was making it up.

It was so traumatic when my mother

called the police. She says she

begins Polanski and doesn't want it

dragged up again, while the French

and Polish governments are

reportedly set to ask Barack Obama

to pardon hint. On the streets of

Hollywood, they are less forgiving.

It is a disgusting crime and they

should be prosecuted today,

tomorrow, 50 years from now.

Polanski remains in a Swiss jail

and the United States has 60 days

to finalise his extradition.

The Philippines could be hit with

another typhoon as it struggles to

cope with the worst flooding in

more than 40 years. Tropical storm

Ketsana dumped a month's worth of

rain in a few hours. The flooding

(least 100 dead and almost 500,000

homeless. Authorities are

scrambling to prevent disease

outbreaks with mud and putrid water

still in the St two days after the

deluge. Relief packages are slowly

making their way to people in the worst-affected areas.

Next, left up in the air - another

frustrating delay for Tiger airline passengers.

Also, the ultimate Myer sale. The

department store launches its much-

anticipated prospectus.

And Barbra Streisand makes quite a

scene on a rare onstage performance. They look cute, things that cause plaque. but they're really nasty little (GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum and drinking. after eating

Let's see how they like this. (ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really.

This program is captioned live.

The top stories: For parents of a

baby girl who died from chronic

eczema have been jailed., Sam was

sentenced to six years behind bars,

his wife four years, for not

seeking proper treatment for their seeking proper treatment for their daughter.

But chihuahua puppy is at the

centre of a bizarre robbery attempt.

The woman allegedly tried to steal

the dog at gunpoint after making an

appointment to buy it. She was

wrestled to the ground and

restrained by the Home's occupants,

one of an off-duty police officer.

The State Government is being

accused of the cash grab over

plants to ramp up public housing rent.

Police have released the name of a

man whose body was found in

Centennial Park over the weekend.

37-year-old Anthony Cawsey was

found by joggers just before 6am on

Saturday morning. Police are

treating his death as suspicious

and have renewed their appeal for

anybody who may have seen something

to contact them.

Tiger Airways has another public

relations disaster on its hands.

200 passengers have been stranded. 200 passengers have been stranded.

As the hours ticked by, tempers

flared. It is not acceptable. I'm

$1,700 out of pocket. Someone needs

to shut them down. The flight was

supposed to leave at 9am this

morning but it was cancelled

because of technical problems,

throwing travel plans and 360

passengers into disarray. Initially

they were told school holiday

demand meant they would not get

another flight until Friday. Tiger

finally relented, scheduling

another flight for tomorrow morning,

but with no compensation or

accommodation, that was little

consolation. Can you give us any

help? No. We had to stay at a

friend's place. This morning's

grounded plane is just one of many

in recent months which has tainted

Tiger's reputation, but the airline

insists it has the lowest

cancellation rate of all domestic

carriers. All the lines have

cancellations from time to time.

Tiger Airways works hard to keep

his tournament. The survey shows

passengers think otherwise. This is

my first and last time. To fly with

them again is not... I'm too upset,


Mum and bad investors will need a

loyalty card if they want to

register for a slice of department

store Myer. It launched its

November. prospectus ahead of a float in

The face of Myer, front and centre,

for the launch of its public share

offer. I'm really proud to be a

shareholder. The prospectus

outlines plans to launch up to 500

million shares, expected to sell

between $3.90 and $4.92 apiece. It

is expected to raise up to $2.3

billion. I'm confident in saying

there is an opportunity for it to

beat the premium stock in the

locket based on the earning

capacity we have. That is boosted

by another 15 stores by 2014. The

9,000 employees will be gifted over

$700 of shares, while more than 3

million Myer holders will get

priority in share allocations. The

company expects half of all shares

to go to cardholders. For those

wanting to get in early, membership

is still available. 23rd October,

the deadline. The company is due to

list on the Stock Exchange on

November 2nd and experts are

tipping strong interest. The

economy seems to be picking up,

unemployment is stabilising. Other

retailers are putting out great

green. result. All the lights are flashing

She usually sells out arenas, but

superstar Barbra Streisand has

played an intimate gig at the New

York jazz bar for just over 100

people. The 67-year-old launched a

new album by performing at the

Village Vanguard, where she first

performed 48 years ago. I'm back to

where I started. Sarah Jessica

Parker, Nicole Kidman, Bill and

Hillary Clinton - they were among

the VIP guests. The rest of the

audience were fans from around the

world who had won tickets in the lottery.

Sport, and Jared Hain puts the

pressure on Melbourne. Many of the

Eels are new to a grand final.

Derek pain, though, has a different

take on those details next.

Bank because supporters' night at

Parramatta. The players share the grand final buzz at training.

And Cadel Evans' historic win in Switzerland. It's our all-new small car. and there's more to it than you might expect. There's heated seats to keep you cosy in the middle of winter, and auto headlights to keep you safe in the dark of night. There's MP3 'plug and play' functionality, there's that nice solid thud you close the door. every single time The all-new Holden Cruze. Go better. The small car just got serious.

This program is captioned live.

Grand final fever is gripping

Parramatta tonight as the eels

train in front of their fans. Adam

Hawse rejoins us. Adam, there's

quite a crowd out there?

Since we last spoke, event more

events have arrived at the ground.

Around 6,000 pre-poll. It was not

even at that well publicised. The

players are on the field going

through the motions. The biggest

cheers for Nathan Hindmarsh and Fui

great time. Fui Moi Moi. They are having a

Known Nathan Cayless?

And the skipper will not be here

all week. They have given him until

Saturday to prove he has overcome

that injured hamstring. I will not

know until Saturday far will be

able to play or not. I will do

everything I can during the week.

Honestly, I will not know until

Saturday whether I will pass the

fitness test. I need to stay

positive and give myself a chance.

Regardless of you -- who you

support, four grand finals for the storm is a terrific effort?

That the Parramatta start, Jarryd

Hayne says this could work in their

favour. The storm had anyone one of their four appearances.

For Melbourne, three very pointed

reminders of the grand final

chances that have passed them by.

Four years in a row they've been

there and they've only won once, so

I'm sure that's all they're

thinking about. They've got all the

pressure on them, you know, four

years now and I'm sure they're

feeling the heat more than we are.

It's so hard just to make one, so

to make four is a credit to

themselves, but to only come up

with one - there might be a little

bit of pressure, you know, i don't

know. But if the prospect of

another choke is becoming a burden

for the Storm, there was absolutely

no sign of it today. I think it's

building nicely for us, you know.

It's certainly the best run we've

had into a grand final. For Jarryd

Hayne, sheer relief that he'll be

playing. He was sitting in a cafe

when the match review committee's

decision came through. Yeah, hard

to know whether I should cry,

should jump up and down and just

sort of overwhelmed and I know I

can finally prepare for a grand

final. His good news also welcomed

by the storm. It would be better

for us if the outcome was to go our

way, we know we're playing a full-

strength Parramatta side. I know

what Cam Smith went through last

year and I wouldn't wish that on

anyone. The Storm's biggest problem

this year - where to stay when they

come to Sydney on Wednesday.

Usually we stay at Parramatta when

we play in grand finals. There's a

fair chance they've be looking for alternative accommodation.

We have heard in -- the northern

understand is absolutely packed.

Only 5,000 tickets and left. Blue

and gold fever is a well and truly here.

Cadel Evans has moved on from a

disappointing Tour de France,

becoming the first Australian to

win the men's road race at the

world championships in Switzerland.

The 32-year old finished the

gruelling 262 kilometre race in a

little under 7 hours.

King Cadel - the ruler of world

cycling! And Cadel Evans is in the

rainbow jersey. An outstanding

result for Australia. For the first

time ever, an Australian crowned

world champion. (SONG: ADVANCE

AUSTRALIA FAIR). The 32-year old

emotional and once again taking

Australian cycling global. It's a

promotion for the world

championships for my real home town

in Australia. Everyone knows the

real world champs will be held

there next year. This grand event

held just minutes from Cadel's

European home. Late in the race, a

9-man break-away was whittled down

to 3 - Cadel in the mix. And then

this - without words berating his

many critics. The man many say

never attacks - well, eat your

words. Cadel conquering the 262

kilometre course, dominating his

fellow 201 competitors and

experiencing his finest moment in

the sport. It's funny when you work

for something and dream of

something for so long when it

actually happens, you don't believe

it and for me it's been a 16-year

dream. He kissed his wedding ring

after crossing the line and later

his Italian wife. Thanks to her,

Cadel knew these roads very well.

Lewis Hamilton has one of the

start to finish. singer Paul Grand Prix. He led from

Jenson Button was the 5th. Taken

him a step closer. Max Webber

crashed out with 16 laps to go.

A nasty crash at the Nascar series.

The rookie driver going for the

Wilder's ride of his life - 8

barrel rose. He emerged in one

piece. Marcus Ambrose finished for trains.

Mick Fannie Mae has put himself

back in world title contention --

fanning. The 2007 world champion

made it back to back Tour victories.

I am a stoat. It was tricky. I am

an stoat to come away with a win.

With three events to go, he is a

second overall. second overall.

Phil Mickelson has stormed home to

win the Tour Championship decider.

Tiger Woods has the biggest prize.

Starting the day four shots behind,

Nicholson claimed his fourth victory for the year.

Tiger Woods finished Alan Wright

second to smear the biggest prize

of $11.5 million for winning the

season longer points race. 11.5!.

South Africa are not out of the

quicker it. And Geelong celebrate

the AFL Premiership. Great game.

Speaking of excellent games, a but Speaking of excellent games, a but

Parramatta for the traffic.

We spotted an accident trying to

get there. Two cars involved. A tow

truck involved. Take a look at the

fans at Parramatta Stadium.

Watching the Eels in their public

win on Sunday. training station. Let's hope they

The weather is next.

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This program is captioned live.

After Racal and windy weekend, the

weather is turning. A special park

was bound by a team and bravely.

To wander around Sydney and fined

one of the most intriguing places -

that is why we do. Nestled in

between Balmain and Birch Grove,

behind me go to Ireland. This is

just a fantastic use of public

space. The architects have got this

absolutely spot on. It is to be a

distribution point for Caltex. Now,

it is yours and mine and you should

come out and look at this wonderful

city. Good day, was it not? And is

a bid breezy. The breeze is

starting to ease. It peaked at 80

Kays an hour yesterday. Today a

little bit better. Up around 20

degrees. Tomorrow, 21-25 in the

greater West. Then we go on a

warming curve. 26-28 on Wednesday,

31 to 33 on Thursday and then

bought the first time in two months,

showers forecast for Friday,

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The

first time we have seen showers

forecast for four days in a row in

a long time.

Of the sea temperature has it did

at BT in the last few hours. A

Tasman lower pushing not the least,

causing a few light showers.

Another cold morning for the South

East. The north generally drive.

Here is a sentence if you have

heard me say wait too often - dry

across NSW. The dry, that is our

big problem. We're still 53

millimetres down on our September

average. Showers for the weekend,

but not a lot in that and a big

heat wave prior to that. Interstate:

Balls. Park - one of Sydney's best.

The sky was the limit for a group

of women who've set a new skydiving

world record. The 181 women from 31

countries took the giant leap to

raise money for the fight against

breast cancer. Eight Australians

were part of the group which linked

up above California to set the

women's world record in formation

skydiving. At 19,000 feet the women

had less than two minutes of

freefall to get into position. It

took 13 attempts to get it right.

The jump raised more than a million

dollars for breast cancer research

and support. That's Ten News for

now, I'm Bill Woods.

I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your


Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia