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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a terrifying bomb threat in Bali. Australians the target of changed the lives The moment a hurricane of American's. of hundreds of thousands pilgrimage into a fatal stampede. And what turned a religious Ten News with Natarsha Belling. threat in Bali overnight - First this morning, a terrifying discovering a suspicious device staff at a 5-star hotel thought to be the makings of a bomb. Martine Griffiths is in Bali. are police taking this threat? Martine, how seriously

Indonesian Bomb Squad police are

back at the hotel this morning

after a cleaner found the pipe bomb

on the fourth floor. Will are

conflicting reports was to whether

it was found in a room or near the

lift. Indonesian police are taking

this very seriously. The

unexploded bomb contains khorcoal

but no black powder. The pipe is

30cm long and had two timers. One

said 1:50am. It comes days of the

Indonesian President warned another

terrorist attack is imminent. It's

almost the anniversary of the

Australian embassy bombing. Were

any Australian steaking at the

hotel at this time? Yes, it's a

5-star hotel very popular with

Australian tourists. Several blocks

away from the Bali bombing site.

There was no panic because tourists

will told it was just an exercise.

But it's left guests very nervous. Hundreds are dead from Hurricane Katrina and it's feared the death toll could rise into the thousands.

is struggling under The rescue operation of homeless. to deal with the massive number And it's believed survivors devastated towns for several months. won't be allowed to return to their expected to take years. The recovery period captured on home video The horror of Hurricane Katrina delivers death and despair. as a tsunami-like wall of water thousands may have perished. Authorities now warning

as the storm was over He told me as soon

but I haven't seen him. he was going to come to us, wait for rescue, In New Orleans, thousands more still on rooftops, balconies hungry, dehydrated and desperate and in squalid water. in the city that was floating - We had bodies, you know, floating in the water. old people and babies It was getting worse. indicate urgent medical need. Spray-painted messages Many forced to rescue themselves. doors, my bottom box spring I had an air-mattress, two closet and made a raft out of it. a huge humanitarian task Authorities now face in search of food and water. with thousands wander the streets Four navy ships have been sent much-needed medicine and supplies. but it won't arrive for days with The situation has become so desperate higher ground with people trying to find make-shift refugee camps but major highways have now become most disadvantaged where hundreds of the city's someone will find them shelter. wait in sweltering conditions hoping dangerous civil unrest. Looters continue to creat shops and using them against police. Gangs stealing guns from abandoned a foreign countries, not here. You hear about this in A massive operation is under way inside the flooded Superdome to get the 23,000 people trapped and those outside to safety. to Texas, They're being bussed eight hours away an outbreak of disease. with authorities fearing We don't have any answers right now with these folks on what we're going to do once we stabilise the situation.

Before they can go home, from scratch. entire cities need to be rebuilt This recovery will take years. Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In New Orleans, to Leisa Goddard-Roles, And we now cross in New Orleans. who's at the makeshift refugee camp must be terrible there. Leisa, understandably, the conditions to describe the scene here There's no other way and absolutely heartbreaking. but chaotic babies who have nowhere to go. There are mothers with newborn

They're sitting in sweltering sun. area where people are being treated. Behind me you can see an emergency because it's just so hot. They're collapsing On the other side of us lining up trying to get on buses, there are hundreds of people hoping that will take them into town into some sort of safety or shelter. The biggest problem now getting into New Orleans is trying to stop the water to be a very difficult feat. and that's proving Even when they do stop it, it will be at least 30 days they're saying now

of New Orleans, before all of the water is out the clean-up. and then they have to begin on and on for these people. This disaster is going to go a very, very long time It's going to be to some sort of normality. before they're back in New Orleans. Thanks, Leisa Goddard-Roles in the death of up to 1,000 Iraqis. It started as a pilgrimage that ended in a crowd of 1 million Shi'ites Rumours of a suicide bomber

in a religious procession leading to the deadly stampede - most of the dead woman and children. a peaceful day of worship. It was meant to be into chaos and bloodshed. But the singing quickly descended or drowned Up to 1,000 people crushed to death of a suicide bomb attack. in a stampede sparked by rumours were killed by a mortar attack The turmoil began when seven people Shi'ite marchers were heading. at a mosque where 1 million Tensions escalating further

was among the crowd, with rumours that a suicide bomber sparking the deadly stampede. almost immediate. The extent of the tragedy Those who weren't crushed to death this 2-lane bridge drowned after jumping off 10 metres below. into the muddy Tigris River quickly lined the streets Bodies of the dead and filled nearby hospitals Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. in the single biggest loss of life in US forces, Some bystanders are blaming claiming they closed off a road the pandemonium. which prevented people from escaping to bury the dead. Families now preparing further tension It's feared the incident will spark and the ousted Sunni elite. between the Shi'ite majority to conduct an investigation. The Iraqi Government has vowed declaring a 3-day mourning period. Prime Minister Ibrihim al-Jafaari a Gold Coast Primary School. Chemical bomb explosions have rocked

Three chlorine bombs were discovered early this morning still spewing potentially deadly fumes across the grounds. Strategically placed and left to explode. The school's groundsman found the first home-made device on the basketball courts this morning, inhaling the toxic fumes. A second was found on the oval. Another in the infant girls toilets. The worst thing about it, it was in three different areas so there's a chance that the children who are coming in now could have been affected, could have been injured from this. Neighbours report hearing explosions overnight. This morning, teachers greeted arriving parents with the news and a decision not to evacuate.

But many made their own choice. Yeah, I don't really want to leave him here now. Frightened for my kids. I don't think I'll leave her. Parents joined police scouring the grounds for more bombs, certain a primary school student couldn't be capable of this. It would be more likely to be an older teenager or an adult. But neighbours claim the school's become an after-hours drinking venue saying local vandals are out of control. You live like you're in prison, you know, you have to keep your doors locked. You're not allowed to go for a walk in the evening. You're frightened of being set upon. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. School friends have held a mass for 16-year-old Alice Sloan killed yesterday in a freak camping tragedy. The Year 10 student died when a large branch fell in wild weather landing on her while she slept in a tent. She had been on an outdoor education camp in Victoria's north-east when the freak accident occurred. She was a vibrant, wonderful young woman, very well liked by the girls and very popular.

Students from her Mt Eliza school have also tied yellow ribbons around trees on her behalf. The NSW Liberal Party has a new leader - Peter Debnam elected this morning unopposed. He replaces the disgraced John Brogden, who resigned on Monday and is now recovering at a private clinic after a suicide attempt. Ten's State political editor Paul Mullins. Paul, Debnman has a couple of pretty big challenges ahead of him.

That's right. One of his first

challenging will be to heal

serious wounds within the Liberal

Party itself. This was a bitter and

dirty campaign. As the MPs arrived

this morning, it was obviously it

was all over bar the shouting. Beb

nam was elected unopposed. Mr

O'Farrell is still the deputy

leader. There was the problem that

some members have heavyied some of

his supporters. Debnam has some

work to do internally. In a few

weeks time he faces three

Government by-election even though

the Liberal Party is only

contesting one of them th will be a

test not only for Iemma but for the

new Opposition leader. As we

mentioned earlier, John Brogden is

now recovering a a private clinic.

What's the latest on his condition?

We're told his condition is fine, his physical injuries aren't

serious, he'll recover quickly from

them. Of course the psychological

injuries are another matter. I

think it's fair to say that MPs on

both sides of parplt are wishing

him the best -- Parliament are

wishing him the best. Disturbing new research about Australians and their drinking habits - are you damaging your health? And it's the food fight to end them all - how many tomatoes were thrown in this year's La Tomatina festival.

This program is captioned live. Startling new research indicates Australians are developing an increasingly disturbing relationship with alcohol. A survey commissioned by the Salvation Army shows almost 5 million Aussies regularly drink double the responsible amount in any one session.

For more we're joined by Gerard Byrne from the Salvos. Gerard, more people than ever before are now binge drinking. What effect does this behaviour have on their lives?

The statistics are frightening. It

points out that while the smej

getting across in some sections of

the community, there are other

sections that don't seem to be

listening or taking the message on

board. What sections of the

community is that? In particular

the research commissioned by the

Salvation Army shows that young

women seem to be drinking to excess

and binge drinking and not heeding

the message that this alcohol abuse

can lead to serious problems. What

kind of problems? One particular

type of problem is the incidence of

foetal alcohol spectrum disorder

within the community with up to

1,000 babies born in Australia a

year affected by a range of these

disorders. It seems that alcohol

consufrpgs and pregnancy, the

dangers of that are not getting

across. How can you tell between

drinking responsibly and having a

problem? If health isn't damaged

is one, but also family, social,

career, financial and legal

problems. If people are

experienced problems in one or more

of those areas, I'd encourage them

to contact us to seek help with that problem. There's yet another blaze causing chaos in the heart of Paris. More than 100 firefighters have been battling to stop it spreading through the Paris City Hall. A theatre has been destroyed but there've been no reports of any casualties. French government officials have come under heavy criticism over the lack of fire safety measures. A spate of fatal fires in the past few months have caused almost 50 deaths. It's the food fight to end them all. Every year tens of thousands of people come from all over the world to get their hands dirty at Spain's La Tomatina festival. creating litres and litres of unusable sauce. 130 tonnes of tomatoes are brought in for the hour-long pelting session. Some enjoying it a bit more than others, obviously. The origins of La Tomatina go back to the 1940s, when friends in the town of Bunol had a fight after raiding a fruit and vegetable stand. A record 40,000 took part this year,

and no surprises that the city mayor claims it's the biggest tomato fight in the world. Ahead - the AFl finals countdown. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And a wild windy US Open as Lleyton Hewitt becomes the last Aussie standing.

This program is captioned live. In finance news -

the Australian share market has opened stronger. Jackie Maddock at Commonwealth Securities and the New Orleans disaster means big business for Aussie construction giants?

Yes, that's right. As the extent of

the damage cause by Hurricane

Katrina becomes clear, we can

expect construction companies to be

looking for deals to be rebuilding

the city. Shares in Boral have

risen. They're big in the American

market. They can expect this

disaster to hand big things to our

construction giants. Thank you. To sport - and Lleyton Hewitt is the sole Australian left in the the US Open. Hewitt breezed through his first round match in straight sets. No such luck for Mark Philippoussis - bundled out by Slovakian Karol Kucera.

And Nicole Pratt has been eliminated in a 3-hour, 3-set marathon. In the women's draw - all of the big guns including Sharapova, Clijsters and Serena Williams advanced to the third round.

The remains of Hurricane Katrina made for hot swirling conditions at the New York National Tennis Centre. COMMENTATOR: There goes the hat. Spaniard Albert Costa's hat style no match for Lleyton Hewitt. So, too, his game as the number three seed created a storm of his own in the nearly 50km/h wind gusts. Hewitt breezed through the first set 6-1 and dropped only two games in claiming the second. That'll do it right there. A lower ball toss in the conditions worked as he won 85% of his first-serve points. Hewitt embarrassing the former French Open champion in just 80 minutes. Absolutely the worst possible conditions for tennis players and he comes through 6-1, 6-2, 6-1. He now meets Argentinian baseliner Jose Acasuso tomorrow. And heartbreak for feisty veteran Aussie Nicole Pratt in a 3-hour marathon. After dropping the first set against Laura Granville,

Pratt won the second in a tiebreaker and led 4-0 in the decider. But with victory in sight, disaster. Granville clawing back to claim the third, 7-5. The expression said it all. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. The AFL finals series begins tomorrow night in Perth,

with the clash between West Coast and Sydney at Subiaco a sell-out. The home team is hoping to break its worst form slump of the season. They've lost four of their past six, but rather than worry, the Eagles have declared they're out for revenge against the team that ended their 2004 finals campaign. They absolutely trounced us up there last year. I think it's time we stood up and gave one back hopefully. They're going to be very tough. They're gonna be at us all night. No matter what situation they're going to keep coming at us. Eagle Brett Jones is on stand by to be named in the team should Adam Selwood's sore jaw not come up. A sell-out crowd of 43,000 people

is expected for tomorrow night's finals opener in the west. The match to be telecast live into Perth on Ten. The Swans have a day of sightseeing planned after their main session on Subiaco last night.

They head into the finals bristling with confidence after four straight wins. And they know they have the firepower to shoot the Eagles down again. If we have 15 or 16 guys on Friday night that are playing around their potential then it gives us a chance to win. If it's any lower than that, I would suggest the Eagles will win. But not all has gone to plan for Paul Roos. And it gives... I hope that's not an omen. Was that Woosher back there? Tim Hodges, Ten News.

In the NRL, a boost for Brisbane. Both Shane Webcke and Brett Seymour will play against Parramatta tomorrow night.

But Darren Lockyer is out. The Broncos-Eels match is set to decide the minor Premiership. Parramatta claimed the minor premiership in 2001 then went on to lose the grand final. Coach Brian Smith says those ghosts have gone. The team we've got this season are a group of guys who are far more experienced than the young players we had back then, and to be quite honest I don't think anyone here gives a toss about what happened then. The match is already a sell-out. We'll look ahead to the weekend weather details when Ten's Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Now for the latest from the ski slopes, we're joined by Scott McKinnon from Thredbo. I understand there's been some wild weather affecting conditions in the mountains there.

That's right. We've had it all this week in the mountains, from very strong winds gusting up to 130km/h to heavy rain as well, but, more importantly, snowfalls. All up, around 20cm of fresh snow has fallen across the resorts in the past 24 hours and now perfect springtime weather - blue skies, sunshine and light winds. Let's take a look around the resorts.

This sunshine is set to stick around until Saturday, so head on up and make the most of these awesome springtime conditions. Sounds fantastic. Thank you, Scott McKinnon, joining us from Thredbo. Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.