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(generated from captions) When the decorations pop up in

stores, it's a sign shoppers are

preparing to splurge. And retailers

say this year, there's a real

Christmas bonus. This will be the

cheapest Christmas ever. The Aussie

dollar's bringing lots of cheer to

consumers - with the cost of

imported goods set to drop

dramatically. You will dramatically. You will see the

retailers start to pass on some of

those savings. Fantastic! Excellent.

Keep going, Aussie dollar. Harvey

Norman is promising big discounts.

We're selling flat-screen TVs, lcds,

up to 30% cheaper than we were a

year ago. Gerry's a great salesman,

he's always talking up what the

bargains will be. We'll wait and

cheap, the see on that one. With petrol so

cheap, the retailers have no excuse

for not passing on the benefits. for not passing on the benefits. cheap, the retailers have no excuse

Compared with 12 months ago, the

local currency has risen more than

30 cents, and it's set to climb

closer to parity with the American

dollar by year's end. In the past

discounting from retailers year, we've seen unprecedented

All sorts of clever gimmicks to All sorts of clever gimmicks to win

those discretionary dollars. And

even though mortgage rates are

going up, retailers are hoping the

cheaper cost of goods will keep

those cash registers ringing this

Christmas. But higher interest

rates will weigh on household

income. We're certainly not out of

the woods yet, but it's looking a

lot brighter than it has in some

time. The best buys remain

electrical goods - with fierce competition ensuring the savings competition ensuring the savings

are passed on quicker than Santa

travels on Christmas Eve.

A militant shot to death in

Indonesia has been linked to the

Jakarta hotel bombings which killed three Australians. Indonesian

Police raided a house on Jakarta's

outskirts this afternoon. The dead

man has not been named officially

but is thought to be a close

associate of terrorist mastermind

Noordin Top. The twin suicide

blasts at the JW Marriott and Ritz-

Carlton hotels in July killed nine

people and injured more than 50.

The controversial 'Hey, Hey, It's

Saturday' skit has battered our

reputation in the US. TV. Shows in

the US and UK have lashed out,

demeaning and racist. damning the performance as

Americans woke up this morning to

an image of Australia they didn't like.

like. It's the controversial

musical skit that's sparking a

worldwide firestorm. Criticism it's

made Australia look like the land

that time forgot. A variety show in

Australia has apologised for what

critics call a racist skit. The

controversial 'Hey, Hey, It's

Saturday' act, was picked up by

every major US network. And damned

as demeaning on prime-time talk

shows. It's about an American

family, it's not about an

Aboriginal family. The Aborigines - Aboriginal family. The Aborigines -

they didn't treat them very well.

Well, that's absolutely right.

Earning Australia the unflattering

title of a racist backwater. Neil

Connolly reports on a racism row

that appears to be a clash of cultures. Touring a predominately

black school in Washington, the

Deputy Prime Minister deflected any

such suggestion. Obviously,

whatever happened was meant to be

humorous and we would be taken in

that spirit by most Australians.

that spirit by most Australians. A

joke it might have been, but

alongside the media here, average

Americans aren't laughing. In fact,

they've flooded the country's

oldest civil rights group with

complaints. I was kind of surprised

because it took me aback. It wasn't

my perception of what I'd assume

would come out of Australia. Adding,

for being 'Australian humour' is no defense

for being socially outdated. It's

not like people down here aren't

aware of the social stigma that's

attached with blackface. And if

they didn't, they do now.

AFL bad boy Brendan Fevola is in

trouble again, facing claims of

sexual misconduct against a female

reporter. His Brownlow night

display of drunken behaviour has already earned him a $10,000 already earned him a $10,000 fine.

Now it's being reported there was

an incident between Fevola and a

female reporter in the womens'

toilets. We have spoken to the

employer of the woman concerned, we

have provided support and access to

counselling. We are ready to act.

counselling. We are ready to act.

Both are The claims have

overshadowed Fevola's move from

Carlton to the Brisbane Lions on

the final day of trade week. More

on that in Sports Tonight.

A 7-week-old child is at the centre

of another child protection scandal.

Community services removed the

child from his violent alcoholic

mother, but now plans to return him,

allegedly to save money.

Jake was just two days old when he

became the fifth child in his became the fifth child in his

family to be placed in foster care.

His mother drank throughout her

entire pregnancy, leaving him with

signs of foetal alcohol syndrome.

But now that he's finally in safe

hands, the child protection system

that removed him wants to return

him to his mother in rehab. It'll

be a matter not if, when he will

come back into care. He will be

more damaged. Jake's carer Michelle

is so outraged, she took the

unusual step of speaking out. She

fears the move is about community

services saving money. You know,

these children aren't dollars and

cents. Sad thing is, kids don't

vote. How's she's going to get up,

change his nappy, feed him, when

she's off her face on the floor

blind drunk? The moment DOCS starts

to not back their own judgement,

you have a child protection system

in trouble. Even the rehabilitation

Unit - Odyssey House - Unit - Odyssey House - would prefer

Jake stays where he is. At the end

of the day, the decisions about

this little boy's future will be

made by experts and the Children's

Court. The NSW Premier's not so

sure. On the face of the material

provided to me, I'd take some

convincing that it was in the

interest of the youngster to be

returned to Mum. A review of the

case will take two weeks. There's

no future for him with the family.

no future for him with the family.

There's been an amazing result in

court for Australian singer Alex

Lloyd. He's been involved in a

costly copyright battle, after

truck driver Mark O'Keefe claimed

he wrote Lloyd's 2001 hit 'Amazing'.

Today O'Keefe withdrew his claim.

Mr O'Keefe has lost his case and

been ordered to pay costs. It has been ordered to pay costs. It has

been a long and extremely

frustrating affair. I feel an

incredible sense of relief and

release from the weight of these

false accusations. O'Keefe had

claimed he wrote the tune on a

coaster at a Sydney pub in 1991.

An elderly pensioner has smashed a

$100,000 Porsche into a lift at a

Gold Coast apartment block. It was

being driven by an 80-year-old

woman resident. As bad luck would

have it, the car crashed at exactly

the same time the lift was passing the parking level. The the parking level. The passengers

inside say they heard a huge bang

and had no idea what had happened.

They were trapped for 15 minutes.

Nobody was seriously hurt. The

worst injury was to the car

driver's insurance policy.

Still to come, NASA bombs the moon

- the crucial mission for an extraordinary plan.

extraordinary plan.

And what a croc! The snappy reptile

that's moved into a family pond.

So Moore has pause to remember the

victims of last week's son army

with a mass service. In a national

day of mourning, crowds gathered to

watch coffins being driven past.

They also wanted to listen to the

names of the victims read out. The

writ was named for each victim.

writ was named for each victim. The

mass grave will face the Pacific

Ocean. Every loaf of bread sold and

Australia will be given take

nutritional boost to help make the

nation a little smarter and

healthier. It comes down to a pinch

of special salt. It sounds like the

best thing since sliced bread, for to

to find a dietary staple to make us

smarter. It will improve the

nation's IQ of role. It is now

mandatory for Baker's two years are

up and sold in bread. It is

important for brain development and

function, particularly in children

and pregnant women. Scientists hope

that the salty solution will

reverse Australia's high levels reverse Australia's high levels of

life than deficiency. And lack of

it is a common preventable cause of

mental deficiency. You'll be able

to taste the change. The flavour

and texture of your favourite bread

will not alter in the slightest.

For people wanting bread without

the extra additive, the organic

varieties the only option. From today, consumers could today, consumers could be more

confident that produce labelled

organic is exactly that. And you

Australian standard has given for

minimum standards to organic food.

These include restrictions on

pesticide, fur to side and pesticide, fur to side and

genetically modified products. At

least a consumer can feel more

reassured that when they go and buy

something that it is organic. They

are also moves are also moves to develop a

recognisable standard label for

organic products. In an

extraordinary feat, NASA has just

bombed the moon to determine

whether there is enough ice to

provide fuel for a base. It was

bombed into the Moon at bombed into the Moon at 9,000 mph.

He was followed by a satellite so

that scientists can see if there's

enough frozen water to unlock

hydrogen for power and oxygen for

air. The plume of prize was

expected to shoot for kilometres

into the atmosphere. The market ran

out of steam today after an

eventful and constructive week. We

eventful and constructive week. We

now across to Tom Petrovski for the

details. Had the market's done all

its work and the investors hung up

their boots? It sounds a little

unscientific but that is a more

than reasonable way of looking at

it when you consider that at its

best levels this morning the market

had risen by about 4.25 %. Heading

into the weekend, investors saw

little value pushing the market little value pushing the market

higher. As far as the valued --

various sectors, there were only

several that performed particularly

well. The industrial and property

groups were among them. Healthcare

groups were down, CSL was down by a

2%. The stocks are running into 2%. The stocks are running into

headwinds that the created headwinds that the created by a

rising Australian dollar. The

strength of the currency is going

to gain more prominence as

investors look at the bottom line

of companies. Telstra shares fell

today after voicing opposition to

the Government plan to split its

business. Looking ahead into next

business. Looking ahead into next

week, we'll see consumer confidence

which has an important measure of

to gauge consumer confidence. Glenn

Stevens will be making a speech and

the markets will be looking for

little more colour on the future for interest rates.

A road at saltwater crocodile has

made itself a home in a made itself a home in a North

Queensland backyard. Despite being

more than one metre long, his new

neighbours are happy for him to

stay. North Queensland as I used to

seeing crocodiles. Perhaps not just

this close to home. You expect to

see a boat -- a crock when you are

in the boat going fishing but not

in your backyard. The family in your backyard. The family have

named it album, a 1.2 metre at

youngster who has taken a liking to

their ornamental pond. He is a bit

of a cricket little but be. It is

likely that during the floods the

Crocker was moved through the storm

drain them into the suburbs. He

does not bother the family and they

do not bother him. He is only a little fella.

little fella. He would give you a

few stitches and maybe a bit of a

nasty bite but he is not going to

rip your local for anything like

that. The chickens in his

neighbour's yard might be different

matter. My dog might be stupid

enough to have a go at it, in which

case he is on his own! Crocodile captures visited the captures visited the property this

morning. There is no sign of Alban

but that doesn't mean he is not

there. People have got to be

mindful of the area we're living in.

It is quite easy for them to end up

in a backyard. So it is live and

let live. As long as Albarn behaves

himself! We might have to have a barbecue!

barbecue! Next, all the gold! At

Leeds over a century old gear up for

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This program is captioned live.

A Palestinian Zoo has come up with

a creative way to replace its

zebras lost during the war with

Israel. They've hired a

professional artist to paint

stripes on their donkeys. They did it to it to keep the younger visitors

happy, but only the very young

wouldn't be able to figure out that

something was not quite right.

For 23 years, 'The Phantom of the

Opera' has enthralled music lovers.

Now fans will have the chance to

see what happens next, with Andrew

Lloyd Webber bringing a sequel to

the stage.

After smashing world records for a

musical, this is how he will

reappear on stage. This one is set

in New York, when the Phantom and

his love meet up again.

his love meet up again. It is 23

years since the original musical

opened in London. Previous attempts

have simply failed. Despite this,

the show's creator says he needed

to finish the story even though he

admits this is the biggest

challenge he has ever faced.

challenge he has ever faced. If it

does as half as well as the

original, that would be

extraordinary. Only when the show

opens next March, will Andrew Lloyd

Webber know If Love Never Dies for the Phantom.

They may not be as sprightly as

they once were, but there's no

stopping 28,000 athletes here for

the World Masters Games. The event

was launched at Sydney's Olympic

park this morning by competitors

who could put much younger people to shame.

It's a venue normally associated

with the fastest, strongest and

most elite athletes. 3, 2, 1...

These athletes are not as fast or

strong as they used to be - commitment though, they have commitment though, they have in

spades. Lawn bowler Reg Trewin -

the oldest competitor at a 101.

Margot Bates - a sprightly 99 - is

in five swimming events and is

chasing her 200th gold medal - but

she still hates training. My son

keeps me on the ball. I'm in bed

sometimes when he calls, and he

says, "Come and get your togs and

gogs on, we're off". And what time

is that? Oh, 9:00am! This is the seventh World Masters Games seventh World Masters Games and the

largest. 28,000 athletes from 95

countries - three times the number

who competed at the Sydney Olympics.

As you'd expect with so many older competitors, the medical

preparations for the next eight

days have been critical. In fact,

there are more chiropractors

associated with these games than

there have been for any other

sporting event. But competing is

not the first challenge - that's

the long queue to register. We've

been waiting about an hour and half. Organisers

Organisers say it simply can't be

helped. This is going to be a

terrific event. We're sorry if

people have to stand in a queue,

but with the size of event,

unfortunately, that is a bit of a

reality. Even with the wait, good

humour abounds. You should expect

that. Last word goes to Margot -

who's penned a special song for

those tough coaches who pushed the

athletes to get here. SINGS: He

then, hands me a plan, I say, "I can't". He

can't". He says, "You can". And so

I try to do my best and do it his

way. Competition begins tomorrow.

The weather is next, and then it's

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning and Rob, Brendan Fevola is

officially a Brisbane Lion?

Yes, Kath, the deal's been done -

with Brisbane pulling off a major

coup. Coming up we'll bring coup. Coming up we'll bring you the

details. A bad boy Blue becomes a

Lion to be tamed.

The Wallabies rock thrown the captaincy.

And tonight's A-League showdown - Sydney versus Melbourne.

Feast your eyes on Macca's new Grand Angus. A big, juicy slab of genuine Aussie Angus. Not just one slice of cheese. Two slices! There's loads of that fancy salad. The onion is the purple one. It's Spanish. And if you don't mind, mustard and mayo.

All on a snazzy-looking sourdough roll. McDonald's new Grand Angus. It's a great big taste, and a little bit fancy.

This program is captioned live.

Now to the national weather for Saturday.

Now to the national weather for

Saturday. Cairns can expect a

possible shower and a top of 29 degrees. Brisbane - cloud

increasing with a top of 24. Sydney

- possible showers & 19 degrees.

Canberra - a mostly sunny 15.

Melbourne - sunny & 19. Hobart -

mostly sunny & 15. Adelaide - mostly sunny &

mostly sunny & 21. Perth a late

shower and a top of 21. Darwin -

Sunny & 35. Alice Springs - sunny & 34.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

The problem for late edition of the

Sports tonight. Brace yourself for

a sports extravaganza. Brace a sports extravaganza. Brace

yourself for the 80 action. The

mountain comes alive. We will

preview the Socceroos's showdown

with Holland. Check-in with the new

captain of the Wallabies and run

through the air felt's biggest off-

season trade. Homecoming to

Brisbane, it is a fresh start and

it is exciting. That is stunning.

it is exciting. That is stunning.

Plus brawls on the ice, courses on

turf, it grommets and water, man

and machine and the Major League

play-off. And tonight's they League

showdown, it is Sydney this showdown, it is Sydney this

Melbourne. It is official, Brendan

Fevola is a Brisbane line but a Fevola is a Brisbane line but a

shortcut some were quit after the

original trade plan fell through. A

compromise deal was completed just three hours before the deadline.

When Carlton wasn't bluffing about

getting rid of Brendan Fevola and a

final reminder of why can it is

fair will media conference which

has dominated by questions of what

happened on Brown the metal night. For he

For he acted in an appropriate way.

He was disgusted about what went on

and so were we. What is done has

put it-push us over the edge and

we're happy. For Wall broke his

silence. The cars and Football Club

were fed up with everything and you

can't find them. They had their

hands tied. Do I have come to the

Brisbane Lions and it is a fresh start.

start. It is exciting. Despite all

the dramas, there is to regret that

it ended this way. I've got a heavy

heart, I went through lot with

Brendan. It has been fantastic. We

came to the decision endeavours was

happen today. When Daniel and

Bradshaw not back the Blues, it

thought that Sydney thought that Sydney would spell thought that Sydney would spell

swoop. V but Brisbane ended up with swoop. V but Brisbane ended up with

a better long-term deal. There we

picked up pick 12 of and pick 11

and we picked up McLean and

Henderson for Brendan. We think

that a good deal. I didn't think

when I got off the plane on the

Gold Coast that I would be staying with Brisbane but I'm

with Brisbane but I'm pump to get a

chance. It would be good to shy

away from that. I just want to

enjoy a time with my family and

make for poor muscle concentration

which would be good for me. It is

now about asked to provide the

environment that he needed. We

think that he will be able to

maximise his football capabilities. maximise his football capabilities.

While a record 23 deals were

completed in the trade week, some

killed a's low poll is staying put.

The Saints failed to reach an

agreement with Collingwood has

negotiations went down to the final

seconds. It now appears likely that

he will become a demon. The Saints

emerged from May trying trade week

looking tired and a little

irritated. In our view, 25 was not irritated. In our view, 25 was not

going to get low poll done. We did

not figure was an acquittable trade.

The players mentioned were not

entertained by us. Therein lies the

stalemate. It leaves him in limbo.

The lucrative 3-year offer has been

withdrawn and he will have to

decide whether to accept a vastly

reduced contract or take his reduced contract or take his

chances in the national draft. I

can't speak for look for I imagine

there would be some frustration.

Late today, Melbourne declared its

interest in selecting him. With the

other deal sewn up, Sean slowly

began life as a hawk. When you look

at their team they have got some

great youth and the team and I

think they will have some success next few years.

next few years. His coach scoffed

at talk that Campbell Brown was

offered as part of the trade. There

at no stage where we ever going to

mark -- March a player out of their

football club. I know that Essendon

did that in 2002 but I don't think

that it did the S&M club any good. that it did the S&M club any good.

It affects the culture of the club It affects the culture of the club

too much. The bombers helped pave

the way for the deal. S&N is one the way for the deal. S&N is one of

the proudest clubs in Melbourne and

so they are playing some of the

proudest clubs. What attracted us

to mark was his leadership and his

experience but also his creativity

and his X Factor. Do take big Marks?

Marks? I try to! The biggest winner

could be Shane Mumford whose annual

salary has increased by about

$40,000 to $300,000. Holden's have

scorched round man Panorama ahead

of Sunday's Bathurst 1,000 and

Jason Richards was the fastest of Jason Richards was the fastest of them securing provisional pole

position. Was on this about 161

laps, Friday's about one flyer. For

one curse commodore, Bathurst is

fast proving a nightmare. David

Reynolds wiped out the front end of

his battered born-again car. He was 364

364 days ago at the very same car

on the very same corner had the

very same result. Thankfully,

unlike Paul last year he broke at

both of his legs, Mark Reynolds

will walk away but his team will

have to burn the midnight oil to

make the race. The past three weeks

have been spent fixing Cameron's

machine after machine after his last start's

staff. Today, VH- calmer - they

rebuilt car flying across Mount

Panorama. His team-mate Jason

Richard stopped at the time sheet.

Craig was on a flyer, he looked to

have a time to better Richards it

has been at the final turn by a

fellow Ford driver brought fellow Ford driver brought out the

red flag, ending the session and

handing Holden provisional pole. It

are a Prozac it -- a prerequisite

to win the race is to have speed.

Where proven this weekend that we

have speed and that is awesome.

Craig finished in position six,

Mark Winterbottom was fourth


fastest. The top 10 ---- out of

weights tomorrow.

Coming up, we will check in with

the A-League plus more. Rocky the A-League plus more. Rocky Elsom

in as Sterling Mortlock's reign

comes to a close. I'm really happy

with the opportunity. We have the

latest from the presidents Cup in

San Francisco. And we will preview

This program is captioned live.

The Wallabies have undergone a

massive overhaul ahead of their

upcoming Spring tour, with Stirling

Mortlock dumped as Test captain.

Flanker Rocky Elsom has been named

as Mortlock's replacement. Smiles, handshakes, and

celebrations all round. For Rocky

Elsom, the 76th Test captain of

Australia. It's like when you get

your first jersey. I think you're

over the moon to get that

opportunity but then there's a lot opportunity but then there's a lot

of responsibility that goes with

that. But just really happy to get

the opportunity. He replaces the injury-plagued Stirling Mortlock.

Who, after more than three years at

the helm, was reluctant to

relinquish the position. It's like

the jersey itself. Every player

wants to hang on to it for as long

as possible. Inside back Berrick

Barnes takes over as vice-captain.

In a move that distinctly reflects

generational change. Pretty stoked,

yeah. There you go, mate.

yeah. There you go, mate. There's a

new word for you. There are five

new faces in the Wallabies squad.

Including Salesi Ma'afu, Mitchell

Chapman and Richard Kingi,

alongside Waratahs pair Dave Denis

and Rob Horne. Sitting on the couch,

got the call, and, yeah, it was a

good call to answer. New South

Wales team-mates Al Baxter and Phil

Waugh were both omitted from the

squad. But it's better news for

former coach Ewen McKenzie. After a former coach Ewen McKenzie. After a

less than successful stint in

France, he's been appointed as head

coach of the Queensland Reds for

the next three years. This program is captioned live. To

To the A-League and ladder leader

Sydney has sent the competition a

stern warning as they humiliated

Melbourne at Etihad Stadium. The

Sky Blues ending the contest with a

4-minute goal spree. Melbourne

pulled out the dancing girls.

Lane bridge doubled their advantage

in the blink of an eye. The

stunning four minutes breed capped

off the baseball stop.

Sydney's half-time lead a

mountainous task for the Melbourne

team. They were no doubt he dealt a

few stern words at half-time.

Shannon Kohl was left to try his

luck. Sydney ending any sniff of a luck. Sydney ending any sniff of a fairy-tale fightback for victory.

The Sky Blues stamping themselves

as title favourites.

Sydney's comfortable win opening up

a 4-point lead at the top of the

table. Amazingly it's just the Sky

Blues' second win over Victory from

their past 10 outings.

The Socceroos say their focus is on

football, not their ongoing pay disputes, ahead of tomorrow disputes, ahead of tomorrow night's

friendly against the Netherlands.

The Aussies held their final

training session this afternoon.

It's rare there's so much football

talent in Australia at once, but

listening to the single-minded

Socceroos, you could be forgiven for forgetting a football

superpower is in town. I think it

will be a good blowout and,

hopefully, get any cobwebs out, and

we can do the job on Wednesday

against Oman. The Oman game is by

far the most important game for us far the most important game for us

in the next week or so, and we are

looking to get the 3 points. The

Socceroos using the game against

the world's third-ranked nation,

Holland, as a dress rehearsal for

the Asian Cup qualifier against

Oman. The Dutch, though, have come

to win. I'm sure they'll be out to

get us after the last game we

played against them in Holland.

Midfielder Jason Culina slightly

excited by the encounter against

the nation where he played for 10 years. Come years. Come Saturday, we'll all be

rearing to go because you want to

get those good results against the

world-class teams, and I think it's

a great occasion for everybody.

Coach Pim Veerbek keen to show his

other national side the full might

of the Socceroos. I'm going to play

as strong as possible for

Saturday's game. Start, at least

start. And some good news for those

affected by the recent tragedy's in Samoa

Samoa and Indonesia, with the FFA

and Qantas donating to the relief

appeal. Tim Cahill clearly humbled.

I can't put into words my feelings

because when I told my mum and dad,

especially my mum, it brought a

tear to her eye and to mine.

An ominous warning today from the

country's number one jockey, Damien

Oliver. After his first ride on

European stayer Seema de Triomphe,

Oliver says he's the horse that can

win him a third Melbourne Cup.

In the first flickers of light, the

Cumani camp went to work - readying

their star, Seema de Triomphe, for

his first date with the country's

best hoop. Damien Oliver arrived

through the back door and the pair went to

went to work. A couple of leisurely

laps to get to know each other

before they got down to business.

Working on the outside beside

stable mate, Basaltico, the duo

unleashed in a spirited 14400m

workout down Sandown's home

straight. Horse and hoop happy. Now,

an assault on Caulfield and

Flemington riches await. Hopeful as

well as confident, Luca seems to have a good handle.

have a good handle. Hopefully, he

can go one better. Gun trainer Luca

Cumani has twice finished runner up

on the first Tuesday in November.

But according to the camp, this

bloke is better than Purple Moon

and Bauer, and looms as a huge shot

to win Oliver his fifth Caulfield

Cup and a third Melbourne Cup.

Godolphin duo Kirlees and Crime

Scene also stepped up their work.

Scene also stepped up their work.

Low walls in low this horse has a

lot more physical presence about

him. You cannot deny it, he is a

better class of horse. Five more

international contenders arrive



An awesome field of 3-year-olds

will battle out the first major

race of the Melbourne Spring

Carnival tomorrow, in the Group 1

Caulfield Guineas. And according to

mining magnate and prolific owner

Nathan Tinkler, you can put your

trust in his boom colt, Trusting.

There's been no shortage of activity at Caulfield during the

week. A media breakfast wetting

everyone's appetite for the

carnival action to come, as the

stars strutted their stuff on the

track. Exciting colt, Trusting,

completing his work for the $1

million 'The Age' Caulfield Guineas

under lights. The stable full of

confidence for his chances tomorrow.

He's a man in a boy's body so to

speak. He's really earnt his place

there. We're all pretty excited by

him, so looking forward to Saturday.

He's just full of zest.

He's just full of zest. Trusting is

likely to start the second

favourite behind the Peter Snowden-

trained Denman, who will be looking trained Denman, who will be looking to emulate his sire Lohnro's

victory in the 2001 Guineas. To win

this as his old man did, would be

very special. The top four in the

betting rounded out by the Gai Waterhouse-trained Manhatten Rain.

His coat's good, he's a happy

chappy. And Bart Cumming's charge,

chappy. And Bart Cumming's charge,

So You Think. His form's pretty

good, he has a lot of ability. The

race set down for 4:00pm, eastern daylight savings time.

to have taken home more major awards in the last 12 months than any other large car? Ford. Of course.

And who's most likely to give you a G6 limited edition with 18-inch alloys, bluetooth, and leather-detailed seats from $36,490 drive-away?

The an encouraging performance from

Greg Norman pose international team

were the visitors just one week

behind in an estate. It derided

states are traditionally strong on

day one of the presidents Cup.

day one of the presidents Cup.

Tiger Woods and Steve it were no

exception. The world number one and 3

3 thrashed their opponents. And the

making and Phil Mickelson also had

the upper hand, rapping up their

win on Tim Clarke and Mike Weir.

Much closer,

Much closer, elsewhere on the field,

sure no here and Hunter may field

went head-to-head with Ernie Els.

The internationals finally

prevailed, Scott with a part on the

17th to put the visitors on the

board. Robert Allenby soon even the

Ledger, stealing the points off Lucas.

Lucas. Zack Johnson and Kenny Perry

where Square put the home side

stripped away and the last two

holes. The final match when right

down to the wire. Jim's at the

Americans are from women. Just

unmarred with this on the 18th to

cent the US into

cent the US into day to with a two.

Buffer. The points were shared, Buffer. The points were shared,

leaving America were just a one-

point lead. To Aussies have

advanced around three of the

hopefully Junior Challenge event in

Bali. The famous river amount that

Bali. The famous river amount that

turned on fun little barrels.

Another grand for the next round so

I'm pretty stoked. What more

caroused for, I'm in Bali! New

Zealand's Steadman had a 9.1 out of

10. British

10. British triple Olympic gold-

medallist Bradley has set his

sights on Victoria's cycling tour

which begins on Sunday. He finished

fourth in this year's Tour the

France and is the hot favourite for

the race. And here and I would not

have come to the race if I did not

have to do something. We had the

World Championships two weeks ago

and I've carried a fair bit of form

and I've carried a fair bit of form

since then. He is just one of since then. He is just one of

hundred and five cyclists who will hundred and five cyclists who will

compete in Australia's oldest stage

event. The LA angels to start off

their play-off series in style

defeating Boston 5-0 in the opening

game of the series. Tory Hunter

went deeper in the 5th.

went deeper in the 5th. He was

pretty pumped with that one and so

too were the fans. Boston has not

doubt the angels in three of their past five post seasons.

You can see game to tomorrow

morning from 6am. If you're having

a punt this weekend, heres fields.

Were were

For me for a player of the day, not

that we condoned violence but we do

like to look at it. Detroit squared

up again Chicago or added to not

take long for the hard men to find it other.

it other. Detroit beat Chicago 3-2.

We'll call the fire did draw and