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Good morning and welcome to 9am.

Good morning everyone.

Good morning everyone. Looking

pretty well this morning. Excellent.

Fighting fit and raring to go.

Excellent. We've sorted out our

issue in the bathroom too, haven't

we! How come, I can't believe you

brought that up. See, David is very

sensitive, a very sensitive nose

our big Dave. Sensitive from top to

lovely bottom. Exactly, all of you in a

lovely way too. And we've changed

our little smelly spray in the

bathroom that we share here at work

to an environmentally friendly one

which is a good thing to talk about

because that's the theme of Dhav

Naidu. Kim insists on squirting a

whole lot of rain forest. It

doesn't smell much like a rain

forest. A little prickley to my forest. A little prickley to my

sensitivity! According to

journalist Anne Manne, paid workers

become a sacred thing and society

is devaluing motherhood. Anne has

documented disbelief in her latest

book and we'll talk about love,

life, work, ebgt expectation and

economic reality. After the luxury

of travelling first class and maxing

former Westlife out the company's credit card,

former Westlife member Brian

McFadden has gone back to basics

forking out for his own economy

airfares to gigs. His new fiancee

good Good News Week does back up

vocals on a couple of songs. We'll

chat to Brian about his passion for

writing songs. It takes great

bravery to admit to an addiction

life and great strength to turn your

life around. David Morris allowed

us to follow him on his road to

recovery from drug and alcohol

addiction and joins us. That was a

good series that Christie did. It

was very fascinating and great for

them to allow us to be involved.

Also, Dr John Irvine will be here

to help us to encourage our

children to keep Anzac alive.

We want to send a big hello too

this morning to David Leckie who is

out of the coma. The seven network

boss who I know tunes into our

program every morning at program every morning at 9:00. It

has been a bit of a rough road for

him. Septecaemia. He injured his

finger apparently on a garage door

and got septacaemia. The only way

to hold David down for 10 days is to hold David down for 10 days

to knock him out. I did say to

someone that perhaps the induced coma was to

coma was to shut him up as he was

there so he would do as he was told.

Get well. Now, this is a cracker of

a story that's going to excite

every pregnant mum to be, eating

chocolate during pregnancy could

protect expectant mums and babies

from a potentally fatal pregnancy

chocolate are 40% related conditions. People who eat

chocolate are 40% less likely to

get pre-eclampsia than those who

eat it less than once a week.

Scientists in Yale tracked 2o291

pregnant women and their chocolate

consumption in early pregnancy.

They're probably lying about it.

They're probably eating more. So

there you go, don't feel guilty if

you're sitting there with you're sitting there with a family

block of chocolate. In knock City

in 1896, Americans viewed a motion

picture. Details are sketchy but it

was likely to not surprisingly be

the arrival of a train at a

station. Not in the same leg as

'Die Hard 11'. It's Wednesday the

23rd of April. What's on the front page? 23rd of April. What's on the front

The plane carrying the Olympic

flame has touched down in Canberra.

The arrival in the capital comes

hours after a diplomatic stoush was

narrowly avoided between Chinese

officials and Australian security.

More than half of the ACT's police

aim - to force has been mobilised. Their

aim - to avoid a repeat from other

cities where Chinese security

officials used heavy handed

measures against protesters. But

days out from the troubled relay's

run in Canberra, there's still

doubt over how the so-called flame

atendants will react in the heat of

the moment. If the flame was

attacked, I believe they will use attacked, I believe they will

the to their body to hold this in order to their body to hold this in order

the to let the flame go out. That

goes against Kevin Rudd's public

assurances. All security, and I

say this again - all security is to

be provided by Australian

officials and Australian officials

his comments have been only. The Chinese ambassador claims

misrepresented. In a statement clarifying:

And in Jakarta, relay organisers

were forced to change the torch

route at the last minute to avoid protesters. Indonesian police

detained at least eight people and

dispersed about 100 pro-Tibet activists. Thousands of troops

helped guard the torch on the

improvised route. Instead of winding through the streets of

Jakarta, the relay circled a

stadium before an invitation-only

crowd of crowd of 5,000.

Children born to lesbian mothers

through IVF will be granted equal

rights to those born to

heterosexual couples. Under a plan

by the NSW Government. The current

law discriminates against the

children because their relationship

with the birth mother's partner is

not legally recognised. The new

this year. laws will be introduced later

has The polls have opened and voting

has begun in the crucial

presidential primary in

Pennsylvania. Former first lady Pennsylvania. Former first

Hillary Clinton is favoured to win, Hillary Clinton is favoured to win,

bull she needs a convincing

majority if she's to overtake

Barack Obama's overall lead. A win

is a win, especially under the

circumstances where my opponent has

outspent me probably 3-1, probably

last major 4-1. The Pennsylvania vote is the

last major showdown of the

primaries season.

And we'll have more on the stories

coming up in the morning news at

11:00 and a full wrap in Ten News

at 5:00.

As they've marched the bloody road to emancipation, women have

secured the vote, burnt the bra and

dared to demand equality and pay

and status with men. It would seem

that equality remains the most

difficult goal, but is it the most

important? Anne Manne, the author of 'The Quarterly Essay' claims

that the society devalues

motherhood which hasn't done

befores for fesmnism or society.

She says we've become too work

focused and it is that factor

rather than childcare that's seen a

falling fertility rate as women

strive to establish their careers

before babies and Anne joins us now.

Good morning. Good morning. Why do

you believe that motherhood is

devalued by society these days?

Well, I think because for so long,

women were restricted to the home women were restricted to the

and it was suggested that they

should never have careers, that it

wasn't surprising that when we

turned all of that around, which of

course was such a good thing for

women that we did that, we went to

the other extreme and we have been

the other extreme and we have been

over emphasising perhaps the

importance of work in everyone's

lives, men as well as women and

we've lost sight of some of the

fundamentals and what we know from Australian parents, both the

surveys of their preferrences and

opinions and also their behaviour

is that they still put family first

for the most part. But it creates

such a conundrum, doesn't it? Oh, yes. It's an yes. It's an extremely difficult

task to balance family and work.

Some of the things that I'm

discussing in the essay is looking

at how to look at that better. Is

it women or men who undervalue the

role of mothers in society, or

both? I think mothers themselves

understand the extraordinary hard

work. I was going to say, any

mother would know that they have

the toughest job. Yes, yes. And I the toughest job. Yes, yes. And I

think those men who are partners of

them understand it too. I think

though if you look at where it has

been devalued, it tends to be in

the opinion pages, in the media

levels at an elite level. It seems

to be amongst those who are perhaps

living in the fast lane, going

back to work very early and who are

embarking on careers in a pretty

uninterrupted way, and that means

that we tend to forget about the

vast buming of Australian vast buming of Australian familys

and parents who -- the vast bulk of

Australian families and parents who

spent time when the children are

small and gradually return to work, particularly when the children

reach school age and who place

family centre and foremost in their lives. So,

lives. So, there's a difference in socio-economic groups therefore.

The lower socio-economic group

regards motherhood differently to

the elite? Well, it depends of course on the individuals

everywhere who have different

opinions. Sure. But nonetheless, I

think it is true that if you look

at awful the documents coming out

of Parliament, if you look at the

publications from the Human Rights

and Equal Opportunities Commission.

If you look at Broadsheet

newspapers and so on. You come

across a view that women should

return to work as soon as possible

after child birth and in fact, when

I looked at the commentary before

the last election, one journalist

said that both said that both political parties

want women to return to work soon

after birth, and I think women do

too. When in fact you look at the

opinion surveys, and you look at

the way Australian parents behave,

that isn't the case at all. Yeah.

In fact, less than 10% use formal

childcare centres in the first childcare centres in the first year

of life. They want mother care or

parental care. They, more

parental care. They, more than 90%

in a recent survey thought that you

needed at least one parent, maybe

two at home in the first year, but

certain lip one parent and another

supporting. They prefer grandma

than formal childcare in the first

year, and then they will gradually

go back to work and they will use

small amounts of childcare part

time and then that will gradually time and then that will gradually increase. So, it is increase. So, it is true to say

that childcare is not the major

issue or sum bling block to women

getting back to work. You wrote, getting back to work. You wrote, if

you offer women 80 hours free top

quality childcare a week, they

would not take it. Actually, that

was a comment from Tanya Plibisek

which I'm quoting and it was

lovely to see one of the Labor MPs

take that on. Tanya is a parent

herself, and she understands that

yes, our jobs and career are

important to us but we want time in

our families and understand how

important it is to the children

that we have that time. So, is the

flexibility more important, for

people who choose to go back to

work or need to go back to work

financially. Is it the flexibility

that parents want most? There are

two things here. There is

flexibility in terms of the work place and how much the work place

is prepared to accommodate part

time work. For example, I was

speaking to some of your producers

and they were saying that it is

wonderful here, because many of the

parents are working part time and

are able to have their own area of

responsibility, but manage it and

still see enough of their children

which is wonderful. Weapon don't do

enough of that and we don't do

enough of that in terms of giving people serious job opportunities at

the same time as working part time.

But, we also need to consider some

of the policies offered in Europe

and which I'm pleased to say,

Britain is now adopting and is

certainly being offered as a Labor

Party policy. I was delighted to

see that it was offered at the

summit. And the idea of giving

people extended parental leave,

where it is paid for some of that

period. But up to three years of

parental leave is granted in

northern Europe, in Scandinavia.

And in Britain, they're now

introducing up to two years of

parental leave. That means that you

come back to the previous job, but

have the important time with babies

and toddlers. Without the stress.

What do you think of the proposal

to grant 14 weeks paid to grant 14 weeks paid maternity leave? Well.

leave? Well. It is just a bench

mark of the most minor kind, but

it isn't enough. Limited? Very

limited. It is almost the lowest

they could give. It is meagre, too

meagre. What we know from studies

is that women take up to six months

to recover from child birth and

have breast feeding established and

begin to feel like a human begin to feel like a human being

out of the nighty. What happens at

14 weeks. You get 14 weeks paid

maternity leave, then what happens?

Then suddenly, you're all better. I

know, there's too much emphasis, important as it is to protect

working mothers around the time of

child birth. There's too much

emphasis on paid maternity leave emphasis on paid maternity leave as

a catch all, as a solution for the

entirity of the family and work

problem. So, that's really what we

need to address. Can I just come

back to that. The family work life,

love, balance. This is the sticking

point and I mentioned it in the

introduction. The feminism sticking

point. The strive for equality with

the status of man. It's not

possible is it when expectation is

placed on mother and motherhood.

Where is the equality? Can it

exist? Well, I think if we place so

much romance around the idea of

work. If we make that the thing

that we're enchanted with. There

was a book title recently which

said, "Better than sex Why a Whole

Generation Got Hooked On Work' and

that kind of caught the feeling

that's been running hot for a while.

But, in fact if you really want men

to participate in child rearing and

to be involved and loving dads,

and you want women to have the time.

Not only in the workforce but the

time they spend with children valued so that you're including

all women, rather than just the

minority of uninterrupted career

women, then you need an approach

which values care giving. Well,

that's true, because anyone who has

been around anyone with babies, so

let's not just talk about mothers

or fathers. Anyone who has been

around babies knows how difficult

that job is, but ultimately,

parents will tell you that it is

the most rewarding. Yes. So parents

get it, but we have to get that out

into the wider community, don't

we? We do. And it is a really

strange thing that we have somehow

lost sight in our public discussion

of the fact that being a carer of

young children is intensely

pleasurable. It is tiring, it is

true. It is mostly intensely

pleasurable. It is mostly tiring,

or a lot tiring! There are

difficult moments, that is true,

but that's the case with any job.

And so many parents will tell you

that they wouldn't miss these early

years for the world. Just getting

back to the equality thing again.

You point out in the book, You point out in the book, "career

women are more likely to be

childless than career men". Yes.

The balance is wrong, isn't it? It

is missing. That's right. That's a

terrible thing when you think about

it, just because you wish to have a

career, you may have to forego the

extraordinary pleasure and aspect

of life's deeper meaning which is

to have children. And sometimes

that happens accidentally. By the

time they get through their study

and get themselves established,

they go, goodness I'm 40 and then

it is harder for them. One of the

points I make in the Essay is that

we're basing our understanding of

work and careers on the old male

life part earn around the 1950s and

he had very fortunately a wife at

home to do it all for him and it

was quite possible to begin in your

20s and go through to 60 and retire

and have no interruptions because

there was a person offfield

supporting you. Let's look at the

men of our father's generation who

feel now in hindsight that they

missed out on so much. We have to

learn from it. That's a very

interesting point. You see the

people of our father's generation,

really cherishing grandparenthood.

Or fatherhood the second time

around. Yes, yes. The thing about

valuing work so much means that valuing work so much means that we

hurt men as well, because they are

unable to get off the tread mill

and they feel committed to the fast

lane as well and they can't really

discover that other side of them.

We're out of time, but how is it

going to change? It is not helped by the way by the fact that by the way by the fact that we have

a Prime Minister with a very career

orientated wife. Or is it helped?

See, I think it is helped. I

disagree, because she is a very

successful career woman, that's

true. But she spent time as a stay

at home mum. Exactly. And both of

them, both Kevin Rudd and Therese

speak with real respect about those

who are doing the hard yards of

parenting at home with kids, which is something is something that I'm delighted to

see I have to say. So, she's really

shown that you can have it all,

even if not at all once. But they

set the bench mark. You said that

beautifully, you can have it all,

but not all at once. It is easier

to spread it across the life cycle.

It is a fascinating topic and a

fascinating article which you'll

find in the 'The Quarterly Essay'. find in the 'The Quarterly Essay'.

We'll be back with singer Brian

This program is captioned live. He

and his mates dressed in knitted and his mates dressed in knitted

tops, gazed handsomely at the lens

and sang about love and loss. The

girls swooned and the lads sold

millions and millions of records.

But rather than happily count his

cash and his castle and his fat

country estate, our next guest

decided it wasn't for him. Irish pop sharp Brian McFadden believes

his new self-funded album

represents a positive change in his

life. Coinciding with his

engagement to Delta Goodrem and a move to Australia. Brian move to Australia. Brian joins us

now for a change. What an intro. I

haven't had that one before. Is

that how it worked? I got lost at

knitted jumper! The whole thing

about the boy bands is that there

was - often you were detracted from

the music because there was so

much piled into the image. Yeah.

But if you bothered to sit down and listen to the songs, listen to the songs, there was a

pop sensibility that existed there.

There was, especially for us in

Westlife, we had some of the best

song writers in the world working

for us. We had great songs, and

people do steer away from what our

music is because of the whole

imagery in the videos and the

posters and the Photo Shop and all

of that. But, it is true that you

did feel - what's the right word? Taken advantage of by Taken advantage of by the record

company in the whole long process?

I don't know, it was a long journey

together and there are times that

you have disagreements, but artists

always complain about the record

company. Whenever it doesn't work,

it is the record company's fault.

It was huge though. I don't know

that people in Australia completely

understand the success of Westlife.

It was extraordinary. It was pretty

big. The first few years was

big. The first few years was crazy

for us. To come out of Ireland, to come

come out of school and to go to

places like Indonesia and have

thousands of people waiting at the

airport for you. Stuff that you

used to see about the Beatles, we

kind of had that in places and it

was weird for us to get our head

around. It doesn't happen any more,

but back in the good old days. Why

did it end? Why did it end for me?

I think I just had enough of it.

It's a very, very tough job. Westlife was

Westlife was one of the hardest

working bands in the world. They

arrive here next week and literally

haven't stopped since I left. For me

I get to come here, release my

album here, enjoy the place and

spend a fuep months here. If I came

here with Westlife, we would fly in,

do a TV show and a radio show and

gone. And that's what the life S

and it wasn't for me. Seven years

was a long time doing that. What is

the expectation when you the expectation when you release -

I want to get this right. Seven

singles that went straight to

number one. 14. Sorry? 14. But

wasn't there seven in a row? The

first seven in a row. It had never

been done in a row except for the

Beatles. No, we were the first to Beatles. No, we were the first to

do it. So, the expectation then is

just extraordinary. You must be

hounded and pounded by hounded and pounded by record

company, management, Simon Cowley.

I remember actually, because the

first seven singles went to number

one, I remember the first single

that didn't that came out at

Christmas time. Because you were

beaten by...? 'Bob the Builder', a

cartoon character! We still sold

250,000 singles in the first week,

and people said, that's the end of

and people said, that's the end of

Westlife. So there was massive

pressure every time we released

something that it had to be number

one. And you touched on the

adoration from fans. You had it all

in lots of way and then you married

Kerry Katona and had the Kerry Katona and had the fantastic

Hollywood, or... Holly head! The superstar marriage. You

superstar marriage. You know what

Holyhead is? The boat terminal in

England! The demiles of the relationship, indon't want to go

into it. And it is doring as well.

But, how did it feel to lose that

adoration and then almost become

the bad boy? You know what, I think

it is just what this game is about. You

You know, no-one aumspoop lar. Look

at Michael Jackson and Madonna. All

of these people who were the biggest

they find a way to tear them down.

Britney Spears is going through it

at the moment where she's got it

and it is the way of the world

today. And the way that media is

with the Internet and press and

tabloid magazines and all of these

things. It is much more fun for things. It is much more fun for them to write negative things and I

took it and accepted it and it is

the downside to a job which has the downside to a job which has so

many ups. I know that you can

intellectuallise that. But there

must have been a wound there at the

time to feel like you want to get

away from the negatively if nothing

else. It lasted for so long, nearly

three years and after a while, I

accepted that the press are going to be

to be your enemy for a while. And

it is just the press. It is not TV,

it is not roofplt it was generally

just tabloid journalism, but it

hurt and I can't say that it didn't.

I had a long time being with I had a long time being with the

band and being Mr Popular and all

of a sudden to be hated and the

sad thing for me was to be hated

for something that you didn't

actually do. That was the hard part.

Does it play on your mind. You noi it

it is a lot of things that

musicians go through particularly

when they come from a successful

band that you leave the band for

whatever reason and embark on a

solo career. But you're forever

thinking, perhaps I've had the greatest success of my greatest success of my career

already? I was the first person to

say that myself, and I always do.

I'm never going to reach the

heights that Westlife did. Why not?

It was a phenomena. It was a one-off

one-off thing. I've got my own

goals of what success is for me and

all I want to do is to be able to

make albums and do concerts all

over the world. I don't have to be

number one or break records. I want

to get on stage and sing and make

albums and for me, that will be a

successful career. I've already had

all of those things and no-one can

take that away from me. No matter

what happens, I always have that on

record to show my grand kids and say, that's what your

say, that's what your old man did.

How important is Australia in your

solo career now. Does it mean a lot

to be able to sort of hide away in

Australia to work on it, to get it

right and then... I'm not really

doing that. Australia was a big

deal for me to come here. It wasn't

a case of testing it out for me.

For me, this was a case of a fresh

start. Everywhere else in the world, I'm going with the tag of

I'm going with the tag of Westlife

and the past history. Here people

don't know me, I'm Delta Goodrem's

boyfriend. Mr Goodrem. It was great

to be able to come here and put my

album on the table and people don't

have pre-judgments on what my

music is like. What is the

connection like with Delta because

as I understand it, this story is

written about her. You've done well

because she is the most because she is the most

extraordinary gorgeous woman. I

wake up every day and look and say,

how did I get her. I'm thinking the

same thing! Cheers! How did you get

together? Well, we did the duet

together and that's when we met and

obviously doing promo on the road,

we obviously became very close. And

she just fell in love with me and I

said, OK, I'll play along with this. You've written

You've written songs for Delta. How

important is song writing to your

life? I think it is my foundations,

everything. Everything I do

resolves around the song writing,

my career as an artist is one part

of it but the song writing will be

around forever and I worked with

Delta on her album and for me,

that's probably what I'm best at.

But the most enjoyable part is being an artist myself and being an artist myself and singing

and playing. Where did the song

writing come from? When you

started out in west life as you

said, the band got everyone else to

write the songs. That wasn't our

choice. If we had our way we would

have done it. We were only young,

we were only 17. There's more to

song writing than sitting down and

writing a sofpblgt you have to

write songs that are going to get

played on the radio and that are

commercial, and it look me a long time to learn my craft time to learn my craft as a song

writer. I learnt a lot from being

in Westlife and seeing the world

and seeing the different music

markets. You're pretty honest. Some

of the lyrics, one of the songs

'Room to Breathe' because lots of

people in a breakthrough in their

lives and they think exactly those

same thoughts of, give me time to

breathe. It could be about many things. It is not things. It is not about one thing

in particular, people can take what

they want to it. Sure, sure, but

that's the trick of writing a good

pop song is connecting with people

as well. That's what I tried to do

on this record. My first record, it

was so literal, there was no way I

could hide. This time I tried to

cover it a little way by saying,

obviously I'm writing it from

personal experience but it is not

straight up there. straight up there. People can take

different meanings from each song.

So, before we go, ... I love the

way you do that. The same with the

book a few minutes ago. You should

be on one of the shows like 'The

Price Is Right'. I always said that.

I'm still hunting, perhaps that's

what it is. Who makes the best chips, McDonalds or

chips, McDonalds or Hungry Jack.

And chicken salt, what is that? You

just like to pile extra bacon on.

Hungry Jacks! What happens now, are

you going to tour with this? How do

you approach it? Do you hunt for a

band? I have a band. My guitar

player is over from Ireland so I

have some session musicians from here but we're still trying here but we're still trying to put

together a solid band. It is

difficult at the moment to do that.

What do you do? Delta has a new

album and you have one, how do you

do it? Well, band wise? Well, how

do you just combine your life?

She's releasing her record in

America and I'm doing mine here.

She came here for the start of the

year and I'm going to be here for

the rest of it. We just take turns

at being in the country! Brian, it is lovely to meet is lovely to meet you, thank you so

much for your time. And good luck

with it. Thank you very much. The

breakfasting French took a simple

piece of bread, drenched it in

runny egg and had the gall to make

it French toast T is egg and bread.

Arianne will mess with it and wrestle it from its

This program is captioned live.

It's lady's day in the 9am kitch

Anne we're continuing our

breakfast theme today with French

toast. Good morning. Hi, this is

very weird, just the two of us. I

know. But the reason we're doing

this today is because this today is because I had breakfast with some girlfriends a

few weeks ago and we thought we

would do this great recipe we saw

of Jamie Olivers, but everyone

turned up to breakfast and we

forgot it so we made it up which is

why we thought we would do a girlie

thing. So there is French toast

made with crumpets and a chilli jam

and bacon curls. We'll go to the

chilli jam first. You make a lot of

it but you only need a little

it but you only need a little bit

of it. And you do need to boil those. That's right, sterlalise

them. There's instructions on how

to do that. In there goes tomatos,

capsicums. Chilli and garlic. Now,

don't be alarmed by the amount don't be alarmed by the amount of

chilli. I was going to say, that's

a lot. When I started making it

last night and I went, they're not

hot and then I tasted it but it

cooked right down. It's a bit of a

trick this one. So blitz it all up.

That's good. We just want to do

that. You could k do this when it

is finished at the end if you like

but much easier than that. That's

good, that's all you need to do. Is

that it? No, then we're going to

cook it because I find it way

easier to blend while it is cold.

Smell that Yes. Those beautiful

fresh capsicums. Can I get you fresh capsicums. Can I get you to

go around there into that saucepan

and show you what I mean about the bacon. All I've got are long

rashers of bacon there. Did I turn

that on? These are the bacon curls you're talking about.

you're talking about. Yeah, it's

just a cute way to present bacon.

So, into that . Where is David to

clean up after us. And it is on the

stove as well. Into that some red

wine vinegar. Some golden caster

sugar which we've used before and

it is more unrefined. How much of

this? About 300grams. All of it.

You have to remember that it is a

preserve, a jam. And then a little

bit of ginger which I peeled and it

goes in whole so we can pull it out

and it comes out nice and easy. All

right. So back here to the bacon

curls. We'll get that up high. And

anything special there? Do you just

let it boil? Just simer it now and

it will depend on your

it will depend on your chillis and

the to mat owes as to the length of

time. But I've been simering that

for about an hour and a half

probably and it is thick. You can

smell the vinegar still. So the

vinegar has to boil off. Because

that goes through your nose. That's

right. The vinegar needs to boil

off longer. Over to the bacon curls

and they are so easy. The thick end

of the bacon first and this is of the bacon first and this is all

you do. Roll them

you do. Roll them up, put in a

tooth pick if you don't think that

it is going to stick together and

bung it in the oven. At that that's

just to make it pretty. Pretty,

because I like pretty. Then we'll

get to the French toast bit. Kim is

going bad because I tized the egg.

As soon as there is something plain. If

If you don't like parsley, don't

put it in there. All you have is

the crumpets and in here I have

three eggs and a little bit of milk

and some chilli and some parsley.

Look, I've got to say that French

toast is very big in our family.

Most Sundays at our place we do

eggy bread sun and I've never

thought of doing it with crumpets.

Why crumpets?

Why crumpets? Neither had I. But

because crumpets are softer, you

know how they get all soft and

skwidgey in the middle when cook, I

don't know why but it is really

just a bit different. Aren't

crumpets full of fat? No, crumpets

are lower in fat than bread. No, there's nothing bad about this. there's nothing bad about this. If

you wanted to spray that instead of

the butter, that would work as well.

It just wouldn't be as decadent.

And can I say having watched my

husband masterfully do eggy bread

which is totally his domain. He

always says that you have to always says that you have to use

lots of butter in it. Or, to make it

even worse, bacon fat, it is always

a good one, it tastes fantastic.

Bacon fat? So if you Bacon fat? So if you were just

frying the baing, when the bacon is

fried, put the bread in on top of

it and fry it. I think you're on to

something there. I think that works.

We'll just pop those in there like

that and have them frying away. I'm

presuming because of the holes

you're going to soak up more egg.

And I would ideally leave them in

there for a minute or so so it gets

soaked up. And you were squashing

it a little bit. And I put some

forks in the back of the crumpets

in there because I want all of the

beautiful fermiated stuff. What

else could you use? Bread, sour

douf doe, brioche. But for French

toast, it needs to be a substantial

kind of bread. And does it need to

be fresh? I don't think it does. I

think some chefs would probably disagree with that, but disagree with that, but I think

because it is like that, lots of

liquid, I don't think that it needs

to be fresh. OK, so we're going

to... have I lost my tongues? No,

there they are. -- Have I lost my

tongs? No, here they are. How well

should you cook it? That is only

likely browned. Yes, but the egg is

cooked. Yeah, cook it for a little

bit longer. But, that is sort bit longer. But, that is sort of

what you're aiming for. And now

back to the chilli jam. That's

going to cook and cook. You're

going to end up with this. At the

end when that is ready to go, we're

going to squeeze in a little bit of

lime juice. That will help it set

as well and it will also add just a

little bit of zing. Is that because

of the pecton. Since when are you

New Zealandish. If you wanted to

make it different, you could put

some coriander in. But knowing your

aversion to green things, you

probably wouldn't. It is not so

much me but my husband. But the

thing to remember with that is that

it won't keep as well. You would

want to put it in a jar just like

this and if you want to put coriander through, coriander through, put it through

when you're just about to serve it.

Beautiful. I don't think that

they're quite ready so let's go

with a couple that I did. Can you

grab out of the oven, some bacon

kurs. Is it hot? No, shouldn't be

too hot. Stunt bacon. We want to

take those out. That does look good.

You can cook this as crispy or uncrispy as

uncrispy as you would like it. You

do exactly as you like. And then my

spoon. That is just so easy. And

some people would put maple Sir up

with it. I like savouries together.

I'm not as fond of the sweet thing

as some people are, but if you

stick a bit of green on top if you

want to. All right, I'll stop

bagging you about it because it always looks like. I'm always looks like. I'm going to do

that this when, I think it is a

great idea. Now, if you would like

the recipe for frefrblg toast with

crumpets, you can download

everything you need from the

website. What are you doing

tomorrow? A new take on an egg and

bacon pie with prociutto and quail

eggs and no pastry. Back again after this. Dust, it's here, there, everywhere - it's like a never-ending battle.

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Look, he know you'll be an ebs pert

on this. How can they put a

flaming torch in a plane? That's

exactly right. They need special...

Fuel? No, because it is actually Fuel? No, because it is actually

contained, self contained in its

own little glass case so they can

actually lock it, but they need actually lock it, but they need

special permission from the airline

to carry it. Interesting, isn't it.

And special people to light it if

it goes out. No, because there's

the flame. The open flame is not in

the plane. Don't tell people that.

There's a man sitting there with a

torch in first class. No. The torch

and the flame going there. Holding

it near the vents to see if the

spinkler goes off. No, so spinkler goes off. No, so they

actually carry the flame from the

original as Olympia in the special

glass case. I've got an e-mail but

I'll read it in a minute. We'll

bring you the latest news

headlines shortly. But after the

break, rising above addiction next.

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of five or seven seats. Go to new heights.

This program is captioned live. For

the last couple of weeks, we've

been following Dave Morris as he

battled to free himself from

temptation and dependency. A five

month battle through rehab and he joins us now with joins us now with Richard Smith. I

was going to say firstly David to

you, thank you so much for allowing

cameras to follow you on this. What were your thoughts when you were

approached to see whether you would

like to be involved? The first I

really knew about it was when I

fronted up at the retreat. I was fronted up at the retreat. I was in

a bit of a haze at the a bit of a haze at the time,

obviously. Richard had asked me a

couple of days before and I had gone out

gone out playing and playing. So,

got up to the retreat and they asked if I would like to be

involved and I said, well, I'm not

doing anything better. Good stuff.

And from your perspective, was that

- was that a difficult process to

then... because our story took

place over a couple of months. Was

that difficult to look at the David

that you were on the first day?

Yeah, obviously I've been mental

and physical changes but I sort of

accepted that that would be the case. It's been pretty smooth

riding. Richard, did it occur riding. Richard, did it occur to

you that perhaps this might not be

a good idea to follow someone

around who is going through

rehabilitation, that something like

that could potentially tip someone

back. So far, everyone I've been involved with

involved with who has done media

with me are still clean today.

Sometimes it puts a bit of pressure

on them, but it is good for him to

view the video of early recovery

and say, I don't want to go back to

looking like that or feeling like

that, because when you're there,

you know you've got a problem, but

you really don't know how to do it.

So, any opportunity to let people

know that there ace a way out of

this. There's lots of media about

the problem and not much about the

solution. Just on that. You said

that every time that you do media

with somebody, they seem to remain

in recovery. How nervous are you

about that though? How nervous are

you about sending someone like

David away from the clinic and

hoping that he's going to stick to

the road of recovery? After he

leaves the clinic? As he leaves.

You say, you're ready to go now, how

how nervous are you? I'm always a

bit anxious about clients when they

leave the program, but we try to

keep them involved in some kind of

outpatients, some sort of aftercare.

That is the important thing, getting

clean in the first 90 days is just

the beginning of the life. They've

got a platform to go out and live

their life. So, you know, I'm

anxious. Even for people that anxious. Even for people that are

10 years clean. Is that the way

that you feel, David? Do you feel

that it is a platform to start the

rest of your life? Yeah, I was just

thinking also about people leaving.

There's other people who have gone

through this process and you know,

everyone is equal in this thing. So,

it is - I've had some exposure.

But the people who haven't get just

as much care and ... Au make as much care and ... Au make a good

point. It is not just that you were

on the TV. The question was,

actually, I forgot too. Can I ask a

question. What occurred to you to

make you want to go to

rehabilitation. How do you arrive

there? Many don't. What happens to

the person who arrives at that

decision? I think they call it decision? I think they call it rock

bottom and various people, you hit

a rock bottom and you think, I've

got another one I can go g do, boom,

boom, boom down the hill. I knew I

was messed up. But you didn't wake

up and say, hey, I'm going to go to

rehab today. No, there was

encouragement from the family. I was in

was in contact with my mother, but

it was a damaged relationship because of the shape that I was in

and he said, hey man, I've got an

interview with Richard and front up

if you want to do it. So he put if you want to do it. So he put it

in front of me. I managed to get

to the door, spoke with Richard on

a Thursday or a Friday. I went out

that weekend, had a binge and

fronted up on Monday and that was fronted up on Monday and that was

when you did that first interview.

You always find that it is always

an intervention from someone else.

Ueshly family, family are the one

that is we hurt the most. If it is

not that, it is the law or a drink

drive, or you've ened up in prison

for something. Typically, when

people come to you, can you look at

them and say, yes, they're ready

have a go and clean up their lives.

Are there some who turn up.

Are there some who turn up. Do you

spruik. I actually have to sell

recovery to them. In other words,

encourage them to come in. The

reality is that nobody wants to change their life that

dramyaptically. So it is a hard

sell. And for us, a simple sell.

We've been there, I've recovered,

David recovered. Everyone who works at our clinic has at our clinic has recovered so it

is like you walk into a is like you walk into a new

environment of recovery. How do you

sell it? Well, do you want what

I've got. When Richard walked in

the door, I went, this seems like a

pretty charismatic cat. You know,

and he told me a few stories. He's

a bit of a colourful character, and

yeah, we can relate because we've had similar had similar backgrounds and you

know, something. Does it make know, something. Does it make sense

to you? Is life better, because you

know, we've all had the binges and

felt, wow, this is great. It is all

a bit of a mystery to me. This

recovery. It is a bit like being on

drugs, but you know like they talk

about a natural high. I never believed in that when I believed in that when I used to

be in active addiction, no, that's

for the hippies and the new ages.

But, it is real. And you know, it

feels strange saying it, but if you

get through. Obviously the first

few months are very rocky and your

nerves are frazled and you're sick.

But it gets better. Does the

temtaigs remain? It is five months

now. Does the temtaigs remain? Not

literally, but it comes out in other ways. Like, it might come out

in like a fascination with women.

Fascination with material things.

You know, your obsession goes into

other areas of life, because it

can't act out. Before you used to

act it out with drugs. So it is

like a monkey looking for another

game to play so you have to be very

aware of it and people around you

can keep you in tune. Your main

vice if you can use that word was

alcohol. Do you look back now and

think about the damage to your body

and your brain? Actually, when I

went in, it was alcohol was a daily

thing, but actually I was also thing, but actually I was also on

an opiate medication, and I had

used other drugs, so I was really

your sort of multiple addiction.

Alcohol was the thing that really

got me undone. Do you think now,

now that you're sober, do you think

about the effects on your body? Yes.

about the effects on your body? Yes.

Because, you look so physically

different? I about how it affected

my mind and so forth. But I think

it is like the ageing process,

every day is a new day you can live

in the past and sort of go, I shun

have had that relationship. This

girl broke my heart or whatever.

But you did, and you move on. It's

not just much about the drug, but

about the addiction. David is a

stereotypical throw back from the

'70s. You know he used heroin, he

was in rock and roll bands and

substituted one for another. He

was on methadone and drinking,

that's where I was 22 years ago.

Now it is a different combination

of drugs. We still treat the same

addiction, the same problem. You bring up an interesting bring up an interesting point. Does

the nature of addiction, has it

changed? Do treatments change? I'm

thinking specifically, these days

the '70s, typically heroin or booze

or even marijuana perhaps. These

days we now have ice, which wasn't

really there back then. Does that

lead to - so, if you're dependant

on ice, does it lead on ice, does it lead to other addictions which means that you

have to focus a different method on

treatment. It is not other

addictions, it is addiction, and

just different substances. The

fisyolgy is different, the physical

effects on the body is different

and the recovery is different. And

alcohol, alcohol and ice are the

two worst, followed closely by

cannabis. They're the three most difficult. Alcohol and difficult. Alcohol and ice and then

cannabis? Yes. And now we get them

in combinations where people are

doing all three and doing

benzopdopines like valuium. The

withdrawal process physically is

sometimes quite different, but the

emotional and social aspect is

identical and the spiritual aspect

is identical. So the recovery process a process a iep dentical, it's just

that the first 90 days we have an

issue of physical withdrawal. The

future for you? How is it going?

Very well. Music, writing, yeah,

performing. That's where I'm going.

It is just great to meet you and

good to see you again, Richard. And good luck on good luck on your recovering on

your ongoing recovery. Thank you

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