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Barack Obama scraps the plan

for a European missile

shield. The hunt for Noordin

Topp is over. The Bali bomb

mastermind is shot dead in

Java. Australia's population

forecast to rise to 35 million

within the next four decades.

And England facing an

impossible run chase in the

sixth one-day international at

Trent Bridge. Good morning it's

Friday 18 September. I'm

Virginia Trioli. And I'm Joe

O'Brien. The top story on News

Breakfast - the US President

Barack Obama has shelved a Bush

era plan for a missile defence

shield in Poland and the Czech

Republic. The White House says

the decision is based on a

reassessment of the threat

posed by Iran. Under the new

plan, the long range missile

system will be replaced with a

short or medium range version.

Conservatives have reacted by

accusing Barack Obama of caving

into Russian demaps but the

President stays new plan will

be more flexible. Ou nuclear

missile defence architecture in

Europe will will provide

stronger, smarter and swifter

defences of American forces and

American's allies. It is more

comprehensive than the previous

program, it deploys

capabilities that are proven

and cost effective, and it's it

sustain and billing upon our

commitment to protect the US

homeland against long range

ballistic missile threat. This

new approach will provide

capabilities sooner, build on

proven systems, and offer greater defences against the

threat of missile attack than

the tweempb European missile

defence program. Kim landers

joins now. I know you're not a

missile defence expert can you

explarn for us in layman's

differ from the initial terms how this new system will

plan? Well, in simple terms,

the Bush year missile shield

system meant that there would

be a very big radar in the

Czech Republic and about 10

interceptors in Poland. It was

a fixed permanent system.

Russia wasn't very happy with it. They thought it was aimed

towards them. They thought

these interceptors could fire

missiles towards Russia

itselfment the new plan is a

smaller plan. Its more mobile

and aguile if you like, the

interceptors will be based on

ships in places like the Black

sea, the Medvedev for example

and they'll also possibly be

some smaller interceptors based

on land in northern and

southern Europe as well And

it's very much directed towards

Iran rather than Russia? That's

right. The original system was

always, the United States says

was always aiming at Iran and Iran's long range missile

capability but the US is now

saying its latest intelligence

is saying that Iran's efforts

to develop a long range intercontinental ballistic

missile if you like are going

much slower than what they'd

thought however Iran is

developing the capacity to fire

short and medium range missiles

and that's why they needed some

sort of missile defence system

up and running sooner and

something that could deal with

those short and medium range

missiles rather than something

dealing with an ex-trially long

range missile being fired from

a rogue State like Iran or

North Korea for example. Or and

how has this announcement been

received domestically. I'm

guessed there'd be a few

Republicans not happy? They are

not happy at all. The

Republicans are accusing prom

of being week on national

security. They're accusing him

of appeasing Moscow,, they say

that's seriously misguided that

this is a bad decision, they're

railing against it. They really

think that the White House has

made the wrong step here.

Russia of course says it's a

responsibility decision. As you

can mam, the Czech Republic and

Poland are disappointed, the

prime ministers of both

countries are saying that they'll continue to work with

the United States and indeed

the US is still householding

out the possibility of paces

some interceptors in those

countries, but here

domestically the Republicans

are not happy. So Russia you

mention was saying it's a

responsible decision. Have we

heard anymore than from Dmitry

Medvedev? The other thing that

the Russian President is saying

that this might help with

US-Russian cooperation on anti-missile initiatives. There

have been a lot of attention

between the US and Russia

because of this missile shield

plan and perhaps now some of

that may abite bait. The other

thing the use might be looking

for is some ytion happen with

things like Rehn's nuclear

program and for Russia's help

with thims like Afghanistan.

The White House is denying that

there's any sort of quid proquo

coming here but you can't help

but wonder if this might help

ease the way for a better US-Russia cooperation on some

of those other very difficult

topic displs. We heard

previously that the Barack

Obama administration has keen

on engage so only degree with

Iran but this would have to

damage that relationship

now? Well, I think the

reaction from Iran is certainly

we've seen some comments from

people on the streets saying

"Well it just goes to show that broom recognises that Iran snot

a threat and perhaps by taking

a less aggressive attitude

towards Iran, I guess if you

could say that, that may help.

The relations between the US

and Iran, because the other

reaction that we're getting

from Iran from people on the

street there again is that they

think that perhaps, there's

sort of a door opening to

improve relations between the

two countries and that's

something that some of the

people in Iran would

welcome. OK, Kim Landers in

Washington thorough to that. In other news this morning,

Indonesian police have

confirmed that snlz's most

wanted man Noordin Topp is

dead. Police say he was among four militants kaled in raid on

the island of Java on

Thursdayment his body was

identified using finger prepts.

Top was the mastermind behind a

string of terror attacks

including the two Bali bombings. The Federal

Government has dramatically

increased its population

forecast for Australia. It now

expects the country's

population to top 35 million

within 40 years. The Government's intergenerational

report stays population will

grow by f 5% by 2049. It says

within child-bearing age and rates, a higher number of women due to improved fertility the revise ed forecast is due -

more immigrants. The NSW

Government says convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson has

temp IRAly left his Sydney

home. He's staying with a

friend and is expecting to

return to his Ryde unit the

despite protests from

neighbours. Dennis Ferguson is

refusing to give up his lease

on the unit. The NSW Government

says it's working to have him

relocated. The Liberal Party

has preslebilityed Peter

Costello's former staffer Kelly

O'Dwyer to contest his seat of

Higgins at the next election.

The 32-year-old's victory puts

her in line to become the first

woman in the Liberals history

to hold one of the party's plum

Melbourne seats. She has been

widely tipped as the front

runner and was endorsed by the

former Treasurer The parents of

backpacker lap lap lap will

today mark the 12 months

anniversary of her disappearance. Lapthorne's body

was found three weeks after she

disappeared from a tub dub night clubment no-one's been

charged in rels to her death.

The Lapthorne have been

critical of how Croatian police

have handled the police. They

say they will not give up their

search for answers. The French

Government says it will send in

the bulldoze es and clear out a

squalid camp at the port city

ofical yals by the end of next

week . The xamp known as the

junk simple home to hundred of

would be asylum seekers

determined to smuggle

themselves aboard trucks to the

UK. They call it the jungle for

good reason. It's where

hundreds of would be asylum

seekers camp as they try to get

Britain and this is how they do

it. We filmed this attempt a

few weeks ago. The trucks board

the ferry and in a couple of

hours they can be in what they

consider the promised land. But

now the British and French

authorities say all this has to

go, the asylum seekers are

being told they have to pack up

their possessions and leave.

One spoke on condition his face

wasn't shown. The French

Minister he seas we are

destroying the jungle but after

that he says not whether happen

to us. We are frightened about

our lyes. No-one wants to stay here any longer than it takes

to jump a truck but for some

that can be months in the most

squalid conditions. I have

visited refugee catches in many

parts of the world, but I've

never season conditions such as

this. People here have no

access to medical help, they

have no running water, they

cannot wash, and the conditions

here will just appalling Teams

to move asylum seekers on have

failed before. A few years ago,

they were housed in a massive

shed just outside Calais run by

the Red Cross. Under British

pressure that closed, only for

the junk toll take its place.

And that's problem for as long

as Britain is seen as a desirable zestination, the

people smugglers will oblige.

They bulldoze the jungle but

it's likely another just like

it will reappear somewhere

close. The human trafficking

will continue. The Liberal

Party has preselected Peter

Costello's former staffer Kelly

O'Dwyer to condition test his

seat of Higgins. She has been

widely tipped as the front

runner and was endorsed by the

former Treasurerment let's look

at what they had to say after

the now. Overnight.. It was a

huge preselection, about 400

dlgts, she absolutely wowed

them. Shoes a person of

enormous enthusiasm and

enormous talent. I think that

Kelly would make a fabulous

member for Higgins. Jo it's

very exciting. It's a great

privilege and I have much look

forward to starting the

campaign work. Kelly O'Dwyer

who has just been preselected

for blue ribbon Liberal seat in

Victoria of mig yns. Melissa

Clarke joins us now. It's being

hailed as a very significant

preselection for the Liberal

Party. Why? Well, we see it's

the first time that a Neal has

been preselected to the seat of

Higgins. It is quite possibly

the best of the best of the in

the Liberal crown that is Victoria. The seat only been

held by four people before and

two of those have been John

Gorton and Harald Holt and also

a third one being Peter

Costello. Who was almost a PM.

So it's generally considered if

you get preselection for a seat

like Higgins, that you are

future prime ministerial

material and certainly a

frontbench material. So for a young woman coming up through

the Liberal ranks to have this

seat with a strong endorsement

of the local candidates as well

as the endorsement of someone

like Peter Costello, there's a

lot of promise being heaped on

her shoulders. And apparently

it's very rare for a woman to

get a safe Liberal seat in the

party as well? Well it's quite

interesting the way the

preselections unfolded here in

Higgins. Initially there were a

lot of high profile names

thrown around, like the former Victorian director of the

Liberal Party and high profile

people and even mal-Brough's

name but we quickly found there

were only two candidates for

the plum seat, Kelly O'Dwyer as

well as Andrew aber krom biand

it was considered that the

field was cleared to give Kelly

O'Dwyer a free run at it. When

we compare that to where we see

what's going on in Bradfield,

there's more than 20 candidates

going for that safe seat, so I

think you can see a lot of

organisation from the Victorian

Liberals here. We saw shots of

Peter Costello there. And his

name was messaged in passing

yesterday at the announcement

of new positions for two former

politicians. He could well be

the next one in line. We have

Brendan Nelson now appointed as

an ambassador overseas to the

ex-U and NATO and Belgium and

lux yem bourg Wells the World

Health Organisation and Kim

Jong-il heading over to be

ambassador the US. The question

now must be truming through Peter

Peter Costello's mind, what

plum position is have left for

me ? Rl he could well be in

line for a top post. Kevin Rudd

has shown he's serious abhaving

bipartisan about diplomatic

appointments. He's willing to

take what he sees as talented

people from both sides of the

political fields and have them

work on behalf of the

Government but I'm sure the

Liberals will be hoping Peter

Costello doesn't go to anything to soon because the problem with Brendan Nelson's

appointment is he's only just

stepped down from parliament

yesterday and already he is

going to have to spruik the

Government's policies to it

makes it hard for them to fight

in that by-election. They'll be

hoping there's more breathing

space before Peter Costello

takes up any Government appointment In

intergenerational report seem

to be anticipate our population

to rise dramatically.Ways the thinking behind thinking behind that? They've

now got new statistics that are

now predicting that by 204 #

instead of the population

reaching just under 300

million, they now think lit

reach 35 million, so that's

about a 65% increase from what

the population is today, over

the next 40 years so this has hostage implications for the

budget and I'm sure lit have

Wayne Swan and whoever comes

after him quite worried because

that has huge implications not

only on the Budget but on the

social security system and

particularly with the ageing of

the population as well, there's

be a lot of shuf shuffling that

will have to be done and a lot

of restructuring done

economically to cope with this kind of population

increase. Melissa Clarke, thank

you very much. Let's take a

look at the front pages of the

major nus this morning. The 'Australian' reports that

terrorist Noordin Topp has been

killed during an Indonesian police raid in central

Java. The also features Noordin

Topp's death saying South-East

Asia's terrorist network has

been dealt a blow. The

'Financial Review' reports the

Federal Treasury has raised its

population forecast for

Australia to 35 million by 204

# as Virginia and Melissa

Clarke were just

discussing. Welfare reliant

parents in Logan, Queensland,

will have their payments

suspended if they fail to send their

their children to school, says

the 'Courier-Mail'. The 'Age'

reports a bitter war has broken

out for control of the Fairfax

media empire with chairman Ron

Walker and John B Fairfax

pitted against each other. The

'Herald Sun' features the

captain of the final four teams

standing in the AFL Premiership

and says fans angry that the

Saints-Bulldogs match won't be

broadcast life. The 'Northern

Territory News' says the

Territory's deputy Police

Commissioner won'ts the top

job. A new report recommending

the WA Auditor-General

investigate money spent on

Aboriginal affairs says the

'West Australian'. The

'Mercury' reports a lone police

officer disarmed and arrested

one of three men involved in a

foiled armed robbery in Tasmania's north-west.

Unuplouse dorks and pharmacists

have been - unscrupulous

doctors and and the 'Daily

Telegraph' reports a Christian

lobby group is waging war

against TV networks says three

too much sex and velz in prime

time. If you'd like to send us

your feedback - The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - Barack Obama has

shelved Bush-era plans for a

missile defence shield in Europe. The White House says

the plan has been scrapped

because of a review of a

possible attack from Iran,

critics say the plan is short

sighted, and it could weaken US and European security. Indonesian police

have confirmed wanted terrorist

Noordin Topp is dead. They say

he was killed in a raid on the

island of Java. Top was behind

a strengthen of terrorist

attacks including the Bali

bombings and the Jakarta hotel

bombings. And a new report says

Australia's population is set

to top 35 million within 40

years. The Government's

intergenerational report says

the country's population will

grow by 6 5% by 2049. The deal

was done at the lows of the market but it seep for Lion

Nathan shareholders the numbers

still stack up. Yesterday they

voted to sell 50% of the

company that Kerr Kirin doesn't

already own for $3.5 billion.

Kirin already owns national

food and the deal will create

Australia's biggest food and

beverage group. Something goes

in there. Comes out

different. In a good way. And

that's how the Lion Nathan

chairman framed the the sale of

the company. The end of the

public company era for the

company itself and management

of the products, it's a change

in ownership, I don't think

operationally or in terms of

our consumer or customers,

there'll be any change. Lion

Nathan owns Tooheys, James

Boag, Heineken and XXXX. The

beer brands will now sit

alongside Kirin's Australian

food, juice and dairy products

business. The new group will be called Lion Nathan National

Foods and will be headed by

Lion Nathan's current chief

executive Rob Murray. The

business will be able $5.7

billion revenue to so that

compares to the $2.2 billion

that Lion is today. We'll have

over 8,000 people all Australians and New

Zealanders. Unlike many mergers

there's new synergies between

the beer and milk operations so

no major redundancies are

expected. Over the 11 years

Lion Nathan has been a listed

company share holders have

enjoyed solid growth and a steady income stream which is

why some have been left flat as

another Australian company goes

private. Very good chairs, I'll

be very sad to lose them. To

the market, the opportunity of

getting into the beverage

market is farely restricted and

this makes it even more

restricted a doesn't help me at

all Despite that sentiment,

shareholders voted

overwhelmingly in favour of the

Kirin buyout at $12.20 a

share. The price that was

offered was a fair and

reasonable price for the

excising business. The

challenges or the headwinds

were far more stronger than the

tail winds with ward are regard

to the next three to five years

with regard to Lion Nathan so

we think this has been a good

outcome for shareholders But

some investors question the

time of the deal which was made

in April at the lows of the

market. Chairman Geoff Ricketts

defended the deal. He pointed

out prior to the buyout, Lion

Nathan shares have never

trafted higher than $10. But on

the day the offer was made Lion

Nathan shares gained around

40%. In terms of multiples and

valuations, yes, it was a

little cheaper than probably

some comparable acquisition

within the Asia region, however

a lot of analysts though have

put down to the fact that the

company is more established,

it's more well known within its

region, it's not a start up

with dynamic growth expected

from it The remaining listed

beverage companies in

Australia, Fosters group and

Coca-Cola Amatil both saw

gains, Coke rejected Lion

Nathan's takeover advances in

February and it's unlikely

regulators would permit loan

loin to take over any of

Fosters business but it's also

doubtful that the jpz brewer

which is looking to ex-pan

beyond its shrinking domestic

market will rest on its Lion

Nathan purchase. The history

and track record as share

holders in Lion for 11 years

demonstrates their support of

this company. But these long

time shareholders will miss out

on that future growth and the

best they could do was savour

one lost cold one on Lion

Nathan More finance news now

and John B Fairfax is believed

to have support in his bid to

block the re-election of

Fairfax media chairman Ron

Walker. Mr Fairfax and his son

Nicholas want Mr Walker to go after yearses of underperformance which by the

media group. They said the

decision was not personal.

Investors and fund managers

hassard and 152 capital are

believed to be backed the

move.. We'll look at the

figures now -

In a few minutes Vanessa

O'Hanlon will be here with a

look at the weather. Then we'll

have a look at the papers at

the end of the week and this

morning our reviewer will be the former editor of the 'Age'

newspaper, Mike Smith. Now with

sport here is Paul Kennedy and

those Aussie cricketers are on

a role? They're going well. The game is still going at the

moment, Australia is charging

stwards victory, however

against England in yet another

one-dayer. The English have

chasing 297 for victory,

they're currently 8 for 1 60.

Needing 137 off 80 balls to

win. Nick Paine was the hero.

His debut century was

celebrated with gusto. Here are

some highlights. Bowled him

dragged on. That's good. Pulled

away straight down Ryan

Sidebottom's throat. Seems they

can't quite make up their mind.

There it is. Nick Paine gets

his first one-day 100 for

Australia. And he's thrilled.

Why wouldn't he be? Just

playing his 7th match. And Mike

Hussey goes bang. And he's got

it well enough. That's his

second six. He has given it.

Has he got it this time. Up in

the air but it's not going

anywhere. Could be in trouble.

He's gone. Better finish to the

over and... I think he's gone.

He's gone. Trouble again and if

hits that is the end of that.

This is Australia, this is

Ponting absolutely brilliant in

the field again. Played away on

the off side straight to the

man in the deep. Hit to

mid-off. Hit straight to

mid-off. Gone. Football and

Europe is about to empeerment

with extra referees in a match

will will take place in Ma

match this morning. It's a big

change to the sport that can be

coachmised by a handball here

or there. Maradona just A

referee's job is tricky at the

best of times. But when you

have to deal with cheating like

Maradona's hand of god or with goalline decisions like Geoff

Hirst's in 1966 getting it

right can seem almost

impossible. It's a goal. But

now help is at hand. Two extra

assistants to monitor the goal

areas. After ex-tensive trials

tonight they're making their

debut in the Europa league. It

means there'll now be referees

on the pitch than ever. The man

in the middle will still be on

charge and he'll still have his

two assistants watch for

off-side but now to the left of

each goal he'll have two more assistants looking for things

like fouling, diving and of

course the ball crossing the

line. Anything which helps the

referees is positive, the way I

see it. Will this confuse it?

I'm not sure. I think we're all

looking to see how it's going

to work. This season has

already seen some bizarre

controversies like when Crystal

Palace scored a clear goal

which bounced out of the net.

Much to the players


frustration. Referee in a

credible position here. Grey am

Poll is a former international

referee. He told me the new

assistance would have helped in

cases like that one but not

with the tightest goalline

decisions. It's difficult. The

pace of the ball, it thumps the

bar bounces down at pace and

spins away, I don't think you

can necessarily get it right

every time with the human eye.

It's very, very difficult. And

that's why other sports have

embraced video technology. In

tennis they use the Hawk-Eye

system. It's in. It's

over. While in Crick eand rugby

a video referee can make the

final decision. You may award

the try. Football is still

resisting such high-tech

solutions, opting instead for

extra eyes. The question now is

whether even five pairs can

really make a difference? Isn't

it funny how there's always

controversy about extra refs.

Right until they bring them in

and everyone says that it's great. Rugby league in

Australia had the same thing

when it doubled up on the refs

and AFL has gone through it

over the years with going from

one to two to now three field umpires. Everyone thought that

it would be a disaster. They

couldn't work together, they

couldn't coordinate it but it's better than it's ever

been We've seen so many dives

over the last couple of months

with soccer and I think the

refers in those positions will

really help with determining

whether it's a dive or not

because the field ump is kind

of behind and can't really see

and when people are charging

towards goal people in front

will be able to tell that more

effectively. It will be quite

easy, only 2m away to see

whether somebody has touched

their boot. Caster Semenya

debacle continues. 'Sydney

Morning Herald' has got a

really good front page story by

one of the best sports

journalists in the country, has

got a story, it emanates from a

whistleblower. The former

athletics team manager no South

Africa has gone on radio in

South Africa and said that

Caster Semenya back in August

was subjected to a two hour medical examination where

intimate photographs of her

were taken. She had no idea

that this was going to happen.

She thought she was going in

for doping tests and was

humiliated by it but clearly

the authorities knew Which

makes a laughing stock of them

standing on their soap box and

saying don't throw stones,

blah, blah, blah, this is

racist, sexist and the doctor

that was present was actually

the personnel doctor of Jacob

Zuma, of course the South

African Government was right if

front of everybody. The fact

that when they bought her home

parading her and her being so

up easy about it all and she

would have to be in would have to be in a pretty

bad State now snr. Another

story I've read this morning

says that she's pretty much on

suicide watch. That she's in a

most distressed state and very

careful eyes are being kept on

her. Also, the officials there

in South Africa are still

blocking IAAF officials have

testing Semenya themselves now.

Given what they wanted to try

and establish following Berlin.

They're preventing access to

her so the entire things thing

is a very hue millating farce

for that women Suspect it

incredible that no matter what

controversy or ig inn dignities

sports go through, there's

always people out there that

just t want victory. They must

have had massy question marks

before testing her but they

sent her to the world championships because they knew

she was fast and that's the

underlying thing, they want to

win. So it's got such a long

history in sport and I guess

lit never change . It's a drug

in itself isn't it? That desire

to want to win. You just get

addicted to it And we'll hear

more from you later on, the big

weekend in footy. We'll talk

about Jason Taylor, the South

Sydney coach that is no longer

a coach. News Breakfast can be

watched live on the web from


Now there's been some welcome

rain in Victoria. Here to tell us about it is Vanessa

O'Hanlon. Good morning.

Certainly has been. South

Australia has some of their

best falls in years leading up

to yesterday morning and in

Victoria over the past 24 hours

1 #.4 million fell at ship

arton, and in Melbourne, 12.6.

Let's take a today's statistic

with brop cloud extending from

the northern part of Western

Australia down to the NSW

coast. There are some light

showers and the odd storm.

Cloud continues to push over

southern WA ahead of a cold

front, otherwise it will be a

mostly clear day. A high is

clearing the rain from the

south-east, a front will move

further across the south of

Western Australia and into

South Australia's far west this

afternoon, before it moves into

the south-east. This will

happen over the weekend. Warm

northerlies for southern

Queensland and northern swaes,

that's ahead of a trough that's

bringing a cool change. . This will happen over the weekend. Warm northerlies for southern Queensland and northern swaes, that's ahead of a trough that's bringing a cool change.

The top story on News

Breakfast - the United States

has decided to shelve plans to

build a missile defence system

in Poland and in the Czech

Republic. The move marks a

major shift in US foreign

policy. To focus more closely

on the threat from countries

like Iran. Some commentators

say it's a victory for Russia

but the US President says the

decision had nothing to do with

Moscow's concerns. Chris White

has more. The original plans

for American missile defence

systems in Poland and the Czech

Republic had all sort of

political implications. The US

President has therefore

announced a major overhaul. The

best way to responsibly advance

our security and the security

of our allys is to deploy a missile defence system that

best responds to the threats

that we face. And that

utilising technology that is

both proven and cost

effective. The move is most

significant for US relations

with Russia. Moscow has

previously said the plans were

a threat and welcomes the

latest announcement. TRANSLATION: That is probably a

positive sign for us. All our

concerns on those plans were

made fully known to

Washington. The plans had also complicated efforts to enlist

Russian support in Afghanistan.

The US says it changed tact

because Iran's long range

missile capabilities were less

advanced than expected. It will

instead deploy ships with

missile interceptors to help

defend itself and European

allies. To put it simply, our

new missile defence ak techure

in Europe will provide

stronger, smarter and swifter defences. The decision has

drawn criticism if Republicans

in the US, while those in

eastern Europe fear it could

lead to a resurgence in the

Kremlin's influence.

TRANSLATION: This would confirm

that central Europe is not at

the centre of the Barack Obama's Administration

interest. Also among the

critics are US invests hoping

for lucrative contracts to

build the systems. NATO

supports the decision saying

it's glad the US plans to

heavily involve the

organisation in the future. In other news Indonesian police

have confirmed Noordin Topp is dead. Police say South-East

Asia's most wanted terrorist

was among four militants killed

in a raid on the island of Java

on Thursday. His body was

identified using finger pripts.

Top was the mast err mind

behind a string of terrorist attacks including this year's

ja hotel bombings. The Federal

Government has dramatically

increased its population

forecasts for Australia. It now

expects the country's

population to top 35 million

within 40 years. The within 40 years. The Government's intergenerational

report says the poing will grow

by 65% by 2049. It says the

revised forecast is due to

improved fertility rates, a

higher number of women within

child bearing age and more

immigrants. The Liberal Party has preselected Peter

Costello's former staffer Kelly

O'Dwyer to contest his seat of

Higgins at the next election.

The 32-year-old's victory puts

her in line to become the first

woman in the Liberals history

to hold one of the party's plum

Melbourne seats. She has been

we'dly tipped as the front

runner and was endorsed by the former Treasurer. The NSW

Government says convicted

paedophile Dennis Ferguson has

temporarily left his Sydney

home. He's staying with a

friend and is expected to

return to his Ryde unit despite

protests from neighbours.

Dennis Ferguson is refusing to

give up his lease on the unit.

The NSW Government says it's

working to have him moved. And

the parents of backpacker lap

lap lap will take market the

first anniversary of her

disappearance in Croatia.

Lapthorne's body was found

three weeks after she

disappeared from a Dubrovnik

night club a year ago. No-one

has been charged in relation to

her death. The Lapthornes have

been critical of how Croatian

police have handled the case,

they say they will not give up

their search for answers. After

six years on the run from

norths, time finally ran out

for Noordin Topp. Top had

recently eluded police after

the Jakarta hotel bombings in

July but yesterday he was

killed after a nine hour siege

in central Java. We report on

the life of snlz's most wanted

man. The Malaysia born Top has

been on the run since leaving

that country in 2001. Over the

past eight years he has become

South-East Asia's most wanted

man. But he remains a shadowy

figure, known to most by just a

handful of identikit pictures.

Top's misdeeds those Hindmarsh

though have become famous.

Since free, the fugitive has

had a hand in every major

attack on Indonesian soil.

First it was the Marriott hotel

bombing of that year. As part

of a terrorist cell with fellow

Malaysian doctor as Harry, Top

helped carry out the car

bombing attack that killed 12

people. More than 150 people

were injured in that attack

that brought terrorism from

Bali to Indonesia's capital. A

year later, the Australian Paul

Bassat in Jakarta was hit. This

time the terrorist detonated a

car bomb on the road outside

the building. The huge blast

killed nine people including

the suicide bomber. And injured

more than 100 others. I of

course condemn this bomb attack unconditionally. This is not a

nation that is going to be

intimidated by acts of

terrorism. The detectivination

of bombs, near our embassy. In

2005, Top again played a key

role in the second pally

bombings. It's believed he

planned that attack, adjusting

the terrorist strategy from

what they'd learned from the

2002 night club bombings.

Analysts say Top and his group

decided to change their

approach. Instead of another

packed night club, the

terrorists hit a cafe full of

foreigners. Apparently to

minimise Indonesian deaths. It

was p in the aftermath of that

attack that police killed

bombmaker Dr As Harry who might

have got close to catching top

but he wasn't in the east Java

house when anti-terrorism

police moved in. After that,

Noordin Topp went quiet,

returning in July with a deadly

reminder that his terrorist

group still had the ability to strike. Noordin Topp is the

only person who has

systemically tried to target

western targets. He's also the

person who has been responsible

for all the major past bombings

from 2003 onwards including the

Australian em-Bassa bombing .

He's the sern person still at

large, who has a proven

capacity to revut new people

and who has connections with

people who are expert at making

bombs. Noordin Topp became

radicalised in Malaysia more

than a decade ago, at the time

he was a student at the

Malaysia university of

technology. Outside of his

study Top took part in Koran

readings at an Islamic school

which was home to several

Jemaah Islamiah figures

including Bali bomber Mukhlas.

He also learnt from men like

Hambali who was JI link to

al-Qa'ida. Top soon became a

senior JI figure, apparently

known for his leadership

abilities. Once in Indonesia,

Top disappeared into the local

JI community. He JI community. He married three

women, the last one arena seen

in this picture claims she

didn't even know her husband

was the famous fudge tiff.

Protected by family bonds and

among his fellow radicalers

Top's reputation has grown in Indonesia. The as Jemaah

Islamiah has backed away from

attacks on home soil, more

would be terrorists have come

to follow Top and to follow Top and his violent

strategy. Pause there is a joke

among the Muslim at the moment,

if you want to die and go

straight to heaven you just

join Noordin Topp but if you

enjoy the traffic jam in

Jakarta, enjoy the mainstream,

you will get there but

slowly. Now, they've both been

Opposition leaders and

defenceman and now they're both

heading overseas on top

diplomatic postings. Kevin Rudd

has appointed Kim Beazley to be

Australia's next ambassador to

the United States. And former Opposition Leader Brendan

Nelson is to be Australia's new

man in Brussels. He'd given

them the nod, then came the

wink. One appointment confirmed

long held suspicions. Kim Beazley as Australia's next ambassador to the kriets of

America. But the other came as

a complete surprise. I'll also being asking the

Governor-General to approve the appointment of Brendan

Nelson. Brendan Nelson will be Australia's ambassador to Belgium and the representative

to NATO and the World Health Organisation. Well, my Organisation. Well, my job

obviously will be to represent

Australia's interests and the priorities of the Australian

Government and to prosecute the position of the Australian

Government on all issues. He's

entered Kevin Rudd's diplomatic

core just one day of bidding

farewell to politics with this

stining assessment of his new

master's pursuit of an

Emissions Trading Scheme..

Defies not only logic u, it

also violates Australia's best

interests. The PM says the

national interest drove his

appointment. Though we are

tribal beast at one level in

terms of where we come from

politically, in our more sober

moments, realise, we realise

that these national interests

transsend our engagement in the

trench warrer if of national politics. As for Brendan

Nelson's former leader, he was

given but cursory warning about

the new job. As I am a bit

surprised but no more sphriezed

than he was And his Liberal

colleagues profess no

bitterness nah Dr Nelson has

gone to work for their

political foes. Disappointed

that I'm not going with him? Ha

ha. Brendan Nelson's

appointment is a neat political fit for the Government. He's

seen as a well qualified

appointee but it also nuters

any criticism that Kevin Rudd

is prone to giving his own side

of politics the plum jobs.

Though Kim Beazley's hardly a

case of jobs for the boys. His

love and knowledge of American

history and politics is well known. Very few people in

this country who know the US

better than Kim Beazley. There

are very few people in this

country who are more respected

in the United States than Kim

Beazley. Jai can't think of

anything that I would rather do

at this point of time. Both men

are former Defence Ministers,

and that experience will come

in handy in both posts. The war

in Afghanistan will be a top

rierty. The less we can say about Afghanistan at the moment

is that it is work in progress.

It is a very difficult work in

progress. Now with two new

workers on the job. Emma

Griffiths with that report and

two happy men there. One issue

we're covering this morning is

this report saying that

Australia's population can be

expected to hit 35 million in

about 40 years, that's a

Treasury forecast. We've

received a text from mike he

saying "Surely large population

increase predicted for

Australia is good news for our

ageing population. The increase

will be largely in young

people, lowering our average age. Wu but the age. Wu but the report does

point out that the number of

people aged 65 and over is

still expected to jump from 13%

to 22%. If you'd like to make

your views known, send us an email -

The top stories this morning

- broom has shelved Bush era

plans for a US missile defence

shield in Europe. The White

House stays plan has been

scrapped because of a review of

a possible attack from a Rehn.

Critics say the plan is short

sighted a it could weaken US

and European security. Indonesian police have

confirmed Noordin Topp is dead.

They say he was killed in a

raid on the island of Java. Top

was behind a string of

terrorist attacks in including

the Bali bombings and the

Jakarta hotel bombings. And a

new report says Australia's

population is set to top 35

million within 40 years. The Government's intergenerational report stays country's

population will grow by 65% by 2049. Pr

This try we'll have a look at

the national papers and we're joined by the former editor of

the 'Age' newspaper, Mike

Smith. Good morning.. Good morning. What's on your mind

today? I've got a quiz question

for you. Oh dear. It's very

early in the morning. What is the biggest selling English

language newspaper in the

world? The 'Age'? Nowhere near

it. It's not the 'Herald Sun'

is it? Absolutely not. I've got

no idea. It is the Types of

India. It sells more than 3

million copies a day. That's

almost double the totally

circulation of all our national

and metropolitan newspapers,

daily. It's websites get # 39

million hits a month and a few

hours ago it was still running

big on the Melbourne story

about four Indian students

attacked in Epping. With a

headline saying that our PM Mr

Rudd was warning Indian

students not to get violent in

reaction. A story that barely

rated a mention here in

Australia. Rudd was asked at a

door stop yesterday about an

Indian activists

recommendations for Indians to

fight back and Rudd was asked

what he thought about that

statement and Rudd said they

shouldn't, we're a law abiding

nation. In India, in this huge

market, it becomes a warning,

an aggressive word by our PM

against Indian students.

They're still running hard over

there on the fact that 70

people were involved in the

attack. I think it's become

establish established that that

tufs much fewer than that If I

understand correctly that story

came from India about that

attack. I don't think it was

covered if automatic by the

local media. It was first - is

that right? Then came back to

the country? The first we heard

of it was when it bounced fwrak

India after an Indian associate

of one of the Indians attacked

was interviewed by Indian

television with a story about

70 people mauling him out sad

function centre in

Epping Police apparently

Nationally didn't necessarily

think it was worth mentioning

here anyway. It wasn't

significant new? That's right.

They dated that this sort of

thing happens all the time. But

they did pit out a release on a

policeman whose hat was stolen

at the football. There's a big disconnect here. Australia,

we're not really getting the

dimensions of just how

significant this story is on

the subcontinent? I think we

all now understand why our

Deputy PM is going there, why

the Victorian Premier is going

there. It is serious. Tertiary

education is our third biggest

export industry at $16.6

billion a year and in India

they're hopping mad. The notion

of street violence in India

despite huge cities over there

and poverty in the cities

street violence is relatively

low, so it's a matter of

perception as well It's mostly

stampedes and crushes? Whereas

on the other hand in India has

more murders than any other

country in the world, 30,000 a

yearment now that's largely a

reflect of a big population but

also has an enormous problem

with violence against women.

You're safe on the streets in

India but a lot of Indian women

are not safe in their own homes. You'd hope that the

Indian Government was possibly

in a position to put some

pressure on the local media

there to deal with this in a responsible fashion as well

because it seems lake - there's

no doubt there's a problem but

it seems like it's being blown

out of all proportion The

English language media over

there is pretty punchy. This

morning you've not been able to

resist returning to the paper

that you once edited for many

years and some particularly

interesting turmoil going on

there?. Yeah. The story that's

dominating the business pages

is the board room spat between

chairman Ron Walker and the

largest shareholder John

Fairfax. It's the biggest board

room split probably since the

national bank split five or six

years ago. It's serious. Boards

don like to have these fights

in public. It spills to the

general pages, the main story

on the front page of the age

this morning and it began with

a ploy by Ron Walker plants a

story in the 'Financial Review'

trying to soothe the

institutional invests that he'd

done a good job, his legacy and

he was probably going to get

out next year after one more

term. And this inflamed John

Fairfax who put out an

uncharacterically nasty and

brutal statement saying Ron

Walker had basically stuffed

the company . We don't hear

much from John B Fairfax at all

do we? We don't. He's very

conservative. He's very tacit

and I've sat with that man at

dinner and you have very quiet

low level conversations? He's

almost monarchist in his

reserve. He is is and giving

boring speeches sometimes. But

yeah, to put out - it was quite

a violent statement. H he

basically blamed Ron Walker for

all the problems The airng went

and contacted Ron Walker. And

got some fresh comment from him

in response to John B

Fairfax's. And some of the

indirector who probably will

issue a statement today backing

their chairperson but this

fight will be decided not by

the directors it will be

decided by the shareholders. That they're the ones that vote

on that position and the

institutions hold most of the

shares, and the signs are that

the institutions are quite

unhappy with Walker's performance and will probably

most of them side with John B

Fairfax, so the interesting

thing whether Walker takes it

to a fight at the annual

general meeting, whether he's

bowl out quietly When Fairfax

speaks in relation to the

company now to shareholders

generally listen to the Fairfax

family, still hold that much

way sofr the swen? They're the

major shareholder so even the

board has to take a lot of

notice. Major shareholders have

a a big say at board level they

really only technically have a

couple of vote bus in the real

world that major share holding,

particularly when it's

supported by institutions that

hold a lot more shares,

collectively, that's where the

lobbying goes on and the proxy

counts. What's this story you

wanted to look at on the front page of the

'Australian'? Rudd's appointed

Beazley and Brendan Nelson has

won inuniversal applause in the

media from commentators and ted

editorials, very clever. I picked

picked the headline in the the

'Australian' because it's

delightful. The art of work. I

think all three men would be

students of some book on

political warfare and this move

has almosts of great war time

tragt. It does, which the fafy

always adopted as well which is

keep your friends close but

your enemies closer. As

Michelle gratian points out in

here piece on the oped page,

it's not only good decisions

but good politics too. It's

absolutely spoiled Malcolm

Turnbull's first anniversary

week when his splil foe is

getting all the credits and

plauditses and speeches in

parliament and his polls are

dumped And when a man like Kim

Beazley is so passionate about

a subject like the US, it's

hard to argue against an

appointment like that. Absolutely. Several people have said this morning

in the papers that he's

absolutely the best man for the

job No-one's complaining abany

of the appointments except for

those who don't get to go to

Brussels. Thank you. Now here

is Paul Kennedy with a look at

sport. Thank you. Australia has

beaten England and gone 6-nil

up in its one-day series. The

Aussies made 296 after wicket

keeper Nick Paine made his

debut century and celebrated

with some gusto there. The

English chase started poorly

and never recovered. Koffi

Annan's team was all out for 18

5 in the 41st over. The captain

fell many the first over

there. Jason Taylor was sacked

from his position as South

Sydney coach yesterday after a

club stoush with a player

yesterday. We wanted to give him every opportunity to

explain his actions on the day

in question. And he did that.

All of that was conducted in

the good spirit, everyone was

trying to work out for the best

possible outcome. But

unfortunately the board was

unable to reach a view that the

conduct in question was

becoming of a first grade rugby

league coach. Pret simple in

the end there. Now to AFL

football and the two big

preliminary finals coming up

over the weekend. We'll take

you through some injury news

and nom ins and outs. Basically

it's all with Collingwood. Paul

Medhurst, is 2008 All

Australian has been dropped for

this game. Scott Pendlebury,

wondering whether he could come

up from a broken leg in ten

days? Well he's been included

and looks likely to take his blaze. Josh Fraser has been

named a as an emergency which

is a curious thing p he's got a

a bad ne injury. And the rest

of the teams look pretty much

at all all strength. The

Bulldogs have made no changes

to their line-up. Akermanis

didn't train yesterday but

he'll be OK and St Kilda didn't

make any changes, they haven't

gone for centreman Max Hudgton

still out of the line-up so the

Saints as expected going with

an unchanged team against the

Bulldogs. They're unchanged and

Geelong is fortunate to have

Steve Johnson back in the team

and they say she'll be OK di

spite missing five weeks.

Collingwood have the big task

of beating Geelong tomorrow

night tonight. I reckon their

blood will be up and Mike Smith

reckons so too Well if Geelong,

if a couple of those players

are half fit like we suspect

they may be, then that will be Collingwood's chance otherwise

if Geelong is at full strength

they've got a massive task ahead. ahead. . Here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon with a look at the

weather and what's going to

happen in Sydney and Melbourne

tonight with nose footy games

on A couple of big matches on.

At Sydney football staud ym

tonight, light southerlies

between 15 and 19 degrees and

for the MCG, a clear night with

temperatures between 15 and 9.

Let's take a look at the

satellite image. We have do

have some broken cloud ex-trending from Western

Australia to the NSW coast with

light showers and the odd

storm. And cloud can continues

to push its way over south-west ahead of a cold front,

otherwise it will be a mostly

clear day. A high is clearing

the rain from the south-east a

front will move further across

the south of Western Australia,

into South Australia's far west

this afternoon, before it moves

into the south-east over the

weekend. Some more northerlies

for southern Queensland and

northern NSW, this is ahead of

a trough that's bringing a

cooler change. For the States -

Much more a head on News Breakfast, we'll preview

tonight's AFL prelim final with

former Bulldogs President Nick

Columb and terrorism expert

Clive Williams will join us to

talk about the death of Noordin

Topp in Indonesia. That's

coming up after this short

break on News Breakfast. Stay

with us. Pr

THEME MUSIC This Program is Captioned Live. Barack Obama scraps the

plan for a European missile shield. The hunt for Noordin

Topp is over. The Bali bomb

mastermind is shot dead in

Java. Australia's population

forecast to rise to 35 million

within the next four

decades. And Australia makes

its six in a row after

thrashing England at Trent

Bridge. Good morning, it's

Friday 18 September. I'm

Virginia Trioli The top story

on News Breakfast - the US President Barack Obama has

shelved a a Bush era plan for a

missile defence shield in Po

laep and the Czech Republic.

The White House says the

decision is based on a

reassessment of the threat

posed by Iran. Under the new

plan the long range missile

system will