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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Billions of dollars on the table

shake up the industry. as media's main players the billion-dollar epidemic Fighting the fat - the bid to stop that's killing our kids. Brisbane streets with traffic. And the crack that's clogging Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. its 300 millionth resident. Also today - America welcomes dance in the streets And North Koreans have been placed on their country. unaware international sanctions assets is gathering pace The scramble for Australian media with Channel Seven's Kerry Stokes West Australian Newspapers. buying into Publishing and Broadcasting Limited The raid comes as James Packer's in Channel Nine, its magazines prepares to sell off key stakes and website to foreign investors. is at the stock exchange. Ten reporter Eddy Meyer is wasting no time. Eddy, Kerry Stokes happened, is what we are currently looking for. For would this was a looking for. For would

shock of then totally unexpected. And

Kerry is getting an early before the

media laws changed. He spent $200 media laws changed. He spent

million putting himself and the key

million putting himself and the key

position for West to Australian

newspapers. He will take 14.9 per

cent of the company which is the most

eager nine under the current

legislation. That laws have pass the

Senate and white be proclaimed the Senate and white be proclaimed

until next year. He is getting

himself in the buying seat to take

over West Australian newspaper as

soon as he can which has early next

soon as he can which has early next

year. There has been speculation this

morning about when we would hear from

James Packer quick she? We've heard

nothing. As far as we understand it

was finalised last night. The

consortium of private investors was

chosen and sat down and they signed

on there bottom-line as far as we

understand. We were expected to hear understand. We were expected to hear

today because yesterday after a

trading hold until tomorrow and trading hold until tomorrow and

morning. This is a hold on the

trading shares pending any

announcement. It could come any time

today possibly before the market

closes. on the United States and its allies Pressure is mounting to pull troops out of Iraq. remains defiant, But the Howard Government saying withdrawing soldiers will only increase the threat of terrorism. Violence again escalates in Iraq. have claimed dozens of lives Deadly car bombs and shootings over the past four days between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. renewing fears of civil war SIRENS BLARE intensifying debate The sectarian bloodshed

of Australian troops. about the continued presence to the wrong war, Guilty of taking Australia a bigger target for terrorists. guilty of making Australians for standing up for those people. Yes, I am guilty Labor's promise to withdraw troops. The Prime Minister condemning If we all leave Iraq, it will be an enormous humiliation for the West. a recruiting weapon for terrorists JI will use our defeat in Iraq as in the threat level for Australia. and that will be a direct increase has to answer. That's what Mr Beazley The stand-off comes amid revelations the White House is under pressure to withdraw from the troubled region. President Bush's closest advisors, A study group headed by one of secretary of state, James A. Baker, his father's former

overhaul its policy on Iraq. expected to recommend the US working, America needs to adjust. The plan that is in place isn't I completely agree. British and Australian governments Army chiefs have also warned is fuelling the violence. that the presence of Western troops have no immediate plans to withdraw. But the US and its allies

when the job is done. It is our policy to come out of Iraq Kellie Morgan, Ten News. Australian Federal Police a desperate mother have been accused of betraying from smuggling drugs. who was trying to stop her son

According to the 'Bulletin' magazine, contacted authorities the Sydney woman

out of cambodia in 2005. out of Cambodia in 2005. to stop her son from carrying drugs they contacted local police Instead of helping her, she claims at Phnom Penh Airport. and had him arrested 13 years in jail. The 16-year-old is now serving Scott Rush Parents of Bali Nine drug mule of doing the same to them. have accused the AFP is expected to flare today The stolen generation debate as Tasmania makes a landmark apology. to Indigenous Australians The State Government will say 'sorry' under federal assimilation policies forcibly removed from their families

during the 1930s, '40s and '50s. will also be launched. A $4 million compensation scheme

The first of its kind in Australia. pressure on the Federal Government The move is tipped to again put to apologise to stolen generations. 14-year-old boy over a knife attack Police in Perth are questioning a at a high school. one of his classmates in the stomach The Year 9 student allegedly stabbed and another in the arm, before teachers intervened. from different students. We're getting a lot of infomration There were quite a lot of witnesses gather, and, as you would most likely at the moment. we are speaking to all of them now

in hospital. Both of the victims are recovering a team of psychologists The school has called in to counsel students and staff. this morning - Commuter chaos in Brisbane negotiate the mayhem to get to work. some workers still trying to

and out of the city have been shut Sections of the main freeway in could collapse. amid fears a cracked on-ramp A nightmare run to work. in bumper-to-bumper traffic Thousands sitting frustrated all roads to the CBD choked. Across town, In six years of traffic reporting It was almost faster to walk.

It was almost faster to walk.

In six years of traffic reporting this badly congested. I have never seen it expressway, the obvious problem. The usually jam-packed Riverside with the ramp There appears to be an issue in terms of moving off a bearing. is taking extremely seriously. That is an issue that Main Roads Early yesterday, found a hairline crack workers re-surfacing the stretch in the Ann Street on-ramp. It was shut down. Then, not long before peak-hour the entire Riverside expressway a decision to block off amid fears it could collapse. They have advised me that there is an extremely remote chance of Ann Street overpass failing and that would though, mean that if it did so in that extremely remote chance, that it would collapse. This morning, Main Roads staff worked desperately to fix the problem. As the Minister monitored the mayhem, the Opposition demanded to know when the major arterial was last checked. At this stage, it could be closed for the rest of the week. Some small consolations - the Gateway toll will be waived during peak times and extra buses are ferrying thousands of commuters through the gridlock. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Australia is staring down the barrel of an obesity epidemic. More than 3 million Australians are now considered obese, and new figures show the disease cost the economy $21 billion last year. A think tank of health experts is meeting in Canberra to try and find a solution to the growing problem, which begins at childhood. Joining us live is keynote speaker Professor Louise Baur. Professor, why are Aussie kids fatter than ever? today possibly before the market closes. Earth closes. Earth it's a very

challenging issue to deal with an

requires many levels of intervention.

We're talking about all the factors

influencing what we eat and what we

do and their affecting schools,

workplaces, public transport and workplaces, public transport and you

name it. It is affecting every aspect

of our society. It is a challenging

issue to deal with in a will take

time. There are many serious - many

answers recently. I think it is

fantastic to see schools moving to

have healthy food choices that has to

happen. Several states have already

started. There's only one step in started. There's only one step in a

whole raft of strategies that whole raft of strategies that needs

to happen. We need to look at things

like some form of regulation of like some form of regulation of food

marketing to children and we need to

look at ways which local and state

governments planning a round public

transport, recreation spaces and we

need to look at Bauhaus services. need to look at Bauhaus services. Are

we providing good we providing good services for people

were affected by at the BCB and

related diseases. So many other

aspects of our life. Is not going to

be one solution but is going to be one solution but is going to be

all levels of government that all levels of government that will be

making changes. It will be families,

appearance in all of us as

individuals providing ways to make

healthier choices. It is hard for

parents to make healthy choices for

their children. Is hard for many of

us. We know how difficult it is to

eat well and exercise more eat well and exercise more in a world

that makes those choices very difficult. difficult. Is it the fact that we

live very busy lives in live very busy lives in we go for the

easy solution? By thing 21st century

Australia it is a very Australia it is a very Obesity

inducing world and the easy solution

is sometimes the only solution and is sometimes the only solution and if

you think about that, if you rush

you think about that, if you rush off

your feet and if there are places

where you can go easily to play as a

child, as a parent, there are no places - of the

places - of the areas you live around places - of the areas you live around

us and other by cars, heavy traffic,

of there are no safe places to play,

it will be hard as a child to make

healthy choices. It is hard for

appearing to make sure your children make healthy choices. A bizarre incident in Sydney this morning, with a large bolt from a jumbo jet crashing through a suburban home. Angelo Margiotta was in his kitchen when he heard the large bang. A heavy duty bolt was found in his roof. It had smashed two tiles. Aviation officials are investigating where the bolt came from. Mr Marjotta's house is directly under flight paths out of Sydney. America welcomes its 300 millionth resident. That story when the morning news returns. And dancing in the dark - a Communist rally North Korean-style. This program is captioned live. Piles of junk in a suburban backyard have fuelled a massive blaze in Melbourne's south-east. The collection of rubbish challenged more than 50 firefighters, who had major problems accessing the area. A front-end loader was needed to separate the second-hand materials stored in the backyard. Timber, fibreglass, gas cylinders - about 10 years of accumulated junk the gentleman has been storing. Three neighbouring properties were evacuated but fire crews were able to save them from damage.

Tens of thousands of North Koreans have paraded through Pyongyang in a mass Communist rally. Despite United Nations sanctions, it's feared the rogue state is planning a second nuclear test. Dictators have done this before. The vast night-time row.

Today, North Korea, increasingly isolated, staged its own fantasia. Thousands of people holding burning torches celebrated an anti-imperialist anniversary. The lighted formation spelt out the 80 years they say they've been fighting the imperialists. The ruling party choreographed undulating waves, all this in a country where a third of the people are said to be malnourished. And Pyongyang's language today was at its most belligerent.

It described UN sanctions as an act of war. There is growing international concern that this secretive country is about to stage a second nuclear test. The Russians came out today and said another test must never happen and the US too issued further warnings. We would all regard a second test as a very belligerent answer on North Korea's part to the international community. North Korea wanted these pictures today beamed to the outside world. They are images of defiance. The people dancing in the main square

have not yet been told of the UN sanctions against their country. For the international community the problem remains how to put pressure on a country that seems to revel in its own isolation. Australian terror suspect David Hicks may yet face a military tribunal previously ruled illegal in the US. In a major victory, President George W. Bush has introduced a tough new law for interrogating terrorists and putting them on trial. While protesters dressed to look like terror detainees

were arrested outside the White House, the President celebrated a political victory inside. Welcome to the White House on a historic day. Four months after the US Supreme Court ruled military tribunals set up to try terror suspects were illegal, George W. Bush has signed off on a new law which not only authorises the trials but approves tough interrogation tactics as well. It is a rare occasion when a President can sign a bill he knows will save American lives. I have that privilege this morning. Under his new Military Commissions Act,

10 terror suspects, including Australian David Hicks and the masterminds of the Bali bombings and 9/11, could find themselves on trial by the middle of next year. With the bill I am about to sign, the men our intelligence officials believed orchestrated the murder of nearly 3,000 innocent people will face justice. They'll also face tough interrogation. The new law allows the CIA to continue running secret prisons around the world where suspects including Indonesian terror boss Hambali have been held. He's now in Guantanamo Bay and through the Red Cross has sent a text message to his family. In his first message in three years, he says he's doing fine. President Bush says torture is not allowed but the new law does protect military officers from being sued by any terror suspect they interrogate. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Damning allegations have been levelled against East Timor's former prime minister. A United Nations report claims Mari Alkatiri ignored evidence that members of his government were supplying civilians with weapons during the recent wave of violence. The Special Commission of Inquiry document

has recommended a criminal investigation against Alkatiri.

I think that it's important that I have all the information before I respond. Australian-led peacekeepers are patrolling government offices in the country in case the report's release sparks protests. One person has been killed and more than 100 injured after two metro trains collided in Italy. The crash occurred during morning rush hour in Rome. It's believed one subway train ran a red light and slammed into a second stationary train. Rescue workers spent hours pulling survivors from the underground wreckage. 110 people were treated in hospital. Civil rights groups in Malawi have won a court date to challenge Madonna's bid to adopt a baby boy. But the singer's defending her right to the 13-month-old,

who jetted into Britain last night under full police guard.

David Banda arrives in Britain carried in the arms of Madonna's personal assistant guarded by armed police. According to close family, the singer and her husband have been working towards this moment

for many months. With just the tiniest whimper, the baby is whisked through Heathrow Airport. Brought in under a temporary custody order, David was taken to Madonna's home, where the millionaire pop star and her film director husband will face strict checks if they want to make him a permanent part of their unusual family. Pictures of Madonna with the baby have been sold to 'Hello' magazine. In Malawi last week, she promised several million pounds to set up a charitable foundation, prompting criticism that she's using her fame and vast wealth to buy a baby. Madonna went to Africa to find her child but there is no shortage of children in the UK who need new homes. At any one time, 4,000 children are waiting in the care system in England for adoption. There are lots of children in the care system in England looking for adoptive families. As David Banda begins a new life, the contrast with his old one could not be more marked. The woman who underwent the world's first face transplant has spoken out about her ground-breaking medical ordeal. Isabelle Dinoire never thought she'd bounce back after having her face mutilated by a dog. This was Isabel before her face transplant. She rarely went out and never without a mask on. A dog had bitten off her lips and part of her nose. She couldn't speak or eat properly. And this is Isabel after surgery. She describes the transformation as a miracle and recalls the first moment she had a look at her new face. TRANSLATION: I was scared to look at myself in case it hadn't worked. I couldn't believe it. I thought it was going to be all bruised and swollen, that it was going to be ugly but it was really wonderful. These pictures show for the first time Isabel's operation. The donor face, with its arteries and nerves, had to be carefully connected to her face only then could the skin be stitched on and the marathon operation was complete. Isabel will need to take immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of her life and these will leave her vulnerable to infection. After surgery, Isabel faced the world's media but her hope now is to be left to lead a normal life. The Aussie invention that could put an end to debilitating migranes. That story when the morning news returns. And the wedding cake too rich to eat. It's Hot Wheels Turbo Tunnel raceway. with motorised cars you turbo-charge This program is captioned live. Making news today, the scramble for Australian media assets is gathering pace with Channel Seven's Kerry Stokes

buying into West Australian Newspapers. The raid comes as James Packers' PBL prepares a massive sell-off. A think tank of experts is meeting in Canberra to discuss ways of combating childhood obestiy. More than 3 million Australians are now considered obese with new figures showing the disease cost us $21 billion last year. And commuter chaos in Brisbane. Sections of the main freeway in and out of the city have been shut amid fears a cracked on-ramp could collapse. In finance news - the Australian share market is marginally higher. Returning to our top story, the billion-dollar game being played by the nation's media heavyweights. Craig James is at Commonwealth Securities. Craig, the focus continues to be on the media companies today what does this mean for the overall share market? appearing to make sure your children

make healthy choices. For it is like

that game of musical chairs. If we

saw that overnight with Channel 7

taking a strategic stake in Western

Australian newspapers were. Australian newspapers were. We are yet to hear from yet to hear from Publishing and

Broadcasting Ltd about its Broadcasting Ltd about its

intentions. It is a risky game at the

moment because the government has not

announce when the new media laws will

be effective. It is a case of

remembering that it is not just the

big players that are involved in

this. Vivifies changes happening

below the surface. Companies such as prime television, Ten prime television, Ten Network and Southern Cross broadcasting Southern Cross broadcasting all of

any order of eight per cent today. any order of eight per cent today. If

you hold media stocks it is a big

deal. We will see big gains deal. We will see big gains and

though she is and that will benefit

your portfolio. For the overall

market does not mean a lot. market does not mean a lot. Two per

cent of the overall share market is

effective. We will see big effective. We will see big gains in

the media sector by the what by only

add a couple of points to be all. Now for a look at the national weather. Who is the best sportsperson of our time? Results of a recent poll may surprise you. That story when the Morning News returns.

This program is captioned live. Now to our weekly US report. Ten's bureau chief, Leisa Goddard-Roles, joins me now live. Leisa, the population of the US has officially hit 300 million people. Yes, there is a baby born here every seven seconds, which makes it very difficult to pinpoint exactly which new baby is the 300 millionth American, but this woman in Baltimore, Maryland, is pretty sure her little girl is the one. It's exciting. 300 million is a huge number to hit it on the nose, yeah. That's a huge number. The 200 millionth American was born 39 years ago in 1967. And here are some statistics for you - as well as a baby being born every seven seconds, a person dies every 13 seconds and an immigrant enters America every 31 seconds. Based on those figures, the US will hit its next milestone of 400 million people by 2043. Figures of a different kind are causing actor Wesley Snipes trouble. There is an arrest warrant out for the star who is now wanted for tax evasion and fraud. It's alleged he illegally claimed refunds of more than $15 million

and didn't file tax returns for five years. He faces eight charges and if convicted, could go to jail for up to 16 years.

But hey, it's not a life sentence like this couple signed up for. Forget the church or even a beach wedding, this bride and groom exchanged vows in the supermarket here in California where she works the aisle and when it came to walking down

she was very specific about which one it would be. It had to be aisle nine and here's why.

It was a woman empowerment thing. It is hair coloring, feminine needs, toilet paper. You need all that for a successful marriage. And all of those guests - they're not family - they're customers who Cookie, the bride, has befriended over the years. And while they would have had a wedding cake, you can bet it was nothing like this.

A bridal expo on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is showcasing a $26 million wedding cake. It is diamond and jewel-studded and has been hailed the world's most expensive wedding cake and not suprisingly it is under 24-hour guard. Also, not surprisingly it's not about to be eaten. Thanks, Leisa. That's Ten's US bureau chief, Leisa Goddard-Roles.

An Australian-designed inflatable collar could be the answer to debilitating migraines. It helps make neck muscles stronger

and is showing promising results in trials. Who'd have thought a simple fabric collar filled with air could prevent even the most horrendous migraines? Certainly, there is some excitement about it. Adelaide researchers are confident the Enduroflex will help millions of people who suffer neck-related headaches. Thousands of hours, per annum, per year, are lost as a result of headache. They're usually caused by problems with the deep neck flexors, the muscles which control the head's position. A lot of our activities are fairly sedentary,

we're sitting in cars for long distances, stuck in traffic, sitting at desks, looking at computers, so what happens eventually is that we adopt this forward head or poking chin posture. That creates tightness in the back of the neck and weakness in the front, putting pressure on the joint, and the result is nasty headaches. The collar has two mini blood pressure monitors which must be inflated to the same point, helping isolate the muscles and position the head correctly. It's effectively retraining the head and neck. This has decreased the frequency and severity of headache and also, therefore, decreased medication intake. After initial treatment with a physiotherapist, the collar is worn for short periods several times a day until the headaches subside. Then they'll be able to use it over the years when their headaches and migraines return. Results can be achieved in a matter of weeks. Enduroflex is being trialled by physiotherapists and will be on the market within months at a cost of about $400. It can be done sitting and standing, whereas equipment that's been used previously, you need to find a place to lie down to use it. So this can be done at work, it can be done at home very easily. The project is a joint venture between the Uni SA and the Headache Clinic.

Lou Hendricks, Ten News. The head-dress worn by Muslim women has sparked a heated political debate in the UK. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has outraged the Islamic community saying the veil separates Muslim women from society. This is what Tony Blair says is a mark of separation. This woman has warned the veil for two years and she says her Muslim faith are not a barrier to integration. If you don't like it, don't look at it. I'm English, I'm raised in Britain, all my family are non-Muslim and there's no problem. What's the point in wearing it, though?

This family are fasting for Ramadan in a heated discussion. It is a big issue within the Muslim community. Many women, like this woman, choose not to wear it. Her husband says government ministers should not get involved. I think it's something that should be left within the Muslim community to debate. We are the ones who need to have that debate within ourselves about this

and I don't think we should be pressured from outside. I think comments that government ministers make open the way for the ordinary Joe Bloggs to say "Oh, yes, they should all go home". Mr Blair says every woman has the right to wear a veil and just wants a debate but many Muslims are worried about the increased political focus on their way of life. The world's tiger population is in danger of being wiped out within years. Environmentalists are demanding governments crack down on the illegal trade of their skins, which is growing in demand.

Chinese smugglers show off their merchandise. MAN: And it's got the claws and the paws intact. They're being filmed by undercover investigators seeking to expose a flourishing criminal trade. How much for this one? WOMAN: Is 15,000. 15,000. These are brand-new tiger skins, and here in China they're in huge demand. This is why. Some are worn at official ceremonies, like this one in Tibet. But campaigners say that rich Chinese businessmen and bureaucrats are now buying them as prestige gifts. 100 skins to make this tent. All of which spells disaster for the world's dwindling wild tiger population - perhaps 5,000 left on the planet.

Poachers in India are eager to supply the huge Chinese market. These are genuine, are they?

China has introduced some tough new laws, but I found little evidence they were being enforced. The man is showing me a tiger paw, hacked off, sawn off, at the knee joint.

This man is offering me a tiger skin out in the open. He's not trying to hide it. Now, the Chinese authorities insist they are trying to stamp out this illegal trade,

but clearly they've got a very long way to go. And so a species is pushed closer to extinction while the dealers trade with apparent impunity.

And ahead in sport all the latest from the Gold Coast Indy carnival. And Shane Watson set to be called up for Australia's Champions Trophy opener against the West Indies tonight.

ELEGANT MUSIC (Speaks Japanese) LIVELY MUSIC SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom # Yeah, yeah, yeah... # Zoom, zoom. # Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah # Yeah, yeah, yeah # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # ..understands the language of style. This program is captioned live. There's just one more sleep until the Lexmark Indy 300 begins and already there's a new record. But it's not on the track, it's the very first Mister Indy. Andrew Leahy is on the Gold Coast and Andrew, who won the inaugural title?

add a couple of points to be all.

Wards. I have the first misstep

indeed it is looked ballasts. 23

year-old Luke beat nine other

finalist to take the title.

Huddersfield? It feels overwhelming.

Why did he enter the event? It

Why did he enter the event? It is

another difference. Build a different

Mr Andy Indu was a bit of equal opportunity. But competition was on

last night Kenny give us a

run-through. The boys get to come out

on stage ensued up and the ladies by

screaming and we try and impress the

judges. We go at the back come into

the beach where ensure muscles. The Mr indie means you have responsibilities. What does that

mean? In means that by a look after mean? In means that by a look after

people. I attend functions and people. I attend functions and look

after them. Great when Violet last

night but as you can see he is not

the one taking centre stage. Behind

me can see the volleyball going on. We have the 40

We have the 40 Nablus in Deith

finalists show off their wares. finalists show off their wares. There

a couple of drivers down here having

a bit of fun in the sun. The one

advantage by having them down here is advantage by having them down here is that allows the fans to come down

here and see them in a more relaxed

environment then they will be environment then they will be when

they're on the track. It is a great

day for everyone at the moment. day for everyone at the moment. There

is plenty of action going on down

here as the Gold Coast and the cars

will not hit the track until tomorrow. Ricky Ponting expects Shane Watson to open the batting for Australia in tonight's Champions Trophy opener against the West Indies in Mumbai. The all-rounder tipped to replace Simon Katich. The recent experiment with Shane Watson opening the batting has worked for Australia and the extra options he gives the team with bat and ball has impressed Ricky Ponting. We actually haven't finalised our team yet, but I would imagine that Watson will stay there at the top of the order. He has done well in every game that we've given him a chance to, up there, and he gives us a lot with the ball, so he actually gives our team a lot more flexibility. With Watson likely to be selected up the order spinner Brad Hogg is expected to be named in the XI to play the West Indies. Other than that, Ponting is reluctant to make too many changes. There won't be any experimentation in this game. This is obviously a huge game in the tournament for us. The pitch in Mumbai has come under fire already in the Champions Trophy. Its slow, low-bouncing nature has made runs hard to come by. Heatwave conditions another challenge for the Aussies to overcome, but Ponting is confident heading into the clash with the Windies.

One of the strengths of this team is we that we've actually had a lot of success in varying conditions all around the world. So nothing should catch us off-guard by the conditions here. So we should be OK, yeah. Meanwhile, disgraced Pakistan bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif have pleaded their innocence to Pakistan officials over charges they took banned steroids. They both were sent home from the Champions Trophy and face 2-year bans. And a bombshell from former Pakistan captain Rameez Raja,

who claims Pakistan officials may not suspend Akhtar. Instead, he predicts they will fine him. As his positive test to nandralone was conducted in-house, Akhtar won't be subject to ICC rules, which would result in a 2-year ban. Last night Akhtar's team-mates brushed aside the drug scandal to score a 4-wicket win over Sri Lanka. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Rugby league star Jamie Lyon has arrived in Sydney to take his place in the Kangaroos Tri-Nations squad. The Manly Sea Eagles recruit won the English Super League grand final with St Helens

last weekend and is excited at the chance of playing for Australia. Yeah, for sure. It's one of the biggest things you can do and hopefully I get the chance and get a game. But we'll just have to see how it all pans out. Kangaroos selectors won't pick Lyon until game three against Great Britain in Sydney. Australia's netballers are back home with a much-wanted trophy and a message for their arch rivals, New Zealand. They won't be intimidated anymore by rough-house tactics.

A day to savour

because the last time our netballers returned from New Zealand the welcome couldn't have been flatter. The depths of despair really.

12 months ago they'd been thrashed by 25 goals. Now, a major transformation - their first series win on New Zealand soil in five years. We decided we needed to return to the Australian way of playing netball which is tough and hard and passionate and skilful all rolled into one

and the ability to do that just comes from sheer hard work. The Aussies playing sharper, faster, smarter - not getting rattled when the Silver Ferns turn on the rough stuff. That's what we did this series. rather than necessarily get caught up in the biffo because, mostly, looking across the court they're a bit bigger than us so we'd probably come off second best if we tried to do that. The next step -

to reclaim the World Championship in Fiji next winter. I think we're running pretty much even money at the moment. Leanne West, Ten News.

Short-priced Caulfield Cup favourite Sphenophyta has drawn ideally for Saturday's $2.5 million race. The Lee Freedman-trained 6-year-old will start from barrier 8 after the Cup barrier draw which was completed at Caulfield just moments ago. One of Freedman's other fancies in the race, Our Smoking Joe, drew barrier 2. Last year's Cup winner Railings, trained by John Hawkes, also drew favourably, to start from gate 7. In other racing news, the favourite for the Melbourne Cup, European superstar Yeats, has arrived safely to prepare for the big race on November 7. Manchester United remains undefeated in the Champions League after beating Danish team Copenhagen this morning. The Red Devils won the game 3-0 with Paul Scoles finding the net with this impressive strike just before half-time. In Brussels, a 10-man AC Milan won 1-0 against Belgian team Anderlecht. Kaka with a brilliant strike.

COMMENTATOR: It takes a slight deflection, but that was really travelling, wasn't it? A good goal, that. And an upset in Russia, with Premier League giants Arsenal beaten 1-0 by CSKA Moscow. Felipe Massa is confident a home crowd at Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix will provide the inspiration he needs to propel Ferrari to a 15th constructor's championship.

The 24-year-old Brazilian

is excited about performing at the Interlagos circuit for the first time as a Ferrari driver. It's going to be an amazing race and really fantastic to see the people making a big support for me. Massa will also play an important role in Michael Schumacher's quest for a eighth driver's championship. Well, love him or loathe him,

Australian cricketer Shane Warne has been named Australia's Best Sports Star of our Time. And there are a few other surprises on the list compiled by 'Alpha' magazine. Joining me now from Sydney is senior writer Anthony Sharwood. Anthony, how did Shane Warne come to be number one? will not hit the track until

tomorrow. We had a lot of criteria

that we use are reporting this list

together. We looked at how important

sport was Clovelly. We looked at how

great a player was. We looked as some

expected. Warne came on top in every single category we could think single category we could think of. We

know he's had his off-field discretions and our readers have told

us time and time again the be willing

to forgive them for that and so to forgive them for that and so we.

If we look to If we look to people's performances

on the field and bits of magic

moments moments of brilliance and

Morley was on top of all those areas. Morley was on top of all those areas.

You think one needs off-field antics

may have contributed to the fact

that? This no doubt we're getting

that this from people from

that this from people from time to

time praising Waunfawr having so many

ladies of his life. We think that

Shane Warne Shane Warne be cricket that is the

most brilliant sportsman we have seen it we don't really care about Shane

Warne the off-field personality. Warne the off-field personality. Who else made the top 10?

else made the top 10? Does appear

that list, Cathy Freeman was the only

thing now, what does that reflect?

Put it is fair to say that we have

many male readers. I think it

reflects society's wider view of reflects society's wider view of us

being a sports people. 16 of a

hundred were female. That 16 per

cent. I don't think that cent. I don't think that sports

coverage in any four of the media

would give anything like 16 per cent

of their time to women's sport soap of their time to women's sport soap

if you look at that I think if you look at that I think women

have done pretty well on Ellis. have done pretty well on Ellis. With

Peter Brookes passing in the news we of surprised he made the list? He is the surprised

surprised he made the list? He is the

of but he is number 24. Rocky is the of but he is number 24. Rocky

only person on the list who has sadly

died since become part of the list.

We have a hundred

We have a hundred alive and well be We have a hundred alive and well

on the list and sadly Peter Brooke on the list and sadly Peter Brooke is

the only person he is passed on. It the only person he is passed on.

also shows we have a stellar line-up

of sporting stars and the country.

have 30 of sporting stars and the country. We

have 30 sports represented and it was have 30 sports represented and

a nightmare pudding Ms Adie as football players but we

had a good time doing it. Best had a good time doing it. Best for joining us. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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This program is captioned live. Making headlines - the scramble for Australian media assets is gathering pace with Channel Seven's Kerry Stokes Newspapers. buying into West Australian PBL prepares a massive sell-off. The raid comes as James Packer's is meeting in Canberra A think tank of experts of combating childhood obestiy. to discuss ways are now considered obese More than 3 million Australians cost us $21 billion last year. with new figures showing the disease

Commuter chaos in Brisbane, the mayhem to get to work. with many residents still battling in and out of the city have been shut Sections of the main freeway could collapse. amid fears a cracked on-ramp in an African court Madonna may have to appear adoption process. over her controversial winning a court date Civil rights groups in Malawi to challenge the adoption bid. have paraded through Pyongyang Tens of thousands of North Koreans in a mass Communist rally. United Nations officials say could be preparing North Korea's ruler, Kim Jong-il, to carry out a second nuclear test to tough economic sanctions. in response this morning - And a bizarre incident in Sydney through the roof of a suburban home. a large bolt from a jumbo jet crashed who was in the kitchen at the time The resident, has laughed off the incident. Aviation officials are investigating. at the national weather. Now for a look

Halloween fever has hit Switzerland. and turned into a boats Giant pumpkins have been hollowed out for a regatta. a floating vegetable with a paddle. It takes a lot of skill to navigate tried to sabotage each other. Some pumpkins sank and some racers The winner was a local man. $500 and a big pile of pumpkin. He walked away with a paddle, with all the news. That brings you up to date throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions