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(generated from captions) Good morning. and welcome to Ten's morning news. I'm Natarsha Belling A top UK anti-terror officer Mohammed Haneef today will interview the Gold Coast doctor with the failed British terror plots. over his possible links joins us from Brisbane. Ten reporter Max Futcher Max, has she arrived yet?

Yet she has arrived. The plane

touched down just after 6:00am this

morning. On a request from British

other ideas, she was whisked

through a side door and taken through a side door and taken

directly to be a FPA headquarters.

She has been briefed by the offices

of the moment and is expected to

interview the doctor some time

later today. In India, the doctor's

family had been interviewed by

Indian police about this matter.

The family say they he is innocent

and the only was flying to India to

see his newborn child and his wife.

They say he is innocent. At this

stage, that AFP has successfully

applied on Tuesday to hold the

doctor for an extra 48 hours. That

runs out tonight. They have to

apply to magistrates to get an extension of that. They want him released by now. all these things going on. No that is no point because of is, how his character is. See, you people cannot know how he there has to be a release soon There is no point to see - we are worried. because we are worried,

Other members of the family had

described the doctor as a described the doctor as a shining

light of the family. The British

investigate that is being briefed

by Dave Pete offices as these big

hit. We will learn more about her

movements as a day goes on. the official terror threat level Britain has reduced in last week's bungled bombings indicating all the key suspects have been nabbed. With eight people in custody issued a warning months ago. it's emerged that al-Qa'ida

organisation A leader of the terrorist to a British cleric in Iraq. sending a chilling message are going to kill you". It said "those who cure you,

An apparent reference to the doctors

in the latest attacks. allegedly involved The al-Qa'ida leader vowed British and US targets. his group would begin attacking remain on high alert Authorities in the United States the 4th of July holiday. as Americans celebrate airports and train stations Extra police have been deployed to in the wake of the UK terror plot. At US airports and bus stops train stations and ports, this 4th of July Americans are on the go travel partner. with security the ever present

aren't letting failed car bombings An estimated 41 million Americans in the UK damper their holiday. We already planned this. forget about it. We don't want to just Life goes on, right? Security Administration The Transportation hubs across the country. has viper teams at transportation and air marshals These specially trained TSA agents like Philadelphia are focused on large cities the Liberty Bell and fireworks. where huge crowds are on hand to see From Philly to LA... I've said my prayers. ..and back to Boston, copycat car bombings in the States. there's a big effort to prevent any The FBI has even asked merchants possible bomb ingredients to report anyone buying and gasoline. such as propane tanks, nails is flooded with officers. Some 20 different law enforcement barricades, check points to reassure visitors. and some high-tech security devices and that's fine. They check everything very carefully no specific threat this 4th of July Homeland security stresses there is focused, not on the police presence, and millions of Americans are

For the first time

the Iraq war to the need for oil. the Government has linked now put forward Securing our energy resources for our troop commitment. as a major reason The invasion of Iraq has been trumpeted and a fight against terrorism. But critics have long claimed for Middle East oil. it's nothing more than a grab important economic partners Our major ally and our most have crucial interests there.

our continued troop commitment The Howard Government now linking to maintain energy security. to the need

not only Iraq but the entire region, Obviously the Middle East itself, us have to think what would happen to the rest of the world and all of from Iraq. if there were a premature withdrawal in 2003 When Mr Howard was asked back had anything to do with oil, war have anything to do with oil. Mr Howard said in no way did this The Government says about one-fifth of its oil reserves Australia draws from the Middle East. already face soaring petrol prices, Australian drivers from the region further disruption of the supply unlikely to help matters. the damage has already been done. Labor says And the degeneration of Iraq between Sunni and Shi'ite into civil war

has emboldened Iran, for global oil supplies. with potentially grave consequences Murray McCloskey, Ten News. violent storms lashed the city - Adelaide is mopping up after toppling hundreds of trees across the coast. and threatening to flood homes

nearly bringing down several jetties. A huge king tide and pounding ocean A crushing blow for the Grear family.

"What the heck is going on?" Massive bang, and I thought, Next door neighbour's tree on their house has managed to fall down and part of it hit our house it's written off my car as well. and in the process, looks like among hundreds of trees The giant gum felled by winds in excess of 80km/h and its surrounds. that lashed Adelaide to tens of thousands of homes. though power was cut an even bigger battle on their hands, Emergency crews had trying to hold back the tide, the winds whipping up a storm surge. in Adelaide's west, The Port River breaking its banks and businesses threatening to inundate homes All along the coast,

to protect beachfront homes. frantic sandbagging down our drive The water came right up, going halfway down the drive. and the sandbags didn't stop it some of the worst damage, Coastal jetties sustained it was feared they'd collapse. some battered so badly, into crowd-control mode, Authorities forced as sightseers flocked to the ailing structures, risking all, just to get a closer look at the pounding waves. The winds are expected to ease later today. A full assessment of the damage left in their wake is under way. Alex Hart, Ten News. A crucial task today for Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough.

He's in Central Australia preparing to visit troubled Aboriginal communities. The Minister will be discussing the proposed changes aimed at protecting children and take part in a night patrol of the Alice Springs town camps. and community, And we, as a government have to move heaven and earth

to do what we can to secure these communities as quickly as we can. The Federal Government seized control of more than 60 communities a fortnight ago. when he was allegedly dragged into bushland last Wednesday by five school mates and subjected to almost seven hours of pain and humiliation. The Children's Court heard the boy was hung by his underpants from a log. His bare legs whipped with branches. It's alleged he was punched, forced to jump into thorny bushes and pushed into a grave The alleged attackers weren't required to plead today. Four of them were granted bail but they've been suspended from school until the end of the term. A stunning sight this morning in Sydney. The huge American aircraft carrier 'USS Kitty Hawk'

and ships from the carrier's battle group sailing into town. On board and ready for some R&R, around 7,000 sailors who've been on a military exercise. Security will be tight for the visit and traffic restrictions in place to avoid the chaos that occurred when the 'Queen Mary Two' docked in Sydney earlier this year. 'Kitty Hawk' will be in the Harbour City until Tuesday. Warnings of a potenitally deadly flu strain this winter - who's most at risk and how to protect yourself, next. And the place labelled the happiest on Earth - there's no electricity but a pig tusk can buy you anything you want. $9 million Powerball jackpot. You could: on extremist Islamic groups in Lebanon last month, have been charged with terrorism offences. Another two,

including Australian super flyweight boxing champion, Ahmed Elomar, have been freed. They claim they were tortured. and trying to make me talk They were kneeing me in the back and say something "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm from Australia." The two charged, Omar el Hadba and Ibrahim Sabouh, are accused of participating in killing civilians and military personnel.

An Australian has been kidnapped by gunmen in a frightening oil rig attack in southern Nigeria. Jason Lane was among five expatriates snatched from a Royal Dutch Shell platform in Niger Delta, in the country's south. They were working for His captors reportedly fired on security before taking him and the others hostages. The attack came as the rebel movement responsible for most of the violence

that has crippled the Nigerian oil industry, called off a one-month truce.

Freed British hostage Alan Johnston is resting this morning at the British Embassy in Jerusalem. He's been catching up with friends

after his four month ordeal at the hands of extremists in Gaza. Johnston was abducted on his way to work and held in solitary confinement. His family this morning expressing relief that they're about to be reunited at last. The say Disneyland is happiest place on Earth but according a global study, people in the island nation of Vanuatu have the biggest smiles. poorest countries It's one of the world's but that doesn't seem to worry the locals. This is Pentecost - an island almost untouched by the modern world. They're fighting to keep it that way. No handshakes here. We're welcomed to an almost Stone Age existence. This is supposed to be one of the poorest places on Earth. Low cash for imported goods, not even matches. But is this really poverty? Check out the local bank. The villagers here have plenty of their own currency... ..pig tusks. "We offer 15% interest" says the bank manager. "We've got 14 branches. Our people are happy and wealthy."

They want their currency to be recognised as legal tender. They've already got tusked cheque books.

Down in the vaults here there are thousands of pig tusks and they're worth a small fortune. It's part of a very sophisticated financial system. You can use these tusks to take out mortgages and loans and you can even pay your state, medical and school bills. It all adds up to a stable and prosperous community. There's a sense of harmony and happiness here that so many other Pacific states But here on Pentecost, change is coming more slowly. A balance, struck between tradition and progress. There's no hunger here, no unemployment, no tax, no police, no crime or conflict to speak of. It may be paradise, but you can see why people here It may not be paradise, but you can see why people here want to keep the outside world at arm's length. And an occupational hazard knocks the top dog of hot dog eating off his perch. WOMAN: It's surprising how something so small can contain so much love. (Child laughs)

Just like new Cuddly Ultra. It has a revolutionary four-times concentrated formula, so you get the same number of washes in a much smaller dose.

For Ultra Cuddly clothing and that long-lasting Cuddly fragrance.

After all, don't the smallest packages always contain the most love? (Child laughs) New Cuddly Ultra - soft as a mother's touch, only more concentrated.

Adelaide is mopping up after violent storms lashed the city - and threatening to flood homes across the coast. A huge king tide and pounding ocean nearly bringing down several jetties. A top UK anti-terror officer will interview the Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef today

over his possible links with the failed British terror plots. His family in India saying he was only flying home to visit his wife and newborn daughter. And hello sailor - in Sydney. a stunning sight this morning

'USS Kitty Hawk' American aircraft carrier

group are about to sail into town. and ships from the carrier's battle On board and ready for some R&R, who've been on a military exercise. around 7,000 sailors has again taken place in New York. An Independence Day tradition

The annual hot dog eating competition competitor, is usually won by a Japanese

by an American. but this year the title was reclaimed

It didn't look like good but the

eating champion was in pain

claiming to have a throw us of the

jaw of all is they'd call it a

chore lighters. His rival from

California saying the man was

playing head games. It is the first

time the two have met since the

Japanese set the world record. Japanese set the world record. I

like his staff. Many in the US are relishing

relishing an effect in America may

take back the ground. In this world

of hot-dog eating, we're not

cutting mustard and we really need

to capture by the scam. After to capture by the scam. After all,

there is nothing that baseball and

apple pie at the this all-American

them hot dog. In the end, the

American kid the Japanese funds. In

the world of news, it said dog

bites man is not a story about man

Bites Dog war that is a story. This

was a draw drop but as an American

reclaim the title of top dog. share market is higher today In finance news - the Australian conditions there today. Simone, there's almost blizzard-like

I think there was a wizard has paid

as little as that. We have had a

big 15 to 20 vies enemy as a fall

of snow overnight. It hasn't

stopped us hitting the slopes today.

It is looking like it isn't great

show their shape.

If you're thinking of heading to

the slopes and the next few the slopes and the next few days,

make sure you pack the Long Johns

funds on the way. because they're a series of coal

The girls are back -

Angela Bishop has the latest on the 'Sex and the City' reunion in her entertainment report, next. Stay with us. It's that time of the week, when we find out all the news from the entertainment world with Angela Bishop. Ange, we're counting down to Live Earth.

Neil Finn, Nick Seymour and the boys from Crowded House have returned home in time for Saturday's huge Live earth concerts but only just. were delayed 12 hours Their flights from London at Heathrow. by the recent security scares for Live Earth organisers, And in another setback may not go ahead. it looks like the Rio concert Brazilian authorities have obtained a court injunction to stop it

security to cope with the only free, because they say they don't enough of the Live Earth series. open-to-all event Lenny Kravitz and Macy Gray to perform in the crime-hit city. were just some of the acts lining up fresh from the concert for Diana, Meanwhile, a quick transformation Wembley Stadium's undergoing like Madonna, the Chili Peppers to be ready to host celebs

and Duran Duran.

And back home, no travel woes for actor-turned-singer Toni Collette -

she's in Sydney ready and raring to go for Saturday's concert at Aussie Stadium.

And Live Earth inspiration Al Gore's got a bit on his mind at the moment. His son has been picked up for speeding - clocked at about 160km/h on a freeway just outside LA. Police also found marijuana and prescription drugs in his car. He spent several hours behind bars before being released on bail. From 'Mork' and 'Mrs Doubtfire' and 'Night At The Museum', to 'Good Will Hunting' Oscar-winner Robin Williams entertainers of the past 30 years. has been one of the most prolific spoke to Hannah Storm in New York. His younger fans went wild when he Good morning. Thank you. so - Ah, yes. You're looking so cool, after the Oscars. Well, I feel like Jack Nicholson Yeah... and say, "You're out. Come on by." Just want to call Paris Hilton (Laughs) and a pair of underwear. Bring your beeper quirky characters. (Laughs) You have played some pretty Reverend Frank is definitely up there. Where does he rank along - He ranks about - somewhere between 'Dead Poets' and 'Aladdin', I think. You have that idea of a Chicago Protestant, you know, Episcopal Catholic, same religion, half the guilt. (Laughs) He's got the program there, he's got the program working there, praying for the Teamsters and also working with the children. He's got the full Chicago. You know, Chicago City, where the dead can vote. Nice. Lovely. Yeah. (Laughs) You know that. I'm from Chicago, you know - I was born there too. Yeah, there you go. "You're a boy. Move." Yeah, to get out of the womb. they want to get married, (Laughs) Mandy Moore, John Krasinski, in the Church of her childhood, they want to get married is Reverend Frank, but standing in their way the program. and you're taking them through for married couples. Right. Basically a boot camp your own vows, always good. First requisite is to write You were a little offbeat, right? No sex before the marriage. Tough for a lot of people. Yes. To say, "No, no. Uh uh." And John Krasinski said he was intimidated by working with you, I mean, he just idolised you, as so many young actors do. This was a surreal experience. How do you make young actors feel comfortable? Come out nude and I think that immediately - once you come out with no clothing on,

animal rights issues kick in for me. No, with him I just said he's funny. there's nothing I could say to him. I don't - and go, "What about Popeye?" All he has to do is look at me We're on equal ground, very quickly. It's over. have a good time. Right. They just sit around laugh, We do. That was the drill. And you're back in comedy clubs a lot now? Why is that?

For me, it's fun. and then I went on Dave Chappelle was on and it was really sweet and then he went on again 'cause it was like the old days was at the comedy centre, when Richard Pryor and it was really freeform. you could go on It was lovely. Going on for me in comedy clubs the pretence, is always a great way to peel away

that material, be ready to go. 'cause you really have to do after 30 years in the business? What keeps you so enthusiastic My family does. I have a 15-year-old son who reads Flaubert,

that's always good, just to start you off. He brought home a couch the other day and we said, "You can't have that in the house." He said, "Why?". "Because it may be infested with cockroaches." "They have a right to live." He said, But not in our house." I went, "Cool. What keeps me excited is so much to talk about.

where they released the iPhone. We're right here,

totally hands-on, downloadable, I'm hoping for the iWife, touchscreen, you basically do this. which is wonderful. And she has a hold button she has one terabyte of information And you can download mp3 files and which she already has now. hard drive, she understands that. Totally accessible. I have the it's wonderful. We boot up instantly, And you can get iWife 2.0. which everyone needs. It comes with virus protection Standing here at the temple of Apple. (Yells) Steve! Steve, I need an iPhone. Crowd laughs. (Yells) Send it out! I have only this, the CrackBerry, I need an iPhone. Steve! (Laughs) Robin, great to see you. Good to see you.

Get this man an iPhone. Somebody. And 'License to Wed' arrives in Australian cinemas next month. 'Sex and the City' fans your wishes have come true! to get back together for a movie. Carrie and the girls are going about two years ago The project got close to happening backed out but Kim Cattrall who plays Samantha demanding script control Sarah Jessica Parker's. and a pay packet more like game with a little bribery no doubt. But she's finally agreed to play the in mid-September. Filming is expected to begin is reportedly pregnant. Christina Aguilera The rumours were right.

spilled the beans Her estranged father continued in Hong Kong. as her Back to Basics tour into her pregnancy, Apparently three months baby bump to account for any burgeoning they've confirmed news And gossip website says rocker Joel Madden that Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte to marry in the near future. are also expecting and planning It's lacroix darling. continue in Paris The haute couture collections

with the French designer with some sumptuous creations. celebrating his 20th year Lacroix made it big in the '80s were all the rage when his over-the-top styles and he became a favourite of the hit show 'Absolutely Fabulous'.

Time hasn't mellowed him - a show-stopping golden wedding dress It's only a couple of weeks people until the world's favourite yellow get to star in their own movie. Hints are emerging about the plot, which sees Homer trying to save the world from a disaster he's created, while the other revelation is that Bart has a nude scene.

Here's a sneak peek. MOVIE CLIP: That's not fair to use a bug zapper to catch the fish. I think I have a nibble... Owwww!! 'The Simpsons' will be designed both to honour the fans who've been paying attention for the last 20 years or so and also for those few people out there for whom the Simpsons are just another little family, kind of maybe, pay attention, throw something in for them too. It won't be totally confusing.

On the other hand, if you are an intense fan, we will reward you for paying close attention all these years. are in. All of your favourite characters We tried to get every single one of them in. Not everybody has a line. There's 300 characters. But they are all in there someplace. VOICEOVER: President Schwarznegger... That is me. Springfield has reached crisis levels. I've narrowed your choices down to five unpickable options. I was elected to lead, not to read.

Ahead - the Ten sports presenter who gets a hands-on feel for pro- wrestling. That's when Ten's morning news returns. And far from a dead rubber - Origin's fiery finish. Excuse me, sir. Are you the famous Colgate 360? Yes, I am. Is it true that you have a tongue cleaner? Actually, it's a cheek and tongue cleaner. You see, kid, 80% of bacteria are not on your teeth. Colgate 360 cleans: Removing more bacteria

for a whole mouth clean. I want to have a cheek and tongue cleaner just like you. Colgate 360 is now available with the power of sonic vibrations. Colgate 360 MicroSonic Power, for a healthier whole mouth clean. Warnings today a simple bout of the flu could prove deadly especially for people who already suffer from heart disease. For more, Professor Bill Rawlinson joins us from Prince of Wales Hospital. Professor, first of all, has the flu season hit us yet?

The commision has warded over $10 a week

The commision has awarded over $10 a week.

A State of Origin battle for the ages in Brisbane overnight with New South Wales avoiding a Maroon wash against a Queensland side rocked by injuries. The Blues sealing the match late in the second half with the Maroons depleted stock unable to hang on. An Origin match that had it all. COMMENTATOR: Now they go in. But this scene set the tone for Queensland. Lock Dallas Johnson knocked senseless. The Maroons's room like a casualty ward. Those left on the field desperately trying to holding back the Blue tide. Hayne is over to score. The home side trailled by just two at half time. Karmichael Hunt passes and Queensland are in. Their weary legs holding firm until the 73rd minute. The try is on and over goes King. The majority of the game we played with 14 or 15 men and to come up with the effort the guys did, was just fantastic. It's a difficult task to win up here

and I couldn't be prouder or happier for the players.

A memorable Origin debut for 31-year-old Hazem El Masri. The Blues winger scoring a try and kicking three from three. But tears for Queensland winger Brent Tate. His knee injury threatens to end his season.

Leanne West, Ten News. and Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy has lashed out at the League tribunal over the suspension of his captain, Matthew Lloyd for tomorrow night's game against Geelong. He'll miss the emotional return of Adam Ramanauskas after a two-year battle with cancer. the heartwarming story of the year Essendon has provided with the inspirational return of Adam Ramanaskus. Despite two cancers scares and two missing seasons, he's healthy again and this week will revive his AFL career. I'll take the opportunity with open arms. It puts a lot of things to bed for me.

Friday against ladder leader Geelong. Essendon will be without its captain charging Melbourne's Nathan Carroll Matthew Lloyd has been suspended for has launched into the AFL Tribunal. and Kevin Sheedy In the end they had their minds made up

before he walked in the room. to look at the vision They didn't even want Not for the first time can expect a please explain. the veteran Essendon coach great mate and hero James Hird Ramanauskas will run out alongside who will play his 250th game. it won't be a one-off. And he's determined A comeback kid of a different kind, with AFL medicos later today Ben Cousins will meet the all-clear to play. in a bid to get Despite missing the entire season, the Eagles are prepared to slot him in immediately against Brisbane. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The Socceroos have touched down in Thailand ahead of Sunday's Asian Cup opener against Oman. The team treated like rock stars at the Australian Embassy with over 150 media turning up to greet the new arrivals. But midfielder Tim Cahill is more interested in making an impression on the park a frustrating foot injury. after overcoming I get some time on the weekend. Hopefully part of the squad. Just happy to be here

So far I'm near enough fit to the Asian Cup. and just looking forward Mark Bresciano is in doubt for the clash, Australia's Lleyton Hewitt will play world number five Novak Djokovic for a place in the quarterfinals when Wimbledon resumes tonight. Djokovic downed Nicholas Kiefer this morning while Justine Henin is through to the semifinals after a tough encounter with the injury-ravaged Serena Williams. With her leg strapped for battle and against her father's wishes...

I really don't think Serena should play. injured Serena Williams went about levelling the playing field. COMMENTATOR: Oh, first point. That was dangerous. Henin overcame Williams's early attack to win the opening set before the wounded warrior fought back to level the match. But with a complete set of Grand Slams in her sights Henin stepped it up a gear. The world number one ousting her opponent 6-3 in the third. It's been a mentally very difficult match and physically it's been hard also. but I'm very happy to come through in the final four. Henin now meets Marion Bartoli to her first Grand Slam semifinal. The 22-year-old French woman through In the battle of the former champions had the crowd entertained. some screaming groundstrokes The fans are spellbound here. after losing the opening set Sharapova digging deep combined with a little fortune saw the three-time Wimbledon champion to the quarterfinals. advance through Novak Djokovic Lleyton Hewitt's round four opponent In the men's draw

completed his rain-delayed match for last Monday. that was originally scheduled I was, you know, (bleep) off, why it rained so much. And the Rafael Nadal-Robin Soderling test match has come to an end. Nadal finally prevailing after enduring seven rain breaks across five days. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Mr Mark Aiston, we know and love him as a sports presenter with Network Ten and as the man who fronts our Plays of the Week here on the morning news but wait for this, the self-confessed wrestling fan has now jumped in the ring himself, wrestling bout. taking part in his first and only

Thankfully he lived to tell the tale he won the title. and the added bonus - from memory, I think it did. Oooh. That must have hurt. In fact, I've always wanted to be involved. I've always loved my wrestling and In fact, I've wanted to be involved

gave me that opportunity. and explosive pro wrestling at the last couple of shows, After making a cameo appearance

in to last Saturday's extravaganza. I actually agreed to be written Maybe I'm just crazy. Why I did it, I don't know. team match. Anyway, I was a part of the 8-man tag the last two or three weeks. I've been training over It's not necessarily training physically, because I'm not going to make much of a difference to my body in three weeks. But just training in terms of the routines that you need to do. It was a full house and there was plenty of tension backstage, and while I was relatively calm during the week, I've got to be honest and say the nerves were starting to kick in on the night. Wayne Matty, or as he was known on the night, the Maniac,

was also making his wrestling debut. But he seemed at peace get through some stuff. and he actually helped me Our first job was to cut a promo. we actually came out and began to badmouth the opponents. they'd do the same thing. Now obviously, and started chatting back to us. They came out all good fun. It just builds the drama, But, wrestling can be dangerous. you've got to be careful. And if you're inexperienced like me, the physical condition. Well, you don't have Wrestlers, I think, in the entertainment industry are probably one of the few people the credit they deserve. who don't get at the end of the day. That's going to be the big problem You've got a lot to a) live up to and b) I'd be scared if I was you. I think you'll be great, though. And so, the moment arrived. First, I went through the curtain. Then, I took the jacket off. And then, it was time. although I couldn't really hear the crowd at the time because I was just trying to remember my next move, which, by the way, I didn't quite get right. But here's the problem. Soon after Jag started attacking me, I was extremely fatigued. I quickly realised that so I was really, really unfit. I actually started to feel sick But I had to keep going,

and the crowd. for the rest of the guys I was able to rest for a while, but when you're being attacked, you're exerting energy

and you get more exhausted. and that can hurt Finally, the end was in sight for my final move. and I knew that I had to get ready Look, I didn't quite nail it. But that was OK. We celebrated in style. What a night. I'm acting like a 20-year-old, 48 years of age, the evening unscathed. but at least I got through and it was great fun. And I lived my dream will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. And Russian city Soshi South Korean city Pyongchone The Black Sea resort beat when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

throughout the day Stay with Ten for updates in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions