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Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling.

Welcome to Ten News.Tonight, jobs

for the boys - claims women have missed out in the federal reshuffle.D-day remembered - world

leaders mark the day that changed

the course of history.And fans go

World Cup berth. wild as the Socceroos secure a

First tonight, the backlash over at

the ministerial reshuffle of Kevin

Moran. He has been accused of

handing out jobs for the boys while

women have missed out. I think it

is a measured reshaping of the

ministry. It is one that

particularly focuses attention on

jobs. And that reflects concern

over rising unemployment. In the

thick evert will be Mark Arbib. The

opposition it says it smacks of

jobs for the boys. He found Nathan

jobs for the boys. He found Nathan

Rees and Morris lemma jobs as

premier of NSW. I don't know if he

can do well for the her entire

nation. There are some women who

when not in the NSW Right faction

and they were not rewarded. I am

also thrilled to be part of a

government that is serious about

promoting women. There is also

concern about the rejection of

eight $24 billion project by

Chinalco. Wayne Swan denies that

the relationship with China has been damaged.

been damaged. Hundreds of angry

unionists have protesting against

the sell-off by Anna Bligh of state

assets. The mood matched the

weather. It Liar, Liar. They

forecast thousands would protest.

It ended up being hundreds. Anna

Bligh has gone mad and she is

flogging off vital assets. The rail

union is among those furious at. We

had been betrayed. Governments

staffers and a former MP joined in.

I do not believe in privatisation.

The protesters turned on one of

their own, accusing him of selling

out. Anna Bligh finally fronted

delegates. Some deliberately

boycotted her conference speech so.

You are shocked that I would even

dare to suggest it. Some applauded

but others gave the Premier at a

frosty reception. The sell-off will

be official when the Budget is

handed down next week. The

Government has warned there is more

pain to come up. The workers united

will never be defeated. I am a

proud ETU member. Nathan Rees is

under pressure from his party after

sacking a member. He is accused of

sacking Tony Stewart to employee a

former unions boss. Tony Stewart

was sacked after an inquiry found

he had verbally abused and - - An

employee and then lied about it.

Indian students say that the

Government should do more to keep

them safe. With 100 attacks in six

months, the Indian community of

Sydney was today fighting back.

Flanked by the riot squad, 500

protesters moved spirit this city.

They stopped at traffic choose then

their tormentors a clear message.

Students do m mac was slashed

across be faced with a knife and

robbed of cash. He says every robbed of cash. He says every

family living in his street has

been robbed. I cannot find any word

to describe it but raises them.

Parents say more needs to be done

to keep their children safe. They

do not want to do anything. They

are just talking and talking and

talking and no action. We want the

Australian government to take

action. In Melbourne people took

place - - party in a harmony walk.

A height in tobacco taxes has been

ruled out by the Treasurer, despite

an increase in smoking by young

women. Price signals certainly work

everything. and the Government has to consider

everything. The Government has not

taken a decision to do this. The

opposition has made a proposal to

raise tobacco taxes. Offices in

Victoria are still being denied

Taser guns. The top got is laying

down new rules of engagement. His

is about trying to de-escalate the

situation. 11,000 offices will be

retrained in critical response,

calm communications with the

offender a key priority.

offender a key priority. It is a

situation that relies on a number

of planets aligning at the one time.

The Police Association says with no

wide roll-out of Taser guns the

plan falls short of other jurists

dictions. It is difficult to

understand a policy for not issuing

Taser guns across the force.

Victoria will be the last State to

replace revolver guns with semi-

automatic pistols. Four Victorian

officers were injured last night.

Three of them where punched in the

face. Capsicums spray was used in

all cases. US are authorities will all cases. US are authorities will

reportedly travelled through

Australia to appeal the sentence of

a man who was found guilty of a man who was found guilty of

manslaughter. US authorities are

reportedly disgusted with the

prosecution deal. The Queensland

attorney general says he will

consider a Crown appeal. The

Socceroos dream of back to back by

- - world titles has come true.

Fans stayed up all night and the

Socceroos trip - - delivered. They

have secured a place in South

Africa next year. We will have a

full match report later in sport.

Coming up after the break, DJ it

remembered. -

DJ a wayward cast he

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This program is captioned live.

World leaders had gathered in

Normandy for the 65th anniversary

of the D-Day landings. US President

Barack Obama paid tribute to that

Allied troops.

The anniversary this year is more The anniversary this year is more

poignant then ever before. It will poignant then ever before. It will

be the last official ceremony

involving veterans. They will be

too fragile to return here. On that

morning the young of than Nations

stepped out onto the beaches below

and into history. What we must not

forget is that D-Day was a place

where the brave - - bravery and

selflessness a review was able to

change history. 25,000 British

troops landed here. To the west troops landed here. To the west

American troops were having a

nightmare. The thousands of troops

that died on the beaches today I

buried in peace Sarah - - are

buried in peace ceremonies. Those

that are still alive today were

applauded. No site and no sound is

more evocative then knees. A fly

past of a bomber and who Spitfires,

one of whom have saw action on D-

Day itself. Two bodies had been

recovered from the Air France plane

pecked his appeared last week falls

- - that is appeared last week.

They found a briefcase, S C from

the missing aircraft and a boarding

pass. Air France says the plane may

have had a faulty speed monitor. A

37-year-old Melbourne man has been

arrested over the death of his

father. The elderly man was found

in the home at the two men shared.

I shopkeeper reported the death to

police after the man walked into

his store and told staff he had

killed his father. Two families had

been left shattered after their

classic cars were stolen from

Wintersun Festival on the Gold

cursed. This Bjorn again and his

Wintersun Festival were taken from

and underground car park - -

We are putting it burst substantial

reward up for the return of the

vehicle or information to convict

someone. It is believed an

organised gang is behind the best.

Three cars were stolen last year.

Rescuers have gone to extraordinary

lengths to free a wayward calf.

They cow. Down a mineshaft for They cow. Down a mineshaft for

several days. Torment for a mother

in distress. Volunteers kept her at

bay while rescuers abseiled 20

metres to the base of the disused

mine. The calf, which is only a few

months old, up went missing on

Thursday. It took two hours to

winch it to freedom. The owner up

search for a day to find the calf

and only founded after throwing a and only founded after throwing a

stick down the mine shaft. A heart-

warming reunion making air a reward

for all those involved. It went

straight to the mother's milk. The

sports news is next.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome to Sport everyone. As you

may have heard in the news,

Australia has qualified for

football's World Cup finals. The

Socceroos booking their ticket to

next year's event in South Africa

early this morning, after holding

Qatar to a nil-all draw.

Australia needing only a draw to

secure their pass to South Africa.

But that wouldn't stop a determined

Socceroos attack. COMMENTATOR:

But that wouldn't stop a determined Socceroos attack. COMMENTATOR:

Kennedy flicks it on. And Tim

Cahill's wonderful strike is

deflected off the woodwork. A

spectacular Tim Cahill bicycle kick

denied by the post in the 27th

minute. As Harry Kewell continued

to apply the pressure - the veteran

almost scoring himself moments

later. His next play leading to yet

another near-miss. Qatar are another near-miss. Qatar are

reeling here. Harry Kewell crosses

and Carl Valeri takes a touch. At

the other end Mark Schwarzer kept a the other end Mark Schwarzer kept a

brick-wall guard of Australia's

goal. The visitors stepping it up

in the second half - Chris Coyne's

shot cleared off the line. Cahill

unleashed a rocket. Now here's Tim

Cahill with a fierce strike saved

by Qasem. The Qatari keeper called

into action again minutes later

first by Josh Kennedy. And then first by Josh Kennedy. And then

Harry Kewell. The palms of the

Qatari keeper are strong. In the Qatari keeper are strong. In the

end though - it didn't matter - the end though - it didn't matter - the

Australians making it to South

Africa with two games to spare. I Africa with two games to spare. I

can't wait. It's going to be

fantastic - the green and gold army

is there! (ALL SING) We are the

Aussie boys and we're going to

Africa. Africa! Africa! Andrew

Brown for Sports Tonight.

The Cronulla Sharks have registered

back to back wins The Cronulla Sharks have registered

back to back wins for the first

time this season, defeating the New

Zealand Warriors 18-10 at Toyota

Park this afternoon. The Sharks

started well, crossing for all started well, crossing for all

three of their tries in the first

half. But the Warriors mounted a

comeback, led by Stacey Jones. half. But the Warriors mounted a comeback, led by Stacey Jones.

Solid Sharks defence ensured the

Warriors wouldn't cross again.

Cronulla holding on for just their

third win of the season.

And a solid win for Parramatta

against Newcastle this afternoon,

which moves the Eels up to 11th on

the ladder. The Knights were the

first across the line after just 9

minutes. The home side had a 6

point lead at the break but it was

all the Eels in the second half.

Parramatta scored two tries and a

penalty goal to set up the win -

the final score 20 to 18. Manly and

NSW will be sweating on the results

of scans on Jamie Lyon's injured

ankle, after the centre limped from

the field in last night's win over

the Roosters. In North Queensland,

the Cowboys demolished the Bunnies

- while the Sea Eagles were back to

form at Brookvale.

It was a full moon at book well and

David Williams was right at home.

He steered the Manly Sea Eagles was

their biggest win of the season. It

was always going to be a very

unattractive game. You just have to

write it out. BT is as simple as

that. The Roosters trailed by just

four points at the break. -- it is

as simple as that. They failed to

fire in the second half. Three late

tries from Manly sealed the victory.

There is a lot of positive points

from the game. In a blow to the sea

eagles and possibly the Origin side,

Gen -- Jamie Lyon left the field

after 50 minutes with an ankle

injury. In North Queensland, the

Cowboys defeated the bunnies. They

deserve to be confident because

they are working hard and they got

the results. Quite the opposite for

South Sydney, they only got to the

other side twice. It is their

second big loss in a row. We are in

a bit of a hole at the moment but

that is the challenge. Last night's

Wallabies/Barbarians clash was a

bruising introduction to Test match

standard rugby for Sonny Bill

Williams. The league convert almost

scored with his first touch, but

quickly came crashing down to earth.

Skipper Stirling Mortlock won the

personal duel and the Wallabies won

the game by 55 to 7.

Matt Giteau scores! The Wallabies

ran in 8 tries to the Barbarians' 1

in front of nearly 40,000 at the

Sydney Football Stadium. The Sydney

Swans' Barry Hall faces yet another

suspension following today's loss

against Hawthorn at the MCG. The

Swans hit the lead early in the

last quarter before they were over-

run by the defending premiers. Hall

was constantly in the action during

a fiery afternoon. Xavier Ellis

coming off second best after

copping a hit to the head. Late in

the game, Hall clashed with Hawks

captain Sam Mitchell. And

Brisbane's charge towards the top

four has been dealt a blow, with

the Lions suffering a six-point loss to Carlton. Australia's Twenty20 World cup

campaign is off to a terrible start

after falling to the West Indies in

their opening game at the Oval.

Opener David Warner ensured their opening game at the Oval. Opener David Warner ensured

Australia posted a competitive

total scoring 63 runs. But chasing

170 to win, Chris Gayle went on the attack.

That has to be the biggest strike

we have seen all day! Gayle hit 6

sixes and James Hopes on the way to

88 off just 50 deliveries. The

Windies winning by 7 wickets with

more than 4 overs to spare.

In tennis Svetlana Kuznetsova has downed In tennis Svetlana Kuznetsova has

downed fellow Russian and world

number one Dinara Safina to claim

her first French Open title. number one Dinara Safina to claim her first French Open title. The

seventh seed made up for her loss

in the 2006 final, reeling off the

last four games to deny Safina in

straight sets, 6-4 6-2.

It has been so many years since I

won a Grand Slam. At some moment I

thought I could not do it again.

It's Kuznetsova's second major It's Kuznetsova's second major

title following victory at the 2004

US Open. You can see all the F1

action from 9:00pm tonight on ONE.

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This program is captioned live. Now

for a look at the weather around

the nation.

Huge crowds turned out again today

for Queensland's 150th birthday

party. Up to 20,000 people enjoyed

the 'big barbecue' - an all day

feast of food and entertainment for

families in the Roma Street Parkland.

(music plays). Nearby the state's

first government house was reopened

after a $15 million restoration. It

will now be used by the public for education and functions. That

brings you up to date with all the news. Good night. I gave you an alibi for that night. If she contradicts that... She won't. She'd better not. I think that Daniel might be responsible for Philip's murder. Daniel was at home with Deborah by then.

And Deborah told the cops that. She lied. This thing with Daniel - it's stopped now, OK? I'm gonna have a talk to Lucia and confirm what you told me. I can't see you anymore - not until the investigation's over and I know who killed Philby. What's brought this on? What did you say to her?

You stay out of my business or I swear... Bingo.