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(generated from captions) But I hate to keep bringing this up, it's not really Christmas but you know until we sing a Christmas carol.

Do it, Katie. You're gonna ruin it? with boughs of holly... # # Deck the halls You're killing me. You're killing me. No! You too? # 'Tis the season to be jolly... # Don't you do it, you're my son. # Falalalala lala la la... # # Falala lalala la la la # Don we now our gay apparel yuletide carol... # # Toll the ancient OK, stop! Stop, stop, stop!

Huh? If it'll put an end to it... ALL: # Falalalala lala la la. #

(ALL LAUGH) Oh. Happy holidays, Spencers. And happy holidays to all of you.

Tonight - why did he die? The man

who will get to the bottom of the

taser attack on a young student. I

don't know why they had to shock

him three times. The skyrocketing

across Sydney. petrol prices, fuelling disbelief

Dying to cross the road? Social

media, blamed for a spike in

pedestrians being hit. We are

behaving like sheep, one walks and

the rest follow. And the missile

takes aim at London, James

team. Magnussen powers into the Olympic

. This program is captioned live.

Good evening.

Also, a former auto fire volunteer

found guilty of mass killing. And

shutting down The shire.

First tonight - his name was row

berthoe, and today we learnt more

of the young student who died after

being tasered by police

being tasered by police on Sunday.

The ombudsman will personally

oversea a police investigation. The

man came from Brazil to learn

English. To those who loved him

most, he was Little Robert. He is

the latest taser related death.

Today, at the English language

school where he studied, students

were in mourning. Everybody was

very choked, it's a tragedy. I

don't know why they had to shock

him three times. Maybe one, it's

enough. But three times? They were

can abusing power. I believe mistakes

can happen and something happened.

We don't know really. It's

understood the victim had been

living in Sydney after his parents

passed away with his sister. Today,

police were at pains to reveal no

details of the incident. They say,

investigation. to protect the integrity of their

We need to be sure before we give

information out that it's accurate.

It's not good enough to say,

"Roughly." We are satisfied that

taser is regulated by the Police

Force. Some believe a breakdown in

communication may be to blame.

Police speak very fast, it's very

hard for us. No matter who is

ultimately held to account, this

remains a young life, lost too soon.

Police have charged a man with the

shooting murder of Dave Rixon in

Tamworth. 48-year-old Michael Alan

Jacobs is alleged to have opened

fire on the officer in a quiet

street, shooting him a number of

times in the stomach and chest. Mr Yeah yeah remains under police

guard in hospital and will face

court in May.

Detectives from the Strike Force

allege that the male acted alone.

And that the incident arose after

an attempt by senior constable

Rixon to engage the male in a

random breath test. Dave Rixon

children. leaves behind a wife and six

A former volunteer firefighter has

been found guilty of starting one

Saturday. of the deadly fires on Black

The jury's verdict can be aired for the first time.

The day after his arrest,

detectivetives take Brendan to where Churchill's Black Saturday

fire started. About here somewhere,

I'm not sure. Taking a rough guess.

Alright. What side of the track did

it start out? Driver. He claimed to

have thrown cigarette ash out his car

car window, sparking the blaze. I

get down towards here, and I notice

flames on the side of the road here. And

000. He was a farmer volunteer with

knowledge of how fire spread. And

the only stranger seen near where

the fire started. Residents were

furious. But he said, it was an

accident. Very upset. I did a

stupid thing and I caused all of

that. Detectives didn't believe him.

I put it to you that you lit two

fires. No. In that area. No. I had

no intention for this all to happen.

And now I've put up with this for

the rest of my life. And it makes

me sad. He could be the worst

killer. His tally of ten lives,

eclipsing the seven, mass murder

Victims family, in court, for the

verdict. His lawyer says an appeal

is likely. I think he's a bit lost

News. at the moment. Christopher, Ten

As if family budgets aren't

stretched enough. The cost of

petrol now is inflicting new levels

of pain. It's only going to get

worse. Some service stations across

Sydney have upped their prices by

as much as 16 cents per litre.

Remember when Tuesday used to be

cheap petrol day? At Coles Express, it's

it's a distant memory. 17 cents

more than the nearest competitor

and other Shell outlets. In fact,

four times the highly publicised

shopper discount. I've only 15

litres, it's better than paying

another 15 cent per litre. We see

it increase to levels not seen since

since 2008. Last week there was a

rise in global barrel prices.

Father drivers who prefer to

premium unleded in their car, they

know they have to pay more. When

you see ethanol prices at this

price, you know the pain will be

sever. The middle of the road

unleaded was today selling at

$169.9 per litre. It's this bottom

price that has taxidrivers worried.

Usually I spend $30 per day and now

I have to spend $40. Since January,

the price of LPG has risen 30 cents.

Does it make it hard for you? Of

course. Because of the extra cold

winter Europe had,

The increase. Performance, power,

reliability, as good as petrol. We

all know about Sydney's traffic

nightmare. It's causing a dangerous,

deadly spin-off. The number of

pedestrians hit, and sometimes

killed, is rising. Some are blaming

distraction. smart phones for being a very big

You are watching pedestrians

playing Russian roulette on our

roads. But this is not a game. We

are very concerned with what

pedestrians are doing. The

behaviour is extraordinary. And

it's increased in the last five

years. The latest Sydney figures

show in 2010, there were more than 1300 accidents involving

pedestrians. Yet, more and more,

are defying the law and the obvious

dangers. Sir, do you rel lice that

you were jaywalking there? Yes, I

do. Isn't that terrible. Get the

police to arrest me. I did. You

weren't concerned about crossing

the road on the red man? I was

concerned about finding something

on my phone unfortunately. It takes

just one to get the crowd moving.

We are behaving like sheep. One

walks, the rest follow. The police

and local authorities fear the

risks are increasing, more people,

heavier traffic and less attention.

Many of them step off the footpath

without looking or stopping, and particularly listening, because

they have earplugs in or they're on

the phone or texting. The rise of

modern media has sparked an urgent

work safe review. It will be taking

submissions until the end of April.

While the fine has been upped to

$59, some councils have taken more

drastic steps, fencing off their

roads to force pedestrians to cross at the lights.

So we thought it's time to ask you.

On Sydney Soapbox tonight. Should

be fined for jaywalking.

Jim Stynes was widely adored by AFL

fans. His story and death today has

touched and inspired people across

the nation. His braifr on the field

won him the game's highest honour.

His work with troubled children off

the field made him a great.

His pair nents Ireland should be

very, very proud of his

contribution to Australia, not only

of AFL but his manner in which he

cared about young people that hit

hard times. We will always remember

Jim as a great footballer, great

man and person of great courage and

someone who even in the depths of

his illness took the time to

inspire others. The Stynes family

has accepted an offer of a state

funeral. His wife says Jim died

peacefully from brain cancer

without pain. He was surrounded by

his family. He was 45.

On a brighter and somewhat lighter

note you may have missed the world

record or he may have.... But James

Magnussen has blasted his way to

his first Olympic team. He is

determined to dominate the 150m freestyle in London.

The rest of the world had better

muscle up. Brace yourselves.

There's a missile headed for London.

James Magnussen last night

reinforcing his gold medal in swimming's glamour event.

Just 0.19 of a second outside the

world mark. I've been telling

people since I was a young boy that

I would go to the Olympics. The

laidback 20-year-old is not only

fast along the black line but with

a one liner too. After meeting his

parents last night.... We know

where he gets it from. I'd take my

shirt off but I've got a better

body than him. Last night's race

was the fastest in the world since

supersuits were banned. I'm going

to do everything within my power to

break the world record. I want to

be considered the fastest man in

history. Just behind the Missile is

the man known as 1 rocket. James

Roberts finished second last night.

His time the same as James

Magnussen clocked to win the world

title last year. The pair sharing

more than just a name. We're born

on the same day, exactly the same

age. I've grown up competing

against him. Blast-off to London is

just four months awhich.

Still ahead - the new technique

easily correcting a common and

expensive dental problem.

Also - a tornado rips through

Townsville doing more damage than

Cyclone Yasi. And later, not in our

shire. Moves to ban a reality TV

show from Sydney south. We are

disgusted. It's incredible. It's smuck

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A woman is in hospital after a

shooting in Sydney south-west. The

48-year-old was shot in a car park

of a Bossley Park sports club last

night. Police were called to a

nearby house, where they found the

body of the woman's ex-husband. He

died from a self inflicted gunshot. Federal

Federal Labor are celebrating with

the mining tax getting through

Parliament. It will bring in $10

billion, it's claimed, over the

next three years. But only if it survives

survives a High Court challenge and

Tony Abbott's pledge to get rid of

it if he wins the election.

Wayne Swan got himself so excited,

he got kicked out of Parliament.

The treasurer should remove himself

from the chamber. There is a lot of

emotion in this for Labor. It

helped to bring down Kevin Rudd,

fixing it was a foundation promise

for Julia Gillard. I think I'm

entitled to go scoreboard. At the

moment, it's running more in my

favour than yours. The tax will

raise $10.6 over the next three

years, some of it going to boost

superannuation. It will strengthen our

our economy, investment and employment.

employment. But the business tax

cut, still has to be passed. The

Opposition opposition says it is business,

business, not the Government, that

bears the burden for the

superannuation hike. We are

absolutely, 100%, committed to

repeeling the carbon tax and the

mining tax. And then, there's the

possibly High Court challenge. The

billionaire miner says he's up for

it, the WA Government ready to join

in. This is a tax on western

Australia. It's like your neighbour

turning up and saying, "I've

decided to sell your living room."

In ten years time, when the mine

you are working in, is mined out,

there will not be a mine to replace

it. The Prime Minister says it's

about ordinary Australians getting

a fair share. It means we're

determined to stand for the

benefits to the many, rather than

to the privileged few. And we are

joined now with an interesting day

in politics. Clive Palmer has

launched an extraordinary attack on

the Greens today the. Clive Palmer

says the Greens are being funded by

the CIA to destroy the Australian

coal industry. Now, his argument is,

that the United States is trying to

do damage to the Australian

resources industry, so that its own

domestic industry can benefit. He

claims there is an organisation

called the rocker feller

organisation, the world knows that

as an institute. He says it's a CIA

organisation that is funnaling money

money and the -- he says the Greens

are part of the conspiracy. In the

election, all their candidates

should resign if they are funded by

an off- shore organisation. Clive

Palmer's vast wealth is plainly no

substitute for intelligence or common sense.

A tornado has ripped through

Townsville, leaving hundreds of

residents homeless. Dozens of roofs

were ripped from houses in wind

gusts of 15km/h. Residents say the

early morning storm was worse than

Cyclone Yasi, which devastated the

north of the state last year.

Just massive devastation, like, we

had no damage at all in Cyclone

Yasi. It's just ripped through here.

The The area has been declared a

disaster zone and the army has been

called in to clean-up.

Very different story in Sydney.

Behind you, is probably the only

water we are going to see in the

sky for the next few days. It's

that a nice thought. Good evening,

everybody. Blue skies. We will

spread them, even if temperatures

will flebgttwait over the next few

days. The blue stuff will shine at

us right through Monday. A good-

looking day, you can see that. 23

degrees, regulartive humidity. It

is pleasant Ville. Speaking of

which, let's look at NSW today.

The details are worth listening to.

Thank you, Tim. Next up - our

builders are the latest to feel

economic pain. We'll also check out

the day's finance results in our

CommSec report. The nation mourns

after a killer opens fire in

children in southern France.

And finding her feet - princess

Kathryn makes her first official royal

(ROOSTER CROWS) Come on, guys. These chickens have gotta be fed. WOMAN: KFC is looking at how to improve things. So we now serve free-range chicken Tenders. OK... Whoa! It's a big deal for us, so we got sent out here to see it firsthand. Bring the chooks back in, guys! It's all part of the goodification.

Welcome back to Ten News. A Sydney

surge inhas pioneered a world first

technique for teenagers with

overbites. The procedure is

designed for 12-year-old to 14-

year-olds before any serious damage can develop.

This 14-year-old is all-smiles at

her check-up. Over a year ago she

wouldn't open her mouth for fear of

being rid called due to her

overbite and receding jaw. I got

teased practically every day. 25%

of Australians suffer, creating

cosmetic and health issues. The

biggest problems are to do with the

airway and then the teeth not

meshing at all. Jas minute are

breathing and snoring problems

while her lip was damaged. Traditional

Traditional medicine has pulled the

inner bite inwards. Sydney's new

medical centre inserts two small

cuts and inserts screws which

parents turn 1 millimetre every day.

It comes forward with the teeth,

that corrects the overbite. If we

look underneath, this starts to

widen here as well as this coming

forward. I was so worried it was

going to hurt. When I got them in I

thought, "Well it's not that bad,

not as bad as I was thinking."

Instead of facing procedures for up

to four years, this is only day

surgery. I look so different and am

so happy. I'm proud of myself. I

cannot talk highly about this.

There is no downsides to it. Vic

Lorusso joins us now from the

traffic helicopter above the M4. It

looks like peak hour morning

configuration from where I sit at

the moment, after a four-car

accident. We have all lanes

effected and delays all the way

back into Gosford. It's fairly

typical for a week-day flow. There

is one car left from the accident

in the breakdown bay. The delays

setback into Prospect and the

western suburbs. After a smash on

penny hills road. Thank you.

Our building industry has long been

a barometer of the economy.

Developers can't seem to pay their

bills and hundreds of workers are

now losing their jobs.

The financial crisis in Europe

means big businesses are going bust.

And that's sending Australian workers broke.

Developers aren't paying builders

and in turn workers are waiting for

their wages each week. They are not

getting paid on time. Some aren't

getting paid at all It's

devastating. I've seen workers put

on the scrap heap. Many tradies had

a gutful. I estimate 50,000

families moving to a different

state, because they can't keep

working in NSW. The state of the

economy in NSW is no different to

what it is in Greece at the moment.

Tony is owed $5 hundred thousand

for work on the greast western

highway. I've been in business for

some time so I'm able to roll with

the punches. Many of the

contractors probably will lose

their homes, their lively hoods.

The State Government is taking

action. They gave money under the

condition it would filter through

to the subcontractors. There is an

inquiry under way to ensure that

happened. If not, legal action is

imminent. Builders believe Barry

O'Farrell could do more. It

disturbs us that most contractors

are hung out to dry while this

argument continues. My grandmother

always told me, "An apple a day

keeps the doctor away." Apple

shares have done wonders for investors's portfolios. Sales of

the iPad have topped 3 million

units. The best release of an iPad

to date. Last night, it announced a

dividend for the first time in 15

years. Now, believe it or not,

Apple sits in about 92 billion

dollars of cash. Today, the Reserve

Bank released the minutes from the

last trait meeting. No surprise,

saying it's optimistic about the

state of the economy. David Jones

Consecutive day. remained in a trading halt for

France is on high alert for a

killer who gunned down four people

outside a Jewish school. The man

opened fire at drap-off time,

killing a rabbi, his two young sons

and a little girl. The stolen

scooter were used in two over

deadly drive-by shooting at

soldiers in the area last week.

President Nicholas Sarkozy

suspended his re-election campaign

to raise the country's terror alert

to scarlet. That's the highest level possible.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took

centre stage today, making her

public speaking debut. Kathryn

opened a hospice for sick children,

herself. delivering a speech she wrote

If she was nervous, she didn't look

it. Wearing an old dress of her

mum's so the focus would be on the children, not fashion, Kate

Middleton looked like a seasoned

royal as she greeted the crowds.

I'm only sorry that William can't

be here today. (LAUGHTER)

He would love it here. A view of

team his, that I share, is that through

team work, so much can be achieved.

What you have all achieved here is

extraordinary. The occasion was the

children's inauguration of the tree house

children's hospice. The Duchess

wrote the speech herself. For many,

this is a home from home, a

lifeline, enabling families to live

as normally as possible during a

very precious period of time. She

received a big round of applause

when she finished. The 30-year-old

picked up the musical instruments

and joined in on a therapy session.

With her husband away on duty in

the Falkland Islands, the Duchess

was left to represent the charity

on her own. Royal watchers were

ready to compare the speech with

her mother-in-law's effort when she

was just 20. Most rated it as

excellent but gave Dianna for

delivering her's in Welsh. And

still to come - the gene that

causes high cholesterol in

teenagers and children.

And boom gates at the border. The

extreme plan to prevent a reality

TV show in

Unlike some car insurance prices that increase year after year,

right now GIO has a 2-year price guarantee on new comprehensive car insurance. Call GIO on 13 10 10 today.

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Tonight teas headlines - the

victim's of Sunday's taser shooting

has been identified as a 21-year-

old Brazilian student. The

ombudsman will oversee a police

investigation into his death.

The mudder of Dave Rixon has been charged.

Sydney motorists are feeling new

levels of pain at the petrol pumps.

Some service stations have upped

their prices as much as 16 cents per

per litre.

Moves are under way to boost the

detection of a gene putting people

at risk of a heart attack. Tens of

thousands of raurns unaware they

even have the condition.

33-year-old Cathy was born with the

gene that causes high cholesterol,

putting her at risk of an early heart attack. The inherited

condition, discovered through a

screening program as Royal pert Hospital.

Hospital. It is a relief, because

now we can be treated and hopefully,

my children, if they have it, can be

be treated. The mother of two was

tested along with her sister. It

followed the discovery that her

father had the gene after four

heart attacks and open-heart

surgerys. If you know you have it,

it goes down the line, through your

children, grandchildren. WA, NSW

are kurpbtdly the only states

running the program. This family

are among hundreds who have been

screened. The best thing is that my

children can be examined and

treated from the age of five. And

if they can find it, we can manage it,

it, so nothing bad ever happens to

them. 50,000 Australians have the

gene. More than 80% are unaware

they are at risk. Doctors say early

detection gives young people the

chance to alter their life styles.

You can receive treatment with

lifestyle, diet, and medication, that lower cholesterol to prevent

you developing a heart attack in

future life. The screening program

here at Royal pert Hospital has

been so successful, industry

experts want the same model of care

rolled out across Australia.

The cameras haven't started rolling

yet - but a new Chanel Ten reality

TV show is causing a stir. The con

null law mayor wants the production

of 'The Shire' shutdown. It will be

based on the US show, ratings smash

filled with drinking, sex and violence. And

And now, it's coming to Sydney. We

are disgusting. It's smuck TV. It's

incredible! Chanel Ten Glynns film

its new show 'The Shire' next week.

It will be funny. It will be

something that people will watch,

it will paint The shire in a

neglect give light. It's a great

location, we will highlight that

region. There's beautiful beaches,

great calfas. When TV executives see

see ratings, local leaders see

disaster. The man has called in

lawyers. We are very much about

family. If we can stop a production

like this, it's up to us as

counsellors to do it. 'The Shire'

brings publicity. Sometimes people

might get hung up about what their

kids do. We are a little bit more

broad minded out here at Penrith.

It will be show cased to the global

stage. The show hits screens midyear.

Hitting our screens right now, with sports tonight.

Rugby League staff facing a lengthy

ban. Tony Williams is facing a ban

and we have the legend who doesn't

want Mason maize with the Tigers.

Also trying to stay striets ahead -

NRL stars hit the road together for

a united front against the push.

Also, Missile targets London. VOICEOVER: It's on. Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. 'La Traviata' with wine, food and fireworks in an unforgettable night under the stars. Tickets from $85 at Also, Missile targets London. STR

We look at the organisation, with

your help has saved the lives of

million of children. Plus, Dame Edna live in the studio.

See you soon.

Manly en force a long stint on the

sidelines for a dangerous throw.

The blues hopeful will be ban

initialed for seven weeks if he

pleads guilty, ten if he pleads not guilty and loses.

He didn't mean it. I think the

judiciary should take into account

if there was malice involved, there

wasn't. Cronnulla upset the Sea

Eagles for their first win of the

season. Mason should be signed,

sealed and delivered to West Tigers

by the week's end. Since returning

from fans, he has shed 5 kil. The

32-year-old divides opinion, former

NSW captain doesn't understand the

Tigers interest. He is not prepared

well. He went to France and

couldn't do anything there. It's

believed Mason will sign a 2-year deal.

It's the week where Australia's two biggest winter sports go head-to-

head in Sydney's west. Today, the

AFL took centre stage by launching

the Swans Giants derby. It won't

gift rival card a free kick. After

two years of talk, it's time to get

it on. AFL took to the harbour, Rugby League hit the road.

Nothing more Westie than the M4. At

the end of the day, you know, it's

Rugby League heart land for a

reason, it's working class

community. It's where the battle is

being fought. The western Sydney

academy where they work part-time

with former NRL star. I think the

statistics show Rugby League is the

number one sport. Motorists are

given a reprieve as the four

western clubs pose for a poster of

which thousands will be sent to

local schools. This, though, is not about

about running a rival sport out of

town. Look, to tell you the truth,

I don't care about the GWS. The

clash of codes to intensify

tomorrow. There will be an AFL air-

raid into Sydney. A western derby on

on Friday. And Giants debut against

the Swans on Saturday. The Bulldogs

and Tigers home games. Israel Folau

paid millions to be the draw card.

We'll let him out, bang, first

quarter. It will have many watching.

Fou fou will play his first game.

That will be my five minutes worth.

For the West, this week is going to

be a little different.

Tomorrow - on a wing and a prayer -

we open up about life away from footy.

The inaugural White Ribbon trophy

has been launched under the Sydney

Harbour Bridge. It's the annual

Sydney derby. The first double z at

the debut on Saturday night.

There's never been anything but war

on the Sydney swapbs. Don't think

about that. They know, they know....

The swapbs are firm favourites to

win the first trophy in support of

the campaign against women.

Libby Trickett has another chance

tonight to book a ticket to the

Olympics. And somebody who won't be

at the Games Ian Thorpe. His return

to the pool after his failed

attempt to qualify. Two days after

his Olympic comeback fell flat. Ian

Thorpe is poolside. He is still

having fun. Few would be enjoying

themselves more than James

Magnussen. Hours after winning the

100m freestyle. He was back this

morning posting a personal best over

over 50m. I'm happy with my skills

and dive and underwater. It's

improved a lot since last year.

James Magnussen was 1900th of a

second off the world record 100m.

Now that I sit back and look at

last night's swim, it's a pain in

the bum that I got down that close

and didn't get it. But, you know,

I'm confident I'll get it at the

Olympics. His coach agrees,

revealing James Magnussen has been

suffering a chest infection. He has

been crook for a few days. Too

tonight is about returning stars.

Likewise, Michael Klim, ninth

fastest this morning. Libby

Trickett has what she describes as

her best chance of making the

London team, needing to finish in the top six.

Ten commentator joins us now. It's

Libby Trickett's moment of truth

tonight? Wouldn't her smile be

beaming if she could actually get

there. She needs to finish top six

to make it for an individual spot.

There are many girls swimming

exceptionally fast. Our other

comeback kids, Michael Klim is

trying to make the 100m butterfly

final. They will like you for

calling them kids. It will be a

tough ask. The older boys are

pacing themselves a little better.

They weren't the fastest through

this morning in the heats. They

don't need to be. They've made it

through to the semifinals. Top

eight tonight will see them into

the final and anything is possible. Great night.

We go to England for 15 public

examples of domestic bliss. UK wife

carrying championship shows an

amazing bond between cup as. Tom

and Christy overcame hay to win the

event. Pride, honour and a barrel

of beer for the winners.

To go with our Play of the Day.

They say never say never. I'm

confident in saying that will never

be a Olympic sport. Probably not.

The husband carrying, la lasts an

entire marriage, doesn't it. I have

to carry you lot every night of

every week. Thanks for coming.

Another traffic update. Vic Lorusso

there are problems tonight. There

are after an earlier breakdown for

the trafficing into the north-west.

Take a look at this. Commuters will

be home late into the north-west,

once again, via M2 after that

earlier breakdown. Luke Bailey is

coming up with the weather details.

What say we go splashing if four or

five days of brilliant blue sky? I

think we can organise it after the break.

The final look at the weather now.

And every time you are at the

Olympic Park you find a brand new

little spot that just surprises and

impresses us all. Lovely day,

Sandra, lovely shot. We with can

thank Steve, our great camera man

for this tonight. This is the

fountyain at the Olympic Park, well

worth a look. This is a day that is

just shining at you, folks. The

good news is we have four or five

more of them. Cross your fingers,

trust me, I'm a weather man.

Tomorrow should be glorious, 26-29

degrees. There will be a

fluctuation in temperatures. Friday

will be up again to 26, maybe 28

degrees. And then the weekend,

colder with winds down to 10 in

some spots and the Max around 23

for the weekend. Delightful autumn

blue skies just shining at you under the fountain.

Up to the satellite. That trough

loaded with a deep tropical low. A

large high puts the winds onto the

coastlines of NSW. This could

develop into a tropical cyclone in

the next 48-hours. A cold front

also works towards Tasmania and

Victoria. What does all of that

mean for rainfall? For the next 24-

hours, north and eastern parts of

Queensland are bruised and battered

by heavy rains. Around Australia

tomorrow - for some

Tonight - we farewell a true

inspiration. The mining tax is

through, so who are the winners and

losers? And the most famous woman

ever to walk the earth, Dame Edna

joins us live.

This is The Project.

This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to The

Project. It's Tuesday and so we see

Mr Steve Price. A huge night coming


It's great to have you here - you

are mates with Tony Abbott. No more

than you are with Kevin Rudd. Go-

ahead. Ush mates with him. Tony

said something today in Canberra which Little bit.