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(generated from captions) moment. Emma, thank you for

joining us. We'll talk again.

In few minutes, Vanessa will be

here with a look at the

weather. Ly ahead, nationals senator senator leader Barnaby Joyce

what happened in that will be here to tell us exactly

conversation with Malcolm

Turnbull over coffee, why he

doesn't want a position on

Malcolm Turnbull's frontbench.

Now, one of the promises Kevin

Rudd made before last year's

election was to set solid

targets for reducing Australia's carbon emissions. Now the Federal Government is

being accused of deliberately

holding back progress on a

global climate change treaty by

delaying the release of

delaying the release of these

targets. Greens senator Chris

tonne Milne joins us now from

Hobart. Welcome. Thank you.

Why should Senator Wong reveal

the targets in Poland rather

than a week later as

planned? Well, because it's an

act of bad faith to go to a

global negotiation and refuse

to be able to discuss what your

country's position is .

Remember, it was last year Remember, it was last year that

Penny Wong told the world she

wouldn't say what the mid-term

target is because we were

waiting for this Garnaut. This

year she is saying to say

"We're not going to tell you. We'll tell Australia when we

get home." Now with the change

of administration in the US,

the real issue is to try to get

India and China on board.

They've made it very clear that

to make they expect the tochled world

to make deep cuts. The

scientists are telling us we

have to get to at least 30 or

40%. The Greens' position is

40% below 1990 by 2020. And so

the expectation is that the

Australian Government is going

to settle between 5 and 15% cut

by 2020. So you're saying

obviously that's not

adequate? It's not adequate,

and the rest of the world will

say that, too, because the negotiating range that everybody's everybody's talking about

globally is 25 to 40%, and so

Australia would be well, well

below even the bottom line of

where the rest of the world

expects to be negotiating. The

key role that Penny Wong will

play in Posnan is as chair of

the umbrella group. That's one

of the main negotiating blocs.

It includes all the laggards.

Japan, It's the United States, Canada,

Japan, the Saudis and Australia

F that bloc decides to block

and sabotage the negotiations

by not getting any progress

toward as global outcome then

Australia will be playing a key

role in making sure we don't

get to a global treaty by the

end of 2009. So it's a serious

position that Australia has.

And I really fear that the Rudd

Government is going to be

potential for actually blowing up the

potential for a global

agreement rather than

facilitating one. This would

seem to be an extraordinary

turnaround. There's been a lot

of expectation on Labor on this

issue. Do you think they have

been a lot of talk and no

action? Absolutely. All that's

changed from the Howard era is

the rhetoric. Certainly, they

ratified Kyoto and everyone was

was very happy about that, but that

was a rel ifl it small step.

Since then they promised. A

lot. They promised a 20%

mandatory renewable energy

target but they haven't

legislated for T they're

actively preventing a national

gross feed-in tariff for the

rollout of new renewable

energy. Here they are still

subsidising the logging of the

greatest carbon stores

Australia has, that's our

off old-growth forests and heading

off to Posnan justifying the

logging of forests in Australia

whilst trying to tell Indonesia

and PNG they have to stop