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(generated from captions) Because I need you to do this, Rick. For Ridge, for me, for everybody. Just go to Paris, make a life for yourself there. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia This program is captioned live. Tonight - the athletics coach accused of indecently assaulting six girls in his care. He protests his innocence in this matter.

Big-drinking rugby league players cause more headaches for the game. It's extremely disappointing, what Jake did. And swimming's Geoff Huegell trims down for an amazing comeback. Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully.

And I'm Bill Woods. Also - payback time - the Government moves to cap fat corporate payouts. And, why it pays to take care when retrieving your mobile from a drain. But first - a former athletics coach has been ordered to stay away from children after being accused of indecently assaulting his pupils. Fresh charges were laid against Les Bird today after three more alleged victims gave statements to police. For more than a decade, Leslie John Bird coached some of Sydney's brightest young athletic stars. Today he faced court accused of indecently assaulting six of the female pupils in his care. My client does not wish to say anything to the media. If you'd respect that, thank you. But he protests his innocence in this matter and that will be dealt with in court at a later stage. Bird is accused of kissing and touching the girls aged between 12 and 17,

on their breasts and genitals during training sessions. It's alleged to have occurred at this Epping track and other locations, at Homebush and Newington between 1999 and 2006. The married 67-year-old was arrested last month, but another three young women have since come forward and today fresh charges were laid. Les Bird's coaching accreditation was revoked in 2002 when these allegations started to emerge. He continued to offer private tuition, but he's now been banned from that under the conditions of his bail. One of the alleged victim's mothers sobbed outside court and thanked police for their sensitivity. Investigators believe there may be more victims. Our investigation into this matter is ongoing and I'd ask that anyone who has information they feel would add value to the investigation, they contact us, and naturally that information will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Bird will be back in court in May. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. The national rugby league is battling two new scandals again involving players who'd been drinking. Sharks halfback Brett Seymour has been suspended indefinitely while the Roosters are under attack for letting hooker Jake Friend play this weekend even though he's been charged with a serious drink driving offence.

Jake Friend was training with the Roosters today despite yesterday being caught with an alleged blood alcohol reading of 0.162. Three times the limit for most, but as a P-plater, he shouldn't have any in his system. It's extremely disappointing what Jake did, a lot of people under pressure there's no doubt he put including himself, the general public who were on the road at the same time. The club fined him $10,000, but won't stand him down - a decision that's been labelled soft by some after the Sharks suspended Brett Seymour indefinitely. He passed out in a garden bed outside a Cronulla nightclub on Monday morning after a reported 10-hour drinking binge. The Sharks Club is disappointed.

Seymour was sacked from the Broncos in 2006 for allegedly headbutting a woman at a night club. Paul Dillon has tried to teach high-profile players, but the message doesn't always get through. It's hard to get it in at the appropriate time and to make it realistic and credible to players - they don't see that it's going to happen to them.

While Brett Seymour isn't accused of doing anything illegal,

this certainly isn't the type of image the club wants to project. Officials from the Cronulla Sharks will look at CCTV from inside the nightclub before they work out what they'll do with him next. The fallout continues to hurt the game - Ten News has learnt at least one high school has suspended its league development program. The NRL board will hold a crisis meeting tomorrow to decide if Friend should be allowed to play. Evan Batten, Ten News. The widow of the young Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan this week has revealed her husband had spent only a few days with their new son. 21-year-old Corporal Mathew Hopkins was on patrol when his team was attacked by the Taliban. His widow, Victoria, has released a statement that read: "Matt had the most important job - "he was a father to our son Alex, my husband and my best friend. "He was excited about becoming a daddy. "He only got to spend four days with our son. "I'm so glad that Mat got to meet his son and experience fatherhood." Corporal Hopkins is the ninth Australian killed on service in Afghanistan. Shareholders could be given new powers to take revenge on bad bosses and overturn huge executive payouts. Under the plan, golden handshakes of more than a year's salary will have to be put to a vote. Mass sackings and plunging profits haven't dulled the lustre of termination payouts for Australia's executives - the golden handshake often amounting to millions. The retirement gold watch replaced by a truckload of gold bullion. You don't have to look too far for examples - as Pacific Brands announced it would sack 1,800 workers, its former chief executive was enjoying his retirement benefit of almost $3.5 million. And there was community outcry at the potential of a $20 million payout

to Suncorp Boss John Mulcahy, despite his presiding over bad debts and a falling share price. The outrageous approaches that have been justified in recent years simply cannot be justified in the clear light of day. Now the Government will pass the torch to shareholders.

Approval will now be required for a termination payment exceeding one year's base pay. Former competition watchdog Allan Fels will also investigate executive salaries, reporting back in nine months - a pregnant pause according to the Greens. Those CEOs aren't going to put off nine months sacking thousands more Australians. The Australian Institute of Company Directors has expressed disappointment at the heavy-handed approach - while acknowledging some bad decisions have been made, it still believes business can self regulate. If the US is any guide, that's unlikely. American insurer AIG has announced it will pay back millions in taxpayer-rescue dollars used to fund executive bonuses. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Life savings are being swallowed up by greedy superannuation companies preying on people who've switched jobs or changed employers. The Federal Government wants to make the penalty fees they charge illegal and make compensation payable.

In tough economic times, the workforce is more mobile than ever. And failing to take super funds with them is a one-way ticket to eroding retirement savings. Fees can go up by 50% simply by leaving an employer. 20% of Australians change jobs each year. Those that fail to roll over their nest eggs are being automatically flipped to higher fee funds. I think I've got about seven. Three. Why have you got three? Who knows? Because I haven't gotten round to rolling them over.

A 1% fee hike eats into super balances - often without workers knowing. That could make a 20% difference to your end benefit. With the financial crisis claiming jobs by the tens of thousands, Canberra is cracking down. They lose their job, and then their fees can double and reduce their retirement savings by hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's unconscionable and it will be stamped out. The Minister is moving to change the law and wants superannuation watchdog to look at compensating sacked workers. I've asked the regulator

to give me a full report on these secret practices. But these so-called secret practices have actually been rife in the industry for more than a decade and it's only the surging unemployment rate that has prompted the Federal Government to finally take action against super fee abuse. Change may be on the way, but there's no changing the outlook for super returns this year. Super returns so far this year? Diabolical. Jacqueline Maddoxk, Ten News. The Headlines in Sport with Brad McEwan at Sydney Olympic Park. Brad - Nick D'Arcy is back on the Australian swimming team, for now at least. Yes, D'Arcy will be sentenced in a Sydney court next week for that assault on Simon Cowley, but he put all that behind him last night. He broke his own national butterfly record to win his place back onto the Australian squad. There was extreme focus and a lightning start - Nick D'Arcy was flying. COMMENTATOR: A great performance here. Watching on - his parents, hand in hand on the edge of their seat. This swim is looking good. For a night at least their family troubles were gone. D'Arcy let's his swimming do the talking. His time a new Australian record. Nick's father could finally breath a sigh of relief - his son was back in the Australian squad. Yeah, woo! Look at that - he's waving at you guys.

How does that feel? Oh, that's a terrific swim for Nick. I'm really happy for him - he's had an incredibly difficult year as you can imagine. I turned around, saw the time, and I was just stoked.

Whether D'Arcy gets to keep his spot on the squad is now in the hands of the legal system - he'll be back in court next Friday for sentencing

over that assault in a Sydney nightclub 12 months ago. Obviously there's another part to this as to whether or not I went to Worlds but I've done the first part to the best of my ability.

This morning, the Geoff Heugill comeback gathered more momentum. COMMENTATOR: And Heugill's gonna get second, I reckon. He's through to the semifinals of the 50m butterfly. I'm gonna definitely give it all my best and hopefully we can come away with a medal. Regardless, he's has already won. This was Heugill before his return to the pool. Just 18 weeks later he's shed a massive 40 kilograms.

I've still got about another five or six kilograms I wanna lose but I definitely know that I'll never let myself blow out like that again. Paul Cochrane, Ten News. Shortly in sport - we'll have the Swedish swimmer who claims she lost her world record here because of sexist rules. Also - more on the NRL's latest drunken dramas. Plus, are they the Belmore Broncos? The Bulldogs unveil yet another former Brisbane star who has a warning for the game's problem players. And boat crews and other competitors take a pounding as an unexpectedly large swell rolls in at the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships in Perth. Also ahead, a host of big names back for the Socceroos. Still to come - an axe murderer who killed three, finally confesses. Plus - the last of the underworld's Moran clan narrowly dodges a bullet. And business casualties mount up as the Inner West Metro steams ahead. Does your toothpaste protect you against bacteria that causes plaque, cavities and gum problems? Harmful bacteria starts returning the minute you stop brushing. That's why there's Colgate Total. Only Colgate Total is proven to provide 12-hour antibacterial protection against plaque. And also: Colgate Total. Superior protection for teeth and gums. VOICEOVER: What's the buzz on TransACT?

When you sign up to selected TransACT mobile Cap plans you'll get a free mobile, Get a plan and a mobile from as little as $19 per month and get a ton of talk time with up to $200 included credit every month! Plus, you'll even get a free return flight to selected Australian destinations. So visit us at Civic, Gungahlin or Woden, head online, or call today: To get the good vibes from TransACT mobile. A 69-year-old man - accused of murdering his family with an axe at Cowra - has pleaded guilty. He was arrested in June last year after a killing spree that claimed the lives of his 52-year-old wife, 7-year-old grandson and 5-year-old granddaughter. He has also admitted to attempting to murder his 31-year-old daughter. The man has appeared in Wagga Wagga court by video-link from jail. He will be sentenced in May. A member of one of Melbourne's most notorious underworld clans An anxious wait for thousands of families who fear they'll be affected by the Sydney Metro line. They won't know for sure if they'll be re-located for months. Most kids love to build, but for these children, it may soon have to be somewhere else because the State Government's building too. And this childcare centre is in the way - the Rozelle access for the Sydney Underground. We are the human casualties of this situation. The kids are the ones that are going to be most affected by this. The $4.8 billion rail link is planned to run from Central to Rozelle, with up to seven stations throughout the city. The centre's earmarked for relocation, 500 families would struggle to find an alternative. People need this service, people are calling our centre saying, "Are you shutting down?"

Chardi Tahan runs a family-owned chemist. They've spent millions renovating this prime spot on Victoria Road - only to be told third-hand it's also a possible site needed for the metro. We've spent so much time, effort, money, I mean, it's priceless the amount of effort we've put into it. This demonstrates again that they make announcements on the run without doing their homework. Those living here aren't against public transport, but claim the whole project is being rushed and poorly planned. This is more like an election push to guarantee more votes. The State Government denies it's got anything to do with the election

and that it's planning on the run. It says it's just the way the process works.

We've gone to people as early as we can, we haven't waited until we've finalised the route. That will happen in the second half of this year when businesses and residents will be told exactly how they're affected. Josh Murphy, Ten News. Animal welfare groups are furious at a South Coast zoo. an escaped lioness has been shot dead

should have been used, They say a tranquillizer gun there was no time. but devastated staff say at Mogo Zoo. The big cats are the main attraction Now one of the pride is dead - after she escaped an unlocked cage. a 9-year-old lioness was shot

She was still in a non-public area in a public area but she was moving towards a gate beyond that. and there was a potential risk back to the lion enclosure, As keepers tried to lure her into safe houses. visitors were herded the zoo's owner ordered the killing. 10 minutes later The decision has to be made - it was an important decision, it was a split-second decision, by the owner. that the animal was put down

killing was a drastic option. But Animal Liberation says Then to shoot the lion and get her back that way? rather than to dart her

why she was killed so quickly. I simply can not understand hate mail The zoo is already receiving that saved lives. but says it was a snap decision The real positive yesterday - as far as visitors and customers go. nobody got hurt, has been praised worldwide The privately run organisation white lion breeding program. for its successful how the cage was left unlocked. It will now investigate Emily Rice, Ten News. who truly must love dogs. Now to an artwork for someone half-animal fibreglass sculpture, 'Good Boy' is a half-human, unusually large appendage but it's the artwork's which has some art-lovers outraged. The husband and wife creators say they share with their pet dog the statue depicts the love who complains about the piece and anyone is simply jealous. who would buy that? I don't like it - While not everyone's cup of tea, $25,000. the work is expected to fetch

May have some big news for

Melbourne about another earthquake.

A small earth tremor has just been

reported in Victoria around 100

kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

It has registered 4.5 on the

Richter scale and interesting way

comes just 12 days after a similar

her trademark registered 4.6. The

SES said this stage reports that

while tremors were felt in the

metropolitan area, and no injuries metropolitan area, and no injuries

or property damage the -- damage at

this stage. 100 kilometres south-

east of Melbourne at 430 this east of Melbourne at 430 this

afternoon. Here in Sydney, the

Earth is not moving. It is 2230 degrees. containers of chemical Ahead, the Navy searches for that sank off Queensland. critically ill Also, actress Natasha Richardson a minor skiing mishap. after what seemed like you would expect from a ski lesson. It was a normal fall that your mobile phone from a drain. And the danger of trying to retrieve The jaws of life were used.

This program is captioned live.

Here we are looking at cars corneal.

There are some roadworks on the old

Norburn road and in their peak hour

- traffic is being diverted. I will

show you how bad -- that the delays

are. This left-hand lane on the old

North Road lads all the way back

round. Significant use were

motorists heading out towards motorists heading out towards

Castle Hill this afternoon.Accent. most notorious underworld clans A member of one of Melbourne's has survived an attempt on his life. he was the target of a masked gunman Desmond Moran says into his car windscreen. who fired a shot Desmond was in the passenger seat. But unknown to the shooter, and bang - This guy comes flying out of nowhere we'll be dead. I thought the next two or three, Neither man was injured. nephews Mark and Jason Moran

Desmond's brother Lewis Moran and

of Melbourne's underworld war. were all murdered at the height to help search for containers A navy mine hunter is being used

oil-soaked Moreton Island. off Queensland's

31 shipping containers The HMAS 'Yarra' is looking for the 'Pacific Adventurer', that fell off and spilling tonnes of oil. piercing its hull has been at a virtual standstill - The local trawler fleet

to locate the hazardous containers. fisherman had pleaded for such a ship early on which was not taken up It's something we called for that it was eventually taken up. but we're glad to see now wants a royal commission Brisbane's Lord Mayor of the oil spill and clean-up. to investigate the handling contributing to a Royal Commission North-east Victorians have begun

Black Saturday bushfires. into the devastating will help identify issues, Closed-door community sessions will investigate. Justice Bernard Teague And there's no shortage of opinions. and road signs Fuel reduction on roadways

in the forests as well. and certainly fuel reduction

is gathering evidence - What we are doing our submissions and formal hearings. we will be doing that through which killed more than 200 people The final report into the blazes is expected by July next year. with the ING Direct Finance report. Jacqueline Maddox is back Jacqui, DJs shares surged today

a strong result. as the retailer reported Yeah, it was a strong result retailers are currently facing. given the tough trading conditions outlook for the rest of the year. Investors were also with DJs positive was only up 2%, Net profit for the first half but that's despite a fall in revenue. of 11 cents a share. DJs has declared an interim dividend And Commbank boss Ralph Norris's plan who lose their jobs in the recession, to freeze the mortgages of people paying back the loan. wouldn't mean they'd be let off a 6-month holiday from repayments Those customers would be given until they get back on their feet. After a solid start,

off dragging the market into the red. the mining giants were heavily sold not too pleased Investors were clearly to cap corporate golden handshakes. with treasurer Wayne Swan's pledge

in Sydney tonight is $1. 10 a litre. And the average price of petrol And that's finance for today. has been flown home to New York Actress Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident in Canada. There are unconfirmed reports is brain dead. the wife of actor Liam Neeson by her hospital bed. Her family is keeping vigil was enjoying a skiing lesson British actress Natasha Richardson on one of the gentle slopes at the luxury Mont Tremblant Resort in Quebec when she took a tumble. She was a beginners trail, right in the middle of the trail. She didn't hit anyone or any thing. So it was a normal fall that you'd expect from a ski lesson. Initially the 45-year-old showed no signs of injury and stood up after the fall. There were even reports she was laughing and joking. An hour later she complained of a headache and was taken to a local hospital

before being transferred to intensive care in Montreal. She actually fell on her head, but not really hard, but you take no chances. Husband Liam Neeson, who was in Toronto filming his new movie, rushed to his wife's side. She was then taken by private jet to a New York hospital. Unconfirmed media reports in the US say the mother of two has been declared brain dead and is on life support. But another outlet has reported she has been sedated with brain swelling. Her family is expected to make a statement tomorrow. Mother! You're back! The well-respected and Tony award-winning actress is the daughter of screen legend Vanessa Redgrave. They appeared on screen together in the 2007 film 'Evening'.

Her mother has also flown to New York to be by her daughter's side. In the US, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Josef Friztl has briefly exposed his face to the cameras for the first time at his trial

for raping his daughter and fathering her seven children.

On the second day of the trial

the jury heard prerecorded video evidence from Elisabeth's older brother. Harold Fritzl says he was often assaulted by their father and knew his sister was being sexually abused but didn't know she was being kept in a dungeon. The 73-year-old accused again covered his face in court and is still refusing to answer questions. His lawyer says he's not a coward - simply ashamed. Americans are getting into the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day. Thousands of New Yorkers turned out for the annual parade to honour the patron saint of Ireland. Michelle Obama asked for the White House fountains to be dyed green and the Irish Prime Minister delivered shamrocks to the US President. Our first Irish ancestor came from the same county that the Taoiseach once represented, so we may be cousins.

We haven't sorted that out yet. The people of Dublin also celebrated St Patrick's Day with a traditional parade through the heart of the city. Back home, a St Patrick's Day reveller sparked an emergency when her arm became stuck in a drain. It took a team of firefighters about an hour to cut the woman free

after she tried to fetch a mobile phone that had fallen through the grate. a lot of reinforcing in it The concrete had so the jaws of life were used. which made it quite a difficult job, offering the woman their support A large crowd gathered distracted by the spectacle, while a motorist, rear-ended another car. crunch time for the alcopops tax. Still to come - Chrissy Amphlett auctions off Also, the Divinyls's one of her raunchy outfits. top designs for tiny tots. And the Fashion Festival showcases

Twist, twist, twist. Twist of real fruit. This is a good thing. I know this. water and a twist of real fruit. Nestea - a delicious blend of tea, (GRUNTS) (JAZZY BEBOP SONG PLAYS)

make the best choices. VOICEOVER: Barry doesn't always natural gas appliances in his home. But he got it right with To make your choice, visit: This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - ordered to stay away from children a former athletics coach has been indecently assaulting his pupils. after being accused of 12 offences against six girls. Leslie John Bird is charged with The Rudd Government is moving payments for company executives. to slash excessive termination requiring shareholder approval It will introduce laws exceeding one year's pay. for golden handshakes And big-drinking rugby league players for the game. are causing more headaches a drink-driving charge The Roosters' Jake Friend faces of 0.162. following an alleged reading Brett Seymour indefinitely The Sharks have suspended after a 10-hour binge. after he passed out in a garden bed Alcopops are set to become cheaper in the Senate. as the Government's tax hike fails has infuriated the Opposition Kevin Rudd the party of binge drinkers. by accusing them of becoming

in alcopops tax The tug of war over the 70% increase than a binge drinkers' hangover. is lasting longer a tax on one particular product! The best you mob can do is pull For his crucial vote the government three years Senator Fielding is offering during sport telecasts to ban alcohol advertising three years. I've given you a lifeline here - a bar of it. The Government won't have The Greens say he should compromise. on the burning deck Senator Fielding is the boy

throw you a lifeline," saying, "I'm going to having set flame to the ship. already collected The Opposition wants the $300 million rather than back to the distillers. to go to a fund support that amendment? Will the Government

itself the party for 'family values' The Liberal Party once calling is now the party for binge drinking. They stand absolutely condemned. It's offensive to all of us.

says the Government. Offensive but true, cheaper for teenagers. They going to make alcopops At stake for the Government and the binge drinking measures. is $1.6 billion of tax revenue it is all doomed. Short of a last-minute miracle, stimulus package as cash for crims. The Opposition also attacked the

How many criminals $900 cash splash cheque? will receive the Government's all who paid tax last year - he says, The answer -

for low income earners the same arrangements applied by the Howard Government. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. To news just in, has been temporarily stood aside and the head of Sydney's ferry fleet

while he's investigated for his Government-issue credit card. alleged misuse of

will remain on full pay Rear Admiral Geoff Smith is complete. while until the ICAC probe can start in the school yard, The destructive cycle of bullying lead to prison. and, in extreme cases, his young life being tormented. Nathan Cassar has spent most of constant torment of verbal abuse - I just went through this you're this and you're that," - "You're such a nerd, "What did I do to deserve that?" and I thought, But he's turned his life around, that's empowering kids working with a group to make positive decisions and teaching them and themselves. about how they treat others That story on tomorrow's news. is up for grabs. A piece of Australian rock history Divinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett uniforms to raise money for charity. has donated one of her iconic rock costumes in Aussie history - It's one of the most famous female for more than a decade Chrissy Amphlett performed in her trademark school uniforms. is being auctioned on eBay. Now one of the tunics

This one is from the '90s on the shoulders and it's smelly and it's got some buckles

that makes it even better. so hopefully the Multiple Sclerosis Society - The proceeds will go to a cause close to her heart. Amphlett, who now lives in New York, that she had the disease revealed only recently has been a stress and an anxiety, I think that keeping it all secret always a good thing. I think I can help others - The iconic costume was unveiled at the weekend at an MS fundraiser concert in Sydney before being put up for auction. the icing on the cake, so to speak. It was sort of Chrissy has been really good from her personal collection. and donated to bid for the famous costume Fans have until Sunday

a piece of rock history. and the chance to own crazy, wild, unpredictable, Her stage performance was always a piece of vintage clothing and, you know, when you buy to someone who had a colourful past. you sometimes feel that it belonged Meredith Marks, Ten News. Romance Was Born Sydney-based design duo $10,000 Woolmark Designer Award has taken out the coveted at Melbourne Fashion Week for their risky, spirited designs. about what we do I think it's pretty obvious to both of us. and this means so much young fashionistas found their feet Meanwhile, the next generation of on day three of the catwalk action. a welcome diversion for city workers. And free pop-up parades were the National Swimming Championships Brad McEwan rejoins us from that disallowed world record. and more drama over

who was disqualified claims Yes, the swimmer she's the victim of sexist rules. We'll hear from her next. attracting plenty of attention Plus, Geoff Huegill's after his amazing weight loss campaign pays off in the pool. He's done a great job to get back into shape. And far from Friend-less, the Roosters ride out the controversy over not standing down a young first grader for drink driving. When our early ancestors, the Homo habilis, started to eat red meat, our brains began to grow. Today, lean red meat is just as important. Its nutrients, omega-3s, iron, B12, are still essential for brain development. If Homo habilis hadn't eaten red meat, our brains wouldn't be the size they are today. But here it says Homo rudolfensis. Red meat - we were meant to eat it.

SONG: # Come on, rock it like this # Check it out, y'all... #

This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten sport from Sydney Olympic Park.

Swimming shortly, but first - Roosters coach Brad Fittler has defended his decision to allow Jake Friend to play this weekend, despite the hooker being charged for high-range drink-driving. The Roosters deny their decision sends the wrong message to the community. This is the little-known hooker many are calling to be stood down. But Jake Friend should be allowed to play, according to his coach. Well, from our point of view,

a $10,000 fine considering what Jake earns, is a really hefty fine. It's understood Friend earns $60,000 a season. One look around the Roosters training field

and Friend can't say he wasn't warned of potential ramifications. Fittler, though, says the team's policy on drinking is strict and doesn't need changing.

What they do the day after we have our rehab and video is totally up to them. they have spare time like everyone else in society, so if a few of those blokes choose to watch the footy at a hotel, then that's their choice. The Sharks today stood down halfback Brett Seymour whose public drunkeness breached the club's code of conduct on Sunday night. The timing of league's latest dramas couldn't be worse.

NRL boss David Gallop was in Canberra today lobbying politicians for more funding for the sport. The latest ex-Bronco to join the Bulldogs

has warned misbehaving players it will hurt them financially. Greg Eastwood was forced to stay in the NRL because his visa to join UK club Leeds on a rich 3-year deal

was rejected due to speeding offences. You've got to be good in any professional sport and if you make a mistake it can hurt your career. Former Storm forward Michael Crocker remains in limbo after his visa to join Hull was also knocked back because of an old affray charge.

Eastwood is appealing his visa cancellation. If successful he will join Leeds next season. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

here at Sydney Olympic Park today. There have been some explosive claims world record holder Therese Alshammar Swedish swimmer and disqualified wearing of two swimsuits is sexist. claims the new rule banning the and branded a cheat, A day after being disqualified was back on pooldeck Therese Alshammar

and defending her integrity. It's a little bit of a controversy to make the rules clear now but I think it's good have understood now. and everyone, including myself, just the one swimsuit today - She wore and was stripped of a world record. yesterday she wore two and sexist. She says the rules were confusing would be a modesty suit - I thought a modesty suit that's a bit sexist, I would almost claim their private parts up with briefs saying that the men can cover and women can only also wear briefs. to win her freestyle heat. She put it all behind her

So did Stephanie Rice. Last night she won the 200m medley. to get down to a solid time I'm really happy as I've had. with as little preparation

in the 200 butterfly final. Nick D'Arcy was streets ahead he's back on the Australian team. After a year of controversy, and be excited in that I'm just gonna relish today that's when I deal with that. and when the other stuff comes up, a new Commonwealth record Marieke Guehrer set in the 50m butterfly semis. What can we expect in the final then? never reveals her secrets. We'll see - a magician just giant steps for Geoff Huegill. No records, gonna get second, I reckon. COMMENTATOR: And Heugill's to get to this point Everything we've been doing has just been a stepping stone.

40 kilograms. That started with losing

tonight's 50m butterfly semifinals. Now it's about swimming fast in on getting onto the podium. I genuinely plan Brenton Rickard - So does Olympic silver medallist for tonight's 100m breastroke semis. he left plenty in reserve

early in the week Trying not to kill myself some faster swimming for the finals. and hopefully got Paul Cochrane, Ten News. side to take on Uzbekistan in Sydney, Harry Kewell is back in the Socceroos but Craig Moore and Vince Grella will miss out through injury. Kewell has been in excellent touch for his Turkish club side Galatasaray, after missing Australia's previous World Cup qualifier against Japan.

He's fit, he's well, he called me last week, he's very ready to be here and that's good. The Socceroos defeated Uzbekistan 1-0 in Tashkent in September. Another victory on April 1st at ANZ stadium would make Australia almost certain qualifiers for next years World Cup in South Africa. The Newcastle Jets have won their maiden Asian Champions League match, 2-nil victors over Korean side Ulsan Hyundai. Former Sydney and Central Coast striker Sasha Petrovski opened his account for his new club in impressive fashion. Petrovski then added another just before half-time

when he headed home a free kick to give the Jets their first points in the competition. West Australian batsman Adam Voges concedes he may never be selected for Australia again, after making himself unavailable for the upcoming one-day series against South Africa because it clashes with his wedding. The Aussies are preparing for the third Test in Cape Town and batsman Mike Hussey says he hopes Voges gets another chance in green and gold.

Thirties great bear him. I hope

there are dead many other

opportunities but him. You only get

married ones. South Africa coach Mickey Arthur says he expects Australia to retain the same XI that won the first two Tests. Wild surf in WA has created mayhem

on day one of the Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships. While the surf stars were in promotion mode today it was the masters and juniors forced to battle the tricky conditions. The boats struggling to stay afloat with crews ending up battered and bruised. Even the ski riders struggled to avoid the carnage, conditions expected to be much the same when the big guns of the sport hit the waves tomorrow. When the

When the surf is up like this.

Anyone can win. You cannot

eliminate anyone as a threat. Staying on land proving a much safer way to spend the day. In Sports Tonight - the highlights from this evening's swimming finals here at Sydney Olympic Park.

The alcopops tax has just passed

the Senate to enact a highly controversial circumstance.

You know how it is - you settle down, put on a few kilos. But I'm not worried. Then you have kids. (GIRL LAUGHS) Ohh! Life gets busier. You let yourself go a bit. I'm not worried.

Tip. You're it, Dad. Oh! (PANTS) For most people, waistlines of over 94cm for men

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..well, yeah, I got worried. To find out how you measure up, go to

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The alcopops tax has just has passed the Senate, in highly controversial circumstances. Ten's Political editor Paul Bongiorno is in Canberra. Paul, what's happened?

Are an opposition senator missed the

the vote, so the Senate will weaken

it. The family first member has

voted down the alcopops tax. He

joined the opposition. He will be

voted down again when they do the

vote again in 15 minutes. We are

now waiting

now waiting for a government

response.They will vote again in 15 minutes.

There is superb weather. The

picture tells the story. Look at.

Mordred is coming. Tomorrow another glorious

glorious day. 27 degrees. Friday

they will have a possible shower

but plenty of sunshine. Increasing

sunshine on Saturday. Sunday will

have blue sky us and tops of 26

degrees. It will be absolutely beautiful.

beautiful. Sydney in autumn is

absolutely beautiful. Sydney in autumn is absolutely beatable.

It is dry and very pleasant out

here. Widespread cloud over eastern

Queensland. Moist unstable winds

along the coast. There will be the

odd storm in mind. A developing

world will cause wins in East in

Queensland. Heavy winds -- heavy

rains on Queensland's coast.

rains on Queensland's coast. NSW

are and WA will be mostly dry.

Isolated showers in Far North

Eastern NSW. Possibly on the ranges.

That is the extent that there on

our State. Isolated showers in the

Top End. Have you got a story that

you think we should tell? Top End. Have you got a story that you think we should tell?

you think we should tell? Then

contact us here. We would be he

your story. Your news is hour news.

It sounds like some months, but it is not.

It is simply gorgeous. See you again tomorrow. Two polar bear cubs are enjoying the sunshine for the first time in their lives. The 3-month-old twins Freedom and Swimmer have been kept inside their den at a Dutch zoo since they were born. The female cub is smaller than her brother but keepers say she will catch up over the next few months when she starts eating fish and meat. The twins' mother, Huggies, was rescued from the wild 15 years ago. She was found alone on an iceberg floating off the coast of Siberia. That's Ten News for now, I'm Sandra Sully. I'm Bill Woods. Thanks for your company.

We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.