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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Welcome to Ten's Morning News. a crucial stage this week, The election reaches their official campaigns. with both parties launching The Coalition is first off the mark, a range of initiatives with John Howard set to outline to make ends meet. which he says will help families is in Brisbane Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno and he joins me now. for Mr Howard? Paul, how important is today

Well, the toucher et is really make

or break time for John Howard.

Everything he has tried so far has

failed a water Open, a utilities

allowance and a massive

allowance and a massive scare

campaign. He is now looking down

the barrel - two weeks ago and News

poll showing momentum in going back

to Labour. When he is trying to do

it now he's below Kevin Rudd out of

one are on a Kevin Rudd stripper.

We understand they will be a

multimedia Package For Children's

Education, incentives for Carys to

have a break and for teachers. We

few hours time. What will have all those details in a

few hours time. What we don't know

is how much it will cost. Will we

do know is that the surplus is up - do know is that the surplus is up -

the government has promised not

disbanded 10 million of that would

spend all the rest? Well that put

pressure on interest rates forced?

These are some other questions put

answered to the Prime Minister he is how he

I'll be outlining today measures some sensible and very affordable in relation to help Australian families and their financial responsibilities to their financial pressures but they will be measures of the country to afford. that are well within the capacity

answered them. Now, today's launch

is a coalition launch. There will

be three star turns are then a warm

one man, Peter Costello, will be

introducing a John Howard will be -

introduced for we all know he's

Howard's last attempt to win at

that election. We know that what is

worrying for the government is that

there approval rating is stalled. there approval rating is stalled.

We talked about a graph for four at

that said that for every time the

cash rate goes up, Labour's prime

meat vote goes up. That happen

again - any hint of support the

coalition were getting in the last

year's poll, cease to have stalled

John Howard. - which shows how big a task is for

who quit the force last week A disgraced top Victorian policeman corruption hearing during the State's explosive to face another grilling. may be called back joins us live from Melbourne. Ten reporter Martine Griffiths for today's sitting? Martine, what is in store

John Howard. Counsel for the

inquiry still has some inquiry still has some unfinished

business with the former assistant commissioner who quit after being commissioner

accused of leaking secret police

information. In breaking news, at

the inquiry has claimed another

scalp - this media director. He was

exposed wood but phone calls of

plotting with the Commissioner to

under it-the inquiry. Also accused

of lying - both have very serious charges. He could

charges. He could face criminal

charges and possibly jail. By any

analysis, he is fighting for his

career survival. He is a career survival. He is a former

Fairfax a journalist and was

looking very stressed - just

minutes ago he admitted not telling

the truth during recent hearings.

There had been many explosive

findings from this inquiry - has

the inquiry it done what has set

out to do? At this stage, they

haven't produced the smoking gun.

It has been omitted that of that

the information passed several ways

down to the detective who is under

investigation. An undisclosed

witness is expected to cumin, and

then another witness whose evidence

could affect police morale as he is very popular. very

since her father died A 13-year-old girl living home alone of the latest controversy is at centre over child protection services Services insists But the Department of Community the Sydney teenager case workers have tried to find a permanent place to stay. the 13-year-old has been living alone Since her father died four weeks ago, in this inner-west housing commission unit. with other family or neighbours From time to time, she has stayed to the home she shared with her dad. but she always comes back It's pretty tough being here without my dad. I miss him. she's not being cared for properly. Some neighbours are concerned should be on their own. I don't think a 13-year-old She's only a child. While the Government agrees, the Department of Community Services. it supports This is not a failure of the system. are working with a young girl. This is a case where case workers a small amount of money to get by. DOCS has only given her They've only given me $50 and my grandpa. and my sister has given me money It's not enough to get by on, is it? I would, like, want more money. Not really. scrutiny over the past week DOCS has come under increasing for its role of 7-year-old Shellay Ward in the apparent starvation death

and the death of a 14-month-old baby. In the meantime, department case workers hope this week. to find this teenager a place to stay I'd like to live in the same place as well, but, um, I don't know. who wants to be my carer I don't really know and who wants to stay with me.

Evan Batten, Ten News. Pakistan's president has promised

by early January, elections will be held is calling 'a positive step'. in a move the Western world emergency rule will continue. But General Musharraf says on the streets of Karachi... More trouble the Pakistan People's Party ..members of protesting against the emergency rule put in place

But some hope for democracy - to be held on January 9. the military ruler calling elections, Why did I take this decision? it would have damaged the nation. I could have preserved myself, but cautious support to the move The US and the UK have given and, despite the protests, until the poll takes place. emergency rule is set to continue It will ensure absolutely Musharraf maintains he hasn't violated Pakistan's Constitution. from house arrest, After being released former prime minister Benazir Bhutto Opposition Leader and is free to attend rallies to immediately end military rule. and is calling on Musharraf The army is being so overstretched that our tribal areas have fallen, one by one, and now the other parts of the frontier are falling one by one. This is why I believe that we must restore democracy - because military solutions alone never work. At all her appearances, a strong military presence remains, but her supporters continue to meet in public, hoping to bring Bhutto back to power. We are so happy. I cannot express my feeling, how much we are happy. Ben Lewis, Ten News. The Queen has led thousands

in a solemn Remembrance Day commemoration in London. Prince William marked the event with a special tribute. In remembrance of the almost unimaginable, of the 1.5 million from Britain and the Commonwealth who gave their lives in the World Wars and of the thousands who have died in conflicts since - at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, people paused to reflect and give thanks. BELL TOLLS SILENCE After the sounding of 'the Last Post' at the Cenotaph, the Queen laid her wreath on behalf of the nation and the Commonwealth. It was 62 years ago today that she first laid a wreath here. VOICE-OVER: Princess Elizabeth laid a wreath of poppies and bay leaves with a simple inscription - "In Remembrance". That was on Sunday, November 11 in 1945 - the first Remembrance Parade after the end of World War II. Today, another future monarch laid a wreath for the first time - Prince William, dressed in his uniform as an officer in the Household Cavalry, placed his wreath of red poppies at the monument. Two of those whom the Prince knew during his army training at Sandhurst have died in the past year in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq's some southern city of Basra, At the British Army base just outside Iraq's southern city of Basra, soldiers held their own remembrance service in memory of the 44 servicemen and servicewomen who have died there so far this year. On what was once the Western Front in northern France, Henry Allingham, one of the last survivors of World War I, paid his own tribute to an earlier generation of young men who paid the ultimate prize. who paid the ultimate price. At the Cenotaph, the veterans marched to the tunes which took those generations to war and placed their wreaths of red poppies in remembrance and gratitude for so many. A police officer's stray bullet kills a footy fan as violence erupts in Rome - that story next. And Prince Harry dumped for going to the rugby.

This program is captioned live. Charges against a suspected Sydney terrorist have been dropped this morning. Medical student Izhar ul-Haque had been accused of receiving weapons and combat training from a terror group during a trip to Pakistan in 2003. But prosecutors decided not to pursue the case after key evidence was ruled out earlier this month. Police interviews conducted with the 24-year-old

were deemed inadmissable because of the conduct of ASIO and Federal Police officers. Furious soccer fans have rampaged across Italy Police cars and buildings have been smashed and torched as angry mobs took to the street.

Is his Italian football violence at

its ugliest. Tonight a mob targeted

police barracks, setting a bus on

fire and walking off a bridge.

Earlier and match in Brogan mo was

postponed after clashes between

police and supporters who tried to

storm the pitch, despite attempts a

police to calm the crowd. Italian

soccer is known to be volatile but

the reason for this drama is found

here. When supporters he clashed,

polices intervened, firing a

warning shot that accidentally

killed a fan. The bowlers are hit

this man in a neck while they sat

in his car. Earlier, his brother

visited the scene in shock.

Forensic investigations are now

under way after in incident that

Italy's Prime Minister Prime

Minister described as troubling.

Although police have apologised for

the error, it may not be enough to defuse tensions. A trade deal has sparked violent protests in South Korea. Tens of thousands of farmers, workers and students, took to the streets of Seoul demonstrating against a free trade agreement with the US. Riot police fired water cannon and sprayed extinguishers as protesters tried to smash through a barricade blocking the road to the US embassy. More than 100 people have been arrested and dozens of protestors hurt. An environmental disaster off Russia which could take years to fix - an oil tanker has split open in wild seas,

spewing almost 2,000 tonnes of fuel into the Black Sea. The monstrous storm also sank two freighters carrying more than 7,000 tonnes of sulphur between them. At least 10 vessels have sunk or run aground, hit by waves of up to eight metres. All crew members have been saved. As Iraq continues to struggle against insurgent violence, a new problem emerges. The numbers of displaced people are growing, with children often suffering the most. In a cruel twist of fate, even as violence in Baghdad is at its lowest ebb in 18 months, in their own country the number of Iraqis who are refugees continues to grow. Eking out life in scrubland at the edge of the city, these families were displaced by the latest fighting - forced to flee as US troops battle al-Qaeda in Iraq. According to the Iraqi Red Crescent, they are now 2.3 million internally displaced people - 83% of them are women and children under the age of 12. Many have not been to school in over a year - and now this. TRANSLATOR: I am worried about their future. When children aren't in school it has a bad effect. It has happened to all the kids in my neighbourhood. Survival parcels are the mainstay of life for people without jobs and whose savings have been used up, people who have little hope of going home. Aid workers say the family system that is the bedrock of Iraqi society, is in some cases beginning to break down. Children now are the ones who are suffering. by their parents Those children have been abandoned any more. Even the more than 100,000 who have fled into the relatively safe Kurdish areas of the north face an uncertain future while living in a miserable present. This is because of lack of services, lack of jobs, despair. A well-organised distribution system will get the displaced through the winter but neither that, nor claims that things are getting better, can make up for the fact that this is no life in a place that sits on a lake of oil - and these people were once amongst the most dynamic and educated in the Middle East. Michael Hutchence's sister has slammed Sir Bob Geldof, accusing him of trying to erase the memory of her brother. Tina Hutchence has accused Geldof of trying to force the late star's only daughter to change her surname.

Geldof has cared for Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily since mother Paula Yates died in 2000. Hutchence says the singer-songwriter wants to change the 11-year-old's surname to Geldof and formally adopt her. The mother of two also claims Geldof has prevented her family from having contact with the girl. Prince Harry and long-time girlfriend Chelsy Davy have reportedly called it quits, and it's being blamed on rugby.

The 'News of the World' says Davy ended the 3-year relationship, because the prince missed her 22nd birthday

to go to the Rugby World Cup final in France. Friends say Chelsy is sick of Harry's partying and lack of commitment. The royals have refused to comment on the prince's private life. George Bush Senior has made a parachute jump at the age of 83. It was the former president's sixth sky dive.

The first one was in 1944, during World War II, when he was shot down over the Pacific. This time he was strapped to an army parachute expert, while his wife watched anxiously from below. It was very reassuring and just wonderful. Even my doctor stopped worrying because I had a new hip in there. He's now planning another jump to celebrate his 85th birthday.

A multi-storey hotel in Texas has come crashing down. It was, however, a planned collapse, with some carefully placed explosives causing the structure to implode. The hotel was reduced to rubble

to make way for a new maternity hospital. A setback for BHP's billion-dollar takeover plan. Our finance report is next. And the tips on how to live forever - but is it worth it? No smoking, no drinking, no sex.

This program is captioned live. The election reaches a crucial stage this week, with both parties launching their official campaigns.

The Coalition is first off the mark, with John Howard set to outline a range of initiatives which he says will help families to make ends meet.

A football fan has been killed as police tried to break up a fight between rival supporters in Italy. Police tried firing warning shots to break up the crowd,

but a stray bullet hit the 26-year-old man. The Queen has led thousands

in a solemn Remembrance Day commemoration in London. Prince William marked the event with a special tribute to soldiers he served with who have died this year. One of the world's few surviving World War I diggers paid tribute to his comrades on the Western Front in France. Time for a check of finance now with Jacinta Hocking - and Jacinta, a setback for BHP's takeover plan?

Natarsha, it's back to the drawing board Analysts say BHP Billiton will have to significantly boost its $150 billion bid for mining giant Rio Tinto if the takeover is to go ahead. BHP is aiming to save billions in cost savings from the merger. a company with a similar value to Microsoft. BHP's proposed merger with mining giant Rio Tinto would create a $400 billion mining powerhouse with its headquaters in Melbourne. Reports this morning that BHP is aiming to save $3.8 billion dollars in annual cost savings and operational synergies from the merger. It boils down to port and rail savings in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. BHP exports millions of tonnes of iron ore from the region

every year, and with the acquisition of Rio, it would save billions by sharing ports and rail networks. But it may all be academic Analysts say the current $150 billion takeover offer is too low. Rio wants a larger piece of BHP in an attempt to protect their shareholders from further dilution. It's understood BHP has lined up a $70 billion finance facility in preparation for a cash sweetner in preparation for a cash sweetener with Rio shareholders. Outgoing Qantas chairman Margaret Jackson is calling for an injection of new skills into the airline's board.

Ms Jackson will step down on Wednesday at the company's AGM. She says the airline is looking for directors with marketing and retail experience to fill board positions.

Qantas non-executive director Mike Codd, who's been on the board since 1992, will stay on for an extra year to ensure a smooth transition to new chairman Leigh Clifford. National Australia Bank is set to look internally for a successor to chief executive John Stewart.

Mr Stewart is likely to step down in two years, the bank expected to groom an internal candidate for the top job. The CEO has thrown his support behind a leadership transition from within. The plan is in contrast to its rivals, ANZ and Westpac, who overlooked their homegrown talent in favour of outside replacements. Fairfax is confident of solid profits from its return to the radio industry. Fairfax has completed a $480 million purchase of seven radio stations, including 3AW, 2UE, 4BC in Brisbane and Perth's 6PR. Chief Executive David Kirk says the selling of joint newspaper and radio advertising packages to marketers would boost their revenue. Kmart could be set to undergo a name change. New boss Wesfarmers has flagged a review of the struggling merchandise chain following approval Wesfarmers has created three new divisions to absorb the Coles empire, but Kmart has been left on its own amid speculation it may be sold. Melbourne is on track to overtake Sydney as Australia's largest city. Demographer, Bernard Salt, believes Melbourne could be Australia's largest city in 2028 if current growth rates continue. The researcher says the number of people in Melbourne increased by more than 62,000 last year, nearly twice the population growth in Sydney. In finance news,

the Australian sharemarket has opened to modest declines today. Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day. Showers forecast for Brisbane with a top of 25 degrees. A mostly sunny day for Sydney and Canberra - tops of 24 and 26 respectively. A fine day forecast for Melbourne, Hobart can expect mostly clear skies and 21 degrees.

A warm and sunny day on the way for Adelaide. Very warm conditions in Perth - 39 the top there - and late thunder forecast for Darwin. To tomorrow's temperatures now, and a cloudy day forecast for Brisbane. Clear skies and 24 degrees the expected top for Sydney. Sunshine and 28 degrees for the nation's capital. Warm and sunny in Melbourne, a possible shower and 23 degrees in Hobart, warm and sunny in Adelaide - reaching 31. 31 also for Perth, and unsettled conditions forecast late in the day across Darwin. And further ahead now to Wednesday's forecast and cloud cover predicted for Brisbane, a late shower on the way for Sydney. Canberra can expect a possible storm and a top of 28 degrees. Sunny and 25 in Melbourne, clearing showers on the way for Hobart

and 19 degrees, sunshine and a top of 31 on the way for Adelaide. Fine and warm in Perth - reaching 33 degrees - afternoon storms in Darwin. The art of ageing gracefully and possibly living forever - our feature story is next. I don't know, Mr Howard, you had 11 years to do something about our kids' future education but you didn't, 11 years to act on climate change - nothing. And you promised to keep interest rates down, and you haven't. And now, you want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage, but you won't say when. And then, you're going to hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, Mr Howard, you've lost me. This program is captioned live. the idea of living forever. Many of us might like And with scientists continually finding new ways to tackle the problem of ageing, eventually become a reality? could what was once a dream, A quiet Boston suburb on the appropriately named Elder Road.

Esther MacKay has made it to 102. Did you ever imagine that you would live to be 100 years old? Or beyond? I never imagined it, no. Born in 1905, Esther MacKay travelled the world during a long career in the military. She is the air force's longest-living chief master surgeon. What is your secret? I had three rules in my youth, growing up. One was 'no smoking'. Two, 'no drinking'. Three, 'no sex'. That's it, one, two, three.

Of course, for many of us that doesn't exactly sound like the good life, but even if you do not follow the Esther MacKay prescription, your prognosis for living a long life is improving. Consider how life expectancy has increased

over the last two centuries. If I was born in 1800, my life expectancy would have been 35 years old. The last time I looked, I am 35. If I was born in 1900, I would have made it all the way to 47. By 1950, the average life expectancy was up to 68 years old and now it is up to 78. So, the trend is definitely favourable - but how far can we take it? Ponce de Leon never did find that legendary fountain of youth, but today, from coast to coast, scientists are trying to stop the clock -

or at least slow it down. To begin, let's take a close-up look at these microscopic worms at the University of California, San Francisco.

We have worms now but live six

times as long as normal. The We have worms now but live six times as long as normal. The We have worms now but live six times as long as normal. The We have worms now but live six times as long as normal. The professor professor sought to show us to

worms. First the normal worm. Look

at this, it is old. It is just

lying there. Then a worm with a sop

same age but are no so noticeable

difference. Look at that, it is still

still living a productive life. The

important thing for people to

understand is that this is new. 15

years ago, and from 15 years on

back. People thought 18 was natural

- there was nothing you could do

about that. Now we know it,

something but we never thought can

happen, can happen. Climbing up the

food chain look at these monkeys.

Researchers have and modified their

genes, they just cut down on some

of their food. Specifically, they

drastically reduced the calories

than half the monkeys eight every

day. These two monkeys are the same

age. The first as eating normally -

the second has been on restricted

calorie diets and appears to be in

good health. Calire restriction

goes back many years to experiments

on mice. Taming your tummy does

tended to extend life but no one is totally sure how. tended to extend life but no one is totally sure how. tended to extend life but no one is totally sure how. tended to extend life but no one is totally sure how. If we base our

ideas on calorie restriction on

monkeys which are relatively close to last we see that calorie

restriction slows down or almost

all diseases of ageing. So there you

you have it, eat less and live

longer. Easier said than done. Any of

of the salads would be fine. Join

us for the President of the calorie

restriction society. The basic idea

is that you figure out what a

normal intake of calories would be

an reduces by an amount such as 20,

30 per cent. You do not want to

take it too far because that would

be starvation. Members generally

consumed 2000 calories a day some

go as low as 1000 calories. go as low as 1000 calories. Will

they live longer? The calorie

reduce dies will perhaps allow

people to

people to live a hundred and 40

years. We don't know yet as we have

not done that study in humans. For

most people though, cutting

calories is anything but easy. This

is what has bought the slightest to

his latest project - trying to put

calorie restriction in appeal. This

- we are calorie restriction in appeal. This

- we are not telling you eat what

ever you want and then it take out

Hill. Do the best revealed

behaviour but then we think we can

turn on that path away with the small molecule drugs.

Don't think you're going to guzzle.

Guzzle red wine. - one Kohl has the

potency of 1000 glasses of wine. In

his Freo, both mice are the same

age but the mouse on the ride has

been taking the drug any death at

least seems to be winning the rat

race. It is not fair to say that

this is an ad 18 truck? This is not

about this is not about slowing

down the ageing process this is

down the ageing process this is

about treating diseases that are caused caused by that.

The first to seize their timing is

diabetes that. They hope to get the

drugs on the market in about five years.

Imagine the future - the doctor

says he did take his stroke, you're

also predicted against Alzheimer's.

Thus the future - we have to get

there. Other study of a

centenarians, it has been learnt

that will long life is not have to

do with genes - it is also to do

with lifestyle. There may be a

fountain of 18 well - it has fountain of 18 well - it has 18

well - it has to to do with your

habits, smoking is particularly

harmful. This online calculator is

a bit of a crystal ball. He a bit of a crystal ball. He punched

in your statistics and it predicts

how long you will leave. This

doctor is looking forward to many

healthy years. It looks like I will live

live to 94 and spent a good chunk

of that in good health. Ahead in sport - to pave the way the rugby league player set to become a Rooster - for Willie Mason returns. that's when Ten's Morning News snatches Everton a draw And some Tim Cahill magic

What's the deal, Mr Howard? so you can retire at some stage, You want us to vote for you, but you won't say when.

to Mr Costello Then you'll hand over as prime minister. who I wouldn't vote for Sorry, you've lost me. This program is captioned live. Stuart MacGill celebrates a

landmark. The match as already it

marked a milestone. Miguel has

become Clean bowled him! COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! that's pitched outside off stump That's a magnificent delivery and swung back a long way. for Stuart MacGill! That's 200 wickets Sri Lanka facing an uphill battle to force Australia back to the crease. resumed this morning at 4/129 In the Pura Cup, Tasmania in their clash with Victoria. They need 173 to force the Bushrangers to bat again

guided the home team after rookie Matthew Wade to a first innings score of 408. blasting an entertaining 95, The keeper including two sixes of his maiden first-class century. before falling agonisingly short before the close of play Two quick wickets to Gerard Denton

in a commanding position. putting the Bushrangers at the Adelaide Oval. Meanwhile, play is also under way for 291, South Australia bowled out setting NSW a score of 160 to win.d

Graham Manou was on the receiving end Yesterday, South Australia's of Grant Lambert bouncers. of a barrage dismissed cheaply. Former Test opener Matthew Elliott for the Redbacks - Callum Ferguson the best to a sharp catch from Simon Katich. he hit 59 before falling And Luke Ronki has smashed WA's fastest-ever first class century And Luke Ronchi has smashed WA's in the Pura Cup clash with Queensland at the WACA.

including 11 sixes and 6 boundaries. His 105 coming off just 51 balls, APPLAUSE Shaun Marsh also recorded a century, with a lead of 337. the Warriors declaring on the ropes. And they now have Queensland have moved a step closer The Sydney Roosters

Willie Mason, to signing disgruntled Bulldogs star of representative forward by letting go Ashley Harrison. arrived at training this morning Harrison's former team-mates a 3-year deal to news that he'd signed with the Gold Coast Titans. But the Roosters to fit Mason under the salary cap, will need to offload more players some anxiety within the ranks. their captain admitting there's

It is harder. It is not the ideal

environment. In that position he is

Ian I guess they had to pull out

all stops to get him. Cronulla and St George-Illawarra. Mason is also considering offers from when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

JAUNTY MUSIC you'll love Kellogg's Just Right. If you're into balance, and apricot pieces you want, With the tasty sultanas and high fibre you need. and the wholegrains

This program is captioned live. this week, The election reaches a crucial stage their official campaigns. with both parties launching

The Coalition is first off the mark, a range of initiatives with John Howard set to outline

to make ends meet. which he says will help families A football fan has been killed between rival supporters in Italy. as police tried to break up a fight to break up the crowd Police tried firing warning shots hit the 26-year-old man. but a stray bullet The Queen has led thousands in a solemn Remembrance Day commemoration in London.

with a special tribute Prince William marking the event who have died this year. to soldiers he served with World War I diggers paid tribute One of the world's few surviving in France. to his comrades on the Western Front has moved to outright second In soccer, Queensland on the A-League ladder - over Wellington. the Roar finishing 3-goal winners The Phoenix arrived at Suncorp with a home game to find weather more in keeping than a match in the Sunshine State. any brighter, And their day wasn't getting midfielder Ahmad Elrich getting his marching orders in the first half. starting to fire, The Roar's Brazilian combination who their goalie was. the Phoenix unsure with the spot kick. Reinaldo making no mistake for his first goal of the season, And after waiting 12 rounds to record his second. it took only 12 minutes

with the icing on the cake. Fellow Brazilian Marcinho The Roar's unbeaten run out to six. Meanwhile, Tim Cahill has stunned Chelsea English Premier League heavyweights equaliser at Stamford Bridge. with a spectacular 90th minute

Absolutely brilliant. COMMENTATOR: Tim Cahill! their lead at the top of the ladder Manchester United maintaining Andrew Blow, Ten News. her 25-year-career in style Kylie Minogue has celebrated

with a 1-hour television special. how to take a joke The singer showing she knows on stage. when she's not strutting her stuff It may not win any awards but it gave fans a giggle -

her lighter side Kylie Minogue revealing during a 1-hour television special and backstage comedy sketches, of singing trademark assets even some of the pop princess's coming in for a gentle ribbing.

Kylie what is this? This is a hat. Kylie what is this? This is a hat.

We have a big darts number and it's

going to be Ready glamourous. Jason Donovan for the show, The singer reunited with former flame between the pair. ending a lengthy spat an acrimonious relationship The two have had her 'Neighbours' co-star since Minogue dumped nearly 20 years ago. for bad boy Michael Hutchence during the first skit. But Donovan got the last laugh, so you must remember! We actually dated for a few years, Kylie? Sister Dannii also appeared, supposed rivalry poking fun at the siblings' while paying tribute from '80s soap 'Dynasty'. to a famous onscreen catfight

lucky, lucky. You should be so lucky,

been a bit more 'Kath and Kim' Although some of the show may have than Kylie. Use your whip you big fairy, come on for God's sake - you're all over the place like a dingo's breakfast, you should be going like a blue-arse fly. Move it you (bleep) horse. But it wasn't all played for laughs, Kylie putting in some stellar performances of past and present hits. The show will air on Foxtel later this year. and for the rest of the day. Showers forecast for Brisbane with a top of 25 degrees, a mostly sunny day for Sydney and Canberra - tops of 24 and 26 respectively, a fine day forecast for Melbourne.

Hobart can expect mostly clear skies and 21 degrees. A warm and sunny day on the way for Adelaide. Very warm conditions in Perth - 39 the top there, and late thunder forecast for Darwin. To tomorrow's temperatures now and a cloudy day forecast for Brisbane, clear skies and 24 degrees the expected top for Sydney, sunshine and 28 degrees for the nation's capital, warm and sunny in Melbourne, a possible shower and 23 degrees in Hobart, warm and sunny in Adelaide -

31 also for Perth

with unsettled conditions forecast late in the day across Darwin. uAnd further ahead now And further ahead now to Wednesday's forecast and cloud cover predicted for Brisbane, a late shower on the way for Sydney. Canberra can expect a possible storm and a top of 28 degrees, sunny and 25 in Melbourne, clearing showers on the way for Hobart and 19 degrees, sunshine and a top of 31 on the way for Adelaide,

fine and warm in Perth - reaching 33 degrees, afternoon storms in Darwin. Staff at San Diego Zoo are celebrating Born less than two weeks ago, the bonobo ape is the rarest of the great apes, Named Tutapenda, meaning 'we will love', the infant is receiving some tender loving care from humans

after his mother rejected him. He was born to a mum that has been really good in the past. Unfortunately, she didn't pick him up and didn't take care of him, so he had to come to the nursery. Also known as pygmy chimpanzees, the apes are native to Congo they could be extinct in the wild within ten years.

Last night was audience choice night on Idol and your final three were singing for survival. Here are those performances again. # Quicker than a ray of light # And I feel... # # Please give me something

# 'Cause someday I might know my heart... # # Ride on, ride till early morning sun # Ride on... # # And I've lost my way back home # I think nobody knows, nobody knows... # # As long as I know I have love, I can make it # For once in my life, I have someone who needs me... # # Jai guru deva, om... #