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(generated from captions) Tonight - Schapelle Corby's prison sentence. An Indonesian court agrees to cut Grief and defiance of the 2002 Bali bombings. as Australians remember victims defends The former roads minister Cross City Tunnel. signing off on the troubled I'm delighted that I was involved. In hindsight, And a Seven News exclusive. western Sydney's big cat mystery. The new video fuelling This program is LIVE captioned. with Samantha Armytage. This is Seven News Good evening. from her Bali jail cell Schapelle Corby will be freed early her sentence for drug smuggling. after Indonesia's High Court slashed Seven's Adrian Brown is there. Adrian, what has the court decided? Samantha, it has just been confirmed has been cut to 15 years. Schapelle Corby's 20-year sentence

They say they are not happy about

that and intend to launch another

apile. But this is what one of her

legal team had to say just a few

moments ago. because not free. Of course I'm not happy because not free.

I'm happy. If the sentence is not guilty, Bali is very much the focus tonight Adrian, returning with survivors of the first bombings to mark today's third anniversary.

around 100 Yes, indeed, we have been expecting

around 100 Australian pilgrims to

make the journey here. In the end

only around 50o so made it. The

reason is unease over security,

which is understandable, given all

that has happened here in the last

10 days . Those who made it were

plain and explicit. They said it's

important to remember those who

three years ago. died in the tragic events here,

to reassure a jittery island. A security operation Police marksmen on rooftops, Police marksmen on rooftops, dogs trained to sniff for explosives, cordoned-off roads - of the continuing nervousness. all a measure knew it was a risk being here. Every Australian at today's ceremony and I've got a child I've got a wife

worried about me. and they were very, very I had to think twice about it. So, yeah, who planned to attend More than 50 Australians cancelled their trips. it was a low-key and simple ceremony For those that came, though,

this year, but with added poignancy and grief

given what happened here 10 days ago. Never again, I hope - not for Bali. are still raw. The wounds of three years ago The father who lost his son... Michael Standwyck... Others say to the memories of these victims. the new attacks are an insult

this year, more so than last year. I'm hurt, I'm really hurt because it's happened again. I guess, for another ceremony Tonight, they will gather here that bares granite testimony beside a memorial in this time of terror. to Australian anguish and suffering

of defeating terrorism Our best chance

is making sure we all work together. And evidence of that cooperation - searching for clues Australian forensic experts

raided by Denpasar police last night. in a house One of the occupants,

called Hasan, a local construction worker three days after his arrest. is still being questioned to call it a breakthrough. Police are unwilling There is no confidence yet. It's not yet sure. to the three suicide bombers The police suspect Hasan had links as yet is unclear. but his role in the operation

Well, sam, that man has now been

released from questioning after

being held by police for more than

three days. So his arrest was not

quite the breakthrough they had

hoped for. Back to you. Adrian Brown reporting from Bali. Thanks, Adrian.

were also held across Australia Memorial services that was home to victims. in every city In Sydney, at Coogee's Dolphins Point, hundreds huddled beneath umbrellas

their tears mingling with raindrops. Three years on, as if it were yesterday. the pain is as fresh Gathered on the Coogee headland to say what words could not. they stood together extraordinary about these people, In life, perhaps there was nothing but their deaths remind us about Australia and Australians. about everything that's good about everything that's good

As the rain came down, victims of the latest Bali attacks. there were fresh tears, too, for the in Newcastle, For the people that lost loved ones honestly, if I could take it away, in a heartbeat. I'd take it away from them residents who died in 2002, But for the 20 eastern suburbs a new memorial was unveiled. their names, Not only will we remember

we will see their faces, their smiles will stay with us, always. their smiles will stay with us, of the 20 local victims, By showing the faces and ages their families hope will be immortalised here, their memory a place they come to remember. Across the country, were remembered. the 88 Australian victims a wreath with Indonesian officials Prime Minister John Howard laid at Parliament House. 20-year-old Newcastle man Joe Frost, Also there, a survivor of the latest bombings. ORCHESTRA PLAYS In Melbourne, a new memorial. 91 fountains - and the spouses of three Australians. one for each Australian killed to create a pool of reflection. Every October 12 they will stop faced court for the first time today Four more of the Bali Nine

with heroin smuggling. to be formally charged Accused drug mule Martin Stephens to the so-called Hotel Three appeared separately who are being tried as a group. at a Bali hotel The three who were arrested together arrived together to face trial. and Matthew Norman Tach Nguyen, Si Yi Chen

by a boosted police presence. were escorted With them was Martin Stephens, who is standing trial alone. one of the accused drug couriers Worried faces, and young. when arrested in April, Norman was just 18 the baby of the Bali Nine. to hear the now-familiar story His parents were in court by his catering boss Andrew Chan from being recruited to his arrest, allegedly helping prepare a second drug shipment.

Prosecutors say they were each promised $5,000 for taking part in the smuggling operation. The court was told when Matthew Norman dropped off a backpack to two of the other accused drug couriers, he told them, "I feel rich carrying this bag".

29-year-old Martin Stephens was among the four arrested at the airport. Today his lawyer challenged the case against him on a technicality.

It's worth the try, okay? And the client deserve that. It's a long shot, but his family will take what they can get. He seems fine, as you saw. He seems in good spirits. As well as he can be. We're just focusing on what the lawyer says and what they want to do. Scott Rush and Renae Lawrence have not faced court yet

but they have already scored a small legal victory. Darwin's Supreme Court has agreed to hear their claims Australian Federal Police acted illegally

passing information to Indonesian officers that led to their arrest. A man accused of killing of a Sydney driver in a road rage attack

has been cleared of manslaughter. But 36-year-old Maka Afu was found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm for punching Beni Sarkis during an argument in Glebe last December. Afu's lawyer refused to comment on the verdict. I'll talk on the 17th of November. That is when Afu will face a sentencing hearing and a possible seven-year jail term. The minister who oversaw the Cross City Tunnel project says he has no reason to apologise to drivers angry about by high tolls and road closures. Instead, Carl Scully claims a proud record of achievement while in charge of Sydney's roads. At its grand opening, 15,000 people walked through the Cross City Tunnel for charity. Only 20,000 are driving through it now. The operator planned for four times as many cars. But the man who signed the contract has no regrets. In hindsight, I am delighted I was involved with giant improvements to the travelling capacity of the people of Sydney. New Roads Minister Joe Tripodi says Carl Scully made unnecessary Carl Scully made unnecessary compromises on the tunnel, but apparently they are still friends. This is not something that stands alone as the Minister for Roads - Another government decision may prove disastrous. When the Lane Cove Tunnel is opened in 2007 more traffic restrictions will force drivers in. Already, people in Lane Cove are calling this the "Lane Closed Tunnel". The opposition says it could solve the crisis by reviewing tolls, introducing a fee-free period and reopening roads and it wants the entire Cross City contract released. It really is time for the Premier to step in, This is just an example of how this lot would bankrupt New South Wales. When Morris Iemma first became Premier he declared he declared that fixing the rail network

would make or break his government. He is adamant that roads have not become his new poisoned chalice. People renting homes in Sydney have been warned they may soon have to pay much more. The latest housing figures show not enough properties are being built to accommodate everyone. After all the building in Sydney, it's hard to believe we may soon run out of available places to live.

Sydney is facing a rental crisis. Investors have deserted the property market and lodgements to the rental bond board have slumped. And tells us a very worrying story, suggesting by Christmas next year

we are going to have virtually no stock available in Sydney for rental. In the last year, Sydney's supply of rental properties increased by 14,500. Down 13% compared to the previous year. Cutting by a third the rental vacancy Cutting by a third the rental vacancy rate, now 2.5%. Local councils are being blamed, accused of sitting on thousands of development proposals, some for as long as two years. Now it is feared rents could escalate. Well, I think renters across Sydney are going to face some pain over the next 12 months. Not the only pain confronting the housing industry - a rise in interest rates is back on the agenda, thanks to skyrocketing oil prices. The hint came from the Reserve Bank's Deputy Governor. The issue before us in the next year or two is whether the world economy and our own can adapt to higher resource or oil prices without a significant bout of inflation.

The bank board will consider higher interest rates next month. John Howard's controversial workplace reforms have been thrown into doubt after a key National Party Senator voted against a government bill. Barnaby Joyce is the first MP in two decades to cross the floor and defeat legislation

and warns he may do it again. He threatened to do it from day one, and last night, he did. Barnaby Joyce crossed the floor to defeat government measures to reduce scrutiny of company mergers. It's very important that we protect small business and the ACCC is one of the fundamental protectors of small business. Although he joined the Prime Minister at a Bali wreath-laying ceremony today, he has indicated he has indicated he may cross the floor again on Mr Howard's workplace relations reforms. If the legislation wasn't right, but that's another issue.

That set off panic in sections of the government as it splurged $1.7 million of taxpayers' money in a day advertising its reforms. Equivalent of the salary for 50 registered nurses for a year. Mr Howard says he is confident of winning the people over. It's easy to scare people in relation to something like this and the Labor Party is at its opportunistic best. In a rare joint news conference with the Treasurer

Mr Howard deflected suggestions

the workplace reforms will be his political swan song. REPORTER: Will they? (laughs) Tricky questions! Seven News has learned of a key development -

the government is preparing to offer into the workplace reforms a two-week senate inquiry into the workplace reforms to try to win over Senator Joyce and other doubters. Ahead in Seven News - a breakthrough in preventing a common form of cancer. Also, what the experts think of Sydney's latest big cat video.

And one hail of a holiday as tourists cop an icy downpour.

Just days after Australian scientists discovered a vaccine against cervical cancer another group says it has found a way to stop ovarian cancer. The process takes a patient's own immune system and turns it into a high-powered tumour killer.

Immunotherapy, using the body's natural defences, is the great hope of 21st century medicine. Now it could be used to stop ovarian cancer which kills 800 Australian women each year. We've completed a phase-one trial successfully over a year ago which showed 100% immune response. The patient's immune system cells The patient's immune system cells are treated with a special protein then reinjected, triggering an immune response. The cancer stops growing, even shrinks. It is being tested on patients with advanced cancer.

Some of the patients in phase one are still under treatment because it's been that successful. Dr Paul Mitchell is treating 20 people over 12 months. Some patients, in particular, who did very well. Amongst these were women with ovarian cancer and a man with a kidney cancer. Lisle Fortescue developed ovarian cancer seven years ago. You have this problem of chemotherapy, of your hair falling out, and when I went though all this I thought, "Surely there is a better answer!" It seems that answer has arrived. It's absolutely wonderful because ovarian cancer kills an Australian woman every 10 hours. Cancer Vac, as it is called, shows great promise.

But more trials are needed and it could be five years before it is available. Heavy rain has hindered relief operations in South Asia's earthquake zone where up to four million people are in urgent need of aid. The weather grounded massive helicopters needed to lift supplies into villages and carry the injured out. The few shipments getting through are being fought over by desperate people. But four days after the quake struck, rescuers are still finding survivors. Cameras spotted this boy 5m under the rubble of his school. They were able to dig the four-year-old free and into the arms of his father. China has successfully launched its second manned space rocket. Two astronauts got a hero's send-off before blasting off on a five-day mission. LAUNCH COUNTDOWN IN CHINESE

It is two years since China became the third nation to send people into space, but that first flight lasted just 21 hours. A new home video has emerged that is sure to keep alive the debate over big black cats living west of Sydney. Expert opinion is divided over the animal we are about to show you

but it is definitely not the famed Lithgow panther. Here is the last of the gear. That's it.

Gary and Kerrie Blount are just back from a fishing trip on Lake Windamere, near Mudgee, where they saw this. AMATEUR VIDEO FOOTAGE: There he is, through there.

Pretty big cat. I said to Gary there's no way that it would be a feral cat because it was just too, like, long. Up on the pole. See him? That's where you get a fair idea of his size, where he jumps up on that log. And they say the cat was stalking kangaroos. He's smelling the air there, once again. That roo looks worried. The camera makes it look bright, but it was nearly dark

and Gary and Kerrie couldn't stay. But the next day they found a half-eaten kangaroo.

That is not a feral cat. Alec Gardiner and his son, Marc, have trapped feral cats for years. Rough as bags, and generally their ribs are sticking out. But I believe it belongs to the puma family. Gone behind a bloody tree. The pictures of these things are always shot on the run, they are never perfect and they never prove what it is, just that somewhere out there is a big, black cat. It's just a big, feral cat. Keith Hart is a district vet. He says this one just isn't big enough but he believes the one in Victoria at the weekend is a black panther, and he is sure there are panthers in the Blue Mountains. at night alone, absolutely not, and I certainly would not let young children out. Puma, panther or just a big moggy?

A severe hailstorm has caused widespread damage on the Gold Coast. These pictures were taken at Wet'n'Wild, and it was too, torrents of ice sending people torrents of ice sending people rushing for cover. Dozens of cars were dented and windows smashed. Elsewhere, householders dodged hailstones big enough to cause severe injury. I nearly got hit by one half the size of a house brick. The storm lasted about half an hour. Sport now, with Nick McArdle and our cricketers have had a little help from the Wallabies. The Wallabies would say they helped. I'm not sure the cricketers would agree. We'll have a look at that next. Also tonight, cricket's answer to the Logies. And Andrew Johns gets on board with the Kangaroos.

VOICEOVER: Refresh your home with a new look at the Summer Home Sale at Kmart,

The International Cricket Council has announced Saturday's gate takings in this week's Super Test will go towards earthquake relief funds.

It should come to about $650,000. Meanwhile, the Wallabies have joined the Australian cricketers have joined the Australian cricketers in the nets today. No one is quite sure No one is quite sure whether it was a help or hindrance. These two captains cop more flak than politicians most of the time

but today their teams had a chance to chill out, swap stories and have a whack. You don't get two better bowlers than Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne bowling to you. So first day at Wallaby camp I couldn't be any better.

Who said props weren't coordinated? Matt Dunning was contemplating a cricket career once.

I had to give it away. I was 110kg at 16, a wicket-keeper. You're never going to make it, mate.

Earlier, the real cricketers had a serious nets session preparing for Friday's Super Test at the SCG. And for fans of spin bowling, here is the menu - Stuart MacGill, Shane Warne, Daniel Vettori and Muttiah Muralitharan. This is where spin bowling is, I guess, revered more than any other place in Australia. Some heads are still spinning after last night's ICC Cricket Awards. Caprice this end, please, Kevin. Thank you. There was plenty of glitz and glamour, although some couples needed to show their better side. How's that side - better? As for the player of the year... Jacques Kallis and Andrew Flintoff. ..Flintoff never thought he was a chance. I just came for the food! I honestly didn't know what to expect, to be honest. Ricky Ponting was named captain in the World Test Team of the Year. Dragons' star Mark Gasnier is determined to cement a Test spot in centres when he tackles New Zealand in the Tri-Nations series opener at Telstra Stadium on Saturday night. Gasnier joined team-mates Craig Fitzgibbon and Andrew Johns in the surf at Bondi during a break from training before he teams up with Brent Tate in the centres.

There's strength all through the Test squad so I think everyone's got to play well to hold onto their position. Andrew Johns will call the shots and Joey was certainly showing the way in the surf today. The Newcastle star and diehard surfer was desperate to get back into the water after his recent UK stint in waveless Warrington. Caulfield Cup favourite El Segundo has drawn perfectly in barrier four. This is how the more fancied runner will line up on Saturday. You can see the Caulfield Cup here on Seven.

Our racing coverage starts at midday. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. And the share market had a solid day.

Telecom New Zealand shares surged after the telco put its local unit AAPT up for sale. A lot of people wonder about the chicken used at KFC. Well, I can tell you, it's delivered fresh, not frozen. How would I know? SONG: # Can't beat it... # I drive the truck. # Can't beat that taste Doo-doo... # VOICEOVER: Spring into Bunnings Warehouse Laserlite 2000 roofing, just $59.40. 4-burner barbecue, a hot $145. only $55. Clivia, great value at $5 per pot. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Tomorrow on Sunrise, coping with working from home. Good evening. For 125 years the Children's Hospital at Westmead has been helping our sick kids. On Sunday, it is time to show our support by grabbing our teddies and heading along to Rosehill Racecourse for the 25th annual Teddy Bear's picnic. A great day of family fun.

We were going to have a practise picnic outside tonight but decided against it, thanks to this wintry burst. Having hit 30 yesterday, it felt cold and miserable today, and well into the morning with grey skies and rain overnight and well into the morning making for a wet trip into work. Rainfall totals were under 10mm with 8mm in Avalon, Richmond, Pymble and Frenchs Forest up to 9am. The front that brought this cold nap is now out to sea, but it is linked to the low pressure trough

that generated the cricket-ball sized hail on the Gold Coast. The high will keep us in cool and moist onshore winds, until the next front increases showers once more on Friday.

Staying cloudy tonight and at first tomorrow with the chance of a few more light showers.

But there should be some sunny breaks in the afternoon so tops should recover to the mid to high 20s. The showers look like continuing on Friday and over the weekend with cooler tops in onshore south-easterly winds.

Whatever the weather, the

And that's Seven News to now. Ian Ross is on the road to recovery and should be back tomorrow. teddy

bears picnic will go on and you can always have Ian Ross is on the road to recovery and should be back tomorrow. I'm Samantha Armytage. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.