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Tonight - the Health Minister's

grim the swine flu warning as the

number of cases soars. There will

be some sort - a serious illnesses

and perhaps debt. A woman's

mysterious death in her western

Sydney home. And Malcolm's millions

- the Opposition Leader returning

to the nation's wealth list. They

have no idea, it is a speculative

figure. It is flattering. Also

tonight - at the head of Sydney

Ferries sacked for misconduct and

Whispering Jack is back - John

Farnham returns for another two. My

hair is doesn't deny it - I

haven't! First, Australia is being

warned to expect deaths from the

swine flu. In the last 24 hours,

the number of cases has doubled and experts are forecasting that

millions could eventually get the

virus. Swine flu announcements will

start running on television tonight

and while authorities claim there

is no cause for alarm, they expect

that the next 24 hours will bring a

big increase in the number of

confirmed cases. And four and are

real referees have now just been

quarantined after being exposed to

swine flu on a plane. What a

difference a day makes. We have now

got 60 cases that have been confirmed across the country. confirmed across the country. Victoria is

Victoria is the worst affected with Victoria is the worst affected with

33 cases followed by NSW by -- with 33 cases followed by NSW by -- with

18 cases. The Federal Government

expects the told to climb. There 18 cases. The Federal Government expects the told to climb. There

will be some serious illnesses and

perhaps debts. Academics believe

that the virus will be a full-blown

act it does - epidemic within weeks,

and that has drawn anger over open

how returning cruise ships have

caused the problem. People talk of

the virus back to three states on

the weekend. We do not know what

the risk is. NSW Health admits it

has been unable to track down three

of the passengers on board. From

today, new procedures have been put

in place to hold further

contamination so. Every cruise ship

will now be treated as if it is an

invective country, regardless of

where it has been, and any

passenger that has flu-like

symptoms will be assumed to have

its until tests prove otherwise.

The state cannot is even at risk -

for a flight from the United States

had six infected passengers. There

is no need for ministers to isolate

themselves. My colleagues are

choosing to conduct business as

usual. Early notice is important

but we will warn against fear

mongering. Barely notice may have

prevented that level of alarm from

developing. So far, that student

has no flu symptoms. For those who

do, isolated wards will soon be the

norm. We have influence so clinics

that will be tailored to the needs

that we are saying. There has been

more swine flu drama involving the

ship Pacific dawn. Three crew

numbers now have the order, they

will be moved to a island off

Queensland. For many, the

precautions come too late. Isolated

from their farm, this was the only

way to get much-needed suppliers to

the Marshall family. There are some

fruit and vegetables in this one

for you. All eight are suspected to

have it swine flu. EU can imagine

that with three teenage boys, we

shoot through food a bit. While NSW

health provides tissues and face

Markes, there is no provision for

food and water.

food and water. These two were in

the same kids' Club as the

confirmed victims. Their parents

say they would never have left

Sydney if they had known. When you

left the ship, you had no idea that

some passengers may have had swine

flu. No idea whatsoever. Their best

friends had no idea either. Dozens

of their friends have been ordered

home, expose to the higher the

contagious virus before NSW health

finally confessed to families about

the dangers. In hindsight, we

should never have been allowed off

the ship. They should have kept us

all on their FA until we everyone

was clear. For if I think they put

the money first instead of the

passenger's safety. Today, the

company has hand - defended its

criticism. For everything we have

done has been at the request of

help authorities. Cold comfort for

those in isolation. The boss of

Sydney Ferries has been sacked for

misconduct. Where joined-up from

State Parliament - yet another blow

from the -- for the troubled

corporation? Rear Admiral Geoff

Smith has been forced to work - all

the play this afternoon after his

misuse of a taxpayer-funded credit

card to the tune of $50,000. David

Campbell made the decision to sack

him before the investigation into

the allegations were finished which

saw him suspended with pay back in

March. It means that the rear

Admiral now this is that $357,000

salary immediately. It is not the

first time that he has been brought

before I ack-ack, he was before I ack-ack, he was

investigated in 2007 for giving his

son and job at Sydney Ferries. The

minister refused to go on camera

with us but the opposition says

that trouble played it Sydney

Ferries have been left complete the

rudderless. It was the only choice

that the Government could make in

this situation. The concern I have

is that next week they will be

looking for the night the chief

executive since they have been in

Government. You cannot run an

organisation properly with that

many changes. It is an

unceremonious end for the one time

popular naval commander who was

actually involved in blowing open

the lid on the children overboard

scandal back in 2001. While the

Labor Government looks for its 9th

Sydney Ferries Co in 13 years,

David Callaghan will stay on as the

acting chief. The man in control of

the HarbourCat which it a pleasure

boat killing four people has told

his side of the story. The Perry

Grayson master told an inquest he

saw no navigation lights before

impact and believe that nothing was

in his part. The Perry Grayson

master estimated the HarbourCat was

travelling at 22 knots when it hit

the pleasure craft in March 2007.

Giving evidence at an inquest into

the deaths of four passengers who

were aboard the cruiser, me for a

master said that he was keeping a

lookout but had not seen any

navigation. He had moved the

theory's throttle to full speed as

the past the opera house and had

not seen the other vessel until the

was 10 metres away. He said that he

tried to turned to avoid the can --

collision and put the engines into

reverse but it was not enough to

prevent the crash. He told the

inquest that radar was is this a to

make the Harbour Bridge which acted

as a radar shadow. He said that

radar was only a month aid to

navigation and could not be relied

upon. Ambulance officer Matthew

Cooper said that the owner had been

crying after the crash and was

overheard saying I should have had

the lights on. Last night, family

members of those who died were

joined by its lawyers and survivors

during a familiarisation tour on

the harbour. I was surprised how

clear it was. I was probably

looking at it from trying to find a

reason why this accident happened.

The hearing continues. Fuel giant

Caltex plans to buy 300 Mobil

service stations sparking new fears

over petrol station - petrol prices.

The 300 million dollar deal needs

the go-ahead from regulators but

Caltex believes that taking on the

giants is good for competition. For

our market share is only 16% but

that would only go up to 22% after

this deal. That is in line with

Woolworths and colds. A big oil

company will become even bigger,

there will be less competition and

that means bad news for consumers.

The jobs of 1,700 people will be

absorbed by Caltex under the deal.

Malcolm Turnbull has rejoined the

list of the 200 richest people in

the country. Malcolm Turnbull says

he is flattered but insists that

$178 million is a wrong. Five years

ago, the Rich List had him work

that $130 million. Now it says that

it is $35 million more. They have

no idea, it is a speculative dig up

but it is flattering. For when a

bloke like that wants to make a

public contribution, he should be

applauded! But as far as being our

most reached citizen, that will be

at any Pratt. In fact, Mr Turnbull

comes away down the list at number

181. Unlike many of the other

people, he has increased his wealth

rather than lost it.

rather than lost it. Andrew Forest

has had his fortune shaved by $7

billion. They will all be eligible under

under the private health insurance

rebates if the opposition has its

way. Malcolm Turnbull denies that

in opposing he is keeping a subsidy

for the wealthy. It is a tax break,

it is designed for people to take

out private health insurance. Go

and us to raise rain what she is

worth! Last time they guessed the

worth of the Prime Minister's wife,

it was $60 million. But since

investing in Australia and Britain,

to raise's wealth has grown. The

big news is in rugby league, they

run now swine flu concerns before

origin one? It for it and are real

referees have been placed in

quarantine - one of whom is a side

-- for a sideline referee who is

Scheduled to referee the origin

event. Glen Stewart took his place

in today's team photo, FE is

suspended they have the back-up

18th man, Luke Lewis, who is

prepared to step up against

Queensland. How has this for Queensland. How has this for

pressure? With less then for a

second on the clock, LeBron James

needed this shot to send his team

into overtime against Orlando. Plus

another terrific day for the Australian women at the French

Open! It is nice to see a

resurgence for women at the

Australian Open. Industrial action

Leeds bus passengers stranded - the

details after the break. Also

tonight, the mysterious and lonely

death of a woman in the western

Sydney. And the heaters in NSW

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This program is captioned live. A

female security guard has been

found murdered in her western-

Sydney home, while her 13 year old

daughter is missing. Police made

the grizzly discovery when they

broke into the Mt Druitt townhouse

last night. The body is severely decomposed, we believe death could

have occurred up to three weeks ago.

The victim is believed to be

security guard Deidre Burton -

relatives hadn't seen her for

almost a month, and raised the

alarm. Aged in her forties, she was

well liked at the shopping centres

where she worked. She was really,

really nice, and everyone liked her

at work and I don't know who would

do something like this because she

didn't seem like the sort of person

to start trouble with anyone. We

known her for that long, and been

so special to us and just been

taken away, just like a flash, like

that you know? Her 13-year-old

daughter, who also lived at the

home, is missing, and detectives

fear she may have been kidnapped.

We have a missing girl, we have

concerns for her, because of her

age, and because she hasn't been

seen for several weeks. Police

won't say how Ms Burton died -

today a post-mortem examination was

carried out and forensics teams

fingerprinted the house for clues.

Ten News understands Deidre Burton

broke up with her husband, Barry

just days before she went missing.

He's told friends he was moving to

Melbourne, to live with his mother.

Police are making inquiries

interstate as they hunt the killer.

They say their priority is the

safety and well-being of the

missing child. The state government

is being accused of exposing tens

of thousands of students to

dangerous gas levels in their classrooms.

Independent tests show school

heating systems breach world health


They're tucked away in thousands of

classrooms across the State - gas

heaters which don't have a flue or

chimney to get rid of noxious gases.

They're usually OK if windows and

doors are open but in many classrooms that's simply not

happening. So let's poison children.

I want my children or anybody's

children to be safe when they are

dropped off at school. They're not

safe. Richard Kalina pulled his

daughter out of school in

Blackheath because testing there

found gas levels were well above

world health guidelines in a third

of all classrooms. Above the guidelines, but still dramatically

below a level of gas that evidence

problems. suggest is linked to human health

problems. What's got most parents

and teachers concerned is that

unfuelled gas heaters in schools

have been banned in all other

states. Most private schools have

already removed them even NSW

Health recommends they be replaced.

But the education department

insists they are safe when used

properly. The main issues for

children in an unventilated room

are:respiratory problems, headaches

and loss of concentration. When

you've got a collection of children

in the classroom in winter you want

to keep the window open anyway. The medical evidence doesn't support

that at all. It's now time for the

Government to announce a program to

remove these heaters from our

schools and replace them with a

safe form of heating for our

students and teachers. The

government says the change would

cost too much and is instead

spending money on research into the issue.

Thousands of commuters were left

stranded this morning after a

wildcat strike at a Sydney bus

depot. Maintenance workers walked

off the job without notice just

before the morning peak. They

blockaded the Willoughby depot for

more than an hour over roster

changes, stopping any buses from

leaving. Angry passengers were kept

waiting at bus stops with no

explanation. Union leaders say the

issue has now been resolved.

issue has now been resolved.

Winter has made her start a little bit early.

17 degrees across the city. There

was a two below average. Our colder

stay in around seven months. Rich

man was and 16 degree, five degrees

below. Maybe the odd thunderstorm

tonight and the bees showers, just

annoying at the moment. -- and

these are showers. That will be the

story again tomorrow. Tops of 18

degrees. Tonight, having a crack at

the big prize is Anthoney. He is a

special one. This is a storm over a

to be involved: wall long gone. If you would like

Later in the news, we will update

due on the Flying Fox. I thank you

have one sitting next year right

now. Ahead, a suspected people

smuggler brought before an Australian court.

Also, protests as California bans same sex marriage.

And the young hero who took the

wheel when his dad passed out.

(Beeps horn) Five minutes! VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings from McDonald's. with a quick drive-thru breakfast WOMAN: Have a great day. Sorry. just for you... # SONG: # If I could have one moment

This program is captioned live.

An alleged people smuggle her extradited from Indonesia has

appeared in court. He faces 21

charges over the arrival of more

than 900 asylum seekers in 2001.

The 33-year-old was flown into

Perth after spending 11 months in a Perth after spending 11 months in a

Jakarta jail. The dual Iraqi

Iranian citizen is the first to be

brought to Australia. The maximum

sentence is 20 years. This is

regarded in Australia as a most

serious offence. He has been

remanded in custody.

Do the ING Direct Finance Report

with Jacqueline Maddock. The last

of the big four banks to beef up

its balance sheet is a riot -- ANZ.

Tonight, ANZ started to bid for

assets that are being sold by the

royal Bank of Scotland. There is a

7% discount to ANZ's last traded

advise. Investors are being offered

three he does - $350 million under

the plan. Traders are selling of

shares to buy into ANZ's of up.

Caltex shares said -- sawed up 88.

This trillion dollar had its

strongest start to the trading days since October.

Some heartening news from a survey

of economists. 90% of them said the

procession in the United States

would be over by the end of the

year. A massive explosion has

rocked the Pakistani city of the

law. A suicide car bomber smashed

through the security surround or of

the police sent up. Pakistan's army

has been fighting the rebels in the

west and they have been fears of

retaliation. Days after testing a

nuclear bomb, North Korea has now

fired another short range missiles.

For a move that has been described

as provocative and destabilising.

The South Japanese base model to do

the North Korean missile activity.

They coincide with the United talks

about further sanctions towards the

state. The actions of North Korea

violate international law and run

counter to peace in the area. The

United Nations has not indicated

what the sanctions maybe. A zoo

keeper has been mauled to death

faith -- by a tiger in New Zealand.

It attacked while two keepers were

at inside the air. The attack was

witnessed by a group of tourists,

including two children. Staff are

devastated by this. He was a

fantastic person, for a personal

friend. The cat attacked at --

responsible for the attack has been

shot dead. Mike Tyson's youngest

daughter has died, a day after

Sheikh -- choking on the Court of

an exercise machine. She was

playing with the cable in Arizona

when her neck was caught. The

heavyweight boxing champion flew

from Las Vegas to be with his from Las Vegas to be with his

daughter when she died. The courts

have come out against gay marriage

in California, sparking angry

protests. Now supporters are

promising to wrap up their campaign

by becoming a love warriors. Gay

marriage supporters were quick to

assert that - express their anger

at the court's and action are

banning gay marriage. For shame on

you. Delighted supporters of

traditional marriage if were there

too. This is all about reaffirming

what the family is. The court held what the family is. The court held

that existing marriages are still

valid, including the one between

Portia the Rossi and Elle and

generous. They married in it August

last year. They were among 18,000

couples to take advantage of the

legal shift. The law was overturned

by proposition eight which stated

that only heterosexual unions would

be recognised as marriages by the

state. A majority of California

voters agreed that a referendum

last year. That does not mean that

the issue is over. We will be an

army of love warriors, trying to

put it back on the ballot to and put it back on the ballot to and

five fritter again only this time

we will go from door to door and

knock on every door and that people knock on every door and that people

get to know us so they can see

we're just like they are. It is an

issue that inspired debate across

the country. It is believed that it

may have cost this telephone yet me

for Miss United States crowned. I

believe that for a marriage should

be between a man and a woman, no

offence to anybody out there.

During this time, several other

states have passed laws recognising

gay marriage. New York and New

Hampshire are also considering it.

Quick thinking by a 6-year-old boy

has turned a new tragedy into has turned a new tragedy into

triumph. When Tustin Main's father

passed out while driving, the

youngster took the wheel. He

steered EU for about three-quarters. steered EU for about three-quarters.

The roads were caught by a

dashboard camera. What is your

emergency? There is a guy a coup

has passed out and there is a

little kid sitting on his lap he

was driving and weaving all over

the road. When he passed out, I

hopped up there and drove it. For

an officer reach the ute as a

slowdown brought it to a stop by

porting it into Park. Next to - how

Schapelle Corby marked her for tea

and a Bali jail. Also tonight, at

the extraordinary medical procedure

that allowed a young man to walk

again. And Whispering Jack is back

for another tour. My hair has

gotten a little thinner over the

time - I have not. WOMAN: Can we stop and ask someone? No, we don't need to stop and ask someone. Just keep going straight. I think we should've gone back there. Back there? Have you even got the map up on there?

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The average NSW home produces about 160,000 balloons of carbon pollution a year. But simple actions, like using energy-efficient lighting and cold water washing, can save power, money and reduce our impact on the environment.

Top stories this hour - Opposition

Leader Malcolm Turnbull returns to

the nation's Rich List. He says that

that he is flattered but this is

that he has amassed $178 million.

The man in control of the

HarbourCat that hit a pleasure

craft has told his side of the story.

story. He said that he saw no

navigation lights before him back

and he - and he believed that there

was nothing in his bath. However he

did say that he was travelling at

up full speed. The Health Minister

is telling us to expect serious

illnesses and deaths from the swine

flu. Four years after being

sentenced, Schapelle Corby is about

to be sent back to jail. She is in a place hospital suffering

depression. Schumacher the fourth

anniversary by giving her mother a

facial. The psychiatrist said that

her condition as approving fresh -

improving but she still needs more

help. I think she should be a

hospitalised for as much as

possible because she needs specialist medical attention.

Sources say that she will be sent

back to prison within the hour. A

24-year-old whose leg was crushed

in a do it by accident is walking

again. Doctors provided a rare

medical procedure, fitting in with

a device that helped grow 12

centimetres of bone. It has only

been a few weeks since he discovered

discovered he could walk again. A

huge relief. I thanked God in my

prayers. Just over one year ago,

the 24-year-old said - it was told

that he may have to have his leg

amputated. I was going to do

everything I could to keep my leg.

Doctors decided to try a rare bone

growing procedure - the 18th the

Met restaurant manager with a frame

that held it for a period of

floating bone. Every day, the space

between the bone was extended by 1

millimetres. If you move it slowly,

Newburn will grow within that area.

Within 24 months, 12 centimetres of

bone has reformed. When you look at

the X-rays and see what the X-rays and see what the UN body

is capable of, it is just amazing.

There was a monumental amount of

courage showed by him over all the

operations and skin grafts. I was

so determined to walk properly. He

will have to undergo months of

physiotherapy but it should not be

long until his walking without pain.

He hopes that one day he will get

back on a bike. Not any day soon,

but one day I want to let up and

get back to the saddle. Until then,

he will stick to the exercise bike.

It seems that John Farnham is having trouble saying goodbye.

Years after his farewell tour he

has hit in the road again with a

national tour starting in September.

He said he never retired but

sitting under that last time sign

back in 2002, he certainly gave

that impression. Nevertheless -

Jack is back again for a national

tour of the trees and wineries. My

hair has got and been a but I

haven't! He wanted another day in

touring paradise after he joined

culled -- cold plate in the Sound

Relief concert. To have the

reaction they came from that is

just unbelievable. I did not expect

it. Were you nervous? You have no

idea - I did not sleep for a week

before that. But he comparisons

kept coming back. How many

comebacks is this? I don't know.

You keep calling them Combat! I am

tired of being retired at - I want

to play again. He is linked again

with Glenn weekly - the first time

since he was jailed. The workshop

dock for 15 months! That was then

and this is now. He has played his

debt. John plans to record some

songs for a new album and

songs for a new album and carry on

with a strict regimen but who uses

to look after the boys. I gargle

with a glass of red wine, which

makes my voice still good so ago

and gargle another one! Drama for

the NRL but this time from an

unexpected quarter? As we mentioned

earlier, for referees have been quarantined after being quarantined after being exposed to

swine flu. Plus Glen Stewart

prepares to confront the judiciary.

And if it is the pampered this the

paupers - the Blues live it up at a

Victorian mansion while the Moran's

have set up base in a caravan park.

And you Leonard Dokic at Leeds and

a Aussie charge on the second day of the Australian Open. a Aussie charge on the second day

My kids are the most important... people in my life. They're always gonna be number one, always have been. And I cannot imagine what my life would be without them. It hurts - I mean, to think that I won't be there. I mean, I look at them and I think, "Oh, my God, who's gonna kiss them goodnight? "Who's gonna do those little things that only I can do?" And it sounds really cliche and everything, but, you know, when you're going through this, that's what you think of. all-wheel drive The Holden Captiva SX is now just $36,490 driveaway, thanks to the Holden Owner's Grant.

but you can do it. It's hard to do, yeah, if the motivation is there. You can stop smoking I mean, living... (Chuckles) for me. ..surviving is enough motivation

This program is captioned live.

Swine Flu has hit rugby league. And

it could impact on next week's

State of Origin opener in Melbourne.

Scott Mackinnon is at NRL

headquarters, and Scott, some

referees have been exposed to the virus?

It is hard to believe but of four

reveries have been exposed on a

flight back from a camera. One of

them is meant to be touch judges

for the State of Origin. If he is

showing any symptoms in five days'

time he will not be allowed to take


Glen Stewart is due here at the

judiciary any time. It could see

him out of State of Origin. We

caught up with him at the airport

but he did not have too much to say.

Have you packed the lively? --

likely I am prepared for buyers.

Hopefully it will be a good outcome.

The coach does not think he has

much chance, but his team-mate does.

And he is talking from experience.

The Blues team photo needed 2 takes

today - one with Glen Stewart, today - one with Glen Stewart, the

other with 18th man Luke Lewis.

Still, Jamie Lyon is confident they

can print version one even before

his team mate's hearing. I'm pretty

sure he'll get off. I've been

through this before. Hopefully in

big gamers there is a little bit of

leniency there. Two years ago Lyon

faced the judiciary for an almost

identical throw, and was let off to

play in Origin. But even if Stewart

isn't successful, an in-form Luke

Lewis is ready to fill the void.

Back row is where he's been playing

all year good job for Penrith. I

think he'll slot in nicely. Paul

Gallon is also in doubt with his

shoulder complaint and seemly

unfazed by reports he'll be

stripped of the Sharks captaincy

for his racial taunt. I think

Origin's a big enough occasion for

him not to worry too much about

what's happening at club level.

He'll deal with what he has to when

he gets back there. The under siege he gets back there. The under siege

Blues at least have one thing over

Queensland and that's in the

accommodation stakes. Our boy's are

living it up in a Mansion in

Werribee. While Queensland are

marooned in a caravan park. They

might be staying in a flash plays,

but I think we like to keep it a

humble. Let us hope that accommodation does not soften up the blues. Thank you Mark Viduka's

international career hangs in the

balance, after he was left out of

the Socceroos 30-man squad for

their upcoming Asian qualifiers

against Qatar, Bahrain and Japan.

While the Newcastle striker is

missing, Tim Cahill and Harry Kewell have made themselves

available. A big day for Rhys

joined the Williams and Dario Vidosic, who've

joined the national squad for the first time.

Australia's Samantha Stosur and

Jelena Dokic have cruised through

to the second Round of the French

Open. But it was a disappointing Open. But it was a disappointin

day for 16-year-old Bernard Tomic,

who was eliminated in straight sets.

Second seed Serena Williams is

through in 3 while in the men's

draw, 4th seed Novak Djokovic

advanced after Nicolas Lapentti retired hurt.

Grey skies and rain delays were no

problems for Jelena Dokic, as she

fought back from a set down to beat

Karolina Sprem and continue her

resurgence. It has been a four or

five years since I have played here.

It is kind of a new again. It is a

Grand Slam, it is my second Grand

Slam in four Dokic now meets fourth

seed Elena Dementieva. Serena

Williams had feet of clay - lucky

to escape a three-set scare against

plucky czech Klara Zakopalova. I

just played horrendous. I think I

was a little nervous because I

haven't played a match on clay or

year. It was good day for Serbia

with world number one Jelena

Jankovich strolling into the second

round. While on the men's side her

compatriot Novak Djokovich's

progression was made even easier

when Nicolas Lappenti had a nasty

spill. He took the trainer, but

played on for only 6 more games

before putting up the white flag. I

am shocked. I think that is her

very soft effort. The locals

soldiered on with the Roger Rasheed

trained Gael Monfils too good for

American Bobby Reynolds. The high

leaping Jo Wilfried Tsonga winning

an all French affair, just too

athletic for countryman Julian

Bennetau, for an emotional victory.

Eleven months since her last race,

Jana Rawlinson is preparing to head

to Europe to start her World

Championship campaign. The two time

world hurdles champion is back

training in Canberra, after

splitting with her husband and

coach, Chris Rawlinson. She admits

the stress she's been through has

affected her performances on the

track. Stress has a reaction on the

body. We cannot get away from that.

I love the crease, and I wanted to

make my marriage work. It did not

work. I put a lot of emotional

energy into Zaidi my marriage.

energy into Zaidi my marriage. Once

we'd be displayed, began the energy

to put into something else I love

and that is my sport. Rawlinson

say's she's injury free for the

years. first time in three and a half

LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers

are on the Brink of NBA playoff

elimination, after going down to

the Orlando Magic 116 to 114 in

game 4 of the Eastern Conference

finals. 10 points in overtime from

Dwight Howard helping the Magic to

a 3-1 series lead.

Billed as the biggest game of

LeBron's NBA career, the Magic

worked overtime on the Cavs star.

But as usual he found his way free

and found a way to help his team


touch. Michael Petris keeping the Magic in

But a better team performance had

the Cavs in front by 8 at the half.

Le Bron kept pushing hard after the

break and Orlando looked edgy when

Dwight Howard found himself one

game from suspension when after his

6th tech foul in the play offs

Rafer Alston coming to his rescue.

With the Cavs down by 2 with

seconds left, LeBron found his way

to the line and sent it to overtime. Just.

Just. Dwight Howard then stepping

up big time massive dunks. Clutch

free throws and some big defence

getting the job done. But LeBron

still had a chance for win with

seconds left .The Cavs return to

Clevland just 1 game away from elimination.

In sports to nine, a wonderful

League. reception news from the Premier

idea about After the break, we will have an

idea about how quickly winter is arriving.

SONG: # How can it be that we can # Say so much without words?

Love, love. # # It must be love (SMASH!) (SQUAWKS) SONG: # A little bird... # Told me that you love me # That you love me... # Stupid bird! Ohhh! # And I believe that you do... # (SWANS HONK AND SQUAWK) Our new car insurance customers in Canberra saved an average of $177. (SWANS HONK AND SQUAWK) SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

This program is captioned live.

Before we go in. We had pictures of

the cruise ship which has become

embroiled in a swine flu crisis.

Passengers will be held on board

until authorities can confirm

whether three crew members have the

virus. Swaps have been picked up

and the result should be known by

tomorrow afternoon. Passengers will

not be allowed to disembark.

Some details on how to save one of

Our endangered species.

We love getting involved in this

community causes and a people in a

big numbers have come. Ten-week

thank wires for being on the

television. Sydney while life as a

well. And other conservation groups

which have joined forces to bring

you the plight of the grey-haired

flying fox. We have a situation in

the state, it is still legal to

shoot these have fine animals. It shoot these have fine animals. It

is the biggest that you see in

Australia. It is a flying mammal,

it is not a bird. They are

vulnerable and threatened with

extinction. They could be extinct

within 80 years. New South files

still allows them to be shut as a

crop -- proper protection measure.

We know a lot of the bats died We know a lot of the bats died

quite a slow and painful death. We

are lobbying the minister and there

is a review going on about the

practice. You are also lobbying the

government to help farmers come up

with a different solution? They do

damage fruit, total exclusion

netting is completely effective at netting is completely effective at

keeping the bat out of the orchards.

It is expensive and we need the

government to work with farmers and

make sure all orchards are netted

so they do not need to shoot them.

A round of applause. Why now stands

for all the while live information

rescue and education servers. It is

people like this man, booking after

flying foxes for the best part of flying foxes for the best part of

20 years. How old is Annie? She is

about four. He is almost 17 years

old. I do not think we can put you

on the television. It was a cold

one today. Colder has been about

seven months. 17 degrees across the

city and 16 at Richmond and there

was five degrees below average.

Coastal cloud giving us some showers.

Cloud over central NSW is trickling

showers on the Coast and ranges.

Cool supplies tomorrow. Light

showers in Tasmania, southern

Victoria and SA. Isolated showers

across East NSW and on the southern

coast. If you want more information

about how you can donate money, it is the great Blocked off.

Thank you. Congratulations in

coming up in such big numbers.

Thank you to all l good

conservation friends. Wave goodbye.

That's Ten News for now, thanks for

your company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening before the

late news with sports tonight at 10.30. Goodnight.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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