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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. cases at a Sydney hospital. a suspected cluster of breast cancer Tonight -

An innocent driver injured

through 19 suburbs. as police chase teenagers wonderland as our big chill bites. The State becomes a winter I've seen big snow in all that. This is the first time And exclusive - a new hope with a debilitating illness. for thousands of Australians with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Sydney's Concord Hospital is at Good evening.

the centre of a major health scare with a suspected cluster

of breast cancer cases. in two neighbouring departments, Five women, working have been diagnosed in recent years. whether it's a coincidence Investigators are now checking among hospital workers. or if something is causing cancer of Concord Hospital Inside this restricted area

there's an unusual trend. In six years

diagnosed with breast cancer. five women working here have been It is a higher proportion than we would expect to see. at the back of the hospital In two separate wings tucked away only metres apart with the disease in dietetics - four women diagnosed another in psychology. we do not have a cancer cluster. At this point in time into a possible cancer cluster. We have an investigation Aged in their 40s and 50s have in common is where they work. the only thing the women any obvious risk factors. The hospital's examining to chemicals. It says they haven't been exposed in the work environment If it is not something

a chance finding. then it is probably

have chosen to remain at work. All five women or a co-incidence, To confirm a cluster, review of the breast cancer rate the hospital has launched an urgent of all its staff and former staff. A result's expected within weeks to general breast cancer rates. after comparisons are made in Brisbane Confirmation of a cancer cluster to be shut down. forced the ABC's headquarters there 15 women have now been diagnosed. But experts say might turn up nothing. the Sydney investigation with no know risk factors. Many women develop breast cancer the disease at this stage. There's no way known to prevent of Seven's 'All Saints' are filmed. Concord's where some scenes The cast also concerned. that's something's there. Pretty scary

a 75-minute pursuit Police have defended of four boys in a stolen car with an innocent driver. which ended in a crash The woman suffered serious injuries

demand an end to high-speed chases. leading road safety campaigners to

SIRENS WAIL Four teenage friends in a stolen car. on the run from police As officers close in allegedly hit the accelerator. the joyriders Behind the wheel, a 15-year-old boy.

He avoided road spikes coming to a crashing halt. eventually This car was spun several times. was trapped The 27-year-old woman driver with minor head and back injuries. and taken to hospital to prevent further incidents. Police have acted accordingly to try The pursuit began at Shalvey through 19 suburbs with the teenager leading police allegedly up to 140km/h. they went through Mulgoa, From Penrith, near Campbelltown. finally caught at Mount Annan, one is still in hospital. Four teenagers were arrested - by a Magistrate The others were chastised unimpressed with their behaviour. - when they'll reappear. Campbelltown Children's Court today The boys faced or any family members. without the support of their parents Meanwhile, police are refusing to comment

with an innocent woman in hospital. on how the chase ended chases aren't worth it. Road safety campaigners say get seriously injured or killed Innocent people as a result of these chases. we could give Well, I think the only warning is if police signal to the side of the road, do so, for the vehicle to pull over in police pursuits. The Premier has declared and RailCorp management over - the war between unions for now at least.

with rail workers and bosses Morris Iemma described his summit as successful. a 3-month independent review They agreed to of maintenance yards. and there's goodwill. There's a truce

we've made real progress. And I believe that in that respect, nothing has changed. But the Opposition says It still wants Transport Minister John Watkins sacked. Clear skies and strong winds coldest days of the year have delivered one of Sydney's with a top of just 13.7 degrees. for blackouts across the city It's led to record energy use blamed of more power cuts tonight. and warnings blanketed towns in snow overnight - The record cold snap some for the first time in years. I'd seen snow. This is the first time There'd be 4 or 5 inches out here. West of the Blue Mountains, as far as you could see. it was a sea of white created chaos on the roads. Pretty, but black ice were shut down for safety. Slippery highways The intense cold front dumped snow to the nation's capital from the Blue Mountains and as far south as the hills around Melbourne. While it was fun for some 1,000 Sydneysiders without heating. blackouts left more than blames last month's rain. Energy Australia into a cable joint Eventually, it will find its way and the cable trips to a certain area. and then it cuts power for energy use. Households set a record

in New South Wales There was very high demand and we had all generators running and continuing low temperatures High demand mean more blackouts are inevitable. over the next week or so. It could well be that There are a few more instances and cut power. where the underground cables do trip

The schistm is simply breaking down.

When it gets totemperature, tremes

hot or cold, the system can't cope. The Premier thinks it can. We lead the nation in upgrades in infrastructure. It's mid afternoon and it's still only 13 degrees here at Sydney Airport. The wind makes it feel even colder

and the weather bureau says this temperature gauge won't get above 15 until Sunday. Retailers are rejoicing with winter woollies running out the door. A lawyer for terror suspect Dr Mohamed Haneef has admitted to the media. giving police documents He's been accused of unethical conduct even contempt of court but says that's a joke because police are also leaking evidence. Dr Mohamed Haneef was on the move today but he wasn't going home. Instead, taken to Wacol maximum security prison outside Brisbane. This, a rare glimpse of him outside a courtroom 16 days after his legal odyssey began. Now his legal team's in trouble too. His barrister admitting he leaked the transcript of Dr Haneef's first police interview to the media. But police have been doing the same, he claims. There has been a barrage of leaks appearing in the 'Australian' and the 'Daily Telegraph' this week which obviously come from AFP sources. It was inappropriate and highly unethical. In the interview, Dr Haneef denies links to terrorism, insisting: Dr Haneef has told police he had no prior knowledge of the UK bombings

or information on any future attacks and defines 'jihad' as a life struggle - not a violent revolution. It hasn't become a diplomatic crisis yet but Australia's High Commissioner in New Delhi

was summoned to the Indian foreign ministry. They didn't show displeasure, they showed concern. As with these Sydney protestors, there is overwhelmingly sympathy for Dr Haneef in India. And the longer he's incarcerated, the more that mood will harden. It's feared at least 200 people have been killed after a passenger plane crashed and exploded at an airport in Brazil. The Airbus A-320 skidded off the rain-soaked runway after landing in Sao Paolo. It crossed a road and crashed into the local airline's own offices. 176 people were on board

and dozens more may have been killed on the ground. The airport, while being very busy, was built in the '30s - has never been upgraded. Its runways are short. They don't shed water as quickly as they should. Many passengers' relatives were in the terminal and watched the tragedy unfold. It's Brazil's worst air disaster and the second this year. A drug used to treat chronic arthritis is now promising relief for thousands of Australians suffering Crohn's disease which causes painful gastric problems.

Humira has just been approved for use but its cost can be as crippling as the disease itself. Phoebe and Leo! Come down!

It's breakfast time! Kaye Fleischmann is a busy mother-of-two

who works as a criminal lawyer and suffers Crohn's disease. The symptoms for me are mainly pain and lots of diarrhoea. It's not a particularly pleasant thing. This debilitating life-long bowel disease has no cure.

Now the arthritis drug HUMIRA is giving Crohn's sufferers new hope. The benefit of HUMIRA is not just that it works but it can be given by injection. The patient can inject themselves under the skin in the same way a diabetic would. Kaye has been successfully trialling HUMIRA for three years. I can do my work and be with my family and do all those sorts of things. I haven't been hospitalised in the time that I've been on HUMIRA which is great. The trial saves Kaye spending $20,000 a year for the drug. Other sufferers have no choice but to pay. They're asking for it to be subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Because Crohn's disease deals with bowel problems many people don't like talking about it. But on a financial level the community simply can't ignore it. Along with other irritable bowel problems Crohn's costs the community nearly $3 billion a year. Advocates say HUMIRA will cut costs and give sufferers a normal life. Come on, Mummy, let's go to school. Alright. A decision on its PBS listing could take a year. Ahead in Seven News -

the Australian entertainers making multimillions. Also, why John Howard's YouTube experiment may have backfired. # Macho, macho, man # And Britain's explosive solution to its own 'Pasha Bulker'. COMP TER BLEEPS All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. Car maker Ford is closing its Geelong engine factory and axing 600 jobs. Ford will stop making its current 6-cylinder engine in 2010 in favour of an imported model. The company blames a drop in large sales of large cars for its decision. My role is to make sure that we're competitive well into the future and by taking this decision today I think we've secured our future. Federal Government neglect Unions are blaming

for the job losses. John Howard's attempt to appeal to younger voters by launching his climate policy on YouTube may have backfired.

Website feedback describes him as out of touch with some asking whether he's a net nerd.

In search of new ways to arrest his plunging popularity John Howard turned to YouTube. We do not have to sacrifice our economic prosperity. But many in his target audience have found the Prime Minister's climate change cyber-offensive just that - offensive.

I think it's a bit of a joke. I think it's almost a bit try-hard. It might have been the PM's first deliberate appearance on YouTube but it was by no means his debut. G'day, I'm John Howard. I'd have to say Robert Menzies. He was a great influence and role model. Let me teach you the ways of the dark side. The Labor leader doesn't escape an online ribbing either -

# Matcho man #

almost everyone is fair game. I have a website by the way - And there are all those politicians' MySpace pages soaking up gigabytes. The Prime Minister's staff have been busy erasing some offensive and negative comments from his YouTube website -

including one which said

Mr Howard's appearance there had now made YouTube uncool. He's not arguing. Does this now officially make YouTube uncool? (Laughs) Yeah, what is your next question? Well, I don't know about uncool.

It seems like a late arrival probably for the generation that's been into YouTube for quite some time. Take care and vote for me. British authorities have gone to extreme measures with a stranded cargo ship -

using explosives to blow it apart. The 'Napoli' was grounded off the Devon coast six months ago. Its hull is too badly damaged to refloat so it will be broken up and towed away in bits. The blasts caused a small oil slick, angering local environment groups. The salvage operation has cost - over $100 million. A divorced Spanish father who let his 10-year-old son run with the bulls in Pamplona has lost his visitation rights. Spanish TV captured pictures of them running ahead of a pack of bulls angering viewers and the boy's mother. The dopey dad was also fined $200.

By law, bull runners in Pamplona must be 18. It's easy to see why our biggest stars have the brightest smiles when you check the list of our top-earning entertainers. And who smiles most? The Wiggles, of course with $50 million good reasons.

(Rock music plays) Angus has been a kid forever and AC/DC still make $18 million a year. But the really heavy kids, once again. (Sings) # We are the Wiggles # For the third year running the Wiggles have topped 'BRW's Entertainers Rich list. Even with a new Wiggle... I'm Sam. ..they made $50 million last financial year. Everything that you can stick a Wiggles label on, they can make some money out of. Nicole did all right too. Hi. $35 million and second place. Although if you add husband Keith Urban's 26 million, that's... (Sings) # So how surprised am I? # ..a $61-million-a-year couple. Ready? Watching? Ooh. Hugh Jackman made $30 million. Kylie... Ooh! ..$27 million. Cate Blanchett... Hello. ..$18 million. And $15 million for horror movie makers James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The same for Russell Crowe. And for the first time

the 12th man Billy Birmingham makes the top 50. Check one, two. $1.2 million and not a bad innings.

The full list is out tomorrow. Time for sport, with Matthew White. And Mark Gasnier's in for a tough welcome back to footy.

Pretty fascinating match up. Yes, a former team-mate has the job of stopping Gasnier this weekend. The details shortly. Also tonight, Chris Latham admits he's not ready to take on the All Blacks. And, getting in the way of a good walkies - is this the Tour's toughest spectator? APIA believes that you're a better insurance customer.

So you deserve a better price. Save up to $270 by combining your home and contents insurance and choosing an excess that suits you. Call 13 50 50 now. with unbelievable deals like a Bahco hand saw, just $29.95. Ryobi blower vac and hedge trimmer, $99. $69.95. Mitre 10. All the help you need. He made the headlines for talking too much earlier in the season but the Panthers' Richie Williams is planning to let his footy do the talking this weekend when he goes head-to-head with former team-mate Mark Gasnier. Williams says he's learnt his lesson but he hasn't lost his confidence. Penrith's his third club and even though the swagger is still there Richie Williams didn't just waltz in and take control. No, it was pretty tough actually. I'm a pretty shy person and I was a bit shy when I first come here. It took me a couple weeks to settle in but I've settled in now so it's good. He wasn't too shy when he taunted Rooster Braith Anasta but there'll be no pre-game gee-up for Mark Gasnier. No, no way. REPORTER: We learnt that lesson? Yeah, we learnt that lesson. But after being given a shot at six for St George-Illawarra when Gasnier was hurt Williams wants to show he's more than a match for the Dragons star. For sure, you know. There's nothing worse than a player coming out with injury and back in the squad and playing all over you. So hopefully I can put a few plays on him early. He's played a couple of first-grade games. He's gone pretty well for us especially coming up against his old club - I'm sure he'll want to play well. It's not ideal when one of your former club or team-mates absolutely comes out and cuts you up.

Hopefully in our case Richie has a quiet day and we have a good day. And Manly's Steve Mattai needs to beat a headbutting charge at the judiciary to play the Sharks on Friday. Chris Latham has admitted to his Wallaby team-mates he doesn't feel ready to return to Test rugby. The Aussies have arrived in Auckland today ahead of Saturday's decider of the Bledisloe Cup and Tri Nations. Latham is concerned he's still not mentally fit six months after a knee reconstruction. He sort of feels that he shouldn't be there, but in saying that the boys are confident in him. I know

The World Cup-winning fullback will return from the bench against the All Blacks. A show of support from behind enemy lines today for West Coast Eagles star Ben Cousins who's preparing to come back from a drug abuse problem in Saturday's match against the Swans. Sydney's Spida Everitt says Cousins deserves a second chance. Away from footy - this is Peter Everitt's pride and joy. Imagine me cruising down in one of the hot-rod shows. It's part of Spida's new life. Once controversial, he's a changed man on and off the field.

COMMENTATOR: Everitt, from 30... two in 30 seconds!

The hardest thing is, for me is when you've got kids you've got to think, I've got to start growing up here because they start getting teased at school. Everitt will clash with a modern bad boy of the game when Sydney takes on West Coast this weekend - reformed drug addict Ben Cousins.

The Swans old head is asking all fans to give Cousins a second chance. Yeah, he did the wrong things but to be able to come back, get himself on the right track and play at a top level - it'll give a lot of people hope out there - a lot of people who are in the same situation as him to be able to look at him and say,

"Gee, if he can do it we can actually do it as well." Spida was fined for racism in 1999. He says footballers can change and Cousins will too. Doing up the old Holden is just part of a transformation of Spida Everitt. He's now living the slower life in Sydney and eventually wants to live the simple life - retiring to a farm in New Zealand. If it doesn't work, well, I'll come back and coach or do something, I don't know. Australia's Cadel Evans is closing in on the overall lead of the Tour de France. Evans finished Stage 9 in third, moving to fourth overall. Denmark's Michael Rasmussen retains the yellow leader's jersey. It was a real dog of a day for Germany's Marcus Burghardt. COMMENTATOR: Well, that is ridiculous. To allow a dog on the side of the road of a bike race. T-Mobile has already lost three riders

Poor old dog just going for a walk,

but the dog is absolutely okay. Need

an o beadian class. Tony Roche is

officially the coach of Lleyton

Hewitt until the end of 2008. Lethal combination.

The share market closed lower today.

Exporters hit hard as our dollar soared to 18-year highs. Sara has the weather details after the break. And tonight she's warming up with a hot cup of coffee. The Mitre 10 multi-million-dollar tool blitz has arrived, with unbelievable deals like a Ryobi 18V cordless drill, $129. Estwing claw hammer, $65.95. CAR CHUGS This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres.

Good evening. It would take something pretty impressive to get me outside on a night like this. It's now 10 degrees, and this hot cup of coffee is certainly hitting the spot. Even more impressive are these world champion latte artists putting in some practise ahead of The Aroma Coffee Festival on this Sunday here at The Rocks. It'll be perfect weather for a hot cuppa. Only slightly warmer than today. In town we hovered just below 14 degrees but it felt closer to 9 with freshening sou-westerlies. Thankfully, this morning wasn't quite as bad falling to 7 just before 6:00. Much colder westwards. The wind chill brought an apparent temperature of just 8. In fact it was a cold day across New South Wales. Orange picked up 5cm of snow to 9am while Thredbo and Perisher received another 15cm to 25cm overnight. It's due to a low-pressure system east of Bass Strait that will intensify over the next 24 hours. Strengthening winds will see a few coastal showers develop later tomorrow extending a little further inland as winds tend south-sou-easterly by Saturday. The south-east will continue to feel the effects of that low and Melbourne.

A cold top of 10 for Canberra. Late rain and a possible storm for Perth. Brisbane, fine and 17.

Clear skies this evening, then fine and partly cloudy for most of tomorrow with showers developing near the coast later in the day. Minima will stay the right side of 0 with tops much like today. 5 in the mountains, 14 to 15 elsewhere. Feeling a good 5 to 6 degrees colder with the wind chill. That will be the case until Sunday, I'm afraid but next week is looking much better. Drying up with tops back in the high teens. The Aroma Coffee Festival is on this Sunday from 10:00 here at the Rocks. Roasters from around the country will be offering their best brews from just $1 a cup!

You could end up with something like

this. Very impressive, thank you, Sarah. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight.

The race for Australia as Asian

migration for the first time

outstrips European but how will it

affect our future and our children

as Australia splits into two? Hello,

I'm Anna Coran. Tonight, Qantas

safety, after our report, the

worried pilots and their greatest

fears. All hell broke lose after

your show, obviously the pilots were

concerned. The 30-year feud, radio

jock Mike Carlton's lowest point.

jock Mike Carlton's lowest point. It would be sheer hupockeracy to hern

up. And all your muse sqk DVDs at

prices that have never been lower.

The technology to do it here. There's been considerable turbulence in the wake of our story on Monday night about the safety standards of Qantas plane maintenance overseas. The airline has been in desperate damage-control mode particularly on radio today. Just as concerned -

because their lives would be in jeopardy

if maintenance standards stalled - are the pilots.

Laura Sparkes continues her investigation on the risk to flying passengers. Ominous music plays. All hell broke loose after your show on TV on Monday night. Obviously, the pilots were concerned about what was presented.

We are still running an

investigation on this. To

investigation on this. Today Qantas

management were in damage control,

back pedaling fast. Literally

back pedaling fast. Literally last night, I was on the phone to the