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Telstra Sale -

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(generated from captions) or your internet still takes one hour to send an email, the sell-off of the final chunk of Telstra is a package full of big promises. We should get a lot more details about what the T3 sell-off will deliver to us, when our politicians get back on deck in Canberra next week but one of our Federal MP's who is yet to decide exactly how she will vote is on the phone right now, Kay Hull, Nationals Mp for the Riverina, How are you Kay? Good afternoon, I'm just fine. Terrific, look Kay lets talk about what your constituents are telling you about the T3 sell-off? Without doubt and without exception my constituents are telling me that they believe that Telstra, the remainder of Telstra should remain in government hands. So with around 70% of Aussies saying their against it, why is the government doing it? Well the government has gone to three elections with the sale of Telstra on their platform. I've been out of step with that, I've never agreed with the sale of Telstra and have consistently defended my right that Telstra should not be sold off. You know you and Alby Schultz, he's already decided that he will abstain from voting, that's obviously one of your options? It is one of my options. There really needs to be 24 members cross the floor in the House of Representatives to get the defeat of the sale of Telstra. Now that's unlikely to happen because I believe there's really only Alby Schultz and myself either cross the floor, abstain from a vote or to put an amendment to try and defeat the legislation which is unlikely to get support. Knowing that your so strongly against this particular sell-off, as a politician do you find this whole process frustrating? Without doubt, it is the most frustrating five years I think that I have ever spent. I've been consistent, I'm not just a person out there saying that I am not supporting this sale because my electorate has told me not to support it. I'm out there actually doing the technical work, understanding the issues, talking with various people who are experts in communications now and into the future and trying to bring to the table people that can deliver appropriate messages to those who would sell Telstra. That it is going to be a very difficult frame for country people upon the post sale of Telstra. But it still does not answer the very real concerns the technical concerns, that I have for my residents in the Riverina post the sale of Telstra. Well Kay Haul it's an awful long road to travel until that share float happens, sometime late next year. Thankyou very much for joining us on State Focus today. Thankyou so much for having me. Well, State Focus is continuing to keep an eye