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(generated from captions) week and it has been a very interesting and Southern NSW. right across the ACT Canberra's committed campaigners Today, we will catch up with two of for bushfire survivors, Ric Hingee and Laurence Buchanan. end up footing the bill Now they believe ACT taxpayers will for yet another legal challenge of that firestorm by those who were in charge on January 18 2003. But right now - the frustrations of our Wallaby side, Our next guest is probably feeling rest of us rugby tragics. just a little bit sharper than the good news to share with us But Steve Larkham does have some on that shoulder surgery. doctor? And what is the verdict from the It feels pretty good, other shoulder. it's very stable compared to the get it out of the sling It's another two weeks before I can and start moving it around range back hopefully. and 12 weeks before I get full you probably? 12 weeks, it seems a life time for me, Yeah it's certainly a long time for me out of football for six months. I haven't had an injury that's kept It's a long time on the sideline opportunity but it's given me a good to freshen up for next year. Was it a full reconstruction? Yeah it was a labrum tear ligament onto the bone, so they had to reattach the reconstruction. so they classed that as a full say. Well enjoy the down time as they Look I guess like the rest of us of late you've spent your Saturday nights Wallabies in the Tri Nation series, sitting on the couch watching the for you? just how difficult has it been Yeah very difficult, worst year to date I think it's probably been our with the Wallabies. since I've been playing could of won over in South Africa Very close games that we probably and again on the weekend. story I think New Zealand was a different they just ran away with the game. boys are improving each week But frustrating to know that the for the game. but just not finding what's needed nursery Do you feel that the rugby union scrum-halfs and fly halfs? is full of big bouncing future I think their getting there. scrum-halves and five-eights At the moment that base of isn't quite there and sort of inside centres ranks in the 19's and 21's but there's certainly some in the who are coming through and proving to be good footballers. So it's only a couple of years Wallabies squad before there sort of into the and stuff like that. Look I've got to ask you, we're not doing real well there is all this talk whenever Eddie Jones go, there is all this talk about should should George Gregan call it a day. You know George, to all of this? how do you think he'd be reacting George is very good off the field, in a normal week he has to deal with a lot of media when everything was against him. let alone last week well So he handles that pressure very on concentrating on playing. and he would of been fully focused Because he's only 32 or 33 isn't he? good football. He's 32, I still think he's playing It's not that old is it? World Cup in 2003, No, well there was some guys in the 34, 35 years old career so I mean you can extend your to that stage at least I'd say. will be with our World Cup squad? And are you pretty confident he Pretty confident, but you never know what may happen. I think it's always judged on form and Eddie said that. playing bad football, And George hasn't really been there on the paddock with him you know there's 14 other guys out of those players and from time to time everyone football. haven't been playing their best might be a little bit down. So it's not just George whos form was exceptional Certainly on the weekend his form back that way. and it was good to see him bounce with this sort of media scrutiny How do players like yourself deal and talk of it's time for him to go, he's past his used by date. Has that ever happened to you, I guess with injury, a lot of people are probably saying, calling it a day? when's Steve Larkham thinking about Yeah definitely question to answer and I think that's the hardest when your going to quite rugby. form, I think it's very much dependent on in it obviously injuries play a part injuries to play your best football and if you can't come back from then that's probably the time retiring as well. when you should think about But it's all based on form off and if your form starts dropping you think OK then that's probably the time where maybe I should retire now. you. Yeah lets hope it's awhile off for amazing, Lets just re-cap your year it's been the last time we spoke to you scare you just come through a skin cancer and then what was next, to relive it to be honest? I don't know if you can bare I had a cancer removed from my leg, It's been a terrible year three weeks, that kept we out of the game for and fractured my arm again came back and played the next game of the season. and that kept me out for the rest international season, So I got back for the start of the games this year so I've only played about eight in South Africa. and then injured my shoulder over house either at the moment are you? And your not much use around the No which is a good thing. I can only use my left arm difficult, and it makes changing nappies very which is good for me but not good for my wife. going to go Well look how do you think we are against the All Blacks Saturday? difficult match for the guys. I think it's going to be a very reshuffling again, Obviously a little bit of guys coming back from injury in the pipeline this week. and a few injuries that I've heard to go through Dan Vickerman apparently is going exactly what your going through. So a bit of reshuffling there again very difficult Eden Park, and playing over there is always some good football. New Zealand are starting to play So I think it's a very tough ask for the guys but I think it's a good opportunity for some of those younger guys to get that really high level experience and it will sort of lead into our Spring Tour. Yeah foresure, well look good luck with your recovery I'd shake your hand but I think that's out of the question just for the moment, I don't want to jinx you. Steve Larkham thanks for joining us on State Focus. Thanks very much. or your internet still takes one hour to send an email, the sell-off of the final chunk of Telstra is a package full of big promises. We should get a lot more details about what the T3 sell-off will deliver to us, when our politicians get back on deck in Canberra next week but one of our Federal MP's who is yet to decide exactly how she will vote is on the phone right now, Kay Hull, Nationals Mp for the Riverina, How are you Kay? Good afternoon, I'm just fine. Terrific, look Kay lets talk about what your constituents are telling you about the T3 sell-off? Without doubt and without exception my constituents are telling me that they believe that Telstra, the remainder of Telstra should remain in government hands. So with around 70% of Aussies saying their against it, why is the government doing it? Well the government has gone to three elections with the sale of Telstra on their platform. I've been out of step with that, I've never agreed with the sale of Telstra and have consistently defended my right that Telstra should not be sold off. You know you and Alby Schultz, he's already decided that he will abstain from voting, that's obviously one of your options? It is one of my options. There really needs to be 24 members cross the floor in the House of Representatives to get the defeat of the sale of Telstra. Now that's unlikely to happen because I believe there's really only Alby Schultz and myself either cross the floor, abstain from a vote or to put an amendment to try and defeat the legislation which is unlikely to get support. Knowing that your so strongly against this particular sell-off, as a politician do you find this whole process frustrating? Without doubt, it is the most frustrating five years I think that I have ever spent. I've been consistent, I'm not just a person out there saying that I am not supporting this sale because my electorate has told me not to support it. I'm out there actually doing the technical work, understanding the issues, talking with various people who are experts in communications now and into the future and trying to bring to the table people that can deliver appropriate messages to those who would sell Telstra. That it is going to be a very difficult frame for country people upon the post sale of Telstra. But it still does not answer the very real concerns the technical concerns, that I have for my residents in the Riverina post the sale of Telstra. Well Kay Haul it's an awful long road to travel until that share float happens, sometime late next year. Thankyou very much for joining us on State Focus today. Thankyou so much for having me. Well, State Focus is continuing to keep an eye on the plans for a so-called "super-school" to replace Ginninderra District High in Canberra's north. With only 180 students attending the school which can house 950 kids, Ginniderra High was all set to close at the end of the year, with a $43 million super-school to be built on the same site by 2009. However, the ACT Government didn't expect the plans for a new school would upset so many parents and students, so it's bringing in a consultant for some independent advice. The original plan will now get a re-think, and they'll take a look at some alternative sites suggested by Ginninderra High P and C, and Education Minister Katy Gallagher should have a report on her desk by September 14. Stay with us, after the break - The Bushfire Inquiry is back in business, but can Canberra residents trust the Chief Minister. That's next on State Focus. Now not too far away, we will meet a couple of self-confessed Canberra dweebs, with a business that is being singled out as one to watch. But first - The coronial inquiry into the deaths of four people in Canberra's 2003 bushfires will resume hearing evidence from October 17 and that day can not come quick enough for our next two guests. Ric Hingee and Laurence Buchanan front a group of Canberra residents who have watched as bureaucracy, politics and ego interfered with the process of finding closure. Good afternoon gentlemen. Now Ric I will start with you, the Supreme Court case that was brought by the nine burocrats against the Coroner Maria Doogan that's been thrown out, there is no perceived case of bias, basically where does Maria begin from here, on October 17? Well Stanhope is also party to that action, not just the nine burocrats and I will presume that Maria will commence where she left off. Because we were very close weren't we we were about four or five days out from finishing the inquiry? We were and that was what was so upsetting to many people. Do you think she'll have a tough time picking up? I wouldn't think so, it's not just a matter of recommencing, she's now been to a large extent intimidated by these actions and it may circumscribe here abilities. She might be quite fired up by the time we get to October 17? Could be too. Now Laurence Buchanan, do you think our Chief Minister John Stanhope is in a bit of denial when it comes to the civil actions that are being brought against him as well and his government? I'd say yes. He really hasn't estimated the costs fully to the tax payer and that is a major concern to us. We've paid a lot of money already in taxes and it's likely that we are going to be continuing to pay well into the future. Now he has ruled out that there will be a high court appeal against the Supreme Court decision? He has said the government will not appeal the action against the Supreme Court in other words he will not go to the High Court. However, he has not ruled out the fact that he may well fund any appeal by any of the nine individuals to the Supreme Court. Well with a tax bill already of $1.5 million it would be political suicide don't you think Ric for him to even think about it? What concerns us is that we as tax payers seem to be funding appeals against ourselves, it's really a ridiculous situation. Do you believe that he feels the Supreme Court judges were wrong? He said that in the assembly on the 17th. He said that they were wrong the supreme court judges were wrong. He is adamant that they are wrong. And yet publicly he's saying that he will live with that decision? Yes he will live with it but it could be a Clatons appeal, he's provided ammunition to the nine burocrats that he feels that based on the advice from his lawyers that there's a good chance of winning an appeal in the High Court. There is a real risk and this is of concern to the community, there's a real risk that at the 11th hour come March next year that the re-application to the Supreme Court may well go ahead again because when the coroner under the coroners act produces her report, her draft report if there's adverse findings there in their opinion they could well go running to the Supreme Court again. It's just amazing to think that we are looking at three years on from the event and no closure. And not only that there's no answers to the questions we have continuously put questions to the Chief Minister. And he refuses to answer the questions. And the main question being, why weren't we warned? That's the question we want answered. Is that within the brief of the coroner though, do you think we'll get that answer from her? Well we'll just have to wait and see but we'll certainly keep the pressure up to get an answer to that. Well Ric Hingee, Laurence Buchanan thankyou so much for joining us today and we'll see what happens from October 17. Thankyou. at what's been in focus around our region this week, starting with the ACT - And there's talk of putting more speed cameras on Canberra roads. It's in response to the deaths of 18 people already on ACT roads this year. Canberra homeowners will notice a hike in your next rate notice, an increase of around 15%. Queanbeyan showground could end up being the site for the city's new hospital. And if you were an extra on the Hollywood movie Jindabyne earlier this year, expect to see yourself on the big screen around April next year. To the South Coast - And Wollongong Council is looking for inspiration to replace the so-called "birdcage" in the Crown Street Mall. The structure needs a good revamp, and may be replaced all together. The Shoalhaven's job scene goes from bad to worse, with another 60 jobs set to go at the paper mill. Managers of Bega and Pambula hospitals say any bed shortage is just due to the usual winter demand. And Kangaroo Valley residents have decided to fight plans to raise the wall of Tallowa Dam, which would allow more water to flow from the Shoalhaven into Sydney. In the Central West this week - The roads around Parkes are finally getting some attention. Parkes Shire Council has won a $3 million grant to fix local roads. Dubbo Council says it will shut down an escort agency operating out of the Eastridge residential suburb. The agency had originally been set up when they closed down a brothel in town. Southern Meats Abbattoir at Harden has re-opened, offering 24-hour job contracts to workers. And there's talk of a second big motorsport event at Mount Panorama, with plans for a Festival of Speed. And in the Riverina this week - They're using shock value to get young drivers to slow down. Cootamundra Rotary and local police are running a program for P-platers, giving them a first-hand, if not grisly view, of how speed can kill. Truckies aren't happy about plans to triple the rego fees for B-double trucks in NSW. The government may have said no, but three Riverina councils will keep on lobbying for the reopening of the Cootamundra to Tumut trainline. And renters in Young have started paying for their water, instead of having landlords increase their rents. Well being a dweeb or a dag never stopped Bill Gates from building his Microsoft Empire and right here in Canberra, are two young business blokes, who describe themselves as Entreprenerds! Their company Research One has been scooping up the awards lately and Fabian Serena and Troy Simpson are with us this afternoon. How are you doing guys? Very well. Nice ties, nice co-ordination by the way. Attention to detail. Now you guys have a very successful business touch, how did you get together? Three and a half years ago we meet at the ANU Law facility I was an IT support officer there and Troy was a legal researcher and he came into my office one day and said, "could you fix my computer"? And he seemed to very impressed with the way I went through and fixed it and from there we went through and exchanged our ideas about what we want to do? And came up with Research One. What is it exactly about this company that seems to be getting everyone excited Troy? Well we first established a pioneering business idea, it sounds simple, research for lawyers over the internet but that be lies its significance, in that lawyers are obviously very time poor, they use to have to do there own legal research and writing but now they can out source it to a brand new type of legal professional, full-time legal researchers who specialise in legal research. Now you guys have had the tuxedos out lately, I mean dry cleaning in Canberra has never been a better business as a result. How many awards have you won? We were actually 2004 finalist last year in the Telstra awards and this year we decided to go through and instead of talking so much about ourselves we started to talk more about the business in this set of awards. This year we won the ACT micro small business of the year, the ACT Small Business of the Year and we've also won, the Australian Government micro Small Business of the Year. Is it an overnight success? Well it certainly appears that way but there's three and a half years of hard work. That's an overnight success three and a half years? That is true. I guess we treat this award as not so much a recognition of success although it is that, it's also another tool we can use and leverage off in order to ensure even greater success. Just how far can you take this business, could you see yourself open to a takeover offer by a bigger company on the sharemarket? The idea is basically a monopoly here in Australia. It is currently done in the US but the US has a different system so we are not looking to grow a small company, we are looking to grow a very very big company, defiantly over the next couple of years. Alright well can you please let us know when you do actually float the company and we could get some shares in this one alright. Terrific Fabian and Troy from Research One thanks for dropping by State Focus. Thankyou very much. Stay with us - We'll catch up with V8 Supercar Driver, who's going to cycle all the way to Bathurst this year. Cameron McConville joins us next on State Focus. You are watching State Focus to have a chat with Holden V8 Supercar driver Cameron McConville we have to wish a certain young man from Wollongong good luck for tonight, when he will attempt to become the Air Guitar Champion of the world. Now this is Darren Smith in full flight winning the National Air Guitar Championships a few weeks ago. When the amps are turned up to 11, Darren is transformed into Jimmy Dangles, and tonight he'll be squeezing into that limegreen lycra again in Helsinki Finland Now we're not sure if our next quest has ever dabbled in the odd Air Guitar, in the privacy of his own loungeroom but hey, lets ask him. Cameron McConville, how are you? I'm fantastic Ali and yourself? I'm alright, do you have your favourite air guitar solo? Yeah yeah like this, how's that? That's excellent. I do mine in the shower. Too much information there I think, now lets talk about Climb to the Mountain you are riding a bike from Melbourne to Bathurst for charity. You've got to be fit, are you feeling up to the task? Not really I think we've bitten off more than we could chew. But it's for a great cause for Make a Wish Foundation and I've been trying to train but through Melbourne's barmy winter there's been the odd day or two that we've stayed in bed and should be out riding our bikes. But it's coming around now only a few weeks away and pretty excited about the journey a 1,000 kilometres, so similar to the car race distance really although we'll take 10 days not sort of eight hours that we can do the car race in. And who are you doing it for and why? Well Andrew Jones my team mate he'll be coming along with me and it's for Make A Wish Foundation which grant wishes to terminally ill and seriously ill kids. So it is a great cause and infact Andrews brother was a recipient of a Make A Wish when his brother went to the the SCG with Merve Hughes. So we sort of looked at a couple of different charities and thought it would be nice to do something for kids and so far we are at about $45,000 in sponsorship. Because your going to be in our neck of the woods, I'm talking Wagga, Harden, through to Canberra from September 21st to the 22nd. The hills from Boorowa to Cowra there going to be a killer? It's pretty flat there isn't it, I believe it's very flat. Melbourne's really hilly to train on. Actually I drove it about a month ago myself and someone from Holden who were helping us out with the event, we drove through there and I thought oh my god look at these hills. You better eat some more of that Weetbix, I noticed your on the packets of Weetbix these days Cameron McConville. You've made it son. See and I never use to eat them I have got to admit but now I'm up to 10 a day and probably 15 a day during the bike ride. You might end up a Wallaby, you never know it. Look Cameron McConville great to talk to you and good luck with the ride, we'll keep tabs on it? Thanks, thanks very much. And if you'd like to make a donation to Climb to the Mountain. Just call this number it's on the screen, And you can get all the details at Cam's bosses website, And while we're on the subject we just wanted to mention the upcoming madness of Canberra's Nick Willey, who this time next week will have completed his first 24 hours of his attempt to break the world record for non-stop skiing. Nick will set off from Friday Flat at 8.30 next Friday morning, and attempt to ski for eight days and three hours, with only a five minute break each hour. He's hoping to raise half a million dollars for asbestos cancer research, having lost his own dad from mesothelioma. Nick just wants to say thanks to all of his great sponsors, lots of locals from the Snowies including, Larry Adler, ActewAGL, All Class Insurance among them. And if you'd like to help the cause along, just call the Australian Lung Foundation on, 1800 81 85 45 or see the website, Whether you are hitting the slopes this weekend, or just hitting the couch enjoy the rest of the weekend, and we will see you next week on State Focus, bye for now. Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.