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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - one dead and others injured off Queensland. in a freak boating accident the wrong place at the wrong time. These blokes just happened to be in

but still some tough times ahead. Australia's unemployment rate steady advertisers boycott his radio show. Kyle Sandilands in hiding as to save a trapped dog. And the major rescue operation with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good afternoon. and two others have been injured A man has died

on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. after a freak boating accident off Point Cartwright The trio were fishing smashed their boat onto rocks. when a huge wave Reporter Andrew Denney has more. as a tragic set of circumstances. Chris, it can only be described the damage to the 5-metre boat You can see behind me after it was tossed over the rocks. was out fishing with two mates The man in his 60s

when the accident happened. the men stood little chance Witnesses say by a large wave. after the boat was swamped in the water for help We did hear cries from the people on top of the cliff but we felt helpless being up here with the rocks below and seeing the state of the surf. Police have commended the efforts and council workers of nearby surfers who raced to save the men. to swim out They actually put their life at risk and try and save the people. against the 1.5m swell. But there was little they could do the wrong place at the wrong time. These blokes just happened to be in for them, I guess. It was just pretty bad luck the accident is a reminder Authorities say this part of the coast can be. of just how dangerous Today appears to anyone, a very nice day, what would normally seem like but we've got large swells in what's happened today. so that's obviously played a factor on coast beaches this year This is the first drowning surf-lifesaving season, and a terrible start to the summer next weekend. Chris. which officially begins remained steady in August Australia's unemployment rate has lost their jobs. even though 27,000 people as expected Experts say the figure didn't jump gave up looking for work. because some people

was upbeat today The Deputy Prime Minister and she had good reason. predictions once again, Australia's jobless rate defied remaining steady at 5.8%. it would rise slightly. Economists had tipped What this number shows is this economic storm well. that Australia continues to weather shows just how well. A snapshot of other Western nations US unemployment stands at 9.7%, But the news isn't all good. jobs were lost in the economy During August over 31,000 full-time is a major concern. which, of course, looking for work have now given up. Some of those who were has continued, And the trend towards part-time work are being slashed. suggesting some workers' hours to reach forecast levels of 8.5%. The jobless rate now looks unlikely But the parties are still split spending should be wound back. on whether the Government's stimulus the same record level of money. Yet Mr Rudd and Mr Swan are spending to economic stimulus To call for an end from under the Australian economy. would be to pull the rug out measures have been appropriate We believe that the fiscal stimulus and they should continue. reacted to today's figures And we'll find out how our markets a little later in the bulletin. across three States Jockeys have called a snap strike over controversial new whip rules. at race meetings They refused to continue riding in Ballarat, Hawkesbury and Ipswich turned down a request after the Australian Racing Board on whipping horses. to ease new restrictions so we're angrier now. We didn't want it to come to this and you're angry, you react. When you're pushed into a corner a horse can be whipped The rules limit the number of times in the final stage of a race. of further strike action Jockeys have warned during the Spring Racing Carnival. has unveiled The Victorian Government national bushfire warning system a new to try to prevent a repeat Black Saturday bushfires. of the devastating to leave their property A new code red will warn people become catastrophic. if the weather conditions will be given very strongly On those days, obviously the advice a bushfire prone area, that if you are in and you have concerns, if you are in a high risk area

you leave very early. if you're going to leave, when the key fire index reaches 100. Code red will be used during February's bushfires The fire index in some parts of Victoria. exceeded 300 has withdrawn support A major advertiser radio show from the Kyle and Jackie O was taken off air after Kyle Sandilands for the second time in a month. remains in the US The controversial host to sack him. as pressure mounts on Austereo He's out of sight in Los Angeles but not out of mind on 2DayFM. from the Kyle and Jackie O tower Broadcasting live on top of World Square. was left to face the music alone Co-host Jackie O on air. and tried to brush off the scandal Good morning, guys. yes, Kyle has been suspended. As you may have heard, It was a 4-second jibe didn't catch. the station's dump button safety net The 7-second delay button a jot of difference. obviously hasn't made Two days later, to Kyle Sandilands' defence. few listeners jumped Go, Kyle! (LAUGHS) rival hosts condemned him. On the other side of the radio dial, when you turn on that microphone You've got a responsibility has abrogated that responsibility. and this bozo I hope the audience turns him off. has summonsed Kyle home Austereo management to discuss his future from the breakfast show. as sponsor Optus pulled its dollars Austereo can't have it both ways. or they have to stand by him. They either have to sack him If you're the station manager, can you really trust him now at live? I'm not sure they can. Whether trust can be rebuilt could depend on Tuesday when ratings will reveal if the first scandal has stuck and forced listeners to change the dial. A Central Queensland vet who died from Hendra virus last week has been farewelled in Rockhampton. Hundreds of family and friends gathered in St Paul's Anglican Cathedral to say goodbye to Dr Alister Rodgers. The 55-year-old contracted the deadly disease while treating a sick horse last month. He's the fourth person to die from Hendra virus. Further north, eight people are being monitored after possibly coming into contact with a horse killed by the virus at Bowen. Biosecurity officials have quarantined 18 horses on three neighbouring properties and are testing to see if the virus has spread. The New South Wales police force has been accused

of discriminating against a new mother, by forcing her to work overtime for breaks she took to express breast milk for her baby. It's violated the Government's own policy of giving women two half-hour breaks to express each day. We changed the law two years ago in this State to make it explicit that you couldn't stop women from breastfeeding or expressing milk at work. The Public Sector Union is asking the Industrial Relation Commission to ensure all Government agencies comply with the policy. The Federal Government is talking down a rift with Indonesia over the war crimes investigation into the Balibo Five murders. An Indonesian official says the AFP investigation will only strain relations. The brother of one of the newsmen killed is also raising doubts about the probe. A lot of the guys involved are now leading officials in the Indonesian government and I doubt whether they're going to go after their own. It's a big part of Indonesian culture not to lose face, so I can't really see much happening from this. A coronial inquest two years ago found Indonesian forces deliberately killed the journalists to cover up their invasion of East Timor. A major rescue operation is underway to free a dog who's been trapped in a cave in the New South Wales Hunter Valley since Sunday. Scooby, the deaf 8-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel became struck behind a 6m rock wall after scrambling into the cave at Sweetmans Creek. I am stressed. I can't think because I'm so annoyed that's he's in there and stuck. Fire brigades and RSPCA rescue crews are using state-of-the-art cameras

to keep an eye on Scooby who's clearly in distress. (DOG HOWLS) Authorities say it's good training if ever a small child runs into similar trouble. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - a man crushed by hundreds of kilograms of glass. The religious fanatic who hijacked a Mexican plane. And dozens killed as Turkey is hit by record flooding.

Welcome back. A man's been crushed to death at a glass factory in Melbourne. The 45-year-old's body was found at the West Heidelberg factory after 9 o'clock last night but police say the accident happened hours earlier. It's believed a rack holding 500kg of glass fell on him. His wife raised the alarm when her husband didn't arrive home from work. WorkSafe is investigating. A Bolivian priest has told police he hijacked a plane over Mexico because the date 09-09-09 is the devil's number turned upside down. Heavily armed police stormed the aircraft when it landed in the capital, freeing the 112 passengers and crew.

Mexico City at 1:50pm. Some This Mexican plight touched down in

passengers say they didn't realise

there was a hijacking in progress. Translation we never guessed he

would be trying to hijack the plane.

The police said he was never able to

get past the locked cockpit door of

but somehow he told crew members his

but somehow he told crew members his intentions. All the passengers were

ushered to safety as heavily armed security teams swarmed at the alleged hijacker. Eight men were

taken into custody but it is now

believed there was only one

hijacker. He demanded to see

Mexico's president. He said he would

blow the plane up if he was denied. A briefcase he

A briefcase he claimed was filled

with explosives was destroyed by bomb technicians. Late tonight

officials announced the man was from

Bolivia and was on a godly mission because today's date is 666 upside down. He wanted to talk to the past up because he had a revelation that

told him they was going

told him they was going to be an

earthquake. It ended with out a shot being fired. At least 31 people have been killed in raging floods which have swept through Istanbul. The Turkish capital has been hit with the heaviest rain in 80 years. Some victims drowned in their own cars as highways turned into rivers. Experts are blaming poor city planning and bad infrastructure for the disaster. But the World Wide Fund for Nature says the floods have been caused by global warming.

Michael Jackson fans will be able to see the late singer on stage one more time at a global tribute concert in Austria later this month. He'll be brought to life by video projections to sing a virtual duet with his brother Jermaine. The focus is for the fans to feel and touch his legacy one more time. Some of the music industry's biggest names, including Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown,

will also perform Jackson hits. Love really did make the world go 'round overnight as couples rushed to tie the knot on 09/09/09. In Germany, nine couples got married on the country's highest peak. In New York, hundreds opted for civil ceremonies. We want to have as many nines as possible so we actually aimed for 9 o'clock, 9:09, but that didn't happen -

9:19 is good enough. In Chinese tradition, the number nine represents good luck and eternal love. Next in Seven's 4.30 News - how our markets reacted to today's jobs figures. And why the French air kiss could soon be a thing of the past.

Welcome back. As we heard earlier, Australia's unemployment rate has stayed steady at 5.8% despite the loss of more than 27,000 jobs. For more on this I'm joined by Westpac's global head of economics, Bill Evans. Hi, Bill. What do you make of these figures? We expected a loss of 25,000, the

market was at 15,000 it so it did

come at a shock

come at a shock that he was 27,000.

Back to get you up to well over

200,000 lost full-time jobs at the

last 12 months. There is weakness in

the market at the moment. We

expected this trend will deliver

about another 70,000 lost jobs

between now and the end of ow did our market do today?

the year. The market is no longer expecting to break hikes this year.

They are flirting with one and that

might fade. We don't expect to see

the next one until next February. Team overall market was up 1%, the

banking sector up 1% and resources up 1%. The dollar bill about 40 pips when

when the announcement was made but

it's since regained about 20. The

dollar remains very strong on global

optimism. We get a break from

domestic data and the focus goes

back to the US economy. A controversial book on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been banned. It was written by a Portuguese detective who worked on the case. He claims the missing British girl is dead and that her parents had some involvement. The McCanns say the book has hampered efforts to find Maddie.

Dylan act hopefully this injunction

will go along way to reduce further

unnecessary stress to us all. I

would like people to concentrate on

what is important, finding Madeleine. Madeleine disappeared from her family's apartment in Portugal in May 2007, while her parents were at dinner. The French are being urged to ditch their intimate greeting of giving a peck on both checks, because of fears it could spread swine flu. I think there's no problem with kissing. No problems at all with kissing? French health officials also want people to avoid shaking hands and keep at least 1m away from others at all times. Next in Seven's 4:30 News, we'll check tomorrow's weather and see what's making headlines in your State. And have a look at

some of the most stunning pictures ever taken in space.

It's time for a look at the national weather now and we're joined by our weatherman David Brown. David, good afternoon. Sounds like a wild afternoon in south-west WA. That's right, Chris. The bureau has issued a severe weather warning for the region

Showers have been frequent, 8mm so far in Perth. A short time ago, Mandurah record a gust to 99km/h. The bureau has issued a severe weather warning for the region for destructive winds to 110km/h.

This is how looks from outer space - a vigorous front crossing the south-west corner followed by a burst of rather cold air. Tomorrow, warm northerly winds will strengthen over South Australia and the south-east corner ahead of the front. For the rest of the country, it's been a fine and sunny day,

although somewhat cloudy over Tassie and southern Victoria. Forecast in Perth - tomorrow wet and windy, 18. Adelaide - windy and sunny, 27. Melbourne - dry and windy, 23. Hobart - fine, 19.

Sydney, a sunny 23. Brisbane - dry, 25. That's the latest weather, more at 6:00, Chris. Thanks, David. Seven News is coming up in your capital city at 6:00 and these are some of the stories making headlines.

Before we go, the first pictures from the refurbished Hubble Space Telescope have been released, giving us the clearest ever view of space. The pictures show rolling balls of gas where temperatures reach nearly 20,000 degrees Celsius, a cluster of nearly 10 million stars and a star bursting to life. The Hubble telescope was upgraded in May at a cost of more than $3 million.

Keith Urban and has received an impressive four nominations for the

so years American country music

awards. He is up for the entertainer

of the Year award as well as best vocalist and

vocalist and has been nominated for

best video and best album. And that's all from the 4:30 News team for Thursday. I'm Chris Bath. Have a great night - see you tomorrow. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia