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Tonight - our nation's Treasurer

takes on a living national treasure.

Has technology made scalping simply

too hard to police? Teachers in the

firing line, and the violence is

coming from parents.

This is The Project.

Good evening. This is The Project.

Now, please welcome making his The

Project debut tonight, Ten News man

Matt Doran! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thank Thank you.

They love you. You look almost in

good in a suit as I do. Now, there

is flattery early on in the piece!

Thank you! An early bromance! In

the news today, Monday 5 March, and

the floods devastating much of the

east coast have claimed another

life, this time in Queensland. A

man died after his car was caught

in flash flooding near Gympie. His

body was found two hours after he

was swept off a bridge. Ten News

reporter Tegan George is in Gympie.

A tragic situation. But the flash

floods seem to have trapped a

number of people? They certainlyly

have. We were one of them. We have

been caught heading up the Bruce

Highway. It has been cut in several

places north of us. We have been

told that there is no accommodation

left in Gympie. That gives you an

idea of how many people are wait

fogger the floodwaters to subside.

Have the authorities given you an

indication of when the floods might

recede? We have a bit of a brief

pause in the rain. But at this

stage, the rivers and creeks will

continue to rise. The Mary River

behind me will peak tomorrow at

around 13.5m and cause quite a bit

of damage in the city. There is the

chance of the tropical cyclone

forming off Fraser Island. A lot of

nervous people here at the moment.

Thank you so much for your time.

5,000 people across NSW have been

forced to flee their homes as flood

levels continue to rise. More

evacuations are expected in the

Riverina after Murrumbidgee River

burst its banks. The expected peak

tomorrow. of 10m is not expected until

Mazoe Ford is in Wagga Wagga. What

is the latest where you are? Well,

guy, because of the rising

floodwater, we have been told by

the NSW ambulance that they have

had to airlift 16 elderly patients

from a nursing home at Yuran, south

of Wagga Wagga, to safety. There

were seven of them taken out on

stretchers, and nine others frail

and also had to be evacuated. They

are just a few of the thousands of

evacuations across the Riverina

tonight. Everyone is anxious to see

what that river will do next. It

has gone from 9.7 to.8 in the past

tomorrow. hour. It will reach the peak

Is there any news about when they

will be able to return to their

homes? Not yet, Hughesy. There are

three evacuation centres. That is

where they are getting a lot of their information about that sort

of thing. People are staying with relative, asking around town about

what other people might have heard.

But there are some truly heart-

breaking stories. I met one woman

today at the evacuation centre with

her three smallest children, while

her husband and their eldest child

were back at home with sandbags.

That was sad indeed. I have to say,

where I am down the side of the

river today, there is a real sense

of community spirit here. A lot of

people chatting away, offering to

help each other. Real sense of

togetherness. Even just a short

time ago, there was a wallaby

injured in the river and some

legals helped to rescue it.

Great to hear everyone is coming together.

To Victoria now and Nifarli is

facing record flood levels. They

are working to shore up the

are working to shore up the town's

levee, protecting 176 homes.

Further west, towns are likely to

remain isolated. For the latest in

Victoria, Ten reporter Yasmin Paton

is in the flood zone. How many

residents have been evacuated so

far? Well, I across earlier this

morning and 150 residents were

evacuated at 2am when the SES

knocked on their doors. Water has

passed through the town and a

number of homes have been inundated.

Another town is under water.

Patients at that hospital were

evacuate and now 38 patients at the

nursing home are isolated. They

will be OK for the next 48 hours

but they will be evacuated by four-

wheel drive if need be. This really

is developing into an extraordinary

crisis. What sort of relief had

been set up for those affected?

Well A relief centre was set up the

local hospital. People have moved

on as it has served its purpose.

Here where I am now, we haven't had

any relief, because the worst is

yet to come. Broken Creek is

expected to peak on Thursday, and

this levee is hoping - hopefully -

going to hold the water back.

Incredible images. Thank you so much for the update tonight.

Moving on now, and all but one of

Julia Gillard's new ministry has

been sworn in. The incoming Foreign

Minister, Bob Carr, has to wait a

few more days since he is not yet

formally a senator. Kate Lunds is

the new Sport And multi-Cultural

Affairs Minister. I know she she is

not liked by Aussies, but she

should be. Lock at how she speaks.

He is better known to us as Bernie!

Pregnant women, especially first-

time mum are heading to hospital

sister soon. Research published in

the 'Australian Medical Journal'

shows only one in six women who

think they are in labour are

admitted to hospital.

admitted to hospital. 72% were

later sent home. Good luck telling

a heavily pregnant woman, "Too soon

to come to hospital." The article

said that sometimes it was just

wind! Good luck, a guy saying, "No,

honey, you have wind." Sno it is

not the sort of thing you want to

flip a coin over! On our first baby,

no chances - my wife was in

hospital two weeks before he was

born. The second one, right, she

born. The second one, right, she

went into labour and I went back to

sleep! Oh!

I didn't know a pregnant woman had

a snooze button here! Moving on, an

almighty stoush is brewing between

billionaires. our Treasurer and Australia's

We all know the mining boom has

been awesome for the economy. So

you would think our Treasurer would

be grateful to those who run it. Right? Wrong! Instead,

Wrong! Instead, Swany is on the

attack. In an article on Friday, he

said that he is fed up with mining

magnates using their wealth to

influence policies like mining and

carbon taxs. We cannot afford to

let the market system or the

political conversation be

undermined by the greed of a wildly

irresponsible few. Clive Palmer

took a swing at Swanny yesterday.

He doesn't know how the economy

works. Harsh! He was named World's Best Best Treasurer.

The faceless men of the ALP tell

him what to do. Today, the mining

company owned by Twiggy Forrest has

taken out a full-page age to label

Swan's attack as unfair, untrue and

divisive. So are our rich really

dictating policy or are they merely

voicing an opinion? If Swanny is

happy to take their tax, why

shouldn't he be happy to take their

advice. Joe Hockey says you are

envious of the billionaires. Have

you got the green-eyed monster

there, Swanny? (Laughs). It is

about the fair go in Australia and

making sure that we keep the fair

go here. We don't have our

political system taken over by some

very rich people who want to

misrepresent their self-interest as

national interest. That is what 245

are doing when it comes to mining

taxation. I'm envious of

billionaires - it is OK, mate. You

have had a massive crack at Ruddy

last week, a big go at the billionaires. Is there something

wrong, mate? Is there? I've been

talking about these issues for

almost 40 years, because it is

really important. Keeping a fair go,

given the tremendous opportunitys

we have got as a nation in the

Asian century, it is really

important. To be fair, the Labor

Party has been turned into a side

show the past few weeks. Isn't it

time you put your heads down

getting on with the job rather than

picking fights? What we are

focusing on is what is most

important to Australians -

maximising the opportunities coming from the

from the mining boom and spreading

them around the country. A couple

of people don't want to do that.

They are spending their own

resources to stop the public

interest prevailing. That is

precisely the point I'm making.

Treasurer, you say the actions of

Gina Rinehart and Twiggy and co are

undemocratic. Isn't it part of a

democracy that people can voice

their opinions? Too right it is.

They are entitled to have their say.

They are spending millions of

dollars of their resources

dollars of their resources out

there at the moment to twist the

public interest and take away

important changes in our system

from ordinary people. What if they

were spending millions saying how

great you were. I don't think it

would happen. Clive Palmer is a

card-carrying member of the Liberal

Party and gives them lots of cash.

A national treasure too. Pretty odd,

isn't it?! Who would win out of a

national treasure and national

Treasurer, it remains to be seen!

You took a swipe at Gina's poetry,

and the way Clive runs his football

team. They have done some political

damage before, powerful enemies. Do

you want to have them so far

offside? I don't want them to take

over rugby league or surfing, how is is that?!

The mining industry helped us get

through GFC, which is part of

through GFC, which is part of the

reason why you got the World Best

Treasurer Award. The mining

industry is really important for

Australia and it is important that

we have a resource rent tax in the

mining industry so we can spread

the benefits of that to everybodyet

at every corner of the country.

That is what most mining companies

support. It is just Mr Palmer in

particular and Ms. Rinehart who

don't support that. That is the

point I'm making. Have you bumped

into Kevin Rudd in the hallways

lately? You guys talking? I shook

his hand in the Caucus after the

vote the other day. That is it?

Well, I haven't actually seen him since since then.

But we shook hands.

Mr Treasurer, thanks for your time

tonight. (APPLAUSE)

With our web poll, who do you agree with:

A love for the mining bosses. The

internet is getting through to WA!

You have called it - Treasurer v national treasure! Let's sell it

with a cage fight! I will swap an

election for a cage fight any day!

Taking a break, back in a tick!

Coming up - should kids know more

about where their food comes from?

Teachers facing the sometimes

violent wrath of disgruntled parents.

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Welcome back to The Project. Now

you know how long a tick is! I

don't know if you know - Wednesday

night big night night down in

Hobart, Tasmania. One of the

nighters is known as Billy Gibb.

This is the best quote of all time

from a boxer today. You know, I

worked extremely hard, as I said,

you know, I worked hard to win this

whole title. I refuse to give it up

without a fight!

1234 That is what you are doing,

mate - you are fighting for the

title! How would he do it, with a

dance-off?! I'm sure he dances


really well.

Even these topless protesters have

failed to stop Vladimir Putin being

re-elected Russian president for a

third term. He won more than 06% of

the vote. But his victory has been

marred by allegations of vote-

rigging. More than 200 people have

been killed in a serious of

explosions at a military base in

the Congolese capital. The blast,

caused by a weapons depot fire,

flattened buildings and sent

flattened buildings and sent thousands fleeing.

Volcano lava has destroyed the

last-standing house in the town of

Royal Garden. Nearly 200 people

used to live in the town but an

eruption in 1983 forced people to leave.

Medical experts are scratching

their heads trying to figure out

how this 14-year-old girl manages

how this 14-year-old girl manages

to instantly recite words backwards. Fire Fire work...

Krowerif. She appeared on a US chat

show. Doctors think the structure

of her brain might be different to

the rest of us. Doctors should be

spending time curing diseases! That

skill is not really useful in any

skill is not really useful in any real-life real-life situation! Mumbling!

What is useful is if you are Prince

Harry and you are in the Caribbean

and getting great presents. He is

loving the speech. He gets a

picture - there you go, there is a

picture of yourself! (LAUGHTER) He

will be able to bring girl homes

and say, "Have a look at a picture

of me." If you are like thousands of

of fans who missed out on Radiohead

tickets last week, you are probably

feeling a lot of hostility towards

the scalpers now selling over-

priced tickets on eBay. Meet Tony, who is a scalper.

You are welcome, Australia! You

know, blokes like Tony have been

taking advantage of loopholes in

aens ticketing laws. Radiohead fans

were outraged when the band's

upcoming tour sold out in minutes

and tickets immediately turned up

on eBay, selling for up to five

times the initial asking price. It

is a shame for true fans. These

guys are out to money. Oh, just

sucks. The people who want to see

these bands play and care about

them, to be ripped off in that

sense, it is horrible. As it stand,

scalping comes under commercial law

and therefore is governed at a

state level. Currently, guys like

Tony are only prosecuted in

Queensland. The one state where

reselling concert tickets for more

than 20% profit is illegal. In

Victoria, scalping is only jaut

lawed for major sporting events. It

has led for the federal Government

to take action. It could be law of

scalping for the whole of Australia

covering major event, be it

sporting music or otherwise. Why do

guys like Tony been able to get

away with skaingping for so long.

What chance do we have of the

Government doing something about it.

Andrew McManus has brought some of

the biggest acts in the world to

Australia. Andrew, the skal

Australia. Andrew, the skal permust

be your mortal -- scalper must be

your mortal enemy. Someone scalps

your tour, it is like finding out

your wife has been had an affair

while you have been on tour. But

the scalper doesn't get your house!

How do scalpers get so many tickets.

There's new programs, and like the

smarter the system, or the smarter

the operator, the easier the system.

They are creating these new

programs where they can flood

Ticketmaster and Ticketek and get

surplus amounts of tickets. They

take a risk. Occasionally, they

will buy a bulk-load of tickets on

a tour which is not selling out, so

they lose. Nine times out of 10,

they are way in front. Once upon a

time they were a dodgy dude

standing outside the event. Has

eBay made things harder? Most

certainly. They have on the back of

the tickets, "These tickets not to

be resold." If eBay put in some

sort of governance and defended the

laws on the ticket, life would be

easier for all of us. Unfortunately

that is not the way it works. It is

a labour-intensive job for them to check every ticket.

Andrew, it seems as though chaos

rules when it comes to scalping.

Different laws for different states.

Do you agree with

Do you agree with laws for national

laws? 100%. It is the only way that

eventually we will be able to get a

better control. And I think, when

the guys from Big Day Out tried to

take on the scalpers and lost, it

opened the floodgates to anyone

that feels that they can make a

quick buck. They are now having a

crack at it. It is not just

Radiohead. One Direction's tour

sold out three days ago, in five

minutes. What is your favourite One

Direction song? I would say the one

that goes the other direction!

(LAUGHTER) I have one very personal

question to ask did you get

Radiohead tickets and can I come

with you? Chucky is a mate of mine,

and I want him not to know that I did buy 100 tickets.

It doesn't make sense that for

sporting tickets there are rules,

but not for concert tickets. It is

untenable not to have a national

system. People tried to scalp my

tickets - they were trying to sell

them at half price!

them at half price! Taking a break

now. See you after this.

We are taking you trackside.

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Welcome back to the show. A bit of feedback.

We have feedback on scalping, from

Darren on Facebook, "Scalpers,

seriously! Scalp them!." You

seriously! Scalp them!." You are a

scalper and Darren wants to buy a

ticket off you, don't meet him in a

dark alley. "I've always seen Swan

as a quiet bloke, until he got a

mouth with Kevin Rudd, now he won't

shut up." An Australian man in Bali

has been taken to hospital

complaining of stomach pains. He

was accused of smuggling 71

capsules of hash shish inside his

body. Doctors say patients will be

at risk if a plan to allow health

workers to prescribe drugs is put

into action. Health Workforce

Australia says prescriptions from

physio, pharmacists and

psychologists are essential to ease

pressure on GPs and reduce Medicare costs.

And Lisa Nissan from the Pharmaceutical Society

Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

are in Brisbane. Doctors are

against this - pharmacists don't

have a full medical history or

adequate training to dispense these

drugs? Yes, I mean, certainly, all

health professionals that are

dealing with patients have

potentially gaps in the information

they have available. But

pharmacists are trained to take

history, just like other health

professionals. If we were to take

on these role, we would be expected

to have an appropriate level of

training. We wouldn't be talking

about every pharmacist, we would be

talking about a specific group of pharmacists who had met these

appropriate sards. It could really

help patients. It is hard enough to

find the time to get to the

specialist and get to the GP

afterwards to get a script. Go to

one place, and get it all. That

ising a comment that you make. What

would we would be looking for if

pharmacists were involved in the

roles is a distinct separation of

pharmacists prescribing and those

doing dispensing. The key role that

pharmacists play in the healthcare

system is an essential role in

providing the second check around

prescribing by other health

professionals. We would want

professionals. We would want the

second check in place. Now, if we

just let doctors sell jelly bean,

would they sell out -- chill out? A

bit of wing yang? Who doesn't love

the jelly beans? The best part

about coming to the pharmacy! If it

is just a matter of convenience, everyone supports on this one!

everyone supports on this one!

Thank you very much. I think there

is some potential here. Like, if

they could dispense Berocca and

serious painkillers when I get my

kebab on the way from the pub, my

hangover will be better! Talk to

Wayne Swan. I know we talked to him

earlier. He was good with us

earlier in the show. At the Press

Club, he tried to do analogy. Just

look for the mistake here!

We are at the top of the ladder

when it comes to letting people

climb the ladder!

150 too many ladders there,

alright! You can - you are already

top! He has gone down a wrung or

two in my book!

Oh! (LAUGHTER) I like it! Maybe you

prefer Joe Hockey, who is the

alternative. Joe is brilliant at

nalg, check him out today. The

Government's treating portfolios

like an airport taxi rank, and

they're running Labor cabs right

off the line.

Oh! He couldn't work out what he

just said, alright. If you have any

idea what Joe was talking about there...

Joe, send it in. He is on the show

on Wednesday night. Tell him,

Hughesy. Yeah, I probably won't!

(LAUGHTER) The Queensland man has

been killed as flooding rain

hammers the eastern states. The man

died after being swept from a road

at Glenwood, north of Gympie. 5,000

people have fled their homes in the

Riverina. In Victoria, the Nathalia

residents are the latest to fight

back the deluge. The

Government video footage shows a

mob smashing head stones of

Australian diggers in Libya. I

spoke to the Libyan ambassador to

Australia and he shares the outrage

that the Australian people have and

also that the Australian Government

has at this act of vandalism.

Muslim women will be required to

remove face veils under new

identity checks required in NSW.

From April 30, anyone needing a

witness to a stat dec or affidavit

will have to remove head covers to

prove who they are. Bob Katte

rerbgs's bid to have two million

ballot papers shredded before this

month's state election has been

labelled bizarre. A Supreme Court

judge said it was his own fault

that Katter's left off. Nothing

Katter does is not bizarre.

Katter's party might go the way of

Air Australia. It is an

administrative error in maybe they

are spending too much time on this

sort of thing I don't know.

Yep, that is his flashmob to launch

the campaign. And it is safe to say,

that took away from filing the paperwork!

It was worth it, though. A new

study has revealed that it is not

just kids being bullied in our

schools. School principals wanted -

how would you like a career where

every day you can make a difference

in the lives of young people.

Inspire a passion for learn, and

feel a real sense of achievement.

Sounds great, but what is the catch?

Well, you will also be five times

more likely to experience threats

of violence and workplace bullying from the general population. These

are the shocking findings of the

first survey into the wellbeing of

Aussie school principals. The study

revealed that a staggering one in

three state school principals was attacked or witnessed physical

violence at work last year. I've

had parents upset about something

that has happened to a choild and

making death threats against staff

and me. It is not just angry

parents. The report suggests that

our school heads are more likely to

be on the receiving end of

workplace bullying. Luckily in my

15 years in the principal's class,

only half a dozen times have I felt

at physical risk. In other schools

it can happen far more regularly.

Education is not just a job but a

calling for teachers. But are we at

risk of driving away the best

people to give our kids the

strongest staff in life? These

figures are out of control. One in

three principals are experiencing

violence. Teachers on radio were

saying it is bad for them as well.

Was it ever this bad when you were

teaching? I think it has gotten

worse. Clearly, the the figures are

reflecting that teachers might be

as much as three times more likely

than principals even to experience

violence in the classrooms, in

their schools, while they are

trying to do their jobs and teach

kids. Kevin, under what

circumstances do you see these

classroom situations escalating

beyond bullying to violence?

It is one of these really complex

issues. What often happens is that

it is matters that are completely

outside the control of schools that

have r being brought into the

school grounds by particularly by

parents. It is often a situation

that has happened at home, or out

in the community, and probably the

nastiest that I have experienced

relates to custody. That is, a non-

custodial parent that has come into

the school grounds to attempt to

get access to a child, when the

courts have said that they are not

allowed to do that. The sad part is

that principals and teachers are

then stuck in the middle of trying

to protect the child, and stop the

parents from doing what they very

much want to do. That is when

things become violent. It is tough

for principals and teachers. Should

we hand out helmets and mouth

guards? What principals and

teachers have to do is train really

hard to develop a set of procedures

that they go into automatically

when something like that happens at

that school. What we tend to see is

that schools - particularly in the

last three or five years - have

developed a set of lockdown

procedures. They train the kids in

that on a regular basis. That is

really helped in a situations where

teachers have automatically been

able to get the kids out of danger,

move them into a safe position and

wait for the police to arrive to

deal with the individuals who are

causing the problems. It seems

crazy. We used to have lockdowns

for bomb threats - not angry

parents. It seems bizarre. What

about the workplace bullying things.

Teachers ganging up on principals?

There are individual circumstances

where things get out of control,

even in the school context between

employees. But those are probably

even more rare than the violence

that teachers and principals are

experiencing from the community. We

are finding it so hard to find and

keep good teachers in our schools.

Are things like this going to drive

teachers away from the profession

and inevitably cost our children a

quality education? Look, the

reality is that there will be

teachers who are driven out of the

profession as a consequence of the

sorts of behaviours that we are

talking about. You can't experience

really violent situations with the

children that are in your care and

come away from that unscathed. It

is essential a problem for us. But

it is the case that the chances of

you having those experiences are

still fairly slim. Thanks for

staying back after class and

sorting it out. My pleasure. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

. It surprises me. Principals are

usually such strong characters. I

was too scared to speak to mine.

Bro Ryan, when he was angry, he was

way. angry. He was a good guy, by the

People at school got the strap.

Yeah, the tables are turned. There

are bouncers now - ridiculous! A

third of all Australian state

schools have attacks themselves. It

is a barrier to retaining staff. We

have to change the way we view our

the teachers, respect them more across

the board.

Coming up - any idea where yoghurt

or cotton socks come from? Sadly,

many of our kids don't. (ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) MAN: (SINGS) # From little things Big things grow... # WOMAN: # From little things of all Australian workers VOICEOVER: Nearly half run only to benefit her interests, have joined something his interests, and their interests. Something that could mean for their retirement. tens of thousands of dollars more big things grow... # # From little things Industry SuperFunds - run only to benefit members. Mexicans more than any other... One thing has long divided ..crunchy or soft tacos. (SNIFFS) WOMAN: Ay, ay, ay! They tried many ways to keep the peace.

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Thieves have rammed a police car

and almost mowed down officers

after an attempted break-in at a

Logan grocer near Brisbane. It took

20 minutes to hunt down the five

men, aged between 16 and 20. All

five have been charged. The driver

could face life imprisonment. I

think the grocer thanks the police

for their involvement. But he also

- he has the solution to these

problems. Check him out. We could

take a baseball bat, gets us out of

a lot of trouble. Good to have

something than nothing at all. You

have to fight back. Looks like he

has a great swing there! Reassuring.

You know what? I love the name of

the grocery shop.

Friendly Grocer Heritage Park!

And if you have wanted to be part

of the search for extraterristrial

life, now is your chance. A US

army of sienss. website is hoping to recruit an

- scientists. What if you tuned

into alien talkback radio. These

guy is banging on about immigrants

for hours! It is a nut better -- it

is just "nutters! Call us." What do

you think Just leave me out of

that! Moving on, and I'm no food

from my asparagus. expert but I know my artichokes

Back in the day, most kids grew up,

admittedly a bit feral, but knowing

a fair bit about the origin of natural natural products.

Cow's eat hay. Milk comes from

Cowes, yoghurt comes from milk.

Today, though, the disconnect

between kids and their food is

astounding. New research shows a

whopping 75% of year 6 kids think

that cotton is an animal product.

While it is funny, it is a cause

for concern. 85% of us now live in

urban centres. There is a strong sense of disconnect.

Granddad, where do they come from

is this She is not entirely wrong.

Most Aussie kids grow up in an

increasingly squeezed urban

environment. Space for gardens are

uncommon. Local supermarkets are

teeming with pre-packaged mystery

food. How did our kids lose their

connection to nature? If they don't

know yoghurt doesn't grow on trees,

them? how can they know what is good for

Barry is the CEO of Stephanie

Alexander's Kitchen Garden

Foundation. You are dedicated to

closing this gap. Do these findings

surprise you? No, not at all,

Carrie. We experience this kind of

gap in knowledge all the time when

we are working with children. It

seems that there's maybe a couple

of generations of Australians who

really don't understand where their

food comes from. They think it

appears in a supermarket shelf and

package. That is about it. We are

experiencing this news every day.

I'm an avid gardener. I have a

veggie patch at home - I don't have

kids but I would like to think that

I've half won the battle. But what

if people say, "What is the big

deal? If they don't know where

cotton comes from, they will buy it

anyway." If children don't really

know where yoghurt comes from, how

would they know to make really good

choices and decisions about what is

good for them? So if they're

empowered to know for themselves

which food is healthy and fresh,

and seasonally available and it

comes to them fresh from the garden

or they understand about the cows

and the milk and the yoghurt, then

they are informed. You know, kids

make great choices when they have

the right information. Are kids

born curious and we beat it out of

them? I think that's what kids

should ask and parents answer them?

You are spot on. Kids are born

curious and they love to adventure

and you know, having a program like

this that gives kids the

opportunity to get out in the

garden and get their hands dirty

and experiment and play and see

what happens when you add water -

the same in the kitchen, what

happens to food when you heat it,

or when you fry it or stir it and

on so. That sons of adventure is

there. Kids are so excited to do

hands-on learning where they can

experience it for themselves. They

are naturally curious. That is the

gift. Hope I can keep that as an

adult - curiosity is such a gift.

It is good for real food, fresh

food, veggies. Say if you like dim

similars - is it best not to know?

Yeah, maybe not! I don't think

anyone know what is is in dim sims.

It is not worth asking the question! Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your time.

I'm blaming parents here. Kids

naturally ask questions. Parents

don't answer them. Kids stop asking

questions. I hung out with you, and

you didn't answer your kid - not

one question. You were stuffing

your face and tell yourg kid to be quiet!

She's at home with the kids! God

love them! Parents have a bit to

answer for. Education is key surely.

Even at events like Easter shows

and agriculture event, some parents

are flat out describing where a

skin any latte comes from! It is true!

We have to take a break now. Back in a sec.

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Hey. This is The Project. Welcome back!

Now, Queensland has officially

recognised same-sex relationships,

passing laws to allow civil unions.

Gay and lesbian couples held the

first ceremonies in Brisbane today.

But Campbell Newman wants to repeal

the law if his party wins

Government at this month's election.

I say boo to Campbell. Do we all say

say that Yes. I'm being weirded out

by Anna Bligh and her right-hand

man - ah, Andrew Fraser. Yeah? He's

a deputy. Good intro so far! Not

that I'm one to throw stones.

I think there's only someone who is

man enough to lead Queensland into

the future and that person is standing beside me... (LAUGHTER) Is that a joke?!

Is that a joke?!

She took that well, though, reasonably!

She had to - there were cameras!

You would have thought that Lindsay

Lohan's career couldn't get worse.

But her latest bid to kick start a

comeback has backfired. She

reportedly stumbled through her

lines for 'Saturday Night Live'.

Boy are different from girls - more

likely to be destructive and

aggressive while girls are more

gentle and caring. The long-term

study of child development involved

10,000 children from birth to 9

years of age. Sally-Anne McCormack

is a child psychologist. Isn't that

off the hook - there is no way that

parents can influence the

behaviour? Not at all. One of the

things that we need to remember is

that kids are sponge, they have

this neuroplasticity in their brain,

malleable. We influence them with

our behaviour, with the way that we

talk to them, and the environment

and society and our culture

influences them too. I would say

that kids don't fit into these

boxes. I have a boy who is cuddly

and caring and snugly - maybe I

just have not seen his full fury

yet. I like to think that parents

have some part in creating their

children. One of the great things

that the study does is it

reinforces what we already know -

there are differents in children, clearly physically they are

different. But it just reminds us

is that we do have the ability to

influence and to not necessarily

package them into specific areas.

One of the things that the study

said was that anxiety for girls and

behaviour with boys are increased.

So it just reminds us, you know, if

nothing else, to have a look at our

children, make sure that everything

is going well for them, and love

them and look after them the best

we can. Great advice, Sally-Anne.

Clean Up Australia Day is over for

another year. We look at our

beaches. Sun, sand and surf. Our

beachs are more than just a holiday

destination. They're a part of our

national identity. But how well are

we taking care of them? I would

challenge anyone to go to any beach,

anywhere and not find human rubbish

and garbage on the beach. CSIRO

scientists are spending three years

combing Australia's 30,000km

coastline on the lookout for litter.

Starting at Cape Tribulation in

September, and moving south, they

have covered the east coast with a

beach-stop every 100km. We are

finding lots of items -- beer

bottles and balloons. Probably the

biggest was a couple of full-size

refrigerator-freezers. Their

mission is to find how much rubbish

is ending up on our beaches and how

we can stop it. Almost 6.5 million

tonnes of rubbish enter's the

world's oceans annually. In

Australia, cigarette butts are the

biggest culprit. It is estimated

seven billion cigarettes become

litter every year. When it rains

they end up in our waterway, taking

five years to break down. It is a

problem Clean Up Australia has been

tackling for the past 22 years.

Yesterday, more than half a million

Aussies got their gloves on. After

so long working to keep Australia

beautiful, why is rubbish still

such a problem for our beachs?

Even Kiernan is the driving force

behind the Clean Up Australia Day

Campaign. Yesterday was a massive

success. Why is there need for it

still after 22 years?. We have to

realise that whatever is dropped in

the street or the on land has the

opportunity to buy the storm water

system to get into the river,

creeks and oceans. Even, why are

people not getting the message, to

not litter? Largely, they are

getting the message. Clean Up

Australia Day is our flagship event.

There is a proportion of the

community that does not care. And

the only way you can reach them is

the only way you can reach them is

by fining. I actually think picking

up rubbish is fun - I really do.

What is the most bizarre things

your volunteers have picked up? No,

here he is! Noman - the bound and

gagged garden gnome! I'm not

influenced by him - he is bound and

gagged! You mentioned the moves to

find people who are flouting the

law. You have seen more people

being prosecuted for this thing -

or is it hard to police? Not enough.

A lot of the mdge straits think it

is trivialising their already busy

courts and throwing the matter out.

It is not trivial, particularly

premeditated commercial dumping,

where our precious rates and taxes

and resources are being spent to

clean up something that has been

put there for a commercial

opportunity. That money should be

spent for the benefit of the community.

It is vul unacceptable to be

dumping waste -- it is absolutely

unacceptable to dump waste in any

form in the environment. You have

made an enormous contribution over

the last 22 years. Hopefully, the

message will get through. Thanks

for your time tonight.

600,000 out yesterday - not many

people can boast 600,000 close

personal friends! (LAUGHTER)

It is break time again.

It is break time again.

Tomorrow on The Project, it has

been almost 70 years since the Owen

Stanley mountains in PNG were set eyes eyes upon.

This soldier owes his life to the

locals named the Fuzzy Wuzy locals. Plus,

Plus, we catch up with Jamie Oliver,

tomorrow on The Project.

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Hey, welcome back to The Project.

This is the last little bit. I have

feedback from alley, "Who is the

hot new guy on The Project tonight?"

I think it was for you. It is not my first night!

New statistics released today show

an increasing number of crimes

committed by younger offences. A

13% jump in the number of 10 to 14-

year-old boys falling foul of the law.

It has been revealed germane

Jackson had an affair with Whitney

Houston, despite a warning from his

famous brother Michael not to

pursue the relationship. The

musical pair hooked up secretly in

the '80s while Germaine was still

married. Insiders have admitted the

horrible truth - celebs have been

paid to turn up to the cat walk.

Nicole Fahri says it has been

happening for years and the pay-to-

watch practice is abominable. I

would turn up for free! Dave will

pay money! He has been in those

sorts of situations before! Oooooh!

Oh, come on! I'm no Kevin Rudd!

As if the lines are not mediocre enough!

Right now, here is the top five.

NSW and Victoria continue to be hit

by floodwaters with rain still falling. Meanwhile,, south-east

Queensland is also bracing for

heavy rains and further flooding.

Treasurer Wayne Swan last week said

Australia's billionaire miners are

using their wealth and media to

attack the Government. Today,

mining CEO Twiggy Forrest called

Swan's irrational outburst untrue.

A new survey has found state school

principals have a one in three

chance of being attacked or

witnessing violence at work in the

next 12 months. Music promoters say

it is time the Federal Government

introduced national laws to fight

ticket scalping after Radiohead's

tour was targeted by the

opportunistic practice. Kids don't

know where basic foods come from.

Some think yoghurt grows on trees

and vodka grows on potatoes. Oh,

how absurd! Sam goes, "Go easy. We

are talking about kids here. They

think googer are a food stkpwrup."

"My God, he is amazing."

This wasn't just a new service - it

is a dating service! It is working

pretty well! "I'm surprised to see

miners speaking for themselves.

Usually they hire

Usually they hire an actor to wear

a hard hat." That is all we have

time for. Big thanks to Matt Doran.

First time on The Project! Goodnight. Superteht.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia VOICEOVER: Previously on The Biggest Loser... So this, we could give to you... ..a secret deal between the Red and Black Teams saw Simon take Temptation... They look really delicious. keep Hamish from winning immunity yet again. Ow! But with Michelle and her team banished from camp... I don't want to go home without seeing Michelle. ..Hamish had other things on his mind. Could it be first love? Yes. Then, Graham smashed his way through a gruelling challenge. Yes! Good job, Graham! Tonight... Graham, you need to choose one team that will lose their trainer until the next weigh-in. How will Graham use his new-found power? Then... While you were away, I missed you. ..Michelle gets a glimpse of Hamish's true feelings... How long has it been since you've felt special?

Never. Oh, yeah! ..leading to an emotional reunion. As rough as all the White girls looked, Michelle still looked absolutely perfect. Before... Do you think there's an alliance? Yep. There's no alliance. ..the Red and Black deal is called into question. Call it whatever you want. But if it looks like a duck and quacks, it's usually a duck. SONG: # Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air # Sometimes I feel like saying, "Lord, I just don't care" # But you got the love I need to see me through # You got the love You got the love # I'm saying you got the love I need to see me through

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# You got the love # Oh! Ah!

# You got the love

# I know I can count on you # You got the love I need to see me through. # SIMON: Last one.

This is it. That's it. (BLACK TEAM CHEERS) ALEX: Good job, Graham! You did it, mate. You won a challenge. ALL: One, two, three. Black!

Well, congratulations to the Black Team. You're the winners of today's challenge. Great job. GRAHAM: Thank you, Hayley. Graham, what an incredible effort today. Commando will be very proud. Well done. Thank you, Hayley.

Well, Black Team, as winners of today's challenge, you need to choose today one team that will lose their trainer until the next weigh-in. SIMON: Losing your trainer is a big disadvantage. Anyone can train really hard.

You'll never train as hard as you do when your trainer is right there. What do youse think? It's up to you. Your call. It's your call, mate.

And we'll back you 100%. If you choose Red, they're gonna train fantastically well by themselves. Hamish, he'll find it harder. So, you know, well, it's gotta be Hamish or Red. One of the two. Which one? So, Graham, which team have you decided to lose their trainer till weigh-in? Ever since we've been here, Hayley, the Red Team train without their trainer really well. So I choose Hamish. So, Hamish, how do you feel about this decision? I guess I've just got to respect their decision. When the Black Team handed me the penalty