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(generated from captions) It is a responsibility of the

company to be complying at all

times with the provisions of the

Qantas sale at and that is that in

his majority Australian I owned. We

have written to Qantas to remind

them of their responsibility, I

have spoken with the chief

executive officer and they're well

aware of that. Obviously as a

result of the private equity bid be result of the private equity bid be

has been a change in the share

structure, this share register.

They need to assess that an insured

that it is in compliance with that

Qantas a sales actor. Be airline

board has made no secret of the

takeover. Should they now resign?

There is a matter of the

shareholders of the company. I

think it is very important for the

board and the management biblically

indication of their intentions as

far is moving ahead with the

company from here. We should

identify the fact that it is a

highly respected board of senior corporate operators across

Australia and they need to send

that very strong signal to the

market, to the shareholders into

the travelling public. It is

important for the Australian

economy. They need to ensure that

Qantas complies with those

provisions of the Qantas sale

backed. If you look at the

operation of the company and its operation of the company and its

profitability during the course of

the last six or so months was this the last six or so months was this

equity bid has been, the company

has continued to perform well. It

is recognised across the world as

one of the world's safest enclaves

airlines. We want to see their

continue as do I am sure the

shareholders. To finance news - and Broadcasting Limited and James Packer's Publishing companies will split into two separately-listed and media respectively. focusing on gaming In other finance news - is slightly weaker today. the Australian share market