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Tonight: the smile of a killer.

Life in jail for the former marine

who murdered Sydney nurse Michelle

Beets. I am happy he's off the

anyone else. streets and can't cause any harm to

The ANZ does it again, raising some

of its home loan rates. The High

Court verdict: the battle for the

Rinehart fortune gets ugly. The

need for speed. Police stop more

horrified by the behaviour. trucks wired to go faster. I'm trucks wired to go faster. I'm

Good evening.

Also, another major car dealership

in the hands of receer -- receivers.

Meet Anthony and Theo whose quick

thinking saved their father's life.

A former US marine will spend the

rest of his life in jail for

murdering popular Sydney nurse

Michelle Beets. The judge said his

crime was cruel, merciless crime was cruel, merciless and

abhorrent and insisted he had no

chance of rehabilitation. This is

the face of a killer. He will never

be free again. Walter Marsh smileed

and posed as he was led to jail for

the rest of his life. For Michelle

Beets' family and friends there

were only tears. I'm happy he's off

the streets and can't cause any

harm to anyone else. Skpwhr

The nurse manager was killed

outside her chatswood home in April

2010. Marsh lay in wait and then

chest. slashed her throat and stabbed her

The multiple defensive ruins to Ms

Beets' hafpbds demonstrates her

attack. These efforts to ward off the ferocious

attack. These last moments of her

life must have been horrifying. He

killed his former boss because she

gave him bad references. CCTV

captured him calmly walking through

chatswood Chase minutes after the

murder as ducts closed in, so too

the meet ya. -- mee ya. REPORTER:

Did you kill Michelle? No. When

police quizzed him, he paused and

said this.

I thought it was terrible.

What did you make of this man?

Nothing. That's how I would like to treat him.

Security was tense. As the judge

read, Walter Marsh took notes and

occasionally shook his head. As he

was led away the gallery clapped.

Michelle Beets' 9-year-old father

wasn't in court but says the family

feels safer knowing he's locked up.

If he came out of jail earlier, he

would try to chase the family and

friends do something nasty. Myself and

friends of the family will miss her

terribly. That will always be the

case. Marsh told the lawyers to

explore all avenues of appeal.

The ANZ Bank has defied the reserve, lifting its fixed rates.

Our finance reporter is following

expected? this. This isn't the result we

Absolutely. ANZ took to Twitter

this afternoon and says that in the

decision it's a tightrope it is

walking between costs and customers,

and it has this month to leave its

standard variable mortgage rates on

hold but it moved some of its fixed

rates. After slashing them last

month it decided to increase one of

its most popular products t three-

year fixed breakaway mortgage. Now,

breakaway seems fitting given it is

ANZ that has broken away from the

normal rate setting cycle as

determined by the RBA. Now, last

month when ANZ increased its

variable mortgage rate, as a result

we saw 54 of its competitors, both

big and small piggy-back on the

decision. They fatened their profit

margins. It will be interesting to

see now what ANZ's competitors do,

but ANZ will set a third

independent decision next month.

Now, the reserve Bank for its part

says that it still sets the agenda

on mortgage rates and it still

calls the shots. Try telling that

to ANZ's fixed rate customers.

Thank you.

The nasty battle at the heart of

Australia's richest family has

taken another bitter and very public twist. Not only has

billionaire Gina Rinehart suffered

a damaging defeat in Australia's

most powerful court, her loyal

youngest daughter took an

extraordinary swipe at her siblings.

The legal battle tearing apart

Australia's richest family will be

soon more public. The High Court

rejected Gina Rinehart's bid to

keep the dispute confidential. The

kourlts have to be open. They will

only be closed if necessary for

theed a minstkraigs of justice.

-- the administration of justice.

The youngest daughter described it

as a case motivated by greed.

That money is a vast family trust.

The court heard three siblings want

their mother removed as trustee

alleging serious misconduct. Until

today much of their argument has been

been suppressed. Throughout the

dispute Gina's legal team claimed

the more information out in the

media t greater the danger is for

her family. Last month they claim

in Dubai a mysterious man made a

specific threat against Australia's

richest person. Details of the case

and closely-kpwarded aspects of the

wealth are expected to be aired

publicly. Commentators doubt it

will harm Ms Rinehart's business

footprint. I think this terms of

national and international business,

no-one will give a toss. Late this

afternoon the Court of Appeal

ordered information be released for

delay this are likely. Monday morning. But applications to

18 more trucks have been hauled off

our roads, suspected of having been

tampered with to make them go

faster. The investigation into

Scotts Transport Industries was

launched after police clocked one

driver traveling at 142kmph. Police

allege this truck was driving with

its accelerator thrat to the floor.

It was clocked nearly 40ks over the

speed limit at Mittagon. What

speed? 142. But this was the start

of Scotts Transport Industries

problems. It triggered the second

major trucking investigation of its

kind in weeks. I'm horrified. We

have taken steps to immediately

react. The company's depot at Mount

Gambier was targeted and 98 trucks

intercepted. Police laid 71 charges

against the company for serious

safety breaches including tampering

with 18 speed limiter devices. One

truck's cruise control was found

set at a staggering 152kmph.

This is a new speed limiter device

that's been tampered with and manufactured for the sole purpose of speeding.

The probe into the trucking industry began with this triple

fatal at Menangle. Police found the

truck was illegally tampered with.

Police now there are mechanics

turning a plied eye to tampering

and even worse installing these

notice. illegal parts. Today they put on

And so, too, were the manufactures

of these dangerous devices.

Another major Sydney car dealer has

gone to the wall unable to pay its bills.

It's one of the shine lights of the

car trade, the Dale Ford dealership

once owned by legendary racing car

driver Sir Jack Brabham has been

here for 40 years. The receivers

hope to sell the business, but if

what's down Parramatta Road is any

indication it may not be that easy.

What is the golden mile is littered

with "for sale signs and graffiti.

Motoring groups say that they're

not spending -- people are not

spending like they used to. They're

careful, buying small cars, cheap

cars. The pressure is not from

customers. Some manufactures impose unrealistic contracts upon dealers

who can't afford them. The

manufactures are treating dealers

like dirt. They're squeezing them,

squeezing them and not allowing

them to make a profit on their

business. One of the highest

profile casualties of this

industry's problems has been Rick

Damelian. At its peak it was

selling 100 cars a week, but was

forced to shut its doors after

reportedly owing creditors $80

million. It's a tough business,

made tougher by people taking to

websites not showrooms to buy their

cars. Adrian Watkin's luxury car

dealership now receives 60% of all

its leads from the Internet. You

You have to grow and move with the times.

The skies over Sydney may have

cleared, but the flood threat for

many is not over. Forecasters are

predicting months of Wednesday r wet weather.

What a difference a day makes. A

stunning sunrise and clear skies tpwreeted tpwreeted Sydneysiders this morning.

But for many the clean-up from

yesterday's freak weather continued.

The waters emptyed out of suburban

streets but creeks and rivers are

still in flood.

Warragamba Dam is still overflowing.

347 gigaliteres have been released

since the floodgates were opened.

The Hawkesbury Conservative river

peaked at 7 metres closing bridges

and threatening low-lying farmland.

REPORTER: You think the water will

come up

SES volunteers spent this morning warning locals.

Tractors up to higher groufpbd. --

ground. The biggest problem is

isolated properties and the

requirement to get people out.

Water experts say in this wet

season, it's still not over, with

long range forecasters predicting

above-average rainfall to continue

well into autumn. We think we will

see cloud from the Indian Ocean,

and we've got the La Nina, though

that is weakening. Those two things

are probably contributing to above-

average rain. Don't pack the gum average rain. Don't pack the gum

boots away yet.

It doesn't bear thinking about,

months of rain. Let's check in with

Tim. I will take another of today please. (no sound.) Our

Our apologies. Some difficulties.

Moving on. We will get back to Tim soon.

Ahead: the female cadet at the

centre of the Skype scandal tells

us what she thinks of the Defence report findings. And

And tonight, Peter Slipper's

advisers take action to avoid tough question.

The two brave brothers who saved

their father's life. I was thinking,

it was too hard, that wasn't a joke. Vodafone Prepaid gives you a massive $450 Flexible Credit on the new Prepaid $30 Cap so you can play more this summer without blowing your budget.

Welcome back. You're watching tend.

A Sydney man accused of rapeing a

woman inside the toilets at the Ivy

Nightclub has been found not guilty

T jury took two hours to acquit

Christopher Scott Corbin of rape T

woman can't be identified. She

claimed he was forced into the

unisex toilets. He admitted he took

drugs but claimed the sex was con sensual.

The cadet

The cadet at the centre of the

defence scandal has spoken for the

first time. Kate says she's not

happy and is weighing up her options.

Almost one year after the infamous

Skype incident, Kate broke her

silence over the inquiry. In a

Defence apbg -- sanctioned

statement exclusively obtained by

Ten, Kate says:

I can't an tis pace what --

anticipate what is going through

her mind. I am empa thetic to her. She says:

Should the inquiry be reopened?

It's clear the inquiry has done its

work. Kate put in a Freedom of

Information request for the full

unedited report. The Government

wants to move on. We're all oven

the one page. This is about moving

defence forward and making sure the

community supports all of those

soldiers and our men and women.

Yesterday Ten News revealed the secret

secret inquiry report found

Commodore Kafer knowingly and

unnecessarily caused her upset by

conducting a separate disciplinary

hearing at the same time, finding

the failure even to ask her how she

felt about that was unfortunate.

Stephen Smith maintains it was an

error of judgement. Minister Smith

has further and quite ifpbr

intractably alienated himself from

the senior command. The Opposition

is calling for an investigation

into how the report was leaked.

Kate stood by her story. She can't

comment further at the moment, but

has requested her privacy be


Speaker, Peter Slipper is under

fire after one of his staffers

tried to question the journalist

over his expenses. It's claimed an

iPhone used journalists to record

his press conference was knocked

from his hand by a staffer while

the MP was escorted away. REPORTER:

Mr Slipper do you expect to release

any details from the Office of the Speaker?

The Sunshine kch coast Daily will

make a complaint to police. Mr

Slipper denied seeing the incident

but said he wouldn't condone the behaviour.

Two brothers have been honoured for saving their father's life.

Paramedics described the boys as

remarkable. When you see this story you will probably think so.

Beautiful. What a stark contrast to

the emotion when this family first

crossed paths with these paramedics.

Okay, you've wiped his mouth clear.

Anthony and Theo were home with their

their father when he had a seizure.

He had a weird expression on his

face. Then all of a sudden he

started shaking. Then he fell head

first on the coffee table.

First I thought dad was joking, but

when he fell down, I thought, he

fell down too hard, that's not a

joke. Rose took the call. When he

takes the breath in and out...? In

out, in out, in out... Good, keep

going. Out, in...

Today the boys were rewarded for

their quick-thinking. The main

message the ambos want to get

across is calling 000 is a conversation

conversation every family needs to

have. If Anthony and Theo didn't

know what to do, their dad may not be alive.

It's not comment to get calls from

children. Steve's sons saved his

life that day. These guys save

lives every day. I preerbtd them. I

appreciate the fact you recognised

my boys. As far as I'm concerned,

they will always be my heroes.

REPORTER: What do you think if

people say you're a hero? Well, I

can't be one, I haven't got a cape.

He has a big heart and a wonderful big brother.

No cape, but have cool. We will

have to get him one for Chris t

mass. Forecasters are saying more

rain ahead. Tim as I tried to say

to you, I will take another one of today.

This is what a Friday should look like.

Good evening everybody. Welcome to

the weekend. It is going to be a

little sunshiney, blue sky and 25

or 27 degrees tomorrow. Sunday a replica of that.

And we're due, aren't we? 168mm of

rain in a week at Cronulla, 112 in

the city. 133 at French's Forest

and 225 at thread bow.

-- Thredboe. Now glorious.

Saturday and Sunday are on the way.

A full detailed weather report

around five to six. We will see you.

Now next up we will check how the

market reacted to today's interest

rate changes. That's in our ComSec

finance report.

The Queen and Kate share a joke as

the Royal road show moves into familiar territory.

And the American sex siren selling

Aussie women burlesque on a budget.


we use advanced technology to look deep into the eye, helping us better detect eye disease and other health issues. Just one of the ways we look deeper. Talk to OPSM about an eye health check-up today. VOICEOVER: It's on. Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour. 'La Traviata' with wine, food and fireworks in an unforgettable night under the stars.

Tickets from $85 at

Tonight on Sydney Soap Box:

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says

he will hold a once-in-a-decade

audit of government exexpenditure

if he wins the election. He denies

he will slash and burn the public

service. The first priority of an

in-coming Coalition Government will

be to end Labor's waste and get

debt and deficit under control as

quickly as possible. Finance

Minister penny Wong says Mr Abbott

first needs to explain where he

will find the $70 billion needed to pay for his policies.

It was a happy Friday for markets.

Shares improved for the second day

running making up for a tough start

to the week. Shares fell

significantly between Monday and

Wednesday. Overnight global markets

reacted well to expectations that

the Greek Government and private

creditors would come to an

agreement on debt at some point

tonight. In the day some better-

than-expected economic data out of

China helped prop up markets in our

region. It wasn't all hunky-dorey.

We saw Australia record its first

trade deficit in close to 12 months.

In English it means that Australia

imported more than it exported in

January. Qantas didn't do well. It

announced partnership negotiations

and talks can Malaysia Airlines

have fallen through.

The Queen has kicked off her can The Queen has kicked off her can I

diamond Jubilee -- Diamond Jubilee tour with festivetyings. -- festivetys.

Altogether aboard for the Diamond Jubilee.


The Duchess of Cambridge joined her

grand parents-in-law on the first

leg of their Royal road show to

celebrate the Queen's 60 years on the throne.

Huge crowds lined the streets of

Leicester, where Her Majesty's

daughter in law proveed a winner

with the ladies sms

Prince Philip did his best chatting

with students. I do retail buy-in What? Retail buy-in.

The trip brought a trip down memory

lane for the Duchess. It was at a

university fashion show like this

she famously caught the eye of her future husband, Prince William.

Today she shared a joke with his

grandmother, looking every bit the princess.

There was a quick trip to church

before the Royal ladies worked

their way through a sea of well-

wishers. This is the Queen's

jubilee, but she is eager for

festivetys to be a family affair.

The newest addition is very much

front and centre. Next week

Catherine will deliver her first

official speech at a solo

engagement. Prince Harry remains on

tour in the Caribbean. Prince

Charles will soon visit Scandinavia.

When it comes to celebrating, the

Queen's six decade rule, it seems

there are plenty keen to make a

song and dance.

Now I know you've been waiting to

know what Russia has chosen for its

entry for this year's Eurovision

Song Contest. It's different.

They've gone with an older act, a

group of grooving grannies. (MUSIC PLAYS)...

Voters watching the televised

audition hope their unique sound

will win Russia the competition

which comes up in May.

Australia will play host to a king

a collection of prized art facts

for the life and times of Alexander

the Great. He ruled more than 2,000

years ago and all these years later

more than 400 pieces have been gathered

gathered to represent the king's

life. The exhibition will feature

at the Australia Museum in Sydney in move. -- November.

Keeping a serious look an the

traffic, the cause -- because of

the flood problems, Vic joins us above the Windsor bridge.

All eyes on the Windsor Bridge from

Windsor Road. All day with the flood

flood warnings, the Hawkesbury

River t bridge remains open, but

evidence of the amount of rain

we've had recently, look how close

it is to the roadway there for

Windsor Road. We have authorities

close by, just in case the bridge

has to be closed. They are already

in place. You can see a spectacle

for locals, too, if the bridge

floods. If that does happen, there

will be diversions in place for

motorists heading from Pitt Town into Windsor.

Still ahead: an Australian man

charged with importing drugs to Bali

Bali reveals crucial information.

Also ahead. T teacher from Bathurst

who can't turn her back on tsunami-

ravaged Japan or her students. I

I will have the amazing colour from the

the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art expo.

I will get a tattoo myself. Are you ready? Not really! It it is a show that topped the perform our own material. And I can prove that his first week of shows there next week, please welcome to Pure Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in perfect little mouthfuls. Buttons - Cadbury made in miniature.

Tonight's headlivens: 18 more

trucks have been hauled off our

roads suspected of having been tampered with.

The investigation into Scotts

Transport Industries was launched

after police clocked one driver

travelling at 142kmph.

The conflict at the heart of

Australia's richest family has taken another bitter and public

twist. Not only has billionaire

Gina Rinehart suffered a damaging

defeat, her loyal, youngest

daughter has taken an extraordinary

swipe at her siblings. A former US

marine will spend the rest of his

life in jail for murdering Sydney

nurse Michelle Beets. A judge

described Walter Marsh's crime as

cruel, merciless and abhorrent and

insisted he has no chance of


Hard to believe, but this Sunday

marks one year since the Japanese

earthquake and tsunami. It was the most expensive disaster in history.

In an exclusive report Ten's

Foreign Correspondent Hamish

McDonald speaks to one Australian

teacher who wouldn't give up her

students in the radiation zone.

School is in at this junior High

School. This is English class.

Emily the teacher is from their

sister city, Bathurst, in NSW.

Today they are going home, using

Google Earth. It's the closest they

will get to their old school which

sits in the shadow of the Fukushima

Reactor. It sounds like something

out of a movie, but I thought we

were all going to die. A year ago

Emily was living and working in the

area when the earthquake and

tsunami struck. Right next door to

the now infamous power plant.

I was hysterical. I'm embarrassed

now, to think of how I was. In

those dramatic days there were

frantic phone calls home. I emailed

my sister and told her to songs I

wanted played at my funeral. I was

asking my sister if I'd be okay. I

was asking her for reassurance. She

was telling me, "You will be okay,

you have to be". Then came the most

difficult ofdy cigss - to leave the

children and return home to -- of

decisions, to leave the children

and return to Australia. The first

thing I saw on the TV, another

reactor exploded, and so I thought

I was watching, you know, my

friends and my students, I thought

I was watching them all die in

front of me. It was really scary.

12 months later the children are

still displaced. They are at the

very least enjoying English class.

They've lost everything. They have

lost all their toys, their house,

you know, their town. They still

can manage to have a smile on their

face every day.

In truth, getting children back --

children back to school and finding

new homes are just some of the challenges facing this country.

Japan must now also decide whether

it has a nuclear powered future and

that could be the most difficult decision yet.

An Australian man who allegedly

tried to import drugs into Bali

told police he was working alone.

Prosecutors suspect Edward Myatt is

part of a wider drug-smuggling

syndicate. He is co-operateing with

police and admitted trying to bring

hashish and methamphetamines into

Indonesia. He's yet to be

officially charged but the Customs

office in Bali has called for the death penalty. Sydney

Sydney Olympic Park is where you

want to be if you are a fan or

tattoos. We sent Brad to check out

the Tatoo and Body Art Expo. We're

wondering if he had the courage to

get his own art work?

We saw arms and legs creamed in colour.

The odd noggin with little hair but

lots of ink. REPORTER: How old were

you when you started? 15, Bali. If

you are thinking of getting some

body art, there are magazines,

pictures and shoes to help you

decide. There are so many colours,

grasshoper green, mango and how

fitting in Australia - "surpb

burnt". If this caravan is rocking

you must come knocking, because Mymsie

Mymsie is in town. I would let you

tattoo me. Really? Wow. Do it. For

the record we didn't do it. Mymsie

told us which tattoos are in at the

moment. It says on my board that

cupcakes and flamingos are on

special. Many are here for a look.

Perhaps it's time to link with the ink.

It takes enormous commitment to get

a tattoo for a news story. I didn't

think I had it in me. I don't. I

got a massage instead. That's it.

The Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Festival

Festival continues until Sunday

evening. If you get a tat, perhaps

you will proudly show it to the

work, oh-world, or you may cover up,

fearing what work colleagues may think.

Who needs a cupcake or flamingo?

I did not know you were going to do that. I gathered that.

We were all in on it. Everyone is laughing at me.

Good on you, team work. They're on special apparently.

Obviously Brad is here, isn't he?

The Aussies are given no time to

recover for their tri-series win. We

We will try to bring it together.

After the clinching the win they

are on a plane. Shane Watson talks

about player burnout.

Also tonight, Kelly Slater slips

into monster barrels off Botany Bay.

We will tell you why this ten pin bowler is so pumped up.

BOY: All across Australia... GIRL: Our mums are making... ..the Plant Seed Promise... ..with the super-duper goodness from plant seeds... MeadowLea. Just by switching from butter to MeadowLea

on our toast and sandwiches... ..they can save us a whopping... ..2.5kg of saturated animal fat every year. BOTH: So to all the mums making the MeadowLea Plant Seed Promise, we just wanted to say... CHILDREN: (SING) # You ought to be congratulated. #

Wests Tigers and Manly are out to

continue their unbeaten start to

the NRL season when they kick off

Round 2 in Gosford. Elsewhere it is

great newsor Parramatta fans with

Jarryd Hayne set for an early

return against the Warriors.

A sight that will cheer all FParra

fans, Jarryd Hayne running strongly

despite not being nameed in the

team and considered a good chance

of returning Tonga. Both senior

players and stroke players in our

team. The sooner we can get them

back, the better. On the wing is

Ken Seeo. He played two NRL games,

but two Players Player Awards.

I love it. It's what I wanted to do

in my life.

Proof that persistence can play off.

He was never considered good enough

by the'Lls to make the junior rep

teams but tough training from his

old man helped him reach his goal.

Dad tells me to run and wait until

he says stop. Before a date with

Vatuvai on Monday night, Sio

offered advice to other rejected

footballers. The sky is the limit.

Don't gi up. -- give up. Keep going.

Injured Dragons centre Matt Cooper

is expected to play in tomorrow

night's clash at ANZ Stadium. He

hasn't trained all week as he

recovers from an ankle injury. Coops

Coops hurt his ankle, so we will

give him more time to recover. He should be fine for tomorrow.

Queensland legend Darren Lockyer is

again on show at Suncorp Stadium,

but thankfully for Blues fans this statue shouldn't inplibgt too much

damage. Ricky Ponting continued his

impressive form, belting a ton for

taz anyway ya against WA. Mean Tim

the Aussie One Day Squad jetted off

for their series with the Windies.

No rest for the winners. Just 12

hours after their dramatic tri-

series win in Adelaide t Aussies

were getting off another bus and

boarding another plane but this

time in Sydney, to the Windies.

Thrfrpblgts's no doubt that there's

some guys who played the whole

summer will be a little bit tired.

Player burnout a concern. The

Aussies have a five-match one-day

series and two Twenty20

internationals in 15 days, with a

test series to follow.

Bill Watson wants last night's high

energy finish to be the benchmark

for the entire tour. It is a

challenge to continue, to be able

to get up like that every game. We

are playing for our country, we

have no excuses.

Watson revelling in Michael

Clarke's absence. It was left to

the Aussie bowlers. They finally

stood up. McKay took five for 28.

Watson was solid with 2 for 13.

Sri Lanka needed 17 runs off the

last 8 to win, but McKay knocked

them over.


The golfing world is rallying

behind Australian Jarrod Lyle with

the likeable 30-year-old again

battling cancer. Lyle beat

leukaemia as a 17-year-old but

recent blood tests confirmed it

returned. It comes as he and his

wife welcome their first child into the

the world. Close friend Robert

Allenby remarked it's a complete

Adam Scott was one of many golfers

to send support. He then tore

through the famed Blue Monster

course. He shot a 6 under 66 for a

share of the lead at the WGC event.

Tiger finished even par and Garcia

copped a soaking during a dismal round.

Kelly Slater felt the force of one

of Sydney's most daring breaks. The

11- time world champion returned to

the Hours Break located off botni

day. It's a deadly ride and the 40-

year-old suffered an almost wipe

out snapping his board. He enjoyed

visits to the greenroom accompanied

by leader Taj Burrow.

Now to Michael Sullivan's tips to Rosehill.

This is an unbelievable sporting celebration.

I did it! Are you kidding me? That's right.

Who do you think you are, I am. Get it right.

It's not John McEnroe, it's Peat

Webber becomeing the most

successful bowler in history. A ten

pin out of ten performance worthy

of our Play of the Day.

Good stuff. That is all in sport.

Breaking news now. On a triple fatality.

Vic, what can you tell us? Sandra,

it occurred 30 minutes ago. It is

an hour out of Canberra.

Unfortunately three people have

been killed in a car on the King's

Highway T road is blocked. Middle

aged man and two girls we're told.

They have the road closed.

That is Bravewood out of Canberra.

Over Sydney at the moment and in

Bella Vista there is lot of traffic.

There's the M2

There's the M2 road works but the

traific up to Seven Hills barely

moving. A lot of traffic heading north for the M3.

Tim will be along soon with the weather.

If you have a second let's walk

into the weekend. I will bring a

bagful of blue sky.

his first week of shows there next

week, please welcome you by Play It Safe by the water.

It is good news indeed on the

weather front and Tim is going to

walk us through the week yen.

In is one fabulous Friday shining

at you. Good evening, Saturday and

Sunday are going to behave. After a

week that saw Sydney cop 116mm of

rain, we're in for some blue skies,

partly cloudy. If there is a shower

it will be isolated. it will be isolated. Most suburbs

won't see that. Lit be less than a

millimetre. I will talk about that

blue stuff and some beautiful days. Temps25-27

Temps25-27 Saturday, 24-26 Sunday.

It is a nice time to be had by all. Now Now the sat satellite.

A low pressure system east of NSW combined with

combined with an upper level

disturbance. A low and trough team

over Queensland. Another sits in NW,

Western Australia and a cold front

is busy in Tasmania.

Tomorrow a moon soonal trough

stretches across the country in the

east to the west. You can see it

clearly t lingering low in the Tasman.

Heavy showers across the top of

Australia. Moist winds trigger

showers along the NSW coast. A high keeps

keeps the rest of us dry. We love

that on a Friday night.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight, people think tats are

common, but do they make your less employable?

A an emotional plea for stem cell

donors and John Cleese joins us


In is The Project.

Hello, one show tonight, I promise.

What a great show with British

Medical Associaton fast's Kath

Robinson and our old mate Lehmo and

host of Radio National's Drive program, Waleed Aly. (APPLAUSE)

That's pretty good.