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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and force prices down. The PM's mission to make fuel cleaner

Former Labor leaders at loggerheads - really think of each other. what Bob Hawke and Mark Latham And an emotional trek to thailand Trisha Broadbridge. for the Demons and tsunami widow Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. is still flowing The venom and vitriol 'Diaries'. from Mark Latham's controversial Former prime minister Bob Hawke Labor leader would be a disaster. says he always knew the fallen Despite many appearances together Bob Hawke and bovver boy Mark Latham. there's no love lost between to stop him becoming leader. I worked as hard as I possibly could urging them not to vote for this man I rang so many people in the Caucus

because I though he'd be a disaster. at his former colleagues And this swipe for not heeding the warning. they voted for him In their lack of wisdom and he became the leader. Mr Hawke says Mark Latham win the election out of duty he tried to help but he took no notice of any advice. former leader has betrayed the party Now he says the embittered his ALP membership. and should hand in

on any issue - I'm not taking his advice or anything that he's spruiking. Labor Party, nuclear waste to worry about old Hawkey. It's getting too late in the day is still flogging his diaries Mr Latham in the system. and parading his loss of faith This advice to a university audience. young idealistic people I'm sure there are some

for Parliament. interested in running

and as sincerely as I can, I have to say to you, as frankly don't do it. Despite a barrage of criticism, he's received encouragement Mr Latham claims from within the federal party. named his critics, But the man who fearlessly along the way, smearing severl of them just who these backers are. is strangely coy about revealing by the party machine. He says they would be crucified Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Mick Keelty says Australian Federal Police chief it's too hard to put a number there are in Australia. on how many potential terrorists terror summit on the threat ASIO briefed John Howard's and a report released today indicates ready to mount an attack here. as many as 800 extremists could be Commissioner Keelty says where that number came from. he doesn't know any figure at all The difficulty with using just how many people is that no-one can ever be sure of terrorism, embrace the ideology or the ideals in the United Kingdom. and we've seen that example Mr Keelty says it's like asking in the community - how many criminals there are the number changes every day.

inside a house destroyed by fire. A body has been discovered The discovery was made a house fire in Sydney's south-west after firefighters extinguished early this morning. has not been determined. The identity of the body for the Coroner. Police are preparing a report police stations has been closed One of Queensland's largest the potentially deadly after the discovery of in the airconditioning system. legionnaire's disease west of Brisbane Staff from the Yamanto complex for the lung disease. may undergo testing is recovering at home, The constable with the condition but there's concern it took weeks to be finalised. for the building tests It appears everything is being done

for the members and their families but the concern is probably than what the members might. who were probably made worry more The building will not re-open can guarantee workers' safety. until health experts has embarked on A Melbourne football club with a difference. an end-of-season trip to help build a new school They've flown out to Thailand on Phi Phi Island.

former team-mate Troy Broadbridge, It will be named in honour of in the Boxing Day Tsunami. who died on the island through a lot of the players' heads A lot of emotions will be going to, you know, come tighter together so, you know, it's another reason and bond as a group. Troy Broadbridge's widow, Trisha, by the massive wave, who was with him when he was taken is leading the trip. of Grand Final fever. North Queensland is in the grip Fans will todasy farewell the Cowboys against the Wests Tigers. ahead of Sunday's NRL Season decider as supporters rallied at training. Ten reporter Peter Odempsey was there here in North Queensland Well, the fans for more than a decade have been long suffering waiting for this very moment. here in Townsville They turned out in their droves go through their final paces to watch the Cowboys before the Grand Final on Sunday. much chance of beating Wests Tigers Not many people are giving them they would beat the Eels but who would have thought

to the tune of 29-0 last weekend? have never given up hope. The fans here in the North GO COWBOYS! has the Cowboys bib. We see that the bub

What is the Tiger for? Because he's teething something hard to chew on and when he really needs this is his toy, his teether. like the Cowboys are going to. Rip him up Good boy. GO COWBOYS! to do that? Nice hair, how long did it take you It took me about two hours. the right side of my head up I have to fix because it's starting to fade. but it didn't work. I tried putting Cowboys in there Natarsha, from the training session, will line the streets the people of North Queensland

all the way to the airport. for a cavalcade for the players at the terminal There will be a final farewell lap it up - and the players may as well too much support they're not expecting when they hit Tiger territory. for Donald Trump - A brand new apprentice morning news returns. details when Ten's And bounty hunters claim Robinson Crusoe's lost treasure. to have found What they used to track it down.

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This program is captioned live. The New Orleans police chief has resigned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

His department today announcing a tribunal

to hear the cases of 250 officers who went AWOL during the crisis. On his seventh tour of hurricane-affected areas

President Bush assured locals he's getting help there as quickly as he can. I heard loud and clear from the parish presidents and the mayors that people are getting frustrated, and I understand that frustration. But not fast enough for the thousands who remain homeless and thousands more still without food, water or electricity. Their response was pathetic, you know, but they allowed this to happen. In Washington, Congress unleashed its fury on Michael Brown, former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, who was forced to resign in the wake of Katrina. You folks fell on your face. You get an F minus, in my book.

Michael Brown says the catastrophic response in New Orleans was not his fault. I've overseen over 150 presidentially-declared disasters. I know what I'm doing and I think I do a pretty darn good job of it. Brown blames state and local officials for not articulating their needs. I very strongly personally regret that I was unable to persuade Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin to sit down, get over their differences and work together. He admitted the inability to evacuate was the tipping point to disaster but pointed out evacuations were the responsibility of local authorities, not FEMA. I guess you want me to be this super hero that is going to step in there and suddenly take everybody out of New Orleans. That kind of look in the lights like a deer tells me that you weren't capable to do the job. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The family of a Brazilian man

shot dead by police after London's Underground bombings has flown to Britain to see where he was killed. They'll also talk to officers investigating the shooting and say they want justice. Caught in a tragedy with international dimensions, a mother grieves. Maria Otoni de Menezes did not expect to make a trip like this. Leaving her country, Brazil, for the first time in her life, she and her family travel to London to find out exactly how and why her son died. TRANSLATION: We're going because we want justice she said. Brazilians should not be treated how my son was treated. They should be treated with respect. Jean Charles de Menezes was shot by police who mistook him for a suicide bomber. Initially, they claimed that he had jumped the barrier

in Stockwell underground station to get away from officers. Later they admitted that wasn't true. The family want to know why the head of Scotland Yard wasn't told this was a mistaken identity until the next day. During their visit, the De Menezes family will meet police and the independent police complaints commission which will publish its report on the shooting next year. Iraqi leaders have welcomed the killing of al-Qa'ida's top commander in Baghdad during a fire fight with coalition forces. The Government says Abu Azzam was caught in an apartment in the capital following a tip-off from a local resident. Azzam was killed when Iraqi and American troops returned fire after entering the flat,

but the slaughter continues on the streets with suicide bombers targeting more recruitment centres.

This attack south of the capital killed 10 would-be police officers.

And Lynndie England, the 22-year-old American soldier convicted over the Abu Ghraib prisoner scandal, faces three years in prison. The same military jury

that yesterday found her guilty on six charges of prisoner abuse has now sentenced her to jail, despite her emotional pleas not to be separated from her baby son. Italians are getting increasingly nervous about becoming the target of terror. Authorities are staging dramatic exercises to reassure people emergency services are prepared. RAPID GUNFIRE Gunfire thunders across Milan's main Linarto Airport. Then in scenes reminiscent of London this summer, police officers arrest four men and march them away. This was the finale of the country's first large scale anti-terrorist exercise. Italy nervous that it'll be the next target. The common procession is that here it is real and the question is just when it will happen. So it's not an 'if', it's a 'when'. The simulated attack involved 2,000 emergency and security staff handling consecutive bombs on the Metro and in one of the city's biggest railway stations. Italy's interior minister says it would be an unforgivable sin to underestimate the threat the country faces. But this constant talk of terror is putting huge strain on Italy's 1 million Muslims. Milan's Islamic school has been closed leaving children having lessons on the pavement. The teachers all scorn on the official explanation - health and safety. Since July, Italy's security forces have stepped up patrols at tourist sites but as in Britain, there is a risk here that a heavy-handed approach will inflame tension. A typhoon has torn a path of destruction through northern Vietnam. Typhoon Damrey battered the coast with winds of more than 100km/h

and waves nearly 5m high breached a vital network of sea walls.

More than 300,000 people were evacuated and thousands of homes destroyed. Before hitting Vietnam

Typhoon Damrey tore through southern China, killing 16 people. American real estate magnate Donald Trump

is on the expansion trail again, but this time it's on the home front.

The 59-year-old billionaire says his wife Melania is pregnant with their first child. The baby is due early next year

but they haven't tried to determine its sex yet. It will be the first child for Melania, who lived with Trump for three years before their wedding last January. Trump has four other children from previous marriages. Fresh debate is raging over the supposed buried treasure of castaway Robinson Crusoe. Treasure hunters claim to have located the mythical treasure trove with a robot on an island off Chile. They say the size of the hoard puts its value at some $10 billion. The 300-year old booty hasn't even been sighted yet but already there are legal fights over who owns it. Legend says islands in the area hold untold wealth, buried by pirates who frequented them during the 18th century. Ahead the schoolboy who's on stand-by to play in the NRL Grand Final.

That's when Ten's Morning News returns. And a farewell in France for Aussie surfer Luke Egan.

This program is captioned live. Australia's biggest oil companies have been called to a meeting with PM John Howard today to discuss the recent jump in petrol prices. Ten's John Hill is there. Natarsha, the meeting has been going on all morning. The PM called in the heads of the four big oil companies - Shell, BP, Exon, Mobil and Caltex. They've been joined by the head of the ACCC, Graham Samuel, and we understand there are two items on the agenda. The first, the outlook for petrol prices and also the Government's concern about increasing use of bio-fuels like ethanol. On petrol prices, the oil companies are maintaining their position that they're only reacting to international market forces brought on by Hurricane Katrina. That pushed prices up over the past few weeks. The only executive to speak on the way into the meeting was the chairman of Shell, Tim Warren. I have great empathy with people who have seen their back pockets out with the price of petrol. But we must remember that that's as a result of international price factors. The Government, like everyone else, is hoping the price of fuel will start to fall

after Hurricane Rita left less damage than expected. And overnight, the world price for oil fell marginally, so that's a good sign. On bio-fuels, ethanol is a fuel alternative that's being used extensively overseas and Mr Howard announced last week he wants greater use of ethanol to help to ease our dependance on oil. So he's likely to be asking the oil companies to make greater use of ethanol blended with petrol. The motoring groups have said that blends of up to 10% ethanol won't damage car engines. The PM's target is for 350 million litres of ethanol

to be in use by 2010. The key issue, of course, is getting the oil companies to agree to have the blends of ethanol available at every service station.

Natarsha. Californian police have released amazing security video In finance news - the Australian share market opened stronger this morning. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities and some bad news for people looking for jobs?

For the first time in two years,

employer optimism has fallen. In a

survey of 8,000 employers, 38% said

they planned to add new jobs before

the end of the year while 6% said

they actually planned to get rid of

people. The exception is in

resources with a record 5% planning

to add new jobs. So if you're

looking for new jobs, the best plan

is in resources. I understand

changes ahead for the National

Australia Bank. It has its strategy

briefing today and the company said

the 1,000 job cuts it announced in

May has happened and it's

announced a further 1,000 job cuts

over the next two years. NAB plan

to spend $1.8 billion in rebuilding

the business but the share price

did drop today.

Sport, and as we'll told you earlier, North Queensland will farewell the Cowboys today as they head to Sydney for the NRL Grand Final. Meanwhile at the Wests Tigers a schoolboy may get a last-minute call up to play in the season decider. It's not just the fans soaking up the Wests Tigers' first Grand Final. 18-year-old Shannon McDonnell is on stand-by for injured winger Pat Richards, a prospect that's making it hard to concentrate on his studies. I'm doing my HSC in a couple weeks and have to get down to study soon. But I'm managing. A former schoolboy Tiger, Tim Brasher, juggled final exams with Balmain's 1988 Grand Final appearance. He had half a season of first grade under his belt. McDonnell has played just one game. For him, one first grade game it will be tough. But, like I said, if he can control his nerves and just remember, get in early and make a run, get involved in the game, it soon becomes a normal game of football. The last time the two sides met at the start of the finals the Tigers thrashed the Cowboys. It's still a touchy subject. How much has been said about that 50

that the Tigers put on you a couple of weeks ago? I nearly forgot about that. Not much at all. Three weeks is like an eternity in football. So it is not going to mean much. The Cowboys will arrive in Sydney tonight for final preparations including tomorrow's Grand Final breakfast. Owen Martin, Ten News. Premier League rivals Arsenal and Manchester United both had 2-1 wins this morning

to remain top of their Champions League groups. Manchester fans were given reason to cheer by Ryan Giggs before halftime. The Welshman's free kick taking a deflection on route to the Benfica net. It looked briefly like another nightmare was about to unfold at the theatre of dreams when the Portuguese side equalised after the break. COMMENTATOR: And what Giggs did for Manchester United, Simo does for Benfica. Once again, it was Ruud van Nistelrooy to the rescue with a timely close range winner in the 85th minute. Gold Coast veteran Luke Egan has announced his retirement from the professional surfing tour. Prior to his second round heat at the Quicksilver Pro in France today, the 36-year-old revealed the final event of this year's circuit at Hawaii's Pipeline would be his last. He then paddled out and proved it's clearly a lifestyle decision and not because of form as he dominated in the two metre barrels. I'm really fit and I'm still surfing really well so I want to go do some surfing for myself to just free-surf with my mates. Egan's been a full-time competitor on the world tour for 21 years. The AFL Cup may have left Victoria but the State's now boasting the Melbourne Cup, today officially launching the 2005 Spring Racing Carnival. Amid the fanfare is reporter Mignon Henne. Mignon - as always a little glamour to kick off the season.

Yes, as always. And it's official,

it might be raining here in

Melbourne today, but the 2005

spring racing carnival is amongst

us. And I must say, the atmosphere

down here is electric, celebrating

the race that stops the nation. One

of the highlights today though has

been the unveiling of the

carnival's beautiful ambassador,

Victoria Samber. The daughter of a

former trainer and fiancee of Danny

Nichol, she's made for the role.

The carnival encompasses 82

amazing race meetings over a

spectacular 50 day period. The

jewel in the glorious crown is the

Melbourne Cup. The race that stops

the nation. The big question,

what's hot for fashions on the

field this year? Well, the boys

seem to think that the racing

carnival is about racing. But us

fillies know it is about fashion

and forgive olities. We got a taste

of what to expect and it is fun and

flirty and of course bright colours.

Rule number one at the race track,

it is not a disco. So no evening

wear, just bright colours and

wear, just bright colours and spring fashions. Girls, it's big

hats, the bigger the brim the better

So I'll see you trackside. Thanks. We'll check the national weather details when Ten's morning news returns. Large bills can be annoying, especially on your home phone.

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Now for a look at the national weather. That brings you up to date with all the news.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's newshour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good afternoon. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.