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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - an emergency declared lands on one engine. when a Qantas jet as I walked off, I confirmed with the captain He said, "We think so." "Was it a bird strike?" Rover. Oh, he's - LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE of Australian TV. The death of the king to hold his hand. I just wish I'd been there to an early end. We'll tell you what brought his life DIRECTOR: 3... caw... 2... caw... some of his more daring moments. And we'll celebrate

Then in 'Sports Tonight' - goes into extra time the State of Origin that sealed the match? but who got the golden point and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello there, I'm Sandra Sully for the Immigration Department Also ahead - a shake-up of wrongful detention. after it's accused of 200 cases of an army marching on its stomach. Plus - stunning scenes What are these things called? What are they doing? And where can you see this spectacle? for a Qantas jet First - an emergency landing tonight with over 100 people on board. from Townsville to Brisbane The plane was on its way

on take-off. when one of the two engines failed The captain declared an emergency were scrambled and the airport firefighting teams as the plane turned back. shuddered through the whole plane. There was significant vibration, as I walked off, I confirmed with the captain He said, "We think so." "Was it a bird strike?" 123 people were on board. for the king of Australian TV. Tributes tonight in a nursing home Graham Kennedy has died after a long illness. He was aged 71. (All) And now, here's Graham! He's the face of Australian comedy the laughter gave way to tears. but, this morning, After years of failing health, finally claimed Graham Kennedy complications from pneumonia in the NSW Southern Highlands. at this nursing home after shying away from public life The area his refuge in the 1990s. marked his passing His former television home with a show of respect. caring for him to the end. Close friend actress Noeline Brown to me, It didn't come as any surprise

to hold his hand. but I just wish I'd been there Tributes flowed fast as the king of television. for the man known for his crown prince, Bert Newton. The loss particularly great it was the fish I ate. It wasn't the chicken, Surgeon! No, it was a sturgeon. new ground in Australian television. Their comic pairing breaking Now say something nice. are really very nice, Raul Merten shoes it's only me that hates them. those skills on the stage and screen Bert Newton is still plying more than 50 years strong. and mourning a friendship was mush, unless it got ratings. The one thing he didn't like but I'm feeling reflective So I'm not feeling mushy to have him as a friend and also lucky that I had the chance with him. and be part of a partnership to millions of Australians Considered family every night, who welcomed him into their homes of his own, Graham Kennedy had no close family to his friends and pets. devoted instead a regular feature. Rover the wonder dog Rover. Oh, he's - LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE Known for his skill in ad-libbing, for rehearsal, he was in fact a stickler who wouldn't suffer mediocrity. a polished perfectionist He was quite extraordinary - and sometimes quite unstable mischievous, dangerous, and of course totally unforgettable. for a new generation of comics He paved the way

simple love of making others happy. but will be best remembered for his The stories endless. with the silly paper hat on And Graham was sitting there and we couldn't see where he was and he disappeared somewhere at the dining room window and suddenly he appeared doing silly faces. with his teeth out, Call me gross if you want to. one of the country's While he's undisputedly TV entertainers, most successful and well-known leaves behind the few belongings Graham Kennedy will be passed on to charity. get his wish for a low-key send-off. But it's not likely he'll

He wanted a quiet farewell but I don't think will let him have a quiet farewell. the Australian public the greatest turnouts in showbiz. I think you'll see one of who made so many Australians laugh. A final fitting tribute for a man It's a long time, friends, I'm brilliant. and it proves one thing - There was only one Graham Kennedy. Deborah Knight, Ten News. Later in the news - who knew the real Graham Kennedy. a special tribute from Bert Newton, for Schapelle Corby There's been more anxiety tonight her drug smuggling charges in Bali. as she waits to her the verdict on presiding over the case The chief judge and lawyers warned is on the sick list

to deliver the verdict he mightn't be able on Friday as planned. has been battling a fever Judge Linton Sirait with his family. since returning home from a trip away

put the record straight, Today the judge saying he hasn't been well to deliver the verdict. but he will be in court on Friday that immigration officers Startling revelations tonight another 200 detention centre cases, might have botched promising to learn from its mistakes. the Department's boss today flanked by her department chiefs, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, faced the music of a Senate inquiry.

of the department is a disgrace. I think your administration You've been a complete failure. by the revelation The Minister's cause not helped of wrongful detention or deportation 200 botched cases headed by Mick Palmer. have been sent to the closed inquiry,

The department has made mistakes. of systems or processes or attitudes If these mistakes are the result these will be changed. Announced today, at detention centres better psychiatric care to properly identify suspects. and new procedures a new culture of openness. And, the Minister says, What we are looking at is how we can improve across the board. Unimpressed, the Opposition. Will the PM now face the truth, sack his minister and set up a royal commission into this Department of Immigration scandal? MR SPEAKER: The Honourable PM. JOHN HOWARD: No. Adding to the Government's discomfort, the Opposition seized on confusion over the fate of another child born to asylum seekers. Baby Michael Andrew Tran was born on Monday night in Perth. His Vietnamese parents were detained on Christmas Island two years ago. Department chiefs initially thought the baby would head back to detention. The PM told Parliament he would remain in a community house on the mainland. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Some breaking news on that story,

Senator Vanstone has told reporters

tonight she's not ruled out a

judicial inquiry on that remaining

case load and that a of course

before Mr Palmer. Some old laws have come under fire tonight after a pregnant Member of Parliament was refused permission to go to the toilet. New South Wales Labor MP Tanya Gadiel was about to excuse herself from a debate to visit the toilet

when a member of the Opposition called for a quorum. That means no-one can leave the room until enough members have arrived. Well, I sat back down

and I thanked the midwives at Westmead Hospital who have told me to keep on practising those pelvic floor muscles. Tanya had to wait several minutes for the enough MPs to arrive. She is due to give birth to her second child in six weeks. When we return - why police are back to square one in their inquiries into the disappearance of a 13-year-old boy. And stunning scenes of an army of spider crabs. It's like coming across a secret burial ground for elephants or some amazing natural history event. What are they doing and where was this video shot? DANCE MUSIC GIRL: Are you alright? Roll her over! What did she take? I don't know what was in it! I think it was ecstasy. (Whimpers) Hey, are you alright? BOY: I don't know why she takes it. She always gets so depressed coming down. Hmm. Done quite a bit of damage in there. I didn't know how many health problems it could cause. The grinding has cracked your front teeth. This is pretty serious. (Doctor barks orders) GIRL: They don't know whether he's gonna make it. NURSE: It's touch and go. We're doing all we can. He just wanted to try something new. This program is captioned live.

Some breaking news - an Australian Muslim leader has offered to take the place of hostage Douglas Wood in Baghdad. In a statement issued through the Australian Embassy tonight, Sheikh Taj Din al-Hilali said he was sincere in his offer to hand himself over. There's been no response from the captors. Police are back to square one in their inquiry into the disappearance of Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe, a burnt-out car now being ruled out as having any connection to the mystery. The blue sedan was found yesterday after a public tip-off following Queensland's biggest ever police doorknock at the weekend. After scientific examination and inquiries hope has been dashed that the vehicle could be the key to solving the mystery. The vehicle that was located yesterday is not the vehicle that we're searching for. Police have examined almost 100 cars

since the teenager was taken almost 18 months ago. There's been a bombshell at the inquiry into a disgraced doctor and his shocking medical muck-ups. It's been revealed a public health boss gave a glowing reference to a man dubbed Dr Death. Dr Jayant Patel fled Queensland leaving dozens of deaths and horrifying medical blunders behind, an inquiry revealing his former boss at Bundaberg wrote him a gleaming reference. REPORTER: Mr Keating, do you think you've done anything done? The letter expressed disappointment at Dr Patel's decision to leave the hospital, and praised his work ethic. That's alarmed the inquiry chief investigating Dr Patel's litany of clinical mismanagement. The very fact that the Director of Medical Services was prepared to commend Dr Patel without any attempt to investigate those allegations is something that I would find troubling. Also disturbing, testimony from Dr Patel's former colleague, who had stand-up fights with the Indian-trained medico over unnecessary surgery. Then there's the breast cancer patient who, thankfully, ignored Dr Patel's advice to forego check-ups. There was a significant tumour. There was a significant cancer in this lady. A Nationals MP who investigated the Patel case revealing he was told by the Queensland branch of the AMA - We think he's going to resign in June and we'd like this matter to go away quietly. The Queensland inquiry continues. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. A rare encounter with creatures of the deep has been caught on cameras in Australia. Thousands of spider crabs found in shallow Victorian waters have marine biologists baffled. Like a scene from a science fiction film,

an army of crawling crustaceans swarm Port Phillip Bay. Up to 50,000 spider crabs carpeting the sea's floor, 10 deep at points and just metres off the southern shore. It's like coming across a secret burial ground for elephants or some amazing natural history event. Such an event has never been caught on camera, until now, when scientists made the discovery during production for an upcoming exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. The phenomenon is thought to be about breeding but there's still no evidence to confirm the theory. There's males, there's females, they're playing stacks on the mill. But as yet we haven't seen them breeding and no females are carrying eggs.

Usually found in ones or twos, this massive meeting is about the size of a football field. For some reason, the mothership sends down the alien message, or whatever happens. They all get together and decide, "Right, we'll converge on one spot on a sand plain "and just make a huge, writhing mass." Shooting the spectacle wasn't a job for the faint-hearted. The underwater cameraman entering another world in the name of science. When you're down at their level, they don't look so much like crabs, they look like some sort of weird alien beast. The close encounter will be screened as part of a new marine exhibit at Melbourne Museum next year. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. When we come back - Bert Newton's tribute to the late king of Australian TV. The friendship continues and the thoughts I have about the bloke continue. Then in 'Sports Tonight' - Origin legend Brad Fitler's first television interview as he opens up on those fatherhood revelations.

Air! Yep, this Rodeo 4x2 Cab Chassis from $15,990

This program is captioned live. At Commonwealth Securities tonight, Tom Piotrowski. Tom, having dominated the Australian supermarket scene for so long, Woolies now has its sight set on New Zealand.

That's right, Sandra. Today it was

announced Woolworths together with

Metcash will spend more than $3

million on acquiring Foodland's

assets, that means Woollies will

spend more than $2 billion and in

exchange will get 150 stores in New

Zealand, making them the number one

grocery operator. Met Cash will

spend more than $850,000 and will

get 60 of Foodland's stores, making

them number three operator behind

Woolworths and Coles. What was

behind the steel stocks behind the steel stocks sector

being out of favour with the market

today? This is a trend we have seen

for the last couple of weeks. Steel

prices are softening up and despite

that, steel production keeps

accelerating. In April, Chinese

steel production rose about 25%, a

staggering amount. Globally we have

seen steel producers weaker and

today we saw onesteel and bluescope

steel down. More now on the death of Graham Kennedy. He's long been acclaimed as having the biggest single influence on Australian TV. His road to stardom started modestly but it wasn't long before we were all laughing at him and with him. The King's quick wit, irreverence and silliness entertained for almost four decades. My name is Purgeous. Purgeous? That's not a name, that's a laxative! The laughs began in 1957 with the variety show 'In Melbourne Tonight', showcasing Kennedy's talents, even when things didn't go according to script. It blew my hat off. Australian television was in its infancy when the show became compulsive viewing and Kennedy a household name. More than just a host, he was the lead act. Famously sending up the products he endorsed. Hailed a comic genius by some for his flawless timing, he could get away with anything. I was just testing her mouth wash, actually. But the King didn't do it alone. I could often write something and I would forget about it

and perhaps two or three months later he would just trot it out one night and quite amaze me because he had a sensational memory. He emerged with the 'Graham Kennedy Show' in the early '70s, which ended its run after the now-legendary crow calling incident, years later. but he dared to repeat it ..oh, there you are! DIRECTOR: 3... caw... 2... caw... 'Blankety Blanks' on Channel Ten Kennedy was back hosting had audiences in stitches. and he again Take them off! Oh, alright. he went to work in radio at age 15. Born in Melbourne, when he made the move to TV. Kennedy was only 23 His jokes often raised eyebrows to tell another, but he always survived even attracting laughs at his own expense. I always play hopeless, badly dressed characters. If they ever make a film of Bernard King's life I will be asked to play it. On the big screen, Kennedy starred in 'Don's Party',

'The Odd Angry Shot', 'The Club' and several others movies which won him critical acclaim. In the late '80s, he mixed news and comedy on the late-night program 'Coast to Coast'.

Graham always knew where the cameras were, he always knew where to get the last laugh. His timing was impeccable. in entertainment. Many say he set the standard Thanks to Graham, in their own country now. Australians can be stars During his career he won 19 Logies into the Hall of Fame. and was inducted eventually became too much But stardom as 'Gra Gra'. for the man affectionately known in the '90s He turned his back on the spotlight and was rarely seen in public again. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. and long-time colleagues, One of his closest friends on the real Graham Kennedy. Bert Newton, has reflected I think that I was lucky started before television came in. because we had a friendship that off camera, We liked each other very much we were very good mates. We knew each other's families. before television, he remains so. He was shy back then, I didn't see him as a recluse, who liked his own space I saw him as someone and that was always the case. beautifully. I can sum up Graham's humour

we were doing a spot Back in the late '60s we were doing a couple of gags - and at that stage of the game or camp gags I guess you would call them gay gags and I did one on Graham from the studio audience. that got a huge laugh round to the dressing room Afterwards he said, "Will you come and have a beer?" I said, "Well, I do every night." He said, "Oh, it's a special night.

Would you mind not -" Look, Mum watches the program. "Oh, not a worry in the world." do anything in that line at all - Seven years later - and I didn't that I couldn't resist I forget the line, but it was one and the audience went crazy about it with an expletive, and he whispered in a stage whisper "Mum still watches the show!" That's the sort of humour and relationship and that's the sort of association for all those years. I will remember with Graham on Friday, I had the day off - If I was going up to see him

I was in opposition with Graham in

the early days and when I joined

him, I realised why he was giving

me a belting. It was terrific to be

part of partnership. He was good to

me. He didn't mind sharing the

laughs. The only time he would be

annoyed with anybody would be if

they took a laugh at his expense

and didn't allow him to take what

he had in mind. I think that's the

reason we were good together, we

knew the formula. I was going to

see him on Friday. I had the day

off. That won't happen now. I made

a couple of visits to Graham. It

was just terrific to pick up where

we left off and the friendship

continues and the thoughts I have

about the bloke continue . One

thing he didn't like was mush

unless it got ratings so I'm not

feeling mushy but I'm feeling

reflective and lucky I had the

chance to have him as a friend and

be part of a partnership with him. The weather's next with Leigh Diffey, and Leigh, and then it's 'Sports Tonight'

is always a tough night, rugby league's State of Origin how about tonight? as good as it gets. Sandra, it was a nail-biter, hot tempers, It had all the traditional big hits,

and a thrilling finish. a sprinkle of controversy Game I of the 25th anniversary year to a golden point finish. and it went down arrive in Christchurch And the Waratahs in the Super 12 final. ready to clash with the Crusaders

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DANCE MUSIC GIRL: Are you alright? Roll her over! I don't know what was in it! What did she take? I think it was ecstasy. (Whimpers) Hey, are you alright? she takes it. BOY: I don't know why coming down. She always gets so depressed of damage in there. Hmm. Done quite a bit problems it could cause. I didn't know how many health your front teeth. The grinding has cracked This is pretty serious. (Doctor barks orders) whether he's gonna make it. GIRL: They don't know We're doing all we can. NURSE: It's touch and go. try something new. He just wanted to This program is captioned live. Tomorrow's weather - mostly sunshine in Brisbane, showers in Cairns, frost then sunny in Canberra, the sun also out in Sydney, a late shower in Hobart, a clearing shower in Melbourne, sunshine in Perth, mostly sunny in Adelaide, and Alice Springs. sunshine also in Darwin And that's the latest from Ten News. is next. 'Sports Tonight' with Leigh Diffey

I'm Sandra Sully. From the Late News team, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions