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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. as we go to air - A fire emergency in Melbourne plumes of thick, black toxic smoke a massive blaze sending across the city. Starting in a bedding factory, at least three buildings to collapse. the fire has already caused from spreading to other properties. Emergency crews trying to prevent it have been closed. Roads around the area to close all windows Local homes and businesses warned against the smoke. to protect themselves for smoke inhalation. One firefighter has been treated has closed at 22, The nation's Easter road toll and NSW overnight. with more deaths in Queensland collision near Dubbo, in NSW. Two people were killed in a head-on has also increased - Queensland's toll in Townsville. an elderly woman hit by a car a day after three people died The accidents come in a head-on collision in Sydney. across Australia this long weekend. 22 people have now died in accidents That's five less than last year. this morning, A stark warning to Australia

telling the Federal Government with Indonesia's President the West Papuan refugee crisis. not to mess around with has cancelled a tour to Australia. It comes as a top Indonesian minister Foreign Affairs, Michael L'Estrange, The head of the Department of on Friday will meet Indonesian officials

in an attempt to heal the rift. last week's decision Mr L'Estrange will also discuss of asylum seekers. to toughen Australia's treatment

the AWB's wheat-for-weapons scandal. The fallout continues over A former UN official says the exporter paid eight times the true price of trucking wheat in Iraq. of Australia's wheat trade The golden reputation has been contaminated further, not by the oil-for food inquiry of a former UN weapons inspector but by the claims

true price of trucking wheat in Iraq. who says AWB paid eight times the in 2000 It was really systemised

it was a big secret. and I don't think their drivers a fortune, And they certainly weren't paying is probably even high. so my guess is $6 a tonne

As the fallout continues is calling for a Government MP the National Party

to be appointed to the AWB board is allowed to keep its monopoly. if the wheat exporter Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce to assure Australian wheat growers also wants the PM is not under threat. the single desk Kate Donnison, Ten News.

second cyclone in less than a month. Queensland is facing its the Torres Strait and Cooktown Communities between

Peninsula north of Mapoon and the west coast of Cape York are on alert. to a Category 2 this morning. Cyclone Monica has been upgraded moving due west from the Coral Sea. The system is currently

Israel has vowed revenge killed nine people in Tel Aviv. after a Palestinian suicide bomber the first in three months, The attack, any chance of peace in the region. threatens to destroy SIREN WAILS worst suicide bombing in 20 months. The aftermath of Israel's 9 killed, at least 50 wounded, ripped through a sandwich bar when the bomb at lunchtime. on a crowded Tel Aviv street in the Middle East Any remaining chance of peace dealt a major blow. set off the bomb A 21-year-old Palestinian waiter

when a security guard approached him. has claimed responsibility. Militant group Islamic Jihad Behind previous suicide bombings, the Palestinian Government, and now running has refused to renounce the attack. militant group Hamas it's blamed it on Israeli aggression. Instead, The bombing is the first test Ehud Olmert. of Israel's new Prime Minister, He's vowed retaliation. Christopher Still, Ten News.

And in the last few minutes, a missile strike in Gaza City. news Israel has launched there are no injuries. Early reports say magic at the 2008 Beijing Olympics China is hoping to create some movie

director Steven Speilberg. enlisting the help of award-winning for the Asian giant, In what's regarded as a rare move one of China's best-known filmmakers the acclaimed director will work with Zhang Yimou to design the opening ceremony. All of us are dedicated opening and closing ceremony to making this Olympic anyone has ever seen the most emotional Australia's very own Ric Birch, opening and closing ceremonies who directed the highly praised of the 2000 Sydney Olympics,

has also been named as a key adviser. Ricky Ponting Australian cricket captain and fined 25% of his match fee has been found guilty of dissent after confronting the umpires against Bangladesh. on day one of the second Test 46 runs of the home side's total Yesterday the Aussies moved within before rain stopped play. taking the gloss off a solid start. Ponting's reprimand made his point clear A fired-up Ricky Ponting

went against Australia. after a third-umpire decision Now that is absolutely not on. COMMENTATOR: the batsman was given not out - After numerous reviews,

helping change the outcome Ponting's animated intervention in Australia's favour. an ICC disciplinary hearing The Aussie skipper will now face

for his actions from Bangladesh team management. after complaints with a blast to the boundary. Jason Gillespie started day two

That's gone through for four. copping a wake-up ball Opener Phil Jaques before notching up his first Test 50.

keen to go on with it. The powerful left-hander That's a great shot. trying to clear the fence on 66. Only to be caught out

Could be a simple catch. Yes, it is. from Pakistani legend Wasim Akram. Brett Lee received some bowling tips of his own. His captain teaching a lesson Ricky Ponting. He really is in prime form, bringing day two to a premature end. Heavy rain and lightning

Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. has finished off round three In the AFL, Collingwood over the Kangaroos. with a 77-point win to cheer about There was plenty for Magpie fans and Anthony Rocca three, with Chris Tarrant booting six goals but Mick Malthouse has called on the black and white army to maintain some perspective.

with Dean Laidley describing the team's effort as terrible. Two injured captains are anxiously waiting to find out if they'll lead their sides into this weekend's sixth round of the National Rugby League.

West Tigers skipper Brett Hodgson has a suspected broken hand while Penrith's Tony Puletua has a rib cartilage injury. Both are waiting for the results of scans. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs' dynamic forward Sonny Bill Williams returned for 25 injury-free minutes

in yesterday's 26-18 victory over Souths. Man of the match Luke Patten starred with this solo effort. Now for a look at the national weather.

That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.