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(generated from captions) so brainwashed, Mom. Ridge has got you

but a bunch of hearsay. This is nothing Do NOT tell me that I did this. DON'T do this, Mom. just made up a bunch of lies Grant and Ridge their word over your own son's. and I cannot believe you're taking Honey... No. I didn't do this. I didn't shoot him. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - food prices set to soar - continues to bite. dire predictions as the drought the next week or two weeks If we don't get rain within crop failure in New South Wales. we will have substantial

to retire after the election. John Howard reveals his plans Exit strategy -

loses her battle with cancer. And a brave anti-solarium campaigner Good evening. Also, tonight - fleet because of safety concerns. Qantas grounds some of its regional raising eyebrows And the 12-year-old girl as the new face of fashion. But first this evening - is set to soar the price of basic foods on NSW. as the drought tightens its grip in the next two weeks These crops were planted on hope, fortune after years of drought. and with the promise of changing and early winter Good rains in autumn the largest crop since 1983. prompted farmers to plant But that's when the rains ended. in fact, we've seen crops failing Probably over the last month, starting in the north, and that line of failure through the State. progressively moving south farmers out there already. So we've got a lot of broken-hearted these crops is so dry, While they look green, soil below in the next couple of weeks that if it doesn't rain most will die. A crop failure of this magnitude would have a huge impact right across the State on the prices of basic foodstuffs and rolling into Christmas. another 15% marginal. 71% of the State is in drought, month, it's mostly in the crop belt. And while that's better than last canola and barley most at risk, It puts cereal crops like wheat, hitting bread and pasta, cattle and egg production in turn affecting dairy,

because they rely on grains. The impact at the checkout - a price rise of up to 7%.

seeing the impact, While we're certainly it's not just an Australian problem. manufactures of bakery products, One of the would's largest a 5% price increase Sara Lee, has already announced on the soaring price of wheat. on its goods in the US, simply based for feeling cheated - Farmers can be forgiven was meant to bring rain an expected La Nina weather pattern by colder than expected patterns but is weak and late, not helped over the Indian ocean. that the normal moisture And that means

from that part of the world that would have come down wonderful north-west cloud bands, and bring us those with a front that's going through, which then, if they interact over the inland areas puts a lot of rain and we just haven't seen that. The outlook remains unpredictable. in the next fortnight, Some falls may come and probably not soon enough. not a lot, Eddie Meyer, Ten News. John Howard's retirement plans in the Government, might have eased tensions but they've inflamed Labor, to capitalise on the political drama. the Opposition rushing out a TV ad the voters a two-for-one deal - John Howard is now now offering Peter Costello, free, vote for for him and you will get sometime in the next term. on national television. He reluctantly announced his plan if I am re-elected to retire. I won't find it easy I won't find it the least bit easy. shouldn't hold his breath. Mr Speaker, what I said - if we are re-elected. when I do, well into the next term, ran the Government line of the day. Alexander Downer attended a meeting of ministers, Last week Joe Hockey better for John Howard to go now. most of whom thought it would be But today he likened the Prime Minister to Don Bradman. in the team But if you've got a Don Bradman on an Ashes tour of England, and you're going you don't readily give up your Don Bradman. The trouble is at the crease saw him out for a duck. Don Bradman's last appearance Labor, quick to capitalise, the Government's predicament. is releasing an ad ridiculing to go, then he says he'll stay, ADVERTISEMENT: They tell him and hand over to Mr Costello. then he says he'll go Huh? the prospect of a by election The voters of Bennelong now have if they vote for John Howard, is playng a straight bat. Labor's Maxine McKew Basically, nothing changes for me. yesterday. I'm doing today what I did measure of preferred prime minister, Newspoll next week, especially the to confirming or undermining will be critical of Mr Howard's retirement strategy. the effectiveness are waiting with bated breath. Liberal backbenchers too young to vote Kevin Rudd found fans but with a message to make up for it. I like Kevin Rudd. My mum and dad The Liberals are now in disarray. The Liberals now have lost their way. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Let's go to Paul Bongiorno now. breaker John Howard needs? Paul, could this be the circuit It worked for Britain's Tony Blair.

That very point was made today by

it to backbenchers. I think there

are some significant differences

were. Tony Blair announced he'd retire sometime in the coming term

before the last election, when

Labour was ahead of the

Conservatives. I think the

difference in Australia is that

John Howard has made his

announcement from a position of

weakness. The other irony is that

it was John Howard's view that Tony

Blair made a mistake, talking about

his retirement. Paul how does this

affect the overall campaign at? And

so at one level it doesn't change it

so tall. Peter Costello is still

the deputy leader. It'll all depend

on how they campaign together. What

we should remember is that the

Haward, Costello leadership team is

the one that his 18 points behind

in the News poll. Banks Paul. from a shipping container Fears of a nerve gas leak closed down Port Botany this morning. HAZMAT crews were called in to investigate the chemical scare after a Customs check showed signs of toxic gas inside the container. Offices at Port Botany, including the Customs Building, were evacuated after workers were exposed to the gas, and roads in the area were closed. Military grade chemicals could cause death, so the risk was there, emergency procedures were activated until we were satisfied there was no longer a risk to the community.

Further testing gave a negative reading for nerve gas. It's believed that the container was packed with furniture that had been sprayed with a insecticide. A young cancer patient who campaigned against solariums has died. At just 26, Clare Oliver leaves a lasting legacy, as governments move to tighten controls on the tanning industry. In the last weeks of her short life Clare Oliver realised some dying wishes. She lived to see her 26th birthday and prompted governments to act on solariums she claims contributed to her melanoma. The Prime Minister stopping in his tracks at news of Clare's death. Oh, that is just awful. Her doctor saying his brave patient passed away knowing her UV exposure message will save lives.

This is really a remarkable thing for a young Australian to have achieved our deepest respects in this regard. and I think we should all pay Clare Victoria is banning under-16s from sun beds and the Federal Government wants other States to follow suit. Oh, I just think the whole thing just should be made much tougher.

I think it's just an appalling Australian tragedy. The issue to be a priority at a health ministers meeting in November. I'm confident this will not be a vain death. The solarium industry says out of respect to Clare and her family it would not defends its practices at this time but it has welcomed the greater awareness inspired the young campaigner's plight. Clare dying with just one wish to be fulfilled. Solariums do really hurt. They are all bad. They are no good. No good comes from them. Kelly Morgan, Ten News. Qantas has grounded most of its Dash 8 aircraft after two crash landings overseas. Qantas operates seven of the Q400 model on regional services in Queensland and New South Wales. One of the fleet is back in the air after a safety inspection, and the rest will stay out of service until they're checked. younger than the one's which crashed. Qantas says the local fleet is much The problem is with the undercarriage. The parents of missing British girl, Madeleine McCann, are calling in their own forensic experts to prove their innocence. It follows claims their daughter's DNA has been found in the boot of a car rented weeks after she vanished. It seems each time the McCanns step outside their home, the police investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine, takes a disturbing new turn. The McCanns are believed to be ordering their own forensic tests on their Portuguese rental car after police told Kate McCann they'd found traces of her daughter's blood in the boot. The McCanns are still renting the vehicle and have sent it to what they call a safe place, worried someone may try and plant evidence. Detectives are going to ask the family cuddle cat toy

as well as Kate McCann's diary and Gerry McCann's laptop. If they've got something that suggests Madeleine really is dead, well, for goodness sake, tell the family, who've got the strongest feeling, you know, for this, but Gerry keeps telling me they've gone up a cul-de-sac and they've lost track of what they should really be doing. The fund set up to help find Madeleine confirming public donations won't be used to cover the McCanns' legal fees.

The fund directors have decided NOT to pay for Gerry and Kate's legal defence costs. We stress that Gerry and Kate have not asked for those costs to be paid. A judge in Portugal still has a week to decide if there's enough evidence to charge the McCanns his decision expected sooner rather than later. Tim Potter, Ten News. A look at sport now with Tim Webster and Zimbabwe causes a huge upset at the cricket. Yes, they've caught Australia out at the new form of the game. It turned out to be a bad hair day for our skipper, who showed off his new locks and, apparently, a change of Christian name. Ahead, how we fell to the Africans. And look who's arrived just in time for the Bulldogs biggest game of the year. These rookie mascots get ready for their debut.

We'll tell you which players they're named after shortly. Also, Ron - the Wallabies make changes for the Welsh match and a breakthrough victory for Australia at the women's soccer World Cup. A bitter bust-up that's landed a former Olympian in court, details next. Also tonight, how the 'Chaser' got through Sydney's strictest security to become a ratings winner. And selling Sydney to the world - the new campaign showcasing our best assets. As nurses, we're trained to look after patients - not negotiate individual contracts.

Have a quick listen of your chest again. Nursing isn't about the money, but if the IR laws take away our penalty rates, well, everyone has a breaking point. You're fine, sweetheart. You're going to be fine. CALL BUTTON RINGS can they stay? This program is captioned live. A disturbing discovery near Newcastle, and dumped in a house. a woman's body found bound

It's believed the 34-year-old's partner found her lying on a lounge

at the Stockton home early this morning. The cause of death isn't clear, but police have confirmed her hands and feet were bound with black tape. The Chasers War on APEC, which proved how easy it was to penetrate Australia's tightest security, has become one of the top rating TV shows of the year. But police remain unimpressed, and are considering more charges against the comedy team. Forget 21 world leaders. The 'Chaser' security stunt that left police smarting with embarrassment. CHASER TEAM: Watch this guy here, he stops the traffic and lets us through. Yeah it's amazing, no questions asked at all. they call the Ring of Steel, there it is and didn't security jump on us? The 'Chaser's war on APEC the second highest rating TV program this year with 2.24 million viewers. Yeah, I think they're pleased. I don't think they're pleased enough to go to jail, so hopefully that won't happen. CHASER TEAM: It's pretty relaxed in there. Look at this guy with his back to us. I don't know what he's looking at. It wasn't really like a checkpoint, it was more like a guard of honour.

OK, turn around. Turn around. Thank you very much, thank you officers, good work. Julian Morrow, Chas Licciardello and nine other cast and crew now preparing their defence to charges of entering an APEC restricted zone. We'll see at the courthouse. We don't want to prejudge this trial. I personally think they're guilty, but you know, I don't get to decide. Police have seized all TV footage of the incident and are considering whether to lay further charges. I watched the program but I know that the security arrangements for APEC were a serious matter and should have been dealt with seriously. I think this case could be decided the 'Idol' way, the 'Big Brother' way. Let's put it to an SMS poll and let the people with mobile phones decide. That's about the only way we'll get off. John Hill, Ten News. Former New South Wales minister Milton Orkopoulos will stand trial in February on a string of child sex offences. He's fronted Newcastle District Court pleading not guilty.

The number of charges, including drug offences, has been reduced from 52 to 37. Bail has been continued for the former Aboriginal affairs minister who was arrested late last year. The charges relate to three teenage boys. Former basketball star, Trish Fallon, has won an apprehended violence order against her ex-husband after he flew into a jealous rage. The Olympian was shoved so hard against a wall people could hear the thud. Rodney Overby's voice is his trademark. The American-born former basketball announcer makes a living these days from a company he calls The Voice Almighty. But it was not his deep resonant tones that caught the attention of bystanders in January when he paid his ex-wife, Trish Fallon, a visit. The court heard Overby was furious because he'd just found out Fallon had a new love interest. He admits being angry, but says he only approached her to talk. Even from the witness stand, Overby's voice boomed in response to each question. But, he says, that's just how he talks. Fallon told the hearing yesterday

it was actually the verbal abuse more than any physical threat she wanted addressed with a court order. Each side gave a different account of what happened, but the magistrate said it was the evidence of a neighbour that swayed his mind. He said he was so concerned when he saw Overby's behaviour toward Fallon, he called police and, even then, could still hear Overby yelling. The magistrate said he was satisfied and pushed her with both hands so hard she fell. He found Overby guilty of one count of assault and immediately issued a 12-month AVO. on an 18-month good behaviour bond, The 44-year-old was placed but no conviction was recorded. Amber Muir, Ten News. Sydney's best assets will be shown off in a new tourism campaign branding Sydney the City of Celebrations. The ads hit TV screens tomorrow. NEW AGE MUSIC PLAYS The images show no sign of the infamous APEC security

the city was recently recognised for. The commercials designed to boost interstate visitor numbers over spring and summer. Now we can say goodbye to kilometres of fences,

The campaign costs $1.3 million.

There's checkout the weather were

Tim Bailey. One way or

unfortunately, already 26 areas

across the State have already been under a bush fire alert.

The we love this city in springtime

at! It was 23 degrees today which

was the three above average and

tomorrow it it'll be 28 degrees.

That will be six degrees above

average. Letters have a look

The sky watcher. And look at this

photograph - that's a few of the

storm in the making. From mark is

now in the running to wind a Sony

Handicam. But just repeating

tomorrow, it'll be fine and sunny

and 28 degrees. I was see you again in a roundabout 10. A powerful earthquake rocks parts of Indonesia, sparking fears of a tsunami. That's next. And the groundbreaking program bringing comfort to those wanting to die with dignity.

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You're watching the news at 5

o'clock. Let us take the traffic now

now with Vic Larusso. But there are

some beautiful scenes across as

Sydney today but we do have a

massive traffic jams are. At the

Harbour Bridge and the Harbour

Tunnel entry there's quite a Broca

per. There has been a big accident

near Sydney airport to. Motorists

should allow an extra 20 minutes if

they're going to the airport. We're

going to trying get down there to

bring you some more pictures later. A massive aftershock has rocked Indonesia a day after a powerful earthquake triggered tsunami warnings in Australia and across the Indian Ocean. People fled in terror as the quake, measuring 8.4, struck off the coast of Sumatra,

destroying buildings in the regional capital. Today's tremor had a magnitude of 7.7. 10 people have been confirmed dead but communications are down and the toll is expected to rise. The undersea quakes and powerful aftershocks as Western Australia, sparked tsunami warnings as far away but only a small surge hit Sumatra. Tremors have been felt hundreds of kilometres away in Jakarta and Singapore. A lucky escape in the United States, with a van crashing into a corner shop. The driver had already jumped, then so did a customer as the van slammed into a busy 7-Eleven. Well, I was trying to get out of the way as fast as humanly possible, I sort of like did this backwards sort of leap into the beer cooler, but it was pretty intense. No-one was hurt in the crash. Police found the van driver hiding in bushes. He was wanted for burglary. A world-first initiative in their darkest hour. is bringing comfort to Australians The program helps the families who want to die at home. of terminally ill patients

you're expected to hear Joy and triumph are hardly words after the death of a loved one. But for Kate and Georgia McGuire a dying wish. it was the chance to fulfil his entire family around him, And that involved his grand-children being present wine being drunk, and his animals being present, my father was able to pass away. and that's exactly the way A very different scene to the one to breast cancer. when she lost her mother a dark and scary experience It doesn't have to be have been that for us. and I wish that it hadn't in their labour of love. Lisa is now helping others Quite often they don't realise they probably could do with, how much emotional support they're entitled to ask for it. nor do they feel who want to die at home, Of the 80%-90% of Australians are able to do so. it's estimated only 10%-20% A new training program backed by the Cancer Council

by the World Health Organisation has been applauded as an international first. like Lisa and Kate, It will teach volunteers, through the caring process to guide families of their relatives and friends. while harnessing the support choosing to die at home Of course for all terminally ill patients, isn't appropriate to remain in hospital or a hospice some will always need

for specialist care. The NSW Cancer Council dozens of volunteer mentors is currently recruiting the program nationwide. with the hope of expanding for the dying person It's just been an amazing journey to be able to be a part of life they've belonged for so long. and breathe and live where Charmaine Dragun, Ten News. is on, The push for paid maternity leave now before Parliament. with federal legislation a comprehensive national scheme at the minimum wage. with 14 weeks paid leave in lower-paid positions, But my main concern are those women paid leave for the birth of a child. and have no access to some form of The bill will only succeed of the Government and Labor. Will John Howard's retirement plans affect his re-election chances? We'll ask his constituents next. Also, the end of an era - leaving his office for the last time. a teary farewell for Peter Beattie, to become the face of Fashion Week? And is 12 too young The difference? Hers does. The Industry Super Fund community services is HESTA. for people working in health and This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - against solariums A skin cancer patient who campaigned has died from melanoma. lasting legacy, At just 26, Clare Oliver leaves a as governments across the country on the tanning industry. move to tighten controls are set to skyrocket A warning tonight that food prices because the drought is worsening. winter crop failures Farmers are predicting substantial within the next two weeks. if it doesn't rain his exit strategy, And John Howard has announced after the next election. confirming he will retire sometime over his leadership, It ends days of speculation timetable to take over the top job. giving Peter Costello a clear could backfire in his own electorate. The Prime Minister's announcement the way they vote. Some voters admitting it will affect It's now a daily routine for Labor's Bennelong candidate Maxine McKew,

campaigning today at a local school, is stuck running the country while her opponent John Howard

in Canberra.

You got a son or a daughter here? just started. I got a daughter here in kindy, The Prime Minister's announcement if re-elected he's likely to retire mid-term may give McKew a winning edge. they want certainty - People want clarity, I can provide that. agreed it could change their vote. Most local voters we spoke so what's the point? He's not going to finish the term, make me change my mind It would definitely about voting for the Liberal Party. I don't want to vote for John Howard the leader. if Costello is going to be Why's that? Just personalities, I suppose. No voter ever likes the prospect for a by-election mid-term of returning has canvassed the prospect and, mindful of this, John Howard of remaining the Bennelong MP if he was to retire as PM. the people of Bennelong This will make to hang on to the bloke more determined such a great local member who has been as well being such an effective national leader. says But local newspaper editor John Booth for change in Bennelong. there remains a growing mood who would normally vote Liberal There are a number of people it's time for a change. who think perhaps for the Prime Minister to leap. And that could be a difficult hurdle James Boyce, Ten News. Queensland's new premier has been sworn in

by Peter Beattie. after a tearful departure After nine years at the top, farewelled staff, an emotional Mr Beattie for the last time. weeping as he left his office Thank you very much. Ah, I've gotta go. then headed to Government House He and wife, Heather, to tender his formal resignation, to be sworn in paving the way for Anna Bligh as Queensland's first female premier. for our family. It's a very important day if you work hard, It just shows that in Queensland anything can happen. Her deputy is the State's Transport Minister, Paul Lucas. And 30-year-old Andrew Fraser second youngest Treasurer. is Queensland's has ended the day in the black. The Australian share market around Sydney tonight - And the price of petrol

for an average of $1.19 a litre. unleaded selling at Beacon Hill and Frenchs Forest. It'll cost you just $1.11 to fill up more than $500,000 in compensation The Scouts have been ordered to pay was sexually assaulted. after a young boy Xavier McCrae hundreds of times Scoutmaster Robert Potter molested while he was aged between 13 and 17. the victim $1.2 million, The Supreme Court today granted from the NSW Scouts. $500,000 of which will come Potter is behind bars serving time for sexually assaulting four boys. There's controversy on the Gold Coast over the girl chosen to be the face of the city's fashion week. Her family is thrilled, but organisers say they had no idea she's 12. This is the Gold Coast's latest fashion find, the face of Maddison Gabrielle. She's now the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week, but there's one little problem - her age. This is the face of Gold Coast Fashion Week. Oh? She's 12 years old. Oooooooh! to do that. 12-year-olds should be able Maddison is barely out of primary school, and has been thrust

into the modelling and fashion catwalk and catfight. I'm not impressed, I must be honest with you. 12 is still just a young girl. But Maddison's mum defends her daughter. Some 12-year-olds are very young for their age, but Maddison's a woman in her own right. Former models are outraged, even a 15-year-old model

was recently rejected as the face of Melbourne's Spring Fashion week. The festival face organisers say they had no idea how old Maddison was, other contestants ranged in ages up to 27. They actually didn't know her age, it was purely judged on what they saw.

The competition was even held here in a Gold Coast Bar, a place Maddison won't be able to legally enjoy for another six years. The face of the Gold Coast should be more beautifully presented, I think it's wrong, even in a bar. At 12 - that's illegal, isn't it? But the show must go on, Maddison's will take to the catwalk this Saturday her mother saying she'll be mature enough to manage. She'll be 13 on Sunday. Simon Hooper, Ten News. Matthew Newton has swapped court for the red carpet at the premiere of his latest movie. was joined by girlfriend Gracie Otto at the premiere of 'The Bet' in Sydney last night, putting the focus back on his work and away from his personal life. The movie, about two friends who bet on who can make the most money in 90 days, is directed by Mark Lee, best known as Mel Gibson's co-star in the classic Aussie movie 'Gallipoli'. Tim Webster now with sport

And the weather now with a Tim

Bailey. Rural fire service and have

their open day once the year. It's

going to be a great affair. It's

about protecting people and

property, but it's the people that

count. Look at this beautiful big blue eyes.

This annual day out is going to be

on Saturday and if you go along and

you can learn how to do save lives

and property. How about today then? and property. How about today then?

It was a good-looking day wasn't It was a good-looking day wasn't it.

A beautiful sunny day. Check out the map.

Before I go the kids just want to

say. Who have a good day. Tim Webster now with sport and one Wallaby admits he has a bit of catching up to do.

More shortly, plus the NRL star who's made a major commitment to two finals teams this weekend. Also, Australia falls to Zimbabwe at the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. And a couple of rookie mascots ready for their debut This program is captioned live. Oh, you're so busted! Franklins has price busted Look for this and other Price Busters,

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Well, you'd think a win over Parramatta on Saturday night would make the perfect weekend for Bulldogs halfback Brent Sherwin. But after helping guide the fortunes of a group of 13-year-olds all year, there's another game Some NRL stars say there's too much training, but Brent Sherwin can't get enough. In between Bulldogs sessions he's been training the Camden Rams under-13s. And Saturday's Grand Final day.

This is the last week you've got to put in. Everyone be serious today. We're starting now. 'Shifty' Sherwin driving from his Cronulla home to Sydney's far south-west twice a week, teaching skills he hopes can cause BOY: Up! Up! I've got Shifty. The Rams taking on Mount Annan for the fourth Grand Final in a row. It's a rivalry to match that of the Eels and Bulldogs. And the locals - they want to win. Badly. You've worked hard for this all year. You don't want to see this go down the toilet. Sherwin's cousin Jake plays in the back row. Many other clubs wouldn't get to have an NRL first grade player come out here and teach them stuff. It's just really good. But he's not always Mr Nice Guy. Listen - do youse know how to do a block? Then why's everyone doing it wrong? No hesitation about what he enjoys most. I think caning them when they've been cheeky. I just like to make them do hundreds.

I've been on the receiving end for that long I thought I'd dish it up myself.

Now he's hoping the boys can help psyche him up for the Eels. I'm going to come out here on Friday arvo with training and head out The Oaks and hopefully we get a win and it'll have me all pumped for Saturday night. And backing him up at Telstra Stadium will be the Bulldogs newest supporters, Shifty and Bobcat. Named after Sherwin and captain Andrew Ryan, the 6-week-old British Bulldog pups will have their first outing as mascots. And they're already learning how to put the bite on the Eels. They've got one they play with at home and they shake it and shake it. (Laughs) Adam Hawse, Ten News. Just two changes to the Wallabies starting line-up for the clash with Wales. Coach John Connolly obviously anticipating a rugged encounter in Cardiff, he's stacked the bench with forwards. Phil Waugh, and Mark Chisholm join the reserves at the expense of Berrick Barnes, with Scott Staniforth replacing the injured Mark Gerrard. And, it's welcome back for two players in the run-on side. A final chance for the Wallabies to play tourists before flying out to Cardiff. Few surprises when the team was named,

Drew Mitchell replacing the injured Adam Ashley-Cooper, while prop Guy Shepherdson starts in place of Al Baxter after a horror run of leg injuries. The cork is completely gone, that was only a couple of days and the knee is feeling really good and sort of improving the more work I can do on it. For Mitchell it's a chance to deliver on 18 months of hard yakka. The 2005 Wallaby Rookie of the Year admits I was probably a little soft around the edges. I remember seeing the Wallabies arrive in Perth

for last year's match against Ireland

and I certainly wasn't at the peak of my physical condition. (Laughs) When I first met him 12 months ago. he certainly was not the athlete, physically, that he is now. That gives confidence around the field because we've all seen the talent. There's no doubt about it, he knows his way to the line. Getting to the line no trouble for Fiji, 4 tries against Japan to open their Cup campaign. COMMENTATOR: Rabeni is over! Two tries to New Zealand-born Luke Thompson kept the Cherry Blossoms close, Fiji holding on to win 35-31. till reserve Viliami Vaki scored this superb solo try,

earning a post-match prayer first World Cup victory since 1999. for the team's Italy beat Romania

though it can be said neither side looks dangerous in this tournament. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. The Olyroos have moved closer for the Beijing Olympics with a 3-nil win over Lebanon. Nick Ward opened the scoring with a brilliant volley which gave the Lebanese keeper no chance. The second came in the 24th minute after a lovely exchange between Bruce Djite and Mark Bridge. the rout in the 84th minute. Substitute David Williams completed Australia are now top of group A with 3 qualifiers to play. A history-making first ever World Cup win for the Matildas in China, thumping Ghana 4-1 in their opening match, ending a 10-game, 4-tournament drought at World Cup level. COMMENTATOR: Allegitch - good header, on target. It's 3-0! What a wonderful goal by Heather Garriot. Half-time substitute Lisa De Vanna scored twice for the Aussies, who now face Norway in their second pool match on Saturday. A lot of Twenty20 hindsight for the Aussie cricketers

on just how they lost to Zimbabwe at the new short version World Cup. We must now beat England tomorrow to remain any hope. Australia were stunned by the Africans. A new-look captain who has reportedly undergone laser treatment on his hair and changed his name to Rick was embarrassed by the team's performance. A new name to compliment his new do,

Rick Ponting sporting a fresh crop of hair. Australia's batting line-up, though, quickly thinned by Zimbabwe. Adam Gilchrist and the player formerly known as Ricky quickly followed. COMMENTATOR: Takes the catch, three early wickets. Hodge adding some substance to Australia's innings. Oh, that's big, that's big. First six, Brad Hodge. setting the Africans 139 to win. His unbeaten 35 Ponting forced to consult his Duckworth-Lewis charts when the heavens opened, but they wouldn't be necessary. Brendon Taylor coming out swinging when play resumed. That could go all the way. That's huge. A boundary off the first ball of the last over leaving Zimbabwe needing 8 for victory. with a ball to spare. The winning runs coming Down the leg side, it's going 4.

Zimbabwe have beaten Australia. his team's performance. Ponting slamming I think it's a mental thing for us. a little bit more We've gotta respect the game we need to do and thinking a bit more about what and I don't think we did that today. no longer holds the record At least Australia

for the lowest Twenty20 total.

COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! against New Zealand, Kenya collapsed to 4/1 their eventual 73 run total six fewer than Australia's previous record low against England two years ago. The Black Caps needing just seven overs to reach their trivial target. And a positive start to Geoff Lawson's coaching reign at Pakistan, his charges scoring a 51-run win over Scotland. Andrew Brown, Ten News. That's the day in sport. Later on Sports tonight - AFL's latest drugs drama, but this time it's club officials.

It led to take a look at the

traffic with Vic Larusso. There are

some problems on the spit Bridge.

The on military road. Trying to The on military road. Trying to

leave the CBD is a problem leave the CBD is a problem and

there's very heavy traffic. Thank you. there's very heavy traffic. Thank See you after work, hon. How are ya? Yeah. Yeah, good. Apia could save you up to 20% and not working full-time, So, if you're over 50 call: It's not going to be over 50 and not working full-time but if you are we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50.

You're watching 10 used to. And one

of the stars of the first big

brother a series has died in

mysterious circumstances. Gordon's

sloe and collapsed in Beijing on

1st September. He fell into a coma 1st September. He fell into a

and died yesterday. His parents

death. have not commented publicly on his

And now to the weather with Tim

Bailey. The temperatures are

getting up to 28 degrees, which is eight degrees above average. And

we're coming towards the bushfire

season. And here I've a fireman

with me talking about Saturday's

open day. We're trying to get the

message out to people about how to

prepare their properties for this

summer coming. There will be

demonstrations and talks. We've had

26 local government areas declare

their bushfire sees an early

because of the drought conditions.

Even in the Sydney the bushfire

season will start in earnest on 1st

October. And this is great trickier

to. Learn how to keep your house

safe, to keep your family saved and

to keep your home safe. Yes, people

who go on don't live near the Bush

still can come along and learn how

to keep their house are safe. Let's

give some where the information now. Look at these kids in their

finances of its!. Tomorrow is going

to test us a little bit across this

State. North easterly winds, and

it's a good time to be thinking

about fire safety. Let us have a look at the map.

To the satellite now up and cloud

over South the Australia is

circulating with a low pressure

system bringing scattered showers

and storms. The front brings strong

a showery winds to hook the South

East. There will be showers in New

South Wales, mainly on the ranges.

It'll be dry in the West. There

will be showers spreading across

South East South the stray earlier

and Victoria. What would be the

number one mistake that people

would make? A leaving too late. If

you need to leave your house you

need to lead it early. And make

sure you prepare everything. Let's

have a round of applause for the

fires surfers - the fire service.

Remember that some 2000 are F S

units will be open over the weekend.

Take your kids in a learned Take your kids in a learned some

important messages about protecting

yourself against fire. Let's have a

nation. look at the weather around the


This is where we all get on the TV

and wave goodbye everybody!.

are getting back together '70s rock legends Led Zeppelin for a one-off concert in London. The reunion gig in November will be the first time and John Paul Jones Robert Plant, Jimmy Page have played together in 19 years. the Stairway to Heaven # (Sings) # And she's buying John Bonham. after the death of drummer at the tribute show His son, Jason, will play the drums who died last year. for the head of Atlantic Records Tickets will cost A$300 to try and stop scalpers. and will be distributed by ballot I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at five. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. throughout the evening. Goodnight. Stay with Ten for updates