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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The nuclear controversy to sell uranium to China. over Australia's plans poised for gang warfare Sydney police

after more drive-by shootings. most prestigious TV awards. And the old faces up for Australia's Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. is about to be signed in Canberra A ground-breaking deal access to Australian uranium. to give China

Anti-nuclear groups are horrified the Chinese can be trusted but the Government insists for peaceful purposes. to use our uranium with an emerging super power. An early morning walk to give his latest guest John Howard determined the red carpet treatment. Did you sleep well? showing his guest Mr Howard couldn't resist latest tourist attractions - one of Canberra's

Sir Robert Menzies, a monument to his hero

prime minister for 16 years. A long time. it's a very long time. In a democracy The formalities began. to the visitors' book with flair. Premier Wen added his name that he's really here for. But it's a signing later today That will pave the way for Australia of uranium to China to export billions of dollars worth to generate nuclear power, for energy. feeding its growing demand

Mr Howard dismisses fears could be used for military purposes. our yellow cake in so many ways. China is wanting world acceptance influence and authority China sees herself as projecting in the region. that any final arrangement The uranium pact means nuclear non-proliferation treaty. will be subject to the That gives international experts China's power plants rights to inspect

to ensure our uranium other than peaceful purposes. isn't being used for anything the yellow cake It also means China can't on-sell or approval. without Australia's involvement China wants 20,000 tonnes of uranium Australia's current production. which is more than double

to give final approval The Government will still need to any contracts. before exports begin. It's expected to be several years Leonie Mellor, Ten News.

into Australia's taxation system The long-awaited report

to the Treasurer today is due to be handed for a cut in the top tax rate. with pressure building joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno in next month's budget? Paul, can we expect more tax cuts

Can expect tax cuts as. It#s the

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cent Jim refuse approval is below 30 per Jim refuse approval is below 30

cent of. She should another poll shows Stuart Gillard is preferred

shows Stuart Gillard is preferred as

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Gillard Eve ready for the leadership.

It#s it#s late still

It#s it#s late still believe Beazley

is the best option. Cyclone Larry will be on the agenda Queensland Premier Peter Beattie meet when the Prime Minister and in Canberra later today. to help victims in North Queensland, The pair will discuss more ways and welfare payments. including employment subsidies preventing a mass exodus of people The meeting will also focus on when the cyclone hit two weeks ago. who lost their jobs

to the region remains an issue. Meanwhile, restoring electricity Supplier Ergon Energy says are still without power. almost 7,000 homes and businesses with terror-related offences Tight security as three men charged this morning. front the Melbourne Magistrates Court raids by ASIO and federal police. The trio was arrested during weekend

and Bassam Raad, Shoue Hammoud, Majed Raad all in their twenties, following a series of police raids. were arrested on Friday night All three have been charged a terror organisation. with being a member of, and funding, accused of providing support to one. Bassam Raad and Mr Hammoud are also Police won't say during the Commonwealth Games. if they were under surveillance Friends and family of the accused shortly after the arrest. tried to contact them Have they at least got jumpers Police claim

operating in Melbourne and Sydney. the trio were members of a cell during raids last November. 19 alleged members were arrested 25 years in jail if convicted. The three men face up to Their lawyer, Rob Stary, says

opportunity to apply for bail. he doesn't believe they'll get an

in sydney's south-west in Sydney's south-west Fears of a gang war in the same street with another shooting

as two men were shot dead last week. was peppered with bullets This house in Granville around 8:30 last night. No-one was injured in the shooting. if the gunfire is linked Police are trying to determine of Bassam Chami and Ibrahim Assaad to the murders in Blaxcell Street. would spark revenge killings. It was feared their deaths is facing court in Brisbane today A 20-year-old man

of six teenagers at a birthday party. charged over the stabbing

It's alleged the violence erupted took over the event, after dozens of gatecrashers just after midnight on Saturday. the group targeting the party the party was closed down A short time later

which moved down the street. sparking a brawl the alleged attackers fled. As police arrived down the street As they made their way they came across numerous victims. in a stable condition in hospital. Two 16-year-old boys remain

have celebrated into the night F1 fans Australian Grand Prix. after an action-packed But not everyone's partying, crying into their beers. the Ferrari army with more spills than thrills, After a race packed has rolled out of Melbourne. the Grand Prix show failed to make the finish line 10 cars action-packed races giving fans one of the most

in the event's 10-year history.

hit top gear Celebrations for Renault fans as thousands attended a street party on Lygon Street. Hearts still bleeding for the red Ferrari army. I cried, I cried. I had tears. Three weeks then San Marino. Fans also lining up outside inner city hotels for a keepsake from the stars of the track. The State Government has defended a $70,000 slump in ticket sales with 301,800 attending the four day event off the back of the Commonwealth Games. In Victoria we have seen something like two million tickets sold to major events in this State. No where else in Australia could have this sort of success Organisers say smaller crowds were inevitable. We are disappointed but you can't have your cake and eat it too. When you think over $300 million has been spent for families for the Commonwealth Games. The Government has pledged to support the race until 2015.

Keiva Matheson, Ten News. Some of Australia's best known personalities

will compete against each other for this year's Gold Logie. The nominees were named this morning in Sydney and Ten News reporter Tim Potter was there. Tim, some old faces are lined up against some new talent for the gold one this year. That's right, Tracey. It will definitely be the old versus the new in the race for this year's Gold Logie. Rove McManus will be going for his fourth straight Gold Logie while Bert Newton returns going for his fifth. The last time Bert was nominated it was 22 years ago. John Woods also back. This is his 10th straight nomination. While 'Neighbours' star Natalie Bassingthwaite has also been nominated for her first Logie and it just so happens to be gold. I'm a little bit beside myself. I'm quite speechless and I'm very excited.

You've won three Logies in a row now. Correct. Where are they? Uh, they are at home on a little mantle piece. I'm trying to make a chess set, if I can. It should be interesting. Bert Newton will be presenting a special Gold Logie this year. That's right. The king of Australian TV will be honoured, Graham Kennedy,

who passed away last year. for outstanding new talent. The Graham Kennedy award will be Bert Newton, His old playing partner, to present that award. will be very honoured And Tracey, for Outstanding News Coverage Ten News has been nominated

of the Bali 9 arrests. for our coverage

Back to you. Coming up after the break,

for the American woman an emotional homecoming for three months. held hostage in Iraq photos of the Queen And the never-before-seen to mark her 80th birthday.

in Iraq is back on US soil. An American journalist held hostage

Jill Carroll was finally reunited with her family this morning. A free woman, Jill Carroll made her trip home in jeans and an army jacket. Her Islamic headscarf finally gone. She looks very relaxed and very happy. For 82 days the freelance journalist was held hostage in Iraq.

As her plane touched down in Boston she reportedly said she felt alive again. Police were waiting to rush the 28-year-old to her family's side for a long-awaited reunion. Jill Carroll is yet to talk publicly about her ordeal. But has released a written statement from a hostage video distancing herself the US military. in which she criticised in a very bad way. Treating the people

if she hadn't made it, The journalist says as her murdered interpreter. she may have met the same fate me and murdered Allan The people who kidnapped are criminals at best. Jill Carroll is now with her family to hear her story. while the world waits Ten News. In the US, Leisa Goddard Roles, Condoleezza Rice American Secretary of State

and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw have called on Iraqi leaders to get on with forming a new government. In a dramatic bid to break the deadlock over reaching a workable government the two foreign ministers paid a surprise visit to Iraq. Their first talks were with Prime Minister Ibrahim al Jaafari seen as the main stumbling block now the ruling Shi'ite alliance has turned on him. However, officials expect no major announcement during their two day visit.

between Iran and the West - Another bone of contention Tehran says it has successfully fired underwater missile. the world'd fastest at 360km/h underwater Iran claims the missile runs

submarines and large battleships. and is capable of destroying missile can carry nuclear warheads. They haven't revealed whether the

Flood waters continue to rise, in central Europe. threatening scores of towns

rivers surging over their banks, Melting snow and heavy rain have sent to flee their homes. forcing thousands have told thousands more Emergency services to be ready to evacuate at any time to break through flood barriers. as rising rivers threaten

A special photographic exhibition of the Queen has been unveiled

to mark her 80th birthday later this month. Among the display, a new portrait

and previously unseen childhood photos. An informal image of the Queen at the start of her birthday month. Jane Bohan is the doyenne of portrait photographers working in her trademark black and white, she shot artists, politicans and rock stars but this is the first time she's photographed the Queen. in an exhibition It's the newest picture 80 years. which chronicles the Queen's of photographers The shots are the work of a range and private life. and reflect both her public

informal family photograhpsand We tried to strike a balance between

photographs and the more formal, official as Head of State which relate to the Queen's work and Head of Commonwealth. Princess Elizabeth The first ever picture of the then, in 1926. taken just five weeks after her birth is the one taken by her father and among the pictures

which was when she was 3. It's a particularly touching photograph because the princess is actually slightly shorter than the lillies.

Later in the war years with Princess Margaret in the annual Royal Pantomime at Windsor, 1960 with the infant Prince Andrew. He was the first child in more than 100 years to be born to a reigning monarch. Still to come is the Queen's official photograph by her former brother-in-law, Lord Snowden. he is a contemporary of the Queen Like Jane Bohan, although he's just turned 76. Australia with a big task ahead against South Africa, if it's to win the third cricket Test that's when the morning news returns. that won Karrie Webb Also, the amazing shot one of golf's biggest titles.

In finance news, has opened slightly lower. the Australian share market

at Commonwealth Securities Amber Higlett and good news for job seekers?

Its Australian exports are doing

well have figures for March are well have figures for

showing a rebound. It showing a rebound. It her strongest

rise in production in over a year. It will take an exceptional effort for Australia

to win the third cricket Test against South Africa. Ricky Ponting's side trails by 283 after 3 days with South Africa expected to add more runs tonight. The catching controversy is sure to continue after Brett Lee chose not to walk and was given not out with no referral to the replays. Lee's top Test score helping Australia to within just 33 of the Proteas' first innings total. Six runs. COMMENTATOR: It's gone backward.

also became a talking point. Australia's catches from Matthew Hayden. And a magnificent take In the air.

Nothing controversial about that, needed plenty of hearty convincing but umpire Steve Bucknor the fourth dismissal. to finally approve Goodness me! Oh, he's given him out. had Australia in the hunt. Four wickets to Clark that is beautiful bowling. Up they go again, by a clever line-up change. The charge foiled ensuring a steady flow of runs Pollock's elevation to match the equally steady fall of wickets. Well, Pollock is playing a gem of an innings. By the time Warne and Symonds combined again for the eighth dismissal, Australia were lagging. They finished the day 283 behind. Carlton has defeated Melbourne in a tense struggle at the Telstra Dome.

The Blues recording their first round one win in five years. Anthony Koutoufides was hoping to put the demons of last season behind him when he ran out for his 250th match. But it was Melbourne who fired first. he's lost none of his explosive pace Aaron Davey showed over the summer.

proved the difference. The Blues forward line The versatility of Jarrad Waite of Brendan Fevola complemented by the smooth kicking ensured a memorable win. his 250th game. Anthony's never going to forget A special win, round one. for a while now, Carlton haven't won a round one maybe four or five years. started its season in fine style Meanwhile, Hawthorn against Fremantle. the match winner, Explosive forward Mark Williams his 8 goals helping the Hawks to a 22-point win. Collingwood and Adelaide complete round one at the Telstra Dome tonight. Frank Smith, Ten News. Round one of the AFL season concludes tonight at Melbourne's Telstra Dome with Collingwood taking on Adelaide. Crows skipper Mark Ricciuto will be eased back into the match, after groin surgery in the off-season. The Brownlow Medallist likely to spend most of the night in the forward line rather than the midfield. Couple weeks ago wasn't sure whether I'd come up or not. it's really come along Over the last two weeks at the moment. and feeling great out there The match is on Channel Ten. for telecast details. Check your local guides match review committee The National Rugby League's has a busy day ahead

controversial match following yesterday's and Melbourne. between the Wests Tigers by two points. The premiers getting home for Melbourne five-eighth Scott Hill, It was an eventful afternoon first on report for a high tackle of pushing referee Jason Robinson then accused after the Tigers scored a try. COMMENTATOR: Scott Hill is blowing up at the referee. Hill upset that the referee got in his way

moments before the try was scored. The game's video committee will also be looking at Tiger Jamal Lolesi's hit on Dallas Johnson. And Melbourne's Billy Slater fired up John Skandalis after what Slater called an accidental kick to the head. Dramas aside, Benji Marshall made an impact in his return from injury. The Tigers held a 26-point lead into the match with a late run. before Melbourne stormed back could have been much bigger. The Tigers winning margin worry about the ones you missed, The boys were just saying don't with the one you got by 2 points. you won us the game

ability to win without Andrew Johns Question marks over Newcastle's by the New Zealand Warriors after they were beaten at home

the result adding insult to injury. Johns sidelined by a neck injury rugby union target Mark Gasnier And St George Illawarra's

move to five eighth against Brisbane. showed his value with a successful

the first women's major of 2006 Australia's Kari Webb has won in a play-off. defeating Mexico's Lorena Ochoa Webb weaving her magic on the last regulation hole. This stunning approach dropping for Eagle

to set up a sudden death showdown. The Aussies comeback complete with a birdie on the first play-off hole.

Her first tour win since 2004. There was no stopping Phil Mickelson who won a record third Bell South Classic title. The American reeling off 31 birdies to win by a massive 13 shots. The Michelson machine well oiled ahead of next week's US Masters.

Next in Ten News weather around the nation.

Weather around the nation: up to date with all the news. That brings you for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Tracey Spicer. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions