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Tonight - under investigation. The

Souths player accused of king-

hitting his coach. We've viewed the

CCTV. A man blown out of his Sydney

shop during an explosive robbery.

And the Family First senator

explains a series of blunders he's

made in parliament. I had a very

severe learning difficulty. Good

evening. I'm Sandra Sully. And I'm

Bill Woods. Also - the crime wave Bill Woods. Also - the crime wave

linked to tough economic times. And

what a cat fight! The playful lion

that got too close for comfort.

A shop-keeper has survived an

explosion which hurled him onto the

street. The blast came after armed

robbers set fire to the store as

they fled. A bit of oxygen and some

Panadol was all Rajan Singh needed

after the explosion which threw him

several metres. The 33-year-old

told police he'd been closing his

Indian supermarket at 9:00 last

night, when three young males

wielding knives stole the day's

takings, then doused the store in

petrol and set it on fire. The

local police station is just across

the tracks from where the attack

took place but at this stage, no

suspects have been identified. We

are looking at the railway footage.

We are looking at other potential

CCTV footages. Our detectives are

doing that. We will speak to the

victim and we will continue with

our canvass. Friends say it wasn't

the first time Rajan Singh had been the first time Rajan Singh had been

the target of armed burglars. He

had been robbed six months earlier.

They have one weapon, big weapon,

the sword type and they said "if

you have some money then give it to

us". The shopkeepers around here

say they are the constant victims of harassment, vandalism and say they are the constant victims

of harassment, vandalism and

shoplifting. In fact, this Indian

DVD store, which is right next door,

caught on fire a few months ago.

Arturo Ferrer owns the shop next

door. He's so sick of the thieves

and vandalism at his store, he's

considering closing down. It's not

advisable to be open up to 9

o'clock, 10 o'clock at night time.

It's too dangerous, you know.

Police say there is no evidence any

of the robberies or fires are

linked or that racism is involved.

James Boyce, Ten News.

The latest controversy in the NRL

and Souths have promised decisive

action' as it investigates claims a

star player punched coach Jason

Taylor. Ten's league reporter Adam

Hawse joins us from the red carpet

of the Dally M Awards and Adam,

just as the league prepares to

honour its best on the field, it's

dealing with more scandal?

Officials have spent all day

viewing footage. David gallop is


South Sydney Chairman Nick Pappas

and Chief Executive Shane

Richardson walked into Forresters

Hotel in Surry Hills to see the

alleged punch for themselves. They

spent more than an hour examining

vision captured by the pub's

security cameras. The players had

been toasting the end of the season

on Sunday night when Taylor was

allegedly punched by one of his own

- New Zealand International David

Fa'alogo. It's believed the hit

floored Taylor and cut his face.

We've viewed the CCTV. We've got no

comment to make at this stage.

We'll be making a comment after we

gather further information. The

club is also unwilling to reveal

Taylor's condition. REPORTER: Can

you tell us about Jason? Don't want

to talk about it until such time as

we have the opportunity to be able

to go through the people who

witnessed it and to also talk to

both Jason and David. Some

witnesses have described the punch

as unprovoked. Others claim Taylor

punched Fa'alogo in the stomach as

a joke which prompted a swift

response from the star forward.

It's not clear if Taylor will take

legal action. This isn't the first

time David Fa'aloga has been in

trouble with South Sydney for an

off-field incident. Last year he

was sent home from the club's pre-

season trip to the United States

for punching someone at a cab rank.

In 2007, Taylor himself came to Fa'alogo's defence after 28-year- old king-hit Rooster's player

Braith Anasta. We do want to defend

Dave because we don't think it's as Dave because we don't think it's as

black and white as it looks.

Despite the blow, Taylor is

expected at tonight's Dally M

Awards but the incident is a

warning to fellow coaches ahead of

their end of year celebrations.

I've been doing boxing training, my

players better watch out. Fa'alogo

is contracted to South Sydney until

October, but has already signed a

4-year contract to play in the 4-year contract to play in the

Ten News. English Super League. Tim Potter,

Coming up in support.

Her Police say talk of so-called

government corruption tapes is

detracting from their investigation

into a murdered Sydney businessman.

Funeral directors spent the morning

at the Cremorne home where Michael

McGurk was gunned down last

Thursday. His son, who was with him

at the time of the attack, turned

10 today. We have got a cold-

blooded murder happening on a

street in Sydney and a young boy

who has witnessed the murder of his

father. That is horrific. The New

South Wales speaker says there's no

video evidence to prove claims

Nationals MP John Williams saw

McGurk at parliament house

discussing a tape, days before his

execution. Asylum seekers will no

longer be charged the cost of their

detention, thanks to a Liberal

senator who's crossed the floor to

vote with the government. Ten's

political editor Paul Bongiorno

joins us now. Paul, how significant

was this split in the Liberal

ranks? I think it is another

example of the East tendency of the

hardliners in Malcolm Turnbull's

party. They were able to roll the

Shadow Minister. There were a

number of lower walls hoping this

legislation would be passed on

voices but nationals insisted on a voices but nationals insisted on a

vote. No advanced society should

have laws like this end so I will

be supporting the government in

this Bill. All the attention to this Bill. All the attention to

they was on the men who heads a

control on the verge and the

Parliament. He has his head to

declare he is no dummy. Steve

Fielding got into it the Senate in

2004. He hares they struggle to

retain his seat at the next a

selection so it he is famous for

his stunt but to they had to

explain why the words down to come

out the way he needs them to. It's

been a confusing 24 hours for

Senator Fielding, murdering the

word violators last night. This is

a bill whose introduction would see

visa volitators, you know, who

would see visas, who have volitated

their visa. This morning, the

honourable senator was getting

physical in a game of touch where

he did better than Barnaby Joyce.

But he dropped the ball when it

came to the word "fiscal". What we

need to do is make sure we've got

the policy right between the

physical and the monetary.

REPORTER: You are talking about

fiscal are you? That's right,

Fiscal. I'll make it quite clear

yes, fiscal. F. I. S. K. A. L. It

was a cue for the government.

Senator Fielding might have had a

problem with fiscal but I can spell

out of touch T. U. R. N. B. U. L. L.

Senator Fielding did have a big win

when the Greens and the Opposition when the Greens and the Opposition

indicated they supported his move

to have the Governor of the Reserve to have the Governor of the Reserve

Bank front the senate and explain

his views of the government's

stimulus package. But does that

make him smarter than a fifth

grader. Pick me! Pick me! I had a

very severe learning difficulty 29

out of 100 for English in Year 12.

He did go on to get an engineering

and a business degree, as he says,

he's no dummy. I know the meaning

of words. Sometimes it just comes

out wrong. I apologise for that.

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Brad

McEwan with the sport headlines and

one finals coach has a pet gripe?

Yes. Ahead - when is a grand final

replay not a grand final replay?

"Enough is enough" says one coach.

His say shortly. Also, the teenager

who believes if she can make it any

where, it's New York, New York.

It's the 17-year-old who's taking

the US Open by storm. She been

nick-named houdini'. Plus, a very

public tryout in Sydney draws a

host of characters who believe

they've got what it takes to make

it in American pro wrestling. A bit

of a wrestle idol if you like, plus

we'll have the most emotional

golfer of the year and no wonder

he's a chance of winning $10 million.

New South Wales lotteries to be

privatised. Details after the break.

Plus, the woman embroiled in a bitter showdown over sexual

harassment claims. And sailing solo

around the world - a teenage girl

takes on a daunting challenge.

Of the state premier his breathing

a sigh of relief with the

Government close to hitting the

jackpot. The Government is on the

verge of selling a lot is Business?

That is correct. Barry O'Farrell's

Liberal Party has let the sale of

the NSW lottery pass through the

upper house. Labour does not have

me Poti death and the opposition

refused to let herself go through

unless there was adequate

protection for resellers of lottery

products. It means that the ways

tickets are sold will not change

for the next five years and

lotteries could be sold off as

early as next year. Has talk about

a possible sale price. $600 million

has been mentioned but there will

depend on how much interest there

is no market. Today has been a good

day for the sides of politics with

the sale because both sides are

finely happy. It is now been a week

since the departure of John Della

Bosca. When will the Cabinet

reshuffle take place? The Premier

is keeping his cards very close to

his chest and that has not helped

to the speculation with one of the

state's newest ministers possibly

taking over the reins of the play

sport for air. John Robinson has

been mentioned as possibly taking

up the reins to replace Tony Kelly.

It has been suggested that he will

be dumped around speculation of

Nathan raises's leadership but we

got an no comment from the premier

about that. The reshuffle will be

the premier's decision. When he

decides to make that they will

obviously be some sort of reshuffle.

For the deputy premier his the

frontrunner to take over John Della

Bosca's position. Queen's end --

Queen's than schoolgirl - Jessica

Watson is attempting to become the

youngest person to sail solo around

the world but first she has to make

it to Sydney. It is a quest to

conquer one of sailing's greatest

achievements. 16 years old, Jessica

Watson sail solo from Queensland,

heading for Sydney and the record

books. We haven't got much winter

set you anyway, have you? Know I set you anyway, have you? Know

don't. I guess I'll just go at this

pace from while and hopefully there

will be a breeze this afternoon.

She will attempt to bid youngest

person to sail on assisted round

the globe. I heard the adventures

of others and heard the stories and

I wondered what I would be like in

those situations. It has been a

long journey, one that has many

people question the safety of the

sale involved. There are risks

involved but that is part of the

venture. We did not go to the moon

to know that you could go to the

moon, you could because you want to

set out to achieve something. It is

difficult for her parents but they

always supported her daughter's

dream. One of the hardest thing was

having to stand back and that her

call the shots. I worry about her

because she says that she will be

right but I don't know. It will

take over a week for the boat to

reach Sydney and then the team will wait for favourable weather

conditions and will be up to

Jessica to break the world record.

Her car and has always captured the

imagination and skills of others.

My wife is a musician and she

wanted to raise some money and then

they wanted me to do some welding

so we both tried to help her. He

will be around the world for eight

months and then sail and the

welcome waters of time. Dozens of

prisoners have been evacuated after

flame ripped through it offshore

unit at around 3pm -- 3 m this

morning. Firefighters battled the

blaze for half an hour. No injuries

have been reported. The cause of

the fire is still being

investigated. Tim Bailey has

recovered from last night's

blustery for exchange. He did not

take long for the storm clouds to

clear? I got changed. That suit

shrunk so much! It moved in very

quickly. 82 Qantas prowl was the

weed-the wind speed. We got 14

millimetres around the city and the

dance got six or 10 millimetres.

Most of the storm activity has

moved off into the Tasman Sea. The

north-west slopes and planes

receive 10 minutes as a rain. That

was appreciated by we also always

appreciate your weather photographs.

If you can capture the weather,

please send it to us. Later in the

port and we will raise money for

leukaemia Foundation, a country

music star on the television and a

run of seven days of blue and sunny

conditions. Stay with us. Next up,

three men convicted at of plotting

to kill thousands of people in

terror attacks. Also, going with

the flow. The country permanently

changing the lanes that people can

drive in. And the secrets to

dealing with those fussy young

eaters. It is one step at a time. new XL burgers. Introducing Hungry Jack's Single, double or triple beef, and barbecue sauce. with cheese, bacon The XL burgers. Let your hunger decide the size. by any means. Not that we're experts, of what we're doing now. But we've got a better idea our home with new Apia Home... That's why we chose to insure Home Advantage. What was it called? call 'options'. for things other insurers So we don't have to worry missed something or not. whether we've VOICEOVER: If you're over 50, So give Apia a call today.

For traffic heading out to root

stress field their his problems.

Writer along this stadium along

Holmbush prayed drive.

roads are. The delays go it deep back into

Road. A better option would be Victoria

A teenage girl has been locked up

for bashing a classmate. The 16-

year-old has been sentenced to a

month's prison for a fight captured

on a mobile phone. The court heard

she told police the attack 'didn't

phase her'. Her lawyer says the

incident has destroyed her life -

she no longer has any friends and

can't get a job. You mentioned you

hoped she'd turn her life around? I

can only pray. Thanks anyway. The

Queensland girl will serve her time

at a youth detention centre. Now to

the ING Direct finance report with

Jacqueline Maddock. And Jacqui,

business confidence has rebounded

corporate Australia clearly to a six-year high? It has, with

believing the economic recovery is

under way. While NAB's August

survey suggests we'll see growth

continue over the third quarter, it

also strengthens the case for the

Reserve Bank to begin lifting

interest rates. Globally, US food

giant Kraft has launched a takeover

bid for British icon Cadbury's.

Shares in the chocolate-maker

soared 40% in Europe, as Cadbury's

rejected the deal, while it holds

out for a sweeter offer. The local

market traded at fresh five day

highs today, with the banks, miners

and gold stocks the best performers.

That's finance news for now,

following the Labour day holiday,

Wall Street resumes trading tonight

and the futures market is pointing

to a positive start to the session.

Three men have been convicted of plotting

plotting to kill thousands of

people in Britain's worst ever

terror attack. Their plan to bomb seven trans-Atlantic jets mid-air

is the reason we can no longer take

liquids on planes. In the week of

the 9/11 anniversary comes justice

for three terrorists who planned an

attack, designed to be just as

devastating. Enough is enough. We

have told you to get off our land

but still you have persisted.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and

Tanvir Hussain were convicted of

plotting to blow up seven

transatlantic commercial jets in

2006. Their foiled plot triggered

global luggage restrictions still

in place today preventing

passengers from carrying liquids

onto planes. This case reaffirms

the fact we face a real and serious

threat from terrorism. This was a

particularly horrendous plot that

could have led to murder and mayhem

on an unimaginable scale. The trio

were caught turning an East London

house into a bomb factory mixing

hydrogen peroxide with food

colouring and powdered drink mix

and injecting it into bottles, to

be set-off using home-made

detonators disguised as cameras. If

the aircraft had have been brought

down over land, the loss of life

would have been increased many

times over. The defendants had

denied the charge claiming they

were simply planning a stunt to

make a political point. But the

jury ruled otherwise, convinced

they intended to make that point by

killing thousands of innocent

people. In London, Danielle Isdale,

Ten News. Samoans have made it through unscathed after their first

day of driving on the other side of

the road. Not a single crash was

reported after the dawn changeover

when drivers moved from the right-

hand side of the road, to the left.

The Samoan government decided to

bring their country into line with

Australia and New Zealand to boost

car imports. But opponents say old

habits die hard and once a two-day

holiday ends drivers will forget

the new road rules. Samoa is the

first country in more than three

decades to change the direction of

traffic. If you are having trouble

getting your kids to eat healthy

food you're not alone. A new survey

has found 8 out of 10 parents

suffer the meal time blues because

of fussy eaters. But help is at

hand. It's the bane of a parent's

life getting kids to eat healthy

tucker. This mum had premmie twins

and one who could not. She has been

quite tough. Little Lottie's also

been a finicky eater. At six months,

totally refused everything, would

not take a single thing. And it's

taken Theodore five years to down

any fruit or veg. No. Don't like it.

I won't eat that. I don't like it.

No. Refuse to eat it. Look, it is

very much one step at a time. It is

very much a case of if it is a

single pea or of it is a single

round of carrot. Dr Julie Cichero

is a fussy eater expert and she's

come up with a novel way to get

kids to chomp on just about

anything. Pick it up and put it

down. That's easy isn't it? She

gets kids to touch food, smell it,

kiss it. Ready? Fantastic. That was

great! Then have a taste. Where did

it go? Down here. Zucchini slice

swallowed for the first time. And

once they have done that you set

the boundaries and say it is one

piece and if they eat that "hooray"

we are all done. And then the next

day you may say "now we are going

for two pieces". She's written a

"how to" book with the help of

dietitian Kate di Prima. 10 years

ago, I would probably see one or

two children, maybe a month now at

least half is filled with kids and

fussy eating. Now fussy eaters

aren't just fussy to be annoying

the experts say they may have

trouble swallowing, chewing some

even have a fear of choking. So

there's plenty of reasons why they

say no' to food. Fusspot relief -

it just needs a little patience.

Nice work! Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten

News. Still to come - the crime

wave linked to tough economic times.

Also, Holden makes major changes to

the Commodore in a bid to boost

sales. And what a cat fight! The

playful lion that got too close for comfort. beef, pepper and spices - MAN: Great Aussie snag - lightly charred on a barbie. Mmm. taste even better And what makes them

during our hospital appeal is that every one we sell kids' hospitals all over Australia. will help raise more money for

of charity today, That'll be your fifth act wouldn't it, Rodney? I believe so. BOY: Please give generously to the Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal, and help us help sick kids.

Top stories this newshour - the

Government's sell-off of New South

Wales lotteries gets the green

light. The move is expected to

raise about $600 million. Under the

deal, the government will offer a

40-year contract to a private

operator to run the business.

Souths forward David Fa'alogo is under investigation for allegedly

assaulting his coach. He's accused

of knocking Jason Taylor out during

an altercation at an inner Sydney

hotel. And an arson attack has

blasted a shopkeeper out of his

store at Quakers Hill. Thieves set

fire to the shop after robbing the

man at knife-point. A Sydney woman

is at the centre of a legal stoush

after making a sexual harassment

complaint. The man she accused is

suing media outlets that published

her allegations for defamation. 32-

year-old Vivienne Dye had been

working in the Commonwealth Banks

marketing department for two years

when she resigned in 2007, shrouded

in controversy. Articles published

in the Daily Telegraph' and online

suggested she had been sexually

harassed by Michael Blomfield, a

high-level CommSec executive. Today

Mr Blomfield came to court hand in

hand with his wife, to sue

Nationwide News and News Digital

Media for publishing the story. He

listened as the attractive young

woman described a series of

incidents which allegedly took

place at the banks Sydney office

and two city bars. Among her allegations...

Ms Dye told the court Mr

Blomfield's attention was not

welcome, because he was a married

man and she hardly knew him. She

said she was offended and worried

for her job security. Her defence


In one incident, Ms Dye was

allegedly called a "man-eater". At

another she was told "what goes on

tour stays on tour." The hearing is

expected to run for six weeks.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. As if

the global financial crisis isn't

enough, retailers are being hit by

a new and sophisticated wave of

shoplifters. Organised crime gangs are pocketing expensive products

from stores and supermarkets. In a

year of crime most-remembered for

bikie violence, gangland killings

and drive-by shootings, the latest

statistics have revealed of our 17

major crime categories, only one

has risen - shoplifting, by 6%. I

can't tell you why, but perhaps

there may be some connection to

what we're seeing globally in terms

of financial crisis. But the Bureau

of Crime Statistics suspects a

different type of culprit,

organised crime gangs, targeting

Sydney and Wollongong. Several

syndicates have been caught on camera, pocketing expensive products from stores and supermarkets, before on-selling the

stolen goods on the black market. supermarkets, before on-selling the stolen goods on the black market.

While the biggest jump in thefts

were at clothing stores, electronic

retailers weren't far behind,

followed by shopping centres and

supermarkets up by eight. The most

common items to disappear, include:

food, cosmetics, mobile phones and alcohol. food, cosmetics, mobile phones and

alcohol. Really, it's not the

picture you get os someone who was

resorting to theft to feed their

kids and put food on the table and

clothe their kids. The crime to

drop the most was drive-by

shootings, as Strike Force Raptor

detectives clamp down on outlaw

bikies. At the worst, we were

getting about 14 drive-by shootings

a month. We're now back down to

four. Figures that have failed to

impress the Opposition. It's only a

matter of time before someone gets

between the offenders and those

bullets. The work never ends. There

is no such thing as a finish line

when it comes to battling crime in

this State. Brett Mason, Ten News.

Car-maker Holden has revamped its

Commodore after a 30% sales slump.

The biggest change is a radically

downsized six cylinder engine

because buyers have been shunning

vehicles with high fuel consumption.

The new engine has a capacity of

three litres. The latest sales

figures show Holden trailing market

leader Toyota by 30%. So you think

you can dance with a lion? A

British reporter has been mauled

after willingly entering a cage to

play with a big cat. He not only

survived the attack, but says it

was a buzz. Newspaper reporter

Charles Starmer-Smith is either

very dedicated to his job, or just

plain dumb. On the one thing he

just said is 'don't be scared, they

can sense fear'. He thought it

would be a good idea to enter a

lion's cage as part of a travel

assignment in South Africa. Not

content with standing back and

observing the big cat, Starmer-

Smith decided to get hands-on. The

lion's just biting my foot and my

arm. The 1-year-old lion - soon to

be released into the wild - seemed

happy with the attention at first.

But it soon became clear the

reporter had bitten off more than reporter had bitten off more th he could chew. reporter had bitten off more than he could chew. reporter had bitten off more than he could chew. reporter had bitten off more than

he could chew. The 150kg animal

took the game a little more

seriously. Stamen-Smith later

admitted he was terrified. Go, go,

go! Don't worry, don't worry, don't go! Don't worry, don't worry, don't

panic. He's just playing. The

handler, who struggled to keep a

handle on the situation, insisted

the lion was just having fun. Hey!

handle on the situation, insisted the lion was just having fun. Hey!

And it seems, despite his injuries,

the reporter thought it was a big

joke too. I was just thinking, who

is going to get my will, and who I

was going to give my CD collection

to. Amazing, he just grabs you and

claws suddenly go into your back

and there's nothing you can do.

Emily Rice, Ten News.

Brad's back with sport and league's

top player to be announced tonight?

Yes and we'll cross for a tip or

two on the likely Dally M winner

next. Plus are some of the finals

stars hoping to produce these

tricks in post-try celebrations?

And so you think you can wrestle?

pro-wrestling wannabes. Sydney's very public try out for

I had cheesecake. My diet? Well, yesterday, I always keep one in the house. I know. It's sort of my weakness. Well, that and sticky date. but I can't go past apple pie! Yeah, I like strawberry the diet's going great. Yeah. Actually, VOICEOVER: Yoplait Forme. Sweetheart, what are you doing? the face, contours and neck, ANDIE MACDOWELL: To redefine in lifting skincare. I need the best I've made my decision. face, contours and neck. VOICEOVER: Innovation - Revitalift Complete lifting action from L'Oreal Paris. Deep re-meshing skincare with Vitafibrine to firm and lift your face, even the contours and neck. More defined contours, a smoother neck. My face is left lifted. It makes the difference. Because we're worth it! COMPUTER: Temperature 22. VOICEOVER: Who's most likely to give you CD changer. COMPUTER: Track number, please. (BARKS) Four! Track... and faithful dog SONG: # There's a great # He's the German shepherd... # Ford, of course. Who's most likely? Introducing the new Ford Mondeo.

It has been another dramatic day in

rugby league with the general

awaiting report interim Mad Monday

fight from South's. We are joined

live from the rugby league awards.

Tonight the NRL will recognise

those who have excelled on the

field. We're here to see if North

Queensland's Jonathan Thurston can

match Joe E Johns as being the only

person who can win three awards. It

is going to be close. I think that

Jered again in his last 10 weeks of

football has been still. He lifted

a bit late but he is being plain

brilliant. In the last day weeks is

at of his skin. He has a big chance

this year. He has released 11-a-

side there was not going so good at

the start of the year. After just a

few celebrations to write, it is

all about the finals? It sure is.

What a big game. If they young

centre, Jamal, was one whose that

through Newcastle's net. He is big,

his aerobic and today the

somersaulting Jamal had the Life

Guards a little on edge. The 19-

year-olds is sure to have the night

so anxious as well up to year that

he could not believe. I am still

catching up with it. It will hit me

a once and I am still feeling it.

It turned out this kid could have

ended up playing with Newcastle. He

child with their junior rip teams a

few years ago. I I P -- I got

picked for the junior team but I

could not go to training, it took

two hours to get there. He was

really hard on my mother. After a

heavy loss, the dogs a rout to

prove that they could still win the

comp with all without broken Morley.

I'm cover without him. We'll show

I'm cover without him. We'll show

you. The winner was showing plenty

for the Dragons. They are wary of

the returning pair from the

Panthers. They are very strong.

They have got back to big-name

players and there will be a

confidence boost for the rest of

the side. Man then Melbourne were

preparing for their showdown, just

don't call it a grand final replay. don't call it a grand final replay.

We played in Brock fell at round

date, we play them two weeks ago

and there was another Grand Final

replay, they are only so many grand

final replace you can have. For the

first time in memory, there will be

no drinks during the presentation

night. It has nothing to do with

all the off-field drama surrounding

players, they are more worried

about certain reporters. Now a

double blow for NSW heading into

next month's multi-million-dollar

2020 Champions League in India. The

Blues squad of 15 was announced but

it is missing Brad Haddin and

Michael Clarke who has declared

himself unavailable because of his

heavy workload with the national

team. It did not come as a surprise

given that there is so much going

up for the Australian team, not

just now but also after the

Champions League as well. The

remaining talks with the Sri Lankan

captain to be their overseas player

in the upcoming domestic 2020

series. A teenage girl from Georgia

has captured the hearts of

Americans with a giant-killing run.

Roger Federer cruised through the

quarterfinals. Melody reach the

last 85 knocking out another seeded

Russian. Move over Serena Williams,

there is a new American comeback

queen in town. Standing at just 160

a cost centimetres, her heart is

bigger than her height. She has

made a habit to fight back from a

set down to knock out a Russian big

name. First Elena Dementieva then

reassure per over and now for Nadia

reassure per over and now for Nadia

per trimmer. The story went to

script early with her up --

dropping the opening set 6-1. Then

there was a relentless never-say-

die attitude. Her pink and yellow

shoes said it all. She snared the

second set to send it into a

decider. As the match entered its decider. As the match entered its

third hour, the pint-sized

speedster ran down shot after shot

before advancing to her first ever

quarterfinals at 10 major at her

home grand slam. Her twin sister home grand slam. Her twin sister

was overwhelmed her she continued

her fairy-tale fortnight. It is

kind of hard to explain how I've

done it. There were no tears today

because I believe there could do it.

All the big names were caught side

All the big names were caught side

when Roger Federer continued his

onslaught, making light lock --

light work of Tom mirrored Freida.

Novak Djokovic 1 and then put the

challenger to one of the all-time

greats. John, which are like to

come down? Not for the first time,

John McEnroe has delved the

spotlight at Flushing Meadows. An

emotional Steve has overtaken the

Tiger Woods at the top of the

latest bank. The American was down

by two shots but birdied the 17th

and 18th to seal his third win of

the year. No idea why. I'm just

happy that am doing it. I hate when

I cry of the time but is being a

plus and I just want to keep riding plus and I just want to keep riding

it out. Geoff Oglivy was the best

of the Australians, two shots off

the pace. The top 70 players will

move on to next week's being debut

Championship. Over the years,

Australia has produced a host of

all champions in almost every sport

that had we stack of them

professional wrestling? You are

about to find out. They came from

far and wide for a shot that a

contract. Some queued for hours.

The tall and the not so tall. The

masks and the not so mast. Girls

and interest girls were also there.

I just wanna go home somebody had

real bad. We expect pain, suffering,

money thrown at me. Recognition and

some goddamn respect up to nine is

a bustling this country. I would

take a free sandwich at this point.

Sitting in judgement was first in

great Jeff, casting his eye off

Australia's talent. We're doing a

show in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide,

Perth and Brisbane. In the east of

the five shows they will be an

Australian Chardonnay to them. It

is not just wrestlers that they

were talking about is also after

ring announcer's, managers and

sidekicks. Also on the judges'

table was Christie, knockout. I

really liked the little blonde with

the yellow bikini, I thought she

was great. She had spike and energy

in she had something there. The

final World on the skills of a

sport's entertainment? There is

some real talent there. A lot of

guys do not have any fundamentals

there. There's still plenty of time

to smooth out the rough spots

before next year's show. In sports

tonight, the latest from the league

awards and a big-name player quits

for an overseas contract. We will

have the weather next. Sure. Jess, can you get us some lunch? One ham, one turkey and ham, without the ham, one turkey and ham

one turkey, ham and roast beef, one chicken for Miss Friend... one roast beef on wheat, try a Subway platter. For an easy catering solution, With a variety of delicious subs, to make everyone feel good. there's something Visit:

The week did not start from the

right note but it would change its

tune? Those that thunderstorms they

came last night were intense but

they were short the done with. They

just moved across and 82, to per

hour winds and zoomed around the

coast. That is where the trough has

gone. What we're in for now has a

run of blue sky. It will be around

21 degrees tomorrow and then will

get up to 25 or even 29 by Saturday

and Sunday. It could be absolutely

phenomenal. Speaking of phenomenal,

with good and country-music star

about, television. My good friend,

and the Lawrence. I know that I'm

not making sense. The world's at

your expense. It feels like I was

there guard damage, I just wanted

heal voice again. You know these

feelings make me crazy, that is the

way that I love the baby, sorry

that I am out there putting you

through health and I'm not going

anywhere. Well done. You have still

got that! You have the new album

out, when it all comes down.

Interest from Nashville which is

great but first up, some really

good things you doing for the

leukaemia Foundation. Tell the

people at home. This is an event

that starts tomorrow in Newcastle

and all-round Australia which is an

event that will remember those that

lost their lives and on others to

survive. Fantastic. He should be

very proud of that. That's what the

CD looks like, that is what the

girl looks like. We will get all

the details. What have we got

weather-wise? It is really easy for

me to get it right. Fine and sunny

for the next five, six or even

seven days. There is a chance that

we could be 27 degrees on Sunday.

It could be 30 degrees south and

the greater West. The big high

pressure system will come in and sit on us. Cloud over

Cloud over NSW and a week trough

and an unstable air masses

triggering some showers and storms.

Fellow will linger in the Tasman

Sea and continue to bring showers

to eastern Victoria and Tasmania.

There is a chance of a shower on

the southern NSW Rangers but most

of NSW is fine and sunny. Those are

years. the three words that I'm going to

you again tomorrow night. I had you're enjoying it, I'll see

I had you're enjoying it, I'll see you again tomorrow night. That's it

from us. That is all from us at Ten

News. We will continue to update

you until our next bulletin. We

hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )