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Secret KGB JFK Files -

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(generated from captions) ENGINE RUMBLES now available with a 6-speed auto. pull over and give 'em a ride. You know, I reckon we should Nah, mate. They're dogs. pulling power. It's got unbelievable

on commercial television Everything you watch is covered by a Code of Practice. classification, commercials, The code relates to program and news and current affairs.

you think breaches the code, If you see something

lodge a written complaint on which you saw it. with the station with their response, If you're unhappy you can refer the complaint and Media Authority. to the Australian Communications If you'd like a copy of the code, for more information, visit our website or write or call us at:

colour matching system We've got a computer his wife's underwear. and he wanted to colour match ..I didn't ask any questions. So... (Laughs) Laserlite 2000 roofing, just $14.90 per metre. ladder, $110. Aluminium dual-purpose Ryobi petrol line trimmer, $169. Azaleas, just $2.98 each. and it came up beautifully. "I'll do that for you," SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # are just the beginning. Lowest prices