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Tonight, the death of a star -

Patrick Swayze loses his battle

with pancreatic cancer. It's a bad

day in Hollywood history. Staying

put - paedophile Dennis Ferguson

resists pressure to move. Oh look,

he's frightened. And small

investors hit hard as Telstra is

broken up. Good evening. I'm

Deborah Knight. And I'm Bill Woods.

Also, radio listeners desert radio

bad boy Kyle Sandilands. And Roger

Open. Federer's shock defeat in the US

But first, the death of Patrick But first, the death of Patrick

Swayze. The star actor, dancer and

singer who turned Dirty Dancing'

into a worldwide hit, has lost his

long battle with cancer. The heart-

throb became an inspiration as he

fought his disease, working right fought his disease, working right

to the end. He was 57. A star,

women wanted to be with and men

wanted to be. It's how fans will

remember Patrick Swayze. I'm sad

for his wife and family. Born in

1952, Swayze dropped out of college

to follow his father's

choreographed footsteps. My dream

growing up was I wanted to be as

athletic a dancer as Gene Kelly and athletic a dancer as Gene Kelly and

as smooth as Fred Astaire, but I

wanted the cool of Frank Sinatra.

1987 was his big chance. (Song) # I

had the time of my life.# Beyond

the dirty dancing Nobody puts Baby

in a corner. ..he wrote and sang

the ballad She's like the wind' - a

song for his wife Lisa Niemi. Childhood sweethearts, they were

married 34 years - a record in

Hollywood terms. His career lasted

too, maybe due to versatility. He

played a roadhouse bad boy, an

armed robber, a woman. And the

ultimate heart-throb in Ghost'. ultimate heart-throb in Ghost'.

Oooh my love. Co-star Whoopi

Goldberg says "I believe in Ghost's

message, so he will always be near".

He's remembered as kind, funny, but

there were setbacks, including a

battle with alcohol and early last

year began the biggest fight.

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,

Patrick Swayze continued filming

his latest drama series. Through

his final days, wife by his side,

Patrick Swayze was writing his

memoirs to be released to fans

later this month. I want to last

until they find a cure which means

I have to get a fire under it. His

battle lasted 20 months. Patrick

Swayze was 57. In the United States,

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. A convicted paedophile who's moved convicted paedophile who's moved

into a Sydney suburb has vowed to

stay, despite residents promising

to do all they can to get him out.

Dennis Ferguson says he's happy

where he is and despite promises to

move him on, the Housing Minister

has admitted he's powerless. Ten

reporter Evan Batten is in Ryde

tonight. Evan, still a volatile

mood there? It is. Both sides are

holding get the sides Femi.

Residents are continuing -- their

endeavour is continuing to build.

They add talking about forming a

residents' action group. They add

talking about protest action, or

whatever it takes to get him up to

leave the neighbourhood. 61-year-

old Dennis Ferguson barely ventured

outside his new home today. If the

flowers were meant as a peace

offering to the neighbourhood, they

failed to soothe residents' fury failed to soothe residents' fury

today. We want to talk with him.

Dennis Ferguson's one and only

visitor to his Ryde Housing

Commission estate, was his mentor

Brett Collins. He says his client

feels secure and comfortable in his

new home and will not be leaving

voluntarily. It is no good he is

close to a school end he should be moved.

moved. It is very scary but I did

hear that he is being moved but I

do not share of that has happened.

It is a big worry. The Housing

Minister had tried to have the

convicted paedophile moved by last

night but it seems there's nothing

they can do to get him out. Alone

again he is not getting that at the

moment. All the residents we spoke

to today at this complex are

furious Dennis Ferguson has moved

in next door. One lady, who was too

afraid to speak on camera, said

she's told her grandchildren not to

visit while ever he is still here.

If his mentor has his way, we will

hear from Dennis Ferguson direct in

the coming weeks. They're hoping to

find a television program willing

to give him enough airtime to do an

in depth interview to show he is a

changed man. Evan Batten, Ten News.

telecommunications company, Telstra, Australia's biggest

will be broken up under a radical

plan to force greater competition.

In the biggest shake up in two

decades, the Federal Government is

promising huge benefits for

consumers and businesses. The

Communications Minister sprung his

surprise just before the markets

opened. Today we are delivering

historic reforms in Australia's

long term national interest.

Telstra will be forced to separate

its network or wholesale business

from its retail arm. The idea - to

prevent the telco giant from using

its market dominance to freeze out

competitors. It undoes the mistakes

of previous governments over the

past two decades. If Telstra

refuses to break itself up, the

dominant telco will be shut out of

future generation technology. This

is a very good day for us. A very

good day for consumers, a very good

day for competitors. It wasn't a

very good day for Telstra

shareholders though, they took a

hammering. Mum and Dad shareholders

of Telstra have lost $2 billion in

the value of their company as a

result of this radical and risky

proposal. But the Minister says the

day of reckoning for Telstra is

coming as its antiquated copper

wire network is increasingly

obsolete. We're providing Telstra

with a range of choices about how

they want to go forward. Telstra

says it's disappointed the

Government decided to act this way,

but its new management says it is

prepared to discuss the minister's

demands and supports the

government's vision for a national

high speed broadband. A vision not high speed broadband. A vision not

shared by the Opposition. What will

it cost? How many subscribers will

it have and what will they be

forced to pay? It is the right

infrastructure for the future.

We'll proceed methodically,

carefully. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

And Paul joins us now. Paul, the

Government says it wants the

Telstra legislation through

parliament by Christmas. What

chance is there of that happening?

I wouldn't say if they chance but

it is going to be had. When it

comes again only heads of three

scheduled weeks and it is going to

be a big battle in the Senate over

the climate change bills. As well

as that the opposition says it

wants a full Senate inquiry so they

could be it will come down to the

attitude of the Greens and what the independence

independence take.

Cruise ship victim Dianne Brimble

suffered breathing problems when

she drank alcohol and she tended to

be a heavy drinker. The claim's

been made at her manslaughter trial been made at her manslaughter trial

by her sister. Just moments after

she took the stand, Dianne

Brimble's sister was in tears.

Seven years on and the painful

memories of their last night

together on board the Pacific Sky'

are still very raw. Alma Wood

recalled how they drank and danced

as their cruise ship set sail. But

by morning, her sister lay dead

from a drug and alcohol overdose in

Mark Wilhelm's cabin. He's accused

of supplying the mother of three

the illegal drug Fantasy, and

failing to get medical help for

more than an hour when she passed

out. Ms Wood today revealed her out. Ms Wood today revealed her

sister suffered chest and breathing problems.

She today agreed her sister had the

tendency to be a heavy drinker and

when she hadn't returned to their

cabin overnight. She believed she

had just had a bit too much to

drink and had gone to sleep on a deck chair somewhere. After

breakfast, Ms Wood heard an

emergency call and started to panic.

Security and medical teams were

blocking the entry to her cabin. A

few doors up they were trying to

resuscitate Ms Brimble, but it was

too late. She can't recall seeing

the men who were with her sister

that night. But her daughter and Ms Brimble's daughter did.

A painful recollection 7 years on.

Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A look at

sport with Brad McEwan and a huge

upset in the mens' US Open final.

Roger Federer's remarkable winning

run at Flushing Meadows has come to run at Flushing Meadows has come to

an end at the hands of Argentine

Juan Martin Del Potro. The 20-year-

old played the game of his life to

end Federer's reign in five sets.

It'll go down as one of the great

upsets in Grand Slam final history.

Roger Federer, seemingly invincible

at Flushing Meadows, cut down by

Juan Martin Del Potro. COMMENTATOR:

The 20 year-old from Argentina has

won the US Open. Federer left with

a blank gaze, stunned his 40

consecutive wins at the US Open was

over and his chance for 6 straight

titles there, gone. I would have

loved to win but it's been an

amazing run for me. It was an

inglorious end to a remarkable run,

at times Federer fighting as hard

with the umpire as he was his

opponent. Don't tell me to be quiet

OK? When I want to talk, I talk. I

don't give a (bleep) what he said.

Del Potro had lost all 6 of their

previous meetings, but in his first

grand slam final, he thrived. At

times, the Argentine lost his

composure but he always responded.

Down 2 sets to 1 he won a 4th set

tie-breaker and then finished off

the Fed-Express 6-2 in the deciding

set. I think this moment will be in

my mind forever, in my life and I

don't have words to explain it. But

it was in his native tongue that

Del Potro's emotions overflowed.

(Speaks in Spanish). Rob Canning,

Ten News. More tennis highlights

shortly including an apology from

Serena Williams. Also ahead - Jason

Taylor explains to South Sydney

officials why he should keep his

job after a post season drinking

session that finished in a stoush.

We'll also show you just how

relaxed the Bulldogs were at

training even in the midst of a

spy' alert. Plus, great news for

racing fans with the Spring racing

carnival set to go ahead as planned

after a compromise was reached over those controversial whipping

regulations. Still to come - claims

of sexism in the battle for Peter

Costello's blue ribbon seat. Plus,

the new Police Minister goes

looking for trouble in Kings Cross.

And a career change for a former

Idol' judge after decades of study.

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This program is captioned live.

Today we've had the Budget

estimates hearing. Ten reporter

Brett Mason is at Macquarie Street.

Brett, the Premier was given a

griling this afternoon? He was

given a grilling, but despite the

best attempts, and the Coalition

fell to lend it any significant

blow against Nathan Rees's

government. Star trying to hide the

premiere, drop -- stop trying to

hide him. I am trying to ask a main

question. This was an opportunity

for you to discuss the perception.

Just moments after that exchange,

the premium made a very media

friendly announcement that this

weekend he would apologise to the

group of a forgotten Australians,

youngsters who grew up and were

abused in orphanages. Three

treasurer also employed a similar

tactic and his estimate hearings.

He made a similar announcement but

admitted his department had done no

research will costings about the

new Defence housing scheme. They

were going down, now they are going

up. If I can be allowed to answer,

I would like to show us. Who said

Budget estimates could be boring.

The new Police Minister has put

alcohol-fuelled violence at the top

of his agenda, touring Kings Cross

with local officers. But Michael

Daley chose not to pay his visit at

night-time, when the Cross is at

its worst.

Day one in his new job as Police

Minister, and Michael Daley hit the

Kings Cross strip, guided by the

area's top cop. CCTV along the

strip - we only have three cameras,

which would be great to increase.

The Minister wanted to find out

about the area's problem with

alcohol-fuelled violence. At about

5 or 6 o'clock at night you can

almost turn the drugs off and have

a look at the alcohol. But his

lunch-time tour revealed very

little about the Cross after dark,

when police battle brawls, assaults

and glassings. The victim of this bashing early yesterday morning,

ended up in hospital. Wouldn't you

get a better idea of alcohol-

related crime in this area by

coming here at night-time? I fully

intend to do that - this is my

first day on the job. With the

introduction of 2:00am lockouts and

plastic glasses in many pubs, the

police claim the rate of alcohol-

fueled assaults is dropping, but

the local hospitals say booze-

fuelled violence is still a massive

problem. On a busy night the

emergency room at St Vincent's

treats up to 70 patients with

alcohol-related injuries. And the

Minister has an open invitation to

visit. Thursday night, Friday night,

Saturday night, and he would be

most welcome to come to the

hospital at any stage to see the

types of problems we deal with at

the hospital. The hospital's head

of trauma wants even more done to

remove weapons from problem bars.

We would support plastic cups, at

any time of the day if people are

in, drinking in large numbers. The

Minister says he'll seek the advice

of police before making any decisions.

The role of Liberal women in the

Parliament has sparked a furious

row in Canberra today, with the

Coalition attempting to gag Labor's

Women's Affairs Minister. But

Labor's also been embarrassed by

one of its own women who has denounced the party's factions.

If the Liberal Party was trying to

improve its standing with women, then attempting to block the

Women's Minister from talking in

Parliament probably wasn't the best

way to do it. We saw today in the

'Sydney Morning Herald' that they

don't let women ask questions. It

seems now we're not allowed to

answer them either. Liberal women

are reportedly furious at being

silenced in Question Time. Sophie

Mirabella accused her Coalition

colleagues of sexism over attempts

to block the woman favoured to

replace Peter Costello in his safe

seat of Higgins - Kelly O'Dwyer -

because "women shouldn't be in

leadership seats". The Opposition

has just as many women on the

frontbench as Labor - seven. Not

that you'd know it from the women's

section of the Liberal Party

website which hasn't been updated

in more than two years. I looked at

the picture, Mr Speaker, and it's

got in the women and the Liberal

Party section 1, 2, 3. No, don't

worry, Julie - you're in there.

While the Rudd Government boasts an

impressive line-up of girl power, impressive line-up of girl power,

there's one woman the party

probably preferred didn't speak.

Rogue Labor MP Julia Irwin launched

a full-blown attack on her party in a full-blown attack on her party in

Parliament last night. The Parliament last night. The

principles of Labor have been

stretched and bent. One female

Labor won't be sorry to see retire

at the next election. I think she's

been marginalised, I think she's a

victim of Labor, absolutely.

Former 'Australian Idol' judge Mark

Holden has become a legal eagle.

The one-time teen heart-throb

swapped his music career for the

courtroom, officially becoming a

lawyer after starting his degree in

1971. It's a great sense of

achievement and it's a new part of

my life, and I really want to

devote myself to it and fight for

people's rights, really is what

it's all about. The 55-year-old's

next goal is to become a barrister.

A very sticky day across the State.

Some more of the same on the way

tomorrow? Could even income

everybody. We had a bit of

everything today. A bit of

precipitation. The precipitation

was caused by high humidity levels.

It was different from the dry heat

we had any weekend. Overnight,

temperatures were quite warm. Five

degrees above average last night.

Across the Hunter Valley, they were

up to eight degrees above average.

A little bit of everything. We will

be doing how best part of the day

from Westmeath hospital tonight.

The cloud will creep back into your

day tomorrow night. We will have

another nice afternoon tomorrow

afternoon. Here is one of our afternoon. Here is one of our

weather photographs. This person

likes to take a bath. Look at that

shop. The lightning and the storm

clouds building over the Northern

Beaches. He is in the running to

win the camera. We will be talking

about a great initiative from the

west meet children's hospital when

we see you again.

Next, the US President lashes out

at Wall Street silver tails.

Also, the fiery landing one group

of passengers will never forget.

And Whitney Houston tells of her

drug-fuelled turmoil. We were

lacing our marijuana. Jess, can you get us some lunch? Sure. One ham, one turkey and ham, one turkey and ham without the ham, one turkey, ham and roast beef, one roast beef on wheat, one chicken for Miss Friend...

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This program is captioned live.

Dave Wright joins us from the

traffic helicopter. And in road

around Sydney her home in on the

best behaviour. This is no western

Sydney traffic. It gets a little on

the slow side up. Those who were

heading home tonight why the

Harbour Bridge you'll probably get

a serum or an eight out of team.

It's now 12 months since the US

Government allowed Wall Street

giant Lehman Brothers to collapse.

But while the world economy is

still struggling, Australian

investors are growing more

confident. Barack Obama has a clear

warning for Wall Street. We will

not go back to the days of reckless

behaviour and unchecked excess that

was at the heart of this financial

crisis. One year after his

predecessor allowed America's

fourth largest investment bank,

Lehman's brothers, to go under,

it's a case of mission accomplished.

We can be confident that the storms

of the last two years are beginning

to break. Breaking them took

billions of tax-payer dollars in

bail-outs and hand-outs - a short-

term fix to shore up medium-term

confidence. I think anyone would

say that was money well spent. And

it's set to continue until

businesses can stand alone. We are

only one of a handful of advanced

economies that have so far avoided

recession. Lehman's collapse sent

panic waves around the world as

investors braced for a global

depression. That scale of

catastrophe has been averted, and

one year on, local investors are

returning to the sharemarket with a

vengeance. CommSec has seen some of

its biggest trading days in August

and volumes are up something like

50% compared with a year ago. It's

a buyer's market but its recovery

depends on what unfolds when the

stimulus spending ends. Right now,

it's not at all clear which way

that's going to go in 2010 and that

in itself will probably act as a

headwind for the sharemarket. Now

to the ING Direct finance report

with Jacqueline Maddock and what

have we learned from the Reserve

Bank's latest minutes. Well,

minutes issued today by the RBA

maintain the status quo and that is

for interest rates to remain on

hold. The central bankers say they

need more information on our

economy's health before taking a

stand on raising our rates. They

say, globally, the economy will

most likely continue along a modest

recovery path but some uncertainty

remains here and overseas. The RBA

says with that in mind the best

thing to do is leave the rate

unchanged at a 49-year low of 3%.

Not surprisingly, Telstra was one

of the big losers on the stock

market today. Following that

Federal Government order for the

telco to separate its retail and

lost 4%. wholesale arms, shares in the telco

And that's the day in finance.

There's been a terrifying ordeal

for passengers, told their jet

would have to land without wheels.

The sparks flew as the Fokker 100

skidded along a protective layer of

foam with the landing gear only

partly extended. Five passengers

suffered shock and a flight

attendant had to be taken to

hospital for observation. A senior

political leader was among the 73

passengers. Whitney Houston has

revealed the personal and violent

secrets of her marriage and drug

addiction, in a tell-all with Oprah

Winfrey. The talk show queen says

the two-part interview with the

comeback star is the best she's

ever done. If Oprah wanted secrets

- Whitney Houston has a lifetime of

them. When I became Whitney Houston,

my life became the world's. The 46-

year-old confessed smash hit, the

Bodyguard' was the catalyst for her

downward spiral. We saw her happy

and successful but the fame was

overwhelming. And her marriage to

bad-boy Bobbi Brown, was dying. Was

he jealous of you? He's not gonna

like this, but yes. Mm-hmm. Whitney

Houston says in the years that

followed, she constantly played

down her success and smoked cocaine

every day. We were lacing our

marijuana with base. We weren't

buying $20 chunks. We were paying

money. We were buying keys. You

were free-basing cocaine? Basically.

She denies Bobbi beat her but

admits there was violence. He's

gonna hate this. He spit on me. He

spit? On me. We had a big portrait

of me him and our child. He cut my

head off the picture. The day he

slapped her, Bobbi Brown landed in

court. Whitney's mum finally

rescued her. She walks in with the

sheriffs and she says, "I have a

court junction here". Whitney

Houston's promoting a new album,

though many believe that vocal gift

was ruined years ago. In the United

States, Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

Still to come - yet another career

setback for radio's Kyle Sandilands.

Also, Prince William confronts his

fear of tarantulas. And Sydney's

fastest readers deliver their

verdict on the new Dan Brown blockbuster. Brilliant read. Loved it!

This program is captioned live. Top

stories this news hour - Telstra

shareholders have taken a $2

billion hit after the announcement

the company will be broken up. The

Government wants Telstra's

wholesale and retail operations

separate to boost competition.

Convicted paedophile Dennis

Ferguson intends to stay put and

weather the storm over where he's

being housed. Residents of Ryde are

furious he moved in without any

warnings. And movie star Patrick

Swayze has lost his brave battle

with pancreatic cancer. He died

peacefully today at the age of 57,

surrounded by family and friends.

Radio host Kyle Sandilands has suffered another major career setback. Listeners have abandoned

his show in droves following a

string of controversial on-air

incidents. King Kyle has taken a

king hit, losing almost one in five

listeners, most of them women. My

biggest take -- had was taken him

which is end so many key to what

the recession is all about. The

survey takes into account the lie

detector stunt and records a drop

in audience from 12 points to just

9.8. The shock jock's fans could

argue it's because the star wasn't

there for two weeks. And since the

show stayed number one in FM

despite the drop, Kyle still

collects his $100,000 bonus. The

bosses will be based on his

decision about his comments on made

of. Kyle is still not back from the

States, so far avoiding the meeting

where his future at 2DAY will be

revealed. But there is speculation

that being off air there doesn't

mean being off air for good. That

might give Kyle the elusive number

one overall spot that consistently

goes to AM in Sydney - 2GB's Jason

Morrison holding on to that spot in

his third month filling in for Alan

Jones. Ensues the Normans are no

the minute he can go away and he

was still listening to him. Jones

is rumoured to be returning to air

on September 28. Angela Bishop, Ten

News. There's a new girl in Prince

William's life and her name is

Sarah. While she's not as pretty as

his girlfriend Kate Middleton, she

did make the Prince go weak at the

knees. There is a tarantula on the

loose somewhere in the cocoon. It

was given to me and I seem to have

lost it. If you see it, she goes by

the name of Sarah, and if you could

usher her towards someone equally

as petrified as I was. Prince

William made plenty of creepy new

friends when he opened the new

Darwin Centre at the Natural

History Museum, which holds the

world's greatest collection of

plant and insect specimens. Dan

Brown's latest thriller has hit

bookstands and already stores are

struggling to cope with demand.

Some were so eager to delve into

the secret world of freemasons,

they'd read the final page before

lunch. From the opening countdown

finding Australia's fastest reader

was an action packed competition.

Liquid stimulants helped eyes to

dart from line to line. The

competitors absorbed by the latest

quest for the Da Vinci Code's hero

Robert Langdon, this time delving

into the secret world of Freemasons.

You've had 30 minutes are you

finished yet? Not yet. How long to

go? A few hundred pages yet. You're

lucky I'm not in the competition I

tell you what, I'd have ya. As the

book worms sprinted towards the

finishing words, spectators could

barely contain their excitement.

The 505 pages were devoured in just

2 hours 24 minutes. Australia's

fastest reader was a Kiwi, Carly

Palmer. Definitely recommend it.

Yep, great read. Dan Brown's latest

novel The Lost Symbol' is set to

break sales records. In a few hours,

this Sydney store had already sold

600 copies. Well, we've sold 1.7

million copies of the Da Vinci

Code', Dan Brown's previous novel,

so we hope the Lost Symbol' will be

something like that. There are

45,000 Freemasons in Australia and

the secretive global group is

concerned the book could paint a dark, deceptive picture of their

rituals. There is nothing sinister.

We have some secret handshakes,

some signs and symbols that you are

not gonna learn. So I will never be

able to pass myself as a free mason

unless I join. You took the words

right out of my mouth. It's

probably for the best. Journalists

aren't good at keeping secrets.

James Boyce, Ten News. Brad's back

and Jason Taylor's still fighting

for his coaching future. Yes, he's

made a submission to the Rabittohs.

What he's pleaded for shortly. Plus,

how the Broncos have fired up the

Dragons. Also, getting a view at

Dogs training as Brett Kimmorley

returns to the field for the first

time. Plus They Know What is rain. Sure. Jess, can you get us some lunch? One ham, one turkey and ham, without the ham, one turkey and ham one turkey, ham and roast beef, one chicken for Miss Friend... one roast beef on wheat, try a Subway platter. For an easy catering solution, With a variety of delicious subs, there's something to make everyone feel good. Visit: MUSIC PLAYS) (ROMANTIC INSTRUMENTAL (MUSIC SLOWS DOWN AND LOSES TUNE) AND FALLS OUT OF TUNE FURTHER) (MUSIC SLOWS hate how hard it is to keep clean? WOMAN: Love stainless steel but Get new Viva Stainless Steel Wipes with Mark Guard technology. they clean and restore, Supersoft and non-toxic, keep it just the way you love it. leaving a protective film to

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This program is captioned live.

Roger Federer's long reign at the

US Open is over after a stunning

upset in this morning's final. 20-year-old Argentine Juan Martin

Del Potro downing the world no one

in five sets.

Lining up for US Open title number

six, Roger Federer looked to be in

a class of his own early. But Juan

Martin Del Potro stepped up in the

second. The Argentine leveling the

scores. The world number one losing

his cool. Don't tell me to be quiet.

I don't give a shit. He regained

his composure in the third to fight

back from a break down and take the

set. The fourth a battle. Del Potro

full of confidence - the set going

to a tie-break before tensions

boiled over. Federer challenging an

'out' call from the crowd. The umpire

umpire deciding to replay the point.

A long shot from Federer sending

the match to a fifth. The Argentine

in complete control - another Fed-X

mistake handing him the final set,

6-2. The 20-year-old brought to

tears with his first ever Grand

Slam victory. It's amazing. I don't

have words to explain. It was back

to the scene of the crime for

Serena Williams. She and Venus

cruising to victory in the doubles

final, 6-2, 6-2, over Cara Black

and Liezel Huber. Serena using the

moment to address her fans

following that semi-final tirade

which shocked the sport. The world

number two copped a $12,000 fine

for the outburst. I would like to

give her a hard, I would like to

let her know we will put it all

behind us and move on from it.

Embattled South Sydney coach Jason

Taylor has handed in his submission

to the Rabittohs prior to today's

5:00pm deadline. Taylor was given a

breach notice by the club last week.

Ten News understands as part of his

submission, Taylor is requesting a

full hearing before the Rabitohs

board. He's hoping to explain in

person, the events that led to him

being involved in a stoush with departing forward David Fa'olonga at the club's end-of-season celebrations.

A surprise signing for the Wests

Tigers. They've recruited former

Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes as the

team's head trainer. On the finals

front, Broncos coach Ivan Henjak

has declared all the pressure is on

the Dragons in their sudden-death semifinal.

They have never won a finals match

at their home ground. But the

Broncos say it's the Dragons under

pressure at Suncorp Stadium.

There's a lot of expectation on

them because they've been waiting

such a long time. I'd think they're

the ones with the most pressure on

them. Henjak also kindly pointing

out the Dragons would be the first

minor premiership-winning team to

bow out with successive losses

under the McIntyre System. And

there's no pressure on his team, of

course. Six weeks ago, no-one

expected us to be here, so

everything for us is just a bonus.

Down the road, Gold Coast coach

John Cartwright has no regrets,

despite a $10,000 fine for

approaching the referees at half-

time of last weekend's loss to

Brisbane. I see the work these

blokes put in and I thought they'd

been wronged, and the only thing I

did was do it in the wrong forum.

The Bulldogs have a week off but

say there's no way they'll be just

hanging around while they wait for

the Titans-Eels winner. No, I'm

sure the coaching staff won't let

us get underdone. We'll have some

solid sessions this week then we'll

have an opposed session on Sunday

against our NSW Cup team. With

Brett Kimmorley having his first

ballwork session since fracturing

his cheekbone, there appeared to be

some uninvited observers. REPORTER:

Are you worried about spies? No, no.

There's no secrets here mate, so.

The Wallabies are sticking with a

winning formula for this weekend's

match against the All Blacks,

naming the same team that defeated

the Springboks in Brisbane. Hooker

Tatafu Polota-Nau and winger Lachie

Turner have both recovered from rib

injuries for the final fixture of

the Tri-Nations, in Wellington on

Saturday. Gave Lachy a dig in the

ribs without any warning, just to

check. He reckons it was the other

side. The match shapes as a battle

for the wooden spoon, with New

Zealand just two points ahead of

Australia on the Tri-Nations table.

A compromise on whip rules has

averted a jockey strike which had

threatened the Spring Carnival.

Jockeys can use the whip up to

seven times in the final 100 metres

of a race. However, it cannot be

used in consecutive strides,

between the 200 and 100 metre mark.

I wouldn't say it's a big win. between the 200 and 100 metre mark. I wouldn't say it's a big win.

I wouldn't say it's a big win. But

it's much better than the old rule

we had. It's expected the amended

rules will come into effect on

Saturday, but will be subject to a

review in February.

In Sports Tonight at 9:30 on One,

New South Wales cricket coach

Matthew Mott reveals who he

believes will be the Blues' strike

weapon at next month's lucrative Twenty20 Champions League

tournament. Vic Lorusso is in the

traffic helicopter. Southern Cross

Drive, airport tunnel. If you are

about to head to the airport, it

looks pretty busy. Generally, for a

Tuesday night it looks pretty good.

Tim Bailey has all the weather details after the break. VOICEOVER: Who's most likely to have taken home more major awards in the last 12 months And who's most likely 17-inch alloys and sports seats Who's most likely? Ford. Of course. (ORCHESTRA PLAYS 'LEGGO'S AUTHENTICO' THEME) VOICEOVER: Leggo's is now in the chiller, with pasta and sauce made from all-natural ingredients. MAN: Between Val and I,

we've got more pills than you could poke a stick at. And taking the right ones at the right time, that really matters. WOMAN: Capital Chemists can help with a review of your medicines in your home and handy packs that help you remember what to take when. And, of course, advice about which drugs affect each other is always part of the service. Because at your Capital Chemist, we know what matters.

We are back with some live wires.

He is joined by some other livewire

is. There is a very good story in

Sierra. Welcome back to Westmead

Children's Hospital.. Live one. Or

adopt you, this is a social site

that kids in hospitals are using to

talk to other sick children and

hospitals, share their problems and

our own personal experiences. Can I

have a round of applause for a very

special man. Brett, muscular

dystrophy, you are going to get

that fixed. You are having your

tonsils out. They cannot be due.

You have got the spirit? You have

been sharing your experiences on

the line with other kids around

Australia. SA, Queensland and

Victoria. The find it helps when

you talk to somebody who has cancer

in Queensland, do they understand

what life in Hu is about, what a

joke is, what having a massive

operation is all about. Yes, they

do. Us in it help you? Years, it

does. In is it a winner? (APPLAUSE)

you have rolled out 20 of these and

hospitals throughout Australia. We

launched this at Westmead

Children's Hospital. This week. We

are supported by Telstra. It is

eight wireless network that young

people can access from the

hospitals. It is very safe, it is

patrolled by the AFP. It is a

totally safe a social side where

children can share their

experiences. This is an's name is

Leighton. (APPLAUSE) he has had 40

operations. He has spent four years

of his life in hospital. Can you

explain what his battle is? He has explain what his battle is? He has

a rare disease which kills most of

his bowel functions. He cannot eat

like a normal person. He gets his

foot through a drip. (APPLAUSE).

Cloud is sweeping through the

south-west with a front. A high

will keep most of the inland try

and clear. I peer easing storms

over Northeast NSW. Shares wellies

over Tasmania. Tomorrow in Sydney,

a day like today, in the morning, a

bit cloudy, but the cloud will burn

off later in the day.

Westmead Children's Hospital.,

livewire at Dot Walker tot you. It

is helping children that really

need help. A big round of applause

for spirit, courage and hope.

That's Ten News for now. I'm

Deborah Knight, I'm Bill Woods.

We'll have updates throughout the

evening before the Late News with

Sports Tonight at 10:30. Our first

bulletin tomorrow is at 6:00 in the

morning. We'll leave you with a

look back on the career of Patrick Swayze. Goodnight. Supertext

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.